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Audio: The Echo's Everton Symposium podcast

by | 05/06/2015  Comments (63)  jump
Leaders from various Everton fan groups and websites were invited to a discussion with the Liverpool Echo last month about the current state of Everton FC and the newspaper's coverage of the club.

The Echo have been criticised on social media recently for what many perceive to be a significant imbalance in the treatment of Liverpool FC's latest problems and Everton's ongoing struggles to both recapture the glory days of the 1980s and make tangible progress on the stadium front.

In response, they hosted the first of what they hope will be a series of debates on all things Blue and have included some of what was discussed at the 75-minute sit-down in a two-parts podcast.

The podcast includes separate conversations with fans by telephone that were not part of the original meeting.

Part One | Part Two


Reader Comments (63)

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Phil Sammon
1 Posted 05/06/2015 at 16:52:07
Wow. IÂ’m just about to listen to this. A step in the right direction?
Steve Guy
2 Posted 05/06/2015 at 18:06:48
Plenty of frustration with the Echo to hear from fans who clearly care deeply about the Club. Equally plenty of evasion from Messrs OÂ’Keefe and Prentice.
James Martin
3 Posted 05/06/2015 at 18:17:06
Dodged loads of stuff hiding behind the Â’impartial journalistÂ’ line yet canÂ’t explain why theyÂ’re never impartial when the success of Liverpool is on the line.

That external audio they dubbed in was a disgrace as well, banging on about Â’best of the restÂ’ Â’not hurting that muchÂ’ Â’broken transfer recordsÂ’ Â’thereÂ’s no buyersÂ’ Â’weÂ’re probably one of the best run clubsÂ’. Clearly someone from Everton insisted that was included, could have been Elstone himself saying those words.

Colin Malone
4 Posted 05/06/2015 at 18:05:05
Time is running out for a rich sugar daddy, unless your a London club. So at this point after many pie in the sky promises.

Would I have a 99-year lease for a stadium built on the Scotland road site, 5 minutes walk from our booming city centre, Hospitality 2 minutes drive away, built by the council or someone like SainsburyÂ’s? The nearer to the city centre the better. It would a yes from me.

John Crawley
6 Posted 05/06/2015 at 18:58:59
The Echo journalists like OÂ’Keefe and Prentice are basically too cosy with the club and donÂ’t want to say or do anything which will restrict access to club officials. Which is ironic because most of the EchoÂ’s articles could be written from reading EvertonÂ’s press releases or watching the interviews on line!

I read an article on the Washington Post website about the journalist, Andrew Jennings, who played a large part in exposing the corruption in Fifa. IÂ’ll quote some of it because it seems relevant "most sports reporters wouldnÂ’t touch these subjects for fear of losing access to top officials and athletes, or because it simply took too much time and effort."

"The rest of the media gets far too cozy with them. ItÂ’s wrong. Your mother told you what was wrong. You know whatÂ’s wrong. Our job is to investigate, acquire evidence." Obviously whatÂ’s going on at Everton isnÂ’t comparable to whatÂ’s going on at FIFA but the principles of good reporting remain and that is where the Echo are sadly lacking.

Andy Meighan
7 Posted 05/06/2015 at 21:56:26
Shower of cowards. 56 now and as long as I can remember itÂ’s always been Liverpool bias.

I havenÂ’t heard the podcasts and I really donÂ’t want to because, as James Martin said, the words could have been written by Elstone himself. IÂ’ll be honest here, I hate the Echo and all it stands for.

Helen Mallon
8 Posted 05/06/2015 at 23:27:23
Some amazing fans. The Echo journos donÂ’t wanÂ’t to upset the apple cart. I hated the way they kept on about hounding out Johnson (he deserved it by the way) but they have never hounded Kenwright.
Paul Smith
9 Posted 05/06/2015 at 23:59:16
Great passion and insight by the invited fans. I was behind the 'Kenwright Out' banner at the Boelyn both physically and in sentiment, I was pleased to see it being unfurled.

I thought the Journos got slaughtered there, rightly too, and they managed not to get too defensive.

The Kitbag deal discourse at the end of part 2 encapsulated the whole sorry affair. ١ million for ten years? Can you imagine that kind of deal not being scrutinised across the park?

Well done to everyone involved letÂ’s hope thereÂ’s some more scrutiny by the media next season irrespective of performance on the pitch.

Clive Rogers
10 Posted 06/06/2015 at 09:18:05

Johnson certainly wasnÂ’t hounded out. He had to sell as he desperately needed the cash to prop up his failing food company.

Tony Abrahams
11 Posted 06/06/2015 at 10:08:54
Paul if thatÂ’s true about kitbag then itÂ’s truly fucking astounding. ItÂ’s like take it off my hands because I canÂ’t be arsed messing about with stupid kits, there just a pain in the are anyway.

How can people still think Everton are a well run club. Control the media and you can get away with most things

I would love the people who want change at Everton to employ the people from KEIOC who beat Everton and Tesco in the courtroom to find us a buyer. Do you think these people would have been ready to sell to a man living in a Manchester Bedsit???!!!!

Bobby Thomas
12 Posted 06/06/2015 at 10:22:31
Whoever the caller is at the end of Part 2, some fella from The Blue Room, on Radio City, he really is indulging in some desperate flannel.
Brian Harrison
13 Posted 06/06/2015 at 10:42:15
For some reason I cant get the podcast to play or maybe I am too impatient to let it load properly. But there has been a bias towards Liverpool in the national press as Jose alluded too. But you donÂ’t expect it in the local paper, as has been the case for a number of years. Maybe the Echo find it easier to criticize absent American owners as opposed to a scouser. I would like the Echo to go and ask Robert Earl why he invested in Everton, and what does he think will happen over the next 2 years. Also ask the same to BK and JW because they are the only people who can tell us. Also I am sure if Liverpool had a Philip Green on the sidelines the Echo would have moved heaven and earth as well as the nationals to find out what his involvement is.
Yet these questions never seem to be asked, and sadly like most AGM when they bother to have them give up little or no information.
John Crawley
14 Posted 06/06/2015 at 11:12:42
Interesting article from Colin Fitzpatrick on the board from the school of science website
Colin isnÂ’t a journalist but heÂ’s done more than Prentice and OÂ’Keefe together to try and shed light on whatÂ’s going at Everton.
Paul Smith
16 Posted 06/06/2015 at 12:04:47
Tony #11 - My last post was a bit ambiguous the Kitbag deal is worth ١ million per year for 10 years. it was signed in 2009. ItÂ’s still ٥ million a year behind Spurs (10 mill) whilst other teams do not seem to be contractually obligated for as long as EFC.
James Martin
17 Posted 06/06/2015 at 13:01:59
Paul as a short term option the kitbag deal made sense. We lost money on retail every year and this lot was guaranteeing us 3 mill a year. A top club would have signed a short term deal and looked to improve revenues in the meantime to render the deal worthless. Our mediocre board though obviously would not predict any commercial improvement in 10 years do weÂ’re happy to sign it away and not bother to improve performance.
Dave Abrahams
18 Posted 06/06/2015 at 13:06:46
Helen (8), concerning Peter Johnson, he regularly walked around the ground talking to fans, asking their opinions about the club, have you ever seen Kenwright walk around the ground talking to the fans, has he said one word this season concerning anything about the club, on the pitch or off it.

Has there been any mention of the AGM, to be held every year as was promised at last years meeting. Does anybody think there will be one anytime soon?.

Paul Smith
19 Posted 06/06/2015 at 13:16:46
James; heaven forbid we were to improve on the park from 2009 onwards and our commercial stock become more popular, thus increasing demand and revenue.
James Martin
20 Posted 06/06/2015 at 13:23:57
Exactly Paul, they budgeted for a decade of 7th with no improvement off or on the pitch. Says everything you need to know about the current board.
Finn Taylor
21 Posted 06/06/2015 at 13:54:55
Can someone tell me who, exactly, is on our Â’board.Â’?

Yes, BK is the figurehead. Then who, John Woods? Lord Grantchester? Robert Earl? And? Is that it?

Does anyone have an understanding of say, how many people are on other boards? United? City? Pool? Arsenal?

I get the impression that, you have BK in London, John Woods well, who knows where he is? Lord Granchester probably enjoying his life... Earl in the States probably thinking Everton is a share in Toffee company... who oversees the club on a day to day basis? Elstone?

I feel a lot myths need to be addressed I think.

Matt Traynor
22 Posted 06/06/2015 at 14:23:33
John #14, itÂ’s also interesting that the website has issued a statement (via twitter) stating that the podcast has been heavily edited and avoided certain questions that were asked altogether.

The EchoÂ’s a pile of shite when it comes to Everton. Firmly under the thumb of the club. I donÂ’t blame the journalists per se, theyÂ’ve got a job to hold on to, until they get the chance at a national paper like their predecessors.

Ray Roche
23 Posted 06/06/2015 at 14:56:14
Dave Abrahams @18

Dave,in the interest of fair play,some years ago Kenwright used to stand by the main entrance, near the players entrance where the away teams went in, and would regularly chat to Everton fans and answer questions or give his view on things. I know, because I spoke to him several times. I can only imagine that when he began to take personal abuse he decided that it wasnÂ’t such a good idea...

Maybe he saw someone with a rope, looking for a tree....

Dave Abrahams
24 Posted 06/06/2015 at 15:08:35
Ray (23), if this was since he was chairman then fair enough, IÂ’ve never seen him myself, by the way did he speak any sense?
Clive Rogers
25 Posted 06/06/2015 at 15:57:58
Finn #21,

IÂ’m not sure Grantchester is on the board. He doesnÂ’t get on with Kenwright apparently.

Clive Rogers
26 Posted 06/06/2015 at 16:07:57
No heÂ’s not, just googled. There are four since Carter passed on; BK, Woods, Earl and Elstone.
James Flynn
27 Posted 06/06/2015 at 15:28:36
John (6) - Read that article. Excellent stuff from Jennings.

Recommend anyone to google "Washington Post Andrew Jennings". Actual journalists ARE still out there and Jennings is Example #1.

And his comment in the article describing the FBI men who knocked on his door, "government haircuts". Perfect.

Kevin Tully
28 Posted 06/06/2015 at 16:22:59
Typical approach from the Echo. Instead of the editorial team asking their own questions (about issues staring them in the face) they are trying to put the onus on fans to come up with the questions, as well as the answers. Ridiculous excuse for journalism.
Dave Ganley
29 Posted 06/06/2015 at 16:18:13
John #6 spot on.

I havenÂ’t read the Echo since that areshole James Pearce launched a centre spread vitriolic attack on everything Everton and our fans after a dull derby draw. He spit his dummy out of the pram for not allowing the RS to win the game and the Echo defended that idiot also when complaints flooded in.

We all know that rag has a bias towards the RS as evidenced after the last game of the season when there was plenty of fallout for their last day defeat whilst we were stuck in a couple of inside pages. It may as well be renamed the Liverpool FC Echo

Ste Traverse
30 Posted 06/06/2015 at 16:40:03
IÂ’ve no time for this Prentice bloke. He just has to the most phony Â’EvertonianÂ’ around, so will not even give this a listen as he will give predictable answers.

I recall his constant attacks on Hicks and Gillett, yet he refuses to say a word about the shitty regime weÂ’re lumbered with at the club he claims to support.

Ross Edwards
31 Posted 06/06/2015 at 16:56:06
Those phone interviews at the end were a joke. Just glued on to the end to pedal out the pro board line. As for their answers it was just the same line all the way through Â’Oh we are balanced, we are supportive, we donÂ’t want to come across as though weÂ’re leading a campaignÂ’.

They did that with Hicks and Gilett because Â’it reached that stageÂ’. Sorry, Mr Prentice, but we reached that stage with Kenwright years ago, my friend, and you lot have done nothing to put the pressure on.

James Martin
32 Posted 06/06/2015 at 16:59:01
Ste, I doubt Prentice is an Evertonian. He covers both LFC and us. Whereas Liverpool get Pearce and that crying bloke blubbering hysterically about them, we get Prentice writing patronising articles about us being well run and Greg OÂ’keefe telling us about Tony Hibbert looking forward to the new season.
Ray Roche
33 Posted 06/06/2015 at 17:14:30
Dave Abrahams @24

"by the way did he speak any sense?"

DonÂ’t be silly.

David Barks
34 Posted 06/06/2015 at 17:15:27

The podcast isnÂ’t about Prentice. ItÂ’s actually a group of Evertonians calling the echo out for their coverage, to their faces. Not sure why you wouldnÂ’t want to listen.

Eugene Ruane
35 Posted 06/06/2015 at 17:51:44
Very interesting to listen to.

I understand completely the frustration of these supporters and IÂ’m sure many (most?) of us share most/all of their concerns.

As for getting anything done or changed, we all know how hard that is.

Listening to the podcast did give me a (idle) thought though, which is basically to start with just one question and concentrate only on getting an answer to that.

Obviously there are loads of questions IÂ’d (weÂ’d) love answers to, but I think to begin to attept to exert some kind of pressure, Â’How much do you fucking want?" would be a great start (or Â’How Much Do You Want Bill?")

Make that the campaign, ask nothing else, make that the pressure, put that on banners, flags t-shirts (never mind all that Â’the peopleÂ’s clubÂ’ bollocks).

Different questions from all over the show probably help Bill (and his nob-headed Radio City dupes still talking about Â’investmentÂ’)

IÂ’d love next season BK not to be able to move without seeing Â’How Much?Â’ or "WhatÂ’s the Price?" as I believe thatÂ’s the key question.

Once a figure is out there, the gameÂ’s up and fat-head knows it and has avoided it for years.

Finn Taylor
36 Posted 06/06/2015 at 18:57:32
Prentice is a Blue. I could be wrong, but am sure that his wife is related the late great Dixie Dean.

So, there are 4 board members.

BK in London. Woods here, I assume. Elstone and Earl. It seems fragmented and what we need is unity going forward.

Phil Walling
37 Posted 06/06/2015 at 19:42:02
I think you will find that DavidÂ’s wife is the great manÂ’s daughter. They are a most charming couple.
Helen Mallon
38 Posted 07/06/2015 at 08:12:57
"Bill Kenwright – how much you selling the club for?" tee-shirts.

I will buy one now... great idea.

Dave Abrahams
39 Posted 07/06/2015 at 09:03:29
Ray (34) nice one!!!

Phil Walling you are putting years on Dave Prentice and his wife, the lady is actually DixieÂ’s grand daughter.

Phil Walling
40 Posted 07/06/2015 at 09:48:58
Sorry, about that, Dave. Of course you are right. IÂ’m beginning to show me age, arenÂ’t I?
Jim Lloyd
41 Posted 07/06/2015 at 10:19:50
I think EugeneÂ’s point is absolutely spot on. If the questions had been less wide ranging they wouldnÂ’t have allowed the reporters to glide over them.

Easy to say in hindsight, I understand that; but a question would be asked and before it had been fully explored, more questions or comments came in and the point was lost.

This isnÂ’t a criticism of the Blues who attended, as IÂ’m sure there are so many things that need to come out into the light of day, itÂ’s hard not to want all our points answered.

I think the journalists were grateful for the opportunity to dive onto the next question or comment.

For example, the KingÂ’s Dock. A world class opportunity gone literally down the river. I certainly donÂ’t remember the Echo investigating the issue in any depth.

ThereÂ’s many more issues and perhaps the "Dock" issue is too far in the past. But do any of us really know what happened? I certainly donÂ’t remember the Echo asking what happened to the 㿊 million "ring -fenced" in any depth whatsoever, nor do I remember it going into any depth about the "Reverse Mortgage" that Gregg offered. Nor do I remember the Echo asking fundamental questions about that offer and why the Board refused it. Nor asking Gregg what exactly it meant.

What sticks in my mind of that dismal affair is the quote from Kenwright saying "Ah well, weÂ’ll know better next time" the "Ah well" bit was me with a bit of poetic license.

If this had happened at LFC, I think the Echo would have been leading a campaign to find out what happened. Not just having itÂ’s reporters saying "It was a long time ago."

I hope EugeneÂ’s point of "How much do you want?" is hammered home this season.

I hope IÂ’m wrong but I see all the comments about who we should buy and I canÂ’t help thinking weÂ’re pissing in the wind. If we arenÂ’t there already, we will become a middle-of-the-table team for a middle-of-the-table club until someday, Blue Bill will wander off to green pastures thinking "IÂ’ve done a great job of running my beloved club."

Paul Smith
42 Posted 07/06/2015 at 10:52:01
EchoÂ’s underlying sentiment "...youse lot need to lower your expectations, most of your lot are happy to be 11th & just surviving; weÂ’re just reflecting the point that most people think Bill is doing OK..."

And that’s what I take from the Journos – blue or not!

James Martin
43 Posted 07/06/2015 at 11:55:43
Jim, I think the mistake that was made was assuming that the journalists had the answers to these questions and would therefore give us the information that the board never has. I donÂ’t think they do have this info and, even if they did, they would never give it to us. So asking about the failed ground moves, who is on the board etc. was a bit pointless as they just responded Â’I donÂ’t knowÂ’ to everything.

The questions that should have been asked were Â’Why is there a blatant disparity between the efforts of the Echo to exert pressure on LiverpoolÂ’s board and how it treats EvertonÂ’s?Â’ and Â’What would have to happen for the Echo to ever start to question EvertonÂ’s board in the same manner it does LiverpoolÂ’s?Â’

The fans there should have kept the pressure firmly on the paper and the journalists but instead it just turned into a bit of a moaning shop about the board with the journalists just hiding behind the old "We can't report your opinions, we have to be supportive" line.

Dave Abrahams
44 Posted 07/06/2015 at 12:31:59
Eugene (35) I hope you have started something with your "How much is the club going for, Billy Boy" banners. I can see them being a big seller along with the scarves and tee-shirts etc.
Ian Smitham
45 Posted 07/06/2015 at 12:35:19
Clive #26, can you send me a link that shows there to be 4 Directors please? I believe there to be only 3.
Eugene Ruane
46 Posted 07/06/2015 at 12:13:23
Jim (41) - "I think Eugene's point is absolutely spot on. If the questions had been less wide ranging they wouldn't have allowed the reporters to glide over them."

Sorry, I obviously didnÂ’t make my point well at all.

It was (for me) interesting and important to hear all the points made and questions asked (and to hear the passion and frustration in the voices).

However after hearing everything, I began to (idly) think Â’what next?Â’ and it was then it occurred that if there was one combined voice, asking BK one question (over and over, at every turn) it would probably put more pressure on him than our usual (and understandable) tactic of venting and firing off all kinds of questions about anything from transfer budgets to marketing.

If there’s just one (key) question from all of us, suddenly it’s a ’campaign’ – the one question campaign, the ’How Much Do You Want Bill?" campaign.

And itÂ’s NOT that I think this guarantees an answer or forces Bill to do anything at all, but it would help get the question Â’out thereÂ’ in a nice press-friendly way.

I think the majority understand we are going nowhere under this board, treading water at best, so if change is ever to happen it has to start somewhere.

Jim Lloyd
47 Posted 07/06/2015 at 12:54:01
James (43) I accept that point, as there does seem to be a disparity about how the Echo and also that we canÂ’t expect the journalists to know all the answers to what we ask them.

I think, though, that was what I was trying to say. I remember the Hicks and Gillete pair getting some right old hard questions put to them, publicly, by the Echo but I donÂ’t remember that happening at the Kings Dock era.

IÂ’m sorry Eugene, I misinterpreted what you meant. Yes, it was an interesting discussion but I felt, a bit like James, that it ended up trying to cover too much ground without concentrating on a few issues. A good start though.

Phil Walling
48 Posted 07/06/2015 at 12:48:26
Perusing the money pages of a newspaper website Eugene would never subscribe to, I came upon these words of wisdom by Lord Digby Jones:

Â’Whether itÂ’s business, sport or politics, one of the greatest dangers to continued and sustainable success is when those in charge look at the results and settle down for more of the same.

They may UTTER the usual management platitudes about Â’always seeking to improveÂ’ or Â’never accepting second bestÂ’ (nisi optimum?) but there is still a big problem - and that is relative decline: it is not enough to simply improve, if the competition is outpacing you.

Complacent leaders measure success against yesterdayÂ’s criteria and objectives, not tomorrowÂ’s.

They are marking out the pitch, placing the goalposts and deciding they know what success looks like. All the while, the Â’world out thereÂ’ is playing to a new and very different set of rules.

.....Absolute decline is easy to spot but when decline is relative, it is so much more tricky to spot and even more difficult to do something about. The Welsh rugby team didnÂ’t realise it was in decline until it lost to Western Samoa - not even the whole of Samoa!

It happened because the easy option is to go for more of the same, usually with the support of those accepting the status quo and in denial of reality.

Preventing relative decline is really what true leadership should be all about.Â’

IÂ’ve sent the whole article on to Bill Kenwright, I hope he gets the message.

Kevin Tully
49 Posted 07/06/2015 at 13:34:31
Eugene, I actually think the question of price is too easy to dodge, even if you had BK in a room on his own tied to a chair. HeÂ’s probably not even the man who would set the price, that would probably be Earl & Green. They can quite easily say "fair market value" and itÂ’s up to an independent financial institution to put a value on the club.

A question they cannot dodge though is, as long as they are directors of EFC, what is the fucking plan to take this club forward? They have been exposed as having no discernible plan, except to hope some mug will come along and Â’donateÂ’ millions whilst they keep their shareholding.

They have said the WHP project will not be happening, so what are they going to do now?

Obviously the reply will be laughable, with ’partners’ and ’enabling funding’ being trotted out again – but how long can they go on trotting out these platitudes and empty rhetoric before every single Blue wakes up and says "hold on, these lying fuckers have been saying the same thing for 16 years now."

Phil Walling
51 Posted 07/06/2015 at 15:45:09
I think if someone offered 𧶀M they would hang out for more for so long theyÂ’d lose the sale. Procrastination in all matters is their stock in trade!
Phil Gardner
52 Posted 07/06/2015 at 16:10:32
I think EugeneÂ’s Â’How Much Bill?Â’ is a good idea. It may not get an answer from the charlatan but it asks a poignant question and is catchy and subtle enough to let the uninitiated know that all is not well with the majority of us re: this board.

Incidentally, where the fuck did they get the Â’EvertoniansÂ’ from, who talked, uninterrupted, for fifteen minutes about the club being run well (at the end of both podcasts) coz I for one don't know anyone with those opinions.... highly suspicious methinks... anyway... Â’HOW MUCH THEN, BILL?Â’

Phil Walling
53 Posted 07/06/2015 at 16:25:40
Phil, I am certainly not one of them but I do know many Evertonians who subscribe to the idea that Â’we are in good handsÂ’. Superficially that may well be true as we never hear of the scandals and inefficiencies that afflict so many clubs. Fuck me, we donÂ’t even sack all our coaches when our manager makes a balls of it!
Darren Hind
54 Posted 07/06/2015 at 16:35:21
I agree with KT.

I like EugeneÂ’s idea, but we may have to wave those banners and wear those tee shirts at WHL to get the attention of the price setters

Eugene Ruane
55 Posted 07/06/2015 at 16:05:46
Kevin - "Eugene, I actually think the question of price is too easy to dodge, even if you had BK in a room on his own tied to a chair. He's probably not even the man who would set the price, that would probably be Earl & Green. They can quite easily say "fair market value" and it's up to an independent financial institution to put a value on the club"

You could be right, the real point for me is that there is something that gets everyone facing in the same direction with one message/question.

Something that seems like an idea everyone can grab hold of – some’thing’ that chases this bum wherever he shows his face.

The (or a) price seemed an obvious (sort of logical) concrete thought as itÂ’s kind of related to the (complete and 100% bollocks) 24/7 search, but could be something else.

You add - Â’Â’A question they cannot dodge though is, as long as they are directors of EFC, what is the fucking plan to take this club forward? They have been exposed as having no discernible plan, except to hope some mug will come along and "donate" millions whilst they keep their shareholdingÂ’Â’

Well the problem is that is exactly the question they have and are dodging.

The problem imo with ’What is the plan to take the club forward?’ is it allows for answers – plural, which I believe is a comfort zone for them.

It allows for shaggy-dog story answers involving Â’possiblyÂ’ and Â’maybeÂ’ and Â’takes timeÂ’ and Â’ifÂ’ and Â’moving forwardÂ’ and Â’right balanceÂ’ etc etc (ie: deflection and shite).

I have no idea what is the best/right question, but I would love to see some pressure from... us, something that is bite-sized enough for the press to take notice.

Man UtdÂ’s green and yellow scarves may not have changed much (I donÂ’t think) but it was noticed by the media and everyone knew exactly what the problem was.

At the moment (as the podcasts suggest) that would feel like an achievement.

Finn Taylor
56 Posted 07/06/2015 at 16:57:17
Phil Walling, where can I find the Digby Jones article?

You know, I don’t know who to be frustrated with... BK is in London except for Match days or Elstone – the rugby loving non-football fan who runs the clubs day to day activities and who I assume is responsible for our non-commercial deals.

Phil Walling
57 Posted 07/06/2015 at 17:17:03
Finn: The article was picked up from Mail on Line (Money). Go to site and put Digby Jones in search box.

He could well have been writing about Everton although I think heÂ’s a Midlander and probably follows the Villa!

Finn Taylor
58 Posted 07/06/2015 at 17:25:38
Thanks Phil.

Kevin Tully
59 Posted 07/06/2015 at 17:13:45
For some unknown reason, every time a group of Blues are critical of the current set up, they are met with cries of "Well what would you do?" Fucking ridiculous I know, but thatÂ’s how some of our fanbase think.

Ask them what the board are going to do to keep pace with the other clubs in the division, and give us a chance of competing, they are generally lost for an answer. Attacking Kenwright is also not the answer, he can get in front of a camera and have half the ground in tears.

In short, I think we have to go with leading questions rather than criticise the last decade of missed opprotunities and incompetence. Somehow, a lot of Blues arenÂ’t interested how many fuck-upÂ’s and blatant lies that seem to be the sole preserve of the current EFC board.

Phil Gardner
60 Posted 07/06/2015 at 17:58:53
Phil, you may well know several fans who think we are in Â’safe/good handsÂ’ but how many of them can wax lyrical and uninterrupted for 15 minutes and the pluses of the clubÂ’s Â’custodians?Â’ I mean, it sounded like a prepared monologue spoken by a West End extra....oh.....hang on a mo...!
Phil Gardner
61 Posted 07/06/2015 at 18:06:19
...and the only reasons we never hear about the clubÂ’s Â’scandals and inefficienciesÂ’ are because we have an idle or complicit local media and a board that make the fuckin Freemasons look as transparent as Donald TrumpÂ’s fringe.....
Richard Jones
62 Posted 07/06/2015 at 19:15:41
Just listening to the stooge at the end of the podcast, jeez is there no level these guys will go to to pull the wool, sadly so many of us are duped by the club and its "friends". It feels as though this was a major propaganda exorcise by the Echo.
Phil Gardner
63 Posted 08/06/2015 at 21:53:19
Villa about to be flogged (again) with a choice of 3 bidders, deal to be concluded within weeks but Â’no-one is buying football clubs nowadays!Â’


Matt Traynor
64 Posted 10/06/2015 at 18:32:11
Interesting link here
Mirror Mirror going to the wall?

DoesnÂ’t explain why the Red EchoÂ’s so poor but suggests itÂ’ll get worse.

Patrick Murphy
65 Posted 10/06/2015 at 19:06:04
Perhaps a slogan to use for EugeneÂ’s idea is "Bill! How much, do you love Everton?
Patrick Murphy
66 Posted 11/06/2015 at 16:34:24
If a headline makes a story then according to this article from the Echo dated 06 June Everton are appropriately placed in eleventh because ....well itÂ’s the position they have occupied the most in their history. IÂ’m sorry if this has already been covered elsewhere as I have been away for a little period of time and missed most of the coverage.

Eleventh Heaven

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