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The Mail Bag

New Owner needed?

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I wouldn?t fault the effort of the players today and I am proud of them for the effort they have put in all season. But... we are now hitting a glass ceiling and only a new owner will enable us to smash through that.

At least 4 players in that starting 11 today are simply not good enough and if they aren't replaced and more depth added to the bench then top 10 finishes and close shaves in cup comps will be the best we can hope for.

This week Sunderland and Portsmouth have been sold to billionaires. Also this week Kenwright has said there are no prospective buyers and no money in football. Is he telling the truth? Or is he holding on until a ground move is resolved before selling for more money, allowing investors to slip away in the meantime? If so, is that acceptable behavour?

I?ll say this right now; if Kenwright doesn?t sell the club then this season will be the best it gets for us, not the start of something better.
Gareth Hughes,     Posted 30/05/2009 at 15:14:02

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Michael Kenrick
Probably a little too early for some to be raising this question but it obviously has some validity, Gareth. Bill has been telling porkies all his Everton life, and the one about lack of investors really has been shown up at the moment. The statement in the Kirkby documents about the Directors of Everton having no intention of selling their shares appears to be the only crumb of truth out there...
Peter Eastoe
1   Posted 30/05/2009 at 18:18:21

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Ahhh the blame game has started and surprise surprise...look who is first up for the silver bullet.

I think the tea lady had a big part in today’s defeat myself .

Class !
John Crawley
2   Posted 30/05/2009 at 18:19:37

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At the minute it really does seem like the current owners are unwilling to do anything other than keep their fingers crossed that Kirkby goes through so they can make some money on a quick sale.

Why no rights issue? The current board haven?t put a single penny into the club and that's a real outrage in the current situation.

Robert Jones
3   Posted 30/05/2009 at 18:31:04

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Ah good, we lose so now the BK bashers are out to play
Brian Williams
4   Posted 30/05/2009 at 18:32:44

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How about we just let the dust settle Gareth.....

Shut the fuck up!
Michael Kenrick
5   Posted 30/05/2009 at 18:39:49

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Look, if the Blind Faith contingent could actually read Gareth’s message and address the question, that would be appreciated. I can understand some of you not wanting to discuss this now... which is fine. But if you have nothing to say, other than snipping, your posts will be removed.
al reddish
6   Posted 30/05/2009 at 18:40:13

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we have lost and we are all raw......we could have won and all been happily pissed was a game, we lost, we all hurt bad, but stop this fucking bickering.........we are in it together so we dont need any wise guys today gareth, let the dust settle first, and we dont need no shit stirring MK. There is a time and place for this bollox and today isnt it
Charlie Percival
7   Posted 30/05/2009 at 18:29:19

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Dont talk rubbish, Bill has the blues at heart and would never sell our great club to some Arabs or Yanks with no understanding of Everton and our history....or Football at all. Im happy with the way he wont let investors destroy our club and that we are the one club left in the top flight with traditions and the right way of doing things before getting pound signs in our eyes and having a knee jerk reaction which has no long term benefit to the club. THINK Bill knows alot more than me and you about what people want for our club when they want to take it over, so be quiet and trust him because its him there and not you or anyone else, hes the one who brought our club back towards where we should be, hes the one who ’gambled’ on Moyes, none of you’s would have done that.

Blake McGow
8   Posted 30/05/2009 at 18:30:30

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A couple of hours after our greatest season in years and the negativity starts.
This thread makes me 100 times more depressed than losing a cup final.
Jonathan Tasker
9   Posted 30/05/2009 at 18:51:12

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It is not Everton?s ownership that has caused us to lose today.

Football is now mired in a situation where there are 4 big teams and they just continue to get richer. I have followed football since 1968 and have never felt so depressed/ bored with top level football. It?s all so predictable. We have finished 5th for the last 2 seasons but that was really first as it will be impossible to break into the top league.

Not sure what the answer is but what you saw today was a clear case of the richer team winning easily and that has to be bad for the game.

In Germany last week we saw a team, Wolfsburg, winning the league for the first time ever. Don?t be convinced by Sky telling you our top league is the best in the world; it?s the richest and the most predictable, that?s all.

By the way; we set 2 records today; fastest goal and at 8 , the team that has lost the most finals.
John Crawley
10   Posted 30/05/2009 at 18:46:01

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Its easy to have a go but Gareth raises some valid points. To me the total lack of money not put into the club by the current directors speaks volumes.

There are other ways of raising money than simply selling the club but the current board seem unwilling to do anything. Thats not good enough. Fans seem quite happy to hold the manager to high standards but why not the board as well?
Dara Vaughan
11   Posted 30/05/2009 at 18:55:06

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I'm with Al in that I'm going to keep myself to myself for the moment given that everyone's a bit raw now... I, like others, have been bitting tongues for a while now (since Phil Neville's tackle to be exact) and letting the blind optimists run amok, but the Osman, Hibbert, shares, and financial support issues for our beleagured manager are topics that will resurface...
Next time.
Chris Matty
12   Posted 30/05/2009 at 18:48:20

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I am with Gareth on this one and had similar thoughts myself. Until the Champions League cartel is smashed (some hope!) then we need increased funding. Getting by on pluck and effort is not sufficient - Chelsea kept the ball better and moved it around better today because they have more quality and depth in their overall squad.

We are prime contenders to move up to the next level, but others are getting the investment and not us. What really bothers me is that either Moysie, or the leading players, or both, will think they have gone as far as possible and, with no investment coming in, they will think the future lies elsewhere...

Joey Dela
13   Posted 30/05/2009 at 19:25:03

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In a week BK admits he can not find any investment & the Banks have told him no loans this year!
BK state he talke to people about sales or investmet & they do not come back with any offers!
Well BK how about a bit more honesty what are you asking for ??? How many millions to sell your beloved club or train set?
BK stated at the last EGM he would gladly step aside well how come this week Sunderland & portsmouth all get what we need?
It was clear today our Manager has taken us money wise as far as he can to compete with the best.
This post heading is so valid its scory as BK may sell when he takes to a cow shed in Kirkby then he may sell !
Garry Corgan
14   Posted 30/05/2009 at 19:29:54

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Bill’s a blue, through and through. He loves the club and would give his right and left arms to be the bloke in charge next time we dominate the league - but it’s just not going to happen.

I’m proud that Everton are still owned and run by a home boy and haven’t ’sold their soul’ to an Arabian billionaire. When I look at the likes of Chelsea and Man City I am glad that there’s still some spirit at our club.

Having said that, I also think it’s about time we all woke up and realised that Division One is gone for good. It’s the Premier League now and money is the only route to success. We’ve probably gone as far as we can go with our limited budget and, as grateful as I am to Kenwright for that, we have to accept that if we truly want to win things then it’s time to call the Arabs.

The fans are what makes the club - not the owner. Sure, Man City and Chelsea may have (or had) their own problems, even with the investment, but it’s about getting all the pieces of the jigsaw in place. The piece we’re missing at the moment is cash, plain and simple.
Graeme Sullivan
15   Posted 30/05/2009 at 19:39:50

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Trust the man, he is more blue then any of us. He has given his heart and soul to this club and deserves the ultimate respect. i appreciate we need more financial backing, and completely understand the way the game is moving... but have we really done that bad so far under Kenwright???

The answer is no, he is a hero, a blue legend who deserves nothing but legend status... Let?s not chase financial backing of foreigners who dont understand what NIl Satis means... let us not forget what makes us different... let?s not forget what makes us better... let?s not forget what makes us EVERTONIANS.
Brian Williams
16   Posted 30/05/2009 at 19:59:54

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Michael..Its not a case of being one of the "Blind Faith" brigade. It?s a case of "bad timing".

You don?t go to a mate's wife's funeral and tell him "she was a good ride though" at the wake.

Point I was trying to make was... We?ve just been beaten in the FA Cup final, we?re all gutted.... so leave it for another day eh?

Andy Crooks
17   Posted 30/05/2009 at 19:55:16

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Considering the resources of Chelsea, today went as well as could be expected. A few players are not good enough but the effort was all there.

Bill Kenwright is not a legend. He?s a supporter like the rest of us. Luckily for him has been able to live the dream on the cheap. Being a true blue is, unfortunately, not enough. BK loves being chairman and you can be sure that, if he should ever find a buyer, he?ll still be hanging around in some capacity.

Graeme, I understand exactly what you mean. I don?t want Everton to be the plaything of a foreign billionaire. Therefore, today is probably as good as it gets.

Ric Carey
18   Posted 30/05/2009 at 19:57:11

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Do you people have nothing better to do than just have a go at Bill? I just don't understand your thinking! The club is moving forwards every year, improving; 5th last year... then 5th this year and a major cup final; the final which was watched by 500 million worldwide (according to Setanta). The clubs that have been taken over won't be challenging for the title, the players have no feeling for the club and therefor no drive to succeed. They are there for money. I saw a Man City fan on a online forum looking forward to next season and their challenge for Uefa Cup, says it all really.

As Bill says, if he finds the suitable investor that has the correct mindset, he?ll sell. These Arabs don't. They are looking to make money. Imagine if Abramovich just got bored and pulled out of, there are players on £120k a week and the club would end up like Leeds and fall down.

I hope we don't follow the trend, and also I'm more pleased with our achivements this season than if we just threw millions away.

Another thing about this season is, we've finished 5th and got to the FA Cup Final with a poor 3 months at the begining and with 3 key players injured. Also, a lot of players have been injured for parts of the season. If these hadn't happened, we could of been challenging for 3rd or higher.
Thomas Christensen
19   Posted 30/05/2009 at 19:51:41

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Yes. The Premier League is a billionaires club and we are not run by one.

But, come on lads. What a great season we?ve ended up with in the context of the poor start and late, late signings. Fifth place, the cup final and at last we?ve blooded the noses of the top four taking points off them.

I?m going to remember this season fondly. I?ll remember Captain Pip?s ?reducer? on Ronaldo. I?ll remember Shandy?s day in the sun... his cross for Dan Gosling to get the winner against the Reds and then starting a fight on Reina. I?ll remember Jags stepping up against United to put us in the final. From today I?m going to know that Saha has got one hot left foot (may he be fit for next season please).

We don?t have a hugely rich owner, but we have a hugely talented manager. We?ve a much better club than the likes of Sunderland and Pompey and there is much to look forward to. We?ve some really good players this season we saw the birth of Gosling, Rodwell and Baxter, the coming of age of Fellaini. We?ve seen that we can still win without Arteta and the mighty Yak.

So come on, lads... heads up ? we are on a good thing. I?d much rather have the season we?ve had than the one Man City, Sunderland and Pompey have had with billionaire owners!!
Gareth Hughes
20   Posted 30/05/2009 at 20:21:39

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Ric Carey; why did we have such a poor start to the season which you say was the difference between finishing 5th and 3rd? Was it not the ridiculous state of affairs in the summer where Moyes had no money to sign players until 10 minutes before midnight on deadline day? And who was ultimately to blame for this situation? Was it not the Chairman and directors who are responsible for financial matters?
Simon Kirwan
21   Posted 30/05/2009 at 20:36:47

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"We have now hit a glass ceiling" - bollox, we are a quality right back and pacy winger away from being as good as the top 4.
Stuart Hague
22   Posted 30/05/2009 at 20:33:44

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I think there is far too many doom mongerers as usual. Look at Barcelona who had most of their team as home grown talent. It can be done without money, you don't need billonaires as owners!
Thomas Christensen
23   Posted 30/05/2009 at 20:42:19

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Exactly Stuart Hague - I do not believe that Barcelona get anywhere near breaking the world transfer record signing Eto’o, Messi, Iniesta or Xavi.
Alan Clarke
24   Posted 30/05/2009 at 20:30:47

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I'm on my way back up the M6. We don?t need a new owner, just enough money to replace that waste of space Osman. Proud of everyone except him today.
Tim Kells
25   Posted 30/05/2009 at 20:41:15

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Aside from the owner debate, at least today’s game proved a couple of things:

Hibbert - Has progressed a lot this season, with his distribution better than before but he got horribly exposed today and got took off before he was sent off, not for the first time. His position is one which needs strengthening in the Summer.

Osman - We should grateful for his goals at Macclesfield and Fulham. But is too ineffectual and has too many games where he doesn’t contribute attacking or defensively. Again a position which needs strengthening in the Summer.

Howard - Great clean sheets record and best goalie we’ve had since Southall. But he needs to work at his feet movement when saving longer range shots. He’s been caught out a few times on shots from outside the box or so it seems from memory.

Hopefully, whoever the owner, we’ll have the money available in the Summer to get what’s needed.
Chris Matty
26   Posted 30/05/2009 at 20:45:57

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Simon K ? you may well be right. But it takes money to buy a pacy winger and a quality right back, and BK hasn?t got money ? all the investment we have had has been borrowed from his mates or the banks. We need something extra to take us to the next level ? even if to get there all we need are the two players you mention.
Ric Carey
27   Posted 30/05/2009 at 20:54:38

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@ Gareth Hughes
Ok granted that was the reasons including Davey Moyes not signing his contract and the late transfers which id put down to Wyness. With Robert Elstone as CEO i believe that we will move forward in transfers as shown with the Kitbag deal, he knows what he is doing.

I also meant that without a dip in form and INJURIES TO KEY PLAYERS we could of been challenging for a higher league finish.
Warren Mitchell
28   Posted 30/05/2009 at 21:03:23

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Come on lads, we need to let the anger and frustration die down before we start with the blame game. However, Gareth has some very valid points. I think Bill Kenwright would be the best chairman in the world if he had cash, but he doesn't so PLEASE BILL, LET US GO TO SOMEONE WITH SOME WONGER!

I believe he is hiding behind this credit crunch issue as a reason why he cannot get any buyers; I think it's just that he loves talking superlatives to his lovies down the West End about the romance of Everton Football Club.

Get real soft lad, our team is the 5th most profitable club in the Prem this season but we will spend less than everyone who finshed 6-10th this season. Why? No accountant could explain it! Can someone please explain that to me please because I'm stupid and sick of Blood Brother re-runs.

MIchael Kenrick
29   Posted 30/05/2009 at 21:02:39

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I recognized that, Brian (see my first comment), but for me it wasn?t enough NOT to publish the thread.

The way I see it, there are sensitive topics that some people want to discuss now... who has the right to deny that? Turns out it?s down to me... and once I make the decision, I usually stick with it. If you don?t like the topic, it?s very simple: don?t participate.

What I have little tolerance for is people like you coming on and deciding for others what they can or can?t talk about on here. If it?s tomorrow for you, then fine... hopefully the thread will still be open tomorrow and then you can do something a little more constructive than merely snipping.

Brian Williams
30   Posted 30/05/2009 at 21:17:40

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"and then you can do something a little more constructive than merely sniping"......and Michal what part of.... "Also this week Kenwright has said there are no prospective buyers and no money in football. Is he telling the truth?".....ISN’T sniping?
Calling the chairmans honesty into question seems like sniping to me as does your own ......"Bill has been telling porkies all his Everton life"............So do me a favour and drop the la de da "what I have little patience for" routine and accept that there are those of us who, while accepting the fact that we need new investment etc etc also accept that Bill Kenwright is a human being with human frailties and has undoubtedly (IMHO) got Everton’s best interest at heart. If he has some of his own interest at heart also, then I for one can accpet that. Who in their right mind expects to put body and soul into a project and not get something out of it?
..and just to qualify my initial post. Let’s say it was merely an expression of (choose any number of negative emotions due to todays events) and not me "deciding for others what etc etc etc.....that’s YOUR call!

Brian Williams
31   Posted 30/05/2009 at 21:31:53

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Sorry! I just really thought we’d do it today!
Warren Mitchell
32   Posted 30/05/2009 at 21:29:34

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If we spend very little this summer I think the Blues deserve a full explanation from the CEO and Bill. We need to know where OUR money is going each season, what Directors are not investing and which ones are. Then we can get the non-investors out, I read an article saying that one of our directors is super rich and that makes us the 5th wealthiest Premier League club on paper. Where is he? What was he doing today? PUT UP OR GET OUT!
Stephen Conway
33   Posted 30/05/2009 at 21:43:17

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No investor will buy us till the decision is made about the stadium. How can you buy something when you don?t how much it?s going to cost you? We will keep talking about this because it?s important to our future but there is not going to be any movement on it anytime soon.
Robert Jones
34   Posted 30/05/2009 at 22:28:36

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Been a while since I saw anything on it, whens the verdict on the shithole due?
Jason Broome
35   Posted 30/05/2009 at 22:42:03

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Bill made me proud today! Let’s all reserve judgement until August.
Timothy Maher
36   Posted 30/05/2009 at 23:59:57

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We are a good football club, no two ways about it, and with owners who want to sell, why can?t we sell it if other clubs can? Even though we have a better team and proven manager?
Paul Rushen
37   Posted 31/05/2009 at 00:13:43

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This is typical Everton, we finish 5th and get in the cup final, but people still moan. Portsmouth has been looking for new owners since last year and the ?new? Sunderland owner has held a % of the club for 2 years. You can have a league full of billionaires, but there are only so many good players out there, and I would say we have 11. We were without the clubs best defender, Midfielder and forward, If Chelsea were without Drogba, Lampard and Terry they would struggle slightly too. I?m proud of the boys today, all we need is a right back, right midfielder and another striker and I would say we will challenge the top four without an Arab or American. Oh and them (Billionaire) owners across the Stanley are really doing a great Job. Thanks Bill I had a great season
Rob Hollis
38   Posted 31/05/2009 at 00:21:48

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Every season now an essentially young team builds and improves brick by brick. A good player does not have to cost £15,20,30 million. We just need a few more like we have already.

Hibbert and Osman however don?t look good enough because the team has improved a few notches and they have not. They should be second choices at best now.

We have good young players and I would hope to see more of them next season.

I thought our Manager got it a bit wrong today though. I like Jacobsen and can?t understand why he is not our automatic choice for right back I think that decision cost us the first half and first goal.

Anyway I do not think we can?t improve because a number of good players are not yet in their prime. Any old rich nutcase is not the answer and if we are sold I will be very worried about who it is. We will naturally attract more players when Rodwell is England Captain.

We all want it now but you do eventually have to pay off the credit card.

Denver Daniels
39   Posted 30/05/2009 at 23:52:59

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Tim Kells, agreed Hibbert has progressed going forward, but as a defender he has definitely gone backwards. There where always 2 things you could rely on Hibbert to do, fuck up a cross when unmarked and in a good position, and being solid and resilient when having to defend. I?m afraid, based on today?s and recent performances, he can?t attack or defend, which is a bit of an issue. Oh, and I think Moyes pulled him at half-time because he was just plain crap, rather than being scared of him getting sent off.

The fact that he has Mr Perpetual Slow-motion in front of him doesn?t help either. I didn?t even realise Osman was playing until about 20 minutes into the game. As usual, he was totally out of it today and contributed sweet f-a. Unfortunately this has been a recurring theme for our Leon for far too long. Which is a great pity, because he has been one of my favourite players in the past. Both Osman and Hibbert have definitely gone backwards this season, and I?m not sure if they?ll be around for the next one. I think if you compare our left to the right side, you can see Baines and Pienaar are a partnership and attack and defend as a unit, whereas Ossie and Hibbert don?t. Osman certainly doesn?t help Hibbert out as much as he should when tracking back.

If Moyes doesn?t address this problem and inject some pace and creativity into the team, then he?s as much to blame as anyone. I mean, it?s not exactly a new issue. It?s one we?ve had for a while now under him.

Regarding ownership, we probably don?t need billions to make us competitive, just a few quality players to compliment the good ones we already have. And some better luck with injuries. Ironically, I think the more successful Moyes is, the more couches Billy has to ransack to support him, for fear of him leaving if he feels he?s not being backed.

On the plus side, surely this coming transfer window can?t be as bad as the last, and surely we won?t start off the new season as poorly as we did this one.

So there, something to look forward to!
Derek Thomas
40   Posted 31/05/2009 at 00:10:34

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All the usual suspects making all the usual points and failing to see past the blind spot of what ever their own opinion

As to investment, yes, we need it and no, Bill can?t and the other directors either won?t or can?t, I actually think that they could, but not in any meaningful amounts as to make a real difference.

Three things need funding, 1) the debt, 2) new players AND wages to pay them, 3) ground issue. They could, maybe, see off the first 2 but not all three and in this case half a loaf is not better then none. All or nothing somewhere between £400-500 mill is someone said millionaires bringing a knife to a billionaires gunfight.

In my part of the world it is now a brisk blue skyed winters morning. But we aren?t IN mourning, It isn?t a funeral as somebody said, nobody died, It?s a new day. Yesterday was about GLORY, or in our case, nearly... and what a day it was, we wouldn?t have swopped it for the world, but...

The better team won on the day. If you can?t face that, tough.

It isn?t ? disrespectful ? to talk about failing and not talking about it won?t make it go away, not talking about ?A? or ?B? being crap or as is said now, not fit for purpose.

Martin Cutler
41   Posted 31/05/2009 at 01:01:24

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What a shame that this particular thread was started so soon, or even at all, after such a game as the one today.

First of all, even if we had won today...we would STILL need investment.
Had we won, would this thread have been started? I doubt it! And it?s no surprise that MK would both allow and encourage it.

I agree that at least two players were pretty dire out there today (not sure who the four are you?re referring to) but definitely Hibbert and Osman were lacking today.
Putting Gosling out was a bit desperate too me thinks. Why didn?t Rodwell play?

I happen to think that a full-strength team would have faired much better today so today we didn?t require the money... we just required a full strength squad!

It is no secret we don?t have money and, let's be fucking fair, JUST because two teams have just been purchased by the mega-rich ? who?s to say they were even interested in EFC? Maybe the guy who got Sunderland actually likes Sunderland for fucks sake! I mean I don?t know if he does but to assume that other clubs being purchased means we appear to be losing out somehow is just ridiculous!
Stephen Conway
42   Posted 31/05/2009 at 00:51:36

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Problem was, Derek, that this post was started according to the time stamp 15 minutes into the match. So fair enough and let?s talk about what we need to do to move forward in the cold light of day. But now all you are doing is to wind people up and shouting at them is just rude. My last attempt to try and move this discussion aside for another time obviously didn?t work very well as what I wanted people to look at was the fact that nothing is going to happen for a least a month if you believe the latest rumours.

Today has been a rollercoaster for everyone with highs and lows and I?m physically and mentally drained. I have been to my first final today and it was great and horrible at the same time, so there are a lot of blues like me who really don?t want to talk about this subject right now.

Rob Smith
43   Posted 31/05/2009 at 02:10:25

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We were not good enough, pretty simple, we missed Jags and Arteta maybe Yak as well. Chelsea played to our weakness, Osman and Hibbert, at least ossie kept trying but Hibbert was woeful, i thought Jacobsen did a whole lot better when he came on and as a free agent i think we should keep him next year. Now lets sign Moutinho, Mbia, and whoever the canny Moyes has in his sights and look forward to next year. Everton supporters know the pain they will suffer, thats why we support them our masochistic tendencies are well fed following the blues.
John Wells
44   Posted 31/05/2009 at 03:17:59

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I love supporting Everton. Have done since I have been 8 and where everyone of my family supported the Red Shite. Though times indeed were had but what the fuck I would not go back and switch to those fuckers.....never!! A real pain in the arse to be honest is coming on here and the big divide that is here all the time about this or that.

Yesterday was a good solid cup match. Now we played without Yak, Arteta and Jak. Our right side was the weak link so nothing new there. Take Drogba, Lampard and Terry out of Chelsea. Thats what happened to us but what I loved was no moaning, heads down and get on with the job. If Chelsea had have lost those 3 players could you imagine the excuses, the crying and the blame game? We did well this year, if we get those 3 back healthy and have a luckier year with injuries next year things will be a lot better. Osman, I?m not saying must go but he can not be a starter anymore unless a game against a weak league or cup team. Same with Hibb. Solid right side and the boys back we are very capable.

Kenerick, I think you do a hell of a job on the site which I?m sure trolling through all this shite must make for some bloody long days. Do not agree with you most of the time as I?m sure you do not with me!! However the great thing about it is opinions are like assholes, everyones got one!!
Blair Johnson
45   Posted 31/05/2009 at 03:33:56

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There will have to be changes ... but there are at the end of every season.

Hibbert was found out today... Malouda has had a great last three months under Hiddink and they realised Hibbo was a weakness ... although Osman didn’t do much to help him.

If we can get the Fab 3 back to full fitness and add Moutinho and one or two others we will knock on the door of the top 5 again ... but Spurs, Villa and Man City will no doubt beat us to every player we go for ... just a question of money of course.

A new owner?? I agree that it’s weird that clubs like Portsmouth and Sunderland (even QPR) can find sugar daddies ... but not us.

Nevermind - let’s revel in a great season and get the lads fit and ready for as good a time next year ... ie. Europa League qualification and a trip to Wembley!

Well played Davie and the lads.
David Holroyd
46   Posted 31/05/2009 at 08:16:38

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It was obvious today that Hibbert and Osman are not good enough against the very best of teams. But I for one want to talk about our fantastic support, to a man woman and child thet were all a creadit to our great club we are all upset about the result but with support like that we can all be proud.
John Andrews
47   Posted 31/05/2009 at 08:42:01

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Sadly I think that Tony Marsh was almost spot on in his prediction. Osman was almost anonymous and when he did get the ball he was brushed aside by the bigger Chelsea players. Hibbert was just Hibbert I suppose. A tenacious tackler in defence but that is all.

Oh and before I forget Billy Bullshit did, as also predicted by Mr Marsh, also have a full page spread in one of the national newspapers.

Peter Eastoe
48   Posted 31/05/2009 at 09:03:46

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Adrian Heath ? now manager of Austin Aztecs in the North American League ? made the point that what makes Everton special is its uniqueness in the upper echelons of the EPL. A local passionate chairman, young Scottish manager,traditional ground set amongst the terraced houses of L4, a strong local support base and a proud unique history.

What the usual suspects are crying out for with their so predictable knee-jerk reactions to every setback, is for Everton to lose its uniqueness and just become a plaything for a Arab/US/Russian billionaire with no links or understanding of the heritage of the club.

Bill Kenwright is probably the most admired and liked Chairman in the land. Even by supporters of those Sky 4 clubs must look at their own dubious set-ups and wonder how long before their rich owners want out and pull the financial plug.

My ideal scenario would be for a wealthy UK resident ? not Mike Ashley! ? to come in, not necessarily with mega bucks in Sky4 club terms, but enough to bring in more quality players to bulk out the squad, develop Goodison into a 45.000 modern ground, and push on in terms of success.

The promised land of silverware is not far away actually. It?s interesting to think where we would be if the Tony Marshes of this world ran the club. We would certainly be on about our 4th manager in the last 7 years, financially ruined and possibly playing in the Championship. Still... what?s a little knee-jerkism between friends!

Alan Clarke
49   Posted 31/05/2009 at 10:19:32

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The problem is that BK has made himself totally untrustworthy by the amount of absolute bullshit he spouts. He’s definitely an easy target when things don’t go our way. But you have to look a little more objectively - how far have we come under him? We’ve finished 4th and 2 consecutive 5th place finishes as well as an FA cup final. I know we all stick to the motto Nil Satis etc but we were a fucking shambles and progress does take time.

Some moan about investment but look at our new training facilities, which now allow us to attract some of the top youngsters from around Europe. Moyes was given £15 million to spend on one player last season. Before that he was given £11 million for Yak, £8 mill for Johnson, £6mill for Beattie. Moyes has had money to spend, okay not in the realms of City but how far did Robinho and Co get them this season? Where are Tottenham for all their money they had to spend?

Last summer was a major fuck up with the way the transfers were done and I think a lot was to do with that fat twat Wyness. This year Moyes is not making anywhere near the same noises about how frustrated he is about lack of funds. I expect Moyes will be backed modestly in the transfer market which will allow us to keep making the progress we have done under his stewardship.
Dave Williams
50   Posted 31/05/2009 at 10:16:35

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I am so proud to call myself an Evertonian ,especially these days,I love what this club stands for.David Moyes has had a huge say in all of that and he would point to the chairman as one of his main reasons for being able to do that.
Thats just my opinion,just putting my support forward for our chaiman but to me ,he feels the emotion as much as anyone and is a great ambassador for our club,he shows what it means to be a blue.
Dave Williams
51   Posted 31/05/2009 at 10:35:12

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Just one other thing,we hear complaints everyday of how the press overlook us etc etc is a double page spread not the kind of thing we crave for anything Everton ?
Gerry Dignam
52   Posted 31/05/2009 at 10:05:30

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Mr Kenwright should go, the reason being he has put no investment into the club. At wembley the difference between the players on the pitch was there for all to see. They had Cole at fullback and Lampard in midfield, we has Hibbert and Osman, two players who are not fit to wear an Everton shirt. This is as good as it gets with Kenwright in charge. We need new owners to move on to the next level and win things. Everton should not be looking at bringing Michael Owen and other free transfers just so Kenwright can keep his position. We need better and hungrier players, and most importantly, we need to spend some money for once.
Alan Kirwin
53   Posted 31/05/2009 at 11:24:22

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Boring, boring, boring. And if we’d have won the cup would the naysayers have been out in their hordes as they are on this thread?

We lose a cup final (our first for 14 years) to a team who have been bankrolled to the tune of £750m. A team that, incidently, we’d already frawn twice with & had the better of both games.

Jonathan Tasker - great article Jonathan (& others akin). You are raising the issue that are worth dicsussing. It isn’t Everton’s chairman at fault for our dreadful season coming only 5th and losing a cup final after beating 3 of the top 5 (as was).

Gerry Dignan - Mr Kenwright mortgaged his house to werestle control of Everton from Peter Johnson (remember him?). There was a queue of 1 at the time. Did you know that nobody at Arsenal puts their own money into the club, or Barcelona, or Man Utd. Why should Bill Kenwright put his own money into Everton to buy players? WHy shouln’t the club operate as a business, which it is?

Tedious, predictable, boring posts just hours after our biggest game in 14 years. Had hoped most Evertonians would be reflecting on the excellent finish to a difficult season and musing on what could be next season with a little luck on the injury front and 1 or 2 additions.

Statistically our best season overall for 20 years. And still the whining comes. Oh dear.

I await the usual follow-up digs from the usual suspects any moment. I’m off down the lido with the kids to reflect on a great season that achieved much more than I expected.

We lost the final (deservedly) but things are good.
Adam Wilkinson
54   Posted 31/05/2009 at 12:08:16

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Compleatly agree with Alan Kirwin.

Bill Kenwright is a legend who loves the club, if the right person with the right money is out there he will pass over the reigns.
If that person/persons are not out there then he will do everything and anything he can to give Davie as much finance as is humanly possible for him to give.

Thanks for an amazing season, it’s just unfortunate that not all stories have a happy ending, I can’t wait to start a new chapter come August.
Ray Robinson
55   Posted 31/05/2009 at 11:57:08

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I had made up my mind to reflect a while before posting on ToffeeWeb but I?m afraid the basic insinuation that Kenwright and his cohorts are waiting until we move to Kirkby before cashing in on their investment makes my blood boil.

For all his theatrical hyberbole, I refuse to believe that Kenwright is an out and out mercenary and I do believe that he will sell up when the right buyer, with the club at heart, turns up. It hasn?t happened yet and what might or might not happen at Portsmouth or Sunderland, where the investors intentions may actually be purely profit or "toything" motivated, is quite frankly irrelevant.

However, nobody can deny that we need money to move forward. I can?t see us cracking the top four without major player investment. I have no answers but it doesn?t want me to make BK a scapegoat either.

Frankly, this situation makes me more depressed than the Cup Final defeat.

Glen Whelan
56   Posted 31/05/2009 at 12:41:36

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Does anyone know what BK?s criteria is for a buyer? Presumably there are a lot of boxes that he requires to be ticked that other clubs are less fussy about.

Portsmouth was in a predicament, £25 million or so owing, so perhaps could be less fussy. I?m not sure about Sunderland but Ellis Short seems to have been around them for more than a year and probably is hooked on football played against his team.

The main problem with other clubs having v rich backers is that the few players that we could afford wages for will increasingly be priced out of the market, at least for us. It would be a concern if the likes of Lescott, Pienaar might be attracted away in the summer.

I?m not so sure there are buyers out there that will take on our debts plus help us finance the stadium. In my opinion, we have improved this season and nxt season we will have a better chance for the forth spot even without an investor. With three good players to come back in then we will still be a strong force to contend with. The youngsters will be getting better too, so it's not all doom and gloom, and no doubt a buyer will come soon having seen us get to a Cup Final and consistently top five, no real need to worry, in my opinion of course.

Richard Dodd
57   Posted 31/05/2009 at 14:18:58

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I bet I?m not the only Evertonian who will settle for Blue Bill?s continuing ownership and a regular position in the top half of the Prem! Who the hell would trade that for a takeover by the sort of clowns who own the Liverpools and Newcastles.

We follow a proper, traditional football club and whether we go to Kirkby or stay at Goodison, I just pray that it stays under Evertonian ownership forever!

John Martin
58   Posted 31/05/2009 at 16:21:39

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Everybody in Football knows Everton is for sale, I believe there have not been any serious bids for the club or we would have heard about them. If somebody did have the cash to buy Everton and Kenwright was being stubborn he?d only have to slip details to the press. If interest was about the press or people on the net would make sure everybody knew. Nothing is secret in football.

As for billionaire owners at Portsmouth wasn't the last owner super rich and going to invest millions into the club? The one who has just sold it. I would love us to get a rich owner somebody like Lerner at Aston Villa would be fantastic but there are not many of them about. Kenwright for all his failings loves Everton and will do what's right for the club not just himself.

Richard Dodd
59   Posted 31/05/2009 at 16:45:10

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Just in case you hadn?t noticed, John, Aston Villa for all their investment were left trailing in our wake. The same goes for other ?takeover? clubs like Man City, Portsmouth and Sunderland.
Kenwright for Ever, I say!
Ray Robinson
60   Posted 31/05/2009 at 16:56:42

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Richard, while I admire your ability to see the positives in everything, how long do you think it will be before the Man City’s and Tottenhams will take before they eventually overtake us unless we get serious investment? I don’t lay the blame necessarily at BK’s door and think some of the criticisms thrown at him are scurrilous to say the least, but he clearly isn’t able to take us much further and stagnation in the Premier League inevitably leads to regression.

Keep you cool by all means but wake up and smell the coffee.
Richard Dodd
61   Posted 31/05/2009 at 17:51:25

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Sorry, Ray, but like a lot of sensible Evertonians, I?m quite happy for us to STAGNATE at Prem position five and Cup-Finalists!

Admitedly, I wasn?t around in the old glory days ? but there too weren?t many clubs with billionaire owners (apart from Everton!) when we were winning trophies for fun!

Ray Robinson
62   Posted 31/05/2009 at 18:04:52

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Richard, I was around then and I am NOT happy to stagnate when it is possible to improve ? it?s called ambition. Besides, my point is that without investment we will NOT continue to finish fifth ? we will be overtaken by more ambitious clubs ? and, yes, I know it doesn?t always happen. You don?t think Martin O?Neill is going to be happy finishing sixth continually do you?

There?s nothing wrong with ambition but there?s one thing that I agree with you on, any investor has to have the club at heart and that?s why I refuse to condemn BK quite so quickly as others.
Andy Willox
63   Posted 31/05/2009 at 21:23:29

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Doddy, you obviously have absolutely no comprehension of what Nil Satis Nisi Optimum means.

Exposed as a fraud again ;)

Gary Rimmer
64   Posted 31/05/2009 at 17:26:40

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Although Michael's dislike of BK is there for all to see to call him a liar on one of the most read web sites the day after the FA Cup defeat is a real low, low treacherous blow. I know we all have different opinions on the way forward for EFC but if TW offically want us to sell our sole to some foreign investor come out and say so openly.

Also if you have evidence of BK turning down a great offer for EFC publish it. Otherwise hang your heads in shame, the day after the FA Cup. Surely there are other topics to discuss.

I just want to say a big thank you to BK and DM for giving me the best 18 months as an evertonian since the HK days even the semi's was Moyes's Bayern Munich.

Michael Kenrick
65   Posted 31/05/2009 at 21:55:34

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Look, Gary, I made it abundantly clear why I approved this mail for posting. You claim that I dislike Bill Kenwright. Not true, I think he is very likable in many ways.. he?s a quintessential luvvy after all.

Second point: Bill the Liar. Does this even need discussing? The man is a pathological liar. He has lied to the Everton faithful throughout his tenure. Almost every time he opens his mouth, some total bulshit is spouted. That?s the way he is... I don?t believe he even knows he?s doing it. But a Cup Final does not change that. Cup Final or no Cup Final, the man just keeps telling porkies. Why is it treacherous to repeat what most of us know to be true?

I can?t speak for you lot of total unrealists who stick your head firmly in the sand over this issue. He is a liar, end of. Doesn?t mean I don?t like him though... and doesn?t mean I want him to sell our ?sole? [sic] to some foreign investor.

Yes, that?s the next point. You seem to love jumping to conclusions, reading what has not been written. The point is that Bill Kenwright himself has said he has been looking for investment "24/7" ... and has been unable to find any. Yet there is also documentary evidence saying him and his fellow directors have no intention of selling their shares in Everton FC. Do tell us how do you go about rationalizing those seemingly contractory positions?

Who on earth said anything about BK turning down a great offer for EFC??? Fact is we have published rumours of such claims, even first-hand reports... ages ago. They may even be true... but no-one gives much credence to them because they cannot bve corroborated and most, like you, have forgotten them.

Life goes on, Gary, the day before, the day of, the day after the Cup Final. Get used to it. If you need to live cooped up inside some cocoon, that?s your concern, not mine. Plenty of others have been keen enough to discuss such topics. If you don?t want to, then why even stick your head up???

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