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How soon is now

By Dan Parker :  29/05/2008 :  Comments (34) :
I'm just finishing watching Everton v Man U from the 03-04 season on Fox Soccer Channel and it pops up some very distinct but paintful memories. Whlsit watching the game and forgetting what happened, I just watched Everton claw themselves back to 3-3 only to lose 3-4 with Rooney just missing at the end. Why does it matter? Maybe not all that much but......

In summary:

- Moyes was our new manager to rescue us from the Walter Smith era. It really was dire before Moyes. To Walter's credit, I firmly believe he was the one to start the turn around despite such dross as Ginola. He just added the stabalisers and ran out of ideas after that.

- The Man U game at home that season brought our pride back, I was so proud of Ferguson and Unsworth in that game even though we lost. It was the start of my regain in Everton pride which I hadn't completely since 1995.

- We had an awful season with Rooney and finished 4th from bottom. We all knew we were better than that (as opposed to previous seasons). It was a much better Everton side than that which finished 4th from bottom on goal difference a couple of seasons earlier at the expense of Bolton

- We were very proud of Wayne Rooney back then. Well, I was anyway. I remember staggering through London at 2am yelling "there's only one Rayne Wooney". Call him what you like, he was our saviour. We now know he's a twat but hey, we got £20 mill plus for him. Thank you Colin Harvey. Why he's employed by Bolton and not us I'll never know.

- Big Dunc was my idol, even when he played a few games a season, he scared the shit out of the big clubs. It was all we had to look forward too when we were truly shit. I'd love to spend an afternoon with Dunc talking about Everton, being married to John Parrot's sister and what it's like to own a ton of pigeons. True legend in the eccentric Neville Southall mould.

- I now notice that Lee Carsley was awesome in that game. No-one noticed back then. After reading about his daughter, the man is a pure inspiration to all of us.

- It was the early steps of Moyes turning us around . The workhorse, committed players such as Zinedine Kilbane moved us forward from the fat has-been Ginola can't be arsed has-beens.

So what's the point in this post? I turned on the tv by random and Fox Soccer Channel had a game from a time when it was the first time since 1995 I was proud of Everton and the effort the players put in. Maybe not the whole season, but that game was awesome.

As a parting note, Big Dunc a waste of money? On games like that, he was worth every penny. A true Everton legend.

And in that Man U game, who thwarted Everton in goal? It was our very own Tim Howard.

2008-09, let's bloody win something.

Reader Comments

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Tony Williams
1   Posted 29/05/2008 at 09:21:18

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I remember that game vividly, as I missed it because was down in Somerset for my red shites mate’s wedding and my other mate who wasn’t there was texting me the results, as no pubs at all was showing t he game.

It was 3-0 and I switched my phone off.

We walked into a bookies to see the final 10 mins on the old videprinter then it went to 3-3, we were pissed and dancing in the bookies and what made it worse was the bastards at Sky put the score as 4-3 to us when Van Horseface scored for them so we were going mental only for it to be taken away with the dreaded word "Correction"

This was made even worse when the fella behind the bookies was a Manc and started laughing at us.

I was sick I missed that game but as you said was proud that we came back from 3-0 down
Kevin Jones
2   Posted 29/05/2008 at 09:10:57

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A few things Big Dunc?s married to John Parrots wife?s sister, Lee Carsley?s son has Downs, not his daughter and Wayne Rooney?s not a twat. What Wayne is is an exceptional footballer who did no differant than all of us would do in the same circumstances. He played in the Champions League final last week won the league for the 2nd time the week before and probably earns 100 grand a week to boot. Ref?s are also more lenient with him, because make no mistake he?d have been sent off every 6 weeks for us. Leave the lad alone.
Robbie Carew
3   Posted 29/05/2008 at 09:33:56

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I remember that game as well; Nigel Martyn was brilliant.
Anthony Horabin
4   Posted 29/05/2008 at 09:54:17

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Only when he (Rooney) shows us some respect for the club who got him started.
John Lloyd
5   Posted 29/05/2008 at 10:09:40

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Is right Anthony.....
Lee Smith
6   Posted 29/05/2008 at 10:12:51

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Tony Williams - Oh great, thanks very much for reminding me of that "correction" moment on Sky Sports, I had only just finally forgotten about that horrendous moment in my life, now its back fresh in the memory!!! One of the worst things I have experienced, especially as I was busy dancing around my local goading a load of Mancs when it happened!!!!!!!
Paul Gladwell
7   Posted 29/05/2008 at 10:47:24

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Wayne Rooney did something that we would all do!
Well he can win all the trophys he likes, but one day he will sit down an old man and if he is still the blue he and his family claim ,then he should regret that he wont be down in our history books as a legend alongside the usual suspects.
No one would deny in time he coud of left us for pastures new, as time was on his side and although the move was instigated from within his total lack of respect for the club stinks.
So ask yourself this ,would you rather win what he has for another club and have nothing on paper for the club he claimed to love, or win nothing and have your name stamped in our history as someone whom then fans adored and will forever be remembered? I know which I would choose every time.
EJ Ruane
8   Posted 29/05/2008 at 10:48:50

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Kevin, you say "What Wayne is is an exceptional footballer who did no differant than all of us would do in the same circumstances"

Well he’s certainly blessed as a footballer but, with the best will in the world, the second half of that sentence is bollocks.

For thousands of EVERTONIANS, playing FOR EVERTON at GOODISON in a Carling Cup tie (on £50000 a week) tops playing in a Champions League Final for Manchester United (on a £100000 a week).

NB: Yes I AM joking about the money.
Nick Entwistle
9   Posted 29/05/2008 at 11:05:45

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For the life of me I cannot remember fighting back form 3-0 down and then lose to Utd...
Andy Rannard
10   Posted 29/05/2008 at 11:05:07

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Kevin Jones...

So kissing the Man Ure Badge in front of our fans at Goodison plus the comments attributed to him in the papers about OUR club since his move down the 62 etc, etc do not, in your books make him a twat?

You are entitled to your opinion mate, just as I am entitled to disagree (look at it this way if you will, if yer best mate shagged yer bird then laughed about it in your local and took an ad out in the papers mocking your meagre ?length?... by your reckoning, just cos his own bird isn?t that good looking by everyone elses standards and yours is a stunner that is more likely to win beauty contests, at home and in Europe, then he was well within his rights as a top shagger to do so and therefore isn?t a twat?)

The lad may be a class footballer, who still has bags of untapped potential agreed, but he is completely without class of any other type

How anyone can see he is anything other than a twat is beyond me...

unless they are calling him a cunt!
Oliver Grange
11   Posted 29/05/2008 at 11:17:08

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Wayne Rooney is a yob. He screams foul abuse at referees week in week out. Perhaps this was excusable when he was 16,17 but not now he?s a relatively senior pro with england. He?s also a coward - note his lies about David Moyes in the ?autobiography?. He has won trophies since he left so fair play to him on that score, but he hasn?t progressed as a footballer, which is what cynically as an england fan I care about.
Kevin Jones
12   Posted 29/05/2008 at 11:04:34

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EJ, Wayne Rooney is a professional footballer so therefore, and what I?m trying to say is, in his profession he wants to get to the top just like you or I would in our professions. Don?t confuse supporters with players, or all our players would be scousers and Liverpool would have the Norwegian National side as there team. Why aren?t Carragher Owen or Robbie Fowler playing for us, all Evertonians and all plying there trade to the highest bidder. Stubbsy left the club he loves for a 2 year contract not 1 why, more money.
Jay Harris
13   Posted 29/05/2008 at 11:45:57

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Kevin nobody can argue about the money and success but the lad is a total gobshite who shows no respect to anybody and has no class whatsoever.

Do you think Stubbs would ever run round GP kissing the badge of the team he’s playing for.

Do you think Stubbs would end up in a brothel at the age of 18.

There is no comparison as I’ve already said Rooney has no class whatsoever and for me the best thing EFC ever did was cash in on him.
Lee Spargo
14   Posted 29/05/2008 at 12:26:55

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I thought we’d moved on from the Rooney thing. We’re better off without him. Let him do and say what he wants. Give me Big Dunc over Fat Wayne anyday.
Peter Roberts
15   Posted 29/05/2008 at 12:39:03

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Kevin Jones

"who did no differant than all of us would do in the same circumstances"

So what you?re implying is: we would all refuse to sign a new deal to make us the highest-paid player in Everton?s history, the club that we allegedly grew up supporting, and then with 24 hours of the transfer window open, submit a transfer request forcing us to sell for about half his value to bitter regional rivals, without so much as a by-your-leave. And then, to continually disrespect the club because of our hatred for our supposed "control-freak" of a manager, the same one who gave us our first start in professional football, so much so that we cannot return out of fear for our safety.

Either you?re a Manc or you?ve a screw or two loose. I suspect the latter. If you need a number for a good psychiatrist then please, let me know.
Simon Gilmovitch
16   Posted 29/05/2008 at 12:48:37

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Kevin, I have to disagree with you. Not everyone would do what Wayne has done. Look @ Shearer, he turned down Man U, and is a legend to the barcodes & millions of others. I agree with Paul, I wouldn’t swop playing for Everton for anything - even for more money. That might sound nieve to you but thats the way I feel. There is no excuse for running around Goodison kissing that badge.
Christine Foster
17   Posted 29/05/2008 at 12:59:43

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Big Dunc ran out of time. In truth actually the Premier league dictated that football is a non contact sport and in doing so it meant the game had evolved and a player of his style, commitment and class was no longer able to play to his strengths. If fact I can’t think of ANY other player currently playing in the premier league who emulates him.

Its sad because I think football and the premier league lost a great player and a style of play we are unlikely to see again.

He could fight, put himself about and had a passion that few have surpassed. In todays market you can only get lip service to some of those qualities and every manager knows the first time a ball is given a route one he will be blown up for competing,, In the last season or so, he incurred more fouls that it became embarrising (not that he embarred himself, but that referees would pull him up continuously for fouling.)

Sad loss to the club but just as importantly a sad loss to the premiership and the days of a contact sport
Tony Williams
18   Posted 29/05/2008 at 13:08:52

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I no longer habour any resentful thoughts about Shrek anymore. he is a professional footballer who is doing what he can to get the most money and medals within the relatively short career life of a footballer.

Yes he is classless and as thick as pig shit but to me he is a lad who used to play for us way back when and nothing more.

As the grafitti said, "you could have been a God but chose to be a Devil"

I have moved on and I wish that people would stop giving him grief on the pitch as it make the fat granny shagger play better.
Tony Williams
19   Posted 29/05/2008 at 13:14:15

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Cracking point about Ferguson Christine, exactly what I thought.

One image that remains in my mind about Ferguson was when he was having a go at Ellery, he had been blown up for a foul for the umpteenth time when the defender was all over him and he turned to Ellery and said (I could hear it as he was near the Lower Gwladys) "What the fuck do you want me to do" and then proceeded to jump straight up and down with his hands by his side.

The league, as you said, outgrew him with all the ponces and sprinters taking over.
James Marshall
20   Posted 29/05/2008 at 13:55:41

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Robbin my title Dan eh! OK so I nicked it off Morrissey but what the hell!
Bob Turner
21   Posted 29/05/2008 at 14:16:11

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Snatching defeat (albeit a bit more glorious than a 0-4 drubbing) out of the jaws of a draw (which would have felt like a win) is something only Everton could do!

I remember the feeling of utter despair when, having celebrated wildly when it went 3-3, that goal went in.

It must have been worse, though, to have seen it as a 4-3 on Sky, only to have it corrected lol

Here’s to more proud moments next season.

PS Anyone remember being 2-0 up against Oldham (early 90s I think?) and conceding 2 goals in the last 2 minutes? Now THAT was bad!
James Dore
22   Posted 29/05/2008 at 14:32:54

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Don’t both David May and John O’Pie have more medals than Alan Shearer?

I can see that playing for your home club has lots of appeal (Nicky Barmby take a bow), but if you were young and keen to win things and Man Utd came calling, you’d give it serious thought.

Have no problems with the Spud Faced Nipper going to Man Utd, he’s bringing us more money each season. We would never be in the situation we are now had he not left, we would be shopping in the bargain basement every transfer window for overweight has beens.

The team played as a team when he left, no more passing it to Rooney and see what he can do with it.

The Yak scored more than him anyway....
Kevin Jones
23   Posted 29/05/2008 at 13:49:32

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Jay . Alan Stubbs would receive a standing ovation at Goodison and not have 35,000 people calling him a fat knobhead and much worse, I think that’s most of the reason Rooney’s the way he is. And how do we know what Alan was doing when he was 18 just because it didn’t get in the papers. And Simon no disrespect mate but yes you are naive, if someone came to you tomorrow and offered you 10 grand a year more for what you do now you’d leave like a shot, fooballers are no different, do you think Shearer got the same money as he was on at Blackburn !!. Anyhow lets put this to bed now I’ll concede I should have said most of us and not all of us would do the same as Wayne. I’ll finish with the words of the great Bob Dylan " Money doesn’t talk it swears" !
Andy Crooks
24   Posted 29/05/2008 at 17:16:49

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I think that goal against Arsenal was the peak of Wayne Rooney’s career. I genuinely hope I’m wrong but ,to me he looks burnt out already.
Ray Roche
25   Posted 29/05/2008 at 17:40:51

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Say what you like about Walter,good or bad, but this is the team Moyes inherited for his first match against Fulham......
Simonsen, Pistone, Weir, Stubbs, Unsworth (Blomqvist 75), Hibbert, Carsley, Gemmill, Gravesen, Radzinski (Moore 45), Ferguson
I think we’ve moved on myself....
Paul ONeill
26   Posted 29/05/2008 at 17:57:25

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I was at that game, it was heartbreaking but a belter all the same. Just one thing though-we didn’t stay up at the expense of Bolton ’a couple of season’ earlier-it was back in 1998 and under the stweardship of Howard kendall in his 3rd stint as manager, before Smith, let alone Moyes. Pedantic moment over-interesting article!
Dave Wilson
27   Posted 29/05/2008 at 20:20:56

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"I remember that game vividly, coz I missed it" I heard the report on sky ! ! !

"I remember feeling utter despair when that goal went in, but it must have been worse watching the sky report"

You couldnt make some of these responses up could you ?
Good Article though Dan
My sympathy lay with the poor blues inside the ground who after being taunted by Mancs for the entire first half, were still celebrating the equaliser, when that sickening winner went in
Tony Williams
28   Posted 29/05/2008 at 21:05:05

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Let it go Dave.

Read the post again and note the whole thing in context. I remember it vividy because it was the one home game I missed that season and it was the day before my mates wedding. Also I see you have left the end of the sentence off for the second quote, the one that would indicate that the viewers not 20 seconds before thought we were 4-3 up

You seem to be wound up here and I didn’t say I heard the report on Sky, I was watching Soccer Saturday in the Bookies but don’t let the truth get in the way of an attempted wind up.

You can say what you want after this mate as I won’t be responding to you or commenting on your petty digs. I just find it hilarious that out of over 20 threads you chose to pick at mine and Bobs, am I him?, is he me?.

Take a chill pill mate and relax, life’s too short to bear grudges.
David Gerrard
29   Posted 29/05/2008 at 22:57:09

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Rooney is a first class wanker. Yes of course we would leave our jobs for an extra £10K a week elsewhere (I’d leave mine for £10K a week full-stop!), but the guy was going to be a millionaire even if he had stayed. Most people dont claim to be forever in love with the company that employs us, doing a job we love. I had Big Duncs name on the back of my shirt both before he went to Newcastle and when he came back, he’s an adopted Blue through and through. Even if Rooney came back and scored us the winning goal in the Champions League final I would never do the same for that traitor.
Terry Smith
30   Posted 30/05/2008 at 00:43:54

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God, me writing about "were i was" in this game makes me fel like an old timer (im 23 by the way!!)

first year at uni in Newcastle and got in to this tidy bird on the wednesday. So we decided to meet up on sat, walked around (to say i expected a mauling is putting it bluntly) while me bro was texting me the depressing yet all to predictable scores. Then, 3-1, rhino... so i took this bird (a manc actually, man city if i remember correctlly) to this right dive geordie bar were i knew they played the game on arabic.

The rest is history - i got pretty pissed, the high’s and the lows were potrayed with me jumping around when we scored and in utter disbelief when ruud scored, seeing ronaldo taunt the bullens road. Needelss to say, she never called me back after that. Did i care - did i fuck! that game made us all proud, even in defeat (very a la the fiorentina game if you will) and, at the end of the day, you can get a shag any day right...?!
Dan Parker
31   Posted 30/05/2008 at 04:44:59

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Dave Wilson, thanks for the compliments on the article. I’d had 7 pints of Stella last night when I watched the game and wrote it hence the talk about proudness a lot. Anyhow, beer makes you say what you really think so there you go. Was a cracking game, one of those few times you’re proud to be on the losing end.

The funny thing is Rooney was just one of the things I mentioned but that’s what everyone’s pounced on. I was actually thinking more about unsy, Carsley and Howard to be honest.

If people want to focus on Rooney, I was just discussing the badge kissing episode with my kopite Brother, a Sheffield Wednesday fan and a Derby fan down the pub and they all agreed that it was something disrespectful and something you wouldn’t expect of an ex-player. He’s a dumb twat, full stop.
Dave Wilson
32   Posted 30/05/2008 at 05:15:52

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fair play to you lad, some of the best posts on thise site have been typed by people under the influence, at least it would appear so

At last we agree, your right, life is too short
Paul Maguire
33   Posted 30/05/2008 at 11:07:30

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Been reading the posts tonight whilst watching the EFC Youtube vids (Perferct Day, that thing by Keane, etc) and have come over all misty eyed about by my lovely Blue Boys.
Some of my Juniper Juice ramblings:-
Two points - Point one: Big Dunc will be to me the epitome of Everton. A man. Someone who would never take a backward step. He may be outdated in todays cosmopolitan superstar moneygrabbing piles of shite but he has made me proud to be an Everonian and I have been there since 1971. I guess if i’d been a bit older it may have been Dave Hickson who reckoned he would die for the Blue jersey.
Point two:- Andy Johnson will prove to everyone what a buy he is - remember his 3-0 salute against the Shite - this guy has surely been unucky with tactics - with a strong midfield run by Mikel and Manny (with Leon) he will prosper up front and the return of Vaughan will surely asist in our push for the top - not top 4 - The Top!
Come on you Blues
Ron Leith
34   Posted 31/05/2008 at 16:19:29

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I remember the game because yet again we were robbed by a ref. Just before Man Utd scored the 4th goal Rooney was blatantly fouled and the ref waved play on, We had scored from free kicks cos Man Utd?s defence were shite that day. The ref paniked because the way they were playing its almost like giving us a penalty. I am certain any cross into their box would have resulted in a goal they were that bad. So again Man Utd got away with it as they will continue to do with the crap refs we have in the prem

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