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Everton set to land Iroegbunam as first summer signing

| 20/06/2024 60comments  |  Jump to last

Tim Iroegbunam is close to becoming the first incoming signing of Everton's close season following reports that a deal has been agreed for his transfer with Aston Villa.

According to Fabrizio Romano, the two clubs have shaken hands on a £9m deal with the 20-year-old midfielder now set to undergo a medical while El Bobble from A View From The Bullens suggests that full agreement is close and that personal terms are being discussed with the player.

Iroegbunam is seeking regular game time that he doesn't feel he will get at Villa who have been looking to sign Ross Barkley on a free transfer from Luton.

The Blues, meanwhile, are the subject of continued speculation over the future of Amadou Onana who is being eyed by a number of clubs while he is on Euro 2024 duty with Belgium.

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Iroegbunam came through the youth ranks at West Bromwich Albion before joining the Villans and spent last season in the Championship on loan at Queens Park Rangers.

Lewis Dobbin is on the verge of making a move in the other direction, having reportedly completed his medical with the Birmingham club.

Reader Comments (60)

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Danny Baily
1 Posted 20/06/2024 at 14:12:15
Looks very much like a straight swap of players who haven't quite make the grade (Iroegbunam and Dobbin), masquerading as two separate transfers and all to satisfy PSR.

A smart move by us if that's the case. This perverse incentive to sell homegrown talent exists under the current regs; we might as well exploit it.

Jon O’Dell
2 Posted 20/06/2024 at 14:13:24
Don't know much about Tim Iroegbunam but the YouTube clip I've seen makes him look like Jude Bellingham.

And the fact Borussia Dortmund were interested in him as a replacement for Jude last year could be promising. Could be a bargain.

Alan McGuffog
3 Posted 20/06/2024 at 14:36:35
I imagine that he's already signed for Spurs..they seem to wait until we're interested in someone and then swoop. Maybe revenge for us beating them to the signature of Alex Scott all those years ago
Jamie Crowley
4 Posted 20/06/2024 at 14:46:23
I like the idea of signing a 20 year old with apparent upside.

We need to swerve the players 27+. Get in young players and sell them on for a profit.

Been banging on about that for a decade or so though.

Mike Hayes
5 Posted 20/06/2024 at 15:03:49
Good to get signings in early and before the start of preseason - fingers crossed to get a few more in and kick off the season hitting the ground running 💙
Mike Allison
6 Posted 20/06/2024 at 16:20:14
Why do Villa want Dobbin when he’s apparently not good enough to play for an inferior team?
Edward Rogers
7 Posted 20/06/2024 at 16:30:10
Where in Lyndon's piece does it mention any outbound move for Dobbin?
Mike Gaynes
8 Posted 20/06/2024 at 16:35:10
Mike #6, I looked for Villa fan reactions, but good luck finding a fan forum with any activity. Deader than Julius Caesar.

Best guess is that Villa likes to use traditional speed wingers and they have exactly one on their roster, Leon Bailey. So they're willing to take a chance on the kid based on sheer pace.

Edward #7, it's all over the media, even the New York Times.

Mike Allison
9 Posted 20/06/2024 at 16:37:23
Dobbin is mentioned elsewhere, including BBC.

Thanks Mike, I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that if Lewis is good enough for Villa, then he’s good enough for us.

Robert Tressell
10 Posted 20/06/2024 at 16:54:46
Dobbin isn't good enough for Villa. They have Diaby, Bailey, Rogers and Buendia and sold much better player than Dobbin in young Philogene last summer - who had a very good season for Hull and the England u21s.

Dobbin hasn't even yet demonstrated that he is a Championship level player. So unless there's some funny business with PSR Villa won't be remotely interested in signing him.

Ryan Holroyd
11 Posted 20/06/2024 at 16:55:32
How hard is it to understand. Everton needs the money so JB isn’t sold on the cheap
Jerome Shields
12 Posted 20/06/2024 at 17:34:50
Don't know what to make of this having read the thread. PSR is certainly getting complicated.
Rob Jones
13 Posted 20/06/2024 at 21:47:28
More than pleased with this signing. Not dissimilar to the Garner signing two summers ago, we're picking up a young tyro who needs polishing, but with upside, low wages and a desire to prove himself.

As Proposition Joe would say, "buy for a dollar, sell for two". We'll grow by buying young and cheap(ish), selling well, reinvesting, continue the cycle.

He started against Man City last year in the league, and Emery is no mug. The simple reality is this: Villa's central midfield riches are DEEP, they need PSR wiggle room, and this is a very intelligent purchase. Iroegbunam's defensive numbers are off the chart, and a year from now, we need to be replacing Gueye.

It's beautiful to see us buying shrewdly, early, and with a potential eye on squad renewal.

Kunal Desai
14 Posted 20/06/2024 at 22:23:42
This looks to be an asitute bit of business the club. He's young, he's been on the periphery of the Villa matchday squad and is a similar mould to Onana who I imagine would be his replacement. Allows us to move Onana on and strengthen in one or two other areas with the fee we receive. No brainer.
Jonathan Oppenheimer
15 Posted 20/06/2024 at 22:29:05
This is all well and good, even if no one really seems to know much about him, but what happens when the Dobbin and Onana deals fall through and now we’re spending more money we don’t have?
Ernie Baywood
16 Posted 20/06/2024 at 22:35:35
Seems very odd that two teams could, in theory, make a deal to exchange players and both satisfy PSR.

Full income in the current year, outgoing fee amortised over the life of the contract.

Could be done for any amount, and for the most peripheral of players. What stops teams doing that?

Sam Hoare
17 Posted 20/06/2024 at 23:14:03
Apparently Ndiaye has agreed terms. Still need to strike a deal with Marseille but could happen. A loan. Good, versatile player.

Imagine if we sorted out Ndiaye, Harrison and Iroegbunam before July! Very un-Everton!

Tom Bowers
18 Posted 20/06/2024 at 23:44:10
We have to hope that this guy will make the first team quickly if others are let go.

At 20 years old I wonder why he isn't coveted any longer by Villa.

We are hopefully finished with signing wannabees who just don't deliver.

Kieran Kinsella
19 Posted 21/06/2024 at 00:18:54
How do you pronounce his name? Is it phoenetically Eye Rogue bunam? could be another Garner as mentioned or another Oster, Farrelly, O’Kane. It’s ironic after all the ownership changes and investment we are back to making HKIII type signings. But as I said on the rumor thread being a regular at QPR is more promising than our recent loanees. Even Holgate can’t get a game elsewhere and I say even based on his wages/Everton appearances in case you’re wondering. So I’m going to choose to be optimistic. I remember I was in Ireland in the 90s and Sky Sports said some new coach coming from Japan had signed some 20 year AC Milan academy reject. Rodney Marsh was baffled they’d replaced Rioch with this obscure Frenchman and expected some unknown kid to play alongside David Platt. So no pressure at all young man or should he call you Viera 2.0 😉
Derek Knox
20 Posted 21/06/2024 at 01:52:39
Kieran, " How do you pronounce his name? "

I think we can verbally economise with Tim !

Not to be confused with Cahill by the way, if he turns out like him we have done well indeed ! Good to know that moves are happening to bolster for the upcoming season, just hoping we will be a force to be reckoned with !

Kieran Kinsella
21 Posted 21/06/2024 at 02:24:47

Tim works for me mate

Jonathan Oppenheimer
22 Posted 21/06/2024 at 03:54:37
My brief YouTube search shows that it appears to be pronounced Ear-uh-boon-um. Make of that what you will, Kieran and Derek.
Kieran Kinsella
23 Posted 21/06/2024 at 04:13:21

Cheers mate. I figured as one of the smarter folks on here you may know the answer 👍

Mike Gaynes
24 Posted 21/06/2024 at 05:31:47
I plan on pronouncing it "Timothy" to differentiate from my idol (and our future Board member) from Down Under.

Ernie #16, as any tax guy could tell you, it's all about the loopholes.

Danny O’Neill
25 Posted 21/06/2024 at 06:04:57
Despite my wife supporting Villa, I know little of this player.

Ernie, I don't understand, and won't try to. My more astute brother trie explaining how it helps both clubs avoid further PSR penalties. It was lost on me, so I asked if he is going to the first home match!

Total randomly, it's bring your dog to work day. If I took the Ridgebacks in, it would probably clear the office. They are gentle Everton giants, but people judge on their size, even though they only want to show everyone their toys!

Mark Murphy
26 Posted 21/06/2024 at 06:48:45
I’d love to meet your dogs Danny - you should recommend a “bring your dog to the match day” if you get the FAB gig.
Ant Sorvoja
27 Posted 21/06/2024 at 08:22:05
Talking about dogs reminded me Dogs of War and wonder if Ridgebacks are ever used as military dogs.

The midfield needs some bite, and I wish we had a player like Joe Parkinson from the Dogs of War era, dominating the centre of the pitch with his no-nonsense leadership and precise passing.

Our family used to have a Giant Schnauzer - a military / working dog breed- despite being a gentle giant at heart, could become fiercely protective, cover the yard quickly and had the loudest bark in the neighbourhood. Bit like Parky then.

Robert Tressell
28 Posted 21/06/2024 at 08:44:29
Sam # 17. I was just guessing re Ndiaye due to interest last year. As you say, if we could bring in him, Harrison and Iroegbunam swiftly that would be a promising start to the window. Fingers crossed.

Derek Knox
29 Posted 21/06/2024 at 09:18:32
Robert, while I agree Tim and Ndiaye, sound like good business, I fail to see what Harrison, (on £90K/week) brings to the party. I wouldn't dispute his work rate or even dropping back in defence, but going forward he is is a major disappointment in my opinion. His crossing (usually too late) is poor, his goal threat is almost non-existent, and passing and ball retention leaves a lot to be desired too.

I'm sure we could do better, maybe the two mentioned, if they go through, would leave him on the bench (best place imho). If that is the case, why pursue ?

Michael Lynch
30 Posted 21/06/2024 at 09:34:59
We'll probably end up getting hauled before the "independent" courts again. This is so clearly a get-around of the PSR rules.

I;m guessing the fees for Tim and Dobbin have been set at as close to "fair value" as the clubs can do and still knock enough millions off the PSR losses.

Still, at the end of the day, one club probably will be happier than the other. Dobbin is pacey and not much else, but Villa have plenty of pace already. Their fella did okay on loan at QPR in the Championship, but the Rangers fans seem to suggest that he was better going forward than defending. So not an Onana repalcement by any stretch of the imagination.

Could be that both clubs will send their purchases out on loan, and just bank the PSR win.

Martin Farrington
31 Posted 21/06/2024 at 09:44:14
So a player no one's heard of or seen and a bloke almost everyone agrees isn't good enough.
Well at least its not being done 5 seconds before cut off on deadline day.
Dobbin is going to Villa. Cool. Hopefully with a decent sell on clause just in case the penny drops and he becomes a world beater.
Now to sell the academy to the Saudi League as Evertonah and the jobs a goodun.
Brian Williams
32 Posted 21/06/2024 at 10:12:04
Iroegbunam is already a very good player with absolutely bags of further potential. Some of us have heard of him AND seen him.

He'll be a very good acquisition IMHO.

I remember similar posts to yours Martin when we signed Fellaini.

Never heard of him, can't be much good etc etc. (Not that you said Tim can't be much good).

I think it's fair to say Fellaini turned out to be a very good signing.

Brendan McLaughlin
33 Posted 21/06/2024 at 10:17:46
It is a very obvious loophole but it's not breaking any rules as far as I am aware.

Perhaps like the extended contracts loophole exploited by Chelsea the Premier League may move to close it.

Brian Williams
34 Posted 21/06/2024 at 10:19:28
I think it's very clever from both clubs Brendan, not that some Tw'ers would ever see it that way and compliment the club.
Ernie Baywood
35 Posted 21/06/2024 at 10:59:35
It's kicking the can down the road Brian. We make money this year, we lose for the next few years.

It's the PSR equivalent of a payday loan.

Of course we could keep on doing it and Ponzi our way through the next few seasons. Until we can't.

Martin Farrington
36 Posted 21/06/2024 at 11:47:17
Brian 32 I should have made my post clearer I guess.
I was reflecting what the previous thread posters had said.

"So a player no one (insert) 'on Toffeweb's' heard of or seen."

I do not recall as far back as Fellaini, but I am honoured that you should. Of all my past posts ( if I did say that) and you pull me up now on that one, then I believe I havent done too bad.

As for this guy, and similar to the signing of Onana whom I hadn't heard of or seen, I cant and havent passed comment on his ability or anything else.
Our record in the transfer market IS shocking. So I am wary of unheard of signings (your good self excluded). However he will get my 100% support, welcome and backing like all players do who come to our club.

Michael Lynch
37 Posted 21/06/2024 at 11:54:49
Meanwhile we're also being strongly linked with Nyiade of Marseille, who is described by some Sheff Utd fans as the best player they've ever seen at the club.

Tom Bowers
38 Posted 21/06/2024 at 12:29:43
We have to get used to signing ''no-names'' as the well known names will cost too much in transfer fees or wages and we have seen too many of those flop.

Give me a ''no-name'' with youth, desire and commitment any day. We need to take back our midfield.

Brian Williams
39 Posted 21/06/2024 at 12:32:31
So you can see no changes over the next few seasons with new owners in the new stadium?

I don't know what the opposite of rose tinted specs is but you're wearing them for sure!

Brian Williams
40 Posted 21/06/2024 at 12:35:32
Sorry Martin if I misunderstood your post.

Didn't realise you were referencing earlier posts.

It's a good idea to italicize references then people can tell that's what you're doing.

Again apologies for misunderstanding mate.

Danny O’Neill
41 Posted 21/06/2024 at 12:42:35
I can't wait for the 17th of August to come around.

We can watch Everton and Brighton at Goodison.

Ryan Holroyd
42 Posted 21/06/2024 at 12:49:16
It’s not kicking the can down the road tho is it.

Our costs will decrease in the coming years because all the expensive contracts are coming to an end, more revenue will be coming into the club, we’ll have a ‘proper’ business people running the club.

Ryan Holroyd
43 Posted 21/06/2024 at 12:53:48
How can the PL close down two clubs making Two different player transactions?

Stan Grace
44 Posted 21/06/2024 at 13:02:06
Danny #25
"They are gentle Everton giants, but people judge on their size, even though they only want to show everyone their toys!"
It might be them wanting to show their toys which would clear the office.
Steve Brown
45 Posted 21/06/2024 at 13:34:24
It is a very clever piece of business by both clubs to put a high transfer value on these two academy players and offset that against PSR before 30th June.

If they are doing it then they will be confident it is within the rules.

Brian Williams
46 Posted 21/06/2024 at 13:45:27
Harrison re-signed. Cue the fume!
Derek Powell
47 Posted 21/06/2024 at 15:14:24
So another striker attacker goes and another defencive midfielder arrives who's he going to bring in when DCL leaves another left back, and Harrison is back because he tracks back last season was dreadful to endure cannot see the next being any better
Kieran Kinsella
48 Posted 21/06/2024 at 15:19:28
Ndiaye formerly of Sheff Utd who we are being linked with as an attacking midfielder. His stats last year in France: played 30, scored 3, assists 2. A year earlier in the same league Andre Gomes played 26, goals 3, assists 2. That doesn't sound very encouraging.
Derek Knox
49 Posted 21/06/2024 at 16:09:05
Brian @ 46, I've started fuming already, and I don't smoke ! Bah Humbug :-)
Ernie Baywood
50 Posted 21/06/2024 at 20:46:36
Ryan #42 I didn't say it wasn't a good idea. But it is the very definition of kicking the can down the road.

Ponzi schemes and payday loans rely on the belief that the future will be rosy. They can end up being the right decision but we know that's not always the case. Moshiri's initial outlay was all on the basis that future years would yield improved income, which didn't happen.

What if it doesn't happen again?

Ryan Holroyd
51 Posted 22/06/2024 at 00:50:23
So Everton shouldn’t buy any players then Ernie? You know, just in case
Kieran Kinsella
52 Posted 22/06/2024 at 04:07:17
Off topic but Lyndon or Michael may appreciate this. A little 5 year old boy insisted on coming to school dressed as his hero Sean Dyche in fancy dress hero day. Cute little guy really pulled it off

Ajay Gopal
53 Posted 22/06/2024 at 10:56:33
Kieran, I saw that. Cheeky fellow, but I think he pulled it off :-)
Brian Wilkinson
54 Posted 22/06/2024 at 11:13:16
Makes perfect sense to me, it helps both Everton and Villa satisfy with accounts that need to be submitted by the end of June.

Whether the player makes it or not, Everton can put the Dobbin money as pure profit.

Next season the new owners will be in, be on the verge of moving into our new ground with naming rights put into place.

We were forced to sell Richarlison for a reduced amount, with Everton now within our means, we do not have to sell Branthwaite for a measly amount, and can hold out for a much higher price, that's if we do not want to sell.

For now it is a case of just bringing in like-for-like players to see us through this financial year and, come January, we could be in a much better place to buy in January, in fact we could dip into the transfer market from 1 July onwards, as any signings after June, will show on next years account.

I just love the way both Everton and Villa have put one over the Premier League.

Brian Williams
55 Posted 22/06/2024 at 11:27:04
Brian, me too.

Some people though refuse to even consider the positives.

Ryan Holroyd
56 Posted 22/06/2024 at 12:21:31
I agree with both Brians.

Some people don't see the positives in anything.

Ray Roche
57 Posted 22/06/2024 at 12:28:21
Martin, what? Tim?
Terry Downes
58 Posted 22/06/2024 at 12:31:15
Still can't see how £10M out and £10M in benefits out fair play???
Ernie Baywood
61 Posted 23/06/2024 at 07:27:05
Terry, 9M in goes on the books this year. 9M out gets spread over the life of the contract.

So we make 6M this year and lose 3M for the next two years.

That's the theory anyway. If it's true then I'm not sure how anyone thinks that's not kicking the can down the road.

Unless, of course, we actually see more value in the player coming in than the one going out. The traditional reason that you transfer players.

Sean Kearns
62 Posted 23/06/2024 at 21:45:04
Dobbin was 21 and couldn’t get a kick near our first team, Simms was like 23 I think…. So why would this signing of a 20 y/o even remotely get me excited knowing that he will only see around 20 minutes of football all next season. Why are the club sending me emails about this lad signing, like they are trying to impress me. He’s younger than Dobbin Who didn’t play at all!!!! It’s all smoke in mirrors, I fear we are fucked!

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