Brands feared he would lose out on Mina after his heroics in Russia

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Marcel Brands has revealed that Yerry Mina was a top Everton target even before he gained notoriety for his goalscoring exploits at the World Cup this summer.

Mina made headlines by scoring three times from centre half during the tournament in Russia and was an integral part of the Colombia team that stymied England in the Round of 16 before losing in a penalty shoot-out.

That brought interest in his services from the likes of Manchester United and Lyon and it was assumed by many that it was his international form this summer that turned the heads of Brands and Marco Silva.

The Blues' Director of Football indicates, however, that he was already high on his shortlist with Sevilla's Clement Lenglet, no doubt part of a transfer strategy that would see him secure the transfer of three players from Barcelona.

He admits, however, that when Mina's equalising goal went against England, he feared he might miss out on the 6' 5” defender.

“With the central defender, from the beginning we had Mina on our list and Lenglet on our list,” Brands said in the Liverpool Echo, “but he went to Barcelona quite early in the market so it was quite simple for us: go for Mina.

“And, honestly, I was watching England v Colombia in the house of Farhad with the Chairman and Marco and I said, 'Shit, he's scored!' because that makes it more difficult for us and especially as it came against England, so that was double shit!

Mina ultimately chose Everton after protracted negotiations that were finally wrapped up on transfer deadline day but Brands insists that despite all the media talk that he was waiting for a better offer from one of the other clubs reportedly interested, the Colombian always wanted to come to Everton.

Nevertheless, he never regarded it as a sure thing and he was relieved to get the deal over the line in time.

“You saw in Barcelona, they were expecting bigger offers for Mina in the last days of the Premier League window, that is why they waited,” the Dutchman explained.

"I put the offer in and Barcelona asked for a totally different amount that we would never have paid. Then they said: ‘OK, we will wait until the end of the market'. We never changed our offer.

“Then it is a little bit of a gamble. I could maybe have had Mina earlier but then would have to pay £5m more and I didn't want to spend any more money, so that is always a little bit of a gamble and that makes it a little bit tricky and a little bit difficult.”

“From the beginning, Yerry was 100% convinced that he wanted to play for Everton but then you guys (the media) messed a lot of bad things for us because Man United was in — I'm not sure how they were in or if Barcelona used it — so I had to be strong and say 'if United are coming, they are coming in but the player wants Everton'".

Mina is due to report to Finch Farm for the first time this week following his £28m transfer from the Nou Camp. He is unlikely to be involved in this weekend's clash with Southampton, leaving Frank Zouma, Michael Keane and Mason Holgate to battle for the starting centre-back slots.

Quotes sourced from Liverpool Echo

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Lev Vellene
1 Posted 15/08/2018 at 19:17:34
That's very nice to know! If Brands had his eyes on Mina even before the World Cup, then I think he may actually be quality! I worry about players catching the eye while keyed up on international duty.

Alan Ball was a good spot, though... A tricky one, at that! :D

David Ellis
2 Posted 15/08/2018 at 19:41:55
I like this story. Certainly puts a completely different perspective on
(a) our scouting methods (apparently more than just watching World Cup games);
(b) Mina's apparent reluctance to join (not reluctance at all - just Barca fishing for more money); and
(c) why it takes to the deadline to do deals (we have to stare them down until they run out of other options).
Oliver Molloy
3 Posted 15/08/2018 at 19:44:27
Self praise as they say ! Just get in with the job Mr Brands.
Chris Corn
4 Posted 15/08/2018 at 19:56:46
Oliver, he was interviewed by Radio Merseyside about transfers and other things I would imagine. This is surely the stuff supporters want to know about. What's your problem with it and what do you want him to talk about?
Mike Gaynes
5 Posted 15/08/2018 at 19:57:51
That's amazing if true -- Mina had barely appeared for Barca, and those appearances had not gone well. The only other place Brands could have seen Mina would have been in World Cup qualifying, but even there the kid was playing defensive mid as well as CB.

Brands must have a hell of a scouting network, at least through the Barca organization. If so, it's proving to be a fruitful partnership.

Interesting also that while many posters here thought Mina was holding out for a better deal, it was actually Barcelona that was stalling.

Kunal Desai
6 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:00:40
What a guy Marcel is. A tough no-nonsense negotiator.... unlike his predecessor. This is what I like — a character who is not going to take No for answer very lightly.
Chris Corn
7 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:02:39
Mike Gaynes, woukd like to take this opportunity to apologise. I was dismissive of the Digne and Mina transfers saying we should tell them to do one for keeping us waiting or words to that effect.

You were obviously better informed than I, as has been proven as we got both of them in the end.
Peter Warren
8 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:07:04
Yes, Mina only ever wanted to play for Everton and was always going to say no to Man Utd.
Joe McMahon
9 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:07:31
Oliver, that’s a bit harsh, I enjoyed that article, the way I read it it means he has been planning for a while and has a strategy.

Surely this has to be better than just going for a way past it Rooney for £150k a week and selling Lukaku as part of the sodding deal — and £45 million for Gylfi Sigurdsson.

Lev Vellene
10 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:11:04
We've obviously had lots of professional footballers at our club over the years. Is Brands our first truly professional guy in the transfer department (I tried in vain to find some other description after the 'guy'-part, but hopefully you know what I mean...)?

I'm happy, and long may it last!

Jack Convery
11 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:14:00
Brands says ‘Shit’! We need to get him on TW - he'll fit in perfectly.
John Raftery
12 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:15:56
I guess United would have signed Mina if they had been able to offload one of their plainly inadequate centre backs such as Rojo or Jones. That United failed to do so left them unable to bring in Mina and partly explains why he ended up with us.

Congratulations to Brands for resisting overtures in respect of Old Trafford rejects and holding out for the player he really wanted. Of course only time will tell if his judgment is correct.

Lev Vellene
13 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:17:48
Jack #11

Or on the Beeb for a 'beep' or three! An instant hit with the new generation! ;D

Brian Cleveland
14 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:20:10
I actually thought it was interesting they were all watching the game together in Moshiri's pad. Sounds like a team bonding exercise.

Can't imagine that with Koeman and Walsh somehow.

Jim Bailey
15 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:20:12
Oliver @3 What do you want, blood? This is music to my ears and I'm sure to many others of the blue persuasion.

Lev Vellene
16 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:25:47
Moshiri, Silva, Kenwright and Brands watching the World Cup together? Very nice to hear! Moshiri seems to be very serious, indeed!
Derek Turner
17 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:28:08
Farhad, the Chairman and Marco...
Harry Hockley
18 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:32:11
More I hear him more I like him, I like how he's giving us a bit of insight to the deal and certain policies and keeping us in the loop so to speak,

Unlike Walsh who I always thought was a bit of a blagger regardless of his work at Leicester.

Gavin Johnson
19 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:35:44
I'd have preferred us to offer a little more, say £35m and insist on no buyback clause. The way the transfer markets going the £54m Barca would have to pay will be the going price for any decent CB in 3 years time.
Nigel Munford
20 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:39:23
Well that certainly shut Oliver up guys!!
Steve Ferns
21 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:42:05
Mike Gaynes, Brands heard about Mina the same way Barca did. He was one of the hottest young properties in South America. Just watch his highlight reel. He scored goals and did "rhino" charges up the pitch. And yes, Brands did a hell of a scouting network, which is why PSV did so well in the market, and which is why we've got him in.
Rob B Williams
22 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:44:39
GJ 19. Me too.
Tommy Surgenor
23 Posted 15/08/2018 at 20:47:54
Very interesting to hear who our other target was. Especially when the media never had a sniff of it.

I’d like to know if Lozano was actually on our radar but we preferred Richarlison.

I like the level of player he is aiming for. Very ambitious.

Peter Anthony
24 Posted 15/08/2018 at 21:02:41
Regarding that England - Colombia game. Mina was both a destroyer at the back and a huge weapon from set-peices up top. Like Fellaini on a top day in terms of him being unplayable, dominating the opposing players. I thought he was a colossus in that game and by far the stand-out player on either team.

I know it was only one game, but I really did think: Wow! Chuffed he is our player now. Do us proud, Yerri Mina of Evertonia!

Steve Ferns
25 Posted 15/08/2018 at 21:23:09
Drew O'Neall
26 Posted 15/08/2018 at 21:29:32
Should have got him in before the World Cup then. Overpaid or under balls’d.
Oliver Molloy
27 Posted 15/08/2018 at 21:31:54
Is that your take on this, then, Nigel? Well, I don't believe for one minute the quote, "From the beginning, Yerry was 100% convinced he wanted to play for Everton" and I suggest that anyone who does believe this is quite niave.

Isn't it a bit early for Brands to be patting himself on the back regards Mina – he may well turn out to be utter shite. I hope not obviously but let's wait and see. Brands should keep on keeping on in my opinion which I hope Nigel and others accept that I entitled to.

And by the way it was Silva who told Moshiri to get Richarlison at Everton not Brands.

Dave Southword
28 Posted 15/08/2018 at 21:43:56
Why wouldn't Yerry pick us over Man Utd? Maybe he thinks Mourinho is a bell. Maybe he thinks he wouldn't get in their team - he left Barcelona for first team football. Maybe Brands, Moshiri and Silva sold him on the "project".

After all, Snodin picked us over Liverpool (for less money) and Mirallas picked us over Arsenal.

In the end it doesn't matter. He's in the door now so let's hope he's good!

Interesting to get a bit more detail on the transfer dealings. Shame we couldn't have nabbed Brands the first time around and ended up with Walsh.

Jamie Crowley
29 Posted 15/08/2018 at 21:44:16
The shit and double shit comment is one of the funniest things I've ever read an executive saying.

We've obviously got a very down to earth DOF.

Love it.

Jamie Crowley
30 Posted 15/08/2018 at 21:49:04
If this is self-praise, and I don't read it that way but if it is, fine.

Hope the guy breaks his arm patting himself on the back.

He should.

It was a great transfer window for Brands and the Club, and his first one with Everton.

Well done. Brag away Marcel!

Colin Glassar
31 Posted 15/08/2018 at 21:56:44
Well that’s Oliver well and truly twatted. Brands is known for his talent spotting so he’s probably been following Mina since his boyhood days in Colombia.
Chris Corn
32 Posted 15/08/2018 at 22:00:00
Oliver, Brands was taking part in a scheduled interview and provided an insight into the role he was brought in at great effort to do, which I imagine was the point of the interview. As reflected on here, it appears the supporters appreciate that. It's not as if he rang in out the blue and said 'Listen to great am I?'

He also explained to people, myself included, that a modern transfer is not as easy as some seem to think. Especially if you are not part of the elite group of clubs. There is clearly no secrecy anymore and smuggling a player into Knutsford Services to sign on the dotted line is no longer an option.

It seems if they don't communicate with the fans, they are incompetent and if they do, it's bullshit. Can't please some people.

James Hopper
33 Posted 15/08/2018 at 22:02:57
Nice interview. Brands comes across as a down-to-earth, common-sense guy with a tough backbone. Certainly he seems to know how to connect with his audience.
Karl Meighan
34 Posted 15/08/2018 at 22:07:29
It sounds like Brands done his homework but before giving him all kinds of credit lets see how Mina is as a player.

Im all for being open and honest and if he is as good a judge of footballer as he is with his words then thats what matters.

Oliver Molloy
35 Posted 15/08/2018 at 22:08:00
Twatted Colin, how's that then?
Len Hawkins
36 Posted 15/08/2018 at 22:28:26
I take it Mr Molloy doesn't like Brands, so are the rest of us optimists supposed to take a large dose of his pessimism or can we make our own minds up? Me I'm on the Brandswagon sorry Oliver I've read enough negative shite over the last few months to last a bleeding lifetime.
David Ellis
37 Posted 15/08/2018 at 22:38:56
The comments are of course self-serving. But they are also quite likely to be true–- they are at least consistent with the observable facts. It also explains why Mina didn't join Man Utd. They didn't make an offer. Believing this is not naive.
Andy Williams
38 Posted 15/08/2018 at 22:39:59
I'll take a seat on that as well, Len.
Liam Reilly
39 Posted 15/08/2018 at 22:41:47
Brands definitely seems to be the real deal after falling for Walsh's apparent plagiarism of his former subordinates.

Again, Moshiri needs to be given credit and time. I, for one, think he's doing a fine job.

Dermot Byrne
41 Posted 15/08/2018 at 22:55:50
Looks smart?

Big step forward?

Who employed him?

Another step?

All I can see.

Oliver Molloy
42 Posted 15/08/2018 at 23:01:59
You take it wrong then Len. I have my opinion like I said, you and others have yours which is fine. You accuse me of being pessimistic because I don't buy into the spin that you and others do, that's fine too.

Very very early days for Brands to be patting himself on the back – and of course I would not want him to break his arm doing this (what age are you – 12?)

If Man Utd had wanted Mina, he would have gone there. What's the buy out clause of Mina?

Mark Boullé
43 Posted 15/08/2018 at 23:02:16
I like Marcel's expression "in the house of Farhad". Yes it's a Dutchman speaking (pretty good overall) English, but he makes it sound like some sort of dynastic line!

Which perhaps one day is how we will remember the Moshiri era, especially if Usmanov gets involved as well...

Rob B Williams
44 Posted 15/08/2018 at 23:10:31
In the House of the Rising Sun — Goodison Park.
Dermot Byrne
45 Posted 15/08/2018 at 23:11:15
Oliver... you may be right. If you think you are, when does this rich man's farce give you any fun?

Join us and believe... and take the risk of suffering later.

Strangely just too easy to not believe anything.

Martin Berry
46 Posted 15/08/2018 at 23:17:55
This fellow is worth his weight in gold, when you consider what he has done to bring the quality of players that several months ago would have been unheard of under the old regime. Equally the shifting of the surplus already plus those that will be gone by the end of the month.

Marcel's qualities will not have gone unnoticed and although new to Everton, other clubs will come calling for him in the future.

Derek Knox
47 Posted 15/08/2018 at 23:21:14
It's very plausible, both Marcel Brands and Marco Silva, have been noted for trawling the South American and Mexican Leagues, for possible unearthed gems, capable of performing at the highest level!
Oliver Molloy
48 Posted 15/08/2018 at 23:23:59

I have been and Evertonian for over 40 years, so I am believer, don't you think!

Let's see how we get on, nothing would give me greater pleasure than for ALL these new signings to have us all excited about the future, I just think it's early days for our new DOF to be bigging himself up.

Si Cooper
49 Posted 15/08/2018 at 23:25:28
“And, honestly, I was watching England v Colombia in the house of Farhad with the Chairman and Marco and I said, 'Shit, he's scored!' because that makes it more difficult for us and especially as it came against England, so that was double shit!“

That's an insight and a half. Kind of makes me think Marcel Brands could be the sort to have a twitter account and some tall tales about Mo Salah! ;)

Len Hawkins
50 Posted 15/08/2018 at 23:55:24
Yes, Oliver, I am 12 – how did you guess. I started watching Everton in 1965 when some of the greats were coming to the end of their time and more greats were brought in to replace them. I was heartbroken when Catterick sold Bally to Arsena;l I felt like someone in the family had died.

Okay, there were a few good years in the '80s and even more greats came to the fore til the Red Shite got us kicked out of Europe and the team broke up. But, since then, we've been eating gruel instead of steak and now the butchers isn't out of our price range and I feel optimistic again.

It may be short-lived or it may be the start of a new era I certainly hope so because I have got the knife and fork out you carry on with your spoon. As I said, I have read more than enough negative shite to last me a lifetime.

Bill Watson
51 Posted 15/08/2018 at 23:55:55
I felt the same when Pickford clawed that one out of the top corner.
" Shit; now he'll be getting tapped up, big style".
Mark Pringle
52 Posted 15/08/2018 at 00:05:53
Steve #25, love the Yerry Mina song!! Brands is different class to what we've had, long may it continue!!
Fran Mitchell
53 Posted 16/08/2018 at 00:36:44
He was interviewed, it is not like the man called a press conference to announce his brilliance.

He was asked about Mina, about why the transfer took so long, about if Mina had doubts (he doesn't claim Mina would have rejected Man Utd, he just says that mina was not waiting for Man Utd as reported, but that it was Barça who were waiting for a bigger bid, which did not come), and he answers the questions.

He also answered questions on Gomes and on Richarilson (where he admits we overpaid, but we had to due to relations between the clubs, and he was a player both he and Silva had no doubts about).

This is what happens, media interview people.and people respond. If we refuse to do interviews, or refuse to answer questions, the media then take it out on the club (ignore, make up speculation, criticise).

What did you want him to say? — "Yeah, we signed Mina, but he could turn out to be a right dud, so let's call this interview off"?

David Reid
54 Posted 16/08/2018 at 00:37:51
Thanks for the little insight into how transfers come to fruition. Personally, I think Mina would have gone to Manure but on looking at the central defenders they already have he has wisely asked himself: "Now having sat on the bench for Barca since January, how many games am I going to play for Jose?"
Dermot Byrne
55 Posted 16/08/2018 at 00:45:10
Oliver, 57 years for me. My opinion better as a result? Nah.

Apologies for denigrating your view but sometimes the optimistic and cautious, pessimistic just annoy each other.

Who is right?

Both our dreams, I hope.

Jay Harris
56 Posted 16/08/2018 at 00:55:54
The level of honesty, quality, professionalism and integrity has gone up significantly at Everton.

We just need a bit of belief from the terraces to restore our rightful place at the top table.

We can start by overtaking Spurs and Arsenal.

Si Cooper
57 Posted 16/08/2018 at 00:57:15
“Fran (53) “if United are coming, they are coming in but the player wants Everton.'"

Doesn't that sound like Brands expected the player to reject Jose's overtures?

Lewis Barclay
58 Posted 16/08/2018 at 01:04:44
This feels like a much better managed PR exercise from the club. As apposed to recent years.
Well done.
Dan Davies
59 Posted 16/08/2018 at 01:23:34
I'm not sure it is PR Lewis. He seems genuine.

Which is a breath of fresh air. I like it.

Dan Davies
60 Posted 16/08/2018 at 01:26:36
I mean it's PR with no BS! Brands is on the ball.
Andy McNabb
61 Posted 16/08/2018 at 01:44:36
My favourite line -

“... I didn’t want to spend any more money.”

Is there an element of sanity creeping in, rather than giving other clubs an extra £20 every time they ask?

We can only hope.

Albert Perkins
62 Posted 16/08/2018 at 02:10:45
Andy, #61, I think Brands might have been ready to up his offer if need be, but didn't want to give too much away. Love him.
Jim Harrison
63 Posted 16/08/2018 at 03:47:57
More of the interview in The Guardian...

He basically says that, had Man Utd come in, then any player would go to them, but they didn't. The player was happy to join Everton over any other club with genuine interest.

Mike Gaynes
64 Posted 16/08/2018 at 06:27:45
Chris #7, no apology necessary. I didn't have better info, just knew the players a bit better. And I had a little blind faith going.

Steve #21, true no doubt, because at PSV he signed players from Pachuca, Sarsfield and Nacional. But I wouldn't be surprised if there's been some sort of cooperation with Barca, which has an extensive network in Latin America. Most clubs just can't afford a worldwide scouting network. And Brands doubtless has a well-established relationship with Barca through Cocu.

And Steve #25, I like that one!

Darren Hind
65 Posted 16/08/2018 at 06:41:55
Oliver Molloy

Stand your ground fella. I notice you didnt attack anyone elses opinion of the interview, but the self proclaimed positives can be a hungry pack on here for anybody not happy clapping everything they hear.

On this occasion I liked what Brands had to say and I don't agree he was patting himself on the back as he was answering direct questions . . but You are 100% correct in saying celebrations are a little premature. Mina has not even pulled on a blue shirt yet.

Without ever meeting you, I know by virtue of the fact that you are a blue that you will badly want the signing of Mina to be a big success, However very wisely you are waiting to see how signings pan out before handing out the bouquets.

If the SPP's learned nothing from last years disastrous transfer window when celebrations went through the roof, I think its safe to assume they never will. They will always be a bit premature.

What strikes me is the speed and anger with which they will round on an alternative opinion. . . That the irony is lost on them is a constant source of amusement to me

Nigel Munford
66 Posted 16/08/2018 at 07:10:02
The guy just gave an interview, Mina is an Everton player, why over analyse. Look for the positives and not the negatives. Things look a lot better than this time last season.
Marc Hints
67 Posted 16/08/2018 at 07:51:48
Oliver - Think you are totally wrong to say it is to early to bigger himself up! As Fran Mitchell said he didn't exactly ask for a press conference, just had an interview and said how the transfer window went with some of the players. I for one like the honesty of the guy and this is a much better transfer window Everton have had in the last few years! If Steve Walsh and Co were still here then I very much doubt we would have persuaded any of these new recruits to come to Everton.
Oliver Molloy
68 Posted 16/08/2018 at 08:36:44
Morning Marc,
How do you or Fran know he didn't ask for the interview?
Len, regards your age ( 12 ), did you say anything about Brands breaking his arm patting himself on the back - he should ?, no you didn't, this was in reference to a post from someone else, so keep up.

Just to be clear, I hope Brands turns out to be a masterful DOF, the real test will be him unearthing some gems from his connections in South America and football in general for our club that will make us better on the pitch and financially .
According to Colin Glassar he is renowned for unearthing talent , still waiting on your reply to me by the way Colin - see 35 and please educate me some more regards the players Brands has talent spotted, I genuinely am interested.

Paul Tran
69 Posted 16/08/2018 at 09:13:40
Of course, the other nuance here is that Brands is saying to Silva, "I've got you the players you wanted, now it's down to you." It's not just managers and players who are ego-driven, results-focused competitors.

Last year we bought jigsaw pieces that didn't fit each other. This year we've actually looked at the picture on the box first.

These players won't all work well, but there's a semblance of strategy that will override inevitable 'mistakes'.

Grounds for optimism, with the evidence to follow.

Marc Hints
70 Posted 16/08/2018 at 09:30:03
Morning Oliver - well nobody knows I suppose but bit odd that he would want to spend time asking for an interview just to tell everyone how the transfer windows went don't you think?
Pete Edwards
71 Posted 16/08/2018 at 09:35:12
I'm in love!!!!
Shane Corcoran
72 Posted 16/08/2018 at 09:37:51
Ah I remember Steve Walsh getting figurative slaps on the back for getting so much business done early last summer.

If we'd been pipped by a late bid for Mina and this came out, I imagine we'd have heard a lot about "typical Everton" not getting the job done etc.

But hey, he looks cool and said shit.

Steve Ferns
73 Posted 16/08/2018 at 09:39:41
I think Brands speaking to Everton TV and the press is an excellent idea.

Let’s review the previous two years and Steve Walsh.
- what’s his role?
- where does the managers role end and walsh’s role begin?
- who has final say on transfers?
- what’s going on with transfers?
- do we have a plan?
- why didn’t we sign a striker?
- why didn’t we get more money for Lukaku?

There was questions and confusion. Brands came in and immediately told the press his role. He’s now come out for his first interview since and explained a few things. He’s not actually said anything he shouldn’t have. He’s simply doing what we the fans want and explaining himself.

And yes it is stage managed. The fact he’s spoke to the written press and given an interview to Everton TV shows that. Whether this is his idea, or more likely, the idea of Barrett-Baxendale or the board we will have to see. I believe lessons have been learnt from the Walsh fiasco and with Brands they club are trying to make sure the confusion and uncertainty does not undermine Brands in the same way it did Walsh. Also, I think that Brands having a high profile can only help the club.

Brian Harrison
74 Posted 16/08/2018 at 09:41:19
Nobody knows if the new signings will work and only time will tell, but there seems to be a real connect between Brands and Silva that wasnt there under Walsh and Koeman. I like Silva and after reading Guillem Balagues book on Pochettino the similarities between Silva and Pochettino are very apparent.

Both like to promote from the academy players, both like to play an aggressive game. Pochettino arrived at Spurs after an horrendous transfer window were they spent the Bale money, and Silva arrives after a pretty poor transfer window for us spending the Lukaku money. I would certainly recommend the Pochettino book entitled Brave New World. Gives a brilliant incite into the day to day workings of a manager.

But getting back to Silva he spent time assessing every player before deciding who to let go and who to keep, and I cant see he has made any mistakes in that department. I think most fans know there will be no quick but even from the first game you can see an intent that hasnt been there for a while.

Pete Edwards
75 Posted 16/08/2018 at 09:55:56
Oliver, Brands isn't bigging himself up, its an interview, he's been asked questions and given fans an insight in to the deals that he was at the front line of!
I don't see where he's said this player will be this and he'll be that, he's simply explained why the transfer took until the last day!
Personally I think its refreshing that he's come out with what he has whether you believe him or not, some people are just never happy!
John G Davies
76 Posted 16/08/2018 at 10:05:29
I can't see the justification in accusing Brands of bigging himself up.
From what I can read he has answered questions put to him very honestly.
A refreshing change from what we have been accustomed to.
Rob Baker
77 Posted 16/08/2018 at 10:37:08
Frank Zouma?!? Thought we signed Kurt Zouma. Mina needs to join Zouma in a new CB pairing as Keane is not the future. Loving Brands openess, a far cry from the closet Walsh
Steve Ferns
78 Posted 16/08/2018 at 10:42:36
Rob #77, there we were bigging Brands up, he only went and signed the wrong Zouma!
Charlie Dixon
79 Posted 16/08/2018 at 10:48:36
Cheer up Oliver. Hardly tapping himself on the back.
What a breath of fresh air he is. Can see why lots of Europe's top Clubs wanted him. Speaks with real honesty. Saying he paid over the odds for Richarlison is hardly bragging!
Anyone know much about Clement Lenglet. Interesting merry go round there...
Bill Watson
80 Posted 16/08/2018 at 10:50:11
"Bigging himself up?"

It seems you just can't win at Everton. Walsh is (rightly) criticised for failing to communicate and Brands is criticised when he does.

I'm just thankful we have a DoF who appears to be addressing the glaring weaknesses in our squad. Whether the players cut the mustard remains to be seen but at least the management appear to be working to a plan.

Frank Wade
81 Posted 16/08/2018 at 10:50:37
Mike and Steve, on the issue of Brands knowing about Mina before Barcelona. I recently unearthed an old World Soccer magazine from March 2016, which was mostly featuring the 500 most important players on the planet. Yerry Mina is featured. "Playing for Santa Fe and Colombia. 21 year old. Hulking centre back who excels in the air. Has already picked up considerable experience in South America's club competitions".

An entry likely to rouse the interest of the keen eyed DoF and Barcelona.

Steve Ferns
82 Posted 16/08/2018 at 10:56:32
Frank, was that entry written by that well known World Soccer Magazine journalist, Tim Vickery? I do know that he was a big fan of Mina from a good few years ago. Watching the clips of him in action in Colombia and Brazil make it easy to see why.
Steve Ferns
83 Posted 16/08/2018 at 11:07:29
The Echo report that Mina will begin training today. No mention as to why it's today and he could not train Monday.
Gary Russell
84 Posted 16/08/2018 at 11:19:03
I enjoyed this. He hardly comes across as someone who would be boastful and big himself up. Most would agree that its early days indeed and let's give it time. It's just nice to hear the positivity, honesty, passion and professionalism after such last season's FARCE.
Nicholas Ryan
85 Posted 16/08/2018 at 11:48:52
"Oh, Oh, Oh, Yerry Mina, .
Are you a Boy from Ballymena? .
If you are, you're a Superstar
And if you're not, We don't care one jot...
Oh,Oh, Oh, Yerry MIna "

[Stolen from James Nesbitt in Cold Feet].

Ok, I'm sober now, and I'm going!

Erik Dols
86 Posted 16/08/2018 at 11:52:54
Oliver #68:

According to Colin Glassar he is renowned for unearthing talent - please educate me some more regards the players Brands has talent spotted, I genuinely am interested.

You don't sound genuinely to be honest. But anyways, this is a simple question to answer.

- Brands at RKC: Bear in mind, RKC was small a club always battling relegation in the highest Dutch division when he arrived, winning the relegation play-off three years in a row in that period. After that they ended in mid-table safety every single year. The second year after he left they got relegated and never really recovered, they are mid-table in the second division last years. In that perspective, the unearthed talents: Khalid Bhoularouz, 35 caps for the Dutch, played in a semi final of the WC, started his professional career at RKC after Brands spotted him in the youth of another club. Michael Krohn-Dehli, 59 caps for Denmark, same story: spotted in the youth setup of another club. Maarten Martens, 9 interlands for Belgium as his promising career was crippled by injuries, again spotted in the youth setup at another club. He also loaned Jan Verthongen and Thomas Vermaelen, respectively 108 and 69 caps for the Belgians, both playing in last WC for the Belgians. These are all players that normally never should have played for tiny RKC. He worked miracles there - of course together with the rest of the setup of that club.

- He went to AZ after that. AZ was full of ambition with a rich owner. The fun lasted for four years, then the company of the owner went bankrupt in dramatic style, quite an interesting story if you're into that kind of stuff. Brands stayed for another year, didn't jump ship at the bankruptcy but steadied AZ into the club they are now, contenders for continental qualification. Unearthed talents: Demy de Zeeuw, lower league player brought in by Brands, ended up with 27 Dutch caps, played in a semi final of the WC. Mousa Dembélé, yep, that guy from Tottenham, 77 Belgian caps, played in a semi final of the WC. Guys like Pontus Wernbloom and Rasmus Elm, 59 and 31 caps for Sweden, brought in from Sweden and proved to be very successful. All in all, AZ won the league title as the first club outside of the three Feyenoord, Ajax, PSV since 1982 (!) under his reign, and after the bankruptcy of the owner, most people considered the shrewd dealings of Brands one of the main factors of keeping AZ itself from going in administration.

- In 2010 he ended up at PSV. PSV is one of the richest clubs in the Netherlands, always playing to win the league and hoping to progress in Europe. Unearthed gems: Dries Mertens, 75 caps for Belgium, played in a semi final of the WC. Georgino Wijnaldum, 48 caps for the Dutch, played in a semi final of the WC. Kevin Strootman, 40 caps for the Dutch, Jetro Willems from a lower league club, 22 caps for the Dutch. Santiago Arias, recent signing for Atletico Madrid, 48 caps for Columbia. Héctor Moreno, 94 casp for Mexico. Andres Guardado, 150 caps for Mexico. Hirving Lozano, 32 caps for Mexico. Seeing his history, there are probably two or three guys currently at PSV that in a few years should be added to this list in retrospect.

I only mentioned well-known names who turned out to be regular starters for their countries and went on to bigger clubs. That it was so easy to do even from his time at RKC, should say more than enough. By all means I don't see Brands as some kind of saviour, he will get slated on this site sooner or later for things he does wrong. But to ask about his history in unearthing gems, I don't think that is the way to go if you try to play down this guys record.

Any other suggestive questions you want answering?

Steve Ferns
87 Posted 16/08/2018 at 11:57:20
Nicholas #85, I prefer this one:
New Yerry Mina song

He’s a 6ft 5 Colombian,
and now he’s signed for Everton,
Yerry Mina
Yerry Yerry Mina,
We’ll sing his name Everywhere we go,
From the Gwladys street & away from home,
Yerry Mina
Yerry Yerry Mina

Jay Wood

88 Posted 16/08/2018 at 12:43:08
Packed with interesting and intriguing revelations throughout, not least the image of 'the boys' altogether around Farhad's pad watching the England - Colombia game together.

I hope they all chipped in and brought their own bevvies and munchies.

I love the instinctive expletive Brands came out with when Mina scored, adding because it was against England it was 'double shit!'

I never understand the criticism the club attracts during transfer windows, which range from 'why don't the club keep their traps shut rather than publicise their transfer targets to the selling and other interested clubs?' (when it is only tabloid gossip and rumour), to 'why don't the club keep us informed about the progress of deals?'

Brands reveals there was a great deal of thought, groundwork and negotiation behind our summer deals, which necessitated the waiting game we played. This was due to various factors, including Brands and Silva only joining in June plus the World Cup factor.

That they were primarily interested in signing Sevilla's Clement Lenglet in itself is interesting, but were denied that when he signed for Barcelona, so they switched to Mina who was pushed further down the pecking order due to Lenglet's signing.

Brands's explanation that, yes — we could have secured Mina's services earlier in the window, but we would have had to have paid more. That's good financial husbandry which merits praise for holding his nerve, surely?

There are no grounds to disbelieve Brands when he says Mina "was 100% convinced that he wanted to play for Everton". His insights on the Gomes situation are also informative and again reveal the nuances and difficulties clubs face in landing targets. His interview on EvertonTV is also worth a viewing:

Brands Hails Club Support In 'Building Strong Everton'

I like how he says he is a man who builds for the future. He is not interested if a new player plays well in his first or second game, but how he performs over the long term.

The transfer policy is now driven by getting value in the market by buying young players with future value also. The academy and the players we produce will be part of this process. Many positives to be drawn from the interview.

I certainly don't think Brands's words merits Oliver's one line cynicism @ 3. Nor do I consider Oliver is unfairly rounded upon in this thread by 'happy clappers' sticking their fingers in their ears, chanting 'Hari Krishna', to drown out a contrary opinion they don't want to hear.

Oliver's stark 13-word sentence represent unsubstantiated opinion which deserves to be challenged.

Frank Wade
89 Posted 16/08/2018 at 13:11:58
Steve, no Author listed for the World Soccer entries. I expect all the columnists contributed and as Tim Vickery is their South American guy, most likely. Interesting that the Ross Barkley entry suggested he would likely outgrow Everton!
Andy Williams
90 Posted 16/08/2018 at 13:33:58
Wow. Great response Erik.
Mike Gaynes
91 Posted 16/08/2018 at 13:49:19
Erik #86, superbly done. I love your informative posts, wish you contributed more often!

Oliver #68, nobody "asks" for an interview. I was what you folks call a sports "journo" for 15 years. I was never once asked for an interview by a team executive, coach/manager or player. Nor did I ever hear of it happening. It's a part of their job – some enjoy it, most put up with it, a few absolutely hate it – but nobody ever goes looking for it.

Dan Davies
92 Posted 16/08/2018 at 13:59:35
Very impressive Erik. Thank you very much.
Oliver Molloy
93 Posted 16/08/2018 at 14:23:21
Eric Dols,

Thanks for that, very informative indeed, I didn't know you were Colin Glassar though!

Jay Wood,

Well why didn't Mina come out and say "I only want to play for Everton" since he was 100% committed to joining us? Why didn't Mina tell his club, Barcelona – "No matter if Man Utd come in for me, I only want to play for Everton."

“From the beginning, Yerry was 100% convinced that he wanted to play for Everton but then you guys (the media) messed a lot of bad things for us because Man United was in — I'm not sure how they were in or if Barcelona used it — so I had to be strong and say 'if United are coming, they are coming in but the player wants Everton'".

So were Man Utd in or not, and why did it matter if Mina was convinced Everton was the club for him? He's not sure if Barcelona used it!

I said it once and I will say it once more, If Man Utd had wanted to sign this player, my opinion is he would not be here; I also think anyone who thinks otherwise are a little naive.

Mike @ 91,

you could be correct, but our PR people would be keen to have "positive vibes" floating about and would be in constant contact with the media looking for opportunities etc.

At the end of the day, it's all spin, you buy into it or you don't. I rarely buy into spin and now of course Man Utd are saying they wouldn't pay the agent fee's for Mina, which I also don't believe – if they wanted him, they would have paid whatever.

Brands seems a positive guy but let's face it Walsh and Co are not a hard act to follow are they? Brands has a lot of work to do and I hope he does it well and any players he signs do the business for Everton FC.

Let's see what happens...

Steve Ferns
94 Posted 16/08/2018 at 14:43:40
Mike, Everton do invite journalists into Finch Farm for interviews, and I don't mean the press conferences.

Yesterday Marcel Brands spoke to Everton TV, the Echo, a number of other print journos. They didn't all turn up on the off chance.

Clearly they must have been invited in and this must have been earmarked for a good few days at least.

The club is trying to change from how it was under the last regime and is being far more transparent. I like how we're handling things and hope it continues.

Ste Blundell
95 Posted 16/08/2018 at 15:47:15
Oliver Molloy (93)

It seems to me that reasoned argument isn't really your strong point, so I'd just like to say that, in my opinion, and as you repeatedly point out we're all entitled to them, you seem like a genuinely negative helmet.

It's only my opinion, of course, and as such it is obviously subjective as I have no substantive evidence that you are indeed a helmet (just a gut feeling), so I freely admit that I may be wrong...

Charlie Dixon
96 Posted 16/08/2018 at 15:54:20
Great use of the word helmet..
Oliver Molloy
98 Posted 16/08/2018 at 16:08:59

Yep we are all entitled to our opinion. I don't know what you mean by calling me a "helmet".

Perhaps you could tell me as it's not a phrase I have heard anyone use when speaking of a person in my part of the world and while you are at it, explain what you mean also by reasoned argument because I'm in the dark who I've argued with.

Ste Blundell
99 Posted 16/08/2018 at 16:40:18
Can't do it, Oliver, it'll end in me tired and you going round in circles again, the way you do.

I didn't mean any offence in either your world or my part of the world, I was merely trying to lighten the conversation, so apologies for my choice of simile and for any upset it may have caused. Sorry.

I felt your comments stated your opinion then debated the responses you received. Maybe you didn't.

Up the Blues!

Jay Wood

100 Posted 16/08/2018 at 16:58:25
Oliver @ 93.

If you did but notice, I questioned just one of your posts in this thread, the very first one @ 3, in which you baldly stated, based I presume on the opening post:

"Self praise as they say ! Just get in [sic] with the job Mr Brands.

You offer no reasoning why you considered Brands was engaging in some kind of self-aggrandisement. A number of people, including myself, didn't and don't read Brands' words as you did and simply said so.

You subsequently added a completely different topic which has absolutely no bearing on your post @ 3. Namely, it is far too premature to call if ANY of the new signings will prove worthy or not.

That is a different discussion altogether, and one I would agree with and have said so on TW on many occasions: no incoming player or manager, regardless of his pedigree or previous history, comes with guarantees that they will perform to acceptable levels.

Now the meshing of the two may make sense to you, but to my mind you are wrong to interpret Brands' description of how our summer transfer dealings played out as arrogant self-promotion on his part, but correct to display caution as to whether any of the new signings will deliver.

Your hypothetical reply to me about Mina doesn't interest me in the least. It's just brimful of speculation and is not related in anyway to the curious and cynical (to me) interpretation you made of Brands' interview in your post @ 3.

Ste Blundell
101 Posted 16/08/2018 at 17:06:57
This doesn't sound in any way self aggrandising to me, in fact I'd go as far as to say the contrary and on top of that quite illuminating...

Mike Gaynes
102 Posted 16/08/2018 at 17:11:24
Steve #94 and Oliver #93, of course they would. That's the club's PR function and it would be initiated by the club. They'd coordinate the scheduling of it with Brands, and he'd be fine with it because that's part of his job. But I'd bet several body parts that at no point would Brands himself initiate the press "gaggle", as it would be called over here. Outside of a very rare breed of top management that craves media attention -- Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys comes to mind -- most execs consider the press process to be something of a pain in the ass.

As a PR guy myself, I heartily agree with you that Brands' accessibility and openness in answering press questions is a very positive thing. Certainly he comes off as more cooperative than Koeman/Walsh, although I doubt he has quite the same enthusiasm for the process as Martinez for example. And I have no doubt Brands has accepted additional responsibility in this area because Silva is much less comfortable in English.

Dermot Byrne
103 Posted 16/08/2018 at 17:19:27
Can fully understand the questioning of spin by Oliver. But, if you reject it and create your own version of what happened or didn't happen, you are probably on equally slippery ground.
Darren Hind
104 Posted 16/08/2018 at 18:56:00
This thread is becoming hilarious.

Some of the stuff thrown at Oliver in the name of positivity defies belief... Good job the "negatives" crowd are not after him, that's all I can say.

The rare "breath of fresh air" we see mentioned repeatedly on this thread and the Rich one, are not rare at all. They come along on with monotonous regularity. These "rarities" are a crucial part of the kite-fliers calendar.
Moyes, Martinez, Koeman and the Night King have all been welcomed as "a breath of fresh air". So too were Kenwright and Moshiri and here we go again with Brands and Silva.

These two guys are being paid the big bucks to turn this club around and, while criticism would be premature, the OTT roars of approval are quite simply cringeworthy. They've barely got their coats off!

Oliver Molloy registered an opinion, whether you agree with it or not, he hardly stretches the bounds of credibility. I personally have no problem with the Brands style, but he's hardly the type to hide his light under a bushel? And is there a single Evertonian out there who doesn't want to see this highly paid individual get on and do what the club are paying handsomely to do?

I despair when I see all these bouquets thrown around every time we get a new manager or sign a few players. I don't think I can stomach another "breath of fresh air" like Koeman or Allardyce, or last season's spending spree. Nor do I want to be told (yet again) that "this time is different".

Silva and Brands have got a real job on their hands here. Can we not just wish them well and support them rather than praise them to the hilltops before any of their much-vaunted last-minute signings have even kicked a ball.

Anton Walsh
105 Posted 22/08/2018 at 23:30:10
I live next door to Farhad, or 'Mosh' as his friends call him, and wondered what all the cars were doing there that night. It was only when he called around to borrow some milk he explained it all to me.

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