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Palace make offer for Niasse

| Thursday, 03 January 2019 111comments  |  Jump to last
Crystal Palace have emerged as a possible lifeline for Oumar Niasse, with a report in the striker's home country of Senegal suggesting the Eagles have lodged a bid.

Niasse has managed less than an hour's worth of football for Everton this season and is said to be available for transfer but despite being linked almost constantly with a move to Turkey since he arrived at Goodison three years ago, the 27-year-old remains a Blues player.

Both Cardiff and Brighton have been credited with interest in Niasse but now WiwSport are claiming that Palace have offered around €7m for him.

Reader Comments (111)

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Clayton Harding
1 Posted 03/01/2019 at 21:48:27
Cheque please!
Jim Bennings
2 Posted 03/01/2019 at 21:57:30
£7 million then we’ve got to snatch their hands off!
Joe O'Brien
3 Posted 03/01/2019 at 22:04:44
No offence Oumar.. but.. would take that offer in a heartbeat.. as for letting James go to West Brom on loan.. madness.
Brian Williams
4 Posted 03/01/2019 at 22:13:29
If it's short of what our club want I'll top up the offer myself.
Brian Williams
5 Posted 03/01/2019 at 22:13:38
If it's short of what our club want I'll top up the offer myself.
Kenny Smith
6 Posted 03/01/2019 at 22:16:42
Nice fella, shite at footy though. But saying that he always tried and we’ve seen enough who haven’t over the years. Good luck to him.
Jim Bennings
7 Posted 03/01/2019 at 22:23:54
Thank him for last season but this season the comedy factor of watching the ball bounce off his arse has worn off.

Koeman clearly knew it and Silva now knows it, Roberto was initially fooled by it but after that he knew it aswell.

Neil Copeland
8 Posted 03/01/2019 at 22:29:19
Jim #6, Martinez hardly used him at all so perhaps it was Boys Pen Bill that thought he was the next Messi.
Neil Copeland
9 Posted 03/01/2019 at 22:31:16
Wow £7million, perhaps we should give them £10million to make sure?
Fran Mitchell
10 Posted 03/01/2019 at 22:32:40
Fair play to the lad, he will score goals in spite of his lack of ability.

Good signing for the likes of palace, who have a decent team but nobody with the knack of sticking it in the net. He'll score enough goals to keep them up.

For a team with our ambitions, not good enough (yet, if i'm honest, i'd prefer him to Tosun on the bench)

John Malone
11 Posted 03/01/2019 at 22:56:22
Joe 2, fully agree mate at a time when the team need’s grafter’s and fully committed professional’s to get us back winning games letting a pro like McCarthy go is a massive mistake!

He is still well better than Davies and for me should have had some game time over christmas.

I honestly don’t know what some manager’s think when they let player’s go one injury to Gomes or Gueye and were snookered.

Christy Ring
12 Posted 03/01/2019 at 23:01:20
Nice fella, but doesn't have a first touch, take the money and run, but as for Macca, play him on Saturday, as Kompany said tonight, guts won it for them, and that's what we are lacking in our miserable performances.
Mike Gaynes
13 Posted 03/01/2019 at 23:03:54
Brian, you're a man of means, eh? Now I no longer feel guilty about not buying you that beer at the Midland.

As for Oumar, I'm happy for him -- couldn't happen to a better man with a better attitude. Always positive, always working his ass off, never a word about his humiliation at the hands of Koeman. And he always got into position -- Bernard's ball going through would not have happened with Niasse on the pitch.

As for him being "shite", I would point out that for all his awkwardness he's actually very good at his primary job, putting the ball in the net. He scored a goal every 161 minutes of play for us (the same rate as his previous career stops in Turkey and Russia).

Folks, that is EXACTLY the same goalscoring rate that was chalked up by a fellow named Romelu Lukaku. To the minute.

By comparison, our co-leading scorer Richarlison has a goal every 174 minutes this season.

As our leading scorer last season, Rooney scored every 229 minutes.

DCL scores every 260 minutes, the same rate as the so-called "legendary" Duncan Ferguson. Tosun scores every 247 minutes.

Niasse may never have shown classy touches, but he could always find the goal, and I predict he will do so for Palace.

Laurie Hartley
14 Posted 03/01/2019 at 23:11:30
Mike # 12 - I think you are right.
Anthony Murphy
15 Posted 03/01/2019 at 23:11:30
Surprised Silva didn’t use him more to be honest as he managed to get a tune out of him at Hull. Not advocating for it personally, but just an observation.

Wasn’t there rumours of him being involved in some trouble with other players?

Si Turner
16 Posted 03/01/2019 at 23:17:11
Mike (12) do you know how many of his goals have been scored after coming off the bench?

I think he is bang average and no where near the level of Lukaku or Richarlison but he is a nuisance when coming off the bench and can create something when the opposition is tired or we are chasing a game (which can be of benefit).

Brian Williams
17 Posted 03/01/2019 at 23:30:21
I think he bamboozled defences because when the ball came to him they'd look and go "WTF"????
John Pierce
18 Posted 03/01/2019 at 23:32:36
Niasse - the new Benteke
Don Alexander
19 Posted 03/01/2019 at 23:35:36
The club's probably got a world-wide reputation from the total fuck-ups they've made when signing forwards in recent years (in other positions as well mind you), making every single one of the inadequate sods millionaires well before their obscene contract expires. Is it any wonder the likes of Niasse and Tosun are so regularly photo'd with a massive smile on their face, not to mention their agents?

Brands has a massive task on his hands in trying to establish Everton credentials among the robbing bastards that are the agents and players. The cause of that task is down to those in charge, and that includes Moshiri I regret to say, but the bloke mostly responsible for our lack of credibility is.....

..... you guessed it folks, the guy who's been in the boardroom for the past thirty years of our mediocrity.

John Pierce
20 Posted 03/01/2019 at 23:44:22
Don - did Bill best you at conkers?
Geoff Lambert
21 Posted 03/01/2019 at 23:56:50
Always has a goal in him and not just against the bottom 6, Sell them DCL and Tosun instead.
Rick Pattinson
22 Posted 04/01/2019 at 00:02:59
Lovely bloke Niasse..been a true professional through the shite he was put through but if this is true I'd happily drive him there myself...providing he pays my fuel!!
Eddie Dunn
23 Posted 03/01/2019 at 00:05:42
The guy is a nuisance but because he is big, awkward and game he gets a lucky bounce here, a ricochet there and he can hit the target. He will come in handy in the hurley-burley of a scrap.
Our current style doesn't suit him but fair play to the lad, he can show-up plenty of "superior" defenders.
Rob Dolby
24 Posted 04/01/2019 at 00:13:10
The lad is up there with straqulasi the fire cracker. His workrate is fantastic, he has a habit of scoring awkward looking goals that match his awkward style.

He has a terrible touch and runs like a baby giraffe but he has a habit of scoring.

For 6m I am not sure I would get rid too soon unless we have someone else lined up.

Victor Yu
25 Posted 04/01/2019 at 00:44:52
Benteke is much better.
Simon Smith
26 Posted 04/01/2019 at 00:46:23
I've said it before and I'll say it again, January is a great time to sell, clubs are desperate to stay up and pay inflated fees.

Take the money blues.

John Pierce
27 Posted 04/01/2019 at 00:55:40
Get rid, Brands intimated 1out, 1in. Selling would encourage me he’d be replaced with something much better.

Up there with Micky Madar, ‘cept Micky has good hair.

James Stewart
28 Posted 04/01/2019 at 01:04:41
Niasse is rubbish yes, but still more of a goal threat than Tosun and DCL combined so what does that make them?
Mike Gaynes
29 Posted 04/01/2019 at 01:08:46
Si #15, I don't know for sure but if memory serves it was about half. You're absolutely right, as a player he isn't remotely at the level of Rom or Rich -- except for the one thing he's paid to do.

Rob #23, the difference was that The Stracq couldn't score in a two-bit fancy house (to use an old Louisiana expression).

Don #18, I was sorta hoping you had ditched your broken-record routine for the New Year, but no chance. No matter the subject of the thread, you always bring up the same thing.

John #10 and Christy #11, we haven't seen Macca play in a year. How do you know he's recovered and ready? We have no idea how he's performing in practice. The guy hasn't even made the bench. Silva and Brands have seen him, and if they think a loan is the ticket to get him back to his level, what makes you think they're wrong?

Ben Howard
30 Posted 04/01/2019 at 01:15:15
Could we try to secure Aaron Wan-Bissaka as part of the deal?
Brian Wilkinson
31 Posted 04/01/2019 at 01:54:44
Play him Sat, then take the money,Sod’s law if we get a cup run we will come up against Palace, Sod’s law he scores against us.
Bill Watson
32 Posted 04/01/2019 at 02:21:44
Niasse is one of those shite footballers who score goals and, as one poster has already said, would probably have at least tried to get on the end of Bernard's super cross that our two 'centre forwards' just watched fizz across the goal.

I'd start with him v Lincoln and would always have him on the bench for league matches.

Alan J Thompson
33 Posted 04/01/2019 at 04:09:39
Whatever happens, good luck to the lad, he gives what he's got despite the miserable treatment handed out to him on his arrival at Goodison.
Jason Leung
34 Posted 04/01/2019 at 04:26:17
Hopefully this is true, sick and tired of these useless strikers giving false hope. There was Naismith, the Stracq, Jelavic, Ramirez and whoever else. Yes they work hard but that's no reason to keep them. If they aren't scoring goals, get rid. And save the money for someone who does score goals.
Ian Hollingworth
35 Posted 04/01/2019 at 07:17:57
Snap their bloody hands off.
Nice bloke or not, tries hard or not he simply is nowhere near good enough.
We cannot keep accepting this level of quality as acceptable just because they are nice.
Or, if we do then let’s stop moaning about being a mid table side going nowhere.
Richard Jones
36 Posted 04/01/2019 at 07:30:44
He has no first touch but at least Niasse knows where the net is, there is other deadwood at the club that bring nothing however if we get the right money he should go. Don # 18 Spot on and don't let Mike 27# or any of the happy clappers tell you otherwise.
Steavey Buckley
37 Posted 04/01/2019 at 07:31:45
Palace should be allowed to take Niasse for £10 million on the condition they take Sandro as well.
Martin Nicholls
38 Posted 04/01/2019 at 07:40:44
Scores the odd goal. Has the footballing ability of Bernie Wright. Could be a "nice bloke" but how do any of us know? We've seen evidence of the first two with our own eyes - the third seems to be based on him having a beaming smile!
Out DoF has clearly been given a brief which includes moving on players who aren't deemed good enough for what we hope to achieve - Niasse clearly falls within they group and whilst there are at others who I'd like to see moved out before him, that's not how the football transfer market works.
Martin Berry
39 Posted 04/01/2019 at 08:35:30
Good luck to the lad if he is off, I hope he scores a bagfull ( but no against us)
No striker on earth will score if they do not get the service.
He is no superstar but always a threat, we offer no threat t present. That says something
Jim Bennings
40 Posted 04/01/2019 at 09:02:21
Isn’t about time we stop making cult hero’s though of the likes of Niasse and Stracqualursi?

It’s like a sympathetic boys club.

You are shite but we love you because you run like a headless tit.

We will never progress idolising players like that.

Niall McIlhone
41 Posted 04/01/2019 at 09:08:57
If he does make this move, it's a tinge of irony given that Niasse is, as far as I'm aware, one of the few players to be booked under the simulation rule for going down in the box at Selhurst Park last season. I've always felt that was a wrongful decision, and of course, it does again beg the question as to whether the likes of Salah, Sterling or Kane would have been similarly penalised. Ah well...…..We Are Everton and all that.
Niasse has been treated disgracefully as an Everton player, yes, not good enough technically, but I am convinced he would have been good for at least 6 or 7 goals in the Premiership this season had he been played consistently, and in a settled line up .
I wish him luck whatever happens, and I, for one, value the dignity he has shown after being ostracised by five, yes FIVE successive managers: Just ask yourselves how you would feel, and no, I don't believe a hefty salary is any compensation for that sort of treatment, and he is still in his peak years.

£6 million is a decent price given Niasse is clearly surplus to needs and I have no doubt Palace would get the best of that deal( steps back after lighting blue touch paper) !

Dave Bowen
42 Posted 04/01/2019 at 09:23:44
Can’t we sell them DCL & Tosun instead? Niasse is far more of a goal threat than either of those two useless clowns.
Mike Allison
43 Posted 04/01/2019 at 09:34:28
Has no-one realised that Calvert-Lewin currently has the best goals to minutes ratio at the club? Better than Richarlison.

Some useless clowns knocking around on this thread, but DC-L certainly ain’t one of ‘em.

We need to ditch the arrogant, entitled whinging air about us if we want success. That there is sneering, dismissive phrase (happy clappers) to refer to anyone who dares to have positive thoughts is disgusting. There are plenty of Everton fans showing their weak, pathetic ‘true colours’ and frankly, such people don’t deserve a successful team and are extremely unlikely to get one.

David Peate
44 Posted 04/01/2019 at 09:58:21
What little I have seen of Niasse reminds me of a former Blues player - the late Bert Llewellyn. The minute Bert would chase anything, anywhere and always had the crowd on his side in the few games he played in the mid 1950s. Enthusiasm is the link.
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
45 Posted 04/01/2019 at 10:00:58
I don't know who has been doing the stats on DCL but he has scored 8 league goals in 2876 minutes on the pitch, a goal every 360 minutes or one in every 4 games.

Or are we just counting this season?

Niasse is 8 goals in 1250 minutes (and those goals came last year when he was on the pitch for 1081 minutes). That is a goal every 164 minutes.

In terms of goals per minutes on the pitch in the last 40 years, there are few better than Oumar.

Aren't Stats wonderful.

Mike Allison
46 Posted 04/01/2019 at 10:15:03
My stats are for this season Phil.
James O'Connell
47 Posted 04/01/2019 at 10:28:58
One cast iron stat is that we don't score enough goals. Another is we don't win very often and a third would be we don't keep many clean sheets No, stats are not wonderful they are very very depressing.
Christopher Timmins
48 Posted 04/01/2019 at 10:40:30
Time for Niasse to move on for his own sake. Just like McCarthy's possible loan to WBA this would be a good move for him.
Arild Andersen
49 Posted 04/01/2019 at 10:46:11
Won't have any problems with him leaving. But the striker issue has to be Brands no1 priority. I hope he takes a good look at Sebastien Haller at Eintracht Frankfurt, who he should know from his time in Holland when Haller played for Utrecht and was one of the top scorers. 6 ft 3, strong in the box, on the verge of being called up by France I think. As Brands has stated that there will be no signings of importance in this window, I hope we can give DCL - or Tosun - a run as a striker the second part of the season. It's sink or swim for them now, as it is for our manager. He has to show that he can stop the rot, 1 win in 6 is simply not good enough. On the other hand you can say we got what we asked for, as his win percentage at the moment is more or less the same as he had in Hull and Watford. My personal opinion is that it was a wrong choice in the first place, but I also think there has been some good fotball and potential (and some horrible defending - we gave away 4 points in the two first away matches, wonder what the season would have looked like if we had beaten Wolves and Bournemouth and really kickstarted the season?). But if Silva can't turn it around, where will Brands look? To his old pal Cocu? Last summer I'd say great choice, but he messed up royally at Fenerbahce (does anybody know the story there?). I don't need a "big name", but I hope Brands/Moshiri looks at stats and go for a manager with a good win record in a competetive league IF Silva isn't up for the task.
BTW I fear that there will be a lot of interest in Gana too, so we should keep McCarthy, and sign Gomes.
Steve Brown
50 Posted 04/01/2019 at 10:58:59
Niasse is more Brett Angell than Straqualursi, although it was imnovative of us to loan one of the few Argentinian footballers ever produced who couldn't trap a ball. Running around like a madman does not show commitment to the shirt. It usually just means you're crap.
Mark Murphy
51 Posted 04/01/2019 at 10:59:04
Good luck to Niasse and I agree he should be given a start v Lincoln then off he jolly well pops!
I’d like us to go for Callum Wilson - always admired him and that header he scored the other day was a belter! Sort of Joe Royle header.
Better than DCL’s v spurs but without the “push” and further out.
Alan McGuffog
52 Posted 04/01/2019 at 11:08:05
Do the "cup - tied" regulations no longer apply ? A serious question. One or two would play him against Lincoln but would that not then reduce his value ? Would Palace want someone who could not play for them in the cup ?
Denis Richardson
53 Posted 04/01/2019 at 11:13:00
Please please please take him. Madness signing from the phenomenal one.

Nothing against the guy (I'd have snapped Evertons hands off given the same deal) but terrible signing and a complete waste of money, over £20m he's cost the club since arriving and counting.

Any fee plus getting his £55k/week off the wage bill will be a massive bonus. He is shite!

Sign another striker on loan to the end of the season and sign someone permanent in the summer.

Brian Harrison
54 Posted 04/01/2019 at 11:18:20
For me Niasse is no better or worse than Tosun, and therein lies the problem we have very poor forwards, no wonder scoring goals is a problem for this team. As for loans I think its about time the Premier league banned Premier league sides from taking players on loan. There has never been so much money in the game than at present, so there is no need for loans. I know that many think its OK to loan out young players to Championship clubs, for them to get experience. But what isn't right is when the likes of Chelsea have abused this system. They go and spend millions on talented youngsters then loan them out to Championship teams. The amount of players they loan out compared to the number of players who go back to the Chelsea first team is minimal. But they make a fortune out of selling these youngsters to other clubs.
Joe McMahon
55 Posted 04/01/2019 at 11:44:18
Yes he's a nice bloke etc, but like Tosun he's no Premier league player.

Its amazing the money spent at Everton the last 3 years and the squad is full of division one championship level players. The recruitment has been dereliction of duty. Still Duncan's here, so everything is ok.

Fran Mitchell
56 Posted 04/01/2019 at 12:49:05
We should try and sell Tosun too. Should fetch least 15 million. He'd be ok for the likes of Newcastlr, Huddersfield, Palace. He just in no way fits our playing style.

Lozano available for 36 (9 million more than we paid for Tosun). We should make that move happen now.

Him out wide, Push Richarilson into the middle, Lookman on the right. With Walcott and DCL in reserve .

Bernard needs to be rotated in the middle, with wither Gomes or Siggy.

Dave Brierley
57 Posted 04/01/2019 at 13:01:35
Mike # 12 I kind of agree with you Mike. He reminds me of so many Sunday League guys I played with/against. Runs about causing a nuisance with elbows everywhere, but then suddenly, it's in the back of the net. Certainly not cultured but could be very useful for us or Palace. Hopefully not on April 27th if it's them.

Don #18 Give it a rest. Tedious does'nt even come near.

Denis Richardson
58 Posted 04/01/2019 at 13:11:29
Brian 52, don’t diagree re Chelsea but think banning loans isn’t the answer. There just needs to be a sensible limit.

We need a half decent striker but prices in Jan are panic buy territory. Would it not be better for us to loan someone now with an option to buy?

Don’t need another repeat of Tosun or Niasse. Both panic buys.

John Audsley
59 Posted 04/01/2019 at 13:11:50
People have very short memories.

Niasse saved us last season when we had nothing up front. He is an average player but deserves respect for how badly he was treated by Koeman and what he did in the first part of last season.

If we get a good price then let him go but DLC and Tosun are not much better.

Until we get a decent striker we are going to be a very average side who keep missing bucket loads of chances every game.

Niasse missed but he also scored goals, I hope he plays tomorrow and bangs a couple of goals in.

Dave Abrahams
60 Posted 04/01/2019 at 13:25:12
I think Niasse will go because of the wages he is on and
still has a couple of years on his contract, I think Brands
should haggle a bit more over the fee, or offer them Tosun instead, possibly get Palace interested in the two
of them.
Mike Gaynes
61 Posted 04/01/2019 at 14:13:49
Fran #54, there's no player I'd rather have than Lozano -- I started blowing the horns for him in 2017 when PSV signed him out of Mexico because I'd seen him play there. Apparently we've never put in a bid, and I'm not sure why not.

But I think the reported £36 million price tag is highly unlikely. After the way he played at the WC and his rampage through the Eredivisie this season, PSV is going to want a lot more than that. And I think they'll be willing to wait until the summer to get it.

Of course, Chelsea could prove me wrong anytime now.

Brian Williams
62 Posted 04/01/2019 at 14:30:05
Talking of transfers, well approaches anyway, it seems that our own Marco Silva has been sounded out for the Benfica job.
I wonder if/when it becomes common knowledge that the teams drop in form will be blamed on that?
Simon Smith
63 Posted 04/01/2019 at 14:36:51
Anyone who is speaking up Niasse wanting him to stay must be mad. He's a nice guy and was treated awful by Koeman, but the fact is we don't have a forward who should be a starter for Everton, imo DCL is a back up with potential, Richalison is a wide man who gets goals, Tosun and Niasse aren't good enough.

Out with the pair of them during this window I reckon, I'd rather get Richalison back up top with Bernard and Lookman out wide until a suitable forward is found.

Kieran Kinsella
64 Posted 04/01/2019 at 15:20:43
Fans like Niasse because they can relate to his energy enthusiasm. It's like "If I was out there I might not be the best but I'd be so excited and try really hard." Which is well and good, but Niasse gets paid about 50,000 a week for having the fan boy experience.
Mick Davies
65 Posted 04/01/2019 at 16:11:36
Mike @ 29 "John #10 and Christy #11, we haven't seen Macca play in a year. How do you know he's recovered and ready? We have no idea how he's performing in practice. The guy hasn't even made the bench. Silva and Brands have seen him, and if they think a loan is the ticket to get him back to his level, what makes you think they're wrong?"
Well Mike, do you think Silva has been watching Walcott 'in practice'?
Sean McCarthy
66 Posted 04/01/2019 at 16:14:56
Jim Bennings at #40 .spot on mate

We all laughed at the RS when they signed Ricky Lambert yet he's a lot better than Straq, Niasse, Tosun and Sandro. If we have ambition to break into the top 6 in the near future then players of this ilk should not be anywhere the club

Geoffrey Williams
67 Posted 04/01/2019 at 16:19:53
The fans like Niasse because most of them think that they are a better player than him. Everton were sold a pup when the bought him. It is obvious no saw him play as he a parks player at best. There is a lack of professionalism on the part of clubs these days, agents turn up with a video of their clients best moments and the stupid clubs are conned into buying them. I'd let Niasse go without giving it a second thought.
Alex Parr
68 Posted 04/01/2019 at 16:40:31
I've said all this before but...

Good riddance - he's utter shite. Puts in the effort no doubt, but has no ability whatsoever and its a disgrace he was ever thought of as good enough for Everton FC. I could get on that pitch and run around like a headless chicken, devoid of a footballing brain, and hoping that when I toey the ball that it ends up in the net rather than shanking it into the Upper Bullens. I wouldn't need to be paid £55,000 a week to do it and I wouldn't expect to get anywhere near the pitch if that was my standard of football, nor would I expect a locker...

Also, I find it amazing how everyone seems to know him so well, to comment on how nice a guy he is? He got locked up for allegedly assaulting his missus, a couple of days before our last game of the season, and I seem to remember refused a move away as he was happy to sit back and take his obscene wages. Also, what was the mystery injury that kept him out for so long?

We fucked up massively signing this clown. Yeah so he wasn't given a locker, was made to train with the U-23s, etc etc. He could have chosen to leave but this would have meant a lot less £££ for him, so he stayed. I'm not one for Koeman, I'm not one for a nasty atmosphere around the club, and I'm not one for poor man-management, but fuck me he didn't deserve a locker nor did he deserve a place in the first team squad. We have had the piss took out of us by clubs in the past over transfer fees that they decide not to bother paying and we just accept it. Sometimes ruthlessness is required.

I'd prefer we kept our fantastic charity work to EitC, rather than our actual first team. Bye bye Oumar, don't let the door hit you in your goal-scoring arse on the way out.

Brian Harrison
69 Posted 04/01/2019 at 16:41:47
According to the Liverpool Echo both Cardiff and Crystal Palace are interested in Niasse. Everton are looking for £7 million, seems we buy big and sell cheap. Bournemouth have just signed Solankie from our neighbours for an eye watering £19 million with add ons, they got him for nothing from Chelsea and he has scored 1 goal in 27 matches. Just shows when you have been at a top 6 club your selling fee is greatly exaggerated.

This just highlights our folly over Lukaku, just behind Kane as the leading scorer in the Premier league and we sell for £90 million. Now we are being forever told that top strikers cost the earth, so how come we get £90 million for a top striker yet the other lot get £150 million for a midfield player.

Kieran Kinsella
70 Posted 04/01/2019 at 16:58:49
Brian Harrison 69

It is tough to get a good price for Niasse when it is obvious we have been trying to get rid of him since the moment he arrived. If you recall

Joe Royle "He is shit"
Lukaku "He is raw"
Koeman "We made a quick decision" no locker for him

Jay Wood

71 Posted 04/01/2019 at 17:00:17
I think two separate issues are getting mixed up here in the evaluation of Niasse:

* How he is regarded by the fan base as a person

* How the fans regard him as a player

I think you'd have to have a pretty cold heart not to have some compassion and respect for his conduct given the very public treatment he has received whilst at Everton, particularly by Ronald Koeman.

Koeman's very public dismissal of Niasse and the subsequent stories that went public - how he was denied even his own locker at Finch Farm - showed up the Dutchman's contemptuous behaviour. I have never seen or heard the like of it by a manager towards a player who was anything but a troublemaker.

Banished to the U-23s, both Unsworth and his youthful team mates always spoke fondly and positively about Niasse's demeanour. He clearly has a very close bond with Tom Davies in particular, possibly from that time.

And he kept on doing what he was primarily paid to do: score goals. With the U-23s, out on loan at Hull, and - when Koeman finally relented in his final weeks at the club - on his return to Everton under all managers in the last 18 months.

His lack of the finer skills is there for all to see, but strangely, time and again that seemed to work to his advantage. Numerous times he appeared to chase a lost cause, be hemmed in with nowhere to go, and yet, he got the break of the ball, escaped his defender and - wham! - did the hardest job on the park: score goals.

I was curious to see if and how Silva used Niasse this season, given that he was his first signing on appointment as Hull manager. And he got him scoring.

Clearly, with just the run out against the African side, and less than an hour's first team football outside of that, Silva doesn't fancy him. It's best for all parties that he moves on. That he has a chance to play regular football. That we get a fee for him. That we get his salary off our books. That we free up a space for an upgrade.

But I for one will never lose the respect and sentiments I feel for a player who had good grounds to sulk, go public and bad mouth the club, but who never did.

Oh! And he scored some damn fine (and critical...) goals for us as well.

Danny Broderick
72 Posted 04/01/2019 at 17:02:45
Alex (68),

He didn’t deserve a locker? That says more about you than Oumar Niasse. My lad got a picture with him at the home game against Bournemouth where he came off the bench to score 2 goals and turn a 1-0 loss into a 2-1 victory. Every other player was in a club suit except Niasse, who was in a club tracksuit because the club hadn’t even given him a club suit.

He was treated disgracefully by us last year. He wasn’t even given a squad number! He scored some really important goals for us and remained motivated, despite being ostracised by Koeman. Ability level is one thing, but all you can ask from a player is that he gives 100%. Niasse has always given his best - I dread to think how last season may have turned out without his vital goals in comebacks against Bournemouth, Watford and Palace. If he leaves, it will be with the best wishes of the majority of the fan base, just like Steven Naismith.

Denis Richardson
73 Posted 04/01/2019 at 17:12:13
Jay 71,

I’d have a permanent smile tattooed to my face and arse if it meant I got £55k/week and was allowed to run around like a headless chicken on the Goodison turf with 40k people cheering (or laughing) me on.

Trust me, I’d be the sweetest person to all and sundry.

Where do I sign?

Kieran Kinsella
74 Posted 04/01/2019 at 17:20:37
How do we know he is mates with Davies? Few Instagram posts? You never had a bully at school play nice when the teachers came round. Davies may well be bullied into those pics to cover up the truth
Drew O'Neall
75 Posted 04/01/2019 at 17:22:42
Fran @ 10

But what do you think of Cenk Tosun?

Kevin Prytherch
76 Posted 04/01/2019 at 17:29:22
If Solanke (1 in 27) is worth £19m, then we should hold out for at least £25m for Niasse!!!!

On a serious note, what does that make Calvert Lewin worth?

Kieran Kinsella
77 Posted 04/01/2019 at 17:32:26
Kevin 76

Based on his stats 50 million but if you read ToffeeWeb about 5 quid

Jay Wood

78 Posted 04/01/2019 at 17:49:24
Sorry Dennis @ 73 and Kieran @ 74, but that's a couple of really trite posts.

'Footballer gets paid lots of money to do nothing but smile at his fat contract'.

No chance that he smiles because that is his natural disposition, then?


Kieran, for some reason you really want to promote this idea that Niasse is a 'bully', in particular towards the young lads at the club.

On what do you base it on?

At least I have some evidence I can reference about the closeness of the friendship: on the first day of the season, there is footage of Tom and Niasse being genuinely pleased to see each other, big smiles, big hugs, eyes shining.

There there is the genuinely joyful way Davies celebrates with Niasse when we score on the pitch. It was Tom that set up Niasse's first goal for Everton in the League Cup tie against Sunderland - and Tom was the first of ALL the team to mob the scorer.

Another example, at the time the less than scrupulous story you have previously referenced about Niasse's alleged bullying appeared towards the end of last season, in the away game at Huddersfield, Niasse did brilliantly to set up our second for a rare Gueye goal. Most ran towards Gueye to congratulation him. Tom Davies chose to run towards Niasse to congratulate him on setting up the goal.

Or for you Kieran, is that all evidence of a victimised Davies being meekly submissive to the dominant alpha male in their relationship..?

Kieran Kinsella
79 Posted 04/01/2019 at 18:04:55

I don't know if Niasse is a nice guy or an ass clown and I don't really care. The point is that he isn't any good at football and discussions and decisions should be based on that rather than his niceness. A lot of people are portrayed as good guys when they are far from it. Case in point: "He was a great man, a wonderful philanthropist and a true friend.” That was a quote from a charity runner on Jimmy Saville. Point being, we cannot judge a public figure's character from snippets of information. We can judge him on his footballing ability. On that basis, he has to go. No pity parties, no "legend" status, just leave like Carl Tyler, John O'Kane, Brett Angell and every other forgettable failure at the club.

Jay Wood

80 Posted 04/01/2019 at 18:19:33
Bizarre, Kieran.

You want the decision to be based on purely football reasons (nothing wrong with that), but in two posts you take character assassination to a whole new level.

First, without any evidence whatsoever, suggesting Niasse is a bullier of youth. Second, making an even more perverse association by bringing Jimmy Saville into the discussion on Niasse's merits as a footballer (and person).


Dave Abrahams
81 Posted 04/01/2019 at 18:31:36
Brian (69), I’m sure Liverpool paid Chelsea between 3-5 M
for Solanke with possible add ons, there might also be a
clause in the transfer contract for a % of any future transfer fee.

It is a massive amount £19M, for such a young player with limited experience, although he has got potential
£19M is a lot to pay for it, then again Bournemouth paid
around £15M for Ibe from Liverpool and are still waiting for that potential to show itself: not that Liverpool will be worried about that. I still think Everton are letting Niasse
go to cheaply.

Steve Ferns
82 Posted 04/01/2019 at 18:40:26
Niasse is limited and is on big wages. He’s best off the books and get the wage bill down enough to make room for the striker we need.
Nicholas Ryan
83 Posted 04/01/2019 at 18:46:30
I think Mike Gaynes has got it right. YES, Niasse has no 1st touch; YES, Niasse has no great skill; YES, Niasse can be embarrassing to watch; YES, the ball does bounce off his shins . BUT, he scores goals, and important goals. He scored goals in Russia; he scored goals in Turkey; he scored them for Hull [against LFC and Man U]; he scored a few for us. When he had that run in the team last season, why did he get it? Because he was banging them in, for the U-21s [something like 8 goals in 10 games].

If his only contribution to this club, had been to turn the Bournemouth game from 0-1 to 2-1; that would be enough for me.

So, 'go boldly' Oumar Niasse, a crap striker who scored goals; being replaced, by two crap strikers, who don't!!

James Carroll
84 Posted 04/01/2019 at 18:49:02
I’ll drive.
Joe McMahon
85 Posted 04/01/2019 at 18:53:30
Guys, completely off topic but just watching an FA Cup article on Tranmere about the Spurs game. Did Tranmere knock Everton out of the FA Cup at Goodison about 15 years ago?
Eric Paul
86 Posted 04/01/2019 at 19:00:35
Kevin @ 76,

All the Calvert-Lewin haters on here would probably want us to outbid Bournemouth for Solanke.

Steve Ferns
87 Posted 04/01/2019 at 19:00:42
Yes. We lost 3-0. It was Jason Koumas's greatest day.
Joe McMahon
88 Posted 04/01/2019 at 19:03:59
Thanks Steve. 3-0 bloody hell, that's up there with being knocked out by Shrewsbury the year they were relegated to the conference!
Eric Paul
89 Posted 04/01/2019 at 19:04:29

Tranmere fans still refer to 27 January as St Yates Day.

Derek Taylor
90 Posted 04/01/2019 at 19:08:04
Remind me, did us older Evertonians ever resolve the poser, was Niasse better or worse than Bernie Wright and Brett Angell?

Personally, my order of merit would be Wright, Niasse and Angell, what do others think?

Jay Wood

91 Posted 04/01/2019 at 19:09:21
Joe @ 85.

I need no reminding. My extended Merseyside family never let me forget.

On the eve of the match, me and an uncle (from the Wirral, a Tranmere fan), after much ale settled on a bet: whoever lost the game had to shave their head.

I can confirm, the wind off the river in January is frigging bitingly cold when you've got no barnet to keep you warm...

Fondly known as 'St. Yates day' by Rovers fans, the scorer of two headed goals that fateful folically foolish day.

Dave Abrahams
92 Posted 04/01/2019 at 19:14:17
Joe (85), sad to say very true, always remember a half time announcement in that game, over the tannoy came: “ Will Mr So-and -So please go to The Woman's Hospital, where his wife is due to give birth to their baby.”

A fella next to me said, “He'll just be looking at one cunt – we're watching eleven here”. We were getting beat 3-0 at half-time.

Dave Bowen
93 Posted 04/01/2019 at 19:19:24
Nicholas @#83. Absolutely spot on mate!
Jay Wood

94 Posted 04/01/2019 at 19:32:14
2-0 at half-time Dave. Yates a looping header, Koumas an exquisite first time cross volley. Yates got his second - a stonking header - from a corner and their third at the Gwladys Street end.

I remember watching it through my still (but soon to be gone...) floppy fringe.

Kieran Kinsella
95 Posted 04/01/2019 at 19:35:30

"without any evidence whatsoever" . I didn't claim to have evidence I just alluded to a newspaper article. Your evidence "there is footage of Tom and Niasse being genuinely pleased to see each other, big smiles, big hugs, eyes shining." You see friendship someone else may see Stockholm syndrome. Either way it's conjecture.

Joe McMahon
96 Posted 04/01/2019 at 19:47:24
Dave @92, now that is funny!
Jay Wood- don't worry, I used to have hair like Bob Geldof and now I have a hairstyle like Bob Charlton.
Jay Wood

97 Posted 04/01/2019 at 19:51:58
Kieran, there is reasonable conjecture (which I offered) and there is just groundless speculation and warped association (which you offered).

There is a difference.

Far, far removed from your stated declaration, that the lad should be judged on his football ability only. I did so in my original post on the topic @ 71: making a distinction between Niasse the person and Niasse the player.

The two are not mutually exclusive.

Len Hawkins
98 Posted 04/01/2019 at 20:20:28
Dave Abrahams #60 Perhaps Everton should offer a BOGOF deal with Niasse and Tosun. I never thought I'd see worse than Rod Bellfitt, Joe Harper, Brett Angell, Victor Anichebe, Stuart Barlow but Martinez and Allardyce were able to reach further down the barrel than any previous Everton Manager.
Denis Richardson
99 Posted 04/01/2019 at 20:28:41
Jay, my post was a bit tongue in cheek but fact is Niasse did have the chance to leave but stayed for financial reasons (not knocking that as the club were the foolish one to offer the deal in the first place).

However, whether he’s nice or not is a bit irrelevant. He’s a crap footballer being paid £2.5m a year. It’s in the clubs interest to get shut asap.

Raymond Fox
100 Posted 04/01/2019 at 20:38:17
It became de rigueur to slate Niasse. Some seem to delight in belittling others, not an admirable trait in my eyes.
He might not have the control that Stanley Matthews had, but he knows where the net is when given game time. He also laid a few goals on for others.
Correct me if I'm wrong but thats what forwards are meant to do.
Dave Abrahams
101 Posted 04/01/2019 at 20:56:41
Jay (94), Yes, I'll have that 2-0 half-time, watched it from The Lower Bullens wishing someone would call for me over the tannoy.
Tony Abrahams
102 Posted 04/01/2019 at 21:14:11
That Tranmere game was up there with the very worst times I've had watching Everton.

We were shite, I remember winning at Coventry the week before when Smith had to play a few kids, and then he brought his experienced players back for this game?

I remember turning up the following mid-week, for a home game against Boro, expecting a low crowd and loads of vitriol, but they had reduced the ticket prices: Goodison was chocker, and the crowd got right behind the team for a two-all draw.

Probably a major reason why we've never gone down in my life-time, the Everton crowd, so please win the cup for them this season, Silva!

Jay Wood

103 Posted 04/01/2019 at 21:25:12
Dave @ 102.

Me too, Dave... I just got summoned to the barber's chair the Monday after the game...

Jay Wood

104 Posted 04/01/2019 at 21:28:00
Jim @ 98.

Whereas your contribution to the thread is..?

At least your consistent, Jim 'the sheep' BAAAAHHHHley.

Kieran Kinsella
105 Posted 04/01/2019 at 21:37:10
Jay Wood

Simply put, if Niasse leaves then we won't have the old Bill sniffing around for Lord Lucan's accomplice, the Tsar's stolen amber room, or Jimmy Hoffa's body. Other than that, yeah he is probably a good bloke.

Jim Hardin
106 Posted 04/01/2019 at 22:30:32
Always amazes me how so many claim Niasse is crap, that he has no first touch, blah blah blah in order to discredit his effort and goals. Someone accurately pointed out that he repeatedly runs down balls and gets penned in and somehow gets through multiple defenders while retaining the ball. Apparently, according to that poster and the rest of his detractors, his goals and every dribble and pass that he completes are all due to luck rather than some modicum of skill. Sorry, no one is that lucky, period.

When the same things happen over and over then perhaps there is skill involved. I don't care if he looks like a drunken giraffe on ice skates, the fact is he scores, harries defenders, and genuinely appears to give a damn.

No one said he was the long-term answer for a club with top 6 aspirations. He might be a short-term contributor to a team struggling to score though. If he is sold and gets to play, then more power to him and good luck. If he is not, then play him for more than the odd ten minutes or less and see what happens. Could he do worse than those that Silva currently favours and uses as subs? Maybe, but he might do better if he plays to the back of his card.

Paul Birmingham
107 Posted 04/01/2019 at 22:47:03
Been off line in the Isle of Man, the last couple of days for my uncles funeral, so I’m on catch up on TW.

In a nutshell in this case the board must be assertive and ensure we get the best deal possible, for Niasses transfer. As likeable as he is, it’s on the park, that counts and he’s been very poor when coming on in cameos, this season.

Best for all parties and the cull hopefully starts this month.

David Connor
108 Posted 05/01/2019 at 16:40:06
£7 million more than I would pay for him. He is full of effort. That's it. End of.
Tony Cheek
109 Posted 05/01/2019 at 18:10:53
All very well, but if he had played as many games as Richarlison, I bet he would have had more goals.
Chad Harper
110 Posted 05/01/2019 at 19:40:37
Personally, I think Niasse has done more to prove himself than Calvert-Lewin has. I'd not want either as my hope of goals though!
Justin Doone
111 Posted 08/01/2019 at 21:39:23
He reminds me of a little Lukaku in that create enough chances and he'll score goals.

He's got a poor first touch, can't link play, stumbles over the ball and just when defenders think they have him in their pocket he's all over them and pops up with a goal.

Maybe we could sell him to Man Utd as the new Andy Cole / Lukaku all in one.

In years gone by and still in other leagues he'll do really well because of effort and commitment. But in a team trying to play and pass he's just not upto it.

Give him a game at the weekend and hopefully some of his enthusiasm will rub off on our fans and other team mates. We can then say thanks because he alone last season made me laugh and smile in an otherwise dreadful period as an Evertonian.

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