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Everton head into the transfer window deadline day with 13 players out on loan, and the bloated senior squad already exceeds the Premier League's 25-man limit. suggesting that more will secure loan deals away from Everon before Thursday night is through.

We've created this as a 'sticky' thread where observations and comments about the players and their loan experiences can be posted as the season develops. 

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Francis van Lierop
1 Posted 01/09/2022 at 12:08:04
Jarrad played the whole game at home against Volendam.

7-1 was the final score, but I'll have to admit Jarrad didn't look that great for the solitary away goal.

James Flynn
2 Posted 02/09/2022 at 19:53:51
Watched Sunderland's 3-0 victory highlights. Simms only got one shot off, although he was in the box, making himself available for two of the goals. The other, he'd been knocked to the ground on a foul, but the ref signaled "play on".

Brief highlight: Link

James Flynn
3 Posted 02/09/2022 at 19:55:59
Francis, yes his first full 90 minutes. Hopefully, lots more to come.
Lee Jackson
4 Posted 04/09/2022 at 17:44:34
A good article here about Ellis Simms:

Ellis Simms – A Future Everton Star In The Making?

Lyndon Lloyd
5 Posted 04/09/2022 at 20:12:58
André Gomes made his Lille debut on loan from Everton today against Montpellier and Gomes scored LOSC’s second in the 57th minute… Angel Gomes that is.

André got booked in the 57th minute.

Duncan McDine
6 Posted 04/09/2022 at 20:18:23
You reeled me in there Lyndon! Rascal
Tony Abrahams
7 Posted 04/09/2022 at 20:43:15
Thanks James, and it was also good to see another young player flourishing after having a big money move, which then started to stagnate his career.

Jack Clarke looked like he had a great game yesterday, a player who Spurs signed from Leeds a few years ago, even though the kid is still only 21 years old.

Mike Gaynes
8 Posted 04/09/2022 at 20:48:12
This is a great idea, Michael and Lyndon. Keep it going.
Christy Ring
9 Posted 04/09/2022 at 20:54:50
I see Dele Alli scored for Beskitas, could be a fresh start for him.
James Flynn
11 Posted 11/09/2022 at 07:45:30
Early days and all. But it appears everyone's getting minutes, some heavier than others. And I didn't find any mention of injuries

The Do Well, Find a Club Next Summer group

Dele Alli (#11) Bensiktas. Contract thru June 2024

Subbed out at 78’ vs Sivasspor on 29 AUG.

Kept the ball ticking over.


Subbed out at 66’ vs Akaragucu on 4 SEP.

At 4:48 mark scored goal.


Dele's a top-league talent in his prime playing in a lower league. But a team up for the title and Europe. Hoping he stays healthy and productive, so we can move him next June.

Andre Gomes (#28) LOSC. Contract thru June 2024

Subbed in at 86’ vs Montpellier on 4 SEP.

At the 2:46 mark, that’s him takes the ball down neatly and makes the first pass resulting in an LOSC goal:

Subbed in at 65' vs Marseilles on 10 SEP.

Took corner at 6:59.


Flat not a Prem athlete. But he does possess some skills. Really needs to stay healthy and get regular minutes all season to generate interest so we can move on in June.

Jean-Philippe Gbamin (#25) Trabzonspor. Contract thru June 2024

Subbed in 2nd half. Played 45 minutes vs Galatasaray on 28 AUG.

During 9-minute highlight reel, didn’t touch the ball

Played 90 minutes vs Umraniye on 2 SEP

At the 1:07 mark, chested ball down and took shot just past the left upright. Ticked the ball over other times. Took the last shot of the game around the 10:06 mark.


Subbed out at the half vs Ferencvárosi pn 8 SEP.

Gbamin moves well, stays involved.


BONUS: Freeze the video at 0:16. See if you recognize any names.

He's fully recovered from injury. Logged heavy minutes last season in Russia and hopefully this one in Turkey, too. But he's not going to stay with us. So, good health, heavy minutes and let's make a deal next Summer and say good-by.

Lewis Gibson (#17) Bristol Rovers. Turned 22 in July. Contract thru June 2023

Subbed in at 79’ vs Oxford U on 13 AUG.

During 2-minute highlight reel, didn’t see him.

Subbed in 2nd half. Played 45 minutes vs Barnsley on 16 AUG.

During 2-minute highlight reel, didn’t touch ball.

Subbed out at 76’ vs Portsmouth on 20 AUG


Played 90 minutes vs Shrewsbury on 27 AUG


DNP Didn’t make the bench vs Plymouth Argyle 30 AUG

DNP Didn’t make the bench vs Morecambe 3 SEP

NOTE: No indication Gibson is out with injury.

We have depth at CB even with Mina leaving next Summer. If a young CB is to be retained, it's going to be Jarrad, not Lewis. He hasn't been out injured in 18 months or so. Lots of health and playing time and good luck at your next club.

Nathan Broadhead (#20). Wigan. 25 in April. Contract thru June 2024

Subbed in at 77’ vs Bristol City on13 AUG

Recovers ball in the box at 6:45. Lays off to teammate.


Subbed in at 70’ vs Birmingham on 20 AUG

Scores goal at 82’. Counter attack starting at 4:34


Subbed in at 72’ vs Burnley on 27 AUG

During 5-minute highlight reel, didn’t see him.

Subbed in at 72’ vs West Brom on 30 AUG.

During 2-minute highlight reel, didn’t see him.

Subbed in at 62’ vs Luton Town on 3 SEP

During 2-minute highlight reel, didn’t see him.

Something of a "break-out" season last year, bagging 10 in 20 to help Sunderland get promoted. Guessing that's why we gave him a new 2-year contract. Can't think of any other reason. He's 25 the end of this season. He's a minor leaguer. Good health and lots of playing time this season, so we can move you on in the Summer.

The Maybegroup

Harry Tyrer (Chester FC). Turns 21 in December. Contract thru June 2025.

Went down to the National League North to ensure game time. He’s Chester’s first-team keeper, in goal all 7 games played so far. With luck can play 40+ games this year at 20-21-years old. At 6’4”, he got the size. Here’s luck to him and move up a league or two next season.

Tyler Onyango (#12). Burton Albion. Turns 20 in March. Contract thru 2025

Subbed out at 72’ vs Wycombe on 30 JUL.

One of two defenders didn’t press ball, which was passed thru to goal scorer starting at :10. Started pass sequence led to missed shot at 1:09.


Subbed out at 62’ vs Bristol Rovers on 6 AUG.

Did nothing of substance on video.


Subbed in at 84’ vs Rochdale on 9 AUG.

Lost ball that led to Rochdale goal starting at 1:48.


DNP Made the bench vs Accrington Stanley on 13 AUG.

DNP Made the bench vs Ipswich on 16 AUG.

DNP Made the bench vs Port Vale on 20 AUG.

Subbed in at 46’ vs Cambridge United on 27 AUG.

Nothing of consequence.

Subbed in at 66’ vs Leicester City U-21s on 30 AUG.

Nothing of consequence.

Subbed in at 72’ vs Oxford United on 3 SEP.

Nothing of consequence.


First season out of the nest and into League 1. Chin up and just keep improving young fellow.

Ryan Astley (#5). Accrington Stanley. Turns 21 in October. Contract thru 2023

Subbed in at 21’ vs Shrewsbury on 6 AUG.

Solid in the box.


Played 90 minutes vs Tranmere on 9 AUG.

Scored settle/turn/shoot goal starting at :38. Challenges attacker starting at :58. Long cross hits falling Astley and goes in for own-goal starting at 1:26. A tough break. Game went to pens. Ryan shot fourth and made his goal.


Played 90 minutes vs Burton on 13 AUG.

His man passed ball to goal scorer starting at :28.


Played 90 minutes vs MK Dons on 20 AUG.Yellow card at 10’.

Played 90 minutes vs Exeter City on 27 AUG.

Played 90 minutes vs Rochdale on 30 AUG.


Played 90 minutes vs Ipswich Town on 3 SEP.

Played 90 minutes vs Forest Green on 6 SEP.

Looks composed for a 20-year old CB. Comes to play, too. Is he strong or quick enough for the position is a fair question. Plus, the Club has a lot of CBs already. Still, he has a good look about him. And he's getting plenty of game time so far. Hope it continues all season and let's see what the Club and him want to do next June.

Niels Nkounkou (#37). Cardiff City. Turns 22 in NOV. Contract thru June 2024.

Subbed in 2nd half. Played 45 minutes vs Preston on 27 AUG.

At 1:50, watch for him coming up fast on the shaded side of the pitch.


Played 90 minutes vs Luton Town on 30 AUG.

At :30’ man-defending. At :51’ throw-in.


Played 90 minutes vs Millwall on 3 SEP.

At :47 mark attacking. At 1:53 defending.


I see a winger with potential. Managers see him as a LB. It can't be because of his defense. Keep improving, I guess. Nice to watch him attacking, though.

The Legit Up & Comers group

Lewis Dobbin (#18). Derby County. Turns 20 in January. Contract thru June 2025.

Subbed in at 70’ vs Charlton on 6 AUG.

During 2-minute highlight reel, didn’t see him.

Subbed out at 73’ vs Mansfield Town on 9 AUG.

Just missed a cross starting at 1:11. Nice chance starting at 2:37. Just missed a cross starting at 3:18. Shot saved in a crowd starting at 5:01.


Subbed in at 76’ vs Barnsley on 13 AUG.

During 10.5-minute highlight reel, only one glimpse of Dobbin.

Subbed in at 63’ vs Shrewsbury on 16 AUG.

Nice cross by Dobbin starting at 3:55.


Subbed out at 60’ vs Fleetwood on 20 AUG.

Some good looks at Dobbin in this video.


Subbed out at 67’ vs West Brom on 23 AUG.

Nice Dobbin sequence, finishing with an assist on Sibley goal starting at 1:45. Interesting that after the goal, the Derby players including Sibley, all ran over to Dobbin to celebrate.


Played 90 minutes vs Peterborough on 27 AUG

Nice sequence starting at 3:37 thru 4:45. Assist on stoppage-time game-winner starting at 10:08.


Subbed out at 59’ vs Grimsby Town on 30 AUG. Nice pass starting at :29.


Subbed in at 80’ vs Plymouth Argyle on 3 SEP.

During 11-minute highlight reel, didn’t see him.

Gets the ball and starts moving, there IS an excitement about Lewis. Could do with a few more pounds of meat on his bones.

Has started well. League 1 aint U-23s, though. Let's see how he responds as the season goes on and the league starts to catch up to him a little. Still, has a really good look about him.

Ellis Simms (#9). Sunderland. Turns 22 in January. Contract thru June 2024

DNP Made the bench vs Coventry 31 JUL

Subbed out at 90+2’ vs Bristol City on 6 AUG

Scores goal starting at :03. Scores goal starting at 1:20. Shot saved starting at 1:36.


DNP Made the bench vs Sheffield Wednesday on 10 AUG.

Subbed out at 60’ vs QPR on 13 AUG.

Shot blocked starting at :06. Scores goal starting at :45.


Subbed out at 54’ vs Sheffield United on 17 AUG.

During 2-minute highlight reel, didn’t see him.

Played 90 minutes VS Stoke on 20 AUG.

Missed shot starting at 1:00. Nice pass for shot on goal starting at 1:01.


Played 90 minutes VS Norwich on 27 AUG.

Header off the upright at 1:19.

Played 90 minutes vs Rotherham on 31 AUG.

Missed shot starting at :03. Drew foul, ref called play-on” goal scored starting at 1:19.


Played 90 minutes vs Middlesbrough on 5 SEP.

Passed to teammate for shot starting at :02.


Over 4 years has worked his way up from U-18s to the Championship. If this season goes well, he MUST get his crack at the first team. He's big, strong, can shoot and pass and ALWAYS shows for the ball.

Just stay healthy.

Jarrad Branthwaite (#22). PSV. Turns 21 in June. Contract thru June 2025

Subbed in at 107’ vs Monaco; CL 3rd Rnd qualifying w/Agr at 3-3. Battling in the defensive box, making final clearance just before game ending starting at 13:41. Some intro to the big-time.


DNP Made the bench vs Go Ahead Eagles on 13 AUG.

Subbed in at 79’ vs Rangers on 16 AUG.

Doesn’t appear on video.

DNP Made the bench vs Rangers on 24 AUG.

Subbed in at 61’ vs Excelsior on 28 AUG.

Mistimed jump on corner. Excelsior player behind him headed ball into goal starting at 5:26.


Played 90 minutes vs Volendam on 31 AUG.

As last defender beaten by Excelsior goal scorer at starting at 2:17.


DNP Made the bench vs Twente on 3 SEP.

DNP Made the bench vs Bodo Glimt in Europa League on 8 SEP.

P.S. In watching PSV, saw this 19-year old Xavi Simons. Worth a look for you fellows always looking for talent. Link

Robert Tressell
12 Posted 11/09/2022 at 08:27:32
James # 11,

Extremely thorough work! It looks like you're doing James Vaughan's job for him.

I agree with your conclusions. Simms, Dobbin and Branthwaite are our main prospects, closest to being first-team ready.

Possibly with Virginia, Warrington and Onyango in the next cohort.

James Flynn
13 Posted 11/09/2022 at 17:09:55
Thanks Robert. Had Virginia and Warrington. Forgot to cut and paste them in.

A Maybe.

Lewis Warrington (#16). Fleetwood. Turns 20 in October. Contract thru June 2024

Subbed in at 42' vs Wycombe on 3 September

Don't see him handling ball, but he's #16 hustling around out there.


Work hard and get minutes, young man. That's why the club sent you out on loan.

Joao Virginia (#1). Cambuur. Turns 23 in October. Contract thru June 2024.

Vs Excelsior on 6 August.

Beaten starting at 2:25. Sprawling save. Rebound tapped in, though starting at 6:00. Suggest just going to those two points on video. The rest is just Cambuur attacking,


Vs Utrecht on 13 August. Clean sheet.

Nice save on breakaway starting at 0:04. Save starting at 1:19.


Vs Fortuna Sittard on 20 August. 1 goal conceded.

Goal. Poor keeping starting at 2:29 to 3:35. Save starting at 4:45. Nice defending starting at 4:48. Punched clearance starting at 7:58.


Vs AZ Alkmaar on 28 August. 1 goal conceded.

Should have stopped that shot starting at 2:16.


Vs Ajax on 3 September. 4 goals conceded. Ajax dominates with 75% possession.

Not as bad for Joao as the score might indicate. Ajax just a way better team.


Vs Groningen on 11 September. 1 goal conceded. No video up yet.

Commentary: “It was certainly not such a big blunder as two weeks ago against AZ. Then he punched a long shot from Jordy Clasie into the own goal. This time, a long-distance attempt again outwitted the Portuguese who had been hired from Everton. After seventy minutes, Tomas Suslov dribbled in after Marco Tol lost the ball and shot hard and low over the ground. Since the ball wasn't actually in the corner, Virginia certainly could and perhaps should have gotten the ball.”

Joao is strictly a Do Well, Find a Club Next Summer player. Just not that good. He's 23 next month and if there was something about him, we'd have seen it by now.

Kieran Kinsella
14 Posted 11/09/2022 at 17:30:01

It's interesting to see the trajectory of players, eg, Gibson, playing less and less.

Tryer following the path of Ruddy in the National League. Worked out okay for Ruddy who has had a solid career in the Premier League and League One.

Dobbin sounds like Gordon last year early on, signs of promise but needs some goals and assists.

Brent Stephens
15 Posted 11/09/2022 at 17:44:26
James, brilliant stuff! Thanks.
James Flynn
16 Posted 11/09/2022 at 18:40:31
Kieran, yeah. Gibson just didn't work out as far as making the first-team.

Tyrer was smart, even if he is playing on the 6th Level. What he needs to do, and appears to be doing, is get a club where he's its #1, and start piling up game experience.

Also, although I didn't put them in here, since they're not with us anymore, found a number of names I remember from when we had them. We are producing professionals, just not the first team ones we need. Or not enough of them, anyway.

James Flynn
17 Posted 14/09/2022 at 20:43:36
Simms just went off with a foot injury in the 1st half. Had a collision with an opponent, both went down.

Simms went off twice and came back on to try to play. Then off for good. Maybe a broken toe?

Kieran Kinsella
18 Posted 19/09/2022 at 19:06:04
Andre Gomes made his debut this Saturday. He played the whole 90 minutes but didn't get a single mention in the text commentary in L'Equipe.

Someone on here said he had scored a few weeks ago but they were mistaken and that goal was from Angel Gomes one of his teammates.

I thought it sounded fishy at the time and indeed he is scoreless, with one game to his name but surprisingly hasn't been booked or injured yet.

James Flynn
19 Posted 30/09/2022 at 04:30:52
Loan-Outs injuries + Branthwaite

Ellis Simms - Went down in first half on 14 Sep. Manager said, “It's his big toe, on the joint - he was struggling to push off and it's numb at the moment,”. A "maybe" for 4 Oct.


Dele Alli - Played and scored goal on 5 Sep. Went out with a "knock" and hasn't played since. Yet he doesn't appear on Besiktas injury list. Guess he's healed and will be available on Sunday

Lewis Gibson - Missed last 3 games with injury.

Manager Joey Barton: "He got kicked in the calf and had a lot of blood in there and swelling. It’s just rumbled on and on and he ended up getting a secondary scan which has shown a minor tear.

Obviously, because of his previous history, we’re keen not to rush him back.. . . . . . . The problem for us is getting him out on the grass and that has been the problem his whole career. He is clearly a talented boy."

Lewis Dobbin - Minor groin strain during game on 13 Sep. Manager states he could have played on the 17th, but kept him out to give Lewis a little more time.

Jarrod Branthwaite - Not injured. 19-year old went 90 minutes in early season 6-pointer against Feyenoord. Opened his account with one touch from corner. With win, PSV leap-frogged 3 teams to 1st Place. He's #22 in PSV stripes.


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