Rooney: I still don't know why Everton wanted me to leave

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Wayne Rooney says he still doesn't know why Everton were so keen to let him go this summer as he prepares for life at DC United.

Speaking with ex-USA international and current pundit Taylor Twellman for ESPN, he spoke of his decision to move to Major League Soccer.

“I wanted to win and to play. Obviously at Manchester United, that [wasn't] happening as much as I would have liked. I could quite easily have stayed [as] I had two years left on my contract and picked up the wages and been happy with that.

“But I wanted to play. I went back to Everton and had a year there. As I've said before, to be honest, Everton made it clear towards the end of the season that they'd be happy for me to leave, for whatever reason. I still don't know.

“I felt I'd done okay. I was top goalscorer playing most of the season from midfield.

“But that's football. It gave me a decision to make and I made this decision.

“I said to Everton, ‘I'm not a kid. If this is what you want, tell me; if you want me to stay, tell me,' and we'll talk about it.

“But as an 18-, 20-, 21-year-old, I wouldn't have been able to handle it the way I can now and they let me know, and I said ‘fair enough'. I'm not going to disrespect the football club.”


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Dean Johnson
1 Posted 12/07/2018 at 21:15:08

Would probably be a good place to start

Shane Corcoran
2 Posted 12/07/2018 at 21:26:36
That Kenwright fella again. It wasn't bad enough he sold him once.
Jim Bennings
3 Posted 12/07/2018 at 21:40:31
Because the Moshiri millions are starting to dry up and no matter what club it is, if you keep spending and spending and at the end of it is still a mid-table mediocre team then that spending becomes restricted and players on high wages are then offloaded.

Everton need Champions League football sooner rather than later otherwise this Moshiri’s chapter will be another false dawn when nothing changes.

Kieran Kinsella
4 Posted 12/07/2018 at 21:48:53
ROI. 150k a week for 10 goals a season. Doesn't make sense.
Jay Harris
5 Posted 12/07/2018 at 21:52:27
"I'm not going to disrespect the football club.”

But I will go bleating to the media about it because I cant accept I'm past it and picking up wages under false pretenses.

Pat Kelly
6 Posted 12/07/2018 at 21:58:44
For the same reason Utd wanted him to leave.
Pat Kelly
7 Posted 12/07/2018 at 21:58:45
For the same reason Utd wanted him to leave.
Pat Kelly
8 Posted 12/07/2018 at 21:58:45
For the same reason Utd wanted him to leave.
Jim Bennings
9 Posted 12/07/2018 at 22:09:55
Just a question here though.

Apart from Tosun (and it’s nothing to take as granted, remember Jelavic) but who else looks capable of scoring 10 league goals?

Last season Rooney, past it as he is, was the only one who got 10 league goals which doesn’t bode well for the team next season does it?

Fran Mitchell
10 Posted 12/07/2018 at 22:15:58
Jim, Rooney got many of them goals from the penalty spot.

Walcott has goals in him. Lookman and Vlasic too. Sigurdsson also. I'd say all 4 of these could get 8-10 goals (Walcott more). Plus Tosun, and Niasse is good for 7-10 goals from the bench if he isn't sold.

Not saying we don't need to sign anyone, but until the dead wood is sold, our hope is that the young players can step it up.

Tony Everan
11 Posted 12/07/2018 at 22:29:50
At least Rooney has manufactured a move and saved the club his massive wage. The lad still wants to play and has been proactive.There’s a few other players who are sitting tight and for the sake of their careers need to move on too.
Gary Carter
12 Posted 12/07/2018 at 22:36:19
For me it was a crap decision and is getting worse the more you look at it. Top scorer, best technician and most passionate on the pitch. Instead we've kept a totally useless Dutchman that two managers wouldn't play and no one wants to sign and a passionless talentless Icelander that we paid about 40 million pounds too much for because he scored a few goals from free kicks and got some assists from corners because his previous team had a couple of 6ft4” plus heading machines.

I actually think Moshiri could make Kenwright look like a footballing genius.

Take West Ham, they appointed a manager with a track record of competing and winning that plays attacking football, they have signed Jack Wilshere, unarguably the most talented English midfielder around that's 26, has a point to prove, cost nothing and played 32 games last season and 29 the season before, Issa Diop a highly rated French defender, Fredericks a really decent hungry defender from Fulham that has looked the business when I've seen him play, Yarmolenko an absolute quality playmaker we are crying out for and have tried to sign in season past and now Felipe Anderson the highly rated Brazilian winger from Lazio. They are even rumoured to be bringing back Payet!!

We've brought in a manager that has an awful record in the premier league, worse than Martinez, we have signed no one, sold our top goal scorer, not replaced players in positions we desperately need to, striker, centre back and left back and are desperately fending off bids for a young player that fans are placing huge hopes on despite him producing nothing for us (Lookman)

Frankly it's pathetic management of the club and things look worse for this coming season than last season did after we sacked Koeman. It will be another relegation fight and by Xmas we will have appointed Moyes to get us out of trouble as we've already used Allardyce.

And for all you blinkered Blues, you can call me a pessimist but all of the above is fact, show me a shred of evidence that anything is going to be any different ?!?!

Shame on Kenwright and shame on Moshiri, Silva, what a fucking joke !!

Derek Taylor
14 Posted 13/07/2018 at 00:46:27
I can't say I'm overly concerned over Rooney leaving but he was far from our worst performer last season.

Day after day we hear of 'second chances' to be given to players who stank the place out whilst our top scorer is ushered off the premises.

It's as though Everton go out of their way to make irrational decisions. Or is money short again ?

Fran Mitchell
15 Posted 13/07/2018 at 01:05:29
Gary, West Ham are splashing the cash and risking a lot in the process.

Yarmalenko: Dortmund are selling at a loss after 1 year. Hardly a glowing reference, is 29, lacks pace and is on big wages.

Wilshire, 3 year contract, big wages. I think he'd be worth a risk on a 2 year contract, but the fact is he wanted to be a guarenteed starter, that's why Arsenal got rid, and we shouldn't guarantee that when we already have Sigurdsson who despite not being worth 45 million, is still a top class player worth 25 million at least.

Diop I have never heard of.

Felipe Anderson is ok, good but not great. 30 million.

West Ham have a manager who is not going to be there in 3 years time, short term vision, and wants to spend money (a la allardyce, koeman).

We have a young, highly rated manager who is aiming to build the club from its roots. We have young players like vlasic, lookman, dowell, williams, davies, baningime that could all become 20+ million pound players.

The club is getting rid of big wages that will not build the club in the long run, and i'm all for that.

Let's build this club from the roots snd have success for years to come.

Sean Herbert
16 Posted 13/07/2018 at 02:02:33
Yes,top scorer and how many did he net for us after Christmas again?Not sure about top technician,but near the top for misplaced passes,not to count blowing out of his arse after 60 minutes(maximum!!)His passion did,nt exactly translate into winning many games for us either,did it?
I did,nt want him back and am glad he has now left.As for the so-called top players West Ham have recently signed,did,nt we say much the same about all our signings from last season!!?Nor would I ever class Wilshire as the most talented English midfielder in the PL right now
Gio Mero
17 Posted 13/07/2018 at 02:22:17
He spoke frankly I can't see why people should begrudge him. Yes big wage and all that but trust me the other guys that gave us half what Rooney did are not on peanuts either.
On the note of who's going to get us 10 goals next season I believe young DCL is being overlooked. He has got enormous potential and once he'll get among goals ( to stop feeding on scraps would be a good start) he might turn out to be just the man
David Barks
19 Posted 13/07/2018 at 02:47:44
Will he go down as the first player in club history to be sold for financial constraints reasons twice? For the record, I don’t think it would have been good on football principles for him to stay. But given the financial analysis from the Esk, this was clearly part of cutting the wage bill. Which seems to be a very sad indication of where the Moshiri era is compared to our hopes, assuming things don’t radically change by August.
David Ellis
20 Posted 13/07/2018 at 03:58:46
Gary Carter #12 - I bet you we will finish above West Ham next season. That kind of splashing the cash very rarely works. Every summer there's one or two mid-size clubs that spend big and it rarely makes a difference. Last season it was us. In earlier years it was West Ham, Tottenham, Newcastle, QPR etc etc. It rarely moves the needle. Tottenham eventually got better but it took a few good bargain signings (Deli Ali, Kyle Walker, Trippier, Dier etc), a few marquee signings (Ericksson and Lloris), Harry Kane coming through the youth system and most of all a top level coach to do so.

We don't need a flood of players - just two or three good ones. But most of all we need a coach that can get our current players to play well as a team. Silva worked a near miracle at Hull, and started well at Watford. I"m concerned about how it fell off at Watford, but we just have to get behind him and hopes he can work his magic with our squad which actually is n't bad at all - many of them have performed well in the past and in most cases they are not losing form because of age.

The one time we finished 4th in the PL was after a summer when our only significant signings were the journeyman Marcus Bent and bit part player Li Tie. But the team came together and found away to finish above Liverpool in a season in which they won the Champions League.

Chad Schofield
21 Posted 13/07/2018 at 06:30:10
Gary #12 you are officially a pessimist.

I do understand, but think as Fran wrote, you're faith in West Ham's business is premature.

Last season we had European football and needed a squad. I was pleased to see Rooney back, but as a squad player... of course he needs to play more regularly or he's probe to go drink driving. For me that was it. I know he went in to score a few more including that great goal against West Ham... but it showed a complete lack of respect.

His performances last season eally weren't good enough to justify his wages. While in the US or China he can cover less ground and hopefully improve the accuracy of those Hollywood passes.

Let's not forget this thread's about Rooney and his shock at the Everton hierarchy not clamouring for him to stay. While I really do wish it had of worked out, so it saddens me to write, but it would be much more damming if we had tried to build a Premier League team around him.

Chad Schofield
22 Posted 13/07/2018 at 06:30:10
Gary #12 you are officially a pessimist.

I do understand, but think as Fran wrote, you're faith in West Ham's business is premature.

Last season we had European football and needed a squad. I was pleased to see Rooney back, but as a squad player... of course he needs to play more regularly or he's probe to go drink driving. For me that was it. I know he went in to score a few more including that great goal against West Ham... but it showed a complete lack of respect.

His performances last season eally weren't good enough to justify his wages. While in the US or China he can cover less ground and hopefully improve the accuracy of those Hollywood passes.

Let's not forget this thread's about Rooney and his shock at the Everton hierarchy not clamouring for him to stay. While I really do wish it had of worked out, so it saddens me to write, but it would be much more damming if we had tried to build a Premier League team around him.

Kunal Desai
23 Posted 13/07/2018 at 07:10:14
Kenwright wanted you. Moshiri didn't. Sentimental move that should never have taken place.
Agree with a post above, still worry about where our main source of goals is going to come from.
Jim Bennings
24 Posted 13/07/2018 at 08:14:21

I haven’t even seen the potential that DCL can hit the ball as hard as an Everton Ladies striker yet, let alone score 10 goals!

I’m not sure I see this “enormous potential” that everyone else seems to see in this lad.

He’s certainly not a striker with that natural eye for goal, players have that from a young age and fine tune it more as they progress.

For me DCL is more on the lines of a Stuart Barlow, Jermaine Beckford, Danny Cadamarteri type ( not even sure he’s as good the latter two yet).

Steuart Hayes
27 Posted 13/07/2018 at 09:12:20
Gary 12 that's not fact at all. In fact it's about as far from fact as you can get. As when Steve ferns sees this will be able to explain far better than me but ill start. Silva came in on I believe 11 points and almost kept hull up a team Looking awful at the time and he made them in to a team. His man management skills have been highly regarded by many including players on loan who have no reason to back him unless true. Siggy was played out of position for us for most of the season as we had Rooney. He will be much better this season. He is quality when played as a 10, yes he wasn't for us last season but as I say played out of position and in the wrong tactics. With Walcott lookman and tousan up top in a team looking to score he will play well as he is our creativity I actually can't wait to see it. I actually have a lot of optimism for this year as we will attack teams and I think the players we have will be great given the right tactics which silva will do. The signings, I don't care who west ham have signed and not sure why you do at the end of the day is these players are so good why have they signed for West ham?? I'm not saying none of them will succeed but it's a gamble like most signings who thought shevchenko going to Chelsea would fail?? Who thought veron for man United would fail?? But as you say who knew about payet?? Who thought he would be so good as he could have gone to most clubs. Get a bit more optimistic as otherwise what's the point in supporting a team as that's half the fun isn't it?? Up the blues COYB.
Simon Smith
29 Posted 13/07/2018 at 10:18:27
Gary # 12
Please remove yourself from any sharp objects calm yourself. It’s a thread about an old player past his best leaving, not the impending apocalypse!
Danny Broderick
30 Posted 13/07/2018 at 10:31:56
I feel a bit sorry for Rooney. He did well for us up until Christmas - he was arguably our best player. Then Allardyce came in and played him in a midfield with Schneiderlin and Gueye - this was never going to work. Schneiderlin and Rooney are too static - but that’s not Rooney’s fault, you can’t expect a man who has played the amount of games Rooney has to be the engine room. Our playing style under Allardyce was never going to suit Rooney playing in midfield.

I think Rooney going is probably the correct decision, because we don’t need Rooney and Sigurdsson - we only need one or the other. But if we had bought a £45 million striker last summer instead of Sigurdsson, i’m Sure Rooney could have still played a part this year, even if it was more and more as a squad man.

Bit of a shame, but it all comes back to last year’s botched recruitment...

Tony Abrahams
31 Posted 13/07/2018 at 10:40:53
Id be more inclined to listen if you told us the reason you left us all those years ago Wayne.
Brendan Fox
32 Posted 13/07/2018 at 10:50:14
Wayne was clearly not rated by Silva or did not get the assurances he may have wanted from Silva possibly regarding playing time and playing position. If Silva wanted to have kept Wayne then he'd still be here so it's more likely that he doesn't think Wayne was upto what he wants for the good of the team.

The club tried to bring back the prodigal son and for a brief while it looked like it may work but for anyone who has a pair of functional eyes could see that Rooney's legs are gone, the turn of speed he once had that made him dangerous has been long gone which is why Man Utd binned him.

The goals Wayne scored last season plus much more that will be needed this season will have to come from the other players Walcott, Lookman, Sigi, Bolasie, DCL, Vlasic, Klaassen. There's nothing saying that they cannot get 5-10 goals each if the team is set up and coached properly with the correct tactics.

Let's try to remain positive everyone, hopefully this is a new dawn for our club! COYB!

Brian Harrison
33 Posted 13/07/2018 at 10:53:32

You know the reason he left, we were a club going nowhere and he was the most exciting young talent in the Premiership, and just like now the biggest clubs buy the best talent around. So what was Rooneys choice stay at Everton and win nothing, or sign for one of the biggest clubs in world football and win everything. Now let me think given that scenario what would any 18 year old do, I think he made the right choice for him. Now it certainly wasn't a choice as Everton fans that we wanted him to make, but thats life.

Lets also not forget as Ferguson said he was quite prepared not to bid for Rooney for another 12 months, but when Paul Gregg told his mate Freddie Shepherd the Newcastle man that Everton would sell Rooney if they offered £20 million as Everton were desperate for money. Ferguson said he had no choice then but to bid or lose him to Newcastle.

Brian Williams
34 Posted 13/07/2018 at 10:56:45
I often wonder whether this "guaranteed starter" or "assurances over playing time" is a fallacy.
Maybe the manager/club in question might tell a prospective signing that he's being bought as a first team starter but personally I can't see anyone being told "Oh don't worry even if you turn up hungover and stinkin' of piss you're in the team mate."
Brendan Fox
35 Posted 13/07/2018 at 11:10:29
Brian #34 in the excerpts above from the interview with Wayne he said he moved to Everton as he wasn't getting the playing time at Man Utd. It wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that he's been moved on because he wasn't guaranteed starts or playing time from Silva or the club hierarchy.
Pete Clarke
36 Posted 13/07/2018 at 11:11:18
Here we are as a Football club trying to make changes so we can challenge the like of UTD, City, Chelsea etc.
Does it not occur to him that he was very lucky to be offered the chance to play for us again especially when he was considered washed up at UTD 5 years ago.
Hopefully he is feeling rejected and dejected just like we were all them years ago when he left and he can have all of those medals because he won them whilst being hated by a lot of the Supporters of the club he played for.
Brian Williams
37 Posted 13/07/2018 at 11:12:57
Agreed Brendan but the point I was (badly) trying to make is the fact that I doubt whether assurances or guarantees actually exist.
Jim Wilson
38 Posted 13/07/2018 at 11:32:04
Evertonian's writing their own history again and again.
The truth is Rooney kept us up last season even though played out of position every game. His goals and some of his performances were priceless.
It's the club that fucks things up royally. While Liverpool produce class players like Gerrard and move heaven and earth to keep them we are clueless in developing players and keeping them happy.
But thank fuck we had Rooney last season.
Darren Hind
39 Posted 13/07/2018 at 11:32:12
Leading goalscorer . .Then big Sam showed up
Tony Abrahams
40 Posted 13/07/2018 at 11:44:34
Playing well Then his wife went on holiday
Ray Said
41 Posted 13/07/2018 at 11:46:13
My simplistic observation is that the season started and when he played as a number 10 he scored a few goals and I thought he still had something to offer. Then he started to drop so deep in the 10 role that he was in midfield most of the time. Then he wanted to spray the ball around except most of his 60 yard passes went straight out of play, then SA started playing him in midfield (when SA was England Manager he was quoted as saying Rooney could play wherever he wanted). Then he started dropping so deep he was getting the ball of the Centre Backs.

He showed no tactical discipline, he wandered everywhere except where he could still actually be of some use, he stopped playing to his strengths-shooting, attacking the box and scoring- and wanted to reinvent himself as Pirlo to extend his career.
I think he will now repeat that pattern for a season in the US and they will want to get shut like we did.

Jim Wilson
42 Posted 13/07/2018 at 12:08:21
Ray - your first 3 lines were correct. What you then should have said he was asked by the pathetic management to play in a role totally alien to him.
Kevin O'Regan
43 Posted 13/07/2018 at 12:11:08
Hi body language in 2nd half of last season did it for me. Not good enough for someone on those wages, with that experience and with younger ones seeing that attitude. Of course we need to replace him, but just case your name is Rooney is not a reason to be sentimental. Thanks and see you later when you've grown up.
Bill Gienapp
44 Posted 13/07/2018 at 12:12:16
That's quite the impressive load of drivel there, Gary (12).

From your laughable assessment of Sigurdsson as "talentless," to your slobbering over West Ham's okay-at-best recruitment this summer (Yarmolenko? The fact he's even ON West Ham shows how much his stock has plummeted), to your tedious whining about Silva that merits little more than a big, fat "YAWN" in response - well done. Well done indeed.

Davie Turner
45 Posted 13/07/2018 at 13:56:27
Because nobody wanted another season of 'what is the best position to get the best out of Rooney'.

Too old to be trying to build a team around and forced other players out of position and while Wayne had a decent season he hardly lit up the place (West Ham hattrick aside).

I like Wayne the man but as a player, it didn't work and we need to look forward.

Kieran Kinsella
46 Posted 13/07/2018 at 14:21:20
Leading scorer . wasnt like it was 10 match winners. Three were in one game v West Ham.
Nicholas Ryan
47 Posted 13/07/2018 at 14:40:48
'Still don't know why Everton let me go...'. Well, Wayne, with the Trump visit pending, we couldn't afford to have 2 overweight morons, with attractve but long-suffering, wives, in the country at the same time!
Mike Gaynes
48 Posted 13/07/2018 at 14:50:48
Bill #44, succinct and spot on, sir.

Nicholas #47, that's a truly awful thing to say about Wayne. How can you hate him enough to make that comparison? Trust me, his arrival in DC significantly improves the overall IQ level of the place. And reduces the body-mass index.

Brent Stephens
49 Posted 13/07/2018 at 14:51:03
Wayne has not been transferred, Nicholas - fake news.
Grant Rorrison
50 Posted 13/07/2018 at 14:51:21
Given that everything on the pitch revolved around him and it seemed like it was written into his contract that he had to start every game it's hardly surprising that he was leading goal scorer. We had a 45 million pound club record signing shoe-horned into a wide position to accommodate Rooney centrally because he cant cut it as a more advanced player anymore. How many goals might Sigurdsson have scored or created had been allowed to play in the position he was bought for?

Rooney might have finished top scorer but his minutes per goals record was inferior to Niasse. He was the penalty-taker as well and lot of his goals were tap ins that anyone could have scored had they been there instead of him.

He was part of a collective balls-up in the transfer market last summer that hopefully we are now putting right.

Ray Said
51 Posted 13/07/2018 at 15:10:08
Jim (42). If I wrote that then it would be your post not mine.
Pete Clarke
52 Posted 13/07/2018 at 15:18:19
Him and Ronaldo were equals for a while at Man Utd and maybe even Rooney was edging him as the main man.

Ten years later, Rooney heads to DC United and Ronaldo heads to Juventus for 100 million.

Where did it all go wrong?

Denis Richardson
53 Posted 13/07/2018 at 15:23:27
Erm. ‘Cos you’re not the player you used to be and were costing the club £150k/week in wages?

Just a guess!

Nevermind the off field antics.

Deal with it and move on. Am sure having £100m in the bank probably eases the pain.

(Top goal scorer with 1/3 of your goals from penalties. Also 10 goals isn’t a fantastic return for 150k/week,even Niasse managed 8!)

Ray Robinson
54 Posted 13/07/2018 at 15:31:08
Leading goalscorer, yes, but he took penalties and we had quite a spate of them early on. At least three of his 11 goals were attributable to spot kicks. Hasn't got the pace or stamina to compete at the top level any more, although the goal against West Ham proves that his instinct and technique are still as sharp as ever.

On his wages and with his diminishing effectiveness, I would have thought it is obvious why we let him go. Right call and nothing to do with Sam Allardyce who, if anything, indulged him.

Liam Reilly
55 Posted 13/07/2018 at 16:19:30
Dunno why he has to get involved with this nonsense; truth is, he was lucky to be offered a season at Goodison in the twilight of his career. There's no doubt he wouldlve stayed at United until the end of his career if he was getting playing time.

He needs to just move on now.

Anton Walsh
56 Posted 13/07/2018 at 16:25:40
Wayne. Your not worth the money and would hold us back from trying to get someone who is. Now be thankful for what you got and disappear. Also the hair! The fags and the scrubbers Not here.
William Cartwright
57 Posted 13/07/2018 at 18:10:05
Gary Carter's nonsensical post (12) expertly rebuffed by Fran Mitchel's (15). This is why I love ToffeeWeb!
Ian Burns
58 Posted 13/07/2018 at 18:47:19
Pete - 52 - good post, made me smile - but true! And Ronaldo is older!
Rob B Williams
59 Posted 13/07/2018 at 19:15:55
Everything eventually finds it's level - Rooney probably made a good choice, whatever his grouse, he may have found his level now, I'll wait and see - after all there is still China when DC suss him out!
Pete Clarke
60 Posted 14/07/2018 at 10:53:37
I can just imagine Our Wayne thinking about his and Ronaldo’s latest transfers.
“ fuck that eating pasta everyday, I am looking forward to my burgers “!
John Wilson
61 Posted 14/07/2018 at 11:55:22
We still have Sandro.

He was doing some practice shots in Austria pre season training.

Sandro looked good. Sandro scored 15 goals for Malaga don't forget.

Silva may be able to get a tune out of Sandro if Sandro stays.

DCL - I just don't know. If Silvo get can DCL to score this would be great.

Silva's team are count-acting, pressing...different pressing to Liverpool's Clopp.

Silva wants every player in the pitch to play attacking football and to press when they don't have the ball; to play defensive football where need be.

Rooney is like the titanic it took to long to turn. Rooney is slow, Silva needs speed and pressing.

Silva's team will be entirely different to Martinez, Koeman, and Allardyce's.

Silva has box of tricks and can make tactical decisions. Silva looks the real deal. Already, Everton players Williams, Jags etc are already impressed with Silva's training. Hard work routines but interesting seems to be message.

Dan Parker
63 Posted 14/07/2018 at 13:02:23
One of the reasons the club brought Wayne back was to set an example to our youngsters and instill a winning mentality having won major silverware at Man Utd.

Now nobody's perfect but the drink-driving episode not only set a terrible example but undermined Ronald Koeman's reign at a critical point in the season when the wheels had already started to unravel. Given Wayne's pay structure, not so difficult to understand as a business why the club wishes to invest elsewhere.

Now couple that with bad transfer policy with Wayne needing to drop back into midfield due to a loss of pace (boozing doesn't help) into our key signings position and it's fairly obvious.

I think Wayne did well last season and certainly performed better than most but the club has to think of the future. Much in the same way England has. The game is becoming very much a game of pace more than ever. I'm still glad he came back and wish him all the best at DC United. He'll probably find that living in States for a while will be great for his family.

And on that, have we signed a new striker yet?

Sam Barrett
64 Posted 14/07/2018 at 13:05:48
Are we still discussing this Manc?

He's gone; good riddance – forget about him.

Dan Parker
65 Posted 14/07/2018 at 13:06:10
My worry for the new season is that players may look great in training, but are they good enough to get points on the board?
Dan Parker
66 Posted 14/07/2018 at 13:15:04
Fair enough, Sam, you're right. Stick Lukaku and Martinez in that bucket too!
Paul Mackay
67 Posted 14/07/2018 at 23:54:57
Boring. We don't owe him anything — much like he didn't give us a second thought when he went the Man Utd. All the best in the US.
Simon Smith
68 Posted 15/07/2018 at 22:19:17
Let's have it right, Wayne was massively overpaid for what his ability level now is.

He screwed us over when it suited him; now it's us who don't need him.

"Watch the door doesn't hit you on the way out" is my view.

Paul Traill
69 Posted 17/07/2018 at 05:20:48
I was delighted when we signed Wayne back. I really thought he'd make a big impact. He did do quite well and probably still has a bit too offer, but for the £150k p/w we need more, and with a new manager coming in, I think it's a good time to move on, save the money, and build a young team. Nothing personal, Wayne, that's business.

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