Everton could replicate online casino gaming success of other clubs

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Everton Football Club have not experienced the greatest period in their history over the last few seasons. The club are currently involved in a relegation battle for the second successive season. The Toffees maintain a strong core of fans based in England - regardless of their form on the pitch. Global support is certainly prevalent, but the vast majority of international fans favour the teams competing at the top end of the table. With that being said, how can Everton capitalise on their loyal support in the United Kingdom?

Club-themed online gaming

Online casino gaming is an incredibly popular industry as consumers can play all sorts of games in whichever location they wish. Football-themed online games have also been a huge success. Fantasy Premier League is incredibly popular, and it also allows fans to keep track of their favourite players and clubs. With the size of Premier League clubs commercially, and the success of online casino gaming, why not merge the two? 

There are many established online gaming brands, and Everton is certainly a historical club with a large fan base. MrQ is an example of a leading online games provider. They offer a range of casino and bingo games and even offer a blackjack chart, which can help users to improve at the traditional card game. They boast a large player base and their games are enjoyed by millions of people. Everton could form a partnership with a similar established gaming platform to launch a range of their own games.

Online casino gaming constantly increases in popularity in the UK, and Everton has a vast fan base in their home nation. Games could be created featuring club branding, as well as current and even legendary players. This could be advantageous in a number of different ways. Fans could contribute to the club's revenue streams by playing such games. Also, by playing the games the fans could feel more connected to their favourite players. The FPL game has made football fans even support rival players in their pursuit of virtual points. Club-themed Everton games could certainly help fans feel closer to their club and passionately support all of the players.

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Everton could perhaps even offer incentives for playing their online games aside from cash winnings. Rewards such as match tickets and club merchandise could be offered. A club-themed game could even have the side effect of generating new Everton fans around the country and beyond. 

Other clubs have had success with online platforms

Many clubs have gotten involved with Socios.com which offers fan tokens in exchange for owning cryptocurrencies related to specific clubs. Paris Saint Germain is an example, and they even offer physical rewards such as VIP match tickets for holding a certain amount of the club's cryptocurrency.

Clubs that rely on Socios.com to generate revenue are reliant on huge global support. PSG have almost 5,000,000 tokens in circulation which represents the huge size of their worldwide fan base. Socios' successful partnerships with many clubs show that football fans will support whatever commercial ventures their club makes. 

Everton could replicate the success of Socios on a smaller scale, but they could offer online gaming rather than fan tokens. They could introduce branded casino games as well as bingo games in the UK, by forming a partnership with an established gaming platform. Bingo especially is incredibly popular in Britain and has been enjoyed by several generations. Adding the branding of a historical club to games which already have a large reputation would surely be a success. 

Online gaming continues to rapidly grow across the globe, people want to play their favourite games at the click of a button in the comfort of their own homes. Everton can take advantage of this to help fans feel more connected to the club, and perhaps improve the club's financial situation in the process. The digital world is constantly growing larger, and as a huge club, Everton must capitalise on this. 

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