Richarlison encouraging Neres to join him at Everton

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Richarlison says that he hopes his Brazilian international team-mate ends up with him at Everton this summer and admits he has raised the prospect with the forward.

The pair are on Copa America duty in their home country this month and Richarlison was asked for his thoughts on the speculation linking Neres with a move from Ajax to Everton.

"I've spoken to him about it already," the Blues' winger said. "I told him the doors are open for him there, and that he could help us a lot.

"I hope he comes. He'd be very welcome there. I've known him since we played together for Brazil's U20 side, and he's a guy I get along with really well. Hopefully I'll see him there."

Neres himself was asked by the Liverpool Echo if he had anything to say about the transfer talk regarding Everton but he refused to be drawn on the matter.

"I try to stay focused on what's happening on the pitch, and on the competition I'm playing in. I leave those things to my agents to deal with.

"Of course the Premier League interests me. It's the best league in the world, and I've always wanted to play there. But I leave all that in God's hands."


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Alan J Thompson
1 Posted 17/06/2019 at 05:35:30
It looks like we are doing to Brazil what England has been known to do to some of our players.
Liam Reilly
2 Posted 17/06/2019 at 06:32:59
Really refreshing and positive to hear Richarlison talking so highly of the club as opposed to the garbage we are used to hearing from our players as soon as they are on international duty.
Martin Berry
3 Posted 17/06/2019 at 08:23:31
His fee (if you believe it) will mean this will not be happening for many interested clubs.

Perhaps there are more suitable viable options?

Derek Knox
4 Posted 17/06/2019 at 10:15:22
Is history repeating itself here? Well sort of, I remember when we had a player called Mirallas, who was quite decent then... (oops we still do) being on International duty and persuading a guy called Romelu Lukaku to join us?

Well, that turned out to be okay in goal-scoring terms and profit too when he was sold on.

I keep hearing conflicting reports about this lad, from being the next Neymar (no thanks) or being a superstar of the future, to will he be able to cope in the Premier League?

I've also heard the argument that, for what he will cost, we could get better, the likes of Everton Soares. Ah, but there's a difference in my opinion, this lad has a mate at Everton, has expressed (loosely) interest in coming, and has seemingly limitless potential.

I trust in Brands to do the very best for us and, in my opinion again, has not let us down on any transfer business yet. I know many will say Mina, but apart from his injuries, and hence limited game time, he has only had one bad game for us. Like I mentioned on another thread a player who played for 90 minutes (Argentina v Columbia) and kept both Messi and Aguerro quiet all night can't be that bad!

Sam Hoare
5 Posted 17/06/2019 at 10:36:07
Ajax apparently turned down £50m from China for Neres. I hope we would not pay near that amount for him. He looks an exciting young player but he's not on the De Ligt, De Jong level and he's never been tested outside Holland. Richarlison was something of a punt at £40m but Silva knew him very well and he has a bigger stature and was tried and tested in the Premier League.

Justin Kluivert cost £18m from Ajax last season after having a similar season to the one Neres has just had (except Champions League performances). I hope Brands would not want to pay much more than £30-35m for him and I'm not sure that would appease Ajax.

Si Smith
6 Posted 17/06/2019 at 10:53:37
In Silva we trust, I say!!!

I'm all for tapping into the Brazilian market, the more the merrier for me.

Neres is young, fast, tricky and a Brazilian international, what's not to like.

Rob Halligan
7 Posted 17/06/2019 at 10:59:56
Rumours that Ajax want £80M for Neres. Time to look elsewhere I think, as no way we will pay that kind of money for him.
Si Smith
8 Posted 17/06/2019 at 11:05:10
We won't pay £80m and neither will anyone else. Ajax will sell, they always do, and if he's within our reach, and Silva wants to pay it, then for me he deserves the benefit of the doubt – he absolutely smashed it with his other Brazilians.
Brian Keating
9 Posted 17/06/2019 at 12:23:30
Sam Hoare: never tested outside the Netherlands?

He's excelled in the Champions League and is playing in the Copa America for Brazil.

I don't see this guy as a gamble at all. The Dutch league is a traditional jumping-off point for Brazilians. The great Ronaldo started at PSV Eindhoven.

Tony J Williams
10 Posted 17/06/2019 at 12:26:00
Biggest issue now with transfer fees are that they will all be inflated due to the past few seasons' madness.

£80m is not a fee that is baulked at any longer, it's becoming the norm, unfortunately.

Derek Knox
11 Posted 17/06/2019 at 13:00:34
Good point Rob, it does seem a lot, but as Tony @10 says these ridiculous amounts of money are all too commonplace in Premier League football these days.

The other point being is there enough in the war-chest (assuming we offload a few more) to spend that much on one player, with other areas to address?

Matthew Williams
12 Posted 17/06/2019 at 13:42:09
The lad called "Everton" would seem a better signing to me,just the novelty factor alone!

But he knows where the goal is, still young, international, he'd be playing with other Brazilian's around him & the RS would never dream of signing him.

A total no-brainer for me, folks.

Jay Wood

13 Posted 17/06/2019 at 14:03:57
Is this a case of think of a number, double it and start a footy rumour?

As I've already said on another thread, I'd rather go for the lad who subbed in for Neres against Bolivia on Friday and did more in 10 minutes (including scoring the best goal of the game) than Neres did in 80 minutes. Everton (Sousa Soares) for Everton!

Possibly the best player in the Brazilian league right now.

Allegedly available for a contract release fee of 50 million EUROS (45 million squids).

See what he can do here. Compare his pace and finishing to that of Bernard's and ask yourself if wee Bernard will ever give us the same. Then imagine an Everton team with him on one flank and Richarlison on the other. I'd rather see him as a big summer signing, rather than Neres.


Fran Mitchell
14 Posted 17/06/2019 at 14:24:18
Ajax's run in the Champions League, and the fact that they have already lost De Jong, and will likely lose De Ligt, mean that Ajax will only accept an irrefuseable offer.

The other two sales mean they are comfortable financially, and there will be the added pressure of not having the team demoralisingly broken up after such an exciting season. So that means the likes of Neres will cost more than they 'should'.

For this reason alone, we should look elsewhere, as Jay is advocating, Everton Soares ('Cebolinha' as he is known or 'Jimmy 5' in English – a character from the popular 'Monica's Gang' comic strip here in Brazil) is an exciting talent.

Malcom is another Brazilian talent who, despite moving to Barcelona too soon, could well flourish in a new environment.

Jay Harris
15 Posted 17/06/2019 at 14:46:44
After the experience with Klaassen, we need to be careful about overpaying for players.

Unfortunately, Everton seems to have set his heart on Man Utd.

Let's hope Marcel can weave his magic somewhere.

Jay Wood

16 Posted 17/06/2019 at 15:19:21
Fran, I wondered what you meant the other day when you called Everton Sousa Soares 'Jimmy 5'!

I didn't know the famous Brazilian cartoon character 'Cebolinha' went under the name 'Jimmy 5' in English editions – 'Jimmy 5' for his five strands of hair that look like a sprouting onion, thus his name 'Cebolinha' – 'little onion'.

As you also wrote the other day, the consensus in my social group in Brazil is similar to yours: Brazil is better off without Neymar for the Copa America and with 'Jimmy 5' instead.

This link shows a hybrid cartoon of the footballer and the cartoon character, right down to the footballer being depicted in a Gremio jersey, carrying the blue stuffed rabbit the cartoon character always carries with him.


I wish Richarlison was in his ear, rather than Neres'. Everton's, that is. Not the rabbit.

Jay Wood

17 Posted 17/06/2019 at 15:22:10
Meant to add also Fran, Malcom is another option I like. I was hopeful last season when there were tenuous links to him before ending up at Barcelona where he hasn't had the opportunities to shine. Could be surplus to requirements and available. Brands certainly seems to have a good relationship with Barca.
Sam Hoare
18 Posted 17/06/2019 at 15:27:33
Jay and Fran, I'd definitely be tempted to take Malcom before Neres, his long range shooting would really add something and we could use a player along with Siggy (and maybe Digne) capable of scoring from range.

I guess Barca would only want to loan him though. Or at best sell him with one of their low buy-back clauses.

Sam Hoare
19 Posted 17/06/2019 at 15:32:58
Brian @9, obviously Neres did well in the Champions League last season (as my post states!) and has done okay in his handful of caps for Brazil but the vast majority of his time has been playing for Ajax in the Dutch league.

I'd happily have him as he looks a talent. But the price is an issue. Definitely a risk over-paying for someone on the basis of one decent Champions League campaign (he scored 2 goals and got 2 assists in the Champions League which is less than Vlasic, by the way).

Jay Wood

20 Posted 17/06/2019 at 16:18:18
To be fair, Sam, Neres barely played any first-team football in Brazil with his boyhood club São Paulo before Ajax took a punt on him aged just 19, about 3 years ago, so most of his 'education' of first-team football has been almost exclusively with Ajax.

Even now, he hasn't yet played 100 first class games. He's good, but he is nowhere near £80 million good, even in this inflated market.

I know people crave for and hope that Brands and Silva can unearth some unknown gems. But such is the thoroughness and scope of nearly all top-level professional clubs these days, no one we sign – whatever age – will be 'unknown' to other clubs.

They all maintain huge global databases of literally thousands of players across all age groups and constantly monitor their progress.

It's almost 'quaint' to hear people humph on here when an alleged Everton target gets 'snatched from under noses' because, whilst we dallied, we alerted the likes of Spurs and West Ham to the player, who were quicker to get the deal done. ALL clubs will 'know' ALL our targets, as we will be equally aware of theirs.

Kevin Molloy
21 Posted 17/06/2019 at 16:25:11
I don't see how all clubs will know our targets. they may know the player, and know our club, but they can't know we'd be interested in them.
Mike Gaynes
22 Posted 17/06/2019 at 16:35:44
There are no secrets in this world, Kevin. Word gets out, whether it be from the club, the media, the player's agent or somebody's buddy who knows somebody else. You just never hear of clubs "poaching" anymore... everybody knows everybody else's business.

Sam, I'm with you on Malcom. Extravagant talent, lightning quick and can shoot from anywhere. But Valverde ignored him for a reason, and not just because the club stole him from Roma without asking him -- Malcom is a defensive disaster. Makes no effort at all going back. He'd have a great deal to learn before he could be effective in the Premier League.

Tommy Carter
23 Posted 17/06/2019 at 17:03:57
Neres has done well in the Dutch league. But I'd be looking at how he's affected the really big games for his club. And I'm not sure he did that much in the massive games for them this season, outside of goals vs Juventus and Real Madrid. Particularly in the ties vs Spurs in the semi-final of the Champions League he was largely anonymous. And that is worrying for me. The best players affect the big games and he hasn't done this at all for me.

He certainly has talent and, at a price of £35-£40M, I would be pleased with the signing. I don't think he has proven worth above this yet.

If we are talking £60m and above, I'd rather we looked at different players who I think would be ready to join and make a big difference to our team. Lozano would fit the bill here. Or a double swoop for Berardi and Belotti.

Jay Wood

24 Posted 17/06/2019 at 17:05:54
Kevin, I meant exactly what you say: that all players that ANYONE signs will be 'known' by all other clubs. There will be no 'unknown gems' unearthed by any club this, or any, transfer window.

NOT that other clubs will 'know' EXACTLY who we are trying to purchase 'cos they got a glimpse of our shopping list scribbled on the back of an envelope.

But even that does become known once we start negotiating with agents and the selling club. It's not in the player's agent or his selling club's interests to sell in secret to the first club that makes an offer.

All parties on t'other side benefit from having a bidding war for the player. So if any club bids for any player, word will quickly get out to flush out other potential interested parties.

To believe otherwise would be naive.

Bill Gienapp
25 Posted 18/06/2019 at 00:27:00
I'd be extremely excited to land Neres, but if Ajax genuinely expects to get £80M, or even £50M, I say look elsewhere.
Derek Knox
26 Posted 18/06/2019 at 00:57:44
Jay and Fran, would either of you know why Sousa Soares has the first name Everton? Is it a common name in Brazil, or is there something deeper, like his old fella is a distant bluenose, who always dreamt his son would one day play for Everton?

Or, they've recently had a 'falling out' and to spite his old fella, he has expressed a desire to join Man Utd? Well, it could have been a lot worse – wanting to be a RS!

Stephen Davies
27 Posted 18/06/2019 at 02:32:42
Derek #26,

There's been a lengthy discussion on this subject before. I dint think we got a definitive answer. Seems to be a popular name in Brazil and the West Indies.

Fran Mitchell
28 Posted 18/06/2019 at 03:34:54
Derek, It is a very common name here in Brazil – Everton, Ewerton and possibly other spellings (due to poor literacy levels, there are a wide range if spellings of common names here).

I found this on Google: Significa “o que vem da cidade dos javalis”; “corajoso”, “bravo” ou “resistente”. Everton tem origem no inglês arcaico Eofor tun e era um sobrenome.

Translation: "Meaning "what came from the city of the boar", "couragous", "brave", or "resistance". Everton comes from 'Eofor tun' in Archaic English and was a surname.

Probably a result of colonialism.

Until Richarilson arrived at Everton, no-one here knew who we were. It's quite amazing how now, the same people who just a year back said 'Everton quem? Nunca ouvi falar' when I said who I supported, now say "Ah Everton, time bom, gosto deles". (From "Everton who, never heard of them" to "Oh Everton, Good team, I like them.")

Rob Rothwell
29 Posted 18/06/2019 at 04:15:03
Was “commin” a freudian slip, Fran?
Derek Knox
30 Posted 18/06/2019 at 09:17:04
Thanks, Fran, that explains a lot, but also dashes my hopes that he had some Everton connection in his family. Turns out they've never even heard of us, but Richarlison has put us on the Football Map. Good on you, Richie lad!

You never know, Fran, he might be more of an asset than we ever imagined.

Crist�bal Apara
31 Posted 18/06/2019 at 11:18:08
Not sure about this one. I mean, of course, Neres is a great player, but we already have Lookman, Bernard and Walcott to play in his position. So I would spend that money on a striker or in a striker and central defense combined. Now our priorities should be the right full back, the central defense, and the striker. I would go for Mitrovic or Zapata, Zouma or Rugani, and Meunier or Wa- Bissaka.
Dan Sanderson
32 Posted 18/06/2019 at 13:10:04
While signing players from the land of Pelé is obviously a really attractive idea, the actual highlights of him as a player don't look particularly amazing. No better than the highlights looked of Klaassen the last time we bought Ajax's spare player which then allowed them to keep the rest of their squad together and paving the way to the Champions League semis. There are much better players in the Ajax team to try to buy than this one; I hope the club would be cautious.
Steve Ferns
33 Posted 18/06/2019 at 13:47:49
Wow, some underwhelmed people on here. This lad is going to be world class. He's unbelievable. If we pull this off, it could leave us with one of the best four attacks in the Premier League. This would be our biggest signing since Lineker. When was the last time we beat top four clubs to a player who starred in the Champions League.

I'm just trying not to get too hopeful as these players have a habit of looking like we can sign them and ending up elsewhere. I'm spending all day everyday hitting refresh on news about this lad. I can't remember the last time I was so excited about a potential signing.

Fingers and toes crossed here.

Edit: since Kanchelskis. He's a Kanchelskis-level signing and that's the last time I was this excited about an incoming player.

Derek Knox
34 Posted 18/06/2019 at 14:04:04
Steve @ 33, 'The Boys from Brazil' (yeah, still alive and kicking), and they see more than we do over here, reckon Everton Sousa Soares poses a more potent threat. Oh, what the heck, let's get them both in with Malcom too.

We can tell Moshiri it's a good investment for the Club and it's future.

Moshiri, scratching his head, saying something like, "I'm sure some Dutch prick said the same thing to me some time ago. Now let me see, can we afford it?"

[Picking up the telephone:] "Alisher, I have an offer you can't refuse." :-)

Jay Wood

35 Posted 18/06/2019 at 14:05:46
Steve @ 33. 'Overwhelmingly' (rather than 'underwhelmed') posters on this thread acknowledge Neres is a very fine player.

The question many pose is if he is worth the rumoured £80 million.

Now £80 million may well be a tabloid-inflated price, but if it isn't, my opinion is that he most definitely is not worth that figure at this stage of his fledgeling career.

There is better value on proven quality out there, rather than the still – as yet – promising potential of Neres.

Steve Ferns
36 Posted 18/06/2019 at 14:09:26
Fran, on the subject of Everton as a name, I think back to the 90s. In the 90s, there was no-one called Chelsea (or variations of the same) in the UK. But over the years, particularly as we saw more American TV, Chelsea became a popular girl's name. Now those girls aren't all the daughters of fans of Chelsea FC, far from it. The name certainly comes from the place and so is connected to the club.

Think back to pre-Premier League Chelsea FC. They were a despicable club. No real history, no real success, famous only for their hooligans. But over the years they have become a glamour club, fitting in with the glamorous place they are named after. So what impact has the name gaining popularity had in that respect?

In terms of Everton, there's only one place called Everton. The name is a reference to the place, whether people know it or not. There's a sizeable contingent in the Caribbean, descendants of freed slaves who took the name.

Everton also toured South America and left their mark in Chile, Argentina and of course Brazil. Without Everton FC, Everton Soares would have a different name. whether he knows it or not, he's named after the place in Liverpool that the club is named after.

So, with the rise of popularity of Everton as a name, a bit of wealth in the club, some glamorous players and a more glamorous style of football? Could we be set for a change in perception of the club in the same way as Chelsea experienced? (Albeit we'd be returning to our glamorous past rather than a complete reinvention like Chelsea?).

This is just one of many things I was thinking about during my recent cycling holiday where I spent 6 hours a day on the bike!

Steve Ferns
37 Posted 18/06/2019 at 14:15:03
Jay, I doubt anyone is spending €80m (it's euros not pounds) on him. The figure I keep seeing is £30m (GPB). As for baulking at the price, we need one world class player and everything could change. Paying over the odds for this lad might be our "Robinho moment". Even if like Robinho the lad is largely a flop. Flop or not, Robinho is the player that changed everything for Man City and was the statement signing that allowed them to gain a higher profile and opened the doors for better quality signings that came off.

Neres, a Champions League Semi-Finalist, would be one hell of a statement. There are so many rumours that he's about to sign right now, it's difficult not to get carried away. Everton Soares has been mostly linked with Man Utd and that's not a fight we could win. Beating Arsenal to Neres is one I think we could win.

Tony Abrahams
38 Posted 18/06/2019 at 14:45:19
I've heard it said that this is the way Moshiri wants to go Steve, and would sooner buy three top players on big wages, rather than get in a load of squad players.

In saying that, I hear a lot of things! And I'd sooner you tell us how your bike ride went, because that's one hell of an achievement you have just completed, mate, if indeed you went the whole distance, which must have been torture at times?

Stephen Davies
39 Posted 18/06/2019 at 15:07:15
Steve #36.. 'I remember you well at the Chelsea Hotel...'
Jay Wood

40 Posted 18/06/2019 at 15:21:34
Steve, I genuinely take a back seat during transfer windows and pay little or no attention to rumours.

As I said earlier in this thread, the transfer fee attributed to Neres – be it in Euros or pounds (not a great disparity, these days...) – appears to be a case of think of a number, double it, and start a football rumour.

I don't follow your (IMO) flawed logic in seemingly viewing Neres as a 'world-class player' that could 'change everything' about, presumably, how Everton is perceived in the football world.

For one, Neres would not be a marquee signing of an established world-class player. He still represents raw, largely unproven, potential.

It's also flawed that you describe it as our possible 'Robinho moment', effectively bracketing us with Man City.

As you yourself acknowledge, Robinho was a flop. If anything, it made Man City the laughing stock of the football world at the time: noveau riche wannabes, an easy touch to be had when they came in for your players.

We are not in Man City's league to do what they did: able to throw as much money as they liked, on as many players as they desired, which would inevitably, eventually, pay dividends for them. We still have to be very careful with our money, all the more so given the Koeman - Walsh signings we are still encumbered with.

Neres, you say, is a Champions League semi-finalist and so would be 'one hell of a statement'. Sorry, but that's a pretty hollow statement. It could be said David Klaassen went one step further and contested a European final. That didn't end well for Everton.

If you think playing as a losing semi-finalist in the Champions League (in which Neres really didn't make much of an impression) is worthy of mention, how about Everton Soares at a younger age than Neres playing in the final of the South American equivalent of the Champions League – the Libertadores – and winning the trophy with Gremio in 2017?

Or going on to contest the subsequent World Club Championship in which Everton Soares scored the winning goal in the semi-final to guarantee Gremio's place in the final against Real Madrid, in which Soares also featured in losing narrowly 1-0?

Finally, I don't get your final contradictory statement, all the more so that we are talking about mere rumours. How does it work that beating Man Utd to the signing of Everton Soares is 'a fight we could not win', but beating Arsenal to Neres is?

Sam Hoare
41 Posted 18/06/2019 at 15:32:13
Steve @33,

Did Neres really star in the Champions League though? Ajax did very well admittedly but he was not one of the top 5 or 6 players in that team by my reckoning. He ended that tournament with 2 goals and 2 assists in 10 games. Less than Nikola Vlasic.

Taking a player from a team who has had a good European run does not always end well, as Jay points out with the Klaassen comparison.

I like Neres as a player. He looks a talent. But he's not yet at the level Robinho was and my worry is that we overpay for a youngster because he is Brazilian and part of a team that won some hearts last year.

If we can get him for £25-30m then great but I'm not sure that's likely given Ajax have little need to sell. Much more than that and I reckon we are paying for hype primarily.

Fran Mitchell
42 Posted 18/06/2019 at 15:35:39
If we managed to sign either of Neres or Everton Soares, it would be exciting. It would no doubt give us a dangerous and exciting attack with bucketloads of pace. With the right tactical setup and mentality, it could potentially be as dangerous as Liverpool's front 3.

No matter who it is, I'm glad we're being linked with players of this ilk – pace, skill, goalscoring ability and unlimited potential. Far better than those who think our manager is Roy Hodgson, the year is 1999, and that Alexandre Mitrovic is the answer to our prayers.

Steve Ferns
43 Posted 18/06/2019 at 15:54:49
Jay, your opinion and mine over the talent and reputation of Neres appear to be different. Clearly, he is not as well regarded in Brazil as I would hope for. I considered Everton Soares to be the shiny new toy rather than the real deal, and would file him under "Need to see more of him". Neres is someone I think a lot of.

Whether Robinho made Man City a laughing stock is a matter of debate. I would argue it opened the doors to all the transfers that followed. He was known around the world and other players noted he went to Man City and then heard about the wages, and so others then followed him thinking they would have a bit of that.

If you disagree, Jay, well that's your opinion and I ain't getting into a debate on it.

Sam, there's a hell of a difference between the Europa League and the Champions League. If you look beyond the statistics, then Neres was the most exciting player in that Ajax team, for me at least. He's the player I would have selected for us to sign. I would also welcome Donny van de Beek as a Gueye replacement, as he was the unsung hero of that team.

Tony, it went alright mate. I did 1,500 miles training this year (as opposed to 500 in years gone past), including the 175 miles on the coast to coast when I raised some cash for charity. We went to Girona and rode over all the big hills / mountains.

There's a nifty little smart phone app called Relive which shows a speeded up replay of the rides with you as a yellow dot (in the style of the Tour De France stage previews) that's fun to watch and you can see where I went and where my friends cycling where in relation to me.

I suffered a crash on Friday, where I was extremely lucky to walk away relatively unscathed. I had been trying to cycle safely (new expensive bike) and was braking heavily into corners (reducing speeds from 40-50 mph down to 15-20 mph). The brakes heated the wheels and the wheels heated the tyres and inner-tube and on one such corner my inner-tube exploded. I was taking the corner like a motorcyclist and leaning into it, The explosion sent the bike up in the air and I fell onto my head and shoulder. The helmet took the brunt of it, cracking in four places. My shoulder took the blow well and didn't snap my collar bone. I also landed heavily on my hip, and whilst my clothing stood up to the subsequent slide across the tarmac, I did suffer a load of "road rash" to the same hip. I've been limping along since Friday and couldn't cycle on the Saturday, missing my last chance to do the Rococorba (having abandoned on the Tuesday after my rear derailleur snapped). There's not a mark on my head or face, despite landing on it, and not even so much as a headache, but I have a stiff neck from whiplash.

Moral of the story is always wear a helmet. It might save your life, or prevent serious injury. If you want to see the Relive videos, I'll stick them on my Twitter.

Mike Gaynes
44 Posted 18/06/2019 at 16:04:40
Steve, very glad you're okay. Bravo on the decision to wear a top-quality helmet. Your brain is a precious resource.

Gotta say that every bicyclist I know has a "wipeout" story to tell -- some of them two or three -- and most of them come with surgical scars and slings, not happy endings like yours. That's why I opt for walking/hiking instead. You can't go over the handlebars when you're walking.

I do own a bike, but it has flat tires and cobwebs. I got scared off once too often.

Sam Hoare
45 Posted 18/06/2019 at 16:10:01
Steve, sorry to hear about your crash. Hope you're okay.

As for Neres, I do think he's exciting but I'd certainly take De Ligt or De Jong over him! Possibly Ziyech and De Beek too.

My worry is that he may not have the work rate to suit Silva's system and physically he's obviously quite diminutive. Is he really that much better than someone like Lookman?

Personally I quite like the look of Malcom as his long-range shooting is great and he looks to me like more of a playmaker, with genuine vision.

I think we'd be very lucky to have either!

Brian Williams
46 Posted 18/06/2019 at 16:19:49
Moral of the story is always wear a helmet. It might save your life, or prevent serious injury.

Never a truer word said. Keen cyclist myself and I have been run off the road by a motorist in Frankby on the Wirral and had my helmet save my life in a crash while overtaking another cyclist who didn't know his left from his right when I shouted "Coming through on your right."

He veered right, instead of keeping his line or moving left, and I went A over T into a thick wooden fence hitting the back of my head (helmeted) and split the helmet at the site of the impact. Had I not been wearing a helmet, that fence would have been very badly damaged, I can tell you.

Ray Roche
47 Posted 18/06/2019 at 16:35:19
Steve, sorry to hear about your accident but glad you're relatively okay. Cautionary tale for all those who think helmets aren't necessary. I still see bellends cycling without them despite all the publicity surrounding their usefulness.
Fran Mitchell
48 Posted 18/06/2019 at 16:59:29
Glad to hear you’re okay, Steve.

In regards to Everton, wouldn't call him a shiny new toy, but another product of what I consider one of the best footballing teams in Latin America over the last few years.

Winners of the Libertadores 2 years ago, and were robbed in the semi-final against River last season. They are possibly the only team in the Brasilian Serie A that is actually enjoyable to watch. Their last export was Artur, who is doing well at Barcelona.

They have 3 players I would consider – Everton, Luan (who has long been touted for a move to Europe, heavily linked with our neighbours during a period) and Matheus Henrique. The former 2 being attackers, and the latter being a creative midfielder. Their 28-year-old Argentinian defender Kannermann would also be a decent punt if we lose Zouma.

Jay Wood

49 Posted 18/06/2019 at 18:12:32
Steve @ 43. Hope you are on the mend after your crash.

As for your comments addressed to me - yup! My opinion is not fully aligned with the one you expressed in the earlier post I replied to. And..?

As Andrew Keatley replied to you on another thread, presuming people know less than you because they are not in agreement with you is - as Andrew wrote - a bit insulting, really. To that I can add pompous.

Again, in addressing me, you make some very strange claims. I've consistently acknowledged Neres is talented in this thread. I wrote with reasoned counters to temper your evident enthusiasm for him and suggested he still constitutes potential and cannot yet be regarded as 'world class' as you labelled him, especially at the rumoured prices.

How my humble opinion expressed to you here on TW extends to "clearly, he is not as well regarded in Brazil" is a contrivance on your part. I'm not THAT influential in my adopted land! Your claim is not the case. Neres IS highly regarded in Brazil - including by me! Brazilians CONSTANTLY big up their own players, particularly those plying their trade in Europe, ever hopeful of uncovering the latest Ronaldo, Ronaldinho or Kaka.

As for your (deliberately provocative, I fancy) throwaway comment that you consider Everton Soares is "the shiny new toy rather than the real deal", well...where to start?

Can you not see the absurdity and hypocrisy of that statement, all the more so that you add you would "need to see more of him", given that on the other thread you sniffily presume people have not seen enough of Carvalho to make any judgement call on him?

The same derisory comment you make against Soares can be thrown right back at you with regard to Neres: he is your 'shiny new toy'.

Following Friday's opener of the Copa America, the consensus of the commentators was universal: Everton Soares did more and carried a greater threat in the 10 minutes he was on the pitch - including scoring the best goal of the match - than the man he substituted, David Neres, did in 80 minutes.

There is a genuine debate (something you don't appear keen on) as to which is the best option for today's game against Venezuela, but the whisper is that Tite will persist with the same frontline - Neres, Firmino and Richarlison - in his starting XI.

Whoever plays, I will be watching with interest hoping either or both play to the level I believe they are capable of. Heaven knows, the Brazilian national team is in desperate need of new and real heroes, because Neymar ain't it and never will be.

Steve Ferns
50 Posted 18/06/2019 at 18:28:09
So I'm pompous. Thanks Jay. If you're really a sporting fan and watched their games, you'd also be saying that people calling Carvalho slow and immobile is immensely wide of the mark. You'd also be pointing to the pace he does possess (once he gets going) as you'll have seen the occasions he actually shows what he has.

Those making comments on his lack of pace and immobility were making MotD type observations. Clearly they were very wrong as any sporting fan would say. It's not an opinion, it's a fact. It's like when people said Jags was slow and then he was clocked on the speed gun as the fastest in the league. Unfortunately, there's no speed gun for Carvalho, and whilst he's no Bolt, he's not slow. Lazy comments based on snap judgements. Yours should be a more considered opinion being a sporting fan and you should be able to corroborate what he's capable of.

As for Neres and Soares – I stand by what I said and will discuss it no further as I can't be bothered getting into another long-running debate with you.

Thanks for the well wishes guys. Healing up quickly, all things considered.

Brent Stephens
51 Posted 18/06/2019 at 18:32:01
Steve, glad you came out of that in one piece, unscarred.

I probably look a dick in my cycle helmet, Steve, but I always wear it. Had a mate years ago who had a tyre burst coming down the Horseshoe Pass into Llangollen caused by brake shoes on tyre – he almost took the rest of us with him.

Paul Birmingham
52 Posted 18/06/2019 at 18:40:20
Steve, glad you came out relatively injury free from your crash.

Good luck, mate.

Steve Ferns
53 Posted 18/06/2019 at 18:42:50
It's not good at all, Brent. The explosion on 100 psi tyres is enough to throw the bike into the air and you come down on the tyre-less rim and then it's only a question of how you will eat the concrete. In my case, head and shoulder first. It would have been very nasty without a helmet. Even so, I was very fortunate not to snap my collar bone or do serious damage to the shoulder or hip.

I'm on strong pain meds right now, but I'm getting more movement back everyday and hope to be back to normal soon. Bike's okay too, but needs some repairs (front wheel has rim damage, bar tape, rear mech and tyre). I got a 40% reduction on a new one as it was crash damage (Specialized policy).

Mike Gaynes
54 Posted 18/06/2019 at 18:45:41
Steve #50, regarding your being called "pompous"... well, consider the source. And laugh. But gently, so you don't shake your bruises.

However, regarding Carvalho, I don't know what a "MotD type observation" is, but I've watched him play many times, and I still think he's about two steps quicker than your average glacier.

Derek Knox
55 Posted 18/06/2019 at 18:57:26
Steve, sorry to hear about your accident, you are obviously a more serious cyclist than myself, whose limit is the 'Tour de Chester et
la Canal'.

Actually, I have only recently purchased a bike, after many years of car and motorcycles, more for fitness reasons and leisure.

Brent, so that was you I saw the other day! :-)

Although Ray Roche keeps telling me I need to see a trick cyclist. :-)

Brian Williams
56 Posted 18/06/2019 at 19:00:18
One step!
Tony Abrahams
57 Posted 18/06/2019 at 19:58:52
I'm glad I asked, Steve, because it just shows you how important it is to wear a helmet, especially because I can't get my little kids in now they've learned how to ride a bike.

It sounds like you've had a great time, and although you never felt lucky, you definitely was mate, because, if your helmet was cracked in four places. I'm not sure you would have been posting on T/W anymore, Steve, even if this accident has made you a little bit pompous!

Robert Williams
58 Posted 18/06/2019 at 20:08:25
'This is just one of many things I was thinking about during my recent cycling holiday where I spent 6 hours a day on the bike!'

'Moral of the story is always wear a helmet'

Moral of the story is 'concentrate on the job in hand'

6 Hours in the saddle is impressive, thinking about the state of the transfer market is daft – while riding a bike at 40/50 mph ?? There are three recent instances of 'professional' riders coming to grief and from what I see it was their own fault.

Stick to the day job – would be my advice – there is no defence for showing off, especially at ridiculous speeds!!

As far as Neres is concerned, it would be good to sign him.

Robert Williams
59 Posted 18/06/2019 at 20:10:06
'Geraint Thomas: Team Ineos rider taken to hospital for checks after crash'
Steve Ferns
60 Posted 18/06/2019 at 20:24:43
Robert, I was not thinking about the state of the transfer market when doing high speed, it was as I tried to climb the mountain before descending it. If you get as high up as I was, your bike descends at speed, it's simple physics. And I was braking heavily, hence the extreme heat which caused my inner-tube to explode, I was doing everything I could to keep my speed down.

As for showing off, not sure what you mean? This is my first tumble on the bike since 2009 and that was a minor one due to sand on a corner. Not sure what you expect me to do, walk back down the mountain? I've descended hundreds of times and never came close to an incident, the incident was caused by excessive braking and had I descended like a nutcase I would not have had an exploded innertube.

As for the Professionals, well it is a very dangerous sport and has one of the higher fatality rates. They take risks at high speeds for the glory, and risks can result in serious injury, like what happened to Chris Froome. Note that despite his crash, and all the injuries he suffered, there was not a mark on his head or face, as once again, the helmet did it's job.

Brent Stephens
61 Posted 18/06/2019 at 20:25:08
Derek #55 "Brent, so that was you I saw the other day! :-)"

I don't know - I have bikes in various places. If it was in Southport where I live then I would have been on the local bike?

John Pierce
62 Posted 18/06/2019 at 20:36:06
Solanke starts over Calvert-Lewin... pfft. 😑
Tony Hill
63 Posted 18/06/2019 at 20:40:13
I think sometimes we're too quick to envy footballers. Look at the tough weekend Gylfi's just had by Lake Como, getting married to his rather plain girlfriend.
Peter Mills
64 Posted 18/06/2019 at 21:51:27
Steve, I'm glad you got through your accident relatively unscathed.

I remember you writing once that you promised your Dad you would improve your fitness – it sounds like you have been more than true to your word. Nice one.

Dermot O'Brien
65 Posted 18/06/2019 at 21:57:46
Tony #64...cue hundreds of internet searches for "Gylfi Sigurdsson wife" Prrrrrr.
Derek Knox
66 Posted 19/06/2019 at 01:02:09
Yeah, good but not exactly unexpected news, and a bonus at the right price, still a lot of money in this crazy world of Transfers but at least it's not some of the crazy £30-35M that was being bandied about earlier.

I think one of the best signings we have made recently was Marcel Brands, the guy has only been with us a year and in that relatively short time has shipped quite a few out, albeit temporarily in most cases and not made one bad incoming signing.

He knows the Football World, and how these Transfers work with their agents, with a few he has a working rapport. Personally look forward to seeing who else he manages to get shut of, and who else he manages to get through the door.

Not sounding ungrateful in the case of Andre Gomes, but there was little chance he was going to go anywhere else but Everton, and I'm glad he is on board at the right price.

Fran Mitchell
67 Posted 19/06/2019 at 02:21:24
Watching Brazil vs Venezuela. Neres starts, the general consensus is that he 'doesn't look up enough'. He runs looking at tje ball, he shoots looking at the ball. He had one good chance and fluffed it. In fairness, Brazil as a whole are playing poor.

Richarlison looks lively, one good shot saved. But not influencing much and little space in a tight venezuela defence.

On a side note, Firmino is annonymous, and ex red Coutinho looks a shadow of the player he was. Awful.

Fran Mitchell
68 Posted 19/06/2019 at 02:21:25
Watching Brazil vs Venezuela. Neres starts, the general consensus is that he 'doesn't look up enough'. He runs looking at tje ball, he shoots looking at the ball. He had one good chance and fluffed it. In fairness, Brazil as a whole are playing poor.

Richarlison looks lively, one good shot saved. But not influencing much and little space in a tight venezuela defence.

On a side note, Firmino is annonymous, and ex red Coutinho looks a shadow of the player he was. Awful.

Derek Knox
69 Posted 19/06/2019 at 02:26:29
Fran, managed to get it on Premier Sport Channel, got to agree it hasn't exactly got us off our seats yet, but you have to give some credit to Venezuela's stout defending.

Mind you wasn't the opener against Bolivia a bit quiet first half too, then they seemed to go up a gear?

Derek Knox
70 Posted 19/06/2019 at 02:35:14
They've subbed Richie at half time for jesus, doesn't make a lot of sense to me Fran, as he seemed to be one of the few up front actually producing anything, if any criticism it was lack of service to him, which will surely be the same for Jesus.

I am slightly biased of course.

Derek Knox
71 Posted 19/06/2019 at 02:48:19
Meant to mention before that Yordan Hernandez Osorio (Paredes) looks a good option for Centre back if we can't get Zouma, which is looking increasingly unlikely, 25 years old and probably wouldn't cost a King's Ransom either.
Fran Mitchell
72 Posted 19/06/2019 at 03:14:58
Everton comes on for Neres, does the best 'jogada' of the game and wins it for Brazil.
Jay Wood

73 Posted 19/06/2019 at 03:53:36
Pity about the VAR decision eh Fran?

Brazil once again very ordinary as they have been since the WC in Russia last summer.

It wasn't blue tinted glasses Derek which made you question replacing Richarlison with Jesus at halftime. Our boy was again the most lively forward or midfield player, showing good movement and high energy. He was the only one to draw a save from the keeper.

Maybe Tite's idea was that Firmino and Jesus would unlock the Venezuelan defence by them linking up down the middle. It only made it easier for Venezuela to defend.

But unless Richarlison picked up a knock - and there is no mention or suggestion of one - why he was sacrificed and not Neres was strange.

Because in that 1st half Neres was three times clear on goal coming in from the left and either shot wide or crossed wildly on each opening.

The loudest chant on the night came after an hour with the stadium chanting Cebolinha's name and he was finally introduced for Neres with 25 minutes to go.

He brilliantly created the 'goal' for Coutinho, but it was rightly ruled off for offside with Firmino being directly in front of Coutinho as he scored.

Brazil roundly booed during and after the game. The first home game in 5 years they have failed to score.

Their problem is in midfield. There is little or no creativity with Coutinho, Casimiro and Artur all looking very pedestrian.

Very poor showing.

Robert Williams
74 Posted 19/06/2019 at 17:24:49
SF 60 " If you get as high up as I was, your bike descends at speed, it's simple physics. And I was braking heavily, hence the extreme heat which caused my inner-tube to explode, I was doing everything I could to keep my speed down."

Do you thinks this is a case of gross negligence me lud?

The defendant was descending at high speed, indeed the law of physics states that what goes up high, will come down at speed. If me lud recalls, it was Newton that was hit on the nut with a pomme - should he have been wearing his helmet there is a fair chance that the law of gravity would still be something of a mystery.

Braking heavily is not a recommended way of coming to a halt, and I put it to you me lud, this again shows the defendant guilty of braking, nay breaking the fundamental rule of safety in charge of a bicycle. Indeed if the defendant was travelling at the speeds he claims his first consideration should have been 'how the fuck am I going to stop this without blowing my own trumpet or my inner-tube.

I put it to you - if the defendant had shown a modicum of nous he would not have been travelling in such a reckless manner, so high up in the mountain, knowing full well that the only way was down and without controlling his speed to that which his tyres could cope with the extreme heat generated.

I put it to you me lud, that not only was the defendant not in control of his bicycle, neither was he in control of his bowels. In shorts me lud he probably shit himself.

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