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By Phil Hoyle 31/01/2016  0 Comments  [Jump to last]

As a 45-year-old man who has lived through the agony of supporting Everton but who has also seen what I believe was a world-beating side in the 80s I am actually in a fairly good place with my beloved Blues. That is despite the negativity for the last 5 years on this superb site!

To get my cards out early I was (and am) a Moyes fan and was gutted when he left. For me, he brought so much stability and made us a top-six side. Yes, we want to be champions but Moyes (with Kenwright) really steadied the ship. In his last season he got us playing really good attacking, entertaining football and Martinez had a good team to take on.

I was getting to a point where I was thinking Martinez needs to go! Yesterday changed my mind. Not so much on the pitch but how he conducts himself and in my view what he is building. I initially loved his positivity but it is tired now and needs injecting with some realism – but DO NOT lose the positivity! It is healthy and will ensure our club grows in the right way. Pre-Moyes there was so much wrong with it, from the late 80s to when he took the reins.

Season 1 – Martinez over performed. Last season was crap! This season you can argue we have under-performed but I really feel we are so close to being quite special. Why you ask?

  1. We have the best squad (not team) for 30 years, assembled my Martinez. Yes, built on Moyes’s great work but taken FORWARD by Roberto
  2. Personally, I love watching us. Free-flowing attacking football. We try to play the right way
  3. We always push the “top” teams when we play them now. We have confidence now whereas in recent years (pre-Martinez) we had an appalling record against the ‘top 4’
  4. On our day we can beat anyone which gives me hope every time we play.

I believe Martinez is developing the players at our club. He is making them better footballers but this is where one of the major problems exist. There have been too many individual errors, not only by players who are maybe not as capable at keeping the ball, but also by individuals like John Stones, who in my humble opinion will be the best centre back ever produced by England!

In my view we have been really punished by stupid individual errors, either giving a goal away of not taking an easy chance. How can the manager legislate for that? Yes, he can do things in training and change the personnel or formation. However, again, there is nothing wrong with the way we attack it is individual decisions that are costing us.

Peter Reid (legend) mentioned today that Everton have a soft underbelly! Agreed! That is where Roberto needs to address things but again I don’t think that is a massive thing to address, whether it is tactical or in my view personnel (Besic makes that underbelly firmer).

We are playing really entertaining football which I love to watch, as do many of my non-Everton supporting friends. Going forward we are one of the best outfits in the Premier League but have defended like clowns in a circus!

We have a great crop of youngsters coming through that will play the Everton way under the stewardship of greats like Sheedy and Ferguson. Lots to be optimistic about with a young attacking team with a great group of youngsters coming through.

For all the Moyes haters who are now the Martinez haters, let me know your plan if Roberto goes. Who comes in? What style of football do we play? Do we care about the youth system at our great club? Is the answer to get bought and buy success?

Everton FC have a soul. Everton FC has a superb fanbase who really do care (this website shows that). We all love Everton FC. We all want the best for Everton FC. And now I am in my bunker, hard hat, flak jacket and armor on!

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