Everton 3 - 0 Dynamo Kyiv

Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Demarai Gray returned to the starting line-up for tonight's charity benefit ‘Match for Peace' while Putin's disgusting and barbaric war continues to drag on relentlessly in Ukraine. It's Everton's fourth and final pre-season game before the Premier League gets going next weekend.

Latest signings, Ruben Vinagre and Dwight McNeil are only on the bench with 10 other players but just three youngsters: Warrington, Mills, and Welch. Coleman, Townsend, Begovic are all out with injuries. Mina, Gomes, Davies and Gbamin are also absent with knocks.

Everton kicked off and started to settle on the ball after knocking it around a bit. Tarkowski was range-finding with some great passes, the second one after just 4 minutes bounced off Calvert-Lewin's head as he got ahead of the defender and floated into the net for the first goal.

Everton were playing a good forward game, Tarkowski playing some more excellent balls, and Gordon getting forward, putting in a cross that was close to Calvert-Lewin who was the wrong side of the defender. A corner given up by Everton saw Syrota with a free header over Pickford's bar.

Gray was up for some keen running of the channels but came a cropper, thankfully picking himself up. Gray then planned a superb free-kick delivery right onto Calvert-Lewin's head but bizarrely it was directed more toward the corner flag than the goal. Dynamo responded, Pickford diving to push out a lively cross.

A good ball by Iwobi won a corner that Gray whipped in and it bounced through to Calvert-Lewin and bounced off his body and over the bar when it looked easier to score. Doucoure powered an accurate forward pass directly to Calvert-Lewin who could only smash it back to the half-way line with even greater force.

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Godfrey gave away a soft free-kick on the corner of the Everton area after he was dispossessed. Vanat was free at the far post and should have got his header on target off a fine delivery, as Everton defended the set-piece poorly.

Gray was lively and tried a chip over the keeper but it was well off target. Calvert-Lewin did well to defend a Kyiv free-kick and carry the ball out until he was fouled. Gordon could do nothing as the ball ran away from him.

Kyiv had a decent spell but Keane defended well. Everton tried to break out but Mykolenko's ball was too hard for Calvert-Lewin to control and the guests were attacking again, this time stopped by some superb work from Tarkowski, who managed to catch Antiukh rather hard, needing a substitution.

Kyiv constructed another fine attack and yet again Tarkowski was there to clear but it was recycled for a shot on Pickford. Another slick Kyiv move only ended with an inadvertent handball.

But Everton finally got forward again an Patterson passed in to Gordon in a great position except that he had to step back to control it and any chance was gone. Gordon then tried a speculative shot that was high and wide.

Doucoure tried to advance for a ball off Calvert-Lewin but his layoff was all wrong. Kyiv went through another spell of crisp passing that won a free-kick. Andriyevskiy with a rocket deflected toward the top corner and Pickford produced a tremendous save to end the half with the visitors now well on top.

The game resumed with no Everton subs and Gray's cross ended up almost fooling the substitute Kyiv keeper, giving up a corner that was cleared, ending with a wild shot at the other end. Everton tried to play out and Gray lost it on the half-way line. Godfrey had a great run forward but his pass was poor.

Gordon won a free-kick by running into his marker. But Mykolenko's delivery was very poor. Obi then gave the ball away very cheaply. Godfrey had to be alert to defend a quick ball forward but the visitors cranked up the pressure with some tight play without creating anything.

Then Godfrey gifted them a silly corner and it was crossed well to the far post, needed defending away for another corner. Everton laboured to clear their lines and seemed to check back far too often when in good possession going forward.

Cometh the hour, come on the subs: Dele for Calvert-Lewin, Holgate for Keane, McNeil for Gray. Holgate was still asleep gifting the ball in a very dangerous position. Dele, playing through the middle, tried to get things going but it was Gordon with a direct run and soft shot that easily saved. Gordon tried another shot but it lacked any guile.

More nice skills from Dele didn't quite work as he was given the sandwich treatment. Gordon was booked for a high challenge. Dwight McNeil picked up the ball in the middle and had only one intention, a great left-foot shot under pressure, nestling in the corner. Great strike!

Rondon pressed the Kyiv defence and won a corner but some idiot ran on the pitch delaying the corner, Everton trying to push forward but ending up going backwards to Pickford. McNeil then looked to make a good cross that won another corner he took. Then from the other side, Vinagre crossed for McNeil to nod home his second and Everton's third.

Kyiv had a relatively rare attack that saw Vanat fired wide. Then the youngsters came on for the last 10 minutes.

Then a bizarre and decidedly unprofessional moment in the final minute, a penalty given for nothing, to be taken by 44-year-old Everton fan Paul Stratton, wearing 38, on in place of Dele Alli, a reward for good deeds driving relief trips to Ukraine via in Poland. He rolled the ball easily into the net to end the game but of course not without the idiotic pitch invasion by bloody kids, the ring of stewards unable to prevent them.

A wonderful gesture by a "family Club"? Or just another demonstration of amateurish thinking and populist virtue signalling the club seems increasingly proud of as the distance between it and the top echelon sides in the Premier League increases relentlessly, season on season.

Scorers: Calvert-Lewin (4') [Tarkowski] McNeil (74' [], (78') [Vinagre].

Everton: Pickford; Patterson (83' Mills), Tarkowski (83' Welch), Keane (62' Holgate), Godfrey (83' Nkounkou), Mykolenko (72' Vinagre); Iwobi (83' Warrington), Docuoure (72' Allan); Gray (62' McNeil), Calvert-Lewin (62' Dele Alli), Gordon (72' Rondon)
Subs not Used: Crellin, Lonergan.

Dynamo Kyiv: Neshcheret, Vivcharenko, Syrota, Burda, Kravchenko, Andriyevskiy, Shepelev, Garmash, Karavaev, Antiukh (36' Shaparenko), Vanat.

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Peter Mills
1 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Good to see you’ve mellowed over the summer, Michael.
Danny O’Neill
2 Posted 30/07/2022 at
We've been here before. Unassuming and non-glamorous signings that deliver.

Let's see what they do in an Everton shirt and judge them on that.

Stay off the pitch. You get a pass for occasions but don't make it a regular theme.

I think I'm showing my age, but no. Stay off the pitch. Even against Palace, all you did was add 7 agonising minutes onto the final whistle.

Stay off the pitch. If you were good enough to be there, you would be there.

Lyndon Lloyd
3 Posted 30/07/2022 at
This bit – "...a reward for good deeds driving relief trips to Ukraine via Poland" – didn't scream out at you as you wrote it, Michael?

Jesus wept. The match was officially over at that point. It was a pre-season friendly. The club decided to acknowledge the selfless act of a supporter by giving him a wonderful memory. I agree on the fans and kids invading the pitch but the rest sounds like the rantings of a churlish old sod.

Jim Lloyd
4 Posted 30/07/2022 at
I think you win, by a golden mile, the coveted title of "Mr Grumpy," Michael.

Brian Williams
5 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Haha. I know your ploy Mr Kenrick for a ploy it must be because if it wasn't it would paint you as a right cnut, which in my experience you are not. 😉
Jerome Shields
6 Posted 30/07/2022 at
I agree with you Michael regarding the new signings. Whilst the idea of rewarding Pat Stratton was fine, I think it could have been done better with better clarity and explanation. The Ukraine team could have been recognised more and to the fore at the end, rather than wondering what was going on. Few would have been able to speak the language.

It may have been better to have Paul come on as a sub or given him recognition at the start of the game. It was all a bit odd and chaotic in the end. It could have even sent signals of a free for all. I don't think you are being grumpy but expressing a genuine opinion.

Andrew Keatley
7 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Michael - Not sure if including (in brackets) the players who provided an assist is a new thing, as I've not noticed it before, but it was Iwobi who provided the assist for McNeil's first goal.
Laurie Hartley
8 Posted 31/07/2022 at
I am not sure it has been said anywhere else about McNeil's first goal but, at the risk of incurring the wrath of some of my fellow toffee webbers – I thought Rondon played a big part in that goal with his clever run across their defenders. It created the space for the lad to get his shot away.
Phillip Warrington
9 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Does anybody know did Juventus complete the signing of Moise Kean?

By memory, that should have been around the £25M mark.

Jim Bennings
11 Posted 31/07/2022 at
I'm gonna stick my neck out here and say McNeil will produce more for us this season then Gordon or Gray. I just think he's one of those players that, once he gets up and running at Everton, he'll prove a real gem.

I know last season he stuttered at Burnley but in 2020-21 he was dynamic, they were talking about £40 million at one stage for him, and I remember a beauty he scored at Goodison when Burnley won 2-1.

Whether we'll move him inside in some games, who knows… but he could be that creative spark, he's definitely a wide player, we know that.

As for defence, it's just a matter of, fitness permitting, who partners Tarkowski.

Jerome Shields
12 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Jim #11,

That was a pre-season charity match with an odd ending. McNeil playing in the Premier League will get special attention from opposition teams. Gomes can look world-class given space and time and absolute dross when he gets special attention.

Joe McMahon
13 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Jerome, you are correct; however, I agree with what Jim says. He's a very good player and no Burnley midfielder shone last year until after Dyche had gone and the defence started playing a higher line to involve the midfield.
Steve Cotton
14 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Whatever you do guys, stay off the pitch.
Me, I've just bought a season ticket for Anfield and I going to run on the pitch every time they win a corner..
Terry Downes
15 Posted 31/07/2022 at
One thing that baffles me is that if we’re really in for Cornet and Burnley are playing hardball why not offer Keane in a swop deal ? We wud save money and get an average player off the books ??
Andrew Keatley
16 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Terry (15) - The reason it baffles you is because you haven’t understood the basic laws of transfer dynamics. Michael Keane has 3 years left on his Everton contact, and is on around £70k a week. Burnley would not want to - or be able to - offer him a better contract, therefore he is not going to go. You might not like Michael Keane - few on here do - but he’s not going anywhere unless another (Premier League) club offer him parity with his existing contract, especially while he is still a part of the first team picture.

I still think Michael Keane has a lot to offer this football club. He might not be quick - which seems to be a cardinal sin these days - but he’s a good footballer, with a decent passing range, who is strong in the air and can do a job alongside a strong defensive partner. I suspect he’ll start 20+ Premier League games this season.

Nick Page
17 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Lol Steve @14. Flick some piss on there too and throw in a few gypsy curses whilst you’re at it.
Danny O’Neill
18 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Ideally Jim @11, it's Tarkowski alongside Mina for me. But given his track record, we won't get more than about 50% of games out of Mina. Hopefully Tarkowski's leadership can bring out the best in Godfrey and / or Holgate.

I'm well documented on Michael Keane, Andrew. I can take lack of pace; not essential for me. It's more about speed of mind and decision making in my opinion, not always raw pace and the ability to run an Olympian standard 10 second hundred metres.

That's what lets Keane down. You're right, he's a very decent footballer, possesses a good range of passing and can defend in a set-up that suits him.

But too often, his lack of concentration, anticipation and reading of the game lets him and his team down.

Forever grateful for that outside-of-the-boot classy finish but, more often than not, he frightens me.

Eddie Dunn
19 Posted 31/07/2022 at
I watched the highlights on YouTube with no commentary. I was confused when the 44-year-old charity road trip guy came on. I think that it was very silly. Why he couldn't have come on before kick-off or halftime, I do not know. All it did was devalue the win.

Total lack of respect for our guests too. This club love to play on the heartstrings, just like the other occasions when Bill has decided to go public helping children dying. Help them by all means but don't try and get kudos from it.

I'm with Michael 100%.

Brian Harrison
20 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Andrew @16,

I agree, I think Keane gets far more stick than Holgate or Godfrey who in my opinion are not as good as Keane. Many seem to forget it was him who was our mainstay at centre-back for the last 10 games not forgetting his goal against Palace. I do think he has a massive confidence issue and always played better alongside strong-minded centre-backs like Mina and seemingly as Tarkowski is.

I think Lampard will start with Keane and Tarkowski as 2 of his 3 at the back, I think also Keane is a far better distributor than Holgate or Godfrey or Mina and in a back 3 that's crucial.

Yes, he does make errors but I think his are highlighted more than our other centre-backs and again he is better in the air than Holgate and Godfrey is poor in the air and not a great reader of the game either. But Godfrey has pace and probably Lampard thinks that will be a great asset alongside Keane and Tarkowski.

Danny O’Neill
21 Posted 31/07/2022 at
It's those ball over the head moments that frighten me Brian.

He watches what we can all see then tries to recover the situation. Only he doesn't have great recovery powers. Once it's gone, it's gone.

Like I say, anticipation and reading the game are his flaws, not his ability. But at 29, you're not going to change that now.

It also goes back to what I've been banging on about for what must be 3 years now. Centre back. But I got constantly told on here that it wasn't a priority.

If we want to play higher up the pitch, it absolutely was. It starts from the back.

Robert Tressell
22 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Danny # 29. I think most agree on the need for better CBs but with a poor squad and small kitty there's only so many problem positions you can address.

I think Benitez rightly brought in pace / width with Gray & Townsend last year otherwise we would undoubtedly have been relegated.

This summer we've brought in Tarkowski and presumably the plan is for Mina to see out his final year with us before being replaced by the returning Branthwaite.

I don't think we can afford to further improve at CB when the midfield is possibly at its worst for 15 years - and with DCL our only striker (I can't quite bring myself to count Rondon although he has improved as he's got fitter / lost weight). It may also force Branthwaite out of the club if we bring in another CB.

With such little money available and so many problems to address it's a case of prioritising priorities if that makes sense.

Danny Baily
25 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Anyone read the fans' predictions for the season on The Guardian?

Some have us in the bottom three but the vast majority have Frank as the first manager sacked.

Joe McMahon
26 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Danny, we unfortunately also have to realise that Tarkowski will get more cards (yellow and red) in an Everton shirt, than any other club.

He should have been shown a straight red for that challenge (if you can call it that) on Richarlison last season. Richie was out for several games (if I remember).

Danny O’Neill
27 Posted 31/07/2022 at
I wouldn't disagree with that Robert in terms of our current priorities, which are now midfield.

I was talking more about 2 or 3 years ago.

Early days but I think Tarkowski is going to bring leadership at the back.

I'm an eternal optimist but I just feel we may end up doing astute business this window.

No going out to a league 1 team at the first hurdle in the cup and in touch by January for the final run in.

Brent Stephens
28 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Danny #25 I saw that - all the other teams' fans predicting Lampard to be first to be sacked. A comment on Everton and their penchant for sacking managers, as well as on our thin squad? More than a comment on Frank?
Danny Baily
29 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Brent, maybe just people with a superficial impression of EFC; sold our star player, narrowly avoided relegation last time out etc. I suspect the mood among Everton fans has improved since we returned from the USA, with the new signings and better performances. I'm as confident/relaxed as I've been since September last year.
Danny O’Neill
30 Posted 31/07/2022 at
If there is one thing we should have learned in the past 8 years or so, it's hold your nerve and stick with a manager and plan.

I don't care what other fans think about my Everton.

On a tangent, I got told yesterday that my Everton training top was ridiculous.

By a London kopite from Ealing with a Liverpool top on, complete with name and number on his back.

I had to endure a London pub going into raptures as the 2nd & 3rd goals went in.

I despise them. I really do.

Steavey Buckley
31 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Frank Lampard is irreplaceable for the forthcoming season. Frank Lampard is not only the manager but he is also one of Everton's supporters.

The team is steadily being improved. One, two or three acquisitions of quality players may surprise a lot of people about the progress of the Everton team under Frank Lampard and his coaching staff.

Brent Stephens
32 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Danny B - yes, the mood is positive, I think - certainly for me. Confident and relaxed as you say.

Danny O and Steavie - yes I think Frank is going nowhere (job-wise, not success-wise) despite the doom-mongerers.

Adam Carey
33 Posted 31/07/2022 at
From reading and watching social media, most of the footballing world think Mr Stratton's penalty moment (in a charity match against a Ukrainian team and with a member of the public who has gone above and beyond to assist Ukrainian refugees), was first class. I'm actually amazed some of our own fans can use it as a beating stick against the club.

Then onto the transfer musings of people who clearly play too much Football Manager or Fifa. If a player isn't wanted or earns too much for another team to take him on, then of course he will see out his contract. Would any of us on a 6-month contract just quit without another job after 4 months if we could stay to the end for less work and still get paid? The richer you are the more you've spent and the bigger the bills to pay.

There is also way too much analysis put on pre-season. I remember when we'd play the local teams and hammer them 8-0. We didn't win the league then and won't now. I thought it was all about building fitness and trying out new styles with new players. I care how we show against Chelsea next Saturday after 17:30 h.

Mike Gaynes
34 Posted 31/07/2022 at
"Then a bizarre and decidedly unprofessional moment..."
"...amateurish thinking and populist virtue signalling..."

You just had to go out of your way to add two paragraphs of pettish snottiness to your game report, didn't you? So classy.

Brian Williams
35 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Eddie #19.

I watched the highlights on YouTube with no commentary.

You should have stopped there mate because everything you posted after that was shite.

Are people too thick these days to look at the big picture and see why it was done like that? I'd explain it but I just can't be arsed with people who, when they don't know, spout shite.

The confusion was somewhat intentional in order for the surprise to be just that. Both sets of players knew what was going on. And as for disrespectful to the opposition?

To surprise and reward a lifelong Evertonian whose voluntarily made numerous trips to Poland to support and help the Ukranians.

Give your head a BIG wobble, for fuck's sake.

Mike Gaynes
37 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Phillip #9, no, they didn't, and it looks unlikely at the moment.

Juve spent weeks trying to find a buyer or trade for Kean, and if they had found one, they would have completed his purchase from us (£28 million, which we could definitely have used right now!) and moved him on.

However, Corriere dello Sport reported this week that all the proposals fell through and Juve have given up trying to move him for now. They're not contractually obligated to buy him from us until next June, so it looks like we will have to wait for that money.

Tony Everan
38 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Mike, and part of the reason we are going down the "buy now, pay later" transfer route. Burnley now rumoured to be saying we can defer the payment for Cornet, but only if we pay £25M instead of the £17.5M. Apparently we were stretching to £13M down and £4.5M later but Burnley said, No Thanks.
Mike Gaynes
39 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Good info, Tony. We are widely reported to have already reached personal terms with Cornet, so who knows, maybe that deal could still happen.
John Chambers
40 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Mike #37, to some degree I guess if we can get hold of £28M, and given the amount of cash we must have had access to in running up all our losses it doesn't seem too difficult!

It doesn't matter if Juve buy him now or next June as the money will be in this financial year for FFP purposes

Jerome Shields
41 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Joe #13

If I was writing that post again I would add some positives regarding McNeil. He is stronger than expected and links well with other players, including Dele Alli, who appeared to enjoy playing with him. He does have skill and is neat in possession. So hopefully he will be a hand full to tie down.

Also, he gives much-needed hope, something that Jim is clearly right about.

Brian Murray
42 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Alan Meyers still insisting Everton want £20M for Gomes. Surely he's added on a digit! Only them other shower get quadruple for a dud player.
Tony Abrahams
43 Posted 31/07/2022 at
It must be the newly found pragmatism that our CEO has been talking about Brian?

The next week should be interesting though, and maybe we might even get a couple out the door before we bring a few in?

The game has changed before a ball has been kicked and that's why Liverpool have played another friendly today. It does seem very contradictory after the way Klopp moaned about the Charity Shield, but with five subs available from next week, it's become an even bigger squad game, overnight, and is the reason why we still need a few more players coming into our squad

Brian Murray
44 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Danny O'Neil. I'll call your hatred and raise you churning in stomach and not watched a game of theirs over 3 decades. Been told by friends (and family although all blues) to be the bigger man and focus on us.

Over to you, Franky, to give me something to hit them with. Anything.

Jamie Sweet
45 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Tony Dunn
49 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Brian murray, I'm with you, see rs twice a season when they play us. Dont watch sky unless I go to a pub to watch us and actively turn over or used to when I had a telly, if they came on. I wouldnt recognise most of their team, going back 25 odd years. My grandad had red carpets, red curtains and red setees. TO WALK ON THEM, TO HANG THEM AND TO PARK OUR ARSES ON THEM
Mal van Schaick
51 Posted 02/08/2022 at
There is still time to shift Davies, Gomes, Holgate, and Rondon and get a few in, like Gueye and Gilmour, but we definitely need two strikers or we will be in trouble again.
Tony Shelby
52 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Tony (49) - Same. 90 minutes of willing a team to lose is too negative an experience to endure these days, especially when it happens so rarely.

Danny O’Neill
53 Posted 02/08/2022 at
My Grandad's second wife in his later life on Arkles Lane, with Anfield in view, had an old-fashioned red velvet chair she used to call Shankly's throne, Tony. I refused to sit on it. Fortunately, my Belfast-born Grandad was an Evertonian.

Mal, excluding Davies and Holgate, who I'd keep in the squad for this coming season, I'm not sure who would take Gomes or Rondon off us.

Maybe the DoF can use his Wolves and Portugal links to get Gomes to a Liga Portugal club??

Brian Murray
54 Posted 02/08/2022 at

Maybe because North Liverpool, especially in the '60s, was a big stronghold of Blues and as Colin Harvey said when he moved first from Scotland Road then to Fazakerley, we never even seen any of them lot, never mind supported them.

That's probably why there is such a big youth element, kids and grandkids. It struck me as odd and still does when mixed families, which Sky jump all over, as I always think the dads must've really taken their eye off the ball to let that happen and should hang their heads in shame, ha ha. Obviously life's not quite like that in reality.

Jim Lloyd
55 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Adam (33), good post.

As for the devil worshippers, I won't watch them. Don't even like watching us play them, never mind watch anyone else play them.

Mal (51), We'll have great difficulty "shifting" any player who is a financial burden and not good enough to get in the team. We won't just be able to get strikers in, by forking out the money to get the calibre we need or want. We might just find a player like Leicester did, when they bought Vardy for £1M; but I'd say the odds are against us. Until and if we do, It's a matter of "make do and mend" until we get out of the financial mire.

As Danny says, we can hope our DoF can use some contacts to see Gomes go back to Portugal. Otherwise, we're stuck with players on big salaries, who aren't going to move. Rondon can do a job for us as a reserve or sub.

Still, after going to the match on Friday, I'm optimistic again! I think we've got some really good players in – and we may get more. As long as we steer away from the mire and stay away, I'll be content for this season and next, to slowly rebuild our squad. I've got faith that our Manager and DoF know what they're doing, so I go along with them.

Brian Murray
56 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Jim. With the sponsorship and marketing targets then denise should be all over that motto. make do and mend.
Julian Wait
57 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Danny @25 – I read that too. To be fair it is probably the most straightforward call to make. Of the promoted clubs, Forest have invested heavily in a much-trusted manager, Silva is I think safe at Fulham, and Bournemouth have low-ish expectations.

For me, I think after a shaky season and not much activity, our friend Mr Rogers at Leicester might be in for a rough ride, if Newcastle completely bombs after an excellent end to last season and is backed with all the new signings, then Eddie Howe could be quickly dispatched for a more marquee name (although I might expect that more after the World Cup), and there's always the two Uniteds of Lancashire and Yorkshire who both are also teetering – the Leeds manager in particular needs to perform.

It would be easier to pick first to go if Watford were still in the league.

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