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People Watching and the 39th game

By Colin  Grierson :  25/02/2008 :  Comments (6) :
As a resident of Bangkok I really miss going to the match. However, I get to see more footy out here than I ever did in the UK as every Premier League game is screened live. It;s like being a Liverpool fan without being a bellend, (which is an oxymoron I know.)

As I'm sure you all did when you heard the ridiculous notion of the 39th game, I laughed my head off. The fans out here just aren't the same as back home. I used to love 'people watching' at the match. The passion of the game brings out the best and worst in individuals and I used to lap it all up in equal measure.

I loved it when someone got so upset that they booed as loud as they could. Hands cupped either side of the mouth, spittle covering three rows in front of them. You don't see this sort of hilarious behaviour outside of football very often. You wouldn't get it here on the 39th game neither.

The sharp, witty one liners shouted from the crowd, the songs, banter with opposition players and fans just wouldn't happen in Bangkok or any of the other proposed destinations.

Football fans are very different here. They virtually all support either Man U, Liverpool or Chelsea. They couldn't name many players outside of their chosen club.

If the 39th match does become a reality I would obviously be compelled to go to a game here. Sadly though I'd be booing on my own, singing on my own etc etc.

Don't take it for granted those of you lucky enough to attend Goodison Park on a regular basis. I used to be a regular too before the kids and the job got in the way. People, watch while you can. Its just not the same on the Telly!

Let me leave you with a classic bit of telly only available in Asia. McMahon is a pundit out here for ESPN and watching and listening to him makes me hate him all the more.

When asked what he thought the outcome of the Liverpool v Barnsley game would be he said "e; The real Liverpool will turn up today, 4 - 0! "e; Grobelaar, another of the pundits turned around and said "e; I'll have to disagree with Steve I'm afraid I think it'll be 5 - 0 "e; McMahon looked like he was going to start crying at the end of the game. Grobelaar said Nish. Priceless!

Reader Comments

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Sonny Phillips
1   Posted 27/02/2008 at 19:18:13

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Is this Colin Grierson from Maiden Lane, Pites brother?

Remember playing Black Jack for two pences in your mams? haha

Well in getting a job in Bangkok, I?m working in fuckin Stanley Road!!
Martin Cutler
2   Posted 28/02/2008 at 04:51:31

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First of all, the idea of a 39th game abroad is ludicrous and should be dropped immediately.

However what I’d like to add is a further comment to Colin’s above about "people watching" and what the supporters back home are like.

I live in the States and if you remember, I was the one who went to the Villa v Everton game back in September as a surprise birthday gift from The Mrs.....the atmosphere at that ground (even if it was the Villa) was just incredible....the insults, praise, foul language, criticism, jokes, one-liners, the oooooo’s and aaaaa’s, the support, the camaraderie, the goading between the two sets of fans (different perspective for me being surrounded by Villa supporters!!!!!) and so was just incredible!!
Going to the few games I’ve seen over here there is simply no comparison............not even remotely close. Jeez, even the hootchee coochee mama’s (as my Mrs calls them) at the games here are crap!!! (That would be the cheerleaders by the way.)
I know there would be a small proportion of the crowd that would make it "just like a game back home" (as it was when I watched Columbus Crew v Everton a couple of years back) but that’s just it......a "small" proportion of the crowd unlike 100% of the crowd back home!
Colin Grierson
3   Posted 01/03/2008 at 05:59:58

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Hello Sonny mate. It is the Maiden Lane Colin Grierson. There?s nothing wrong with Stanley Rd, I?ve worked there meself. It depends what you?re doin there I suppose. I?m back home in the summer for a few weeks. I hope to get to a match. Maybe a Champions League qualifier!
Sonny Phillips
4   Posted 04/03/2008 at 21:27:04

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Great Col, we normally have a scoop in the Elm so might see you there before the game if there is one.

Yeah Stanley Road?s not that bad, it?s just not Bangkok! My jobs OK too so can?t complain..

Hope life is treating you, Pite and the rest of your family well Col.

PS: Just read your Dallas article, haha boss mate.
John Meredith
5   Posted 14/03/2008 at 10:06:02

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Hi Colin,

I am about to embark on a years teaching this year in Bangkok. Could you tell me if there is an Everton?s supporters club there? Moreover which bar you/they watch the matches in ? thanks.......
Colin Grierson
6   Posted 01/04/2008 at 16:38:41

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I don’t know about any supporters club here mate, but there’s loads of bars to watch the games in. You can watch every game. Gullivers is one bar but soi 33 has a few sports bars. This place is full of RS and Manu fans as is everywhere mate. Cos of the time difference it can be a pain in the arse if the game is a 4pm sunday kick off cos its 11pm here and an early starty monday. The early kick off saturday is the best then on the lash down sukhumvit.

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