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The Mail Bag

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A good season so far. I think most Evertonians would agree that a better start might have seen us challenging for a Champions League place. Next season things can be different.

First of all, we won't have the manager dragging his heels, for whatever reason, delaying signing a contract. We have key players coming back from injury so it's time for David Moyes to make some decisions. I don't want to start talking about who should go or who we should bring in. What I think is vital is that we start now.

If Saha is going to play in the cup final then let him play 90 minutes before then. The same applies to Vaughan. If Gosling is to take preference to Osman then let him play the last three games.

Most importantly, if we are going to sign anyone, then let it be soon. Let's have a squad ready pre-season. If there is little money available at least take the advantage of having a well prepared squad.
Andy Crooks, Belfast     Posted 11/05/2009 at 20:05:29

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Dennis Stevens
1   Posted 12/05/2009 at 16:28:05

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I suspect Moyes has already made some decisions, he probably has to do so every day. I’ll be amazed if Osman doesn’t play in the final, unless injured. The reason Saha & Vaughan aren’t playing full matches may be that Moyes is concerned that were they to do so they might not be available for the Cup Final - you don’t think he’s forgotten that Jo is cup-tied do you?
Neil McKinney
2   Posted 12/05/2009 at 17:20:25

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"If Gosling is to take preference to Osman then let him play the last three games."

Not sure when you wrote this Andy but I think you’ll find there are only 2 games left not 3. Apologies if you wrote this before Saturday.

I agree with what you say about trying to get things done as early as possible and get a fully prepared squad ready on the first day of the new season. However, some people get carried away with the "dithering" Moyes tag. Ok so this season he dragged his feet over his own contract and I think even he would admit that was a mistake and had a negative impact on the team, but I don’t agree that just because we don’t manage to have 2 new signings and 2 loan signings sewn up before August that Moyes is dithering.

I have only just read debates on another post about players WANTING to come to Everton and how it can be difficult to attract them. Money is an issue with us and Moyes will not be held to ransom or blackmailed. I totally support him on that front and sometimes this means deals fall through or we are gazumped by a club with more cash to flash. Those players are mercenaries anyway and not Moyes’ type of player.

I all seems so easy when playing FM and bringing all kinds of world class players to your club, but it isn’t that easy. Maybe some of the lack of transfer activity can be put down to Moyes in some way, but there seems to be a sweeping generalisation from some posters on TW that if we don’t sign people it’s because Moyes is a ditherer. I disagree and I believe Everton is only just beginning to regain its attractiveness to the top players. That has come through consistent improvement and being one of the better options outside of the Big 4. Add a young squad and a highly respected manager and finally we have become a club that is finally able to attract better players.

Of course Moyes would prefer to have everything sorted by August, but just because you want it doeesn’t mean you get it.

Here’s hoping for a stress free pre-season.

James Bowman
3   Posted 12/05/2009 at 21:26:15

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I personally think Moyes?s contract was one of the biggest things to happen to EFC for a long time. I think Moyes has changed his strategy because he is going to be with Everton for (if I remember right) 6 or 7 years. With him committing his future, I think he has already begun to look forward and is now buying to build a team for the future, a bit like Wenger at Arsenal.

If you look at the players we?ve pre-bought and the ones we?re linked with, they all appear to be young and around the age of our young Jack Rodwell. So it makes me think that Moyes will be building a team around him over the next few seasons whilst trying to keep the first team competitive.

I believe Moyes is striking whilst the iron is hot here because he knows we have suddenly become attractive to the younger players. They feel they will have a chance at Everton and they know they will be involved with the first team in training.

The other reason I believe he has gone this route is money, young players are a lot cheaper than buying big names and there is a lot of risk attached to big signings. Only time will tell but I have to admit, I do like this approach!!

James Boden
4   Posted 12/05/2009 at 21:42:55

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Oh for heaven's sake ? not that ridiculous "playing football manager" cobblers again. Yes, money will be an issue but that doesn?t mean we shouldn?t be allowed expectations now does it?

This cup run has done us the world of good in more ways than one. It has raised our profile and winning it would raise it further I feel.

Please do not bring in this fantasy stuff again. I do not believe anybody is actually stupid enough to think that, because they can buy a great team on a computer game, it also means we can buy a great side. People aren?t that silly. But they do have expectations ? and rightfully so.

Tony I'Anson
5   Posted 12/05/2009 at 23:58:33

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Good comment, James Bowman. The future is with the young with plenty of pace, enthusiasm and talent: before they really understand the issues of money, fame and other distrations.

Throw in the odd seasoned proven pro on the way and like a good home made curry, you just can?t beat it if you tried.
Neil McKinney
6   Posted 13/05/2009 at 16:07:03

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Don?t believe if you don?t want to James, but I suggest you revisit this site in the summer transfer window and the evidence will be there for you to see. Michael has made reference to the FM bunch on plenty of occasions and let?s face it we?re all armchair managers on our day, but what I am talking about in particular is skewed logic like - if we don?t get signings it?s because Moyes hasn?t tried or waited too long before making a move - sometimes the deal just isn?t right for both or either party and sometimes players just don?t want to come to Everton. Do you think we should bring them in at any cost?

In the same way that we don?t see players every day in training and should remember that when questioning Moyes?s team selection, we should also remember that we don?t generally know what is happening behind the scenes in the transfer window and not make assumptions about why there isn?t an avalanche of new faces come the season opener.
Steve Jones
7   Posted 13/05/2009 at 18:01:17

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To get back to the Cup Final point in the original post, I think Osman will definitely start (unless injured) over Gosling & neither Vaughan or Saha will.

Cahill has been brought back into midfield since Arteta?s injury but I wouldn?t be at all suprised to see him pushed forward again with Felliani just behind him. Rodwell & Neville in the middle of the park to keep things tight.

Remember, Moyes always goes cautious against the big 4, hoping we can nick it, so his best chance of a trophy yet isn?t going to see him suddenly throw caution to the wind!
Andy Crooks
8   Posted 13/05/2009 at 18:07:55

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Neil, I think being an armchair manager is one of the great things about being a supporter. Hunt?No. Ledley, maybe. Lennon, definitely.
Richard Lum
9   Posted 14/05/2009 at 00:53:34

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At one stage, we were neck and neck with Arsenal, and then we faltered, even though we have relatively easier remaining games. I think it is the poor ending that failed us, not the poor start.

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