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Everton express interest in Digne

| Friday, 13 July 2018 66comments  |  Jump to last
Everton's reported talks with Barcelona over Yerry Mina have also included discussions about fullback Lucas Digne according to reports.

Paul Joyce of The Times has tweeted that the Blues are targeting the 24-year-old Frenchman as well as Mina, the latter having now spoken of his desire to consider his options as he seeks regular first-team action.

Joyce's contention is echoed by The Mirror who say that Digne is resigned to the need to leave the Nou Camp having missed out on the 2018 World Cup in Russia due to a lack of game time with Barça.

Everton apparently see Digne, who was signed by the Catalan club for £15m two years ago, as a cheaper alternative to Celtic's Kieran Tierney, for whom they have been quoted a fee of £25m, although not by much.

The Mirror's David Anderson claims that contact has been made but that a bid of £22m would be needed to bring Barcelona to the negotiating table.

Reader Comments (66)

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Mike Gaynes
1 Posted 12/07/2018 at 00:10:01
I'm on record as saying we don't need a left back because Robinson is developing so well, but this would be exciting. Digne played for France at the World Cup at age 20. I've seen him occasionally for Barca (I watch all their games) and he's a confident, quality defender with pace who knows how to tackle.

He's not particularly dazzling in attack, which is why he never had a prayer of displacing Jordi Alba. But if a player of this talent is really available for less than Tierney -- who has a considerably inferior resume -- this is a no-brainer.

Here's to a double swoop that would secure our backline for years to come.

Mike Gaynes
2 Posted 13/07/2018 at 00:14:11
Digne's moment of "fame" at the 2014 WC -- Antonio Valencia's straight red against him:
Neil Wood
3 Posted 13/07/2018 at 01:52:47
Class act. Simple. If there's a modicum of truth in this then do it
Robert Leigh
4 Posted 13/07/2018 at 08:06:19
Hasn’t played much the last couple of years I believe, but this could be a bargain buy.

Like most I’d like to see Robinson given a go, but if (when) Baines gets injured we can’t just have young Antonee in that position.

Also, given his pace, Robinson could play left wing to start with and work his way back - like the best RB in the Prem did, Coleman!

Kevin Prytherch
5 Posted 13/07/2018 at 08:29:49
If he’s being signed to replace Baines long term then go for it.

If he’s signed as a back up then leave it.

We can manage Baines throughout the season like Ferguson used to with older players. I remember an interview with one of them, saying that Ferguson told them well in advance what games he’d need them for and what games he wouldn’t. We can plan to play Baines in 30 games and pick and choose which ones we rest him for. Manage his body well and reduce the risk of him getting injured. We’re not in Europe so we’ll probably only be playing 40-45 games anyway. 10-15 games for Robinson will do him the world of good in the future.

Tony Everan
6 Posted 13/07/2018 at 09:14:26
Couldn’t agree more Kevin, signings must be starters or forget it. So if they think he can cut it as a starter ahead of Baines, go for it.

At almost half the price of Tierney and importantly probably demanding half the wages it’s no wonder they are looking at him. I think there may be one or two more they are considering too.

They will be worried about spunking 25m and up to 145k pw on Tierney who for more than half the season is playing against teams that wouldn’t win the Conference.

Jim Potter
7 Posted 13/07/2018 at 09:15:45
Getting Digne would be a terrific move and nowhere near the expense of buying Tierney (who still has some question marks for me). Digne was an outstanding young player who has almost disappeared off the map whilst at Barca.

Buying Digne and Mina would be a major coup for the club. Mina is a fine defender who offers a terrifying threat at dead ball situations - an area we have yet to really profit from given we have the prowess of Sigi's delivery at our disposal.

Whilst it concerns me that we have yet to make any serious moves in the market, I believe that the new regime may be doing their dealings cautiously and under the radar, which is always the best way to me.

I do not want another summer of headline grabbing acquisitions that are ill conceived expensive disasters.

Hopefully Williams et al will find their way to the door in an equally satisfying manner.

In Marcel and Marco we must trust.

And if Mr Usmanov has tired of Arsenal not wanting him then we may know of a club who would welcome him with open arms. I can dream can't I?

Darren Murphy
8 Posted 13/07/2018 at 09:35:51
Lucas Digne and Yerry Mina are being targeted by Everton in a stunning double raid on Barcelona. That'll work for me!
Sam Hoare
9 Posted 13/07/2018 at 10:04:05
I’m unconvinced by Digne, as are quite a few Barca fans. He’s a decent defender but not the sharpest moving forwards. He’s better than Martina though and decent value if the price is £12m.
Andrew Ellams
10 Posted 13/07/2018 at 10:43:35
Could the Digne story be a negotiating tactic with Celtic over Tierney?
Steve Ferns
11 Posted 13/07/2018 at 12:15:24
Maybe so Andrew. Maybe we can persuade Celtic to lower their price and play the two off against each other.

Tony, I don't think our signings need to be starters. I would also like to see us move towards what we used to do and sign great players for the future who have to start on the bench and force their way into the team. If we let Robinson go out on loan for the season, and then allow Baines and the new guy to duke it out for the left back slot, then I would expect Baines to have lost that battle come the end of the season, when he can be allowed to leave or whatever, and then Robinson can back up the new signing. Point being, it should be up tot he new guy to take the jersey off Baines, not have it handed to him.

I would also like to see a lot of signings brought in to compliment deficiencies in the youth team, or because we just found the new messy and he's only 16. These guys might not play for a good couple of seasons. So of course they won't be starters.

Sam Hoare
12 Posted 13/07/2018 at 13:06:05
Apparently the price is around £22m. Think i'd skip at that price. Barca bought him for £14m and he's done little to increase his value with only 20 or so starts in the last 2 years. Would rather pay £3m extra for Tierney who is less experienced but has more upside I reckon.
Mark Taylor
13 Posted 13/07/2018 at 13:20:47
Clearly we need a left back, have done for the past year, and a CB. These two are far from the worst options that have been circulated and at least possess some pedigree, though we have to accept at this fee level, success is not guaranteed.

Personally I prefer Digne to Tierney, who I think fits very much more into the category of possible potential than remotely proven, given the dire quality of the league he plays in. As people on here always point out, Naismith looked a world beater in the Scottish league. As things transpired, in England, he is really just a decent Championship player, no more.

Grant Rorrison
14 Posted 13/07/2018 at 13:36:16
You could put a team capable of winning the premier league together out of players that either couldn't get a look in at Barcelona or Madrid or else played a bit but were still considered surplus to requirements for the right bid.

For the right amount I'd take both Mina and Digne. Both are young and would be mainstays in our defence for years to come or else would command big fees if someone wanted to poach them off us.

They both have more experience playing at a high standard in both world cups and at club level too. What's Tierney done apart from look the part playing against teams of the calibre of Kilmarnock?

Ian Bennett
15 Posted 13/07/2018 at 13:49:25
I'd far rather offer Vlasic or McCarthy plus £14m for Tierney.
Tony Everan
16 Posted 13/07/2018 at 14:13:51
Steve #11

I don’t think we will be attracting the right player if we are signing someone to be a backup / sub or u23 player. What’s the point, we already have a potential left back, potential centre backs, potential midfielders. It’s not the time for buying more potential only for them to become disallusioned.

We need to get the very best we can for left back, I would be happy with Tierney and he has got to be a starter. Same goes for Mina . If we signed both they would surely have to start and would definitely improve us.

I am in the camp which says two top quality signings LB and CB is the core of what we need. Signings that will start for us and improve us. As well as keeping Lookman.

Anything in addition can be wheelering and dealering as Brands and Silva see fit. They may bag a bargain.

Mike Gaynes
17 Posted 13/07/2018 at 15:27:47
Barca signed Lenget from Sevilla yesterday, which means there is officially no place for Mina there.

Get in there, Mr. Brands, and make this happen.

William Gall
18 Posted 13/07/2018 at 15:56:04
With the transfer window closing on the 9th of August, I hope the people in charge of transfers have started, negotiating for who they want and are pushing to get deals for who they want to leave.

Lets not get into last min deals that make the player unavailable for the first couple of games. We need the new regime to have the team with new signings ready at the start of the season.

With modern technology in communications, and most players leaving their negotiations to agents, I would like to start to see some action instead of rumors, whether it is incoming, or players leaving.

August the 9th will be here quickly when your waiting for something to happen, thinking you have plenty of time.

Sam Hoare
19 Posted 13/07/2018 at 16:45:27
Have to say that i'm a tad jealous of West Ham's business so far. Diop, Yarmolenko and Wilshere will add a fair amount to their team. Felipe Anderson is a very talented winger too.

I'm still hoping for Mina, Loftus-Cheek and Tierney. Or something along those lines.

Tom Bowers
20 Posted 13/07/2018 at 17:18:02
The mind boggles at the many scenarios that can come about at Everton over the next few months or sooner we hope.

We know rumors are mostly rumors and a new manager with cash available will be connected to many players wanting to move to the Prem. as well as players who will be allowed to leave.

The Robinson scenario is yet to be one that is clear by the season start up and I suppose Baines will be the shoe-in for obvious reasons. Pre-season games may help give us a clearer picture as to Silva' preferences.

It's plain to all of us that the team starting most of last season's games was not good enough and that situation is unlikely to change just because of a new manager at the helm.

Rooney has gone and I doubt he could have had much impact on team performances for the new season despite all of his talents but really he couldn't sustain it for 90 minutes even if he maintained that Allardyce was the problem.

Other aging stars may also see less time in the coming season such as Baines and Jagielka.

We have said it before in previous seasons that we are hoping for the dawn of a new era but we want it to be successful this time.

Paul Ellam
21 Posted 13/07/2018 at 17:19:19
Both Digne and Mina please.
And throw in Paco Alcacer while you're at it!
Jay Wood

22 Posted 13/07/2018 at 17:27:06
Isn't a narrower transfer window what many campaigned for?

Plenty of folk - managers and fans alike, including here on TW - have grumbled about having the 'disruptive' transfer window open still once the season started, calling for a standardization across Europe to close the window on the same day before the season started.

I wasn't one of them BECAUSE with so many different start dates for so many different leagues it would be difficult to settle on a convenient closing date acceptable to all.

As is now being demonstrated, by introducing this new regulation of closing the transfer window before the league starts, you curtail the summer transfer window by 3 weeks. That has been compounded all the more this summer due to the World Cup which lends to curtailing possible deals.

I've long considered the January and summer transfer windows an artificial construct, possibly driven more by media and commercial reasons than anything else.

Football was doing very nicely with the old long-standing transfer system which (in England) allowed transfers all-year round apart from the closing two months of the season in April and May. Down the years there have been calls to restore that. I'm surprised the current status quo hasn't been challenged in the courts on grounds of 'freedom of movement' for footballers.

The next four weeks are going to be MANIC for football transfers.

Clarence Yurcan
23 Posted 13/07/2018 at 17:43:12
Grant (14) So true. I remember when Napoli (my other club, due to my grandparents being from there) signed Jose Callejon a few years ago, he was a bit player for Madrid and I remember looking at his stats and thinking "why are we signing this guy?"

A year later he had scored over 20 in all comps for us, I think even was the team's high scorer that first year over Higuian. Meanwhile he barely played for Madrid.

Madrid and Barca are so talented that you can be a very good player and still not sniff the field with them.

Paul Birmingham
24 Posted 13/07/2018 at 17:53:37
I reckon patience, more patience and tolerance are / will be neededin abundance the next month. I reckon with exception of the players who ever been on World Cup duty, M&M, will be making their assessments.

I was working with a lad from Boro today in West Derby, whose a season ticket holder and ma8, of Gibson, and he said he’s praying EFC come in for him. No bid has been made yet.

Darren Murphy
25 Posted 13/07/2018 at 18:31:51
Lookman was signed for £11 million Sam, so he's worth £12 million and hasn't played many games for, wrong man. He's worth more and we need both these players now alongside playing Robertson.
Darren Murphy
26 Posted 13/07/2018 at 18:33:53
Exactly Paul!
Geoff Lambert
27 Posted 13/07/2018 at 19:12:31
The exact opposite from last season, everybody else is spending big and we are offloading players with no incoming.

Is this the new Everton???

Darren Murphy
28 Posted 13/07/2018 at 19:43:02
It's bullshit Geoff. One season fuck up wonder with cash spent by clowns mate. Now we're waiting for the so called better force we have to spend wisely? What for Troy Deeney and another number 10 lol? Fucking jokers we are. Call it what you will, with Blue soppy twat we'll always be behind. Let the Delusional squad say otherwise...aka England.
Brian Harrison
29 Posted 13/07/2018 at 19:46:15
I think that Silva and Brands are using this time in Austria to finalize who they think is surplus to requirements, mind deciding who you don't want and getting them out of the club is another matter. Seems like Moshiri wants to reduce the squad and the wage bill, even Allardyce talked about the need to trim the size of the squad. We are definitely top heavy in players who arent regular performers, yet they will be on far more money than most outside the top 6 could afford. I feel sorry for Silva in as much as Koeman was given a fortune to spend and Moshiri even allowed Allardyce to spend in excess of £40 million. I wonder what net spend Silva and Brands will get, its quite noticeable the amount of young players extending their contracts. Also both Brands and Silva have mentioned about giving more youngsters game time.
Kristian Boyce
30 Posted 13/07/2018 at 20:56:40
Brian @29, that’s my thought too about having time assessing the squad. Even though Brands and Silva have been there a few weeks, watching videos of players is nothing compared to seeing them in the flesh. These training camps are perfect to see who they actually want to keep and what positions they actually need to fill. I’ll imagine 1-2 players will be shown the door early next week with others heading out quickly afterwards. I would expect we’ll see our first incoming player Tuesday/Wednesday.
Peter Roberts
31 Posted 13/07/2018 at 23:11:33

Give Allardyce his due, his acquisitions in January were rather shrewd. I feel sorry for Silva for being given what's he's got to work with by Koeman (I'm currently trying to do the same thing on FM2018!)

Fran Mitchell
32 Posted 13/07/2018 at 23:36:43
Jay, I agree. I think there should be no 'window', all it does is push up fees, wages and often leaves players in limbo as they didn't move due to paperwork and such.

What should be introduced, rather than a transfer window I feel is a squad limit, say 28 players. Then players are registered (like in Europe) at the beginning, and to register players throughout the season you either have to leave spaces open or sell. Thus avoiding mass accumulation of players by some clubs.

I also would be much better for football is the loan system was all but eradicated. I feel clubs should only loan players they have brought through the youth system, and for a maximum period (until 21 years old, for example). This would discourage the collecting of young players by big clubs with the sole intention of selling later on for a profit.

Darren Murphy
33 Posted 14/07/2018 at 03:43:26
All talk about what we should do. How about get rid of the older players and get in the new blood! Do we have any money anymore or is Mosh as pissed off as I would be? It's blatantly obvious we need a few quality players so sign them up before Westham and Fulham do ffs lol. We've got plenty that needs to go so get rid and sort the books out. Are we sell to buy yet again? So much for having a few quid. Nobody will pay decent money for Niasse, Mirallas, Bolasie, Williams or Schneiderbin. So cough up or say we'll not be spending because of the car crash we had last season. Bullshit Bill can fuck off but Mosh needs to man up and take control. We need decent players and now, not wait until we buy shite left or have to overbid for players again. Not rocket science surely?! C'mon get real Everton.
Denis Richardson
34 Posted 14/07/2018 at 06:38:17
Everyone’s itching for some sniff of a decent signing but fact is the vast majority of these rumours are just that. Will believe it when the guys holding the blue shirt for the press photo.

In other breaking news, reached mid July with preseason under way and Everton yet to sign a single player

Big KO 28 days away :and counting.

Believe Queresmas mum seen at JL airport...

Neil Cremin
35 Posted 14/07/2018 at 08:16:40
Agree Denis.
This has the same sense as every other transfer. Yet look across the road Eoin their business have signed Shaqiri for £15 who is still on holidays after the World Cup
Winston Williamson
36 Posted 14/07/2018 at 08:58:56
Yes Darren, we need to sell more players before signing new players. It’s simple economics. The squad is too big! The wage bill is too big!

This does not equate to being a sell-to-buy in the terms you describe.

We may have capital (I don’t actually know, but presume we do), but what we don’t have is a wage budget, as it’s being used by the 30-odd first team players we already have!

Selling the players you list isn’t easy, it’s never that easy. These are people, they earn decent money. Would they take a pay cut to move? Would you?

We need patience. This rebuild is not happening in four weeks, probably not even by this time next year.

Who’s to blame? A number of people! However, it appears we’ve taken steps to resolve the internal structure to stop this situation from happening again.

I suggest you pay little attention to the rumours, as it may just be raising your blood pressure somewhat...

Denis Richardson
37 Posted 14/07/2018 at 09:54:51
Winston, whilst I agree with needing to trim the squad, getting rid of Rooney, Mori and Robles contract running out must have cut a good £250k/week off the wage bill. Surely that’s enough to sign a decent player in the near term. The managers also had the best part of 6 months to decide who/what he needs.

We badly need a decent CB, LB and left mid imo. Can prob ‘make do’ for a few games in August thanks to a relatively easy start to the season but our currrent squad isn’t good enough (depth of quality especially) to do much more than another dull mid table finish.

Still time so not overly worried. Just bored of the usual garbage rumours leading to nothing. Guess we should just enjoy the weather and check back in a couple of weeks.

Dave Williams
38 Posted 14/07/2018 at 10:30:30
The lack of activity is frustrating but I also think the management team are observing players and attitudes in Austria to get an idea of who to keep. Schneiderlin is a prime example: the player of last season was awful but the player when he arrived was just what we needed – how do you form an opinion? Best live with him for a week and then make up your mind, and the same goes for so many of them. Shocking interview with Keane in the echo where he admits the players weren't very fit at certain stages last season- what the hell was Koeman doing for his money?

Much better that we consider our moves more carefully this season and be more targeted in our approach. Last season seemed scattergun like a kid in a sweatshop and more of that would just result in even more dead wood to shift. We have too many substandard players or poor attitudes to be able to shift it all in one window and the next one might be easier when all the really good players will be tied down by then. A CB is priority for me- Mina ideally. I would be happy to go with Baines and Robinson at LB (last season for Baines I would think) and if Schneiderlin isn't up for it then a DM who can pass the ball.

Elsewhere, I think we have good enough players who this manager should be able to improve with decent fitness and organisation. What a complete and utter shambles Koeman created – it seems that he really didn't give a stuff about us!

Amit Vithlani
39 Posted 14/07/2018 at 10:53:08
Sometimes I do scratch my head and wonder what the fuck is going on in our football club.

Since last season, we all know we needed a left back. Baines is injury prone and ageing. Garbutt has gone on loan, we know Martina struggles there so that leaves who? Galloway? Worrying.

I can accept that we are shifting dead wood. I don't expect to sign players immediately. It is sound to trim the squad.

But left back is a position we badly need, and I will be seriously concerned if Silva and Brands allow more time to pass without landing a good player in that position.

Steve Ferns
40 Posted 14/07/2018 at 11:25:40
It leaves the American international Antonee Robinson, Amit. Also it appears Everton are interested in Tierney and Digne. We are going to get the right player at the right price. Be patient.
Mike Allison
41 Posted 14/07/2018 at 11:29:14
You’re right Amit, why don’t all those other clubs just hand over their quality players for knock down prices? It’s most inconsiderate of them.

The time to express strong opinions about transfers is when we actually know something. Until then, you’re wasting your time and energy on something you don’t control.

Ray Smith
42 Posted 14/07/2018 at 11:30:16
Fran 32

You do realise that you are talking logic, so it will never happen; the big boys would throw their toys out of the pram, and that would never do, because it would level the playing field!!!

Get Digne in by all means, but forget about Zaha. Can you honestly see him coming to Everton, who can’t even offer him Europa League!

All this media talk about Everton being linked with every player under the sun, is total rubbish.

Although I don’t particularly agree with waiting for the World Cup to finish, Minas’ World Cup finished when Columbia were knocked out, so why the delay if we were that serious.

I would hope that any business that is seriously being considered is finalised in the next 2 weeks, so that they are not strangers at the start of the season.

Steve Ferns
43 Posted 14/07/2018 at 11:51:50
Ray the delay is that a young Colombian international who plays for Barcelona has barely heard of us, and wants to wait to see if he can get a bigger club.

This is the reality and has been for a long time. Which is why there’s always a scramble on deadline day. Players realise that Man Utd will not come in for them as they’re signing someone better and so they have to “settle” for us, and we in turn have to “settle” for the player who will sign for us.

If you want to sign players who really want to play for us, then we’re left picking players up off bottom level premier league clubs and lower league clubs.

Ray Smith
44 Posted 14/07/2018 at 12:16:40
Steve 43

Take your point.

I am confident that there are negotiations going on behind the scenes; some we will hear about as and when, and some which may not come off, and we will never know about.

Meanwhile the media machine rumbles on with misinformation and fantasy, which some people tend to swallow.

Patience is a virtue, but still frustrating.

Steve Ferns
45 Posted 14/07/2018 at 13:01:31
One thing you'll notice that agents do is they link players to clubs themselves. Everton need a left back, my player is a left back, I'll tell one of those dodgy sites that Everton are in for him, then a tabloid will report it, and it'll get on the BBC gossip column and snowball. Then I can call Cardiff and offer him to them and tell Cardiff to act fast otherwise Everton will snap him up.


Everton want Tierney, they want £40m. We will pay a max of £20m. We leak a story to the press that we're in for Digne, maybe on the back of an enquiry. We can tell Celtic that, if they don't come down, we'll take Digne.

Tony Everan
46 Posted 14/07/2018 at 13:49:35
William Carvalho gone to Real Betis, do you think Silva has already decided that he wants to keep Schneiderlin? He may feel that he can get the real Schneiderlin back, energised and motivated.

The transfer market now is a minefield, agents and players playing clubs off against each other. The only way to force their hand is doing the business on or close to deadline day. Otherwise they will tout their players for another £20k pw and extra agent fees to alternative clubs.

It's a nightmare and high wire scenario. I am hoping Brands can work some magic and get the absolutely necessary centre-back and left-back sorted before then. Even if it means paying a reasonable premium to do so.

Steve Ferns
47 Posted 14/07/2018 at 14:05:16
Tony, I think Silva and Brands are playing the long game and that's what I want to see. Sure, if it was a simple as saying get rid of him, him, and him, and buy him and him, then Schneiderlin would probably be out.

Schneiderlin cost £22m or thereabouts, he's on a fortune (estimated at £120k a week) and so no one will give us our money back and he's going to struggle to find a club to keep his wage at that level. So do we really sell at a loss and pay him to play for someone else.

I heard a top manager get asked why a particular player always found a new top club. Think it might have been Balotelli, but it doesn't matter. The manager said that all top managers have big egos. They all think that they are great coaches and they can be the one to "fix" the errant player.

So Silva undoubtedly believes he's a top coach, and perhaps his ego tells him he can fix Schneiderlin. Morgan has a big ego himself. But he will be aware that no one else is coming in for him, so this is it. The end of his career will take place at Everton unless he can play well enough o get a move elsewhere.

Morgan has had major changes in his personal life over the last 12 months. First he got married last summer, then earlier this summer he had his first child. Maybe he's now settled and sorted his head out and ready to knuckle down and is focused on living where he is for the next few years as his family will need stability.

As for Carvalho going, we couldn't get him unless Schneiderlin left. So it's a case of keeping what we have and making it work. Schneiderlin might not have the same range of passing, but it's not much worse. His accuracy is the bit I worry about, but I didn't 12 months ago. He is also more mobile and a bit quicker than Carvalho.

In other words, it's a bit too early to give up on Morgan Schneiderlin yet, and we can't afford to.

Edit: by long game I mean making a serious of transfer moves over a long period of time. We can't transition into a top 4 side over a summer, so let's work out which players to replace at which stage and identify the type of player we need. So, we focus on replacing the players at the time we need to, maybe bring in the replacement a year early if they are young and need development, otherwise be mindful who the potential replacements are and have a number of targets and wait for the right time. Similar to the list of names Moyes had on the walls of his transfer bunker.

Steavey Buckley
48 Posted 14/07/2018 at 14:28:11
If Everton begin the season with the same squad of players that lost to West Ham at the end of the last one, it's going to be a long and frustrating season with no end in sight. Most of the Everton players can't pass a ball unless it goes sideways and backwards. Then finally Pickford picks the ball up again to launch it forward into no-man's land.
Steve Ferns
49 Posted 14/07/2018 at 14:36:03
You obviously haven't been watching the training videos have you Steavey.

Everton struggled to pass the ball under Moyes, the same set of players then were able to knock it around all day under Martinez. Sure, we haven't been able to pass the same under Koeman and Allardyce, but if you have seen them in training, you can see these are elite level players and everyone of them can pass the ball.

Silva is working on getting them to play to his way of thinking. He's not a long ball man, so there's not just going to be aimless hoofs up the pitch, and there may be a lot of sideways passing, but this should all be to create an angle to get a long ball quickly up the pitch and attacking the goal.

Schneiderlin, Davies, Baningime, McCarthy, Klaassen, Sigurdsson, even Gueye, can all pass the ball. They just need to get into the new manager's mindset.

Steavey, the team could not defend under Koeman, and then they were very solid under Allardyce and could not get forward anymore. It's just tweaks like this that need to be done, and you'll see that we now have a proper coach and he knows what he's doing. Watch the game at 4pm today, shite opposition or not, you'll see how well they pass the ball. Snappy high tempo balls into feet. I just hope we can also see evidence of movement, and rapid counter-attacking, but I think it might be a little early for that yet.

Jay Wood

50 Posted 14/07/2018 at 14:40:58
So, in the end, the closest that William Carvalho got to Everton was that he will play with Joel Robles at Real Betis next season.

With apologies to Steve Ferns, I'm relieved about that. Carvalho just wasn't right for us, Steve.

Dermot Byrne
51 Posted 14/07/2018 at 14:49:13
Totally agree Steve F. The harder thing to sort is "the fear". You know what I mean, the fear that seems to hit players for some reason. Three early wins could be the simple solution.
Steve Ferns
52 Posted 14/07/2018 at 14:59:40
Jay, I want us to get a better player than Carvalho. But, I just worry, if we can get Schneiderlin up to scratch and if he gets injured, who can come in? Someone with long passing ability.

The thing to remember, though, is Silva knows Carvalho inside out and maybe he doesn't actually think he's good enough.

Steavey Buckley
53 Posted 14/07/2018 at 15:10:44
Steve: I didn't watch the England training sessions in Russia but they were overwhelmed by a Croatian side with Modic as one of their smallest players who mesmerised England players because he knows how to play football.
Andrew Ellams
54 Posted 14/07/2018 at 15:20:05
Steve Ferns, where does this myth that we had a solid back four under Allardyce come from? I remember all too well the away games at Arsenal and the home game to Man City.
Steve Ferns
55 Posted 14/07/2018 at 15:29:09
Andrew, 8 games from November to December (including the Unsworth game) we kept 5 clean sheets and conceded 3 goals.

What I was explaining Andrew, is how it is possible to adjust the balance of the side and that the same set of players can perform very differently. From Moyes to Martinez. From Martinez to Koeman. From Koeman / Unsworth to Allardyce. And now we will see it from Allardyce to Silva.

Andrew Ellams
56 Posted 14/07/2018 at 15:31:29
I hope you're right Steve because I don't recall any of those other transitions being particularly positive.
Jay Wood

57 Posted 14/07/2018 at 16:01:18
Steve @ 49 is quite correct when he writes we were (initially - my appendage) very solid under Allardyce. It was the one thing he seemed to address and get right very quickly.

That was largely with a back four forced on him by the long term injuries to Baines and Coleman: Martina-Williams-Holgate-Kenny.

Now it may not be popular to suggest, given the hostility that some direct to Allardyce, Martina and Williams, but that was the most consistent and miserly back four we played all season.

It broke up and our reborn defensive solidity floundered around the hectic Christmas-New Year fixture pile-up which, justifiably, required squad rotation.

It was the standout thing for me about Allardyce's reign. Having discovered his 'best' (statistically) back four how, after the fixture congestion eased, he never returned to it.

Any team news or links even to our first pre-season game due to kick off any time now..?

Steve Ferns
58 Posted 14/07/2018 at 16:02:53
Game is about to kick off. Michael posted the team on the live forum.
Darren Murphy
59 Posted 14/07/2018 at 16:25:40
@ Winston, I certainly understand we need to lower our squad size, hell I remember when we had one of the smallest, I understand your point and appreciate it man.

I guess I'm a little frustrated with non signings etc, a few teams imo that aren't better than us getting them in etc. Knowing full well we need quality, not just any old Tom, Dick and Harry.

I fully know selling the lads I suggested isn't going to be easy as even I'd find selling on eBay difficult with these rejects.

Obviously our rebuild Will take several years, I'm fully behind Rhino and our young lads. We always produce quality imo.

I certainly don't listen to rumours and believe the tabloids until I see our boy holding up the shirt. Pretty obvious reason.

I did just read Denis's post too and kind of on his wavelength tbh.

Don't worry about my blood pressure, Winston, I train Marines martial arts bro... life in this young wolf yet.

Still want some umph ffs, significant signings we need.

Amit Vithlani
60 Posted 14/07/2018 at 17:23:36
@ Mike Allison

"You're right Amit, why don't all those other clubs just hand over their quality players for knock-down prices? It's most inconsiderate of them."

Who is talking about knock-down prices? There is no disgrace in paying the going rate for a good player who fills our need. Who would quibble now at the fee we paid for Pickford?

@ Steve Ferns

True, I forgot about Antonee Robinson, good observation. That said, I hope he will be blooded gradually to help his development. He looks a talent, but we could harm him if we place too much of a burden too soon.

Winston Williamson
61 Posted 14/07/2018 at 18:39:44
Fair play, Darren, I didn't mean any disrespect and I'm sure you didn't take it like that anyway..

I'm as frustrated as everyone! We need quality and the thought of starting this season without any new additions Is grim. Yet, from a managing numbers perspective (not to mention wages) more need to go before more arrive..

Hopefully, Moyes gets a job soon and takes some of our ‘Unwanted' off our hands!!

Sam Hoare
62 Posted 15/07/2018 at 07:43:36
Some tenuous links for Diego Laxalt, a left-back (and midfielder) at Genoa. He had a good World Cup for Uruguay and even kept Mbappe relatively quiet. He is very fast and full of energy. He would be a great addition, in my opinion, and a better option than Digne, I reckon.
Simon Smith
63 Posted 15/07/2018 at 22:23:56
Both Mina and Digne will massively improve our first team. Get them in then move onto the midfield as them two would wrap up the defensive issues.

Coleman Mina Keane Digne

Back line would be brilliant and – with Baines, Holgate and Kenny ready to step in – we would have genuine strength in depth.

Denis Richardson
64 Posted 16/07/2018 at 21:57:11
Mike 41 - would just like to point out we don't actually control anything - pre or post transfers. We're all just fans venting on the keyboard end of the day as it's the only thing we can do short of picketing outside Finch Farm.

Actions speak louder than words however and we haven't seen much to date (in public anyway) and I think most people had hoped for a bit more to have happened by now, although I for one am pleased at least Rooney's gone

Anyway, patience, patience. Only managing to sell 2 players so far is an indication of how average the squad is relative to how much we overpay them. No one is realistically going to take Niasse and pay him £55k/week nor Schneiderlin who is rumoured to be on 120k/week. Even Klaason and Sandro are on £100k/week, yep that surprised be too! Williams £75k, Bolasie £80k etc etc. We also all know we can't shift Garbutt due to 45,000 reasons a week. Indeed, herculean task shifting the deadwood and won't happen overnight. I imagine quite a few of our players are happy to sit tight and collect a fortune. We pay a kings ransom for dog average players. Whoever 'negotiated' half these contracts should be shot.

However,, in saying that if you'd told me 7 or 8 years ago that come August 2018 our back four would still include Coleman, Baines and Jagielka, I'd have laughed out loud. That may well be the case in 3 1/2 weeks...

Jags is about to turn 36 and Baines's 34 in a few months plus he's injury prone. Even Colemans approaching 30 and coming back from a double leg break. All three have been fantastic servants but it really is time to freshen things up here with some quality players the right side of 30. Holgate's not the answer for me and I'm not sure Robinsons ready to be first choice.

Wait goes on .not panicking (yet)

Darren Murphy
65 Posted 17/07/2018 at 19:19:41
No worries Winston, I like your last sentence hahaaa, if only man.
Darren Murphy
66 Posted 17/07/2018 at 19:25:15
Excactly how I see it too Denis, yes we all get frustrated because we love our club, thing that's doing my head in and others I speak to on my travels for work is: even though we have new management across the board etc, we still feel as if we are last to the races... again!.

I have put my faith in Silva and Brands so not going to blow a gasket yet.

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