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Could Danjuma end up at Everton after all?

| 30/06/2023 86comments  |  Jump to last

Everton are weighing up another move to take Arnaut Danjuma on loan from Villarreal despite the Dutch forward's stunning volte-face when he was on the verge of joining the Blues in January.

Danjuma was all set to sign a loan deal with Everton in the final week of the winter transfer window and had reportedly even done all the promotional work, including photos holding the kit, ahead of his unveiling at Finch Farm.

However, a delay in the paperwork at Villarreal's end gave the former Bournemouth man enough time to have second thoughts following the dismissal of Frank Lampard before travelling down to London to talk with Tottenham Hotspur and ended up signing for them instead.

His switch to Spurs did not go as planned, though, and he remained a fringe option first under Antonio Conte and then under interim bosses Christian Stellini and Ryan Mason, making just 9 appearances and scoring once. 

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According to Daily Mail Sport, however, there is "no bad blood" between Everton and Danjuma and they could offer the 26-year-old a route back to the Premier League with another loan offer.

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Reader Comments (86)

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Alex Gray
3 Posted 30/06/2023 at 16:47:42
I would love to see him still to be honest. He didn't get a good crack at Spurs but he's a good player!
Lyndon Lloyd
4 Posted 30/06/2023 at 16:51:38
Agreed, and we're in no position to hold a grudge when he's still available on loan, presumably with an option to buy.
Peter Hodgson
5 Posted 30/06/2023 at 16:57:20
I won't comment but just wait and see what happens (if anything).
John Graham
6 Posted 30/06/2023 at 17:02:03
Hopefully he missed the boat after the first about turn.
Couldn't get into the Spurs team even though they were fighting for points and probably too weak for the Premier League.

Fancy Dan with no end product.

Steve Shave
7 Posted 30/06/2023 at 17:07:10
I would love to see this happen, hopefully with an option to purchase. He had a brilliant season in Spain, it does make me wonder why they don't want him after a season like that?

Still, beggars can't be choosers and the chance to sign a winger on loan with Premier League experience and an end product (despite your views John) should be given serious consideration.

This signing and Piroe or Gyökeres would go a long way to easing my fears for the coming season.

Gary Brown
8 Posted 30/06/2023 at 17:09:02
If Gray's being moved on, he's competition and backup for McNeil.

If Gray's not going, there's zero point.

Hector Blaukugel
9 Posted 30/06/2023 at 17:18:57
Yeah, why not. I'm sure the media reveal photos from last time are still on file somewhere. Save us a few quid.
Pat Kelly
10 Posted 30/06/2023 at 17:30:27
He scored once with Spurs. Good enough for us so. Of course, he could reject us again.
Ben King
11 Posted 30/06/2023 at 17:32:35
I'm probably being childish (nay, I'm definitely being childish), but I don't want him after the way he treated us.

We invested a lot of time in trying to secure him and he stiffed us in the end. Why should we give him another route back to the Premier League??

Oh yes, because we're totally desperate and have very very few viable options. Silly me…

John Raftery
12 Posted 30/06/2023 at 18:06:49
Can he score a few goals? Can he cross a ball? Is he cheap? If the answers are ‘yes’ that’s three of the essential criteria met.
Jack Convery
13 Posted 30/06/2023 at 18:25:33
I feel like I couldn't care less.
Dale Rose
14 Posted 30/06/2023 at 18:36:54
Heard James Rodrigo could be on the way to us from Leeds.
Mark Taylor
15 Posted 30/06/2023 at 18:41:37
A Spurs reject and a proven Championship player, so it's shopping at Lidl not Harrods. But that is where we are right now, if not even at the metaphorical food bank. In the context of our situation, he is probably the best we can do right now, slightly damaged goods, but some evidence of talent.

A loan with an option to buy seems low risk so long as salary demands have not been inflated by Spurs. Wide right is not the most urgent gap to plug right now, but it seems he might also have a goal in him, which is definitely a big gap. Anyone know if he's ever played through the middle? Otherwise, we still need Calvert-Lewin back-up and/or replacement.

I can see us offering terms, him agreeing, then ending up at Palace.

Paul Kossoff
16 Posted 30/06/2023 at 18:49:20
No bad blood from Everton. That's why we get pissed on and laughed at because of the nice culture we are supposed to have. Don't argue with the ref, don't rock the boat, know your place.

And people on here would welcome him like a prodigal son. He put his two fingers up to us and made us look stupid. Tell him and his agent to fuck off and go back to Levy's mob.

Sam Hoare
17 Posted 30/06/2023 at 18:55:24
Gyökeres going to Lisbon apparently.

I'm not so keen on Piroe, he's a decent finisher but is not quick or good in the air. Gives me Tosun vibes. But he'd be cheap, could probably get him for £6M + Simms.

I'd take Danjuma on loan. He's an upgrade on Gray.

Tony Everan
18 Posted 30/06/2023 at 18:56:52
In 2021-22, for Villarreal 10 goals, 3 assists in 23 games
6 goals in 11 Champions League games.

So there is definitely a player there who knows how to score. If we can get him in on loan, it will give us more financial headroom to get the best quality striker in we can.

Billy Shears
19 Posted 30/06/2023 at 18:57:07
I can't believe we are after this useless prick, he rejected us once, whereas the lad from Coventry is Portugal bound.

Only at Everton... another season of struggle then!

Brian Harrison
20 Posted 30/06/2023 at 19:09:52
I have no idea what players we are interested in, but I just hope that no player is bought without first consulting Sean Dyche.

He knows the type of player he wants and hopefully it won't be our owner or his pal Joorabchin choosing potential buys.

Steve Shave
21 Posted 30/06/2023 at 19:31:21
I hear what you are saying on Piroe, Sam, but I actually think he is more of a Dyche forward than Gyökeres.

The reason I am sticking my neck out on Piroe is because I believe we aren't even an attractive enough proposition for Gyökeres. That is a sorry state of affairs really.

I'm not even sure we are an attractive proposition for Piroe, I think we would be lucky to get him at the moment! Simms going the other way somewhere seems to be our best bargaining chip.

Kunal Desai
22 Posted 30/06/2023 at 19:40:40
I don't forsee us doing much business. One or two cheap deals and couple of loans probably.

Most of our activity will happen just before the close of the window. It's the way the club operates.

Robert Tressell
23 Posted 30/06/2023 at 19:53:38
Neither Danjuma nor Piroe are exceptional players but they are good footballers and have really good goalscoring records in the Championship – and that's a very tough league, tougher than many foreign leagues.

Danjuma has obviously done well in Spain too. Ignore the situation at Spurs. Spurs were a mess, as highlighted by Richarlison's crap season there.

If we secure both of them, we add about 20 goals to the squad – which is, in my view, enough to stop worrying about relegation next season.

On a different but related note, we also seem to have got past the 30 June mark without needing to sell either of Pickford or Onana, which means we might not be totally destitute.

Sam Hoare
24 Posted 30/06/2023 at 19:55:38
Steve @21,

I'm afraid I feel the opposite about Piroe. Despite being 6ft-1in he is really not great in the air and needs the ball playing into his feet all the time.

Maybe he could do well playing off Calvert-Lewin or similar but is (dare I say it) more of a Maupay player than a target man. He could be an option to play wide or even as 10, he's not a great dribbler but would likely add a few goals from any forward spot.

Gyökeres is better with the physical stuff. And also a slightly harder worker potentially.

I would have thought we had a good chance at Gyökeres but Lisbon is a sensible move for him and if he does well he might get a shot at the Premier League in a Top 10 team in a year or two.

Nick White
25 Posted 30/06/2023 at 19:57:26
Personally I'd tell him to get lost. Surely wouldn't be popular with the players after changing his mind last minute to warm the bench at Spurs.

I'd get him along, agree a verbal deal and then before the contract is signed announce another player and tell him we've changed our minds. But this is Everton of course so probably pay him a fortune.

Neil Lawson
26 Posted 30/06/2023 at 20:01:07
With you, Nick. If he didn't want to come in January, then that speaks volumes. Foxtrot Oscar.

Let's sign someone who wants to play for us and doesn't consider us 2nd class (even if we are).

Dale Self
27 Posted 30/06/2023 at 20:18:32
I would let him believe that he is wanted and then wait. If he wants the move for real he will be patient. All the while I’d be shopping alternatives.
Ian Bennett
28 Posted 30/06/2023 at 21:01:16
One of 4 loans available?

Why not. Him, Broja, a left back, a goal scoring midfielder.

Ship out Simms, Gomes, Gray, Alli, Gbamin, Holgate, Maupay.

That should put some money into getting a goal scorer, plus money to underwrite loans with obligation to buy.

Soren Moyer
29 Posted 30/06/2023 at 21:07:32
Wout Weghorst has been sent back to Burnley. God help us!
Dale Self
30 Posted 30/06/2023 at 21:15:33
Prayers answered, both Pickford and Onana are still in the squad. We will obviously be okay.

I may have been a bit pissy about Danjuma since Villarreal have Chukwueze. It is easy to see why he is available. I see two concerns though, that beard is weird and he's Dutch.

Steve Shave
31 Posted 30/06/2023 at 21:26:02
Oh come on Dale, why so down on the Dutch? I thought you loved a schmoke and a pancake?
Nick Page
32 Posted 30/06/2023 at 21:26:29
Is this a joke?
Tom Bowers
33 Posted 30/06/2023 at 21:36:55
We could be clutching at straws but when you are desperate you have to check all your options.

We are in dire need of more offense but we don't need another Maupay.

If he can come on the cheap or even on loan then it might turn out okay.

Nick Page
34 Posted 30/06/2023 at 21:46:25
How much did Maupay cost?
Dale Self
35 Posted 30/06/2023 at 22:00:41
Steve, I'm just going by what Michael Caine said. Cough Heitinga, cough Drenthe.

I note you did not bring up the beard.

Geoff Lambert
36 Posted 30/06/2023 at 22:07:00
Get him in on loan. He can't be any worse than what we already have. If it works out, sign him; if not, don't.
Paul Kossoff
37 Posted 30/06/2023 at 23:19:04
Neal Maupay is 'interested in leaving' Goodison Park after struggling to make a telling impact on Merseyside, journalist Paul Brown has told GiveMeSport.

Toffees boss Sean Dyche has set his sights on freshening up his squad after successfully steering clear of relegation to the Championship and maintaining the club's Premier League status.

According to Football Insider, Maupay's representatives have held preliminary discussions with a number of clubs in Ligue 1 and Serie A ahead of a potential move away from Everton.

The report suggests the Toffees are open to sanctioning the Frenchman's exit after he failed to secure regular game-time last term.

Apparently the useless twonk wants to return to France… that would be Nice for him! 😀

I'll get me coat.

Bill Gienapp
38 Posted 30/06/2023 at 23:32:07
We don't really have the luxury of pride. If we think he can contribute, and there's no bad blood between him and the club, why not?

His lack of impact with Spurs is meaningless, he barely even played and they were mired in dysfunction.

Mark Taylor
39 Posted 30/06/2023 at 23:32:48
I'm also 'interested' in Maupay leaving Goodison Park.

We have had some useless twats in my time but he is in the upper quartile of those.

Michael Lynch
40 Posted 30/06/2023 at 23:43:19
We should offer him a deal, stall it as long as we can and then, on transfer deadline day, tell him we're signing someone else instead.
Paul Kernot
41 Posted 01/07/2023 at 00:27:05
I know I'm repeating myself but I seriously think we should take a close look at QPR & Scotland #9 Lyndon Dykes.

Definitely a Dyche type target man who would hustle the shit out of defences and bang a few in too.

Eric Myles
42 Posted 01/07/2023 at 00:42:15
Dale #35, cough Koeman, cough Shandy Andy, cough Van der Beek, cough El Ghazi, cough Klaassen, cough Stekelenburg, cough Westerveld, cough Atteveld.

I think I need to see a doctor for this cough.

Don Alexander
43 Posted 01/07/2023 at 00:50:58
Danjuma? Is he related to the much vaunted Sandro Ramirez, the last gem prised out of Spain under the authority of Moshiri's "genius", and still perennially enduring, chosen one when it comes to football know-how?
Neil Carter
44 Posted 01/07/2023 at 08:12:13
Not convinced-needs to prove he can play in the Premier League-didn’t do much at Spurs.
We can’t afford to do another Ramirez or Klasson with a weak and small squad.
Steve Shave
45 Posted 01/07/2023 at 08:26:01
Dale @35, you leave his beautiful pube beard out of this pal!! ;)

Okay, so Dutch players perhaps haven't travelled well to the UK historically, Klaassen being one of our bigger transfer faux pas over the years. Personally, I rather liked Bergwin who was at Spurs, not given a full crack of the whip there.

I think this lad on loan and a punt on Piroe has got to be worth the gamble. We aren't even shopping in Asda chaps, it's Lidl all the way, thankfully if you are really careful though bargains can be found (in between the bratwurst and the pastries) and Thelwell must be allowed to do his job.

I defer to your superior scouting knowledge, Sam, regarding Piroe but at 23, an improving goal xG and some decent service, I think he could do well. I think it is clear to see that Gyökeres is superior, hence he is worth double. Pace, power, good assist tally, and is far less of a risk. He will be out of our price range sadly.

Maybe Thelwell should just gamble what we have on MLS signings? Vasquez from Cincinnati looks to be a real prospect, I know the timing isn't great with the MLS season though and they've just flogged his strike partner as well. Say what you like about Brands and Thewell, when have they ever been allowed to do their jobs? Instead we gave all the money to Koeman and Walsh (shudder). It's time we let the DoF do what he is paid to do!

Steve Griffiths
46 Posted 01/07/2023 at 09:10:10
Nick (34), somewhere in the region of £12M. It was probably in instalments, so any fee we get for him will go straight to Brighton.
Tony Waring
47 Posted 01/07/2023 at 09:33:25
What abut Ndiaye from Sheffield Utd???
Paul Smith
48 Posted 01/07/2023 at 10:06:06
No grudge but he was shite at Spurs… so why?
Tony Abrahams
49 Posted 01/07/2023 at 10:24:44
Everton and Cloggies don't mix! Hopefully this changes if we sign this player but the only decent Dutch player we had was seemingly round the bend (Drenthe) and the only professional-minded Dutch player we have had, was distinctly average at best, imo.

I forgot about Heitenga, who wasn't the worst, but the less said about Brands and Koeman the better.

If I was going Dutch, I'd try and bring Steven Pienaar back to the club (he's coaching at Ajax?) and give him a very prominent role in our academy. But this is something for another thread, even if I believe that this is a route that Everton need to be taking after the total mismanagement of the Moshiri years.

Paul Hewitt
50 Posted 01/07/2023 at 10:29:49
Paul @48.

The lad hardly played for Spurs, so calling him shite isn't fair. I actually think given game time he'd be a very good signing.

Robert Tressell
51 Posted 01/07/2023 at 10:55:11
Tony, the reason we have a history of poor Dutch players is because we have bought either:

- broken ones for peanuts (Drenthe & Van der Meyde); or

- decent ones completely unsuited to our style of football and possibly the Premier League (Klaassen).

Heitinga, being in neither category, was fine.

Given that Danjuma and Piroe have shown excellent form in the Championship, it looks like they are decently adapted to English football and should be fine in the Premier League given a decent run of games and a team that plays to their strengths.

Two other Championship Dutchmen, Flemming and Hamer, would also be very good additions, I expect. I'd love Flemming, in particular.

Tony Abrahams
52 Posted 01/07/2023 at 11:08:12
I was just being a bit facetious, Robert, so I will take your word for it. This won't stop me saying that Koeman had already proved himself in the English game.

Although I must now give the benefit of the doubt to Marcel Brands, whose lack of experience in England, clearly undermined Marco Silva, imo mate!

Danny O’Neill
53 Posted 01/07/2023 at 11:29:51
Yes Tony agree on Pienaar. I would love him come back to Finch Farm.

A product of Ajax's satellite club in South Africa before moving onto Ajax itself and then Dortmund before Everton.

He is currently coaching the Ajax U18s.

I would love Everton to do the satellite club thing and expand our scouting / feeder network as well as investing more in the local footballing scene.

I guess that is Director of Football territory.

Andy Meighan
54 Posted 01/07/2023 at 12:01:17
In agreement with Tony 47.

Could do a lot worse than Ndiaye.

I know a few Sheffield Utd fans who rave about this lad, one of them a bit younger than me actually said to me he's the best player this club has ever had. Praise indeed. I watched him a few times albeit in the Championship and looks a player.

This Thelwall has got to start earning his corn sooner or later, because so far he's done absolutely nothing.

Dale Self
55 Posted 01/07/2023 at 14:06:53
I will update my Heitinga memories. I thought he started well but came up missing for quite a few games before contributing at the end of the season.

Steve 45 that has me cleaning spewed coffee off the counter. Ah TW, good times.

Steve Shave
56 Posted 01/07/2023 at 14:16:13
Good stuff ,Dale, don't dribble any of that coffee in yer Danjuma beard!

Tony Waring @47 makes a good shout for Ndiaye of Sheff Utd. Apparently they want to sell as he has one year left and does not intend to sign a new contract. Proper player who could cover a number of forward positions, word on the street is that he will ultimately gravitate to an out and out striker.

Am I the only one who quite liked Heitinga??

Joe Digney
57 Posted 01/07/2023 at 14:58:40
It's sounding like Rodrigo could be the first one through the door after his move to Sevilla brokedown (they are even more skint than us somehow).

It could be a clever move for £3 million; he got double figures in a team somehow even worse than us last season.

Dale Self
58 Posted 01/07/2023 at 15:26:22
Thanks Joe, I think that dude will fight for any shirt he wears. I also think he would notice the difference in shirts.

And Steve, it is when it gets on the weed that is the problem.

Kim Vivian
59 Posted 02/07/2023 at 08:49:43
I think we should stick to letting Dyche and Thelwell make the call on this rather than all the super-agents on here calling out Danjuma for being shite, a waster, crap at Spurs etc – but then so was/is Richie based on last season and we'd have him back in a heartbeat.

I don't really know that much about the guy, but if Dyche reckons he will work, and he is prepared to come and put the effort in for the shirt, then I'm all in for this despite his previous u-turn.

Steve Shave
60 Posted 02/07/2023 at 09:13:50
Hey Kim, I agree to a certain extent that we should stop shitting on potential targets we know next to nothing about and that Dyche and Thelwell need to be allowed to get on with it.

However, there are definitely two pools of TWs on here regarding such subjects. There are those who are interested in players, scouting, potential and really like all the football manager chatter. This is not only harmless speculation, it informs others on here about players out there and many seem to appreciate it.

Then there are the other lot who will bitch and moan about everyone other than superstars we are linked to. They will have a meltdown the second they read some clickbait bullshit about some player we are linked to. If we do happen to sign them they will write them off before seeing them kick a ball. This pool is made up of two types IMO, those whose expectations are stuck in the 80s and those who are just genuinely miserable and negative on here.

Thankfully there is another pool of TWs who are less interested in this speculation but who are intelligent and objective and interested in observing the madhouse that is Everton and all things related.

Rodrigo wouldn't be my first choice due to his age but he has adapted really well to the Premier League and scored 15 goals last season, a battler. I would like to see younger players coming in but if this free's up some dosh to go for someone like Ndiaye (sp?) then I will be okay with that.

Changing the subject, I hear Omar Niasse is being lined up as back-up for Calvert-Lewin, a locker has been cleared for him, he had a really good season in Russia, don't you know… ;)

Mick O'Malley
61 Posted 02/07/2023 at 10:15:37
Paul Hewitt @50

I agree, the lad never got a chance at Spurs and, as Kim pointed out, Richarlison was hardly a roaring success either.

Spurs were dysfunctional last season with Conte's meltdowns and then dropping like a stone.

Wasn't one of the reasons he never signed because Lampard convinced him to come but was then sacked before Danjuma arrived? I'd give the lad a second chance definitely,

Dan Nulty
62 Posted 02/07/2023 at 10:36:19
My instinct is definitely to cut my nose off to spite my face.

However, would I have carried on signing for a club that has sacked their manager while all the paperwork is being sorted? Not sure I would have.

If a cheap loan, I'm happy to give him a chance.

Robert Tressell
63 Posted 02/07/2023 at 10:50:41
That's the spirit, Dan. Bless there are some very sensitive souls on ToffeeWeb. I hope people are more at ease with their love lives than they are with Danjuma rejecting us in January.
Steve Cotton
64 Posted 02/07/2023 at 12:02:11
Wow his parent club must be desperate to get him gone..
Paul Birmingham
65 Posted 02/07/2023 at 12:15:19
I think a loan is a good option.
The lad would hopefully have fire in his belly and a point to prove.

In the current predicament, and preseason and the new season, weeks away, Sean Dyche and the squad need every help they can get.

This season, a couple of forwards and elsewhere are priority, across the squad.
I hope its not a last minute flutter, in the transfer market.

Evertons survival this season will be built on a solid functional squad, and a consistent start, and hopefully mid table, before Chrimbo.


Frank McGregor
66 Posted 02/07/2023 at 14:06:25
I would like to see the club look internally at players like Cannon who may be equal to or better than the constant search abroad for players who are being peddled by the pathetic agent system.

To me, home grown talent is more likely to give value for money, thus avoiding the waste on players like Maupay etc.

Peter Hodgson
67 Posted 02/07/2023 at 18:40:30
I agree, Frank, but I expect there is an expectation that 'home grown', that isn't yet ready, could take more time and consume more effort than a ready-made example.

However, on the other hand, as we are tight for time (and players), I can understand the current approach due to our circumstances.

Jay Evans
68 Posted 02/07/2023 at 20:18:26
If he ends up slithering back here, then don't forget he still owes us for a full English.
Chris Donnelly
69 Posted 03/07/2023 at 11:02:32
We are being left behind as usual. Pre-season starts this week and no new arrivals; year after year we get players in after pre-season, and then they spend till October just getting up to the necessary levels required for the way the manager wants to play.

A new ethos and a new direction will never come. Everyone around us is signing players, but we are still standing still. What the hell is going on? Does the owner really want to be relegated!!!

There are rumours and rumours and more rumours, but no movement, no forward thinking or planning. If we have no money to spend, then be at the front of the queue for free agents and loan deals. Just so depressing being an Evertonian under this mish-mosh ownership.

How can a multi-billionaire accountant run a business in this way? Or is this just an in-your-face, bold-as-brass way of washing a certain Russian Oligarch's money!!! And we are the mugs that it's happening too!!! It stinks!!!!

Here is the first step to having the best stadium in the Championship!!!!

Chris Donnelly
70 Posted 03/07/2023 at 11:09:38
Sorry!! Just having a bit of a meltdown!!

Totally fed up with everything Everton right now!!!

Andrew Ellams
71 Posted 03/07/2023 at 11:52:07
I think people criticising Dutch players need to look a little closer to home.

Cough Van Dijk, cough Overmars, cough Van Persie, cough Bergkamp, cough Stam, cough Robben, cough Van Nistelrooy and so on.

Oh and the two guys at Ipswich in the 70s.

Sam Hoare
72 Posted 03/07/2023 at 12:20:54
An ocassionally reliable journalist saying we've bid £35M for El Bilal Toure of Almeria.

Seems a big fee for someone so raw but guess its probably spread over 5 years which seems to be the way we like to do business.

Interesting young player who's big and fast, decent in the air and decent finisher. A replacement or alternative to Calvert-Lewin, you'd think.

Alex Gray
73 Posted 03/07/2023 at 12:41:21
Toure is a good option for us. Young player whos quick strong and scores 1 in 3 games and still improving.
Tony Abrahams
74 Posted 03/07/2023 at 12:54:50
Holland has always been a great footballing nation, imo Andrew, but I don't think I could look any closer to home, when looking at the Dutch people who have specifically been involved with Everton.

Just because I said Everton and Cloggies don't mix, doesn't mean I was criticizing Dutch footballers, but I suppose it's how you perceive it, mate.

Paul Hewitt
75 Posted 03/07/2023 at 12:56:56
Alex, the lads scored 13 goals in 3 seasons, hardly prolific. And not at that price.

Personally I'd go for the lad from Boro, Akpom. Or the lad from Sheffield United whose name fails me at the moment.

Alex Gray
76 Posted 03/07/2023 at 13:03:43
He's only young and, if he was our only attacking purchase, I'd agree with you, Paul. We'll see what happens.
Nick Page
77 Posted 03/07/2023 at 13:11:55
Unlikely we'll be signing anyone anytime soon. So can't really see the point of any of this. We're skint AF. Again. Sell to buy. What cash we do have will largely be for the new Kenwright stand and function suite at the new stadium. And considering we don't have a board in place, who's going to be doing these deals?

If the management of this football club had learnt anything over the past 5 years, then surely it should be that if we are to make signings, they have to be multiple, from lower divisions, globally and on much smaller wages. But it's hard to impress such ideals on complete idiots.

Unless some miracle befalls EFC, we're starting last and ending there. Last year will be a successful season in comparison. Hope I'm wrong!

Out has gone: Mina, Coady, Davies, Townsend, Vinagre, Kean, Nkounkou, Begovic.

Back from loan:
Gomes, Gbamin, Alli, Branthwaite.

Rumoured Sales:
Gray, Onana, Maupay.

Still injured:

Looking really strong!

Vijay Nair
78 Posted 03/07/2023 at 14:01:16
Not that it makes much of a difference Nick, but you forgot Joao Virginia back from loan, and Harry Tyrer out (on loan)...
Eric Myles
79 Posted 03/07/2023 at 14:50:22
Andrew #71,

None of them played for us, cough.

Sam Hoare
80 Posted 03/07/2023 at 16:18:19
Alex & Paul,

I think Toure has some exciting potential. And he could be pretty decent right now. 7 goals in 1200 minutes for a poor Almeria team is not bad at all at only 21.

He's quick, strong and could be a handful.

There's a few teams that want him and though his stats don't look awesome there's definitely some talent there.

Sam Hoare
81 Posted 03/07/2023 at 16:23:36
Sounds like Rodrigo may be incoming too.

If we got Bilal Toure and Rodrigo for around £30M and were able to sell Gray and Simms for £20M, I think that would be pretty good business.

Graham Williams
82 Posted 03/07/2023 at 17:04:19
Sam - Rodrigo is 32.
Sam Hoare
83 Posted 03/07/2023 at 17:33:58
Yes Graham. He'd be a cheap short term move whereas Bilal Toure would be an investment into a player with potential (who could also contribute now).
John Williams
84 Posted 03/07/2023 at 18:18:14
Surely Everton cannot afford to have 3 or 4 players that
will be off to the African Nations Cup in January 2024.
That could be the final nail in the coffin.
Tony Everan
85 Posted 03/07/2023 at 18:31:53
Rodrigo is a class act, stood out a mile whenever I watched Leeds. He's a player that will get 10 goals a season for us over the next two seasons to help us stay out of trouble and ease our passage into the new stadium.

He's 32 but looked as sharp as a tack last season, he's got two more top years in him for sure. The buyout clause is peanuts, just a matter of keeping the wage demands realistic.

Bilal Toure looks like a young player on the up, Thelwell has been tracking him for a while. He nearly got us Kudus last season so let's hope this kid is a good a spot. They will have to be very careful assessing his muscle injury and recovery from surgery if they are serious.

Kieran Kinsella
86 Posted 03/07/2023 at 19:30:49
John 84,

Good point with Doucoure now representing Mali that's our midfield three (Iwobi, Gueye and him) all likely gone. Don't worry – we have Tom Davies… oh wait.

Or we have Gbamin back… wait, I guess he will be there too. Onana? Oh yeah he wants to join a Champions League team. Okay, so Gomes and Dele it is.

Nick Page
87 Posted 03/07/2023 at 22:28:57
Forward thinking that, Kieran. You should work for Everton.
*taps nose*
Alan J Thompson
88 Posted 04/07/2023 at 15:20:42
BBC are reporting that Everton are willing to meet the €40M release clause for Toure from Almera.

Anyone know anything about him?

Sorry, just noticed this already posted above.

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