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The Mail Bag

Snout to worry about?

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The other day I posted about the possibility of the Cup Final being delayed as a result of Swine Flu. (Will anybody be going to the Final? 30-04-09)

Most people who responded laughed it off with, in some cases, some pretty funny comments. Some told me to get a life. But here we are now with the flu spreading internally in a number of countries, including ours, and accordingly a pandemic is about to be declared.

Now, personally, I don't give a shit about Swine Flu, if I catch it at Wembley while watching Everton lift the Cup then that is a price worth paying. But in the press today, we are informed that the shutting down of large public gatherings has already been discussed by Cobra. This is the quango or Planning group that meets when 'disasters' are imminent or expected. This is already happening in Mexico and games are being played behind closed doors.

It could very well happen here for league games but, I would imagine, there is no way a Cup Final could ever be played behind closed doors and hence the possibility that if the decision to ban large gatherings is ever made it is more likely that the game would be postponed.

As I said earlier, it is not Swine Flu itself that bothers me, rather it is the fact that it would be just our luck wouldn't it, after all the efforts by the team to get there,and the fantastic support they have had from fans the on the way, that it would be put off for an indefinite period and the whole thing become something of an anti-climax.

I am more worried about that than I am about Swine-Flu!
Dave Roberts, United Kingdom     Posted 02/05/2009 at 13:46:37

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Michael Kenrick
Oh nooo... not another piggy pun-fest!
Ray Robinson
1   Posted 02/05/2009 at 20:07:47

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Our forthcoming home match against West Ham might be called off.
Adam Cunliffe
2   Posted 02/05/2009 at 20:56:18

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Roy, I?m more worried about making a pigs-ear of beating Sunderland on Sunday.
Simon Dunne
3   Posted 02/05/2009 at 21:25:47

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Don't be such a swine Adam, he?s serious. I hope you're happy with yourself... as happy as a pig in shite.
Andy Burnham
4   Posted 02/05/2009 at 21:25:36

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Listen, lads, I?ll have a chat with me werk mates and make sure the match is on. We?ll out sort out the swine thingy with sum masks n tha? and a botl? o medicine on all the seats.

If yer all get sik, it doznt matter anway cos the scousers dont av werk te go to on Mundy, and the Chelsea lads ar all retired toffs wi loadsamoney and privite medikal cere.

Al sort it, so carm down.

Stephen Graham
5   Posted 02/05/2009 at 22:09:32

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You fellas are all just cracklin’!!!
Dick Fearon
6   Posted 02/05/2009 at 22:14:46

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We might need a few pig dogs of war at Wembley but you can ham it up as much as you like as long as we take home the bacon and I hope that?s not too rasher a statement.
Andy Walsh
7   Posted 02/05/2009 at 22:32:44

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I went to watch Swinedon Town today and that game went ahead ok...
Stephen Graham
8   Posted 02/05/2009 at 23:08:35

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All together now:

But when you’re snortin’.... you bring on the rain
So stop your sqealin’ happy again
Cause when you’re oinkin’....keep on oinkin’
The whole world oinks with you

(Without yer snout on ...)
John Maguire
9   Posted 03/05/2009 at 05:39:04

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Why is it that when we eat it, it’s called a pig but when we can catch something from it it’s called swine? The swines!!!!!!!
Derek Thomas
10   Posted 03/05/2009 at 05:57:44

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APART from Mexico (and we have all the sympathy in the world for them):

Q: Just how many have actually died of it in the world at large? A: Not very many.

Q: Do you know just how many die in the UK every year from the standard ?Flu that goes around and comes around, the stuff that you and me get every so often? A: 1000s.


Just like the Media and the so-called sky 4, the media and Villa will be the ones this season to gatecrash the top 4..

Some kids got it in Mexico on a school trip, came back to New Zealand, had a week off with some tissues, some Nightnurse and a Playstation and turned out the following Sat for their school Football team.

It?s the Flu ffs, the Flu with a worring name, but the flu none the less. Take Panadol, keep warm, drink plenty of liquids and see me in 4 days.

Key word: media beat up.
Tony Cheek
11   Posted 03/05/2009 at 09:45:29

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Must say your letter has really got me thinking about possible solutions to the problem.... which will not just affect the cup final but also Premier League games, Champions League games et al....

Being to dramatic here? Maybe... maybe not... but me thinks they should already be thinking about bringing games forward to get this season over. Lots of organizing to do but might be a thought, then again, as it's swine flu we are talking about, it will probably only hit United supporters ? not too bad then!

Joeynkoo Ludden
12   Posted 03/05/2009 at 10:55:04

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The pandemic isn’t happening Dave. It’s not spreading. It’s not even derived from swine. I live in Redditch, one of only 4 places in the UK to have a confirmed case. I’m not sure if it’s a knee-jerk reaction, but my local is having a BBQ tomorrow with a spit pig roast. The injustice of it.... see you all at Wembley!
Adam McCulloch
13   Posted 03/05/2009 at 11:24:25

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Know how you feel mate. I knew a lad who caught it and he was covered in rashers.
Nick Entwistle
14   Posted 03/05/2009 at 11:28:08

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I’m amazed people read newspapers and take the information as given...
Anthony Millington
15   Posted 03/05/2009 at 11:39:22

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I hope that means my exams get cancelled so I can enjoy watching the footy on tv all week.
Neil Farrell
16   Posted 03/05/2009 at 11:59:54

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My very close friend is part of the goverment task force on this. First off due to research which he explined in depth they expected a world outbreak last year, as such they have stock-piled the anti-serum. Also under the current radar is still bird flu. While it?s not on the same level as the swine flu, it is still out there and being monitored daily. They are not regular strains of the flu but severe strains of the basic flu group. It has jumped in 10 days to level 5 /6 on the WHO scale. Level 6 is when there is a world pandemic and will require thousands of deaths/ cases on a short time. They won?t raise the level for a few weeks at the earlest if at all.

Just washing your hands and face after being in public will go a long way to ensure this doesn?t spread.

As for the match, hope it goes ahead, I am sure it will.

James Mc Arthy
17   Posted 04/05/2009 at 00:49:36

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If it was Spanish Flu our nieghbours would be the first to be quarantined.
Dave Richman
18   Posted 04/05/2009 at 06:05:24

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Yikes! Well I’ve booked me fuckin’ flights and everything...... IS there any way we can blame the shite for this swine flu mararkey?

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