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Not good enough, says Roberto

by | 24/05/2015  Comments (55)  jump
Roberto Martinez blamed a woeful first half display when Everton were second best in every department for their final day defeat by Spurs.

The Blues boss was scathing of his players' performances in the opening 45 minutes today, which saw them go into the break trailing 1-0 thanks to Harry Kane's 24th minute header.

But Martinez took some solace from the Toffees second half response and the attitude of teenage left-back Brendan Galloway, who rose above the mediocre level of his team-mates.

He said: "We were looking forward to trying to finish on a high in front of our fans at Goodison but it wasn't to be. In the first half we weren't good enough.

"We lost the game in that opening 45 minutes. Our quality on the ball was very poor. We were caught in two minds too often and allowed Spurs too much possession.

"The goal came from a cross and a free header in the box so it was very disappointing even though we created the best chance in that one versus one between Kevin Mirallas and Hugo Lloris and it could have been a different outcome.

"I was pleased with how we adjusted at half time. The intensity was better and you could feel we were more in the game even if we didn't create any clear cut opportunities.

"We pushed with everything we could and we even kept going to the last minute of extra time."

"It was a tactical change," he said of the decision to substitute Besic for Barkley for the second half. "The way we wanted to play was to find Ross and Leon Osman in between the lines and get them the ball, but as a team we weren't good enough at doing that. It was nothing to do with Ross and it could have been either of the number 10s.

"In the second half we were better with Mo Besic giving us a better defensive structure allowing us to press and stop Spurs have so much possession.

"I felt we could have had a good opportunity to win the game with the clean sheet we kept in the second half. Overall, I'll keep the reaction and the tactical flexibility we showed in how different the game was. But really disappointed with the first half."

Martinez was at least delighted with how Brendan Galloway acquitted himself on his home debut, after he substituted the youngster late in the second half in order to give Sylvain Distin a chance for one final appearance before leaving after six seasons at the club.

On Galloway he said: "As a young man you usually perform at the level of the team but he was above that level and it speaks volumes.

"It was significant also that there was a change of the generations when he came off to allow Sylvain Distin to say his farewell to Goodision.

Obviously it's been a season which hasn't worked out for him but I'm quite clear looking at his overall contribution it was a class way as a club to send a solid performer for over six years on his way. It was a nice footballing moment."

The result combined with Crystal Palace's win over Swansea meant Everton missed out on a top 10 finish and the Catalan said he was disappointed.

He said: "It's been a very difficult season. We're not hiding from that. We had the hangover from the World Cup in the first half of the campaign and I had to give younger players a bigger role a bit earlier than planned.

"We couldn't enjoy any momentum in the first half of the season. Europe got in the way and that's not an excuse it's a reason.

"We want to be in Europe and be able to fulfil our level in the domestic competitions too. With the last 30 points we showed character, fight and spirit in adversity when we had to win . That's what we'll build on for next season.

"There are many aspects we can control going into next season, and we'll learn from those lessons. "If you see the support we had at the end of the game the fans were magnificent and gave everyone a desire to become a winning team and give them what they deserve."

On Luke Garbutt's omission from the squad, with doubts remaining over the England u-21 defender's future, Martinez added that it was simply to allow him to include Distin on the bench.

"I was pleased with the manner in which we adjusted at half-time. I thought the intensity changed; tactically we changed and stopped Spurs from having any sort of control in the game. I don't think we created any clear-cut chances but you could feel that we were in the game and we could have created something from nothing.

"So I felt we were very good with our reaction in the second half but very poor in our first-half display.

"Looking back, had we finished 10th we would have been disappointed — we want to be higher. We found ourselves in a difficult season — we aren't hiding from that — but there are many aspects we can control going into next season.

"We are going to use those lessons to make us better. You see the support that we had at the end - after a tough season, the fans are magnificent.

"It has given everyone a true desire to become a winning team and to give our supporters what they deserve."

Quotes sourced from Liverpool Echo

Reader Comments (55)

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Scott Hall
1 Posted 24/05/2015 at 19:29:55
I felt we showed incredible character from a footballing point of view. We showed, what you need to show at a crucial moment on the football pitch so that was very pleasing. The intensity and character we demonstrated as a team to play tactically against a team with great tactical intensity was phenomenal. In the second half we showed the desire and belief that this squad of players has and so that was very pleasing because in this type of tactical battle you need that moment. From a footballing point of view that phenomenal character and intensity is what you need at crucial moments and I felt we showed that.
David Holroyd
2 Posted 24/05/2015 at 19:41:40
Another thing I hate is the bollocks Martinez spouts words like tactical flexibility. Every post match conference he comes out with a load of big words that mean nothing.
Dave Ganley
3 Posted 24/05/2015 at 19:33:34
"I was pleased with how we adjusted at half time. The intensity was better and you could feel we were more in the game even if we didn't create any clear-cut opportunities.

"We pushed with everything we could and we even kept going to the last minute of extra time."

El Messiahs after match words.... so... after half time it was much better even if we didnÂ’t create any chances... oh and we even kept going to the end... erm shouldnÂ’t playing to the final whistle to try and rescue at least a point be a given?? Apparently not.. Apparently we should give the players a pat on the back for playing to the final whistle...(albeit in a pointless fashion. I guess el Bob must have missed Spurs taking the piss in the 2nd half by keeping the ball from us.)

Looking back on the season "It's been a very difficult season. We're not hiding from that. We had the hangover from the World Cup in the first half of the campaign and I had to give younger players a bigger role a bit earlier than planned.

"We couldn't enjoy any momentum in the first half of the season. Europe got in the way and that's not an excuse it's a reason."

Ha ha – you’ve got to love that one "Europe got in the way"!!! Sounds like a fucking excuse to me, you idiot.. So I guess we were the only team who had players in the World Cup and also the only team playing in Europe? Oh, hang on a minute, no we weren’t, how on earth did other clubs cope!! We have had a season of piss poor football, piss poor excuses, piss poor preparations and a manager who treats us as stupid morons if he expects any of us to swallow the pile of shite that comes out everytime he opens his mouth.

I despair for us at the thought of him having another 10 days in the job let alone 10 games as some have suggested.....if we give him another 10 games then I fear next season will be wasted also. He is so far out of his depth it's untrue and if we tolerate him any longer then we will be heading for disaster. It won't matter which players we bring in if this clown is still manager, he will manage to drag everyone down to his level just as he has done with the current players.

He has killed this club this season, made the word "excitement" seem like an outdated concept and if it wasnÂ’t for the away fans then GP would be like a morgue its so quiet. I am actually amazed that there were people who stayed for the lap of dishonour... fair play to you all.

Patrick Murphy
4 Posted 24/05/2015 at 21:54:05
I will never understand this team and its inability to get on the front foot from the beginning of any game apart from the Man U match; Is it a reaction to the manager, is it just the way they always have been but weÂ’ve never really focussed on it in previous seasons. On the very rare occasions when we put in a decent first-half we fall apart or lower our standards in the second period and concede daft goals. Getting the team to compete would be a start Roberto, then we might be able to see them win a few more games. Goodison Park does not have the same demands as Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge but our players seem to wilt under the weight of very little expectation. I am so grateful that we got that winning run at the right time because I donÂ’t think this manager or group of players would have saved us if it had got to a squeaky bum time of the season.
Andy Crooks
5 Posted 24/05/2015 at 21:56:25
He seems to think that what happens on the pitch is somehow unrelated to him. In fact he sounds more like a neutral pundit than a coach who has been tactically inept and has been accordingly let down by his team. The thought of him being in charge next season makes me despair.
Patrick Murphy
6 Posted 24/05/2015 at 22:08:20
Andy, I think thatÂ’s a really good call. Martinez does seem to be detached from the action in his after-match interviews. Perhaps that is just the nature of the man or else he doesnÂ’t feel part of the club, but it is a little odd.
Jim Bennings
7 Posted 24/05/2015 at 22:11:32
How many times this season after a match have we said "not good enough"?

I count nearly every week.

It just never seems to get any better, never see any pace or passion to the performance.

Every game has been like a pre-season training session, training session football and the entire atmosphere around Goodison has been dark and depressing.

I personally think we are taking a massive risk keeping Martinez at this club for another season.

I stand by what I said weeks ago, IÂ’d be surprised if Martinez sees out the calender year of 2015..

Garry Corgan
8 Posted 24/05/2015 at 22:35:03
I just donÂ’t buy the excuse about the Europa Cup affecting our league form. We were pretty poor in the league from the start... And our worst period was December, during the Europa League break. ItÂ’s such an easy excuse.
Ross Edwards
9 Posted 24/05/2015 at 22:36:46
Â’Not good enoughÂ’. Should be the title of the season review DVD. He says this after every defeat or poor performance. And yet he never changes, improves or learns anything from them whatsoever.

Just off topic, a few interesting tweets from School of Science:
Make of them what you will, (if the link works!) but either it means we have to sell to buy or weÂ’re skint and relying on loans.

Paul Tran
10 Posted 24/05/2015 at 22:24:57
Like I keep saying, heÂ’ll be here next season and keep an eye out for that Â’first manager to be sackedÂ’ market. A fitting end to one of the most disappointing seasons IÂ’ve had as an Evertonian.
Jim Bennings
11 Posted 24/05/2015 at 22:43:20
Agree Garry.

It all started during the summer with that horrendous pre-season, and complete lack of preparation from the management.

Also farting around for too long last summer debating whether to give Gareth Barry the deal he wanted or not, then giving him a three year contract...only to bring in Besic a player who plays in BarryÂ’s role.

Then there was the Lukaku job of getting totally fleeced rather than offering Chelsea a 15 million take it or leave it.

We got too much wrong last summer and Martinez got complacent, he simply didnÂ’t compensate that opposition managerÂ’s would quickly devise a plan to first stop, then beat Everton so easily.

Martinez has failed dismally to come up with a plan B..

But then he hasnÂ’t even had a plan A really this season.

Lewis Barclay
12 Posted 24/05/2015 at 23:36:21
Boring. Dissapointing. Uninspired. Everton 2014/2015.

Nil satis nisi optimum. If you want to play for or coach Everton football club in the 2015/16 season look up what that means early this summer and start demonstrating it or leave now.

Dennis Stevens
14 Posted 24/05/2015 at 23:51:16
ThatÂ’s absolutely shocking! The last league match of the season & the manager thinks we were playing extra time. Surely a professional should know the difference between extra time & stoppage time.
Patrick Murphy
15 Posted 25/05/2015 at 00:01:28
Dennis - not as absolutely shocking as the Liverpool EchoÂ’s back page coverage of todayÂ’s games. The difference in coverage between Everton and Liverpool is appalling, we have a season which has given the fans nothing, the other lot have achieved Europe and got to two Semi-finals but their season has been a disaster whilst we could do better.

I realise there is a disparity in the amount of money that the other lot have invested but an honest appraisal of our season regardless of how much we have invested would be that it has been woeful and deserves a much more in-depth analysis from the local hacks than a Â’could do betterÂ’ type of coverage.

Brian Porter
16 Posted 25/05/2015 at 00:08:27
For GodÂ’s sake, Martinez, go, the sooner the better. Only this crazy lunatic could take any positives from the woeful display today and almost every match day this season. From top 5 to bottom half of the table in 9 long boring months. What a bloody achievement!

IÂ’m still trying to work out why Besic has been left out for so long. At least he had some fire in his belly when he came on today. That was the only crumb of positivity to take from that game.

So, under Martinez another nice little record disappears. Spurs first win at GP in seven years. WeÂ’ve become a soft touch for out of form strikers and teams looking to end bad runs against us.

The only way I can see us going under Martinez if heÂ’s in charge next season is down, down, down. IÂ’m sorely tempted to put my collection of Everton shirts up for sale on EBay, but who the hell would want them? A bonfire in the garden seems the best way to get rid. Fed up with friends and neighbours taking the piss when I wear them in public. Thanks, Roberto, you are turning our once great club into a laughing stock.

This man simply does not have the credentials to manage at a club like Everton and should be shown the door before the new season begins to give a new manager time to stamp some genuine authority on the team. Martinez is simply not a leader of men.

In my previous business there were managers who worked for me who appeared to be good at their jobs when things were going well but who suddenly floundered and sank when things were going badly and the pressure was on to turn the business round, just like MartinezÂ’s performances over two seasons in charge. For the sake of all at the club and every fan of this team of ours, he has to go!

Sean McCarthy
17 Posted 25/05/2015 at 00:18:10
A bit pedantic, Dennis!! IÂ’m sure even RM knows the difference between stoppage time and extra time. IÂ’m not convinced he knows much else mind you. HeÂ’s so far out of his depth IÂ’m surprised heÂ’s not wearing inflatable arm bands in the technical area!!

The city is blessed with 2 of the biggest bullshitting frauds in charge of their football teams. And whilst we all love seeing Brenda making a dogs dinner of it across the park, the thought of another season with Martinez and his musings brings we out in a cold sweat!!

Patrick Murphy
18 Posted 25/05/2015 at 01:06:40
According to the Telegraph we have Â’earnedÂ’ 㿹.65m this season - so not too shabby from the clubÂ’s point of view, itÂ’s a pity we couldnÂ’t have earned more points in the league though.

1 Chelsea 㾾.75m 㿄.7m 㿠.5m 䀋.95m
2 Manchester City 㾿.5m 㿃.5m 㿠.5m 䀋.5m
3 Arsenal 㾾.75m 㿂.2m 㿠.5m 䀉.45m
4 Manchester United 㿀.25m 㿁m 㿠.5m 䀉.75m
5 Tottenham 㾹.5m 㾿.8m 㿠.5m 䀁.8m
6 Liverpool 㾾.75m 㾾.5m 㿠.5m 䀅.75m
7 Southampton ٧.75m 㾽.3m 㿠.5m 㿻.55m
8 Swansea ٧m 㾼.1m 㿠.5m 㿹.6m
9 Stoke ٥.5m 㾺.8m 㿠.5m 㿶.8m
10 Crystal Palace ٦.25m 㾹.6m 㿠.5m 㿶.35m
11 Everton 㾸.75m 㾸.4m 㿠.5m 㿹.65m
12 West Ham ٧.75m 㾷.1m 㿠.5m 㿵.35m
13 West Brom ٥.5m ٧.9m 㿠.5m 㿱.9m
14 Leicester ٥.5m ٦.7m 㿠.5m 㿰.7m
15 Newcastle 㾻.75m ٥.4m 㿠.5m 㿷.65m
16 Sunderland ٦.25m ٤.2m 㿠.5m 㿮.95m
17 Aston Villa ٦.25m ٢.9m 㿠.5m 㿭.65m
18 Hull ٥.5m ١.7m 㿠.5m 㿫.7m
19 Burnley ٥.5m ٠.5m 㿠.5m 㿪.5m
20 QPR ٦.25m ٟ.2m 㿠.5m 㿩.95m

Peter Laing
19 Posted 25/05/2015 at 01:13:14
Just walk away, thatÂ’s what I am doing with my three season tickets, and two of those are the future of the Club at under 16 and under 11, gutless, utter shite all season.
Malc Kitchen
20 Posted 25/05/2015 at 02:22:59
RM should have been sacked in Jan or after the Stoke game! I agree he is full of shit, cant motivate, wont listen and has no plan B! Bodes well for next season. Bilic would be just the job imo, knows the club and what it means to play for EFC!
James Flynn
22 Posted 25/05/2015 at 03:39:00
Just talking English footy and looking for a positive; congrats Leicester City. So dead in the league with 10-11 games to go (on 18 points), only thing left was to fill the grave with dirt and top it with flowers.

Here they finished with 41 points. ThereÂ’s determination. DonÂ’t know they had, we didnÂ’t.

Peter Barry
23 Posted 25/05/2015 at 04:09:04
So lets sum up the season shall we. Utter Dross coupled with Crap and a couple of Flukes.
Andy Codling
24 Posted 25/05/2015 at 07:16:15
If a huge inflated bid comes in for Barkley ,then I would snap there hands off, most overrated player I have ever seen on a pitch, sick of hearing about the boys potential. Does nothing but give the ball away with his lazy passing and wandering round the pitch, and seems shit scared to actually put a tackle in. These pundits who blow smoke up his arse every week have obviously spent very little time watching him.
Xavier Spencer
25 Posted 25/05/2015 at 09:07:31
Not one glimmer of hope. Not one player has improved under his tutelage. He speaks to the media as if we are morons and havenÂ’t been watching the same game. Where is this all going? Seriously, what the hell is he thinking? Another midget wideman in the transfer window? Another placeless crock added to the squad? I havenÂ’t a clue but neither has he and thatÂ’s the worry.
Jim Bennings
26 Posted 25/05/2015 at 08:33:58

I would lose any real sleep if we were to sell ANY of these players for the right price to be honest.

None of them have proved they are irreplaceable.

Barkley has been phenomenally poor this season, itÂ’s a little of both,poor coaching and the lad himself not wanting to put a shift in.
He strikes me Barkley, that heÂ’s not overly fond of the physical side of the game.

None of these players are irreplaceable.

Murdo Laing
27 Posted 25/05/2015 at 09:13:01
Sean 17# I think the point in your second paragraph probably sums up the view of the majority of fans on both sides of the park: Both EFC and LFC have arch bullshitters in charge. It almost came off for both of them last season, but this season has been a reality check. We already have West Ham and (probably) Newcastle or Sunderland in the market for new managers next year, we should be in that market now.

RM and the dubious backroom team should be sacked and give us a manager who can motivate and give true leadership to players. We have the quality already to be top seven if all our big players are fit ,and motivated. Sadly, they are two attributes that have been missing from normally reliable performers like Coleman and Baines in this dog of a season. Good riddance, 2015-16.
To finish on a positive note, itÂ’s good to see young Galloway come through, and hereÂ’s hoping that he, and the likes of Ledson and Browning make the grade. ThereÂ’s some good things going on with the youth set up, and a club like ours with limited resources has to depend upon the odd home-grown player coming through. I do wonder, however, if we are to see Leighton Baines sold in the close season.

Oliver Molloy
28 Posted 25/05/2015 at 09:32:57
Murdo @27Â’

Who us going to buy Baines? Why would we sell him?

Joe Foster
29 Posted 25/05/2015 at 09:32:58
Martinez out
Jim Bennings
30 Posted 25/05/2015 at 09:41:49

Baines will finish his career at Everton now, his one chance of the "big move" passed in 2013 when he didnÂ’t join United.

His stock has fallen since then and heÂ’s 32 I think in December, or 31 not sure.

Nobody will offer a substantial fee now, which means he stays at Everton probably for another 3/4 seasonÂ’s before jibbing it.

Eddie Dunn
31 Posted 25/05/2015 at 09:08:53
Just watched Martinez giving his post-match interview. He really has no answers to this season’s problems, he just spouts on about learning from difficult situations.
To me it is plain to see.
The players simply do not but into his ethos, and the result is half-hearted display followed by, surprise, anther half-hearted display.
They have been told that in keeping possession of the ball equals the opposition can’t hurt you.
Whenever we do get in front, we have ( Man Utd game apart) reverted back to that concept.
Consequently losing the upper hand and allowing opponents a way back in the game.

It happened at Swansea, at QPR, Newcastle, Spurs and that’s off the top of my head.

The big problem is, that the players are not playing for him.
He talks about a World Cup hangover, but loads of clubs had players in Brazil, he talks about the effects of the Europa, but other teams were in it, and I didn’t hear their managers moaning, or their form drop-off as badly as ours.
Most of the players are not enjoying their jobs.
They don’t like the system, and many have struggled to fit in to unfamiliar roles.
The lack of tempo has diminished the likes of Lukaku, who can’t play with his back to goal, or Barkley, who is at his best when he plays instinctively.
The lack of balance, with only one winger, has often left Coleman stranded, with no cover, so we have missed his attacking threat.
The defensive midfielders have been too slow and unable to support the attack.
There are also problems with personnel.
It is clear that Kone is never going to be good enough, that Barry is too slow to play every game, that Howard needs more competition, that Barkley is not being developed well enough, McGeady is not good enough, and Alcaraz needs to go.
The arrival of Lennon saved us from a relegation scrap. His attitude improved the team and his presence on the right balanced the team, and his pace helped everyone.

It is true that over the last quarter of the season, we have amassed points that would put us in the top seven, if it was taken out of context. However, we only beat 2 top seven teams in that run. A Man U team missing their play-maker Carrick (and we always get up for them) and Southampton, who were unlucky on the day.)
Even with the addition of say Cleverly and Lennon permanently, and A.N. Other, I just think we will be served-up more of the same, with a half-arsed effort, from an unmotivated team, lacking fitness and pace.
We will then be treated to yet more mind-numbing explanations of how the first three games affected the rest of the season.

Sorry, enough is enough. Stop it now, save us all so much wasted money and time, and sack Martinez, and offer the job to Nigel Pearson.
I’d love his after-match chat!

Max Wilson
32 Posted 25/05/2015 at 09:45:57
Sean 17# I think the point in your second paragraph probably sums up the view of the majority of fans on both sides of the park: Both EFC and LFC have arch bullshitters in charge. It almost came off for both of them last season, but this season has been a reality check. We already have West Ham and (probably) Newcastle or Sunderland in the market for new managers next year, we should be in that market now.

RM and the dubious backroom team should be sacked and give us a manager who can motivate and give true leadership to players. We have the quality already to be top seven if all our big players are fit ,and motivated. Sadly, they are two attributes that have been missing from normally reliable performers like Coleman and Baines in this dog of a season. Good riddance, 2015-16.
To finish on a positive note, itÂ’s good to see young Galloway come through, and hereÂ’s hoping that he, and the likes of Ledson and Browning make the grade. ThereÂ’s some good things going on with the youth set up, and a club like ours with limited resources has to depend upon the odd home-grown player coming through. I do wonder, however, if we are to see Leighton Baines sold in the close season.

Bobby Thomas
33 Posted 25/05/2015 at 09:34:16
There is a disparity in coverage at the Red Echo.

When you consider some of the things that are going on at Everton and have been for years now, the hysteria imbalance is striking.

The concept of the Echo acting as the conscience of EFC and holding our board to account on the many issues which plague the club, & which the board seem powerless to address, is anathema.

Meanwhile, the back page of the Echo today certainly does not pull any punches regarding its opinion of Liverpool's season.

Everton's slowly sinking status and moribund owners? Nothing.

Since EFC banned the Echo in 2013, it has firmly pulled its weight. The leaked emails referred to the Echo "owing us". What is this strange & warped relationship between EFC & the Echo?

Its a death cycle of beigeness. The Echo perpetuates the falsehood all is well at EFC. This in turn is actually believed by significant elements of the match-going fanbase. The club continues to drift. No pressure from above & no pressure from below.

And the drift into irrelevance continues. Well, we are already there. But you have to make yourselves relevant. Plainly, Evertonians need to start demanding better from those tasked with running the club. They are meant to DEVELOP the club.

You get the club you deserve. Evertonians can accept this... or they can demand better. The club used to stand for something. It's been a long, long time since it did.

Guy Hastings
34 Posted 25/05/2015 at 09:56:04
I see the masterplan now, finishing mid-table meant that we wouldnÂ’t be affected by distracting, sapping European football. I assume that goes for the Champions League then. Looking forward to next seasonÂ’s Battle for 9th or Â’Magnificent Mid-Table ObscurityÂ’ as Sky doubtless will label it.
Nick Entwistle
35 Posted 25/05/2015 at 10:05:38
Bottom half finish. Why is Kenwright given less flack now compared to the inglorious top 4 failings under El Gingero?
Matt Traynor
36 Posted 25/05/2015 at 10:08:19
Malc #20
"Bilic would be just the job imo, knows the club and what it means to play for EFC!"

Cheers for the laugh. Knows the club? Yeah, know’s were a soft touch when it comes to players contracts. Knows what it means to play for EFC? Hmmm I know he did, I just don’t recall too many games...

Yet again we’ll have less than most to spend on the squad this summer. We could use a couple of mill of that to tempt el-Bob to take a walk, but then who would we get in who would buy into the Chairman’s vision (spend nothing, keep us where we are)?

Murdo Laing
37 Posted 25/05/2015 at 10:12:09
Oliver (#28) and Jim (#30). It is worth remembering that LB is first pick in the England team; yes, he did display loyalty (and good judgement) in turning down Manchester United, but for me, he is still an option top clubs might look at. He hasnÂ’t had as bad a season as this for injury in a long while, and he has lost his best partner on the left in Pienaar.

You only have to look at how the likes of Patrice Evra have flourished after a late career move. Not that I want Baines sold, but it will be yet another close season where we will have to balance the books, and Leighton is one of our top earners. As important to me is that we find balance again on the left mid, as RM has tried several options with the likes of Barkley, Naismith and itÂ’s not worked... LBÂ’s form going forward has suffered as a result.

Ian Hollingworth
38 Posted 25/05/2015 at 10:17:37
We are gravitating to where Roberto works best in the relegation zone
I fear another shite season next year littered with shite talk from this charleton who thinks he is managing in never never land.
Roberto OUT
Anto Byrne
39 Posted 25/05/2015 at 10:24:09
What we need is for the manager to FOCUS. I'm stoked over one result tho. Can we get an English speaking manager, preferably one that is not Scottish. The German coach is charge of south korea failing that Kevin Sheedy will do. Roll on August eh. At least I've got Aussie rules to tide me over. Imagine having to train for 5 months before the season kicks off, these guys run for 120 minutes and it's a full-on contact sport.
Jim Bennings
41 Posted 25/05/2015 at 10:42:00
ItÂ’s possible, Murdo, but just pretty highly unlikely that Baines will leave now especially with Garbutt gone and Oviedo always injured.

Galloway's future wonÂ’t be at full-back but centre-half eventually.

James Hughes
42 Posted 25/05/2015 at 10:52:03
Roberto, you are right, youÂ’re not good enough.
James Marshall
43 Posted 25/05/2015 at 10:57:16
Blah blah blah.....same story as previous games when weÂ’re shit in the first half, and better in the second. If he can see the problem by half time, he should (must be!?) be able to see it well before half time, so why wait to change things when itÂ’s too late? Change it mid-half in the first half, have some fucking balls and pull Barkley off when heÂ’s shite (every game if you ask me), and make the difference before weÂ’re fucked at half time.

All this molly coddling of Ross Barkley is getting right on my tits. HeÂ’s not a child, heÂ’s old enough to be able to be told heÂ’s playing badly, and be able to take it on the chin.

Martinez is all mouth and no trousers, and Barkley is all hype & no action. I really hope someone comes in with a decent bid for him in the summer, sooner rather than later and we make some money on the show-pony.

Kunal Desai
44 Posted 25/05/2015 at 10:58:29
Highlight of this season would have to be that Kenwright Out banner going up at West ham, shame it didnÂ’t say "Take your Spanish side kick with you".
Steavey Buckley
46 Posted 25/05/2015 at 12:12:11
Â’Not good enough, says RobertoÂ’ ...what football team has he been watching all season? Everton have been like this, most of the time.
Geoff Evans
48 Posted 25/05/2015 at 13:10:08
Is that all season or just this latest unexcusable heap of shite.
Kevin Rowlands
49 Posted 25/05/2015 at 13:20:43
December 20th last year, lost 3-0 to Southampton away... awful performance amongst many this season and this man never made a single substitution! ThatÂ’s when I realized he hasnÂ’t got a fucking clue.

Wasn’t he telling us only a few weeks ago that we were going to finish the season strong? We lost our last two home games and three out of the last four. The sooner he’s gone, the better – that goes for Kenwright and Co as well.

Anthony Lamb
50 Posted 25/05/2015 at 13:17:32
There appears to be little doubt that the city clubs possess two of the best exponents of smooth talking clap trap in this world of modern-day football already saturated with enough of them. Two aspects recently show how out of touch they both are with the feelings of supporters towards their clubs.

Mr Martinez has taken to speaking quite frequently of our "wonderful", "phenomenal" supporters. How patronising is this attempt to show that he understands the people he is charged with entertaining each week? Perhaps he is not yet aware of the difference between peopleÂ’s emotions at a cemetery and a football stadium?

Does it really take someone to actually say to him each Saturday at Goodison "Boss, this is absolutely awful, I think you had better get out of town while the going is still relatively peaceful"! Does he really think that a muted /silent response is characteristic of a normal Goodison Park?

Meanwhile Mr Rodgers has the gall to tell Liverpool supporters not to be too harsh on this appalling Sterling character! So the Kop should get behind this guy who says he does not want to play for them, should they? Just how gullible do these creatures think supporters are?

The sooner they take their smooth talking attempt to convince people that this game is so difficult that we do not understand it, the better both clubs will be. They are complete charlatans, the pair of them.

Tom Magill
51 Posted 25/05/2015 at 13:42:25
Please go, Roberto, youÂ’re making me not like football anymore.
Mark Berry
54 Posted 25/05/2015 at 13:36:11
So, Roberto, talk me through the planning & preparation for the match and, when it appears the team havenÂ’t quite turned up, what we set about doing to execute the Â’planÂ’.

IÂ’d really like to know, as I canÂ’t believe weÂ’ve spent 5 days, prior to each match, debriefing the previous game (pinpointing areas for improvement), on match tactics, team structure and mental preparation, only to bother with the lower gears!

Patrick Murphy
55 Posted 25/05/2015 at 14:25:44
The Liverpool Echo is at it again on its live Everton news and views page devoted to all things Everton, it has an item entitled Crespo - It was destiny, not quite sure what it has to do with the Blues but obviously somebody at the Echo thought we should be reminded of an evening we would all rather forget.
Winston Williamson
56 Posted 25/05/2015 at 14:41:15
I would prefer we gave our attention to developing the talent in the youth ranks to replace the old guard. This is not a quick process. Although, I most definately would not entrust RM with this task. I would most definately sack that clown and promote Kevin Sheedy to first-team manager.

As we donÂ’t have a plan (from the board), I donÂ’t expect anything to happen. Unfortunately, relegation from the PL is (IMO) the only way weÂ’ll get rid of BK and RM...

Jim Hardin
57 Posted 25/05/2015 at 16:10:42
Not an RM fan as is obvious from my posts. I think he should have had to stay at Wigan and live with where he got them. Can see the RM apologists claiming next season that well he is doing well considering this is a Liverpool FC town anyway as reasons why the club struggles again (after all they all blame Wigan the town and its residents for the relegation instead of RM the manager).

Having said that, the club needs desperately to find an identity. It must include better physical conditioning and more physical toughness. If this means playing RMÂ’s sideways and backwards style then get three or four players that can do so and that can then get the rest of the players involved. Go get Arteta back, get Delboy (a one trick pony but used to the style of play) and get Oviedo fit and in the midfield or winger spot. Get a coherent plan and move forward.

If this is not to happen for financial or other reasons then move RM out, and get a new manager in who can adapt his style of play to the strengths and skill sets of the players available. Get one who can also manage mid week and weekend games with proper squad rotations (ie: Robles, Ledson, Besic, Garbutt, Browning, Galloway playing in cup competitons (not all at the same time) and certain Christmas-time fixtures when the schedule gets jammed.

Here is to a more positive next season. A stong start would be welcome.

Jon Cox
58 Posted 25/05/2015 at 17:26:54
Media alert!

Tonight on Talkrs thereÂ’s a prog all about the rs being 3-0 down at half time in a remembrance of a Euro cup final.

IÂ’ll bet in 10 years time we don't get the 6-1 anniversary of yesterdays game v Stoke.

The media people are nothing more than gobshites with an agenda. And as George Carling says "ItÂ’s a big club and you (us) ainÂ’t in it"

I want my club back and I want it back soon. And BK,


Patrick Murphy
59 Posted 25/05/2015 at 17:53:21
Thanks for that Jon (58) IÂ’ve never seen that guy before but, like he says, although in the context rather than the actuality.

"The Martinez / Bill Kenwright dream, you have to be asleep to believe it" rings true to me at any rate.

IÂ’m going to spend the rest of the evening watching this comedian although it will only confirm my already biased confirmation bias

Andrew Ellams
60 Posted 25/05/2015 at 18:03:30
To add to JonÂ’s post, Sky Sports have released some bullshit report that shows them as the number one English team of all time. And Spurs who won their one and only league title 54 years ago...
Colin Glassar
61 Posted 25/05/2015 at 18:22:32
Not only that, Andrew, but every little kid in Liverpool wants to be like Captain Creasehead, or he epitomises Liverpool, or everyone in Liverpool is gutted to see him retire, etc.... We donÂ’t exist apparently.
Jon Cox
62 Posted 25/05/2015 at 18:15:49
Thanks guys,

It was the only appropriate metaphor I could think of to articulate where our club is now and will be, for the foreseeable future.

Have a great summer Patrick and Andrew and all TWers.

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