Brands and Silva talk transfers with Kenwright

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Everton's new management team reportedly travelled to London last night to discuss transfer strategy with Bill Kenwright.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Marcel Brands and Marco Silva made the trip to the Capital for a first summit with the club's chairman, indicating, perhaps, that the duo are preparing to make their first signings.

To date, three first-team players have left what Brands has admitted is an overly large squad — Wayne Rooney and Ramiro Funes Mori have been sold while Joel Robles was released after his contract expired (although the Spaniard has admitted that he could yet stay) — but while there have been plenty of links to potential targets, Blues fans are still awaiting the first acquisition of the summer.

According to the Echo, Silva and Brands are hoping to start the new season with a group of just 25 players having trimmed the wage bill from last season.  

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Liam Reilly
1 Posted 04/07/2018 at 16:57:32
Think its time BK took the honorary Chairman for life role where he becomes just a front for the club.

Certainly should not be involved in transfer business, so don't get this: "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" nonsense.

Dermot Byrne
2 Posted 04/07/2018 at 17:14:49
Silva: " So our plans are.."

BK: " Don't worry your pretty little head. I have used all my contacts and secured Terry Darracot, Mick Bernard and Bret Angell."

Silva:" But..."

BK: "You must remember we are a family and look after our own luvvie."

Richard Jones
3 Posted 04/07/2018 at 17:15:32
Hold on a minute didn't the club spread a rumour that Kenwright was leaving in August. Oh I see what they did deflected the flak away from him when the pressure was on over Alladyce at the end of last season.
Peter Gorman
4 Posted 04/07/2018 at 17:18:06
I'd rather they talked to Moshiri.

Does this mean Bill is still part of the negotiating team?

Tony Sullivan
5 Posted 04/07/2018 at 17:35:00
Hope (but not confident) this doesn't become another Kenwright bashing thread.
Do people really think that Kenwright acts in isolation and Moshiri is not involved?
Tony Abrahams
6 Posted 04/07/2018 at 17:41:27
Silva should be at finch-farm, so if that lazy bastard Kenwright, can't get down here to see the new gaffer, then I'm going to blame him for everything!!
John Pierce
7 Posted 04/07/2018 at 17:42:39
Why the need to keep denigrating Kenwright. It’s clear his influence is one the wane, Moshiri’s action a test to that.

Accept for the awards night Bill has barely utterly a word in public for months.

Whilst people have credible gripes with how he has run things, he is very much in the rear view mirror, this feels like a vanity excercise, appeasement to keep Bill in the loop.

Tell me, for those still wishing to run him hard into the ground what if any actions/developments in club in recent times have his fingerprints on them?

The board changes, the manager DoF and the middle management shake up, even Allardyces appointment are Moshiri’s m.o.

Might be easier to focus on who is running EFC rather than the waning influence of yesterday’s man?

Steve Ferns
8 Posted 04/07/2018 at 17:53:31
Saw this last night and forgot to mention it. Just when it seemed like Kenwright was marginalised, here he is front and centre once more.

To everyone who I said was wrong about Kenwright’s influence I apologise. This really worries me.

Tony Holding
9 Posted 04/07/2018 at 18:21:08
The guy's a control freak he's interfering just like a producer over a director in a West End production. Let the boys get on with it!
Denis Richardson
10 Posted 04/07/2018 at 18:42:21
Why would they be talking transfer strategy with someone supposedly leaving next month?

Hard not to be paranoid as a blue but why the fuck is Kenwright involved at all?

Michael Lynch
11 Posted 04/07/2018 at 18:51:10
I'm hoping the conversation went: Hi Bill, any chance of a couple of tickets for Phantom of the Opera? Great, and could you just sign here here and here. No, it's fine, just some contracts mate, don't worry.
John Audsley
12 Posted 04/07/2018 at 19:00:54
Throughout the last decade, I lost a huge amount of respect for Kenwright for many reasons. It's time he left the train set with Moshiri and did one.


Who better to sell Everton to players who have lots of other opportunities and want to know what we are all about?

Just a thought.

Paul Kossoff
13 Posted 04/07/2018 at 19:05:10
So Kenwright is still calling the shots? And he's supposed to be retiring next month?
Clive Rogers
14 Posted 04/07/2018 at 19:22:07
Kenwright can't really retire from the job of chairman as he has never really done it. All the time he was chairman, he had an office and a full-time job as theatre producer in London. Being chairman probably amounted to lifting the phone a couple of times a week for him. That's why interviews with him are usually down the smoke.
Hugh Jenkins
15 Posted 04/07/2018 at 20:03:56
It depends, of course, on where the Echo is getting its information?

Brand and Silva may well be travelling to London and may well be dropping in on Kenwright to say "hello".

They may also be dropping in on Moshri for the same reason, or another one of his appointees, who has not been named in the grand reshuffle, but still carries influence within the club.

They may well be meeting an agent, or agents to discuss deals – that does not mean, of course, that Kenwrightwill be with them when those meetings take place.

The only people who truly know what they are doing in London will be Brands and Silva; those "other" people whom they have arranged to meet and anyone whom Moshri has told them to meet.

Other than that, as ever, it is all speculation and paper talk.

Drew O'Neall
16 Posted 04/07/2018 at 20:07:30
I expect over his tenure as Everton chairman, Kenwright has created relationships with, and amassed the personal phone numbers of, most of his peers at other clubs. He will have an understanding, unique within our club, of those peers' current motivations, negotiation style and personalities.

When they see ‘Bill Kenwright calling', they will answer their phones.

It's pretty obvious why they would go and see Kenwright and why he's still an asset to be used wisely in transfer dealings.

Christy Ring
17 Posted 04/07/2018 at 20:31:51
Silva and Brands have to be totally in charge of incomings and outgoings and Kenwright is only there to negotiate contracts on their say so. I don't think he has any input NOW, because if he had any control, he would have wanted to keep Rooney.
John Pierce
18 Posted 04/07/2018 at 20:35:36
Drew, you could well be right, I might suggest however, Bills rollerdex is a touch dated.

I would prefer to sneak a peak at both Silva’s and in particular Brand’s list of contacts especially with European signings in mind.

He is in every way, yesterday’s man. Look forward not backwards?

Steve Ferns
20 Posted 04/07/2018 at 20:36:36
Why is Silva heading to London on day one of outdoor training, with another important session the following day? If Kenwright really has to be involved couldn't they have a conference call, and then Kenwright can scribble his signature on whatever later that evening with Brands going down on his own and leaving Marco Silva where he needs to be and getting proper rest ready for the next day?
Lev Vellene
21 Posted 04/07/2018 at 20:45:16
Steve #20,

I see the team running around, doing bends, lifts and what-nots, just getting into general shape. Time for Silva to have "summit-talks" in London and then get back in time to watching them finally do football-stuff!

As long as Silva & Brands name the targets and prices, then letting BK do the smooth talking might not be too bad! I do hope they have lured him into a position where they can copy his contact-list, though...

Stephen Davies
22 Posted 04/07/2018 at 20:48:16
Rene Bensibaini €15m agreed in principle
Dermot Byrne
23 Posted 04/07/2018 at 20:51:36
Source, Stephen?
Bill Griffiths
24 Posted 04/07/2018 at 20:59:59
Stephen, the he Red Echo reckons our reported interest is wide of the mark.. They also report Brands & Silva extremely interested in Mina.
Michael Burke
25 Posted 04/07/2018 at 21:22:13
I find it very difficult to comprehend how people who consistently underachieve or perform poorly in their designated role (whatever walk of life) can continue in their roles without ever being held to account, except the rath of the fans, which appears to be water off a ducks back.
William Gall
26 Posted 04/07/2018 at 21:23:00
Like it or not, Kenwright is still the chairman, and though he may not have the final say on who we buy or sell, under any business structure, the chairman has to be informed of what is going on.

Ignoring all the rumors, I am still waiting for the first signing; this will show the direction where the new manager and DOF want to improve the team. With all the modern forms of communication, this to me is just an informal information meeting.

Steve Ferns
27 Posted 04/07/2018 at 21:26:01
Stephen, I Can’t see it myself. Silva loves a giant. Our defence are midgets. Why would we sign a smaller defender unless we’re getting a big one too? Which goes against the clear out principles.

Silva has also been telling the echo how Holgate has a key role to play, how if this lad is in his way? I think we’re far more likely to sign a giant like Mina and then utilise Keane alongside him and swap them out for Holgate and Jags.

Lev, the meeting was Tuesday night. That was after the first day on grass and we trained on grass again today. We did the gym stuff on Monday, and that was to set base lines to measure against for the season so wasn’t really a training session as such.

Ray Roche
28 Posted 04/07/2018 at 21:26:45
To be fair, if Moshiri is in Monaco for a minimum number of days each year for tax reasons he will need someone to attend meetings and report back to him. Maybe that's the only reason Kenwright is still involved.

Just a thought.

Steve Ferns
29 Posted 04/07/2018 at 21:30:02
Isn't that what the Russian hit man is for, Ray?
Clive Rogers
30 Posted 04/07/2018 at 22:02:09
Drew, #16, with a foreign manager and DOF, and who we are being linked with in the press, I suspect most if not all of our signings will be from foreign clubs not on Billy Bulshit’s contact list.
Ian Bennett
31 Posted 04/07/2018 at 22:14:06
Mina, Tierney, Loftus Cheek,and Lozano would make a hell of a difference.
Stephen Davies
32 Posted 04/07/2018 at 22:16:16
Yes, Steve (#27)... and others. I see that this has now been debunked by the Echo... and now a possible loan deal for Mina.
Fran Mitchell
33 Posted 04/07/2018 at 22:23:41
Mina was great at Palmeiras, and sold for a pittence. He would be a great signing, but still has much improvement to make, especially regarding positioning. Barça don't trust him, if he was at Utd or City we'd bemoan buying a reject. But as I said, he'd be a great signjng, was gutted when Palmeiras sold him.

If we do loan, I hope a buy clause or at least first option clause is inserted.

Jonathan Tasker
34 Posted 04/07/2018 at 22:40:14
Any news on the new ground?

Iain Johnston
35 Posted 04/07/2018 at 23:29:28
I think Barca want to move Mina on as they've got their 3 non EU players and they want to sign Arthur from Gremio.

He'll be expensive as there's still 5 years left on his contract.

He's useful all right but i'm still going to bang on about the old chestnut of we don't need another righty for central defence.

Both Gibson and Mawson for me.

Bob Parrington
36 Posted 04/07/2018 at 23:46:26
Stephen #22 did you mean Ramy Bensibaini, the Algerian?
Stephen Davies
37 Posted 05/07/2018 at 01:28:07
Bob # 36...Yes
Victor Yu
38 Posted 05/07/2018 at 04:26:19
Kenwright: "Let's give our ex-players chances. We are a close family you know. We gave Jose Baxter a second chance to put his career back on track last year. I know we need strikers so we should look at Vaughan and Anichebe."
Alan J Thompson
39 Posted 05/07/2018 at 05:42:00
Tony (#6); I think Unsworth tried that and was never out of the office and off the phone.

John (#12); Who better to sell Everton to players? Not if the first question is; "What part of Liverpool do you live in, Mr Kenwright?"

Jay Harris
40 Posted 05/07/2018 at 05:50:09
So Kenwright refuses to be shaken off. Nothing new there then. The control freak continues even to the point of hauling the new management team down to London despite the players only just reporting back.
Jerome Shields
41 Posted 05/07/2018 at 06:04:35
Bill Kenwright has served Everton well over many years. He has been a enthusiastic and loyal Chairman. I think he has tried his best. There is no doubt that lack of money over many years has been a difficulty he had overcoming. We all believed and excepted that.

But when that particular hurdle was overcome, other hurdles came to light. Maybe they where there all the time. We all have gone through the rollercoaster of hope and despair in the last three years. But we all know now that Everton is a rebuilding job and can identify the hurdles and danger signs on that path.

Mr Bill is not blameless in the debacle of these last three years. His parental attitude to players has left us with soft touch contracts. This is charactised by the questionable extending of existing contracts at inflated rates for some players and one-year extensions for loyal service for aging players. Everton's contract situation is the worse in the Premier League and it is a stall on progress. The transfer policy has resulted in over-inflated prices paid and bloated player contracts which no other Premier League side has got caught up in.

The haunting by Rooney of Everton was, it appears, Mr Bill's direct responsibility. We are still able to hear the wails from as far away as Buzzard Point. Silva's three year contract was an unnecessary risk, given he was unemployed and other Premier League Ciubs didn't take such a risk e. g. Arsenal gave a lesser contract to a clearly established manager with credentials to prove it.

After years of involvement with football clubs, it has become clear to me that, to win Silverware, two ingredients have to be in place: First, a committee or Board who know what they are about, led by a capable Chairman. And secondly, a Team Manager who knows what he is about. A clear plan and path are obvious and are evident as a result.

Mr Bill has ultimately been unsuccessful in his role of Chairman as far as being able to obtain Silverware is concerned and never looked like he could. He won't be able to in the future either.

Brands and Silva's trip to visit Mr Bill in London is worrying. Is Everton's rebuilding plan being led with capability and in the right direction? Everton are in Liverpool and proud of it.

I also worry about Silva's use of the term 'Mr Bill'. It is a form of inverted contempt. My car was failed at the Mot by a prat who continually addressed me as 'Boss', a similar term.

Gary Edwards
42 Posted 05/07/2018 at 06:21:02
My heart sinks at the very mention of the word "Kenwright"... Why is that parasite still involving himself with business on the pitch?

Kenwright & transfers = mucky business. Fuck off, Bill, and let real professionals do the job we pay them to do and which they are infinitely better than you at.

Ken Kneale
43 Posted 05/07/2018 at 09:05:22
Drew (#16). They certainly will answer I am sure. To see which star player Everton want to offload to improve their own squad and weaken Everton's squad. Just look at the quality of player sold during his tenure and the lack of investment at critical times.
Dennis Stevens
45 Posted 05/07/2018 at 10:27:45
I'm glad to see that it was both Brands & Silva. It may be purely for public consumption, but they appear to be acting very much as a management team working in tandem to, hopefully, achieve the desired outcomes.

Perhaps it's just the full appreciation of what they've inherited has made them realise that they very much sink or swim together.

Laurie Hartley
46 Posted 05/07/2018 at 10:37:46
William Gall # 26 - respectfully regarding your comment:-

"Ignoring all the rumors I am still waiting for the first signing, this will show the direction were the new manager and DOF want to improve the team."

If they don't tell him they are going to sign a left-sided centre-half – a "big one" as Steve Ferns puts it – I am going to throw a wobbler.

Derek Turner
47 Posted 06/07/2018 at 08:36:28
Oh dear. It's like a new signing.
Barry McNally
48 Posted 06/07/2018 at 09:39:31
It was good of Bill to fit the lads in.
Steven Jones
49 Posted 06/07/2018 at 10:57:46
Bill Kenwright is still an asset. If you talk to other clubs' fans and I am sure he has great relationships and respect from other clubs' hierarchy.

Easily typed negative clichés on Bill should be left aside. This was a business meeting and the two in charge are merely working within the structure. Kenwright will agree with their collective judgement and just pave the way for them to do their job and to help with any connections.

Kenwright is renown by players for waxing lyrical and passionate about EFC and our heritage and future. He may not be a billionaire and may have made mistakes, but he took us from the Johnson era to where we are now. Let it Be!

Fingers crossed for Brands and Silva and their plans for the next 5 weeks!!

Steve Ferns
50 Posted 06/07/2018 at 11:13:38
Steven, this week is extremely important for the squad. Why is the manager / head coach racing down to London and back when he had training that day and the next day? How is that in the best interests of the side? Why can't Brands go and then they can Skype Silva?

Better still, why doesn't lard-arse come up on the train and go back after the meeting? Why isn't the meeting between Silva, Brands and the CEO? The Chairman can then be appraised of goings on by his CEO.

This is all wrong. It is too 1970s and Moshiri needs to clip Kenwright's wings and give more power to the CEO.

Lawrence Green
51 Posted 06/07/2018 at 11:16:31
Steven (#49),

I'm pretty sure that Bill is very popular with other clubs, especially that lot down the M62 who have signed our best players for relatively low fees and mostly sent their cast-off over-the-hill players in the opposite direction at inflated fees.

No new stadium – yet, no trophies, no derby victories at the other place, no challenge for the title – Yep! A pretty good record for the Best Evertonian we all know.

If some other person similar to Bill had have had control of Everton in our early years who knows what depths we could have reached – a blue version of Accrington Stanley perhaps?

Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd and Spurs supporters would not have stood idly by as they watched their club fall down the pecking order for so long – biggest fan of the club, in charge or not – and neither should Evertonians.

Martin Nicholls
52 Posted 06/07/2018 at 12:19:54
Steven (#49) – "other clubs' fans" couldn't understand why we wanted shut of Allardyce. What do they know about OUR Club? Why do you seemingly believe that their views of our Club are more relevant and accurate than our own?
Ray Smith
53 Posted 06/07/2018 at 13:46:25
I cannot understand why Kenwright held a meeting with Silva & Brands in London, when we have/are relocating to the Liver Building as our head office. Why wasn't Barrett-Baxendale present?

Why couldn't the meeting be held at Finch Farm, in the first week of the players reporting back for preseason training, together with assessing the players, rather than travelling to London & back??? Total nonsense.

Kenwright — just keep out of it. Thanks for what you did in the past, but now just go.

It's time for Moshiri to put him in his place!!!

Jay Harris
54 Posted 07/07/2018 at 18:46:40
I posted this elsewhere but it is still relevant here.

No matter what Marsh or Johnson did or didn't do, it is painfully obvious that Kenwright was only ever out for himself and almost ran Everton into the ground in his self-fulfilment. He has now made himself millions while never putting one penny of his own money into the club.

Can you seriously say that anyone who involved Greene and Earl in the control of the club and pathologically lied about Goodison Park and the need to move to Kirkby so he and his cronies could line their pockets has Everton's best interests at heart?

He should have been run out of the club over Kings Dock which he lied about for 2 years saying the money was ring-fenced and then refusing to resign as chairman when Paul Gregg offered to fund Kings Dock if he did.

Great Evertonian my Arse.

John Keating
55 Posted 08/07/2018 at 10:12:29
When it was mooted quite a while ago now that we needed a left-back, left-sided centre-half and a striker, I started championing for Tierney, Gibson and anyone at all who could put the ball in the net!

Steve Ferns reckons that Silva prefers massive tall centre-backs so the rumours linking Gibson may be just that.

It now seems, other rumours, that we are now stepping back from Tierney as we don't reckon he's worth the £25 million Celtic have put on him.

Who knows what's going on? Typical eh?

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