U23s lose mini-derby to Liverpool

Sunday, 25 November, 2018 45comments  |  Jump to last

Everton U23s featured both Jonjoe Kenney and Kieran Dowell, but went behind to Liverpool after just 11 minutes.

The Reds had swarmed all over the Premier League 2 leaders, hitting the bar twice before they scored off a deflected shot that wrong-footed Virginia in the Everton goal.

After this poor start from Everton, Bowler almost created the equaliser for Broadhead weaving into space in the area, firing a low cross along the 6-yard box but Broadhead couldn't get on the end of it.

The Blues had plenty of quality and experience but too many of their established players were struggling to make any sort of an impact. Everton played with greater urgency in the second-half but were still making daft mistakes.

Sambou had a sight of goal after Dowell played him in but he couldn't find any power in the shot. Everton battled to the end but could not affect the scoreline.

Everton U23s: Virginia, Kenny, Charsley, Markelo, Feeney, Browning, Bowler (46' Sambou), Adeniran (66' Lavery), Evans (81' Gordon), Dowell, Broadhead.
Subs not Used: Hewelt, Astley.


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Brent Stephens
2 Posted 25/11/2018 at 14:15:50
Deflection for RS goal.
Frank Wade
3 Posted 25/11/2018 at 14:16:42
Goal for Liverpool on 11 mins, shot by Lewis from outside the box deflected into the middle of the goal, reminiscent of a Mascherano effort some years back. We haven't been able to make any progress. Can't say it's undeserved.
Dave Abrahams
4 Posted 25/11/2018 at 14:22:12
Thanks, Frank, my stream only lasted a few minutes and I can't get it back. We didn't look much cop while it lasted. I'll try again soon.
Ron Sear
5 Posted 25/11/2018 at 14:32:17
Everton website crashing again when I try logging in. I have never managed to get into it when some streaming is about to take place. I wonder if they ever test the site on anybody other than nerds?
Frank Wade
6 Posted 25/11/2018 at 14:34:25
Sorry to hear of your tech problems again. Stream is working the best I've ever had for these matches.

As you say, we are second best in this one. Players just tending to take the easy pass backwards rather than probe for an opening.

Frank Wade
7 Posted 25/11/2018 at 14:45:18
Ron, I received an email this morning. I just clicked on the link where they said, arrived into the site, and clicked again. It has never dropped since the start of the match. Could your broadband have dropped?
Brent Stephens
8 Posted 25/11/2018 at 14:52:03
Stream working well for me.

Everton looking slow but I'm impressed with Denis Adeniran's game today.

Frank Wade
9 Posted 25/11/2018 at 15:08:20
Sambou on for Bowler at half-time.
Bobby Mallon
10 Posted 25/11/2018 at 15:20:34
We are pants at the moment.
Jimmy Hogan
11 Posted 25/11/2018 at 15:28:57
Almost as pants as the live stream...
Frank Wade
12 Posted 25/11/2018 at 15:40:44
Live stream well ahead on points for me Jimmy. Anthony Gordon coming on for Antony Evans with 10 mins to go.
Frank Wade
13 Posted 25/11/2018 at 15:55:59
Game over: 1-0. Very poor show from our lads. Very disappointing. We need to get this team playing in the manner and with the tactics of the first team.
Karl Jones
14 Posted 25/11/2018 at 15:59:25
So Liverpool beat Everton yet again... The most predictable result on the Planet. Whatever level we play these at, we are beaten in the head before we even set foot on the pitch.
Paul Thompson
15 Posted 25/11/2018 at 16:02:26
Missed the first 30 mins, but disappointing, especially from the lads with first-team experience (Dowell, Kenny). Often decent approach play, then poor final ball and/or crossing. Kenny amongst the worst in that respect. Nice cameo from Gordon towards the end.
Dave Abrahams
16 Posted 25/11/2018 at 16:11:02
Got the stream working again, wish it had just stayed off! We stunk in the first half, absolutely stunk. Bit better in the second half but you could still smell them.

Best to leave it at that, they gave me a fuckin' headache though.

Geoff Lambert
17 Posted 25/11/2018 at 16:18:07
Karl #13,

Nail on the head!!!!

Brian Murray
18 Posted 25/11/2018 at 16:23:44
It seems every time we see that yellow budgie on that shirt, we turn to jelly.

COYB — let’s change that for good.

Dave Williams
19 Posted 25/11/2018 at 16:39:13
Funny how even at this level it puts me in such a bad mood if we lose to them.

Silva really has a big job to do this week in convincing the first team to strut into Meccanoland with confidence in themselves. He has to pick players who will not shrivel in the atmosphere and who want to show that they are good players. Do we have eleven of that type?

Alan McGuffog
20 Posted 25/11/2018 at 16:59:29
It’s a derby innit. They win. Always do.
Dermot Byrne
21 Posted 25/11/2018 at 17:10:18
Next week they eat shit!
Paul Hewitt
22 Posted 25/11/2018 at 17:41:22
Let's just beat the first team next Sunday.
Jim Bennings
23 Posted 25/11/2018 at 17:57:08
How did we have such a good record against that lot in the '90s when for for the best part of that decade we were skank?

It seems we need to go back to basics and get someone at the club or players that love getting under Liverpool's skin, like Big Joe did in the 1990s.

People (mainly outsiders) might say that games against the top six don't matter in the long run but this is a Merseyside derby, it's one of the longest-running proudest fixtures in the British calendar and Evertonians have suffered almost two decades of a pathetic record in this matchup now.

We fail to beat them on Sunday then we are approaching the 10-year mark without a victory in a derby, that's an utter disgrace.

Bobby Mallon
25 Posted 25/11/2018 at 18:52:56
I totally agree, Jim Bennings. They have had some poor sides and we still ain't beat them and have always folded in games. Bloody disgraceful it is. We need to go there and fucking kick and fight and take our chances, give those 3 up front a torrid arse kicking time and take our chances.
Gordon Crawford
27 Posted 25/11/2018 at 19:11:52
Scared, scared shitless of that football club. They always have our number.
I really do hope that next weekend is different, but I won’t hold my breath.
If it was a game of heads or tails, they would still win.
Andy Meighan
28 Posted 25/11/2018 at 19:31:38
I feel the same as everyone else. Cursed by them, we really are...

As Karl @14 said, we are beaten in the head before we step out.

I can't understand anyone being optimistic about going there next week. Shocking record – added to the fact we'll probably be playing 12 men all adds up to another miserable Anfield afternoon.

Get Big Joe in the dressing room before the game to give them a talk... That might help!

Steve Ferns
29 Posted 25/11/2018 at 19:31:40
I’m optimistic about the derby. They are going to press us high up the pitch. The key will be the ability of Mina to retain his composure and use his ball skills to evade the press and pass it around them. Pickford also has a key role to play in that regard. If you can pass quickly through their press (Gomes, Gueye, Sigurdsson, Bernard and Walcott / Lookman are key to the second phase) then we can really carve them open. If you move the ball quickly enough you can tear Klopp’s Liverpool apart.

Now they are unbeaten this season, so that’s far easier said than done. But I do have faith that we have the ability and form to do it.

Neil Copeland
30 Posted 25/11/2018 at 19:39:04
Bobby, we need to make sure we take our chances.

Gordon, best of 3? 5? 7? 101? We would still lose every time.

Come on Marco it’s time for a new era with this new Everton we now have. Let’s kick arse!

John G Davies
31 Posted 25/11/2018 at 19:41:02

Bypass the press and you're in business against them. Courage to play is the key. I think, in Gomes, if the centre-halves split, we have just the man.

Would you play Keane next week if it's a back four?

Neil Copeland
32 Posted 25/11/2018 at 19:52:15
Hopefully PSG will soften them up a bit.

I agree with a Steve that we certainly have the players to get a result, I just hope that the psychological barrier can be overcome.

I am hoping that the new players in particular will not be affected and although I hoped for that last season also we no longer have a shithouse manager. I don't think Pickford or Keane will be affected because they are both brimming with confidence. Just hope that Seamus, Sigurdsson and Gueye all turn up. To me, Lookman is a better bet than Walcott if fit no other reason than he seems fearless.

COYB – let's tear into the RS!!!!

Brian Murray
33 Posted 25/11/2018 at 19:56:47
Easier said than done to have maybe 3 chances and take them all.

The likes of Calvert-Lewin and Niasse could never do that. Even our star man, Richarlison is not as ruthless in front of goal but we need to believe before we step out on that pitch.

I just hope we have a fair ref who hasn't got his autograph book waiting in hand before kick-off – like Poll and Clattenberg, etc!!!

Tony Abrahams
34 Posted 25/11/2018 at 20:24:19
Totally different subject, but I thought Guardiola, and Manchester City, were extremely naive when they played last season's game at Anfield, despite just having their coach smashed up.

When you think of the paltry fine that UEFA handed out to Liverpool, and look at what has just happened in Argentina, then I'm sure I will be able to suck a few Kopites in this week, when I get talking, and mention the disgraceful River Plate fans!

Jay Wood

35 Posted 25/11/2018 at 22:03:28
Whisper it, but Everton have been a tad more narky in recent games to what we have become accustomed to.

When Yerry Mina got booked at Chelsea, for once there were plenty of Everton players around the referee contesting his decision.

When Patterson shoved Mina yesterday in the first half, Mina whispered sweet nothings in his and was not going to blink or back down.

When Cunningham went down claiming a penalty in the second half, Coleman leaned over him giving him an honest opinion of what he thought.

Silva has already referenced what a positive presence Mina is around Finch Farm. His on-pitch manner will further endear him to the fans. Knowing him from his Palmeiras days, he will relish a game like the derby.

And he has probably just spent his Sunday evening watching his old team clinch the Brazilian title for the second time in two years, so he is going to be buzzing going into the week ahead of our visit to Anfield. (He was very pivotal in Palmeiras last title win before joining Barcelona.)

Plenty to be optimistic about.

Mark Andersson
36 Posted 25/11/2018 at 22:14:09
It's time to stop the pitty party and making excuses like "we will be playing 12 men" shite..

Us the fans are as much to blame with the negative attitude before a ball is kicked...

I'm with Steve Ferns – we can get a result and the fans play a massive roll in this game so bring it on...

Liverpool 2 Everton 3!!!

Jay Wood

37 Posted 25/11/2018 at 22:21:24
As for Tony's reference to the violence at the Libertadores' final in Argentina, CONMEBOL – the UEFA equivalent that governs South American football – have not covered themselves in glory.

The extremely violent attack on the Boca team bus as they travelled to the stadium was initially fobbed off by CONMEBOL. They released a signed letter from their own senior medical officer saying any injuries suffered by the Boca players – wounds from broken glass (glass slithers in the eye of their captain being the worst) and feeling nauseous from the tear gas the police used to repel the River Plate fans – were 'superficial' and did not justify postponing the game.

Boca fought their corner and insisted they would not play the 2-hours delayed kick-off CONMEBOL tried to impose on them.

The game was meant to be played today, 24 hours later than scheduled, but again, Boca – quite rightly in my mind – insisted the game be re-scheduled to a later date to give them more time to prepare and get their players fit and in the right frame of mind.

CONMEBOL's (probably) commercially driven desire to get the game played yesterday echoes UEFA's insistence to see the final played at Heysel all those years ago.

At least in Europe, supporters of both teams can still attend any game, home or away.

Sadly, in South America, it is commonplace that the big derby games – 'los classicos' – are exclusively played in front of home supporters.

As yesterday's violence showed, there is good reason for this total exclusion of rival supporters. If it wasn't imposed, no exaggeration, there would be deaths in and around the stadium.

John G Davies
38 Posted 25/11/2018 at 22:25:09
River Plate should ask for Merseyside Police to monitor the pre game goings on. They can't see a fuckin thing despite it all happening in front of them.
Paul Birmingham
39 Posted 25/11/2018 at 22:54:26
Let’s believe in us, as now, forget last season and go for it toe to toe.

Let’s not get the hype and myths of our rivals into our mindset for the next game.

It’s our next game and there’s more spine and guts in this squad than we’ve had since the Moyes team of 2005.

If we finish the chances we make, we can win this game.

Jim Bennings
40 Posted 25/11/2018 at 23:23:06
The first thing Mina should do with Salah on Sunday is what Vinnie Jones did to Gazza in '88 and back up on him and grab his bollocks and say to him “You are mine today, sweetheart“.

We need to get that dirty bastard about us in the derby and I don't mean going in with insane two-footers and finishing with nine men like we have done many times in these matches.

Be canny and be clever but, most importantly, get under their skin and in their minds.

David Hallwood
41 Posted 26/11/2018 at 00:16:38
The RS is a crucifix and we are the vampire... or should that be vampires?

I'm beginning to think that, if the RS tea ladies took on ours, they'd still win. Depressing

On the subject of the derby, will Silva be tempted to go 3 at the back to neutralise their front 3? With Walcott dropping out giving Bernard a David Silva type role behind Richarlison.

Michael Kenrick
43 Posted 26/11/2018 at 06:46:48
Er... Back to the U23s and David Unsworth has some choice words for the 'disappointing' performance of his charges:

“Very disappointed,” was his assessment...

“I thought it was an awful game and we left our worst performance for the biggest game. Really disappointed.”

“We didn't do the basics right, we didn't play well,” the U23s boss added.

“Tyias was probably our best player so, when we have so many offensive players on the pitch who don't play well, then you are going to struggle to win a game of football. It was a poor game.”

“Young players need to play games. When they don't, they are not the players they are when they are at their best and match ready, and it showed.

“They need to play games. Liverpool called Ben Woodburn back today because he's not been playing games

“We'll never turn down an opportunity for them to go out on loan if we feel it is the right opportunity for them — although, after today's performance, there won't be too many takers.”

Ian Bennett
44 Posted 26/11/2018 at 07:23:21
David – I'd go 5 at the back and drop Walcott. He's seriously out of form, and I just think we need more than 2 centre-halves to deny them the space for their front 3.

It is inviting pressure on from Robertson and Trent-Arnold, but we do have Gomes who can release Richarlison and Bernard on the break. As ever, keeping 11 on the pitch will be key to a solid defensive effort.

Tony Abrahams
45 Posted 26/11/2018 at 11:52:19
I'm one of the people who think playing 3 at the back might just really compliment the squad of players that we currently have, but it's not something we should be starting at Anfield next week though, Ian.

It's interesting now because we look like we are starting to turn into a proper football team but this is a major reshuffle for such a big game... or is it!?

Jay Wood

46 Posted 26/11/2018 at 12:02:45
Tony @ 45.

Three at the back. Opposed.

And most definitely opposed to changing a winning system that in the last 7 games has seen us concede just 4 goals and kept 4 clean sheets, for our biggest game of the season to date at the weekend.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

John G Davies
47 Posted 26/11/2018 at 12:28:16
No problem with a back 4. I think Keane may be exposed as one of the centre-halves though, if selected.
Tony Abrahams
48 Posted 26/11/2018 at 14:14:55
I agree, Jay, not just yet anyway, but I'm sure it won't be too long before we start to see it though?
Hugh Jenkins
49 Posted 28/11/2018 at 17:45:57
This may be a harbinger for the future.

In the past, we have had fairly good results against the RS at youth level but in the past 20 years have failed to replicate this consistently at senior level.

It may just be that our fortunes at senior level are about to change and we will start beating our neighbours more consistently.

If so, I, for one, will be happy to see the change.

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