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Sorry, Mr Moyes ? The Buck Stops With You

By Steve  Hogan :  23/10/2007 :  Comments (35) :
Three days after the debacle that was the Derby is just about the right time to reflect on a hugely disappointing day, not because we were soundly beaten by superior opposition, but to dwell on the fact that our current manager has failed to heed any lessons of the last five years.

First of all, let me comment on the quality of the opposition: that was an ordinary Liverpool side who turned up at Goodison, they have as much chance of landing the Premiership crown as Gary Glitter has of becoming a benefactor of Barnardos.

So why did we struggle so much when we were reduced to 10 men? The answer is simple: possesion is the name of the game, keep the ball for any length of time and the opposition can't hurt you. I'm sorry to say that much as I admire most of the work done by Moyes over nearly six years, the simple fundmentals of the game are not in place, and boy does it show.

I presume at the end of last season he must have sat down with his coaching staff and highlited which areas of the team needed the most attention. Why then, was most of his efforts directed towards defensive utility men unable to pass, without any vision, or the ability to pick a player out, and to a large degree unable to tackle! The old adage of managers being too close to players and unable to recognise their shortcomings when everyone around them can see the problems can also be directed at Moyes.

Hibbert versus Gerrard for the first penalty: only one winner there then, and all the full-back had to do was wait for Gerrard to try and guide the ball past Howard who had come out and was anticipating the shot, but no you see unintelligent players ALWAYS make the wrong choice, it was evident against Manchester United twice in recent seasons that Hibbert clearly isn't up to the job, and yet when fit, he is always Moyes first choice. Why? When a player has stinker after stinker, why on earth pick him, the Premiership will soon find you out if your not up to the job.

From the first minute of the game on Saturday, long ball after long ball was hoofed up for either Anichibe or Yakuba to flick on, in the vain hope of one of the front two being able to get a lucky break, and get a clear shot at goal. This is 'percentage' football reminiscence of the seventies, excuse me but hasn't football moved on since then? Believe me, whatever combination the manager tries up front for the remainder of the season, it will only flourish sporadically because forwards need chances to convert and if the chances arn't being created they will struggle.

The return of Cahill and possibly Gravesen will only mask the underlying problem, and that is progressive teams are able to keep the ball and take some of the pressure off the defence when under the cosh. One of the reasons Liverpool were under no undue pressure at Anfield a couple of seasons ago, once Gerrard had been dismissed in the Derby, was because they were able to retain possesion, god forbid we have to take lessons from them!

So, were do we go from here? Sure we will win a number of games playing the 'high pressure' up-and-at-them style of combat, but it is never sustainable. And with the likes of Arteta, we will see always have a glimpse of how the game could be played, but sadly the current style is almost medieval and as everyone knows, is not pretty to watch.

And finally a word for the referee, he basically made two fundamental errors which possibly cost us the draw, the Kuyt sending off, and the Lescott penalty at the end. Sure Liverpool 'stole' the points but even the most ardent red won't be fooled by that limp performance, Benitez has spent big, and simply made them hard to beat. Look along the M62 for a free scoring and attractive 'real' title contender with quality all over the field.

So, despite Mr Moyes protests about the referee 'sleeping with the enemy' on a pre-season tour, the real problems lie much closer to home.

Reader Comments

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Gav Jones
1   Posted 23/10/2007 at 21:36:12

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I generally agree with your comments, however I’m personally willing to wait for the returns of Tim Cahill, Thomas Gravesen and James Vaughan. I’d like to say I have faith in Moyes because I’m so grateful for what he’s done for us but to be honest I can’t say that I do. I think a lot of us are just hoping he can take us forward.
Gravesen and Cahill won’t mean we see particularly attractive football but both can score goals and Gravesen can certainly create to take some pressure from Arteta. I’d like to see Pienaar start more games also as I’ve been fairly impressed with the games he’s featured in. Whilst I’d rather not see it, I don’t have as much of a problem with ugly football as long as it’s effective, but we can all see it’s ridiculous to pump long balls up to strikers who haven’t got a chance of getting on the end of them.
Kevin Sparke
2   Posted 23/10/2007 at 21:52:42

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"So, despite Mr Moyes protests about the referee ’sleeping with the enemy’ on a pre-season tour, the real problems lie much closer to home."

Claims which have been repeated by the BBC, ITV, Sky Sports, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Times, The Guardian.... etc etc etc

I hate the football Everton play at times... and the buck stops with Moyes but Brazil 1970 wouldn’t have beat them footballing anti-christs across the park with Clat the Clot’s biased decision making

Stop trying to rewrite history to suit your prejudice Steve
Anthony Newell
3   Posted 23/10/2007 at 21:48:18

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Steve, the likes of you and I seem to be wasting our breath. It sadly appears that a large number of fans are prepared to accept this shit for whatever reason, call it dumbing down, lowering of expectations, whatever

You’ll no doubt soon get shot down with, "you expect us to play like Brazil" or "apply for the manager position if you think you can do better" or "get behind the team!" or "look where we were under Walter Smith" or "we played well, what are you talking about?" or the classic "results matter" - well he ain’t fucking getting any of those anymore either. It is saddening that many supporters are prepared to hide behind the ugly truth by making these kinds of inane comments

I’m gobsmacked that the usual suspects go on making excuses as our season goes further and further down the pan. I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse than this but one thing I can say with any certainty is that Moyes has proven that he is out of his depth managing a club of Everton’s stature with a set of fans who in large do demand better than this dross. David Moyes would be well suited to managing a side like Derby County whose aspirations are only to stay in the division. We can’t keep saying that this is David Moyes’ defining season. Nobody is realistically expecting that we start playing like Arsenal or Brazil but passing the ball would be a good start

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum - anyone remember that?
Paul Rigby
4   Posted 23/10/2007 at 22:03:43

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Great post. Keep fighting the necessary fight for attractive and effective football. Not all of us have forgotten the club’s heritage and aspirations.
Brendan McLaughlin
5   Posted 23/10/2007 at 22:36:21

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As you say Steve "the Premiership will soon find you out if your not up to your job". So how is it that Moyes who is "tactically clueless", "insists on playing hoofball", "is incompetent in the transfer market", "can’t handle flair player’s", "always plays players out of position", etc., etc. etc., has not only survived so long but has managed to finish in the top six twice during his tenure.
Oh and by the way I’m not suggesting that you have personally levelled all of the above criticisms at David Moyes.
Paperback Rioter
6   Posted 23/10/2007 at 23:30:45

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Why did we struggle so much when we were reduced to 10 men. Erm, I’m no expert pundit but mebbe because we were a player short?
I’m no kneejerk Moyes acolyte but it was difficult to fathom how he could’ve won a game featuring two dubious penalty decisions, an equally risible dismissal and an appalling decision not to send off Kuyt.
Blue Swede
7   Posted 23/10/2007 at 23:46:57

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Heritage and aspirations!!! Yum Yum. I can almost remember.But one needs a proper manager.Our last one being erm..................!!! Moyes has taken us as far as he is able. Cahill was originally a short term buy who made good but is certainly not the answer.We need a winger a la Dave Thomas,Anders Limpar,and a midfield which can pass and retain possesion after more than two passes.Our goal on Sat.started by Howard rolling the ball to defender who continued to pass leading to the corner.Never happened again.Did Howard recieve a bollcking for disobeying orders ie "hoof it long?" Now,about Nevill+Hibbets hidden talents or was it Gerbill?
Rob Hollis
8   Posted 24/10/2007 at 00:16:55

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We were denied at least a draw by some sinister decisions, that is a fact. Those decisions only served to draw attention away from the real problem which is sadly our manager.

Tony Hibbert is playing a division above his ability. Phil Neville can’t pass the ball either. A midfield of Arteta, Graveson, Piennar and Cahill would actually be creative. Will we play them when they are all available? Probably not, Moyes would be too frightened not to have a stopper or three there. Osman is also sadly not quite up to the job, he is unable to release the ball before he is tackled. Baines is quite a talent but is not making the team.

For all of our ’safety first’ tactics we can’t keep a clean sheet and continue to punt the ball forwards. We knew Yakubu would simply finish the creative work of other players, trouble is that there is none. I bet Arteta will be gone in the summer following another mediocre season.

I was really quite hopeful that the squad we have would be good to watch this season but am sadly dissapointed with the team Moyes picks. If you supported Arsenal you could forgive them not winning a trophy because of the way they go about playing.

It would be best if Moyes and Hibbert joined Beattie one division down. That is their level and Evertonians expect better.
david jones
9   Posted 24/10/2007 at 00:31:01

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Good post mate, keep fighting the good fight. He’ll be gone before long no doubt and when he goes we will know we have been right all along. When I began supporting Everton we had one of the most knowledgeable crowds around, nowadays I fear we are followed by a bunch of fools. Moyes has achieved no more than a whole host of managers yet downtrodden Evertonians think he is a messiah. Straingely not many other clubs fans I speak to are fooled by him nor would they like him at their clubs. Unlike many of our fans they can see further than the end of their noses.
Dick Fearon
10   Posted 23/10/2007 at 22:54:00

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Route one appears to be Moyes preferred style and though it might occasionally lead to a passage of decent football its main purpose is to shift the ball as quickly and as far as possible from our goal.
I call this a Hairy Goat (HG) philosophy of which Moyes is a deciple.
HG dictates that the passing game is to be played in the opponents half and definitely not in ours. Strikers must be willing and able to run about like HGs goal scoring is second in their list of priorities and ball control a distant third.

Though a bit on the short side, AJ is a fit the HG mould and is a typical Moyes type of striker.
Biffa clearly did not ?Biff? hard enough to satisfy the fans or his manager while Yakubu is discovering that what earned him scores of goals in the past does not automatically make him a member of the HG club.
Anichebe shows excellent ’HG’ promise while McFadden, our most clinical and talented striker has long known he is a complete failure in that department and probably is biding his time until a more enlightened manager comes in for him. We will live to regret our treatment of Mcfadden and Beattie.
The referees Derby disgrace went some way to hide what was an abject performance from our team. Soon after the start it was obvious to anyone with the slightest knowledge of football that the Anichebe/Yakubu partnership was not working and in urgent need of a change. Sadly that change came far too late to make a difference.
A problem for Moyes is that when he casts about for inspiration he turns to his mirror image in Irvine.
When decisions are needed, both seem hypnotised and paralysed of action, a bit like Roos caught in a trucks headlights.
Dare I say that Benitez was an example of a clarity of thought and speed of action that put our two to shame.
Chip N. Dale
11   Posted 24/10/2007 at 01:23:28

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Bring back Harry Catterick!
Arthur jones
12   Posted 24/10/2007 at 04:04:40

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can I believe what I’ve just read ? " Benitez was an example of clarity of thought and speed of action that put our two to shame " ???? Is this the same benitez that’s being universally vilified for hs squad rotation policy , his substitution of gerrard which gave him so lucky an outcome that he would have been slaughtered inthe press if the draw we deserved had been achieved , his policy of playing gerrard as a winger (out of position) for 2 seasons for which moyes would have been crucified if he’d done the same , The same benitez who’s spent just on the sam as chelski and manure and far less than arsenal and who’s now being held up as an example by an EVERTON fan ??????????as having speed of thought ... OMG
Harry Truman
13   Posted 24/10/2007 at 05:55:24

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Everton are 50 million bucks short of a full deck
John Andrews
14   Posted 24/10/2007 at 06:57:02

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A good article Steve but I suspect that you are bashing at an open door. There are those on here who are happy just to see our team survive each season irrespective of the tripe that is served up week in week out.
There is also the matter of the board. They too are happy with Premiership survival as it keeps the TV money rolling in. I suspect it will take an earthquake to unseat Moyes and Irvine and we don’t get too many of those in the UK !
Walter Peck
15   Posted 24/10/2007 at 10:10:06

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First we were beaten by superior opposition (and an inferior jackass referee), then that same opposition turns out to be labeled an ordinary side. Which one is it? - which in effect sums this club up in the last 20/25 years. A stern test for anybody and next thing just another oppositon for another team to try and beat.

I have stood by moyes since day one and although his tactics on occasion have been questionable i will say he is the right man to take us forward but by the same token he has to do something very soon. Some of the purchases recently have turned out to be unfortunate acquisitions while others have turned out better than expected and fit nicely in to the side as a whole.

When the times comes of dave to vacate goodison one way or another i really dont know who could replace him. To state the obvious the managers that are free agents now and are avaliable, will more than not back be back in work when the hot seat at goodison needs to be filled. Lets keep faith with moyes- at least for now.
Marc Arabella
16   Posted 24/10/2007 at 10:55:00

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Sure we were robbed, but by then the game should have been killed.

Why play Jags who is obviously lost.


BTW/ Is Yakubu being fattened up for Christmas???
Dick Fearon
17   Posted 24/10/2007 at 10:48:22

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Arthur Jones: If you honestly believe Moyes had the better game plan please explain how the reds by a ratio of 20 ? 1 have more shots at goal.
While you are working that out perhaps you could cast your mind back to an earlier Derby when they had Gerrard sent off yet still managed to outshoot and outscore us.
As for Benitez, his substitution of Gerrard can only be described as inspired, the replacement immediately delivered some marvellous wide balls therebye doing what our midfield were incapable of doing in the entire game and it was his shot that brought about Neville?s flying save/penalty.
By the way, that shot also eclipsed the efforts of Anichebe and Yakubu.
It was Benitez decision to play the ball wide that stretched and tore holes in our depleted defence.
If you did cast your mind back to the afore mentioned earlier Derby you might recall that when we had the extra man advantage we futilely battered long balls straight down the middle.
We have the players to achieve great things but only when our supporters and manager stop using referee decisions as an excuse for bad football and bad tactics.
By the way, I have been an Evertonian since 1953/54 and it does not make me happy to say anything good about the other lot.
Guy Wilkinson
18   Posted 24/10/2007 at 12:36:59

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Dick Fearon - dead right.

Benitez decision during the derby won the match - bringing on Pennant and Babel killed us for pace, widened the game and found space which they utilised.
Gav Jones
19   Posted 24/10/2007 at 12:40:16

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Right, I agree with alot of the criticism of Moyes, but why is Benitez being held up as some sort of example? Bringing on attacking midfielders when the team you’re playing is down to ten men? Even f*cking Steve Staunton would have been able to come up with that one.
Credit where it’s due in the past to Benitez, they may have got lucky at times in their Champions League winning campaign but obviously beat some good teams along the way. Fair play. However he got very, very lucky on Saturday and you’d think he’d act like he knew it in the media afterwards, as opposed to accusing Lescott of diving.
Andy Williams
20   Posted 24/10/2007 at 12:50:23

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Pleasing to see some sensible comments written about the style of Everton?s current football style and the analysis of Saturday?s game. Moyes I agree appears to be tactically inept and this is all too evident when we come up against the stronger premiership teams, and possibly a lot of teams in Europe? It was a poor display by both teams on Saturday, but that Liverpool were superior opposition in that they can pass the ball along the floor to feet, but can also keep hold of it. We have only a few players who are capable of doing that! Hibbert et al, believe that are forward line are seals and that they can control a football on their noses! Thus, making them and ?others? before them the scapegoats for players with a lack of ability and Moyes having no innovation!
Dominic Duerden
21   Posted 24/10/2007 at 13:31:47

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Hibbert is not good enough , Baines is not good enough , Yakubu is not good enough.

Graveson is good enough , James Vaughan definently is good enough.

If Moyes picked this team we would beat Liverpool regardless of the referee :

Neville , Yobo , Lescott , Baines (no-one better)
Arteta , Jagielka , Graveson , Piennar

Vaughan , Anichebe or Johnson

But Moyes won’t pick that team now because he has spent 11.25million on a striker who is even worse than Beattie.
Carl Roper
22   Posted 24/10/2007 at 13:46:26

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Good article that sheds light on some of the other reasons why we didnt win on Saturday (it wasn’t all down to the referree).

In last Sunday’s Observer the Evertonian reviewing the game said that he was "ecstatic" at the way we played. Well, i suppose if you like to see the team give the ball away at every opportunity and youir forwards playing as wingers, then the ecstacy was justified.

The start to our season has been very dissapointing. Weve lost half of the league games that we’ve played, the away form is showing no signs of improvement (we ve beaten Spurs and Bolton - but who hasn’t?) and we’ve lost two games against Liverpool and Man Utd who brought the least impressive teams that they’ve brought to Goodison for some time.

I worry that Moyes doesnt know his first choice line up even amogst those who are fit (the ever changing defence is proof of that), that Hibbert keeps reappearing in the team and that in Moyes view, Neville appears to simply have to play - anywhere!

Its all about moving on and making progress, and at the momnet I’m not sure I can see any.
Winston Zeddmore
23   Posted 24/10/2007 at 13:55:50

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I doubt Sheffield United would say that beattie is indeed a poor striker. And as for yakubu its early days yet, let the man at least have time to settle in to his new club, and get accustomed to the area and his new teammates. When graeme sharp arrived from dumbarton is took eighteen months to a year until we saw what a great striker he was. (remember spurs 1982?)
Chris Masey
24   Posted 24/10/2007 at 14:04:30

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Winston, James Beattie was a disgrace for this club. He churned out dismal displays time and time again, and didn’t score in open play for 15 months. And don’t say he wasn’t given the chances because he was. I had to sit through the utter pain that coinsided when he was on the teamsheet.
Steve Hogan
25   Posted 24/10/2007 at 13:51:27

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Message for Kevin Sparke, Kevin I’m puzzled as to your comments about me ’trying to re-write history’, if you care to read any of my past articles or comments re Moyes and his management style at Everton, I can hardly be accused of being one of his fiercest critics, I leave that accolade for a certain Mr Marsh.

But to lay the blame for our defeat solely on an inept referee is simply hiding from the truth.

Poor team selection, poor tactics, and the fact that we should have been dead and buried long before the last minute of the game due to glaring misses in front of goal from Sissoko, Kuyt and Voronin means that the referees performance would’nt have even been the main talking point!

Or have you forgotten that aspect of the game?
Winston Zeddmore
26   Posted 24/10/2007 at 14:48:12

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Yes Chris point taken. Beattie was as much use as tits on a boar whilst at goodison but as is usually the case a move down to a lower club and a transformation occurs. most evertonians had high hopes when james arrived having put himself in the window whilst at southampton and was instrumental in their FA cup run in 2003. But sadly a move north never worked out for him, and gradually fans lost patience and the inevitable happened. yakubu watch this space.
Connor Rohrer
27   Posted 24/10/2007 at 15:21:07

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Anthony Newell, stop trying to make out that your in a minority of people who hate Moyes. Go onto every everton website whether its NSNO, Bluekipper, Toffeeweb, Grandoldteam etc and you will see that the majority think our manager and football is shite and want to see either a dramatic change or "MOYES OUT".

I have got to admit and am at a split decision. With Moyes now having a fully fit squad I am expecting the football and results to improve and if not he has to go simple as. But to say we are accepting it anymore than you and Steve is just ridiculous. What are we supposed to do? It is obvious Kenwright loves Moyes so at this moment in time he will not be sacked and If he is I would be surprised. Yes we could boo and protest but come to think of it considering there are so many unhappy fans I never seem to see anyone protesting against Moyes so they must be accepting it as must you.

We all see it mate so stop trying to make out that your opinions are different to everyone elses.
28   Posted 24/10/2007 at 16:46:16

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Has anyone seen whats going on with Bolton at the minute?
Tony Waverleas
29   Posted 24/10/2007 at 16:22:53

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You sense that David is at some sort of crossroads in his Everton career. To an extent his reliance on the high tempo but ugly pressing game has proved relatively successful. Over a season-long campaign it will probably bring him more wins than losses.
A major problem, however, is that our small squad cannot maintain those type of performances for a campaign of 50ish matches: it simply saps too much of their strength.
Plus whilst it might work against the cannon fodder, try it against a footballing side and more and more it’s a strategy falling flat on its arse.
David knows this. And in trying to bring Fernandes to the club you feel he is making a real effort to add the velvet glove to the steel fist.
However, the stuttering Everton careers of both AJ and Yakubu suggest David’s obsession with workrate (and I for one sincerely hope we didn’t spend almost £20m to watch our forwards throwing in tackles on the halfway line) is in the end actually in danger of costing the team and himself dearly.
seany blue
30   Posted 24/10/2007 at 19:44:30

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Your artical was spot on mate,we dont even try to pass the ball, how on earth are we going to attract world class midfielders if we keep pumping the ball 100 meters over there heads?? we wont. as for the comment made about the yak are you just plane stupid mate?? he has had 3 clear cut chances this season and scored 2!!! it wont matter if we played vaughn aj mcfadden and victor together we still wouldnt score because weDONT CREATE CHANCES simple, until we start passing its gona be a long season
Micky blue eyes
31   Posted 24/10/2007 at 20:14:02

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great articler and hits the nail on the head....the football from everton from the 1st whistle was embarrasing. as soon as the defenders get the ball they look to hoof it upfield......the problem is kenwright will never get rid of Moyes...troubling times lay ahead for us.
Rob Hollis
32   Posted 24/10/2007 at 22:17:16

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Must just add to this by saying that although many Evertonians feel robbed by the referee on Saturday, how do you think the opposition (Metalist Thingy) felt when we won at their place? Our football was dreadful and they looked much better than we did. I was delighted we won but not exactly satisfied.
Gary Ablett
33   Posted 25/10/2007 at 07:22:17

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Your an idiot!!
Alan Thom
34   Posted 25/10/2007 at 09:10:10

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Lets not forget where Moyes has taken us, from him being instated - we are at moment playing in a European competition and he has assembled the BEST squad of players for decades.
Yes, we are not playing well at moment but there has been glimpes of what football these players are capable of and will, when settled produce. Alot of new faces in the squadto
Yakubu - 35 goals in two seasons, in the Premiership proves he has what it takes - We need to create chances for him. Although that is the main stumling block that Moyes needs to address. There has not been alot of players at the club that have been able to deliver a good quality final ball to the strikers during his reign and that hasnt helped the likes of Beattie and Johnson in the past. If only Andy didnt like a Shandy !We still think that big Dunc is up there and the give it the old ’Ave it’ towards the opposition box
We need creativity, flair and width to provide for the strikers and rely heavily on Arteta, however I do think that there is more to come from Piennar, Baines, Cahill, Lescott, McFadden and even Jagielka (from right back)
I would like to see a midfield general brought in to run the middle of the park that demands the ball into feet, knock it about,can take on the mantle of play maker and how we play - I only see Gravesen as only a tempory measure, a good backup but who, if is not fit is no use. However, remember Moyes was trying to find this type of player in the Summer & a Peter Kay was not mentioned -
I know Moyes makes mistakes, I thought he nearly blew Europe with his tatics against Spurs at home last year - he has the tendency to be far too defensive minded especially when we are dominating games. But he got us into Europe in the end
If Moyes was to go, who would we get to replace him, maybe the likes of Gary Megson, Joe Royle, Sammy Lee, Chris Coleman, David O Shit Leary, Steve McClaren - there isnt alot of good ones about, with the qualifications, experience of the Premiership, passion for Everton football Club that Moyes has got. He is now gaining valuble experience of Continental football.
Who would we take a chance on ? who would we attract and how good would they be, even if we could, would you be happy with the likes of the Fat waiter, even the RS are calling for his head - Dream on ! Enough said. Lets give Moyes a chance to see what his fairly new team can deliver.
Come On You Blues !!!!!!!!!!!
jonny voodoo
35   Posted 29/10/2007 at 00:16:51

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Every day it seems there is a new article slating moyes. Two questions always spring to mind
a) Would any other manager have made the blues a better team if they had been in charge for the last five years? Remember in his 4 full seasons he has taken us into Europe twice. Could a different manager have established us as champions league regulars over that period. I think not.

b) Who could Everton get to take over the reins now that would improve the team, that would propel us into the champions league . I cant think of anyone

WE constantly moan about the lack of flair, attractive football etc. I agree life would be a lot easier as an Evertonian if we could go into matches knowing we could tear teams apart rather than hoping we can huff and puff our way to victory.
We are one of those teams like Blackburn who are masters of the physical game. i dont suppose Hughes gets the same distain from Blackburns fans. If we could maintain our Physical prowess and play with flair and panache we would be challenging for the title. We would rival teams like Arsenal and Chelsea and Utd etc This i fear is beyond us at the moment. It is beyond the players we have at the club at present and would take a few more years of slotting players into the team in order to do that

I think what moyes is doing is putting this into place. He seems to have built a squad that has most of the physical strong players in there now. players like lescott, baines even jagielka are young players who will form the solidity of our team for years to come. I think now he is starting the process of looking at the flair players who can bring this creativity to take us onto the next level of being champions league contenders year in year out. I think this is what his next five year plan is all about
Moyes has laid the foundations by getting some great young players who can scrap and fight there way into the top half of the table and maintain it. Players that make Everton difficult to beat, that can win ugly at times. Upon this foundation he will now start to sign players who give everton that extra dimension we crave for.
Have some faith..
Moyes will deliver

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