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Here are my squad ratings for the season. I know from time spent on here that opinions differ, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder- though not that much beauty this year. Those marked with a * I'd keep, all things being equal. We may not be able to move all the rest on so some of these will stay anyway and much, of course, depends on what happens next with ownership. I'm assuming that we will still have limited resources and at least one more year of frugality to balance the books; with a totally free hand, there is probably as few as 5 of the current squad I'd actively want to keep. Given our constraints, it's more likely we'll end up with triple that number, at least.

Pickford 8
Our best player and biggest asset, though I wish he’d find a way to parry shots wide rather than back into the path of opposition attackers *

Coleman 7
Not so much for his play, which was nearer a 6, when actually fit, but for being Seamus, our talisman, and for ‘that goal’. Keep for a joint back up/ coaching role *
Patterson 6
Not the finished article by any stretch but much promise *
Godrey 4
Early promise but not fulfilled. Not clear whether he is EPL level. Maybe give one more season*
Mina 5
7 when he plays, 3 for being a biscuit and being injured all the time. Can’t afford him anymore.
Coady 4
Vocal, a trier but many limitations, not least on pace, which means he tends to be restricted to  playing in a 3. Too big a constraint to keep.
Tarkowski 6
Our most consistent defender. Not great but good enough to keep *
Keane 4
So many obvious weaknesses, turns like a cargo ship, prone to calamity, never really kicked on from the young prospect he once was. Move on if we can- and try Branthwaite instead.
Holgate 3
I think the City game against Mahrez demonstrated to us- and probably him- he would be more effective dropping down a level or maybe two.
Mykolenko 4
Honest trier, average defender, hopeless going forward. Back up LB at best *
Vinagre 0
The lesser spotted Vinagre, rare as a dodo, gets a big fat zero for never actually being seen.
Garner 7
Looks to be one of our very few canny signings, positive start in midfield and showed his football nous in pulling off the RWB role in a crisis. Definite potential *
Onana 5
Am I the only one to be underwhelmed? Made less of an impression than Garner, despite costing 3 times more. I’d sell to anyone who offered us what we paid plus a small profit.
Gana 5
Consistently mediocre, looks to be past his sell by date, open to offers.
Doucoure 4
Sorry but despite being our saviour and the delightful volley against Brighton, he is one of the least skilled midfielders I’ve ever seen, poor touch, poor passing. I know we’ve already extended but I’d have saved on his wages.
Iwobi 5
Infuriatingly inconsistent, a Duracell bunny of a player, runs around a lot, mostly to not much effect. Sometimes you see a player in him, but not often. Squad player at best *
McNeil 7
Along with Garner, our best recent signing, looks to have got his confidence back, a solid EPL player who has the footballing intelligence to even do a decent job at LWB *
Davies 1
See Holgate.
The Invisible Three 0
Our Dior expensive trio of Gbamin, Dele and Gomes. None of any use, cumulatively eye wateringly expensive. Open for a Buy One get Two Free offer. Or just a 'take their wages and have them' sale. Some hope….
Calvert-Lewin 5
See Mina. But hopefully we get a fee. Shame.
Maupay 2
Maybe the worst so called striker we have ever bought. Brett Angell must be worried about his position there. Cut our losses and maybe sell to one of the promoted clubs?
Demarai Gray 5
Epitome of inconsistency, always promises more than he ever delivers, but still one of the few who could get you a goal from nowhere and worth keeping as a cheap back up *
Simms ????
How could you tell, as he never starts? Record at lower levels suggests that is actually his real level. Some appearances suggested he lacks pace, presence and skill. Goal against Chelsea and that delicious reverse pass suggests one more look *

The Management

Lampard 2
Lovely guy, yes he ‘got us’, but dear god is he a poor coach. Having nearly finished us off, he has set new lows as failed manager of around a billion pounds of talent. Sad to say, he’s out of his depth.
Dyche 6
An extra 2 marks for keeping is up. Very limited in match tactical response, albeit there is never much on the subs bench. Made a better sows ear from the old sows ear, worked out a way of optimising a very limited squad. Since that is what we will have next year as well, worth sticking with for the time being.
Moshiri 2
Lack of judgement, footballing nous and frankly, real money (it’s the Uzbeki’s not his and it has to be repaid). Weak, unless Teary Bill is blackmailing him (quite possible)
The Board 0
In the name of God, go, all of you….
We need at least one new CB, a LB, 2 Central Midfielders including at least one defensive midfielder, a RM and above all else a striker. An absolute minimum of 6 players, probably nearer 8. More midfielders if we can shift some or all of the deadweight ‘invisible three’ off the payroll. Best of luck to whoever is tasked with pulling that off with next to no money (unless we find some mugs to buy the leftovers)

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Reader Comments (26)

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Mal van Schaick
1 Posted 30/05/2023 at 16:21:41
To keep: Pickford, Coleman, Patterson, Tarkowski, Garner, McNeil, Onana. The rest for me can go, but I doubt Doucoure, Gana and Iwobi will.

The owner and the board need to come clean with Dyche asap, because I don't think that Dyche will tolerate being messed around and given false promises, and who would blame him?

Jay Harris
2 Posted 30/05/2023 at 16:54:52
Pickford 7
Great shot stopper but causes unnecessary panic and as you say parries everything back into the area.

Coleman 7
Leader and inspiration.

Patterson 7
With a decent run has enormous potential.

Godfrey 4
Early promise but covid and injuries have slowed him down and he is not big enough for a centre-back.

Mina 7
Another who inspires more than his individual contribution.

Coady 4

Tarkowski 6
Agree - Our most consistent defender. Not great but good enough to keep.

Keane 4
Worst centre-back I have seen at Everton: no concentration and weak mentality.

Holgate 3
There is a player somewhere but his arrogance and casual style keep it hidden.

Mykolenko 6
He has grown into the role IMO and has been more effective defensively than Digne.

Garner 8
Calm and safe on the ball and knows how to deliver a ball accurately. One of my favourite players.

Onana 6
Flashes of class but needs to show more application. Definite promise and a keeper for me.

Gana 7
A player of true class but needs to leave shots to others. His workrate and tackling are first class and he looks good alongside a suitable partner in midfield.

Doucouré 8
One of the few players we have who knows where the net is and has an engine that never stops. His goals have been crucial to staying up and so has his workrate.

Iwobi 6
Another high-energy player with a tremendous workrate. Great linking up play but for a player in his position does not score enough goals.

McNeil 9
Workrate, Skill, goalscoring and contributing all first class. He has been transformed from a waste of money to one of our best players since Dyche came.

Couldn't really score Tom. He hasn't contributed enough. End of his contract.

Calvert-Lewin 5
Feel sorry for the lad but injuries caused him to offer little this season. Hope he rebuilds over pre-season.

Maupay 2
Agreed. Maybe the worst so-called striker we have ever bought.

Demarai Gray 6
Contributed some important goals but became predictable so defenders knew how to play him. Good squad player though.

Simms 6
Mainly for the goal against Chelsea. Has got to bulk up and improve his heading ability and hold-up play.

Too early to judge Sean Dyche but a big improvement on Frank Lampard.

Mark Murphy
3 Posted 30/05/2023 at 23:06:00
In order of merit
1. Tarkowski - love him. Make him captain.
2. Pickford. I’d prefer him to be more commanding but he’s still great and has kept us up.
3. Patterson - he’s going to be a cracker.
4. Garner. A proper footballer - he’ll be great for us.
5. McNeil - he’s turned his game around and will be an attacking asset.
6.I’d also keep Coady and play him alongside Tarks ( and hopefully Branthwaite)
Keep Simms and bring in Canon.
That’s it (although I’d keep Seamus as back up to Patts)
Onana is going to be massive but not with us - he’s got Italian CL written all over him.
The rest are “great cos they wear the blue shirt” but wouldn’t get a game in a top half prem team.
DCL? Loved him but he’s broken.
Some serious rebuilding needed and we can’t just rely on the same 15 or so that we have.
John Raftery
4 Posted 31/05/2023 at 22:32:28
It puzzles me that Patterson is viewed so favourably by many supporters? He has been injured four times since he made his first team debut fifteen months ago. His positioning has been faulty, he has been careless in his use of the ball playing out from the back and in attack he has yet to produce any assists or goals. I won’t deny the lad has some potential, he has pace and strength but for me he is a work in progress and nowhere near the finished article.
Dale Self
5 Posted 31/05/2023 at 22:48:37
Mark thanks for doing this

Patterson is good at something the Dyche system needs imo, a forward thinking RB. He does have some bad habits but those have been in check lately. As the coverage in front of him improved he covered reliably.

I will pass on the numbers but the standouts ate McNeil and Garner. Those two demonstrated some growth in their short time here. On different sides of the pitch with different slills in possession. We lucked out with these two and they will make other transfers assimilate smoothly because of their steady styles of play.

Robert Tressell
6 Posted 31/05/2023 at 23:17:02
I hope at least part of the point of appointing Dyche is to improve the players we have, not just to sell and replace.

I certainly think it's worth seeing what Dyche can do with Godfrey, Mykolenko and a few others - and indeed the squad generally after a pre season and a little bit of strategic recruitment.

After all there's no real market for our unwanted players and we don't have any money. So we can't just say goodbye to all the players we don't think are worthy. We're going to have to find away to get them to contribute (as I think Dyche has already done).

I agree with you though that there's a core emerging of players to build around, including Pickford, Tarkowski, Patterson, Garner and McNeil. Personally I'd add DCL to that despite the injuries, which aren't hugely different to the injuries for Patterson (or big Dunc for that matter). It's just so acutely problematic with no-one else to share the load.

Ernie Baywood
7 Posted 01/06/2023 at 02:26:32
I don't see why we'd sell DCL. Mainly because no-one who could pay any worthwhile sum would be interested, but also because the kind of money we'll need to spend to entirely replace him won't be risk free. We aren't buying proven 50M players. We'll be paying 10M-20M for an unproven player.

We obviously still need to buy a striker. But DCL's fitness is still our best gamble at having a decent striker at the club.

As for the rest, outside of Pickford, McNeill, and maybe Tarkowski I think they've all fallen short.

Garner looked a natural footballer in his late season appearances. Very impressed with him. Patterson has a lot of potential but, similar to Garner, he's had injury issues.

Onana has talent and the potential to be very exciting. Historically we tend to ditch those players for more solid types and then complain that other clubs tend to have more exciting players than us. I hope we don't unless the money is just too good to turn down.

The rest can go if the deal works for us. Some can be fire sales (eg Maupay). Others might actually attract half decent fees and allow us to boost the squad with some fresh blood (eg Doucoure, Iwobi). Most are decent enough to be squad players, though I'd drive Mykolenko and Holgate to the train station myself. I'm not sure what we gain by having either of those in the squad and while they're here there'll always be the temptation for a manager to actually put them on the pitch.

None of this will happen though. Between existing FFP and the possibility of sanctions I see only a small amount of player turnover. Player sales would have to be as a result of young players coming through to fill up the squad. That's not really something our club does nowadays.

Ernie Baywood
8 Posted 01/06/2023 at 02:28:27
Oh, and I really hope Tom Davies goes and tries to have a career somewhere. Not selected and still heavily criticised. He wasn't a '1' this season. That's very unfair (as is the norm with TD). He was pretty dependable off the bench. Never memorable - but always committed.

With his style of play there will be clubs at the right level where he'll be a fan favourite.

He definitely needs to go for his own sake. He's about to turn 25. It's not going to happen for him at Everton and he's getting close to leaving it too late.

Bill Watson
9 Posted 01/06/2023 at 06:21:42
How, on earth, did Lampard get a 2? He and Mike Walker are the two worst managers we've ever had.

Completely out of his depth. Ten defeats in ten 2023 Premiership games for Everton and Chelsea says it all.

It's a 0 from me!

Sean Roe
10 Posted 01/06/2023 at 07:31:07
I would give Myko,Doucoure and Iwobi a 6, other than that I agree.

I assume that as we haven't heard anything about Coady staying, he will be going back to Wolves.

Sam Hoare
11 Posted 01/06/2023 at 07:33:06
I think Dyche deserves a 7 at the least. He took on an extremely lopsided squad, shorn of its only striker and bereft of confidence; and somehow he managed to get 1.15 points per game despite a very tricky fixture list.

Over the course of the season that would have seen us finishing 12th, which is much higher up than this squad deserves I’d say.

Danny O’Neill
12 Posted 01/06/2023 at 07:43:17
It's a game of opinions, Mark, but you are a harsh marker.

I think that's a bit harsh on Coady. I understand his limitations, but he was better than that.

Next season will be a big one for Ben Godfrey. Make or break. The conundrum with him is where his best position is in my opinion. This has just come into my head, so feel free to have a pop and laugh. Centre back? Full back? Defensive midfielder? Like a lesser Phil Neville, just not as good and playing in a poor team. Still relatively young though. Let's see.

Tarkowski a 6? Can't agree with that one.

Mykolenko, at 22, is learning. In difficult circumstances. Both personally and in the Goodison circus tent. Last season, some wrote him off after 2 games. Some keep saying we can see in on the left of a back 3. Maybe that's his position, but he is a good player with potential, desire and work rate.

Garner is so comfortable on the football and always looking for a forward pass. Another young player who can get better.

I can't agree on Gueye. Even at 34, he was an engine, often being left to try and do it on his own, as was Tarkowski at times.

Onana is going to be a very good player. Only 21 and needs to find consistency.

Doucoure was much better when following what I assume where instructions to get forward and use his energy. We started getting goals out of him.

Harsh on Iwobi. Yes, sometimes he confuses himself. Yes, he makes mistakes. But always looking forward and, to repeat myself, trying to create something.

Like Mykolenko last season, I heard McNeil written off early in the season. He became one of our best players and his delivery is a weapon we can use. If he's got something to aim for.

Gray is fast becoming our latest Iwobi type enigma. To be fair, he has often been asked to play as our striker. Not his position.

I don't know how the board scored 0. It should have been a negative rating. You shouldn't have wasted the time typing. I don't know why I am now!

Thanks for the assessment. It will no doubt generate healthy debate.

Ian Hollingworth
13 Posted 01/06/2023 at 14:45:36
Mark I think your ratings are pretty much spot on.
They need to be harsh as we have been in a shitty mess for a few years with these players.
Teary eyed BK approach has not worked.
Time for harsh reality and a big overhaul even if it means gambling on some young talent from the lower leagues.
We cannot keep moving forward with this under achieving bunch unless last day relegation escapes are going to be our 'good times' for the foreseeable.
Martin Mason
14 Posted 01/06/2023 at 15:39:56
Mina kept us up because of his form when he came back for the run-in. He can't be marked down because he gets injured. Pickford 9 as the best keeper on the planet must be, Mina 7 perhaps 8 in comparison. Pickford's parry wasn't a mistake in any way and yet the author patently and wrongly marks him down for it. I'd give Tchaikowski 7 for his performances in a dreadful defence and Iwobi 7 for some very good and very underrated performances out of his best position.
Mark Murphy
15 Posted 01/06/2023 at 15:58:12
Martin there aren’t many Russian classical composers who could put the fear of God in Haarland!
Mark Murphy
16 Posted 01/06/2023 at 16:00:49
Let’s just hope Sunday wasn’t his swan song….
I’m here all week…
Kieran Kinsella
17 Posted 01/06/2023 at 16:04:01

Certianly not Sergei NotManinoff

Ben King
18 Posted 01/06/2023 at 16:07:16
Dyche 6???

C’mon fella, he kept up a squad that was bereft in quality, confidence and attacking options

Sorry, you’re wrong here. Dyche deserves an 8 or 9

Robert Tressell
19 Posted 01/06/2023 at 16:17:33
Fans of Leeds, Saints and Leicester would all give Dyche a 10, I expect.

By rights I think we should have finished 2nd bottom this season.

Hodgson, Cooper and O'Neill all did cracking jobs too but were working with better squads.

Martin Mason
20 Posted 01/06/2023 at 17:27:46
I agree that Dyche also is possibly underscored here. What more could he have done and we had momentum at the end.
Michael Lynch
21 Posted 01/06/2023 at 17:33:47
Dyche gets a 10 from me. He came in when we looked a lost cause, he was given no new players, half the players he had were sick notes or laughably bad, and yet he kept us up.

Lampard would have relegated us. What more do you want?

Tony Everan
22 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:01:59
Sean Dyche gets a 10 from me too, we were on our knees when he came, blindfolded with the relegation revolver nuzzling the back of our skull. The players were unfit for PL football, disorganised and disorientated.

This unglamorous man came in with some single minded pragmatism and forced the basics down the throat of our players . They all already know the basics, but they needed the leadership and discipline that Dyche brought.

Extreme tough love for a good few weeks drilling them and getting them into shape and communicating with clarity to them as to their roles and what expected of them within the system.

He made some mistakes but atoned for them, how many managers have we had that just keep on flogging the dead horse ? He has had catastrophic injuries for the club with DCL and first choice and second choice full backs on both sides. He’s overcome it all with good footballing decisions and players looking like they know what they are doing for the first time in a long time.

I mean trusting Jimmy Garner to to play that wing back role against Bournemouth was a big call. The young lad played an incredible match out of position that was a big factor in the result. I am still buzzing about how he handled it, because it shows we have got a very good player. He gets a 10 for that performance. ( McNeill gets a 10 too , because he became my favourite player since Dyche arrived)…what was Frank up to with him? McNeill showed very good strength of character to turn it around and become the team’s best player in the last few months.

Finally after the result there was no fireworks from the manager. Something along the lines of, “good work but a club like Everton shouldn’t be celebrating finishing 17th, plenty of hard work to do”.

There’s a big challenge ahead of him but he has more than earned his right to get some players in and build a team he can call his own. I would love to see him next year with an improved team taking points out of the sky six darlings and causing them some grief. I can almost see their managers whining and moaning to the camera about us taking a point or three off them. Bring it on please!

I’m opted can put a team / squad together for next season that can hold its own in the league. Make the first step to mid table and ready to push on.

He’s still an unglamorous and dogged manager but

Gerry Quinn
23 Posted 02/06/2023 at 17:47:09
Makes you wonder how or why players get so vastly different comments about them...Doucoure in particular. How can he be classed as totally useless and crap by some and then really good by others...weird, weird, weird
Martin Mason
24 Posted 02/06/2023 at 18:01:45
To be fair, it's impossible to give a rating unless you first define what the benchmark is and over what period. Gerry@23, the problem with Doucoure is that his form varies massively but over the run in he is at least a 7? The goal was worth £100MM for Everton so how can you put a value on it? Doucoure 10 and with every justification.
Chris Leyland
25 Posted 02/06/2023 at 18:55:59
A 10 for Dyche for keeping up the most imbalanced goal shy squad in the Premier League.

Gana deserves a higher mark too. He was often doing the work of 2 midfielders and never hid.

Pickford is our one superstar. He has been consistent for 3 years and he makes saves that other keepers can’t. People still go on about that Gordon Banks save against Brazil in 1970 but Pickford’s save against Chelsea last season was better and only bettered by big Neve’s save V Spurs in 1985.

Arthur Westhead
26 Posted 03/06/2023 at 13:42:37
Mark, I think you are well off the 'mark' with some ratings.

Dyche at 6 is harsh - we were absolutely going down under Lampard and somehow he got us enough points to stay up. There were things he should have done better (playing Mina earlier for one). But he has to be 10 for keeping us up.

Patterson at 7 is way over generous - he has been injured for most of the season and played in less than half our games. I like him and feel he will get better, but he had some very average performances. So it's a 5 from me.

Tarkowski at 6 is way below what he deserves. Played every game (twice as many as Patterson), his stats in every area are better than Patterson's. A few errors here and there over the season, a few average games but mostly very good and dependable every week. But most importantly he is our leader on the pitch and held the defence together. I think he runs Pickford close for Player of the Season. Has to be 8.

Harsh again on Gana 5 and Doucouré 4. Many games Gana seemed to be holding midfield on his own (Onana nowhere to be seen). Doucouré under Dyche helped save our season, and his goals in the last few games were vital. 7 from me although he probably deserves 10 for his goal that saved us – because we weren't scoring any other way!

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