Everton finally land Mina from Barcelona

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Everton's pursuit of Yerry Mina was successfully concluded today, with the Colombian defender's move from Barcelona completed ahead of the transfer deadline.

The Blues had been actively trying to sign the 23-year-old for the past few weeks but had their progress stalled by the player's own desire for Champions League football and apparent interest from Manchester United and Lyon.

Everton had an agreement in place with Barcelona for a £28m transfer with another £1m in add-one for the best part of a week but the deal dragged on while those rival clubs have made their interest known.

While the French club had drifted out the conversation over the past couple of days, it was Everton's guarantee of regular football that is reported to have tipped the scales in their favour over United.

Mina signs a five-year contract after coming through a two-phase medical in Barcelona today where Everton officials were on hand to finalise both his paperwork as well as that of midfielder André Gomes.

Mina comes to Merseyside following what was a successful World Cup campaign for him, personally, even if his country fell to England in the Round of 16. He has plenty to prove at club level, however, having largely failed to live up to the faith Barcelona instilled in him when they signed him from Palmeiras on the back of some hugely impressive form in the Brazilian league.

Despite having only made five appearances for Barça since arriving at the Nou Camp in January, the Blaugrana are content to let him go this summer for a handsome profit on the €11.8m they paid for him, albeit significantly less than the reported €100m release clause that was in his contract.

Born in Guachené, Colombia, Mina began his career at Deportivo Pasto as an 18-year-old before quickly moving on to Santa Fe, initially on a loan basis but eventually stayed there for two years before he was snapped up by Palmeiras in Brazil.

He played less than 30 times in the league for “Verdão” but, in a portent of his impact from set-pieces in Russia this summer, the 6' 5” defender scored six times. His performances attracted the attention of Barcelona, not to mention critics who foresaw a big future for the Colombian in La Liga.

Mina now gets to prove he can fulfill rich promise in the Premier League under Marco Silva's new era at Goodison Park.


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Victor Yu
1 Posted 09/08/2018 at 08:06:09
Don't pull a Giroud please.
Mark Tanton
2 Posted 09/08/2018 at 08:07:30
I don't think the new set up would countenance a Giroud moment.
Jim Bennings
3 Posted 09/08/2018 at 08:08:06
This is good news, it’s been too long since we had a towering athletic physically imposing defender, not since Distin left.

Mina looks uncompromising and he appears to be ready made for the rough and tumble of the English league so let’s push this through.

John Malone
4 Posted 09/08/2018 at 08:32:48
Not convinced by his performances in the world cup Sanchez was by far Columbia’s best defender.

Hopefully we get Zouma aswell the backline need’s speed.

Niall McIlhone
5 Posted 09/08/2018 at 08:34:40
Jim: We had Mangala who is exactly that, albeit, his star has fallen since his transfer to City and he was unlucky with his injury during the loan. I hope Everton seal this deal, and should Mina sign, he will give us a greater threat going forward at set pieces. I also believe it's a better move for him as he will have been rotated at United.
Brian Porter
6 Posted 09/08/2018 at 08:44:04
Lock the gates as soon as he enters Finch Farm and don't let him out till he's signed... Lol
Jim Bennings
7 Posted 09/08/2018 at 08:53:41

Yes maybe Mangala of 5 years ago and a fully fit Mangala might have grown as a player but he’s sadly filed under the Lacina Traore section of failed loan though injury.

Hopefully Mina can be the one we badly need in the defence right now.

Chris Locke
8 Posted 09/08/2018 at 09:00:44
Don’t worry Bugsy there’s no way he can be as rubbish as Keane.
Long time no speak btw, hope you’re well.
Colin Glassar
9 Posted 09/08/2018 at 09:07:44
I’m feeling quietly confident about today.
Andrew Ellams
10 Posted 09/08/2018 at 09:09:39
Is that confident about Bernard and Mina Colin or do you expect a bonus or two on top?
James Hill
11 Posted 09/08/2018 at 09:48:25
Love all the signings so far but I can't see how this fits Silva's footballing philosophy. Looks a bit of a donkey in the World Cup.
Mark Dunford
12 Posted 09/08/2018 at 09:57:21
Hope this works out but we probably need two central defenders to give adequate cover. Jags is now a squad player (after his excellent career at Everton - he must merit a testimonial, ditto Baines), Keane is probably not really strong enough and Holgate is unfortunately injured and yet to be proven, though he shows rich promise. Keep in mind that the last centre half we bought after a good international tournament has just been loaned out to Stoke where he will see out the final year of his Everton contract.

Remarkable to think that virtually a whole team will have left this summer - Rooney, Robles, Mirallas, Funes Mori, Klaasen,and Williams departed with Bolasie, Besic, Martina, Vlasic and Galloway set to go. Not a single one of these would have walked in the first team. The squad does make more sense now that it has been reduced to a manageable number.

Derek Knox
13 Posted 09/08/2018 at 10:04:20
James Hill, I don't know about the donkey bit, I was quite impressed with him in the WC.

However what has irked me, and this is on the information being fed, that we look to be a last resort for him, I just hope he intends to give a 100%, and not do a Schneiderlin.

Steve Ferns
14 Posted 09/08/2018 at 10:11:33
Mina isn't a donkey! Sure, these massive big players are hardly the most graceful, he's all arms and elbows. But he looks a player to me. I've only seen him up close in the world cup, but I have heard others rave about him for some time, particularly just before Barca picked him up. They don't sign donkeys, they only sign players that fit their system.

Mina Scouting Video

Derek Knox
15 Posted 09/08/2018 at 10:26:32
Steve, thanks for the link for Mina video, he has got a good touch for a big man.

Not sure about the 'arse wiggle' dance thing, but if he does sign, and does it regularly for us, it would mean he has scored, so I will settle for that.😋

Laurie Hartley
17 Posted 09/08/2018 at 10:46:16
Thanks for the video link Steve. One thing I noticed about him in the World Cup was how vocal he was. He is everything we need in a centre half.

Its 7:40pm her in OZ - 10:40 UK time so I am hoping when I wake up tomorrow morning this deal and Bernard is over the line. Maybe we will get our 2nd centre back as well?

If so I will be made up because we will have the makings of a proper football team. Fingers crossed.

Hope things go well for you and your family tomorrow Steve. I loved my dad too and that, I can assure you, endures and grows after the sorrow subsides.

David Pearl
18 Posted 09/08/2018 at 10:52:52
Yes good link Steve. Not so sure about the dance moves. I don’t know why I thought he was left footed. Likes to come out with the ball and has more strength to him than what we have. It might take him some time to get up to speed but I think he’ll be good for us. I’m impressed with Silva and Brands, they seem to have identified what we all knew we needed.
Paul Mackay
19 Posted 09/08/2018 at 11:10:37
He’s right footed isn’t he? So we’re still looking for a left footed CB?
Derek Knox
20 Posted 09/08/2018 at 11:49:39
David Pearl, agree regarding the dance(?) moves, but Preparation H or Anusol should be able to sort that out.😯
Dan Brierley
21 Posted 09/08/2018 at 12:05:45
Thanks for the video Steve, he looks a decent player and comfortable with the ball at his feet. But I'm wondering how many times he has lost possession by trying to go past players. It looks great in that video, but on some occasions I don't really see why he needed to do that. I guess he will have to develop his decision making as you won't get away with that in the PL. But I do like the fact that he is confident enough to try it, and always looking to get the ball forward. Interesting to see as well he was only valued at 11m euros last season, I guess his world cup exploits are costing us. Either way, looks exactly like the kind of player we want.
Steve Ferns
22 Posted 09/08/2018 at 12:06:49
Dan he wasn't only valued at 11m euros, that was the release fee. I think he was worth far more.

Thanks for your lovely comments Laurie.

Brent Stephens
23 Posted 09/08/2018 at 12:10:37
Bolasie not going on loan.
Brent Stephens
24 Posted 09/08/2018 at 12:10:52
Lookman stays.
Jerome Shields
25 Posted 09/08/2018 at 12:11:27
If they pull this off, we will have really turned the corner. Heres hoping.
Brent Stephens
26 Posted 09/08/2018 at 12:14:19
Claude Puel, "McGuire is going to Manchester - for a couple of hours Friday night"!
Tony Everan
27 Posted 09/08/2018 at 12:43:28
Mina is exactly what we need . We need presence in the centre of defence. More aerial strength .

Even with his signing I think that we are short. I would have liked two CBs ideally. Jags’s desire is still there but the body is not matching it. Mason is young and has an injury.

As a bonus, Mina will strike the fear of god into opposition defenders. He will be a towering colossus waiting to connect with Siggys corners and free kicks. He’s young and raw and talented. He won’t be perfect.

Karen Mason
28 Posted 09/08/2018 at 14:21:06
Thanks for the link Steve. A great watch. Mina seems to have a great first touch, which should serve him well in the Prem, as he won't get that amount of time and space to operate. So a good first touch, along with his obvious composure, should be to his advantage.
If only some of the incomings and outgoings reported, do actually happen by close of business, what a great job M & M have done. They had an ENORMOUS task when they arrived. They seem to have made big big efforts to strengthen in the areas of the pitch most needed and agreed by most of us long ago. They have done so well to move on the players they have already, as, to find takers for some of our - let's just say - 'lack lustre' performers must not have been easy.
For those Evertonians who have been complaining about how long it takes for us to complete a signing - unfair criticism I feel. Many clubs have just the same hurdles to overcome. Even our neighbours had to wait half a season for Van Dyke and maybe a whole year for Keita. So we are not alone in deals taking time. I applaud the efforts of M & M just on the basis of who they have moved out, which of course, makes wiggle room for those they want in. I look forward with cautious optimism to the coming season, but with realistic expectations. Developing, nurturing and building are all words I have heard Silva use, which I like a lot. I am happy to be patient, and not even expect a top 6 place this season, as long as we seem to be improving our style & quality of football and 'having a go' in every game.
So, hi ho Silva away !!! ( Suppose most of you are too young to remember the Lone Ranger !?!)
Here's to a season of happy, positive posts on ToffeeWeb, because we can all see improvement and progression in our team and club.
Derek Knox
29 Posted 09/08/2018 at 14:21:48
Tony Everan, "More Aerial Strength" does that mean I'll get a better picture when he's on Match of the Day ?😂
Alan McGuffog
30 Posted 09/08/2018 at 14:40:46
Or your whites will be whiter
Frank Crewe
31 Posted 09/08/2018 at 16:58:53
Just announced on Sky. He's signed.
John Pickles
32 Posted 09/08/2018 at 17:14:06
Sky reporting a Delofeu-eske buyback clause.
Peter Warren
33 Posted 09/08/2018 at 17:14:25
Paul Birmingham
34 Posted 09/08/2018 at 17:17:03
Hopefully some presence in defense now and hopefully the midfielders will play to their potential and defend and cover as a team. I hope we get Zouma, but may be it was one too many in such a snip of time.

Hopefully no more Keystone Kops defending!

M&M, had a plan and credit where its due. At last there's signs of a plan and stratedgy for Everton.

Nathan Jones
35 Posted 09/08/2018 at 17:18:50
Fair play, I doubt many of us have seen him play often enough to coment on how good he is, but it’s the one brands and Silva wanted and they stuck to the task, it was there first choice and we got him !!!
Jim Marray
36 Posted 09/08/2018 at 17:20:15
Have to admit I am with John Malone on this, the other centre half for Columbia was the better player in terms of performance, just didn't hit the headline for scoring goals.
Always worry when we buy players after two or three performances; would much rather we scouted them properly to see how they perform over a season as a league rather than international player.
I am also wondering if that commitment to playing time has made its way in to his contract and that if he does prove to be a poor performer whether we can actually drop him.
All that said, it is a good we got a new centre half and with the other two signings may be we can start to pull together the kinds of performance that will both excite and get us the wins we need. First home game is looking exciting :)
David Pearl
37 Posted 09/08/2018 at 17:35:13
Derek, 20. Maybe don’t have Bold 2 in 1 capsules in Columbia.
Christy Ring
38 Posted 09/08/2018 at 17:37:06
Badly needed a strong centreback, and he's only 23. Bernard and Gomes bring more style and pace. A lot better window this season, as the players brought in, give us a way better balance. Rumours of one more deal, hope it's a striker. Disappointed with the outgoings today, Bolasie and Besic didn't move, mainly due to their lucrative contracts.
Chris Watts
39 Posted 09/08/2018 at 17:37:26
When was the last time Man Utd wanted a player and he chose Everton? Must be the 80s last time this happened. It actually feels like we are a big club for the first time in 30 years. Bernard chose us over Chelsea aswell. For anyone under 30 welcome to being what an Everton fan used to be like!!

I think it is going to take a few months for this lot to gel though we should not expect instant results

Josh Barber
40 Posted 09/08/2018 at 17:37:56
Hell yes! I'm so excited to see Everton actually getting deals done and it's the targets we wanted! Feeling very optimistic about the next two seasons with Marco Silva and hope the team comes together and plays great football!
Fran Mitchell
41 Posted 09/08/2018 at 17:41:46
He has all the attributes to be a world class defender. Tall, Strong, Powerful, Athletic. With training and experience, he can get better and better. He is not the finished article, still much to improve, but that's a given, if that wasn't the case we wouldn't have had a chance.

If Zouma does come in, then that is a defense the no striker will enjoy playin against.

Mark Taylor
42 Posted 09/08/2018 at 17:47:18
Christy 38

To be fair, Besic is one of the very few who is not on a massive contract. I believe it's about £30-35k, which is peanuts compared to most of our squad, Bolasie included. Even Championship teams could afford him. And he is pretty effective at that level so I'm surprised he hasn't gone.

Anthony Dove
43 Posted 09/08/2018 at 17:51:57
Just hearing about Zouma. I think he could be the best signing of the lot.
Gavin Johnson
44 Posted 09/08/2018 at 18:19:20
Wonder how much the buy back clause is on Mina? You have to hope it would be at least £50m, or else we'll have the same situation as we had with Deulofeu where Barca just take up the option to sell for profit.
Bobby Thomas
45 Posted 09/08/2018 at 18:19:27
For the fee people are going to expect this lad to hit the ground running.

I hope he does. However he's also 23, played a handful of games last season and is new to English football. He may need a while to adapt. Hopefully not.

Les Green
46 Posted 09/08/2018 at 18:29:12
Paul @ 19

I remember hearing Digne saying he has played centre-half in a 3 before so he'll be the occasional left-footer there I guess if we switch to 3 at the back, and push the Boys from Brazil into wingback positions to frighten the life out of opposition full-backs

James Marshall
47 Posted 09/08/2018 at 18:34:05
Not sure if this has been posted already - the link from the Barcelona OS. Still no word from Everton that we've actually signed him:


Bill Gienapp
48 Posted 09/08/2018 at 18:42:39
I’m seeing claims online that the buy-back is 60 million.
Gavin Johnson
49 Posted 09/08/2018 at 18:44:12
Bill #48

I don't like the idea of the buyback clause but £60m double bubble seems fair enough.

James Morgan
50 Posted 09/08/2018 at 18:53:15
Loving this transfer window. One of the best things is that all our signings are under 25. Complete transformation of the squad.
Potential starting 11:

Coleman Zouma Mina Baines
Gana Gomes
Walcott Tosun Richarlison

Options from the bench: Bernard, Lookman, DCL, Niasse, Baines

Martin Berry
51 Posted 09/08/2018 at 19:09:22
There is no doubt that he will deal with any crosses, also can you imagine him on the end of set pieces from Siggy ? he will bag a few goals for sure.
My only concern is whether he has the pace to deal with quick forwards, lets hope them long legs do the business.
Martin Berry
52 Posted 09/08/2018 at 19:50:49
Another member with my name (spooky). Mina impressed me in the World Cup and thought he may be out of reach. Good signing in my opinion.
James Marshall
53 Posted 09/08/2018 at 20:04:18
Mina deal just confirmed by Everton :-)
Paul Mackay
54 Posted 09/08/2018 at 20:46:17
46 Les

He also said he is too small to be a good CB. Let’s play players in their best positions and play him at LB.
He should be first choice this season as Baines is not as mobile as he once was.

Anthony Hawkins
55 Posted 09/08/2018 at 21:07:18
The one thing I dislike about deals with Barcelona is their mandatory buy-back clause. They did it with Del and now with Mina. I hope we can keep Mina for as long as we want him.
Kase Chow
56 Posted 09/08/2018 at 22:06:28
Gotta say I was wrong about this deal. I honestly thought that it wouldn’t happen given it was taking so long. I thought we were being strung along so I hold my hands up - I’m glad to be proven incorrect

Delighted he’s signed and really hope Zouma signed too

We’re only missing a top class striker now but I won’t be greedy. Really really pleased

Well done M&M

Steve Ferns
57 Posted 09/08/2018 at 22:22:12
Kase, how about if Tosun bangs in 20 goals this season, we get 6th and show the rest of Europe we're a club on the rise and then we sign just one player next summer, a top class striker!
John Keating
58 Posted 09/08/2018 at 22:45:24
Talk of £54 million buy back clause.

Can't argue with that really.

Zahid Ibrahim
59 Posted 10/08/2018 at 04:59:02
Finally a 'beast' to shore up a frail & leaky defence. What a statement of intent from us. May we continue to bring in up & coming stars!
Anthony Hawkins
60 Posted 10/08/2018 at 10:51:43
There’s a 60m but back clause that Barca can trigger at any time. I hope they never use it. I suspect this is the reason Utd didn’t want to progress the deal.

It’s clever of Barca although 60m is double the money Everton paid.

I’m excited for the new season and hopefully Silva can quickly gel the new squad.

Daniel Lim
61 Posted 10/08/2018 at 10:54:20
Anthony @60
The buy back clause is clause they can trigger themselves? Not a “first right to refuse” clause?
Soren Moyer
63 Posted 10/08/2018 at 12:46:33
What a window!
Anthony Hawkins
64 Posted 10/08/2018 at 12:47:36
@Daniel – it's a right to buy back for €60M, clause. The BBC have an article on it that links out to FCBarcelona website. The Barca page states they reserve the right to buy back.

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