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X -Rated Horror Show

By Tony Marsh :  21/09/2007 :  Comments (69) :
Why doesnt someone tell David Moyes that in order to make his brand of football work you need a team full of 6ft plus players. Hoofball needs big cart horses to make it work. Remember Wimbledon and Howard Wilkinsons Sheffield Wednesday? Instead Moyes tries to play the Wimbledon Way with tiny elf-like school boys. It's pathetic and just shows you how dumb Moyes really is.

Once again, Everton players were out muscled all over the park. Yes the footy is shite but we just can not compete with big strong sides. It's so embarrassing to watch. My toes are curling even now thinking about it.

If any good comes from last night's fiasco it will be the fact that most Evertonians are now waking up to what this manager is all about. Him and his gormless sidekick Alan Irvine. What is it with all the note pads and scribbling? Shoving bits of paper under Moyes's nose every five minutes like some demented office clerk?

I can't say I am shocked by what went on at Goodison Park last night. It's obvious to anyone who wants to see it that the Moyes's brand is a non-starter in European football regardless of which players you send out on to the field or who the opposition is. The warning signs have been there all season and lessons have not been learned from the last time we were slammed in the Uefa Cup. Who was it said Moyes is learning from his mistakes? Well if this is Moyes when he is learning, God help us when he messes up.

Make no mistake about it, Everton will crash out in the Ukaraine next month. It wouldn't be Everton if we survived out there and I can imagine how funny all this will be for the Red half of the city. Oh I forgot, some of you dont care what the Red Shite say. Well some of us do and it's getting harder to defend this crap with each passing week.

As for matters off the park and yet again another total fuck up by the club regarding tickets. I feel sorry for any of our fans who are travelling on offical club flights to the away leg next month. More cock-ups at the airport no doubt. Best of luck boys!

Last night's total breakdown of the organisation and distribution of tickets is a disgrace. Season after season our loyal supporters are treated with contempt by the club they follow and once again it's someone elses fault. This time its the Post Office who are to blame. How about an apology for once?

Even more worrying than last nights balls up is the fact that the majority of Everton supporters have voted for this clueless shower of arseholes to take the club, lock, stock and barrel, out of the city and into Kirkby. It would be oh so funny if this wasn't happening to us. Watching a club being torn to shreds by the people who are supposed to be running it. Imagine how hilarious it would all be if it was LFC doing this to them selves. We would be in stitches laughing.

Kenwright, take us to Kirkby if you must. If that's all you have got in you and that's all you can offer then fair enough. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of that fucking clown Moyes more before he does any more damage.

Aston Villa up next and I remember last season those of you who thought it clever to have a go at me for saying Martin O'Neill is a better manager than David Moyes. "Look where Villa are in the league and look at us," you said.

That was less than 12 months ago and things have changed pretty quickly since then. A heavy defeat on Sunday might just be the beginning of the end for Disasterous Dave... let's hope so.

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Keith Wyness
1   Posted 21/09/2007 at 14:09:42

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Schomebody Schtop me!
Paul Tran
2   Posted 21/09/2007 at 13:59:59

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You and me both Tony. I suggested we get him before he went to Villa - people came on here saying he wouldn’t come to a club like Everton, so he went to the all-conquering Villa instead!

If Moyes is so well-respected throughout the football world, I’m surprised Abramovitch hasn’t snapped him up already! We’ve sold off all our other assets, why not franchise out our manager? At least the players could play in peace on matchday.

We’re pissing against the wind until we move to Kirkby and Kenwright sells the club.

In the meantime, Irvine & Moyes should replace all their pieces of paper, buy one post-it note and write down the following:

Blue Shirt
Beat Man

Moyes is another of these coaches who are desperate to make football more complicated than it actually is. If he had real confidence in the players he bought, he’d coach them in the week and let them play on match day. How good for your confidence it must be to have your manager barking at you for 90 minutes. I think it says more about him and his methods than his players.

Paul Clays
3   Posted 21/09/2007 at 13:59:51

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Tony, I used to disagree with every word that you said and to be honest, I hold my hands up, I used to think you were a complete tool. I owe you an apology. You were right all along mate.I have always been of the opinion that the fans who say they will never watch Everton again for whatever reason are not true fans and the club is better off without them. However, last night, even before Johnson missed his 2nd (3rd?) penalty, I found myself stood on the Gladys Street thinking what the fuck do i do it for? Why do I not only put myself through it week after week but I spend my hard earned money doing it. My strongest feeling today, more than disappointment, anger, or even shock is one of total embarrasment. Yes, David Moyes, Phil Neville, Tony Hibbert, Bill Kenwright, Keith Wyness et al you have made me feel ashamed to be a blue for the 1st time in my 32 years. Congratulations.
I am not saying I am going to stop going the match because of last nights result but a few more of them might just tip me over the edge and i’ll spend my weekends doing something that I actually might enjoy.
Dave Lynch
4   Posted 21/09/2007 at 14:17:09

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Can’t disagree with any of that Tony.
Dawson Boyle
5   Posted 21/09/2007 at 14:15:38

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I continue to mock you Tony. All Martin O’Neill has done since last season’s mid-table finish is buy Marlon Harewood.

They started well last season then crumbled, as they will this, because you could fit their squad on one of the aforementioned post-it notes.

The last thing Everton need is a has-been who is even more inept in the transfer market than our own beloved Moyes.
Richard Dodd
6   Posted 21/09/2007 at 14:26:41

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How you dare to call yourself an Evertonian is beyond me,Tony.Nothing but nothing is ever right be it the Chairman,CEO,Manager,Stadium,Tactics,Players ad nauseam.The vitriol just spews forth..I guess you must have a very unhappy life.
Last night,Everton drew a game they deserved to win.I have no doubt that they will be going all out to win the tie in the return game.If they fail,it won’t be the end of our season but just another valuable lesson learned.Honestly matey,you don’t deserve to be one of us!
7   Posted 21/09/2007 at 14:35:58

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A poor performance, very poor. But Tony, you’re utterly predictable as you always are with your wild, absurd one man verbal jihad against David Moyes. It’s simply farcical the level of dislike you have for the man. He’s the best available for Everton at the moment and that’s simply all there is to it. He’s not perfect and neither are his tactics sometimes, but nonetheless he is the best available coach for our club.
Tony Marsh
8   Posted 21/09/2007 at 14:47:54

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ARGHHHHHHHH What is it with you people.We are shite at playing proper football end of story.I couldnt give a toss what happens in Kharkiv because if we do go through we will have to meet well better side than them and it will
be horrific.Dont you get it yet Doddy.Moyes is a Howard Wilkinson clone and he hasnt got a clue about coaching a side to attack teams.Its got fuck all to do with Bile or how good an Evertonian anyone is. FFS open your eyes and engage your fucking brain.
9   Posted 21/09/2007 at 14:51:14

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"one man verbal jihad" , now thats funny.
10   Posted 21/09/2007 at 14:56:58

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rules for being an "evertonian"

1. you must not EVER have a dissenting opinion. must like a sheep agree with the Moyesiahs tactics (!)and never express an opinion or disagreeing with this cappello like genius.

3.Bill kenright loves everton, he’s doing everything cos he loves us(repeat in mantra like fashion)

4. your status as an evertonian can be recinded, if expressing any dissent towards the holy trinity of Moyes Kenright or Wyness.

5.Kirkby is the promised land and Moyeses wil lead us there.(not for discussion EVER.

6.Supporters (the key is in the name) must ONLY support,and never wonder if the current path is right for the club( Supporting the club, not the current encumbents, is and old fashioned, quaint idea, and will not be tollerated)

Hiel Moyes!!!
Robbie Shields
11   Posted 21/09/2007 at 14:54:49

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Tony, I’ve got to say I agree with you 90 odd % on this matter, i.e. football and not Kirkby.

Paul, Moyes IS NOT the best available coach for our club, Moyes may be a great man manager and has no doubt made our club stronger, it is the best squad we have had since the 80s in my opinion, but that’s not saying too much, most of the players seem to love him but he can’t coach a team to play attractive attacking football that can actually eventually win you things. We will WIN NOTHING playing this way. Here’s a coach for you, Glen Hoddle, all his teams played attractive football with even limited footballers, pass and move, make yourself available for another player etc. etc. etc. Moyes obviously doesn’t know how to coach a team or even have any clue what makes for attractive attacking football. I’m personally sick of it and once again my dreams of going into Europe with my fellow Evertonians seem to be dissappearing. The only way we will do anything with Moyes in charge is if he actually buys a midfield playmaker who directs the team HIMSELF (Please God may Gravesen get fit for the next leg and ignore whatever instructions Moyes gives him). Then, all the people who think Moyes is a great coach will be able to say.... See, I told you Moyes was great.
kirkby is closes than you think_geographicly speaking
12   Posted 21/09/2007 at 15:08:59

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"is the best available coach for the club"

actually the Volvo B12m is probably the best coach for the club, smooth and comfy.....
Shaun Kinnair
13   Posted 21/09/2007 at 14:51:30

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You know I’m surprised at you Tony. True supporters get behind there team, yes, I was disappointed as much as anyone last night. But where not OUT yet. The fact that where in the UEFA cup, suggests to me we’ve done pretty well in the first place. Team’s do have off days, look at Spurs and Chelsea recent form of late. Man U have’nt set the world alight either. Only Arsenal stand out for me at the moment. Let’s be patient and lets judge half way through a season rather than a few games in.

I dont like all this DOOM and GLOOM from you Tony, you have a right to your opinion as much as me. But sometimes I feel its the end of the world for you. I’d love to have a drink with you sometime, just to see were all this negativity comes from. I have nothing against you, just your over the top opinions on Everton in general.
Robbie Shields
14   Posted 21/09/2007 at 15:22:29

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Shaun, appreciate your attitude but the stark fact of life is that we have actually played shite football now for 5 years and we’ll continue to do so whilst Moyes is in charge. If it continues like this we will not win anything and we’ll be watching crap football to boot. I like Tony find this unacceptable, it’s not rocket science! I coach 9 year old boys and we play better attractive football than Everton, with I hasten to add, far inferior players.
John Lally
15   Posted 21/09/2007 at 15:26:23

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Keith Wyness
16   Posted 21/09/2007 at 15:29:20

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What you fail to underschtand is lascht nights reschult was part of the bigger picture for Everton football club.
If Tesco’s want to move forward as a company, they can’t be overschadowed by European football. Where will our customers park if they want to get their schopping on a Thurschday night?
daveMoyes Football Manager
17   Posted 21/09/2007 at 15:37:08

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"What you fail to underschtand is lascht nights reschult was part of the bigger picture for Everton football club.
If Tesco?s want to move forward as a company, they can?t be overschadowed by European football. Where will our customers park if they want to get their schopping on a Thurschday night?"

I didnt know schaun connery posted on ere
Paul Tran
18   Posted 21/09/2007 at 15:34:18

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Richard Dodd, instead of lecturing fellow blues on how to be an Evertonian, why don’t you just debate the points raised?

We all want the best for the club, we just have different views on how to get there. The picture is completely different from six years ago. I’d love to hear how and why Moyes will take us further, but I just keep hearing about keeping the faith, remember Leeds United, look at Bolton and Charlton, give him another year, he’s a great young manager, etc, etc.

I’d like Everton to have a manager for positive reasons, not just because we’re afraid of making a change. Please join the real debate and give us some rational insight into exactly what makes you think Moyes can take us further.

Over to you.......or anyone else.
Bills Thought police
19   Posted 21/09/2007 at 15:44:20

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how dare anyone critize(spelling) Dave Moyes/ Kenright/ any of the shite players he’s bought/his cutting edge sharp tactical mind/ his "suprise that the ukrainians were good"( erm, scouting, anyone!)

hanging on in quite desperation is the Everton Way.

they know best we are only Everton supporters / cash machines, who have no right to an opinion....

Heil Moyes god of All Football.
Dawson Boyle
20   Posted 21/09/2007 at 15:44:13

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Precisely because we’re better than we were five years ago.

Because we’re a young, improving team

Because he nearly got us into the champion’s league

Because we’re still in Europe

Because he bought Arteta

Beacause he bought Lescott and Johnson and Baines
Shaun Kinnair
21   Posted 21/09/2007 at 15:29:36

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Robbie, I understand what your staying and sometimes its not pretty. I’m as dissapointed as you with the way we played last night. Possesion wise, we had all of the ball, we just didn’t have all of the luck. I’ve played footy on sundays and sometimes played teams we should have beaten 10-0, only to come off the pitch with a 0 - 0 draw. I still believe we’ll get a result back at there place.

Look at Chelsea there not pretty either to watch and look at the money thye’ve spent.

The thing is football pundits prematch prediction are more positive towards Everton these days than they were 5 years ago. People in general on football forums mention more about Everton these days in a positive light than they did before. Teams fear Everton more, even the top sides.

If you remember 5 years ago, we’d be struggling to get an away win all season, we have 2 away wins already from Spurs and Bolton with the season only 4 weeks old.

I feel were more attractive to players when the transfer market comes around and I feel the players we have at the moment arn’t the Gazza’s or Ginloa’s of the past. We have a young side, lets be a little more positive. I’m sure once it clicks, our football will become better as the season goes on.
Keith Wyness
22   Posted 21/09/2007 at 15:49:33

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11p for a tin of beansch

It’s the deal of the century!
Tony Marsh
23   Posted 21/09/2007 at 15:52:09

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Dawson Boyle it doesnt matter who Moyes signs once he has them he doesnt have a clue what to do with them.Give an 18+ golfer Tiger Woods golf clubs wont make him a better golfer.Give Moyes more quality players to work with wont make him a better coach will it? Moyes has found his level.Its somewhere between 12th and 6th place in the league with no chance of a decent cup run.How do we know this/Well 6 years off it now should give us a clue.
Jay Campbell
24   Posted 21/09/2007 at 15:51:38

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Tony Marsh I could not have put it better!!! Tony Hibbert is the worst right back I have ever seen. He’s worse than Neil MacDonald, Marc Hottiger i’ll even go as far to say he’s worse than the galute of all galutes Joey f*ckin Jones!!! Phil Neville couldn’t pass on Mastermind the t*at and Lee Carsley is a pudding. Anyone with half a brain can see that!!!
Dawson Boyle
25   Posted 21/09/2007 at 16:00:18

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He’s made Lescott into an England player.

He plucked Cahill from obscurity and made him into a 15 goals a season midfielder

Arteta was a Rangers reject, he’s now one of the top five midfielders in the best league in the world.

Vaughan was a diferent, much better player than the 16 year old who got injured

Even the fat kid at Man U looked a better England prospect before he sold his soul

I’d pick another sport Tony. I hear Phil Taylor needs a cheerleader
Chris Lawlor
26   Posted 21/09/2007 at 15:55:21

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Well, well Mr Marsh. I have to say I find myself agreeing with you after all. Last night’s debacle was the final nail in the coffin of my confidence in Moyes. I am not having a go at him as a person because I’m sure He’s a stand up guy. But what we had to endure last night was nothing other than an embaressment of Evertonian proportions. Hibbert is incapable of making my pub team yet Moyes plays him week in week out ..why????? When will he have the balls to give Jags a run and at least try Neville at right back. I really despair at our current ’style’ of football. Why cant we play the ball on the deck?? Kharkiv had much better link up play and sere actually able to score from play with an attacker, what a great idea eh Moyes???
Bills Thought police
27   Posted 21/09/2007 at 16:06:03

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Dawson Boyle , Chief of the Moyes Thoght Police.

Pick another sport!

You obviosly dont remeber evertons good teams of the past, people like you , content to wallow in miediocracy, will be the death of this club.
Evertonians support EVERTON not Moyes!
Robbie Shields
28   Posted 21/09/2007 at 16:09:58

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To whoever it is who keeps posting gibberish in a scottish accent hiding behind pathetic names GROW UP you imbecile, we’re discussing Everton here you idiot, how old are you? 10!
29   Posted 21/09/2007 at 16:07:42

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last night was embarrassing to say the least. Best team in 20 years and it plays rugby. We had no chance of winning the game with the team selection and tactics. Apart from the Spurs game rest of the season so far has been diabolical. It’s the same old shit long balls played to midgets. Yakubu has scored goals everywhere his been. But now he looks out of debth playing under Moyes. We had injury problems so why didn’t he call De Silva and Shandy back surely they coudn’t have been any worse then these Nev and Cars. I agree with Tony. I could go on but everyone else has already said what i’m thinking.
Keith Wyness
30   Posted 21/09/2007 at 16:17:10

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Dawson Boyle
31   Posted 21/09/2007 at 16:19:52

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Bills thought police.

Are you talking about the Claus Thomsen era or the Nyarko era? I get bleary eyed just thinking about those glory days. Tucked up in bed in my Garreth Farrely duvet cover.

In the eighties we were the richest club in the league.

Do you think we could buy the equivalent of a Gary Lineker these days?

You’re as bad as a Chelsea fan.
Bills thought police
32   Posted 21/09/2007 at 16:28:17

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i meant stevens, steven, Gray, reid, etc etc

not some of the shite who you mentioned, but they may get in the current team

no but even if we could afford a "lineker" moyes would render him useless anyway.

Im worse than a Chelsea fan!! what does that mean.
because i dare question the ability of A manager whose best young manager tag is wearing thin these days, when does potential transform in to results or a cohesive playing unit.

I support Everton Not moyes, but it sounds to me your the other way round.
and lets be honest, the best team in 20yrs says more about the lack of quality of previous teams than it does about the current side.

how much for your Farrely duvet cover??

cos in 5 yrs time fans will be making such comments using Neville lampshade as an insult
33   Posted 21/09/2007 at 14:55:56

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I agree with Tony. I am also not surprised as have long argued Moyes’s serious limitations. I couldn’t go last night so had to endure the sheer embarassing ineptness on the telly - with the redside of my family looking on amused and rubbing their hands at the prospect of the Derby. Its a reality check. Moyes may have got money to spend but didn’t use it to strengthen the midfield (why did we risk courting Fernandes with no plan B?) Its just like 2 yrs ago on the brink of our last European escapade he fluffed getting the striker we were crying out for and ....well you know the rest. But its also about tactical nous. When we needed to retain possession, accurate passing, more movement on/off the ball, and especially down the flanks, more composure in possession all we got yet again was hoof and hope. Substitutions? Jags and Victor were needed far sooner. Limited tatical nous, no plan B, no new ideas. The squad may have improved but I’m afraid Moyes and Irvine would make any good team average.
Tom Coleman
34   Posted 21/09/2007 at 16:37:35

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Moyes persistance with the dreadfully out of his depth Hibbert, and his insistence on playing a midfield of Carsley and Neville is wearing my patience a bit thin now.

However, we need Cahill and Arteta back ASAP and we will be a different animal IMO. Pienaar and Gravesen will also be a welcome addition when both fit.

I still believe that we will go through this tie and I am usually a pessimist with all things Everton.

I have read this kind of anti-Moyes stuff before from Tony Marsh, and to be honest, I don’t know which fucking mushroom he lived under pre Moyes!
35   Posted 21/09/2007 at 16:40:06

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I remember reading when Moyes joined us that he was just about the most qualified young manager in the game, who spent his holidays at some of the top Continental teams just watching and learning. What was he watching?What was he learning?
Anyone else remember reading that sort of thing?
Bills thought police
36   Posted 21/09/2007 at 16:42:42

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why do a lot of evertonians brand anyone with a different opinion than therse not a true Blue, (go and support the shite then if you dont like it)

even amongst my rs friends, i never here them say your not a true red for daring to critize Houlllier, benetez,underperforming players????

support the CLUB and sometimes that means cdritizing (the manger players who are not good enough) , for the greater good i.e EVERTON
Dawson Boyle
37   Posted 21/09/2007 at 16:49:51

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Some Bill’s Thought Police gems from the last hour:

"You obviosly dont remeber evertons good teams of the past, people like you , content to wallow in miediocracy, will be the death of this club.
Evertonians support EVERTON not Moyes!"

"why do a lot of evertonians brand anyone with a different opinion than therse not a true Blue, (go and support the shite then if you dont like it)"

I’d go for a lie down. You’re getting a little confused
Paul Tran
38   Posted 21/09/2007 at 16:55:06

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Fair play for coming back with an argument, Dawson. I appreciate that like every Everton manager in my lifetime, Moyes has bought some good players. He is particularly good at buying ordinary players and improving them, which is one of the main reasons why he took us from 15th to 7th/17th/4th/11th/6th.
It is also one of the main reasons why I don’t think he will take us further.

Football’s like any other business. When you improve, you raise expectations and have to deliver them.

I can selectively refer to managers and players from the past who were ’nearly’ successful and/or shite and were sacked for doing so. I can also selectively refer to those who brought us genuine success.

I’d rather talk about the here and now, where all the excuses for Moyes are disappearing. How long is he going to be a ’young’ manager? He has had time to embed his own methods. He has had money. He has a particularly indulgent chairman.

Just can’t see where the improvement will come from.
Dyaln Kincla
39   Posted 21/09/2007 at 17:01:18

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How about seeing our club being torn to shreds by the people who SUPPORT it? Granted, our performance last night was absolute rubbish but it drives me up the wall how everybody who frequently uses this site bitches about EVERTHING. David Moyes made too many mistakes last night but to see Everton supporters talking against Moyes is a disgrace to our supporters and I hope that some people who read this will feel a pang of shame. Before Moyes, I remember spending the end of every season crossing my fingers and praying that our luck wouldn´t run out and we’d be entering the champions league. Today, we expect to be in the top 6. Why? Because DAVID MOYES has raised our expectations to such a higher level.
walter smith
40   Posted 21/09/2007 at 17:16:59

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see, i wasnt that bad after all was i?
Dawson Boyle
41   Posted 21/09/2007 at 17:13:30

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If we finish bottom half this season Paul, i’ll agree. I just think it’s too soon to be writing Moyes’ obituary.

Under a lesser manager, the truth is we would have spent some time in the Championship and we’re the only team to break the top four monopoly in recent years. This was an amazing acievment considering that team.

We’re not going to win the league. Even the staunchest optimist would agree. Top 5 would be amazing. Moyes has taken the club as far as it can go not as far as he can take it. This is the sad reality facing us now. Money plays too important a role these days.

To your points about managers, I can name several ’successful’ managers who were unable to cut it in the Premiership, Walter Smith being one, whose achievments Moyes has already eclipsed. He’s just a talented manager.
Paul Tran
42   Posted 21/09/2007 at 17:37:31

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I don’t feel any shame at watching a game of football and saying what I saw. It’s what I’ve been doing for 37 years. It’s just that since Moyes has been in charge, there are some Blues who seem unable to tolerate any criticism or debate the actual points being argued.

For most of my life, we haven’t been successful, its just that I’m tired of being told the man’s a genius when he is clearly an honest, hard-working manager who has clear limitations that flare up every time we start to make progress.

david holroyd
43   Posted 21/09/2007 at 17:37:12

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Dawson Boyle moyes hasnt made Lescott an england player yet,, he got in the last squad, he will in time be a regular. we arnt bothered about pre Moyes but now his coaching is taking us nowhere
Mike Walker
44   Posted 21/09/2007 at 17:58:41

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Neither was I Walter
Gordon Lee
45   Posted 21/09/2007 at 18:01:21

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I was, though
Iain Thomson
46   Posted 21/09/2007 at 17:55:18

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Im becoming a Tony Marsh also..what is with the constant yelling "FADDY, FADDY, FADDY, DO IT FADDY, FADDY, FADDY"

Shouldnt the players know whats going on pre-match without the Dad at a school football game style yelling.

Moyes allows if not encourages the long ball game.

I watch a lot of scottish football and down south the SPL gets slated, but while the standard of players is lower I cant think of an SPL team who hoof it as much as we did against those Ukranians
Joleon Lescott
47   Posted 21/09/2007 at 18:18:00

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Any ladies in the house???
kev prytherch
48   Posted 21/09/2007 at 18:23:26

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i agree, let’s bring back walter smith, at least we’d get some ageing past their sell buy date stars to moan at then. Or bring back Kendall, surely he can’t screw things up a 4th time. Wait, how about Royle, he can win us a cup only to get slated half a year later. Is Gordon Lee still around? I heard Harvey’s looking for a managerial post again. How about Kendall, no wait, have I tried him before??? Billy Bingham would do a good job.
Anyone get where i’m trying to go yet???????
john k
49   Posted 21/09/2007 at 18:07:12

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Moyes is not a bad manager,I just wish he’d pick his best side.If he has to play neville centre then surely Jagielka could do a job at rightback,Im sorry Hibbert is just not good enough.Do yerself a favour DM before it’s to late.
50   Posted 21/09/2007 at 18:25:01

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As poor as we were last night, please do not compare us with the Scottish Pub League.
Terry Proctor
51   Posted 21/09/2007 at 18:42:05

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I agree, Gazza has only just retired so he mite have some good contacts. if we cant get him what about Alan Shearer???
Jeff Clarke
52   Posted 21/09/2007 at 18:34:46

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I am an evertonian, have been for 45 years.You see I had very little choice. Sitting on the steps of my Grans house in Eton Street at 5 yrs old I got the Everton disease.Listening to the crowd roar, minding the cars for a few bob, sensing the joy or the depression in the crowds as they walked down to County Road to catch the bus home. The 60,s 70.s 80,s and into the new century I will always be a blue. Sure i get down if the result goes bad but eh lifes like that and whoever manages this team of mine they have my 100% support. Everton unite and ignore the moaning shites.
john k
53   Posted 21/09/2007 at 19:10:38

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Wow Jeff,whatever it is your on mate giz sum.
Richard Dodd
54   Posted 21/09/2007 at 19:23:09

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Well I still rate him!
albert velthuijsen
55   Posted 21/09/2007 at 20:00:37

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the manager is always responsible for the team results so after last night’s performance i would say bye bye dave !!!,i thought dave learnt his lesson after the reading saga but no way !!

i wonder what was worst the quarter final vs boro or this.

Dutch Schaffaer
56   Posted 21/09/2007 at 21:03:49

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So Tony is actually hoping for a big defeat against Villa? Fuck that I’m an Everton fan and never want to see the team lose.

For shame Tony. I understand you want Moyes out but hoping the team gets beat is unforgivable.
Connor Rohrer
57   Posted 21/09/2007 at 20:30:02

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Tony, stop going on about the same thing over and over again. I know Moyes is limited and tactically inept but he is our manager and at this moment of time that will not change.

I accept that everybody has there right to comment but you have continually repeated the same shit and to be honest it fucking annoying.

You are the first to knock Moyes when he loses but when we win you go missing. Kind of like Arteta against the "Big Four". Are you an evertonian or a liverpudlian looking for a bit of banter.

What you dont seem to realise is that we have improved. We are a stabilised club and that is down to Moyes and all the players of the past five years. Whether we can progress anymore I dont know but the Premier league is much more competitive than it used to be. A teams can not just come out of nowhere and win the league like it was in the past due to money. Genarally the more money you have the better quality of player you get the better you perform. I have stopped living in the past so why cant you.

The football is terrible but I hear the same from fans from other clubs outside the top 4. I have heard the likes of Newcastle, Spurs, Blackburn, West ham and Aston Villa moaning that there football is dire. Trust me its the same for most clubs.

Some of your comments shouldnt even be published. People who continually repeat football manager info are denied the chance to comment yet you are aloud to continually slate Moyes. Whats the difference? You and the Football Manager boys are writing the same things over and over again yet you get to comment whereas they are rejected. I know your views as do alot of people and while I respect them I hate having to read them over and over again. "Same old Tony always chatting the same shit."

Try being a bit more balanced in your views and you will get people taking you seriously. If you are an evertonian then you will listen but only time will tell.
Paddy Connors
58   Posted 21/09/2007 at 21:06:10

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Last night was a lesson - lets face it we underestimated them - whilst they werent world beaters they were quick and strong. Im gutted because I fancied a little run in it - but we are still in. Its 1-1 at half time. We will have Howard, Arteta and Gravesen back. Last night was a bad night - but thats the blues - jammy reds get smacked all over the gaff and come out 1-1 away to a better side. Thats the devils team for you. We are Evertonians and we support our club for the right reasons - its like my ginger haired stepson with the big ears - I can easily slate the little, ugly twat but deep down I love him to bits.
Ginger Bernie
59   Posted 21/09/2007 at 21:23:13

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R ey dad 2 my hairs strawberry blonde. You know Im going to piss my bed when mummys getting to grips with daddy paddys special lollipop.
Steve Allen
60   Posted 22/09/2007 at 06:30:04

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The above comments pretty much cover this thread, but......
I don’t hate Moyes, I just find a few things hard to understand:

1. Playing Hibbert
2. Not playing Jags
3. Not playing Nev at full back
4. Changing the formation when we matched the champions with 442 a few days ago
5. Not realising that we were overrun in midfield in the first half
6. Not demanding (every day in training) that we don’t hit the long high ball all the time

That said, I still think we’ll win in the Ukraine and while Moyes isn’t the best we can hope for, demanding he be sacked is just ridiculous.

PS Any chance of a thread that doesn’t mention Kirkby?
mick wrende
61   Posted 22/09/2007 at 10:16:37

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I have been saying Moyes should go since he came here as my mates are Preston fans and they said the football he plays is shite. It is typified to me by his love affair with Phil Neville. He has won trophies at United and is in the England squad so he must be good. In reality he cant control the ball, he cant pass, he cant shoot, he has no vision and he is a Manc. 3.5 million for him was a travesty.
Thats what Moyes is all about and the sooner he goes the better.
Brian Waring
62   Posted 22/09/2007 at 10:17:28

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Ray,Moyes did spend his holidays on the continent watching other teams.Thing is,it was only after a few months that he realised he had been watching rugby union,you know?The game were someone just gets it,twats it high and long,and then everyone just runs after it,like headless chickens.While Moyes might be a nice guy and the players love him(so were told)but the man is tactically inept.The football for most of last season was shite,and it’s no different this season either.How hard can it be to coach a team, to actually play football?After all he has had over 5 years.If we go out in the Ukraine,I think it’s adios Davey,turn the lights out when you leave.This isn’t being negative.But there comes a time when you have to ask yourself,can this man take us any further?
Steve Taylor
63   Posted 22/09/2007 at 12:30:31

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An unsurprising rant from Tony - who given the "performance" on Thursday has had some takers this week.

My comment is that why is our only "tactic" to roll the ball to either full back / centre back / defensive midfielder & the hump it 60 yards in the vain hope of a %age ball coming off????

It’s garbage to watch & has no-one told Moyes Dunc’s tending his pigeons these days & not planted 60 yards ahead of Tony Hibbert????

What’s so wrong with actually trying to pass the fucking thing? We have no movement, no one coming short for a pass, no idea how to formulate a chance by working the ball intelligently. Just aimless punts up field - it’s shite.

Moyes’s constant yelping at the players from the sidelines - trying to call every pass - is annoying as a fan - god knows how much it must piss off the players.

As for the team - Hibbert’s not good enough - simple as - he can’t pass - which as a professional footballer is a bit of a fundamental weakness - get rid he’s shite.

What part of - Neville is a Full back - doesn’t Moyes understand? One outstanding performance in that positon for the Mancs vs Arsenal - 4 years ago - isn’t enough to base a "new" career on FFS! Given how useless Hibbert is & how crap he’s been in CM - every Evertonian can see he needs to go to RB - seemingly with the exception of Moyes.

Overall, I was embarrassed on Thursday - we’ve got a chance to put it right in a fortnight -but Moyes needs to change things around & have a long hard look at himself & our woefull tactics.
david siggers
64   Posted 22/09/2007 at 13:02:30

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So TM wants Everton to get beaten!grow up!we were poor.but we are a top six side and i hope we will improve,whoever is manager.DM is highly rated within football(esp by other managers,he twice won their votes as best manager).Who shoul take his place Tony?
jose mourinho
65   Posted 22/09/2007 at 15:02:38

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Tony’s a cunt
Keith Wyness
66   Posted 22/09/2007 at 15:20:31

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Thatsch all folksch

Deal of the century
avant grant
67   Posted 22/09/2007 at 15:26:41

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jose you left your fuckin scarf on my hook, can i wear it tomorrow?
Avram Grant
68   Posted 22/09/2007 at 15:34:34

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Get out of the changing room. Just because we’ve got the same surname, doesn’t mean we’re related
billy bingham
69   Posted 22/09/2007 at 21:24:46

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did’nt you just love it when i was in charge

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