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Welcome to Doomsville

By John  Breen :  15/07/2007 :  Comments (17) :

I am forever an optimist — after all I am an Evertonian — but I’ve been driven to write this article by some of the shite I read day in day out on the forums and posts. When are we just going to accept this is were we are, these are the players we have — who, by the way, put us in the decent league position we found ourselves in at the end of last season; the players who have left made very little contribution to last season's final outcome.

Yes, I would love the club to be rolling in money, but the fact of the matter is we aren’t and for the foreseeable future we won't be. I think David Moyes is doing an exceptional job given the circumstances in which he finds us. In an inflated transfer market why on earth should he go out and pay extortionate transfer fees for — come on, let's face it — average players.

Koumas? For Christ's sake, for 5 million of your English pounds, it's going beyond a joke and I know that old line will rolled out, “this is the going rate” blah, blah, blah... I would not jeopardize the club's financial future on any of these buffoons who have been touted to come to Goodison.

But back to the main reason I have put finger to keyboard and it's this: the incessant moaning from the doom merchants that call themselves Blues. Yes, it's OK being concerned but to bombard the Blue websites with nothing but negativity and end-of-days scenarios is too much for me.

First and foremost, I love our club with a passion, as do the majority of blues. I tend not to get hung up too much on players these days as there is not much loyalty from that side of the fence, but players who know the score will see EFC for what it is and what it will remain to be forevermore: a massive, well-supported club. So if they fancy plying their trade here and they are good enough, they're more than welcome. Regardless of what happens down the line, EFC will be here long after we are all in the ground. It will be supported by our offspring and their offspring for generations to come because it will never die and that’s what I love.

I feel part of the history and the tradition. I don’t care if we're skint or we don’t win the league. The Chelseas and Newcastles of this world can keep blowing their money for all they're worth but remember that they can't buy what we have we, and it's this: we don’t have fickle on-the-bandwagon type of supporters at Goodison, we have passionate, knowledgeable football people. Not some bunch of moaning tossers who think if you spend loads of coin you automatically have the right to be acknowledged as a big outfit or winners of loads of trophies.

Money brings more troubles than it alleviates, jealousy, envy which don’t fit in with sprit of a team sport like football. You throw enough money at something like this and I’m telling you, it goes pair shaped eventually and the bunch of lads we currently have at our club seem to get on and they are there because they all wanted to be here.

Remember, Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen.

But we have been chosen to be part of this great club that is EFC and I don’t care what any other club is doing or spending. I will be there through good and bad, thick and thin, Premiership or Vauxhall conference. So come on Gents and ladies do what you will do anyway and get behind those lads in blue and stop the moaning and fantasies and be what you have been born to do: be part of one of the greatest institutions to have ever been formed. We are nothing but the best, so let's start acting like it .

Reader Comments

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Lyndon Lloyd
Editorial Team
1   Posted 15/07/2007 at 05:11:33

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You summed it up with your last line, John... just not in the way you intended. I’m going to assume that you’re a young fan because, unfortunately, you’re peddling the same line trotted out by so many of the increasing number of Blues who never witnessed the golden ages of the 1960s, 1970 title-winning side and the mid-1980s.

The day we simply accept that "this is where we are" will mark the beginning of Everton’s decline from being "a massive, well-supported club." What exactly will make legions of "our offspring and their offspring" support the club "for generations to come" if we aren’t able to compete year in, year out even with clubs beneath our current stature?

Your assertion that you don’t care if we’re skint or if we never win the league baffles me. What exactly is the point in the club existing if it doesn’t aim to win anything? So, yes, we aim for for "Nothing but the best..." Let’s start acting like it!
John Breen
2   Posted 15/07/2007 at 06:57:32

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Thank you for your comments Lyndon ,but you have missed my point ,don?t get me wrong I would love to see our beloved club winning things on a regular basis ,but as things stand money talks in this game and with that in mind we are obviously not in a position to compete that?s why I made the comment about not caring whether we are competitive or not because at the end of the day we will all be there whether we are top or bottom and you cannot reject my claim of ?this is were we are? are because it?s a fact and as for the clubs fan base, this has been based on the generations of blues taking there kids to Goodison even through times of hardship (which there have been many )this was how I was blooded in 1978 and which I will with my boy once he?s old enough and I expect that tradition to carry on through the ages good or bad and Lyndon I aint that young ,I only wish my friend ,and I truly believe we have nothing but the best and long may it continue to be so. I agree I was sending a mixed message or I was not making my self clear about ?nothing but the best? ?so lets start acting like it? this was not with regards to winning trophies but to the constant moaning from the spendaholics ,they must all be from the Mrs.

John Breen
Eric Myles
3   Posted 15/07/2007 at 07:51:20

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Lyndon, you say ask "What exactly will make legions of "our offspring and their offspring" support the club "for generations to come" if we aren?t able to compete year in, year out even with clubs beneath our current stature?"

The same thing that takes supporters of the old fouth division sides to their grounds week after week. Tradition,love and belief.

As an example my second team is Hartlepool through family connections and I have attended many games there with diehard supporters who would no more dream of supporting the Premiership teams of Newcastle, Middlesborough or Sunderland than a Blue would think of supporting the RS. ’Becasue they’re not one of us’

And long may it remain so or we may as well just have one division of 20 rich teams.
Santosh Benjamin
4   Posted 15/07/2007 at 09:11:04

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The finest piece of writing i have ever read about our club.

John expresses exactly how i feel about the club and its supporters.I know that many people may feel differently but its nice to know that there still a few people around who think like me.

Cheers mate !
5   Posted 15/07/2007 at 09:50:37

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Well said mate!

All those Negative Nellies out there should read this and hang their heads in shame John. Daft thing is they are exactly the same as the majority of us in that they continue to support the club through thick and thin but they just can’t help but moan about everything. I just don’t understand their mentality. We all want the best but you have to be realistic given our circumstances and given our circumstances we are actually doing very well thank you.
John Prior
6   Posted 15/07/2007 at 11:16:49

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Nice stuff Mr Breen.
Watch out though, the majority of people who read that, will only read into it what they want to read, look for an angle to attack it, and imply you an easily satisfied buffoon, and the cancer of this club.
Steve McBride
7   Posted 15/07/2007 at 11:28:43

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I commend your belief that being an Evertonian means that we should not question the goings on, the secrecy, lack of any investment at all, the lack of signings, the relocation of the club etc. and just accept what is thrown at us and get on with it, i.e. not express an opinion unless it is to praise BK and DM because we are fans who?ve put up with shit for years so another 5, 10 or 15 should make no difference because we are in a better, but not great, financial position than when BK took over, (aided by selling off eveything they can and leasing it back I might add).

Chairman Mao, sorry, Kenwright will be so pleased with you.

Kirkby here we come!
Karl Masters
8   Posted 15/07/2007 at 12:09:04

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Totally agree. It’s ridiculous that people are moaning about Moyes. He has stated again in the last few days that he’s looking for players.

Koumas? Well, he’s never grabbed any headlines has he, except when Bryan Robson publicly questioned his commitment to the relegation battle and dropped him for the rest of the season at WBA about 18 months ago. Doesn’t sound like the sort of attitude we want, does it? A massive gamble for £5.3m - a gamble we don’t have to take.

In my mind, Everton’s activities are either on the pitch or off the pitch. I have no problem with on the pitch activities. However, off the pitch it’s different. A complacent, tiny Board of Directors who don’t listen enough and a Marketing and Communications set up that is little more than amateurish. Bar the excellent Club website that Darren Griffiths and co are probably left alone to run as BK & KW don’t really understand computers!

As an example, with only 4 weeks to go to the new season, we have yet to receive Evertonia membersip renewal forms or programme subscription forms. Apart from meaning that the Club could have had all the money months ago ( like WSAG who sent out their renewal form in April and had my cash within a week ) it means that it’s going to be impossible to order tickets under the 3 week preference scheme for the Wigan game, which just pisses us supporters off. It’s this lack of basic business acumen ( just think of Villareal ticket shambles etc, etc ) and poor PR that makes some of us question whether the people in charge are up to bigger decisions like Stadium moves.

On the pitch, no moans. Off it, we all know it’s not good enough.
Ste Wright
9   Posted 15/07/2007 at 12:36:11

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I?m with Lyndon and Steve McBride on this. We must challenge and demand more of the current regime. We all support the club and want the best. We need real investment not end of pier showbiz gimmicks - appearances by a has been actor or opportunity to play against some fast fading darts player. On the park OK if not Koumas (who doesn?t do it for me either) then who and when? We went into he last European campaign with a paper thin squad and got dumped out unceremoniously and took half a season to recover! We look set to go into the next campaign with admittedly a better quality squad but still paper thin. Moyes is clearly an improvement over Smith, no argument. But he is by no means beyond criticism, the massive negative reaction over his tactics / substitutions v Spurs was symptomatic of pent-up frustrations from his previous weird and wonderful decisions and provided a salutory wake-up call.
Carl Peters
10   Posted 15/07/2007 at 13:25:38

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You are certainly wrong on one point,John.Evertonians are-or are becoming-a bunch of moaning tossers and most of them congregate on this site.Unfortunately,Toffeeweb has become the home for malcontents who would like to see eveyone in authority sacked and replaced toot sweet!
Del Boy
11   Posted 15/07/2007 at 13:41:54

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A little foe par there, Carl.... toute de suite. I?m going back to watch Rodders make a plonker of himself now... :)

ps. try watching the goings on at Millwall, then you would be depressed (although we have got a new Stadium!)
David Jones
12   Posted 15/07/2007 at 17:05:25

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You are clearly a good blue John and care passionately about your club but I really have no idea what your article is meant to be saying other than maybe ’apathy is your friend’! Clearly there are some major problems at EFC at the moment in terms of finance which are holding us back both on and off the pitch. These issues need addressing. If they are not issues that interest you, just the football on the park, then I totally appreciate that. Why get involved though? All you seem to be doing is telling people to accept that Everton cannot compete and get on with it. I’m sorry John but I can’t do that. The day I do that is the day I walk away from Football because the Evertonian that I am truly believes that Nil Satis Nisi Optimum. Maybe it is unrealistic to suggest we can be THE best any time soon but my personal adaptation is that we should always strive to be the best that we CAN be. You don’t seem to go along with that. We all have a right to have a say and to vent our displeasure. If you don’t agree you don’t agree but i’m really sick to the back teeth of hearing this ’better Evertonian’ style preaching that we should all go along to Goodison like a bunch of lemmings with our eyes shut and fingers in our ears and just cheers when we’re supposed to. I’m glad that you feel OK with everything but sadly I and many thousands more blues simply cannot at the moment.
Richard Jones
13   Posted 15/07/2007 at 21:16:55

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That was a good read, John Breen. Not that I agree with it totally to be honest. I think as fans we’re too trusting sometimes and things need to be questioned at the top to ensure things are well run. But there’s no doubting your passion, a True Blue mate. We all want what’s best for the club, and remember that the anti-Kenwright ’moaners’ aren’t moaning for a laugh, we’re moaning to make our club better for everyone. I wonder if your attitude towards our current administration would change if you spoke to any of those clowns who run the place and to see the utter contempt they hold for us fans? Except for Kenwright - he loves the fans but doesn’t appreciate them... a bit like we all did in our teens to our poor mums - lying to them, robbing a few quid on occasion and treating them like they’re thick but still loving them...or was that just me ;)
John Breen
14   Posted 15/07/2007 at 23:58:02

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Thanks for all the comments fellow Evertonians, some excellent and valid points but I have to comment on the remark made by Dave ?apathy is my friend ?nothing could be further from the truth mate I am perfectly aware of what goes on at Goodison and the running of the club by the current custodians and remember that?s all these people are, has at times been like the keystone cops and quite laughable, the Villarreal fiasco for instance was a low point for me also. This was just one amongst the many that have occurred over the years ,and we all have had to endure, what at times has bordered on embarrassment especially at work thanks to our friends from the slanty house across the green we all have ideas and thoughts of how the club should be run .But apart from expressing views on the forums and posting on club related web sites what do we do about it ,I like most Evertonians am sometimes in disbelief why EFC has not had any offers of a take over ,this to me is baffling because on paper we look like a great opportunity for the right investors to wake this giant club and drag us out of mediocrity but my point was, that banging your head against a wall about the lack of investment and some of the players we have had to endure over the years were has it got us , I believe personally that the club is moving in the right direction and in DM I believe we have an excellent young manager who does learn by his mistakes and is improving with the club in tandem ,as for Blue Bill yes I agree sometimes the sound bites that fall out of his cake hole , are so clichéd I feel like throttling him but I don?t doubt for one minute that he would sell up and move aside if some one who had the interests of the club and the financial clout to move the club up another notch back on the road to were the club truly belongs amongst the elite ,and yes if we don?t question our current custodians how will they know how we the heart and soul of the club feel about how our club is being run ,but how many of us can say we have ever been answered ,not many I bet .

Dick Fearon
15   Posted 16/07/2007 at 00:37:27

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That short delay while waiting for a connection to TW was once filled with pleasurable anticipation.
Soon I would be reading and occasionally communicating with fellow blues from around the globe. There would be much light hearted humour plus heaps of Everton related news. Now and then a topic would generate heated debate. Sadly, this also encouraged Wind Up Merchants (WUMS)
A typical WUM counts success by the number of respondents to his post. The veracity or otherwise of his original post does not matter. All that does matter is how many responses it garners.
Internet anononimity allows a WUM to use every despicable outrageous trick in the book to get those replies rolling in and there is no limit to the lengths they are prepared to go. It has reached a stage where without a scintilla of evidence a persons character and reputation is slandered on a daily basis.
TW for the past year has been under sustained WUM attack and even this letter helps feed the monster. WUMS thrive in an atmosphere of gullibility and fear with unsubtantiated rumours and outright lies their stock in trade.
The silent majority can strike back simply by doing nothing. Vitrolic statements unaccompanied or supported by factual evidence should be ignored. The authors name should be remembered because once a WUM always a WUM. I am sad to say that TW has dropped from top to bottom of the pecking order in my list of favourites and there it will remain until victory over WUMS is assured.
It would destroy my argument should this invoke a single response so please do not bother.
John McFarlane
16   Posted 16/07/2007 at 14:50:34

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I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed by John, although I am a relative newcomer to the Toffeeweb site,I have found it to be a vehicle for what I call ’serial posters’, most of whom submit [in the main] articulate and well constructed posts. Some however are decidedly pessimistic and at times downright offensive. If you don’t agree with their opinions you are [ by implication,] satisfied with mediocrity, less committed, and your loyalty is brought into question. I know the Webmasters place little importance on longevity of support, but just to give some credence to any opinions I may express, I have attended Goodison Park since 1948, [as a 10years old schoolboy] to the present [as a 69 years old senior citizen]. During that time I have witnessed both the triumphs and tragedies, PROMOTION, CHAMPIONSHIPS,and CUP FINAL VICTORIES. RELEGATION, NEAR MISSES and CUP FINAL DEFEATS. That the Club cannot compete in the top end of the transfer market is a fact, it’s not a pleasant fact but something we have to live with. As regards the possible relocation, in an ideal world the best option would be to re-develop Goodison Park, [as with the acquisition of players] the overriding problem is lack of funds.The same constraints preclude the relocation to a site within the city boundaries, but some of the ’serial posters’ refuse to recognise this, and bemoan the fact that a once ’Big Club’is selling it’s soul. I would ask them, "did you become an Evertonian because they were a big club, or was it an hereditary thing?, and are we to witness a Rooneyesque mass migration?" Thank you John for submitting a common sense appraissal of the current situation.
John McFarlane
17   Posted 16/07/2007 at 17:09:36

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I forgot to mention that I am John McFarlane Senior,and I hit the ’S’ key twice in appraisal.

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