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Another 5 Year Plan?

By Tony Marsh :  26/09/2007 :  Comments (94) :
Surely it can't be true that Kenwright wants to offer Darling Dave another 5 years at the club? Please tell me its some kind of sick joke. David Moyes has not earned another 5 games at this club let alone another 5 years. Some of you will jump on the improved league placings bandwagon but so what? Where has it actually taken us apart from being embarrassed in Europe by rubbish sides?

What about the better quality players we now have because of this improved league placing? they will say. What good as it done us? I will say... We still play the same way we did 3 years ago which is shite negative sterile dross. Throwing more money and better players at a poor tactician is not the answer. The money will be squandered and any players he buys he will ruin. The evidence is there for all to see.

What so many of you fail to realise is, regardless of our win, lose or draw ratio, our performances are virtually carbon copies of one another. The results are ground out and luck is a major factor when ever we play. We are not capable of taking teams apart and constantly look to the referee for help. Players who were decent sorts at former clubs become washed up or drained of confidence once Moyes gets hold of them. Dracula couldn't do a better job of draining the life out of people!

Beattie, Koldrup, Davies, AvdM, Neville, Ferguson... all have suffered under Deadly Dave. Now it's the turn of Johnson, Yakubu, Atreta and the once promising Hibbert to go in to decline. They can't all be duds can they?If so, why were they signed in the first place?

Now I worry about the likes of Vaughan and Anichebe. What will happen to these lads once Moyes tries to put his hoofball stamp on them? What about the youth team ? are they being taught kick-and-rush as well?

Surely even you Moyes minions (who have been very quite lately) can see that something's not right with the team, the way we play and the managers decision making? How you can sit there and defend him as yet another season starts to evaporate before our very eyes is beyond me?

If the rumours are true then there is a mini revolt going on at the club and Moyes has lost the dressing room again. How many times have we seen this before in the last 5 years? I can remember at least three players' revolts. It's pathetic.

Having said all that, Kenwright is the main culprit in all of this. Keeping Moyes for so long just because they share the same dreams. What kind of dreams are we talking about here ? wet ones? Kenwright is a complete tosser if he thinks Everton supporters want only survival and garbagge football to keep them happy. All we need is the odd Derby win and a few clean sheets every season and that will be good enough.

Then again thats all some of you do want...FFS why do we bother.

Reader Comments

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Paul Connor
1   Posted 26/09/2007 at 13:25:10

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How many of you would accept defeat in our next three matches if it meant that Moyes would fall on his sword? The thought of us losing any game fills me with dread; however, if it means that some greater good could come from this, I would be more than happy for this to happen.
Steve Lyth
2   Posted 26/09/2007 at 13:39:11

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A message to Kenwright and our Board: "Argue for your limitations and sure enough they will be yours"

They will certainly will become ours too if this shower remain in control. What has our Club done to deserve the present bunch of inept incumbants?

Michael Kenrick
3   Posted 26/09/2007 at 14:49:41

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But why do you bother, Tony? You said previously you were on the point of giving up. Wht kept you going? It can’t possibly have been the football...

If it’s really that bad, why do you still bother? Do we need to start up Evertonoians Annoymous? Time fo you to kick the habbit, break the dependency... Just Say No!

Come on, Tony, you can do it. The first step is recognizing you have got a problem!!!

Steve Lyth
4   Posted 26/09/2007 at 14:58:03

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Michael, you know it aint over unless we go to Kirkby for some of us, stop goading Tony you will only make him worse.
I think you are very naughty at times Michael but you already know that dont you.
Graham Nolan
5   Posted 26/09/2007 at 14:59:11

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I think the, ultimately, futile attempt to sign Manuel Fernandes indicates that Moyes knows that a more footballing side is expected.
I believe Van De Meyde was signed with that in mind. I do not blame Moyes for VDM being a complete waste of space.
I think Moyes knows what he needs to do and is trying to add some, much needed, creativity to our play. I think with the return of some players (Arteta, Gravesen & Cahill) this might start to happen.
I think that DM’s greatest failing as a manager is that he simply does not trust his players. I think that is why he wants them to play "hoofball" and play very defensively because he feels that is they express themselves they will lose the ball and goals etc.
While I do believe that DM will try to play a more attractive game with the return (and addition) of players, I fear his lack of trust in his players will always prevent him from abandoing his hoofball style.
Andy Ellams
6   Posted 26/09/2007 at 15:17:21

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Why does everybody think Arteta, Gravesen and Cahill are going to lead us into the promised land. What is the use of three talented midfielders when the ball is constantly sailing 20 feet above their heads.
Ben Howard
7   Posted 26/09/2007 at 15:27:54

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I totally agree with that Graham
Jeff Leahey
8   Posted 26/09/2007 at 14:59:38

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Michael,ill tell you why Tony bothers,like a lot of us he suffers acase of faith and hope for a better future, not blind faith and bullshit.this club is a huge part of peoples lives,its in your blood,no matter how disgusted iv personally felt with the going on,on and off the park,its impossible to turn away,not drink from your everton mug or wear your shirt at your weekly 5 aside,its what makes us what we are.Yeh were all in love with this club, but i for one wont let it cloud my judgement of the current custodians of our footy club
Tony Towers
9   Posted 26/09/2007 at 15:31:08

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I was one of the first to back Moyes at the start of the season.

I am however leaning towards the "time for a new manager" arguement.
He has had five years to prove his worth and still he continues to play bad football.

The next three games (Wednesday, Boro and Metalist) are very important for the club. If we fail in any of these then Moyes should think about leaving for the good of the club.
Tony Marsh
10   Posted 26/09/2007 at 15:54:56

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Micheal I suppose it force of habit that keeps suckers like me and many thouseands of others going back for more. Its in the blood from way back but the game is changing and so are the standards our supporters set the manager and the team. At present our fans have lower than exceptable standards for EFC and it this fact that annoys me most. A few years ago I wouldnt of dreamed of missing tonights game But now sadly I couldnt give a toss about it. What does that tell you? I dont know but it cant be right that the club we follow is starting to turn so many of us against it. We cant afford to lose any support but lose it we shall if the present set up remains the same much longer.
Gavin Wadeson
11   Posted 26/09/2007 at 16:02:39

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I agree that Moyes is failing dramatically on the tactics and skills side of football management, however feel he is still the right man for the job.
After reading an article on some teenage zidane wannabe cheese muncher at spurs on the times website I noticed a few quotes attributed to their skills coach. Do we have such a person at Everton? I would guess we don?t.
Maybe hiring a continental skills coach would alleviate some of the tactical and skills burden on Moyes and help deliver some of the more aesthetically pleasing football we all crave.
Tony Marsh
12   Posted 26/09/2007 at 16:13:49

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Many in the know reckon ex Crewe Alexandra manager Dario Gradi is the finest football brain in the country: coach/manager/tactician/youth team development he has done it all.Producing many fine talents from his own scouting network. David Platt, Danny Murphy, Dean Ashton to name a few. Someone like him would be ideal for us as a youth team or reserve team coach. I would let him take over the coaching from Moyes and leave Davey to do his paper work.
Billy Piper
13   Posted 26/09/2007 at 16:24:10

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I’d love to know who the saviour is going to be who will charge over the hill with the keys to the School of Science and the Silverware cupboard ?

Let me see....who fits the bill....errr...ummmmm....arrmmmm ???
Gavin Wadeson
14   Posted 26/09/2007 at 16:28:58

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Dario Grady would be a decent appointment and would certainly help in the development of our youth players (you have to wonder whether Baines would have turned into Hibbert if he?d stayed at Everton).

I still think that a continental skills type coach (possibly someone Moyes has shared a can of Tennents with whilst gaining his UEFA A badge?!?!?) would help greatly in developing the almost absent ability amongst our defenders and midfielders to actually complete a 5-10 yard pass.

I look at the players when they receive the ball in our half and they look petrified to be in possession of the ball. This nervousness is also noticeable in the lack of effort made by players to find space to receive the ball in. Its as if everyone is SCARED!

Moyes is clearly not giving them the confidence or belief in their ability that players need (something a skills based coach could offer).

With some encouragement and confidence building I imagine even Hibbert could find a team mate without looking like he?s just follwed through whist waiting in line at the post office.
Ste Roberts
15   Posted 26/09/2007 at 16:46:03

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You are without doubt the most ridiculously pesimistic idiot I have ever had the misfortune to read. Every time we lose between now and the end of the season I fully expect to read some more of your drivel about how terrible Moyes is and how awful we are.

Get a grip. We?ve had a bad week. Support your team and your manager (who has done an excellent job and turned both our club and our expectations around).

And if you don?t like it, don?t go. You?re probably the tool who sits behind me in the Gwladys moaning for 90 mins every game, so I hope you don?t!
Remi Murray
16   Posted 26/09/2007 at 16:50:56

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In response to the article and some of the replies, I’m fed up to the back teeth of cynical supposed fans who keep calling for Moyes’s head! Building a successful football team is a gradual and, sometimes, painful process. Look at Man U and Alex Ferguson. Who would these supporters suggest manage Everton - I can’t think of one remotely credible possibility - and I’m talking about realistic contenders here?
Gavin Wadeson
17   Posted 26/09/2007 at 16:56:41

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Ste. I hope you wern?t directing your anger at me?

But if so, I am not advocating getting rid of Moyes and still believe he is the right man for the job. I am merely suggesting expanding the coaching staff to include a skills/tactics based coach to work under him.

Moyes has many qualities as a manager and has done a great job at Everton, however for this progess to continue I believe our basic skills need improving (pass and move), and that this would be made possible with a skills based coach, who would help with the players? confidence in their abilities and actually want the ball and thrive off possession.
chris keightley
18   Posted 26/09/2007 at 17:05:42

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Tony Marsh your right, under this management Everton look a sterile limited mid table outfit, playing shitty up em style football no flair just hoof ball, its boring and predictable, moyes tenure should have ended when it was clear he couldent attract any quality to the club, now lynch me guys if you wish but every bloody time we get linked to some quality another club not at our standards comes in and pinches them from under our noses, in fact i have a long list of players we could have got if moyes wasent boss, tacticaly hes medieval, hes ruined half a dozen players who were good at previous clubs, and whats more alarming is that just a sprinkle have come through the youth ranks recently, and when they do he dosent let them blossom he suffocates them with his lump it, backs to the wall we dont need flair management, im usually positive but its time for a re-shuffle asap, fingers crossed the players are up for it tonight
Matt Fearon
19   Posted 26/09/2007 at 17:03:43

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This Alex Ferguson empire building comparison has got to stop. Admittedly Ferguson was not immediately successful but he brought from Aberdeen his blueprint for how his teams should play football. Man United teams in the late 80s and early 90s played enterprising football, just as his Aberdeen side had. Preston fans warned us as soon as he joined us that a Moyes side was full of hard work, energetic play without the ball but very little with the ball. They also felt that Moyes had taken then as far as he could (i.e. 5th/6th in their league) and lacked an emphasis on pulling teams apart that is the trademark of teams that have escaped the division through automatic promotion.

More money and a better calibre a player will not alter Moyes style of playing football, this is startlingly evident from the last 3 years of watching us. The simple truth of Moyes’ regime is that very few players have come to club and become better, more rounded players.

We have seen from Big Sam at the Barcodes that extra cash or a better standard of squad hasn’t altered the way he plays and it is the same for Moyes.

Not one person posting on this website has ever called into question the stabilising job Moyes has done for this club but we are entitled to call into question his ability to move us forward into the realms of consistent Top 5 finishes. Aside from Man United, Arsenal and to a certain extent Chelsea the standard of football in the Premiership is abysmal - 4th and 5th spots are anyones and they should be ours on a very regular basis. Moyes cannot deliver this, we play well from an attacking point of view about 3 times a season under Moyes, we rely too much on luck (beating Metalist K 3-1 would have been lucky, to draw was what we deserved) and not enough on consistency.

Returning to what provoked my post, Moyes is no Ferguson, in 10 years of him being a manager his teams haven’t nor ever will play with the verve and excitement that Old trafford is used and which used to be expected of us.
Patrick Gillen
20   Posted 26/09/2007 at 17:14:56

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I do agrre it is time to move on but who could do better than he has done, Mourinho? I don’t think so, Jewel? No chance, can somebody think who would come in should Moyes leave?
Terry Downes
21   Posted 26/09/2007 at 17:28:58

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Doesn't matter who we should think of getting in ? let's get one out first

Two words sum up Tony's last piece: SPOT ON
Gordon Sands
22   Posted 26/09/2007 at 17:29:16

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Otto Rehhagel.

Udo Lattek

Marcello Lipi
Sean Rico
23   Posted 26/09/2007 at 17:24:13

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Watching that metalist game was like geting all my teeth pulled out...we played better agaist villa but no cutting edge?? moyes dosnt play attractive football because we dont have the personel...simply..when we had fernandes he went looking for the ball all day long the defenders would give him the ball as they trusted he wouldnt lose it...not like our current midfield who dont really want the ball...i believe arteta is our key...however he cant be brilliant every game...the answer?? we need 20 million spent on the midfield.. 2 players with pase box to box with a good passing range..give moyes a chance for christ sake i hope he can get it right..common everton!!!!!
Richard Dodd
24   Posted 26/09/2007 at 17:32:19

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I think that in his post yesterday,David Hall set out very accurately the unique relationship which our revered chairman enjoyes with his top class manager.I happen to know that he believes that had he not chosen Davey for the job we should now,in all probability,be ’doing a Nottingham Forrest.’
Let’s be rational,we started the season well but after suffering a number of injuries and some bad refereeing decisions we have gone slightly off the boil.
In spite of what I read on this site,I know I am but one of thousands who believe we have the manager and players to make this a most fruitful season.Hold the faith!
Chris Kukone
25   Posted 26/09/2007 at 17:49:15

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Seany Rico, sort it out mate, you go from saying we had one good game, to ripping the midfield apart and saying it was like pulling your teeth out watching them, just what we all have said and then you say cmon guys get behind moyes you must have shit in your eyes mate, or you're 12 and have never seen what a real everton managers like, hes shite mate, couldent get preston promoted, comes to everton and rips the flair out of any player worth his salt.
Connor Rohrer
26   Posted 26/09/2007 at 17:48:56

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booring. Im not being funny but why do people even comment on his posts. It just lets him know that he is centre of attention.

Tony, if you actually had any other knowledge about Everton then I would listen but I just see you as a joke knowadays.

I still dont think you go or even watch the matches. So your saying our football hasnt improved since the Unsworth to Ferguson days? Well I can tell you holeheartedly it has. It is nothing special but it has improved. You can talk about the last few games but for me I would like to wait until we have our best settled team out. We have alot of injuries and when Moyes gets the full squad back I expect it to improve.

I agree Moyes isnt a great tactitian and his substitutions are poor but at this moment in time he is our manager and no one comments are going to change that so please give it a rest.
Steve Guy
27   Posted 26/09/2007 at 17:47:26

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Whether any of us continue to have faith in Moyes as a manager or otherwise, you have put it in a nutshell Mr. Marsh; it is the owner’s decision as to who he allows to manage the team and for how long, not you or I. I suspect that your on-going (it seems like forever) railing against Moyes and the Board is a symptom of your knowing you have actually no power to change the manager yourself (same with the stadium move)and that it will take more than a few bad results before the Goodison crowd are chanting ’Moyes out’ in unison with yourself and others on this site.
Martin Wallace
28   Posted 26/09/2007 at 17:50:35

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All you ’there’s no problem here’ bell ends - just wait till the derby and see how how we get on then. Because if we continue to play as we have been, we’ll get torn apart.

Whereas Reading - a team who are not intrinsically better players than those at everton - by passing the ball - gave the shite a fair old run for their money last night.

And unless we start passing the ball we’re gonna end up fighting to keep out of that 17th spot come may.
Tony Marsh
29   Posted 26/09/2007 at 18:13:37

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Connor I reckon you are one of those Moyes Muppets who sit in the St End singing OH DAVEEEY MOYEEEES. You must be one of that lot or about 15 years old.I have been to more Everton games than you will ever see lad.Dont question my match going credentials just because I cant stand the way Moyes likes to play the game.I support Everton Football Club not the manager.If the manager aint up to the job then he has to go end of story< Kiddie.
seany blue
30   Posted 26/09/2007 at 18:11:02

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dear chris

how shite was moyes when we reached the champions league??? only to get fucked by the ref??? bet you wasnt calling for moyes heads then!! what i was saying was we need much more talent in the midfield... i could probly count on 1 hand how many clear cut chances our strikers have had this year... just give him a chance...wait until the injuries clear up then if we are still playiin hoofball then i will agree with you chris
Brian Waring
31   Posted 26/09/2007 at 18:23:37

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Spot on Tony.One thing that keeps cropping up is,judge Moyes when Arteta,Cahill and Gravesen are back.What you people don’t seem to remember,is that Cahill and Arteta where in the side last season,when for most of it, we played some of the most dire football I had seen from an Everton side for a long time.The man has had over 5 years at the club,surely long enough to get togethor a decent footballing side?Someone else mentioned that the odd derby win,and a result against the other top sides,seems to be enough for some people.It helps them forget about all the other dross we churn out.If it is true that Moyes is to be given another 5yr contract,then it will be a sad day for me,and by the looks of it, a lot more Evertonians.Also,can people refrain from the "well go and support someone else"shite.We have as much right to our opinions,as to the goings on at the club, as the fans who back Moyes and BK.
John Holmes
32   Posted 26/09/2007 at 18:52:10

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That’s just the point Brian. Cahill and Arteta WEREN’T in the side most of last season as Cahill spent most of it injured. When he or Fernandes played our performance improved and incidentally I suspect Johnson’s goals also coincided with the extra attacking threat provided by Cahill. I’m as fed up as anyone with the poor football and annoyed by the last few games but at least let’s see Moyes plans for when he has the team he’s bought all together.
Paul Rigby
33   Posted 26/09/2007 at 19:43:46

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How David Moyes revolutionised British football ? those four key tactical innovations and stratagems in full:

1. Pass and spectate: Admire as Phil Neville, the lavishly gifted midfield dynamo, lasers an under-paced three-yard sideways scuff to an unsuspecting colleague ? then stands perfectly still with his arms out impatiently demanding a return pass!

2. High-ball the midget: Marvel as Andy Johnson effortlessly ascends into the stratosphere in response to yet another pinpoint orbit of the earth from Tony Hibbert!

3. Reduce the opposition full-backs to tears (of laughter): Thrill to another slow-motion slalom up the wing - and back again, sometimes several times - as James ?Douglas Bader? McFadden wrestles unsuccessfully to control his wilful artificial legs! Sometimes he even takes the ball with him!

4. Surprise by dead-ball predictability: Wonder at the brilliance of the double-bluff which sees the opposition expect something new and original ? that never comes!

The Moyvines are right ? what is wrong with that dreadful man Marsh? Can?t he see we?re led by a genius?
Danny Mullally
34   Posted 26/09/2007 at 19:50:08

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I get the distinct impression that no matter what Moyes or Kenwright does, Mike Marsh WONT be won over.
You say the Moyes brigade have gone quiet-well I aint. For me this season is a big one for Everton football club, not just because of the prizes on offer, but because by the end of this campaign there can be no more excuses for those in charge at the club. Lets be honest here, there is no way Moyes is going this season unless we are relegation fodder. I think Moyes has done the job that he was brought on for and that is to stabalise our fucked up club and re-invigorate our aspirations. In many ways it is actually a good thing that the team has come in for so much shit from the fans recently. I am a supporter of the Moyes regime but I do accept that it’s fly or die season for him for me personally. If we continue to play the way we have been then we WILL NOT get the results and the dressing room will undoubtedly become disconsolate and this will inevitably lead to the exits of mssrs Cahill, Arteta. Lescott et al. Should this happen there is no future for Moyes at the club.
What I beleive all fans should do is judge him at the end of the season. There are no more excuses. This is his team, his tactics and if they do not elevate us into contention for honours then he will be better off elsewhere. All this baiting shit is just another thing to divide an already split fanbase.
Ironically, I beleive that the only person who can reunite the fans is Moyes. If he gets his first eleven fit and gets us ticking again I still think that we will be up there come the season end.
So save your energy Tony Marsh by the end of this season, you can rant and rave all you want, but for the time being why not try actually supporting the team instead of banging your head against a brick wall.
Shaun Kinnair
35   Posted 26/09/2007 at 21:11:49

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Tony Marsh... is there anything positive about Everton at the moment???

Is there anything you like about David Moyes??

Which Proven manager would you bring to Everton and why??

Do you belive its an easy job being a football manager??

What would you do if you were manager of Everton??

Ask these questions and I might put your name forward for the job..

Billy Piper
36   Posted 26/09/2007 at 21:43:52

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Marsh 0 Moyes 3
Connor Rohrer
37   Posted 26/09/2007 at 21:49:20

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Kiddie? Get your facts because Im in my 30s but even if I was 15 I would have more knowledge of football than you.

Moyes muppet? So everyone who disagrees with you is a Moyes muppet. I am far from a Moyes lover but at this moment in time he is our manager and nothing is going to change that. I could go on and on singing "Moyes out" but what does that contribute to this website. It contributes nothing and the rest of the posters would get bored of me as they have with you.

I am realistic I know we are not brilliant but I also know we are not as bad as you make out. Not even 10 games in and your barking the exact same as last season and that my friend is bullshit.

I will question your match going and match watching whether its at home on your couch or at goodison util the day you start giving a balanced view on the supposed club you love.

Why do we bother? Erm, because we are Evertonians. I’ve witnessed alot worse in my lifetime as an evertonian so for me its not the end of the world. Let the season get going before we start judging. And if it goes wrong then fair enough be negative because I probably will do the same but if we start winning and progressing then be positive.

Its as simple as that really. Give a balanced view, take both the positives and the negatives from the game and post something worth reading.
Brendan McLaughlin
38   Posted 26/09/2007 at 22:47:44

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Sheff. Wed. 0 Everton 3

Whats the odds we won’t be hearing anything from Tony Marsh for a few days.
stew marsland
39   Posted 26/09/2007 at 22:30:45

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As a supporter of the great side that won the league and cup winners cup of 85 I am so frustrated when I see this side of today playing this longball rubbish.We have argueably better players than that side but I have to say that David Moyes makes them look look embarassing.I would love to see a continental coach (what would Mourinho do with these players)take them on.We have fantastic players and they are wasted under the present coach and that is the best argument against the present regime a change is required !!!!I for one want to see my Everton win something again in my life time
Paul Columb
40   Posted 26/09/2007 at 22:56:09

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Brendan........I feel you might be missing the point. In what manner did we put three past a severely ailing Sheff Wed side?? I didn’t see the game but have read a dozen reports and by all accounts we we’re worth it. But, I didn’t see the match. I personally would love to see a total revamp of management at all levels. The club is slowly being strangled on & off the pitch.....enough must surely be enough.
Tony Marsh
41   Posted 26/09/2007 at 23:00:24

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Brendan we beat the worst team in the championship mate. A team whos main goal threat is Jughead Jeffers.FFS get a grip man.My mate phoned me at half time from Hillsboro and said it was the worst 45 minutes he had ever seen by any Everton side ever.So we won big deal.It doesnt change my opinion of Moyes because we beat a team on relegation fodder from the lower leagues.
Paul Columb
42   Posted 26/09/2007 at 23:33:21

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Sorry..........mis-type..........meant to say ’were NOT worth it’ in prior post.
Barry Bragg
43   Posted 26/09/2007 at 23:56:53

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Jesus Christ lads we won 3 - 0 and you still arn’t happy. Get over yourselves FFS. We have been knocked out of cups by worse teams than Wednesday recently so just accept a win for what it is will you.
44   Posted 27/09/2007 at 02:47:35

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Problem with Everton, too many English players. OK, keep the Lescot on defense but get rid of all the rest of the English-born players. Need some Brazilians (hey, we have one.. oops.. he is STILL out on loan), need some Latin players in mid-field, gasp >French<, more Africans, and grab that yank Taylor T from New England Rev.. the boy can score.. maybe cost us about 3mil. Tis a fact
English football = kick up the field
Look at the top 4 teams. I’ll sport you Lampard, and Gerraldo, but outside of them.. err. ok Joe Cole, and other Creative MFs? Don’t get me started on the drought of English FWs. Bottomline, Everton need MUCH better scouting outside of England. And of course those scouts should be able to do Alchohol level tests to keep the VDMs out. ;)
Robert Miller
45   Posted 27/09/2007 at 00:45:42

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Tony, here is my Message of Hope:

I love Everton. I feel irrational optimism before the season begins. I feel despair and despondency after every defeat.

I am a season ticket holder even though I live in exile in London. I want to see the School of Science re-established. I want to experience again the euphoria of domestic and European glory. I do not believe the current manager, team, board or fans are immune from criticism.

I do, however, have a problem with your postings. They don?t give any sense of your true love of Everton. They only suggest loathing, disgust and hatred. Whatever you think of the current regime, and whatever your frustrations are, I am surprised that a true follower of Everton cannot show a bit more perspective.

I am not saying you are wrong. I just think you may need to rediscover the simple joy of following the blues in hope and anticipation. We will flourish again.

Take care

Shaun Kinnair
46   Posted 27/09/2007 at 08:25:16

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Well said Robert Miller. I love Everton and I’ve seen some dark days in my time but I’m starting to see progress and yes, like every love affair there are blips along the way. I’ve met Moyes on a number of occasions and I can assure you he loves Everton with a passion as well and he’s always said he feels privileged to be a manager of such a club. Yes, he’s made mistakes, but so has the other 19 managers in league. Our expectations over the last 5 years have been raised because of our success on the pitch (a win is a win), so I can understand the criticism because we believe we should be winning sides, that we didn’t think we’d win 5 years ago... lets judge later in the season guys.

As for Tony Marsh...give us one thing positive in your next post about the Everton of today... go on surprise us all!!! I DARE YOU.... IT CAN’T BE ALL THAT BAD :-)
Dave Lynch
47   Posted 27/09/2007 at 09:27:33

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Lets have some perspective on this.
Last nights result has no bearing at all on how good we are.
It does though highlite how ordinary we are.
Wednesday are a torrid team and we should have walloped them without a fuss.
But by all accounts they matched us until the 80th minute or so.
The big test will be Sunday and Thursday.
Dave Moorcroft
48   Posted 27/09/2007 at 09:55:13

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100% right Tony,If these people who own our club,And purport to manage it had the best interests of EFC at heart they would sell up and take a very tactless manager with them.No other person or group of people have ever divided our supporters like this bunch of self centered prats in the history of EFC,I would say Thank you David,But thats as far as you can take us,Ask him why its always 1 step forward,3 steps back.Dont read to much into the great performance against Spurs cos ther shite as well,Thats the only decent game we have played this season.
Jonathan Morgan
49   Posted 27/09/2007 at 10:03:22

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I’d like to say excellent article firstly.I feel the whole blame has to be aimed at moyes.Im not saying that he has done a bad job since he has been at the club,but surely this limited tactician has taken the team as far as it can go with whatever personnel is brought in.Finishing 4th but with a very poor goals FOR record should have been the warning signs even then and the goals have hardly rained in since in the following seasons.A UEFA game against a small team,selecting three strikers,to play a long ball game and asking Hibbert to provide the only form of width on the right is totally off the mark,was it any surprise the keeper was only tested from long range or from set pieces. Movement,combination play and sharp passing etc comes from the training field over a period of time,has anyone seen a improvement in this department in moyes time?is it a surprise quality ball players don’t succeed at the club,Arteta apart or don’t want to join?is it a surprise that AJ hasn’t scored given the lack of quality possession he is asked to feed off.For me moyes style of coaching if you can call it that is never going to take the club to the next level.We may never get relageated but isnt football at this level about winning trophies???And if the guy who thinks its good to beat sheff weds 0-3 after weds(bottom club in championship) having the better of the 1st half then we really are in trouble of being a BIG club if that is peoples mentality.
Steve Syder
50   Posted 27/09/2007 at 11:14:06

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Second consecutive Tony Marsh article I’ve agreed with! Oh dear!

Moyes has changed us from relegation strugglers to mid table mediocrity.

We should be very grateful - as we wave him goodbye.

It’s all very well saying we had a good start to the season, but as Tony correctly points out, our "style" (LOL) relies heavily on luck, so we will have some good results, but we’ll never have consistency.

By half time last night I was hoping we’d get walloped to precipitate Moyes’s departure. Credit to Kenwright for loyalty, but time to recognise it’s misplaced - like a Hibbert pass.

As for asking dumb questions like "What would Tony do as manager?" - I’m sure he’d be the first to admit he’s no Premiership manager but that doesn’t stop him realising Moyes’s limitations.

As for questioning the "Evertonian -ness" of those of us who criticise Moyes - get a grip! I’ve been going to Goodison since 1960 and these days travel from London to my seat in the Street End for every home game. Just because I don’t want to tolerate mediocrity doesn’t make me disloyal - learn Latin!
Steve Syder
51   Posted 27/09/2007 at 11:33:56

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Sorry - nearly forgot.

Steve Coppell
52   Posted 27/09/2007 at 12:17:07

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Tony Marsh is 100% percent right.

I can’t believe that there as some fans who actually think that the football we play is half decent and will get better when arteta-cahill-graveson come back?

Were Shite Lad. The football we play is shite.

Don’t kid yourselves...

And it aint gonna change while Moyes is in charge.

I think, at the very least they should bring in another coach to help him Attacking football and Goalscoring tactics.

Otherwise face up to another five years of frustrating Shitty hoof-ball dross.
Harry Catterick
53   Posted 27/09/2007 at 12:54:32

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5 years is enough. DM has done a more than acceptable job in getting Everton back to where we are today. Can he get us to the next level? Probably not. Pass the baton on before we start the long drop back down to 17th...

Pass the baton on to someone like.....Steve Coppell
steven flynn
54   Posted 27/09/2007 at 12:18:59

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Went to hillsborough last night and have to agree with Tony Marsh’s telephone chum,it was the worst 45 mins i have ever witnessed from any Everton side in 35 years of watching. No movement off the ball leads to hoofball every time when were in possesion.Yes we won but against a piss poor sheffield wed,you could sense the 5000 travelling blues were ready to turn on moyes after half time if things didnt improve(lets be honest only slightly better 2nd half).Pienar Jagielka Carsley Osman our midfield!How many of this quartet would get in any other premierside midfield?
Lee Kidd
55   Posted 27/09/2007 at 13:19:48

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I think Evertonians are blinded by looking inwards to much.

To other clubs, we are envied for having a secure management and consistent improvement with continual prospects for the future.

Take a step back and look at things.
steven flynn
56   Posted 27/09/2007 at 13:35:10

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Lee,your post doesnt mention anything about the style of football were playing,when i take a step back all i see is hoofball.
Lee Kidd
57   Posted 27/09/2007 at 13:53:41

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Yup, it’s pretty awful stuff at times - mostly due to the likes of Hibbert and Neville being on the pitch to be honest.

But we’ve progressed under Moyes in terms of pure achievement. Mourinho, for example, has just been sacked for apparently not playing "expansive football". I’ll be very surprised if this new expansive Chelsea will be as successful as Mourinho was.

Moyes is all about gameplan and getting three points. Entertainment is a distant, secondary objective compared to this.

It’s not great for the purists who buy season tickets and expect their moneys worth - and I understand that - but i’d rather watch Everton as a stable and progressive football club than a side winning 5-2 one week and losing 6-3 the next few games - for example, see West Ham last season for how "expansive" football played by teams with the incorrect personnel can go very wrong.

Or Leeds of course.
Alastair Bates
58   Posted 27/09/2007 at 14:26:09

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Sorry all but DM deserves to have a 5 year plan, the last 5 years has brought stability to the club and now we can move forward. If you dont think this is right let me take you down another route, politics - the city of Liverpool continually vote Labour MP’s in and they have had 10year of power and are asking for another 10years to solve the NHS, if you dont like it at EFC dont like it with your politicians!
seany blue
59   Posted 27/09/2007 at 15:59:17

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oh tony tony tony tony... are you a manc supporter??

i think every everton fan on the planet would agree with you that our brand of football is a little bit sunday league material.. but with players in midfield like osman isnt gonna set the world of light!! we know these players coulnt string 2 passes together if their life depended on it.. but moyes tried to get that 10 million midfielder only for the board penny pinching...AGAIN. now tony if you have a look at spurs they play very eye catching football and spent a fortune and there still shite..all the so called big teams have that 1 player in the team and on the bench that can control the game we dont...YET!!! in my opinion the 11 million spent on yak was much more needed in the middle of the park.. as for walter smith get a grip just look at the so called flair players like ginola in his 50s he brought in...your having a laugh mate!!! as for the so called everton fan that was hopeing everton would get beat to help pile the pressure on moyes...your not a true fan..go and support the red shite!!!
Connor Rohrer
60   Posted 27/09/2007 at 16:45:30

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Tony Marsh, if you hate Everton then fuck off. Turn off your TV and sit back in your arm chair son because your not needed.

If you want Moyes out then fair enough but why keep repeating it. We know your views so stop going on. If you had any knowledge about "our" club then you would contribute and make points that are worth reading but the fact of the matter is you dont.

To be honest, I love Everton. Always have always will no matter who is the manager is, no matter who the players are and no matter who owns the club. Yes I am negative but I am also positive if I see positivity.

I hate Kenwright and if there was something I could do to keep us in Liverpool I would but if I cant I will get on with it and go and support my team.
dave jones
61   Posted 27/09/2007 at 17:50:58

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TM is spot on, I couldn’t care less aboutn the Sheffield result. The writing has been on the wall for two years for me, all we are doing is treading water and delaying the inevitable. Results are important but there is more to the game than that. Real football people can see through a few results and see the ’blueprint’ behind what is going on. Our consistent inconsistency highlights what I see as the very obvious flaws 9in Moyes blueprint. His mantra is all about work ethic, try hard and percentages...that will only get you so far. Thank him for the work he has done and shake his hand and wave good bye yesterday for me. We have some decent players now, ehat we need is a progressive technical coach who can get the team playing football and look to at least make us a consistent top half side. For all the praise Moyes gets from some he hasn’t done that. Averages mean nothing, the season before last we finsihed 11th. Would you say that is possible again this year...or worse?? Definitely. He’s had plenty of time and plenty of money now, time up Mr Moyes. Time for Evertonians to remember who we are and start demanding better. Moyes is mediocrity personified.
Jonathan Morgan
62   Posted 27/09/2007 at 17:53:07

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Seany Blue,do you actually know football at all.What people are saying is that whatever players moyes has at his disposal the way in which the team plays always comes from the training ground and therefore the coach.Dont you think part of the reason why fernandes or gonzales turned down a move to the club was because of the playing style.Moyes has a far better quality of squad now and yet the style of football remains the same.And to conner roher about being positive how can you be positive watching a team that as they can never hold onto the ball enough to get some constant pressure on teams,which therefore when it keeps petering out,gives the fans nothing to shout about so the ground goes quiete,until they get another few seconds of presure you get to raise the atmosphere again for another few secs.Its not good enough to ask people to continually watch that style and not good enough to intimidate the opposition with a lack of atmosphere.Excellent choice of Steve Coppell by the way,Top coach and manager,has a vision of how the game should be played and can do it with a average squad.Football is a enternatinment buissness remember,and by the looks no-one is being entertained nor are we winning any trophies.Moyes to go ASAP.
63   Posted 27/09/2007 at 18:04:54

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Lets see what happens in the next couple of games.After all has’nt the board just announced to the world how much the next managers wage might be,think about it boys
seany blue
64   Posted 27/09/2007 at 18:24:45

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johnathan can you read mate!!!

what i was saying if you can read that we cant play a passing game with jags in the middle.. its simple they are not center midfielders... none of them are international center midfields.. as for manny he didnt join because he was offered more money...and gonzalez was a smokescreen to get manny at a lower price!!! dont be silly mate think before you speak!!!
Blue Shaun Cook
65   Posted 27/09/2007 at 18:29:50

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Tony says what he sees and there s nothing wrong with that. The performance against that ukrainian pub was woeful to the point of dispair. I think the game on Sunday is crucial for Moyes-he needs a convincing win and performance. The truth is that he had money this summer and strengthened the wrong areas. We needed a creative midfielder and didn t get him and now we are suffering. Time will tell....
Jonathan Morgan
66   Posted 27/09/2007 at 19:14:59

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Seany blue,can you read!!

What im saying is that whatever players moyes works with or gets to the club it will be the same story of uninventive football.He just isnt that type of coach to get a team playing creativly.The squad he has now are more than well of playing with a lot lot more creativity than he is letting them.It comes from the training feild 1st.Players add to the quality.
Connor Rohrer
67   Posted 27/09/2007 at 19:37:43

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Tony Marsh, of course I know what I am on about. Over the past five years we haven’t been brilliant but we haven’t been as bad as you say. I have encountered many positives and negatives in David Moyes’s reign but saying that I have through my 39 years supporting the Blues.

If Walter Smith is a better manager than David Moyes he sure didnt prove it at Goodison park which is all im interested in. Anything he done with Scotland and Rangers Im not interested in because that doesnt make us any better.

You want us to play like we did in the 80s? Well so would I but the fact of the matter is no realistic manager would make this current team play and win like that. Stop living in the past because football is completely different to the 80s and if you cant see that your deluded. Usually The more money you have the better quality player you get and we sadly do not have that money.

Anyone who disagrees with you is a Moyes/Kenwright/Kirkby lover and frankly thats not true. I hate Kenwright and cant wait till the day he is gone. Moyes isn’t the best manger in the world and has his flaws but at this moment in time it is too early to judge how this season is going to go. He has done a decent job so far and doesnt deserve to be sacked.

On the Kirkby situation yes I do love the area but not because of footballing reasons but because my mother grew up there and half my family live there. Although I grew up in Toxteth I hold Kirkby close to my heart for those reasons. I am completely against the ground move and that is why I voted NO so how can you call me a lover of this situation?

I respect your opinions but you must understand that you repeat yourself. All I am asking is that you stop continually harping on "Moyes Out" because it gets boring. Actually contribute in a way that is worth reading.
Brendan McLaughlin
68   Posted 27/09/2007 at 23:39:48

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Tony/Paul - We won 3-0 away from home on a night that United went out at home. Oh & by the way a certain mystical Martin O’Neil’s side went out at home 0-1 to Leicester. Jesus if you can’t take any pleasure in a victory, no matter who it’s over, why bother?
Steve Lyth
69   Posted 28/09/2007 at 01:14:25

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Conner you Slimey--- Marshy hates Everton, eat your own Gob lad, your full of it, in your oin woirds shoite. You make me laugh fella, Cmon an sit with the dead in the main stand. Ask Michael for my number. Mike just drop me a line mate, its no problem for this guy
Connor Rohrer
70   Posted 28/09/2007 at 02:01:46

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Steve dont understand a word you are saying lad. How am I full of it? Because I am disagreeing with your bum boy Marshy. Because I think its annoying that he doesn’t seem to know fuck all about Everton except "David Moyes Out".

Try and translate what your writing because to be honest I dont understand what you are talking about. Are you trying to offend me? If you are please do it properly and type in English.

Conner you Slimey---? What the fuck. Dont know whether Im supposed to laugh or cry.

Who is Michael and why would I want his number? Seriously translate because your not speaking my dialect. Speak english or even scouse and I will understand you but not jibberish you fucking idiot.
seany blue
71   Posted 28/09/2007 at 07:55:19

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now now girls lets not have a kitten!!

jonathan i see your point, but it is a very poor observation.. i am currently undertaking part 3 of my coaching badge and i can tell you that you cant make a mini perform like a ferrai mate... you can only take a player so far with coaching,,, no matter what anybody might tell you with out natural talent your just not gona make the grade...and so it has proved!!!! yes as a coach you can teach the players to pass move with pace from back to front.. but with the current stock of midfielders its just not possible to do it on a regular basis!!!! i agree with blue shaun cook we had the money to get that flair player and didnt get one that is a major factor... i think moyes knows what is needed and what us fans want to see week in week out with our beloved everton playing attractive winning

p.s tony

what did your mate in the stand think when we banged in 3 goals!!! he was probly wearing his sunglasses in the second half mate!!!!!! e.f.c.forever
AJ (London)
72   Posted 28/09/2007 at 11:16:15

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Oh, no, not another article from that imbecile who conevniently and constantly forgets that five years ago we were a relegation bound team.

I can remember seeing the tables which was ALWAYS accompanied with the phrase "any team from Everton downwards could be relegated", even if Everton were second in the league!!

It would be nice to acknowledge that he has moved us forward from then, but I would accept that the football in unacceptable.

If I was convinced that a new manager could get more out of the side, rather than us having another 5 years of "rebuilding" i’d jump at the chance. But I can’t see the future - nor can Tony.
As for his comments about the reserve team, Tony, try going to the game and tell us from experience rather than conjecture. Are they playing hoofball, are the youth team?

Finally, any idea of who you would accept as Manager given that we have little money to spend and Moyes has managed on a meagre budget better than most - remember Curbishley anyone, and all he did was kept Charlton treading water?
Sorry to piss on your parade, and yes you’re entitled to an opinion, but I dispare at your "analysis".
Richard Dodd
73   Posted 28/09/2007 at 12:01:21

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I didn’t want this thread to expire before saying on behalf of the vast majority of Evertonians that we are very happy with the progress the Club has made over the past five years both on and off the field.
I have no doubt that the win on Wednesday will have helped restore some confidence in our strikers and the shrewd substitutions made for the second -half indicated that,as ever,Davey is right on button as far as tactics are concerned.
74   Posted 28/09/2007 at 11:31:25

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Alaistair the people of liverpool are run by lib dems
Steve Lyth
75   Posted 28/09/2007 at 10:51:57

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Connor, your right, spot on lad, I am a fuckin Idiot, I actually read the SHITE you trot out.
For your information I have never met Tony but he strikes me as someone who genuinely cares about the fortunes of our club.
If you dont like what he writes dont read it, its that simple.
Connor Rohrer
76   Posted 28/09/2007 at 13:47:32

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Steve, how does Tony strike you as someone who genuinely loves the club? He is negative towards anything that contains Everton so I dont see what your getting at. He only comments when we lose and when we win he is nowhere to be seen.

For me an evertonian that loves the club talks about both the positives and negatives of the club. All I asked was that he could maybe give a more balanced view instead of being a boring bastard all the time and repeating "MOYES OUT" every five minutes. I dont understand how that is trotting out SHITE.

I will always read what Tony writes because on occasions he talks sense. I agree with him on Kenwright and also on the Kirkby move but I cant understand why he seems to not know anything else about our club.

I understand you are trying to forge a friendship with Tony as I have seen you sticking up for him before but please actually make sense before you jump into an discussion.
blue heaven
77   Posted 28/09/2007 at 14:21:51

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steve lyth your getting told lad. all people are doing is talkin sense and your spouting yer mouth off thrying to stick up for TM.
seany blue
78   Posted 28/09/2007 at 16:31:46

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tony marsh

think the majority of evertonians would agree with you with kenwright out wyness out and kirby to be a non runner..

however moyes out??? not just yet. aj (london) comment was spot on..only a few years ago we were starving off relegation with the whole squads age average at 30 something!!! remember gough d.watson pembidge.gaza.ginola.ferguson.unsworth and on and so on..... now however we have one of the best left backs in the country in baines..yobo lessot will become great in time, arteta OUTSTANDING aj the yak vaughan victor up front... tim the twitch in goal and the 3rd best goalscoring midfielder in the leauge in cahill.... the average age on the team is very young so come on tony credit where credit is due(with a very tight budget) i know you are going to point out some very dodgy buys but every manager makes mistakes...SIR alex jemba jemba.. kleberson...get my drift. however the football we play is poor but i think in time the ginger one might just get it right...
Jonathan Morgan
79   Posted 28/09/2007 at 16:38:45

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Seany blue,

I really dont think that you do understand football or you just arn,t listening to me.I to hold a coaching badges the uefa C and B,so like yourself are regurly involved in coaching,all be it at a lower level than we are talking about.I’l say it again,moyes is working with a lot more quality and talented players now and yet the pattern of play in all aspects remains very basic.Does he actually want good ball players i dont think so,he looks for players mainly who are athletic,direct,can tackle,play in a number of positions and will just fit into his little empire,where he continues to take credit for what hes doing(i dont know what mind)with a small squad which to me after 5 years his also his doing.This crop of players is surely capable of taking inventive corners or quick combinations in midfeild,overlapping,players changing positions etc,but they are simply not allowed.They are told get the ball in the channels or into the box as quickly as possible.Its Rubbish.As for the guy who says that moyes is tacticaly spot on then he must be smoking something everytime he watches the team play.MOYES OUT!MOYES OUT!MOYES OUT
Connor Rohrer
80   Posted 28/09/2007 at 17:43:37

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Tony how do you know more about football and everton than us? Listening to you I have now got the idea that you are a kopite.

Evertonians are usually optimistic aswell as realistic whereas you are boring and negative. I very much doubt you protest and I very much doubt you go to Goodison park. If you sat by me a showed the negativity you you show on this website then you would be kicked out the stadium by me or someone else around my area in the St end.

How are we a club in decline? I agree with you on the Kirkby and Kenwright situations but not at all with matters on the pitch. We are going through a patch due to injuries and lack of form aswell as a few tactical mistakes. Every manager makes mistakes. Your man Rafa Benitez dropped Torres and persists with rotation, Wenger’s team lacks a physical presence and no heart, Ferguson is negative away from home in europe and Jol makes poor substitutions. Everyone makes mistakes its part of the parcel of being a human.

There are many positives in our club. We have a decent manager, we broke our transfer record again, we have players like Arteta, Lescott, Yobo, Pienaar, Howard, Baines, Johnson, Jagielka, Gravesen, Yakubu and Osman all players at reasonable ages who will only improve us.

You talk about Moyes’s achievements and for me he has done a decent job. No he has not won anything but either have Jol, Allardyce, Hughes, Redknapp etc who all manage clubs on a similar level to ours. Who would you want in? Name a realistic manager not in a job who would come and make us play like the 80s team as you want.

The football hasnt been brillaint but not as bad as you say. Last season we played well agianst Newcastle, Arsenal, Blackburn, Luton, Portsmouth, Fulham, Chelsea, Spurs, Aston Villa and Liverpool and a few more so it has not been that bad.

As I have said go back to THISISANFIELD.COM and stop bothering decent evertonians who actually want to talk sense about the club we love.
seany blue
81   Posted 28/09/2007 at 17:49:42

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lol lol lol about the the last comment,, your spot on mate!! his tatics are bemusing the majority of the time.. as for the better qualility of player in the squad im not so sure...would osman nev cars or jags get into any of the top ten teams midfield????? not a chance in heaven!!!

moyes buys these sorts of players to cover up a very small squad... he dosnt have the funds to buy a 20 million midfield a top class striker and a right back that can string a 10 yard pass:) the one big mistake that was made was not getting that star center midfielder that we have always needed... when manny was in the team we played much better football...would you agree with that comment???? probly not! but we did...he demanded the ball from the defenders..he wanted it..the current crop just dont want the ball with there back to goal!!

and ive always agreeded with use lot with the brand of football...and if you saw the villa game we had 57 pecent of the ball which is not bad for any away team... moyes knows what is needed..he has took us from relegation to top 10 or 6...but we now need to push on...without big funds its just not going to happen not matter what manager is in charge!!! 2.0 to the toffees on sunday
Joshua Doherty, 15
82   Posted 28/09/2007 at 20:13:54

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I really cannot believe you are even doubting moyes as a manager, think back to when he first took over from walter smith, season after season we were flirting with relegation and moyes has took the team to a whole new level.some of the signings moyes has brought in have failed but doesn’t that happen at other clubs as well, think of the players who have done well at the club, Arteta, Cahill, lescott, yobo. these signings have proved to be great aquistions to the club and baines also looks promising. Finally to the point made by tony marsh that moyes men have been embarrased shite teams in europe, how many other managers would have got us into that position, how many other managers would have been able to get everton in 4th position, by no means were we embarrased by villareal and they went on to become semi-finalists in the champions league that season, as for the uefa cup in bucharest, we were embarrased but we probably wouldnt have been there in the first place had Perluigi Collina robbed everton from reaching the group stages of the UCL, and finally are performance at goodison last thursday was below par but, we are not out of the uefa cup yet, there is still 90 minutes of football to be played.
Jonathan Morgan
83   Posted 28/09/2007 at 22:07:17

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Conner,We really are in trouble fella,with the likes of yourself making comments that we have played well against certain teams last season,you named 10 teams,one of which was relegated from the championship,not bad really then playing well against 10 teams in a whole season,and you name them because of the results probably,what id say is look at the bigger picture,see that he will always get some results,but consistancy,not.Not buy pumping the ball long at every opportunity.With this in mind I see your point then,moyes is doing a fantastic job aint he.Wake up!!!Look all you narrow minded moyes lovers.He has taken the club forward,i agree.BUT he has 5 years or so now,nothing has changed in terms of style,movement,imagination in a game that is supposed to be enternaining.Therefore we will NEVER win anything under moyes as his style will never change even if he had the brazil midfeild to coach,cant some of you people see this.Have some AMBITION for the club.You all want everton to be a so called big club yet under moyes we have become a laughing stock due to our style..or lack of it..
Connor Rohrer
84   Posted 28/09/2007 at 22:36:46

Report abuse

Jonathan, how are we in trouble fella? Please tell me because I wopuld like to know. Did I once say Moyes had done a fantastic job no I said he had done a decent job which he has.

Narrow minded Moyes lovers? Is that all you can throw at us if we dont agree with you? If you had actually read what I wrote you would see my view on the football: its not brilliant but its not awful. Its very similar to the likes of Blackburn, West ham, Villa, Newcastle and Portsmouth aswell as maybe Chelsea. Alot of those teams moan about the style of there football so no it is not just us.

Anyway, its not all down to David Moyes. Maybe it has something to do with the players. The players have there own minds and bodies and at the end of the day talent wins you games. Do we have that talent? I think we have enough talent to do better than last season but breaking into the top 4 im not so sure.

What would you rather have entertainment or results? I we played shit and won every week I would be more happy than seeing a team play well and lose. I agree we have to play better and be more consistent but I am willing to let the team get everyone back and kick on. I will judge when the season is not so premature. In other words, when we get our best team on the pith consistently I will judge what level we are at a where we are going.

I am ambitious and am hoping to see some improvement on last year but you have to be realistic. I dont think we have the players to win the league or break into the top four but thats just my opinion. I hope we do and I hope the football improves but for me it is far to early to be saying "MOYES OUT".
Jonathan Morgan
85   Posted 29/09/2007 at 08:49:19

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Look,we are not playing shit every week and winning,so that blows that theory of yours out of the water.
Players have their own bodies, but how the team plays in terms of how they pass, move, attack, defend etc is down to the manager only. MOYES!

We wont win the league with this squad I know, but there are some very good footballers at the club now who ARE NOT BEING GIVEN THE CHANCE TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES, and therefore what im saying is that the style of play has NOT changed in Moyes 5 years and wont change even if we get Ronaldo and Kaka etc in.

How you can say we are similar to Blackburn is Behond me, they played us off the park last year in terms of foootball, West Ham and Newcastle play more football than us, and Chelsea can be a long ball team, even though they ain't as they have won the league twice in the last three seasons, so that backs your theory of playing shit and winning, only we don't win anything.

What manager sends a team out to play a small Ukraine side, with 3 strikers, with no game plan in how they are going to work together, therefore they had no quality service from the likes of Hibbert who he asked to provide our only form of width on the right, hence we didn't trouble their keeper apart from long range or set pieces (Moyes's specialities) It's worring.

I admire your loyalty; the season is young, Moyes's time in charge isn't, and nothing has changed apart from our squad is better now, hence we should be playing better football, but we are not.

Connor Rohrer
86   Posted 29/09/2007 at 17:55:05

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Jonathan, I agree with a lot of your points and disagree with a few also so I think we should end the conversation here. I respect your opinions as you actually give insight and reasons for what you are saying unlike Tony Marsh. We could sit and discuss all day but It would get us nowhere so lets just drop it.

I am Hoping we will improve and I hope you feel the same no matter who is manager of our football club. Lets hope for a win tommorow.
Steve Lyth
87   Posted 29/09/2007 at 18:07:35

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Connor, final word from me on the TM affair you think I am having.
Tony writes with passion about the club we all support,sometimes it boils over into a rant but its passionate none the less.
Thats what I expect from every one of us and I like his style of writing, hence I will support it when I think people are having a go.
Lets be fair Connor,you have been very personal with Tony telling him to fuck off and support the shite is plain insulting.
Why is your opinion more valid than Tony,s ?
He wants the lads to play a bit of football,something thats all to infrequent under Moyes, I want the same thing and I am sure you do too. Anyway enuff already enjoy the game tomorrow.
Blue Heaven,I got told real good,thanks for that,it really brought my day down, not.
Michael Kenrick
88   Posted 29/09/2007 at 19:27:07

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Connor, that e.mail you gave us does not seem to be valid. Please suib,mit a comment with a valid e.mail address or contack us via the Feedback page. Thanks
Connor Rohrer
89   Posted 29/09/2007 at 19:32:43

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Sorry Micheal been having problems with my e.mail all week but I think its sorted now.
Connor Rohrer
90   Posted 29/09/2007 at 19:34:47

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Steve Lyth, I agree Tony is a passionate man but he tends to go to far and repeat himself. Fair enough if critism is needed then I am all for it but not after every single game. He seems to only see the negative side of Everton which I dont agree with. There must be something he likes about our current team and if he doesnt why not support Liverpool? I have also heard rumours that he is a Liverpudlian but Im not going to judge him by that as I dont think its fair going on a rumour.

On the bad language I apoligize but we are all men here. Have you not heard Tony or others telling people to fuck off? Well I have and to be honest it doesnt really bother me.

My opinion nor any one elses is more important than Tony but I think he should give more balanced views on the club he loves. Is that to hard to ask? I think you are confusing passion with plain negativity if you ask me. But as you have said its a game of opinions so we will agree to disagree.

Anyway, enjoy the game and hopefully we will get the win and play some decent stuff.
Michael Kenrick
91   Posted 29/09/2007 at 19:50:24

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Coonnor, I?m starting to lose patience with you. We provide you a platform for your views, as we do to Tony. Tony does not acuse other blues of being kopites, nor does he claim that other fans have not been to the game. Pack it in and let it go. Why should Tony have to provide comments or analyis that you want him to? We are all free to voice our opinions, so please respect that or your freedom to comment on here will be curtailed. Thanks.
92   Posted 29/09/2007 at 20:12:06

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Progressing on Thursday will settle things back down. Fail to do so and there will be a lot of unhappy fans.

Lightning strikes twice in the European Qualifying rounds? I hope not but its bound to be a moody 0-0.
james doherty
93   Posted 30/09/2007 at 20:23:48

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I really do believe that Moyes has taken us as far as he can, but who else is out there that can take us that extra mile? We have some decent players at the club with some promising youngsters too, but i also fear for them. Will they ever win any honours? I don’t think so under the present leadership. But hey, i hope I am proved wrong. COYB
Karl Masters
94   Posted 30/09/2007 at 20:55:47

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Having just trawled through all this bile ( stirred up as usual by the same man ) I had to laugh at this post:

Martin Wallace
Posted 26/09/2007 at 17:50:35 All you ?there?s no problem here? bell ends - just wait till the derby and see how how we get on then. Because if we continue to play as we have been, we?ll get torn apart.

Whereas Reading - a team who are not intrinsically better players than those at everton - by passing the ball - gave the shite a fair old run for their money last night.

Reading: 11 GOALS CONCEDED IN 2 GAMES? I know I have the benefit of hindsight, but even this bellend ( to use his own terminology ) knew about the first 4 goals when he sent this post. Let’s sack Moyes and bring in that Toffeeweb chestnut Steve Coppell! He’s being found out this season, but he’s proving ( unwillingly! )that any success is based on a sound defence which is one of Moyes’ cornerstones.

Would you rather win 2-0, play only in patches and have a few let offs and be fifth, or score 4, but let in 7 and find yourselves fourth from bottom. No brainer.

Yes, Moyes confounds us playing some people out of position and needs assistance with giving the players he freedom to express themselves, but ON BALANCE, he’s still doing a good job. Given time, it will fall into place.

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