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Only Mid-August...

By Lee  Marman :  15/08/2007 :  Comments (18) :

...But it's Great to Be an Evertonian!

It's frustrating being an Evertonian in London! After shouting and dancing amongst the other Evertonians in the upper tier of the South Stand on a wet but balmy White Hart Lane on Tuesday, we still cannot get the deserved plaudits of our performance from Southern based media outlets.

Listening to the post-match commens from Sky Pundits and BBC radio and TV you would have thought Everton were fortunate to win. Spurs quite honestly were retchid. The £40 million strike force team put together by Martin Jol and particular in the second half never really gave the Everton defence much cause for concern.

We have a lot of 'ordinary players' that seem to pass the so called pundits by and with Bigger Lights spending millions of pounds in the summer on average players and bloated ego's we at Everton have a lot to be cheeful about in mid August! I am sure there are few players transferred to other clubs in the summer looked at Everton last night and thought 'why did'nt I take Everton seriously'.

Osman was a revelation and his commitment was never ending. Arteta is world class, (yes world class not many times you can put that statement about Everton these days) and our defence is probably the most solid in the Premiership. A few people have forgotten that last year our club had the best record outside the top four and with Yobo and the ever dependable Lescott keeping the striking talent of Spurs at bay, it's great to be an Evertonian once more!

Johnson proves he is a great team player and people will point out he is yet to get off the mark this term. However his pace and tenacity along with tackling is a must for England.

Hibbert who probably is unknown to most Southern based jounalists is Mr Dependable and his solid displays will hopefully one day see Mr McClaren knock on the door as a future right back for England.

Stubbs is showing the young whipper snappers around him that at 35 you can still perform at the highest level and score great free kicks.

Howard who had a quiet game did make an impact and made a great instictive save in the second half and if he continues the form his is in, then great Everton sides of the past especially of the Eighties can only achieve things when you build from the back and that starts with the goalkeeper and the defence. With Cahill and probably Fernades in the wings and with Baines and Jagiekla chomping at the bit suddenly the world has become a brighter and bluer place.

We have a need to bring a striker before the August transfer window deadline for the Autumn and Winter ahead. The frustating thing is that Everton will be dismissed as a contender purely because of our strength and depth is not upto the likes of Chelsea, Man Utd and dare I say it Liverpool. I think 4th place is certainly up for grabs this year and with teams like Spurs and Everton vying to be in the mix in May, we should really be aiming for the promised land. Mr Kenwright whom I have a lot of time for should see for himself that something very special at Everton is about to happen now and in the next few years. We have to spend big to make things happen and once again the Blue half of Merseyside can once more boast a great team to grace the top league in the world.

Finally I have to end with David Moyes. I would not swap Moyes for any other manager in the Premier League. He is simply a master of bringing the best out of so-called ordinary players and will one day be spoken about in the breath as Caterick and Kendall.

Lets not get carried away lads, it is still only August and the kids have yet to return to school!

But Everton are back !

Reader Comments

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Mike Hunt
1   Posted 16/08/2007 at 05:20:55

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If we are lucky with (lack of) injuries I believe you are 100% correct :-)
Reading will be tough but I think the extra 24 hrs rest will help us and if we get 3 points from them we are certainly off to a real flyer...COYB!
Wishful note to BK: PLEASE sign MANNY and the YAK...we’ll need them to stay top 4 as the season rolls on.
Stevie Kay
2   Posted 16/08/2007 at 08:31:05

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After watching the game i was eager to watch and read the reports of how well we had played and how the potential at Everton was looking good for the forthcoming season. i couldn’t believe it when i woke up the day after to hear on the radio and read in the press that it was all down to a poor Tottenham display. Will someone please give credit were credit is due. We have a better defense than spurs and also most other teams in the premier league, we also have possibly one of the best midfield players and a unit that know each other well and have a decent playing relationship.

Will the small level of investment we have had this summer and potential new signing that may be entering the Everton camp this could turn into a very enjoyable season full of hope.

As i finish this i am just on my way to get my passport renewed for a tips abroad. Lets how we stay injury free and consistent and well shoe the big spenders.
Nick Entwistle
3   Posted 16/08/2007 at 09:37:14

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To be fair, Spurs had alot of possesion but were disjointed. If they were on song it would have been different.
It was 50-50 the reasons for their loss... our tenacity and their lack of cohesion which we showed much of.
4   Posted 16/08/2007 at 09:49:07

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listening to the match on the radio and watching the highlights you cant help thinking that all the microphones were placed as far away from the everton contingent as possible. When everton scored each of their goals there was complete silence, as if all of the away seats were empty. We all know that the toffees travel well and make them selves heard
Chris James
5   Posted 16/08/2007 at 09:28:19

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Great post Lee and sums up my feelings too.
Despite what the neigh-sayers would have us believe we’ve been going about our business in a very sensible (and crucially sustainable) way over the last few years and this pre-season is no exception. So far we’ve signed 3 players all of whom improve the squad (4 including stiker Lukas from Swindon) appear to be closing on a very classy fourth and then just need a striker (who we’ve bid for) to complete the picture.

Rather than pissing away millions on rash purchases, constantly inflating a massive squad, most of whom are mediocre or ultiamtely fail to work out (like say Liverpool, Newcastle and Spurs) Everton and Moyes have steadily built (and held on to) a solid team of talented, passionate professionals from the back up. In doing so he has also managed to create a tight-knit squad that has flexibility and flair but most importantly whom are dedicated, hard-working and genuinely love Everton.
The team spirit is second to none and we’re now seeing players that genuinely want to come here turning away better offers to be part of what we’re creating as well as hanging onto our top talent (we all know Cahill, Arteta, Yobo and AJ could earn bags more cash elsewhere, but they wanted to stay here!).
Having created this never-say-die spirit and a tight defence required of any winning team, the next step is to step-up our attacking options and start to really take teams on. Exhibit a - Everton 3-1 Spurs.
Will we go all out in every match? No. Will we challenge for the title? Not a chance.
Are we going about things in the right way to build a new dynasty, challenge for a regular place in the top 4 and offer a proper model of how football clubs can develop without having to be bought by dictators and dodgy businessmen? Absolutely.
ronan mcg
6   Posted 16/08/2007 at 09:52:04

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the future is bright but we are one of the worst passing teams in the top 10, that’s why the press don’t like us. Nevill, osman, carsley, hibbert, stubbs CANNOT pass, and despite their many qualities this one flaw will prevent us from breaking into top 4. That’s why we need jags, manny, piennar, baines in the side.
Michael Oliver
7   Posted 16/08/2007 at 10:12:43

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I’m also a London-based Blue and was really disappointed to read one of the local free papers’ review of the match. I can’t remember the exact words but comments were along the lines of ’Spurs should be expected to beat mid-table teams’ and ’If Tottenham want to finish in the top four they’re going to have to learn to beat teams like this.’

"mid-table" - the twat has clearly forgotten that we were only two points behind spurs last year. Hardly a massive gulf in class. And ok we haven’t spent £40 million this summer but we are Tottenham’s peers in the fight to break into the top four. I really find it frustrating that we’re not given the credit we deserve. The game was a 6-pointer for European placing not a David v Goliath.
8   Posted 16/08/2007 at 11:29:34

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I think you will see that very slowly this season, we will start getting the respect we deserve!

PS - If you wanna read good match reports about the game, dont bother with the shitty papers like the the scum and the mirror etc....
there is honest and spot on reports in the Times, independant, observer etc.

I read them online and they tell it how it is, One describes us as outstanding!

Which is exactly what the spurs win was!
Chris Masey
9   Posted 16/08/2007 at 13:29:23

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Why is everybody saying we need to spend big? Think of all the teams that have spent big that aren’t in the top 4 (Newcastle, Boro, Leeds etc) Where are they now? Nowhere. Do I fear them? Definately not! We are not a chequebook team, and I am proud of that. The future is bright, but I am happy with Moyes buying 1 or 2 players because they always fit in the team pretty much.
10   Posted 16/08/2007 at 14:02:14

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what a midfield we will have now fernandes should sign later on today cahill artea osman pinnaar fernandes neville carsley to me thats a better midfeild than anyone else look at the defence as we have baines lescott yobo hibbert the will be my first choice for the defence strikering as soon as vaughan gets back the better but we def need 2 sign a striker tho just maybe we can finished even 4th or 3rd
11   Posted 16/08/2007 at 16:20:51

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Agree with most of the sentiments so far. COYB!

However, Is anyone else a little concerned at the price tag of Yakubu? £10m+? Surely not? I’m suprised Boro haven’t bitten our arm off already!

I will also reluctantly agree with ronan that we do lack passing ability throughout the team, but players like Arteta, Pienaar, and Fernandes show that Moyes has created the solid foundation on which to add flair and technique.

Still not convinced about Yak, but mainly cos of the price tag. I remember baulking at the 6m we paid for Beattie but I still thought he’d do better than he did!! I respect Moyes’s frugal spending policy, even if it is heavily dictated by our beloved club’s miserly kitty.

Balls to Spurs! If telling themselves that they should be beating mid-table sides like us helps them sleep at night then so be it!

We will just quitely go about our business.
12   Posted 16/08/2007 at 17:16:35

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I would love to see Yak at the blues but I have to agree with you, £10m worries me.

I would rather spend it on Anelka or Gudjohnson maybe?? I thinl Le Sulk would be a great buy, i think he is over his sulks now and would fit in with the squad!

Dare I say it, the past 2 games..... Makes me wonder how Heskey the Donkey would play up front with AJ? he worked well with Owen! And he was good against us and Boro, just lacks the goals but his supply since the shite has been... well... shite!

Us sign Heskey?........ nah, i think I have been on the Van Der Meyde juice... Havent i?
13   Posted 16/08/2007 at 17:46:26

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I agree. Nothing against Yaks as such. He’s powerfull and knows where the goal is (as the saying goes) but as you say, for that sort of money the pressure for him to work out would be immense for a club like us.

Like the Van Der Meyde juice! Where can I buy some? Ha Ha
14   Posted 16/08/2007 at 18:12:26

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There’s none left,

Shandy buy’s in Bulk! ha
robert carney
15   Posted 16/08/2007 at 19:06:45

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I said last season that we will win the title before the s****. They are no nearer now than they were 5 years ago.

I also said that Moyes was building a dynasty to match the likes of Catterick, Kendal, Ferguson. Slow maybe but built to last.
The reason the press do not give us credit is because we are not members of the goup of 14.They need to suck up to the big boys to sell the papers. Let them continue, we will steal the show on the pitch.

Robson said in the eighties we were a team without stars. The rest of the country thought different.

But please do me a favour, don,t mention Heskey as a possible target. He seems a nice genuine person and I am happy he took so much money from Liverpool and the other mugs. But a good player, NEVER.
16   Posted 16/08/2007 at 19:29:05

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I told you I was pissed!

17   Posted 17/08/2007 at 06:47:22

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I have my crash helmet on, just in case, as I do not want to see Yakubu at Goodison. He does not strike me as a team player.
He walked out on Portsmouth and now, possibly, may do the same to Boro. He is undoubtedly a very talented player and will score wherever he plays but a team player ? I don’t think so.
Unfortunately I cannot name an alternative target so I will probably be shouted down. Just my opinion.
18   Posted 17/08/2007 at 09:32:27

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obviously a night on the vdm juice for me last night has helped me answer the clubs striking issue. lets save the £10m on Yakubu and invest it in making Big Dunc 10 years younger! Just imagine his passion and presence up front with AJ. oh well time to sober up and find a real option i guess.

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