McCarthy expected to be fit for United clash

Tuesday 29 November 2016  77 Comments  [Jump to last]
James McCarthy should make a return to the squad this coming weekend after recovering from a flare up of his hamstring problem in training last week.

The Irish international has struggled for fitness after undergoing a groin operation at the start of September and he tore his hamstring last month after two games for his country and a substitute's appearance for Everton at Manchester City.

McCarthy played against Swansea City the weekend before last in place of the suspended Gareth Barry but he missed two days of training last week.

“McCarthy stopped training after the first session this week,” Koeman told the Liverpool Echo. “He was tired and had a little problem in his hamstring again.

“He did not train Tuesday or Wednesday. He started training on Friday again and I didn't take the risk of putting him in the team because we need everybody fit and available for the busy time coming up.”


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Richard Lyons
1 Posted 29/11/2016 at 06:35:01
Well, he's going to make a real difference, isn't he? We'll win now...
Paul Conway
2 Posted 29/11/2016 at 06:45:47
Absolutely fabulous!

I think. We should revert to a no-nonsense 4-4-2 against Jose's, over-hyped, over-rated, over-paid, under (pants) performers. And I would go with the following...

Coleman. ? Williams. ?
? Gana. ? ?
? Lukaku

Please note, 75% of this team was brought in by Koeman!

Benny Snow
3 Posted 29/11/2016 at 06:48:03
Can't wait for Sunday now! It's in the bag!
Brian Porter
4 Posted 29/11/2016 at 06:50:34
Big deal. Not exactly a game-changing or winning addition to the squad.
Paul Conway
5 Posted 29/11/2016 at 06:51:16
Sorry slight correction, I meant 60%. I had meant to overlook Lukaku, but decided we needed firepower up front.
Alan J Thompson
6 Posted 29/11/2016 at 07:22:51
Just the creative midfielder we've been looking for over the last 2 years! The secret may be not to tell him which way we are kicking and whatever happens, don't tell any of the U-23s who's playing this week.

If he's been looking tired in training, then perhaps a run out in the U-23s may give him some idea.

Ian McDowell
7 Posted 29/11/2016 at 07:25:59
Surely it's time to abandon the 4-2-3-1? To play that system, you require a top playmaker and unfortunately Ross just isn't in any sort of form.

Not sure who or what we can try next as we seem to have tried all sorts of combinations in midfield and on the wings.

Brian Keating
8 Posted 29/11/2016 at 08:09:58
4-4-2 is not the answer. No successful team had played it in over 10 years, people need to let it go.

The problem isn't the formation, it's too many players who don't give a fiddlers fuck. For all his faults, at least James McCarthy will put in a shift in midfield.

Mark Rimmer
9 Posted 29/11/2016 at 08:19:26
Won't make a blind but of difference.
Nimalen Naidoo
10 Posted 29/11/2016 at 08:28:15
Would this be worth a try?

Coleman, Williams, Funes Mori, Baines;
Gana, Barkley / Davies;
Mirallas, Lukaku, Deulofeu.

Peter Laing
11 Posted 29/11/2016 at 09:00:35
Strange that James McCarthy has become a bit of a whipping boy in recent years. Injuries have certainly contributed to his perceived demise, as have his lack of goal scoring prowess or lack of creativity.

Personally, until Koeman is in a position to take remedial action in the transfer window to solve the midfield quandary that we currently have I would be playing McCarthy in the engine room alongside Gueye and Davies.

It looks like Old Father Time is catching up with Gareth Barry and Ross Barkley has seriously been devoid of both form and confidence. With the schedule of fixtures coming up we definitely need a different approach, it needs to be a more backs to the wall 'dogs of war' attitude and approach and McCarthy could add some much needed steel to support Gueye and allow Davies to play in a more advanced position.

I would also give Deulofeu 3-4 games in the starting line up to try to prove himself – if he fails to deliver then I'm afraid that this would also signal that his time at Everton is up... along with Lennon and Mirallas.

Len Hawkins
12 Posted 29/11/2016 at 09:57:48
I don't think I could pick anyone out of the deadwood now playing for Everton to keep, it is a very worrying time when the whole squad is (except the young lads who don't get a chance) playing like a bad pub team.

You couldn't give half of them away, let alone demand a fee, I have never been so disinterested in a bunch of wasters as I am in this lot.

Phil Walling
13 Posted 29/11/2016 at 10:20:29
McCarthy for Barkley likely to be the only change as Koeman puts up the shutters against the so-called stars of Man Utd!
Paul Conway
14 Posted 29/11/2016 at 10:20:35
Re post (#2),

The question marks represents the fact that I am well and truly stumped to find any suitable player from our lot to fill the void. They should be all shown the door... Yes, including McCarthy!

John Daley
15 Posted 29/11/2016 at 10:57:59
"4-4-2 is not the answer. No successful team had played it in over 10 years."

Leicester, along with Atletico Madrid and Portugal, didn't exactly make arses of themselves when they employed such an archaic system last season.

Shane Corcoran
16 Posted 29/11/2016 at 11:04:40
Manchester United have been creating a hell of a lot of chances. If things click for them, I think they might give Everton a hiding.

I've been a huge critic of McCarthy but I actually might play him in this to give a bit of much needed energy.

Bobby Thomas
19 Posted 29/11/2016 at 12:22:54
McCarthy is one of the piss takers that has been coasting for over 2 seasons.
Scott Hall
20 Posted 29/11/2016 at 12:25:30
Grrreeeeeaaaaat ... He can run round and not do anything for 90 minutes again.

In other news, Darron Gibson is out with a (insert body part) strain.

Geoff Evans
21 Posted 29/11/2016 at 12:41:27
And that's good is it?
Geoff Evans
22 Posted 29/11/2016 at 12:46:17
We've missed his goals!
Geoff Evans
23 Posted 29/11/2016 at 12:48:57
Ooooooooohhhhhh Tommy, I'm excited.
Trevor Payne
25 Posted 29/11/2016 at 14:15:01
Correct me if I am wrong but didn't McCarthy score when we last defeated Man Utd? :)
Gary Edwards
26 Posted 29/11/2016 at 14:19:43
Phil (#13)... please no!

As gash as Barkley is, it's no excuse to introduce McCarthy... though given Koeman's adversity to give Davies, Walsh, Charsley etc an opportunity... it's so deflating how shite our situation is.

I can see Koeman selecting a midfield comprising Cleverley, McCarthy Barry, Gana, and Bolasie or Barkley... depressing as that may seem, it's not beyond the realms of possibility.

Clive Thomas
27 Posted 29/11/2016 at 14:28:53
Koeman has to give the youngsters a chance to prove themselves until we can get rid of the deadwood (like Lukaku, Niasse, Gibson, McCarthy, Cleverley) in January and use the money from this lot to buy some top flight players for a change.

All the hype about the investment in the club etc ... Whatever!! I've seen it all before. I have supported Everton for 55 years and I just don't see us doing anything again for a long time at this rate.

Trevor Payne
28 Posted 29/11/2016 at 14:29:19
Correct me if I am wrong but didn't McCarthy score in the game when we last defeated Utd? :)
Phil Walling
29 Posted 29/11/2016 at 14:41:50
My Wigan rellies tell be it could 'get a bit tasty' if both Macca and Rooney play. Apparently, the two 'have previous' from when our Scottish Irishman first came down to the DW or was it the JB in those days?
Colin Glassar
30 Posted 29/11/2016 at 14:48:55
It'll be like having a new signing.
Winston Williamson
31 Posted 29/11/2016 at 15:23:04
A bit early for team selections, but here's my team for Man Utd:

Kenny Holgate Williams Baines
Coleman Davies Gana Bolasie
Calvert-Lewin Lukaku

Not sure on the availability of some of these players. (Although, if not available, they'll likely contribute as much as the players who have recently played...)

Tell the players that are not selected that they've been replaced due to a lack of commitment, pride and passion. Tell the ones selected the same will happen to them if they slack off for even 30 seconds!

Jim Jennings
32 Posted 29/11/2016 at 15:35:44

Rooney caught McCarthy with a stray elbow when playing against Wigan at least four seasons ago now. He got away with it, Man Utd went on to win the game and the league. The two have played against each other a few times since then.

David Connor
33 Posted 29/11/2016 at 15:35:51
Expected to be fit... This lad is never fit. Get rid ASAP and try and recoup some of the money shelled out for him 3 seasons ago. Total waste of space.

What a massive disappointment the lad's been after such a promising start to his Everton career. Then again he's not on his own there is he?
Mike Berry
34 Posted 29/11/2016 at 15:59:31
I think Tom Davies has got to be given a chance, let him sit in front of Gana, play super Kev just behind Lukaku and lets give it a real go. Holgate in for Jags, Oviedo in for Baines too.

Keeping with the same starters as against Southampton will leave Ronald getting all sorts of flak should it end in another defeat.

Colin Glassar
35 Posted 29/11/2016 at 16:06:18
Every time I see Davies play, he's always looking for the ball and is confident with – it unlike the majority of his peers.
Dave Pritchard
36 Posted 29/11/2016 at 16:10:45
Mike (#34), super Kev. Hilarious, mate.
Tony Abrahams
37 Posted 29/11/2016 at 16:16:15
Good call, John Daley, because football as directed by the media, will always be about flavour or even flavours of the month!

I read the other week that Jose Mouriniho's style is finished because football has been took over by the styles of Conte and Klopp, despite Portugal boring their way to winning The Euros just 4 months ago.

I also recalled Mouriniho winning the Champions League with AC Milan, a few years ago, whilst eliminating possibly the finest free flowing football team,that most of us have ever had the pleasure to witness.

Football has got many different formations and styles, and only when the correct style/formation is used in the correct manner will a team get real long term results.

Koeman's no fool, and he will no this better than anyone, which is why is next actions are so important, to see how much he really fancies managing both these players and Everton Football Club right now?

Don Alexander
38 Posted 29/11/2016 at 16:16:20
When McCarthy is seen as a cure just how bad is the disease?
Jimmy Salt
39 Posted 29/11/2016 at 16:17:21
Nimalen (#10).

You could try it but the ref might notice.

Anthony Hughes
40 Posted 29/11/2016 at 16:19:55
Bad Don, bad, but don't call for a priest yet – let's see what the doctors come up with.
Geoff Evans
41 Posted 29/11/2016 at 16:42:26
Winston (#31): The theory of what you say is top class. Where it falls down is what you replace them with. That's if their bothered in the first place.
Mike Gaynes
42 Posted 29/11/2016 at 16:51:36
I'm getting a huge kick out of people inserting Calvert-Lewin into the lineup based on his TV interview never having actually seen the lad play.


Paul Kossoff
43 Posted 29/11/2016 at 17:01:36
4-2-4 – go at Man Utd from the start, direct football. We have to try something different now because Koeman's strategy what ever that is, is just not working.

Tell these underachieving lazy gets that 100% is required from now on, and anyone not giving that will be dropped to the Under-23s until they give 100% for them.

I wouldn't be surprised if we beat United on Sunday, but that's Everton isn't it.

Paul Kossoff
44 Posted 29/11/2016 at 17:11:35
Brian (#8), No team is successful using 4-4-2? — The current Premier League Champions, Leicester City used it!

I was calling for us to play it last season before Leicester walked the League with it; don't you think we have to at least try to do something different?

Paul Conway
47 Posted 29/11/2016 at 18:05:27
Given both teams' recent poor form, Man Utd totting up four draws on the spin and us failing to score regularly, this has to be the most ugliest billing between these teams in... I can't remember how long!
Don Alexander
48 Posted 29/11/2016 at 19:10:39
Formations are irrelevant when week after week the players have decided to play 4-2- ... and, er, well who gives a fuck!
Bill Brown
49 Posted 29/11/2016 at 19:22:50
Leicester was more 4-4-1-1 but any change would well recieved.
Denis Richardson
50 Posted 29/11/2016 at 19:50:25
Just in time to get him ready for the January transfer window. One of a dozen that need replacing.
Geoff Evans
51 Posted 29/11/2016 at 19:56:14
Even a piss-poor Manchester United will be looking forward to this one, nothing to beat.
Winston Williamson
52 Posted 29/11/2016 at 19:59:19
Mike (#42): I mention Calvert-Lewin because the alternatives (Kone etc) have already proven they don't have the bottle.

That's how desperate it is, picking a young, untried newbie because the alternatives are a huge kick in the nuts to us fans...

David Morgan
53 Posted 29/11/2016 at 20:04:46
As long as we keep playing 2 defensive midfielders, we are going to be on the back foot every game. What ever happened to playing 2 regular central midfielders and a Number 10?

How are we supposed to press with just four players in the opposition half. We need 6 or even 8 with full backs pushed up, we are too deep and that makes pressing impossible. Either the players are too dumb and aren't doing what he is saying and dropping far too deep or this tactic doesn't work.

On another note, Mason Holgate and Tom Davies must be due a go soon. Lennon, Cleverley, Mirallas, Oviedo, Jagielka and the bench warmers need moving on. Massive January needed.

Dave Abrahams
54 Posted 29/11/2016 at 20:41:19
Winston (#52) I'm not against youngsters getting a chance and maybe Calvert-Lewin can do the job.

However, Valencia should not be written off, at Everton, without being given a proper chance, he has hardly played since coming from WHU, and looks like he has a bit of life in him at least.

Paul Conway
55 Posted 29/11/2016 at 20:48:47
Our system is completely fucked up. We have a Swiss lad on loan to Frankfurt. Can't we buy players who play for our club?

It's almost a year since we bought him and he has yet to get grass stains on his arse for us!

Mick Davies
58 Posted 29/11/2016 at 23:46:14
All week posts on here have been slagging the players for not trying, not fighting etc, then we get a player back who leaves nothing on the pitch and the same 'fans' are coming out with shit like 'deadwood' and 'get rid', I really wonder if some of you actually understand the game of football: not every player is allowed to go running up the pitch at the same time like an under 11's team, some have other, just as important jobs to do. Macca has been told for years that his job is to break up attacks and protect the back 4. This video shows how well he does that:
As for his tendency to pass the ball back and sideways . . . haven't you all been saying that theres no movement up front, therefore no outlet? We know he's not the most attacking player, but 5 goals and a few assists in 3 seasons, where he's been the main defensive midfield worker, is preferable to Gana's record. In fact for an attacker, Bolasie isn't much better, so please get off the lad's case, and hope he brings back that much needed fight that's been missing for so long
James Watts
59 Posted 30/11/2016 at 00:57:58
Soooo I guess that means Tom Davies gets pushed even further down the line? No doubt we'll stick with Cleverley and Macca on the bench to bring on after 50 minutes to make no difference what so ever? Exciting times for us fans.
Brian Porter
60 Posted 30/11/2016 at 06:15:33
Dave Abrahams (#54), you've just said what I was about to say. Enner Valencia should be given a run in the team so we can see what he can do with regular game time.

The guy's a national hero at home, a regular scorer at international level and with Lukaku "I need Champions League football" playing with his concrete boots on after a bright start.

Now's the perfect opportunity to drop the lump, (like other clubs do with out of firm players, Ronald) to try Valencia as a replacement or, give him a run as a second forward in a twin striker role.

We certainly can't get much worse than we are at present, so show some guts, Koeman. Make drastic changes – Funes Mori for Jagielka, Davies for Barry – and try to win a game for once, instead of praising a second half that may be mildly better than a poor first half as we slide to another predictable defeat.

Mike Gaynes
61 Posted 30/11/2016 at 07:52:07
Mick (#58), a few points:

1) Nice video, but Macca hasn't played like that in more than a year, and he's far more static now due to his injuries;

2) Gana does everything Macca does, but better and on his feet instead of sliding, so draws fewer fouls;

3) Gana also knows how to slot a pass through or chip to the far post, which Macca cannot.

I like Macca, but whatever the question is, he's not the answer.

Oscar Huglin
62 Posted 30/11/2016 at 10:23:22

(like a new signing)

*hides away*

Chris Barnes
63 Posted 30/11/2016 at 11:46:55
Play 3-5-2:

Holgate, Williams, Funes Mori;
Coleman, Barkley, Gana, Davies, Baines;
Mirallas or Delofeu or Valencia, Lukaku.

I always think playing Barry causes a massive lack of mobility in the midfield and a huge gap which causes problems for Barkley and the front players. We don't look like a cohesive unit. Fill the midfield with energy.

Damian Wilde
64 Posted 30/11/2016 at 11:49:42
I hope he isn't fit.
Roger Helm
65 Posted 30/11/2016 at 12:18:35
It won't make any difference, re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. Football is a team game and it is the way we are playing as a team, or rather not playing as a team, that is the problem.
Joe Clitherow
66 Posted 30/11/2016 at 14:17:22
Paul (#2 and #5),

I think your maths is a bit suspect, quite apart from your initial correction, plus whatever point it is you are trying to make is suspect too.

Five players is not a team, so your "60%" is 60% of ~45% which is ~27% so I still don't know what your point is?

(Actually I do, and there's nothing like statistics to distort a viewpoint.)

As for McCarthy returning to bolster our team... whoop dee flipping doo!

It's no coincidence to me that Jagielka's loss of form has coincided with the current poor run. Difficult to come back now at his age. But at least his attitude cannot be faulted and he always tries.

Far too many in the first team play like they know they have no long-term future under Koeman and look like they don't care, which is the most inexcusable thing for a professional footballer getting paid a fortune to play a game all of us would play for fun.

Only a month to the transfer window – when we can ship out under-performers / poor-attitude characters, and increase that team percentage. A huge transition period for the team, and anyone who thought otherwise was deluded.

Alan J Thompson
67 Posted 30/11/2016 at 14:29:39
Joe(#66);"far too many have no long term future", I paraphrase, but imagine if they were shown up by a few young kids from the U-23s.
If we wait until January signings settle in then they too may be off at season's end.
Paul Conway
68 Posted 30/11/2016 at 15:12:47
Joe Clitherow (#66)

With all due respect. Although my post was meant to be sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek, the figures tot up.

I initially chose four players, of whom 3 players were brought in by Koeman. 3 out of 4 represents 75%.

I forgot that I had (reluctantly) included Lukaku, only because there was no-one on the frontline. Realising my mistake, then the percentages were wrong, I then corrected it to the sum of 60%. 3 Koeman players out of 5 represents 60%.

I know 5 players is not a team, hence the question marks. That's why we are in the shit as, in my opinion (only an opinion), we have only 4 players worth their salt (Lukaku being reluctantly thrown in to make up the frontline, of which, the situation is critical!).

Well, at least we agree on the McCarthy issue!

Thomas Rigby
69 Posted 30/11/2016 at 17:04:40
On the basis that we must do something differently I would go with the following team against Manchester United:

Stekelenburg. Kenny. Funes Mori. Williams. Baines. Coleman. Gana. Davies. Bolasie. Lukaku. Valencia.
Geoff Evans
70 Posted 30/11/2016 at 17:21:27
Joe (#66): You're putting a lot of faith in the January window. Personally I wouldn't hold my breath, for three reasons:

The clubs recent record in January of talking big but failing to deliver.

Who would want any of the dross we need to offload?

Why come here when there are clubs who could offer ambitious players a lot more than just big talk?

Jay Harris
71 Posted 30/11/2016 at 17:48:27
Chris (#63),

I agree with your formation and selection apart from the omission of Gareth Barry who is one of a few players that is a "team" player.

I would opt for Davies or Barkley but not both.

I think our problems have lain with midfield which has not been strong enough not the back four.

For years our midfield has not been strong enough or contribute any goals.

I would have Fellaini back in a heartbeat.

Phil Walling
72 Posted 30/11/2016 at 18:13:21
I can't see any great turnover of staff as Jimmy Clitherow forecasts. None of our highly paid players will want to leave for less money and I just can't imagine lower clubs matching their present salaries.

As far as newcomers are concerned the better Africans will be otherwise involved although I hear Sissoko is anxious to leave Spurs already. If we sign him, I think I'll give up on 'New Everton'!

Paul Birmingham
74 Posted 30/11/2016 at 23:26:26
The stick or twist option is not there now, after last week, James McCarcthy can do no worse than the very piss-poor midfield we had out.

Man Utd are their own worst enemies and to have a chance, we must get in their faces and try to get some sustained fast action around their box... which, for this team, is gonna take some doing.

This is a critical period; if we don't get results, we could be on our arses again by New Year's Day. Surely now, we must put in a full 90 mins?

It will be interesting to see how the defence and midfield are picked and how they show. Last week hopefully was the pits, but I seriously wonder now if the team still believes in itself?

I've never seen Jags so out of sorts since his midfield stint under Moyes. I hope he sticks one in against Man Utd and we win.

Mark Andersson
75 Posted 01/12/2016 at 00:28:12
Phil you are joking about Sissoko, would Mr Moshiri want him? Naaaa... he never wanted him in the summer, it's all a bit Billy boy for me.

The club hasn't changed since Mr Moshiri has come in. All too familiar, eh, Phil.

Mick Davies
76 Posted 01/12/2016 at 00:37:50
If McCarthy plays he won't be renewing the vicious rivalry with our 'Once an Evertonian' who is banned after getting his 5th booking against West Ham.
Paul Kossoff
77 Posted 01/12/2016 at 04:06:38
Rooney's out as he received a yellow card for complaining to the ref in the EFL Cup so at least he won't score on Sunday. I wonder if he will be sitting next to blue boy Bill and money bags Moshiri?
Paul Kossoff
78 Posted 01/12/2016 at 04:18:01
Thomas (#69),

Stekelenburg. Kenny. Funes Mori. Williams. Baines. Coleman. Gana. Davies. Bolasie. Lukaku. Valencia.

Yes, that team will give United players sleepless nights.
Stekelenburg. Williams. Baines. Bolasie. Lukaku. Valencia. All useless, over-rated or over the hill. I said before Williams was bought that he's no better than what we have, he's a cart horse. Slow, not big, fast or mobile, 㾸 million?

Apparently Tony Cascarino said that Koeman will be gone before season's end... well, he can go now if he wants.

David Barks
79 Posted 01/12/2016 at 05:52:18
So what are we going to have, three defensive midfielders instead of two? Throw him in there with Gana and Barry and watch our attack come to life!!

I actually wonder what would happen if a manager had some balls and said

"To hell with this defensive midfield crap. I have four defenders to defend, I'm putting two central midfielders who can distribute the balk and assist in attack, two wide players to attack down the flanks, and two strikers up front to keep their defense occupied."

When the hell did it become law that you just have to have all this defensive oriented support?

Alan J Thompson
81 Posted 02/12/2016 at 08:47:41
Paul (#74);

That's the catch, McCarthy can do no better or no worse! He's been seen, so on that basis give a go to someone who has more skill and vision or possibly could have it.

One way appears to me to be lose-lose while something else may have a win element about it particularly if it has been shown at other levels.

Or are we only preparing to play as we did against Man City?

We seem to have gone, against the teams above is in the League, from KITAP1 to let's snatch a draw.

Chris Barnes
82 Posted 02/12/2016 at 11:33:45
Jay (#71)

I get your point on Barry. My thinking was that if he plays, you are then looking at the two DMs again. The idea of this formation is that the extra defender should allow you more attacking license in midfield. The more Barry plays, the more reliant we are on him, which is worrying for a guy his age. Maybe we need radical change and make a choice between him and Gana?? Not sure Koeman will read my post though...

I loved Fellaini when he was with us but was never sure of his position. Would he and Gana provide in defence & attack enough?

Thomas Surgenor
83 Posted 02/12/2016 at 14:45:53
If this is the line-up, then I'm done with Koeman!

Coleman, Jagielka, Williams, Baines
Barry, Gana
Lennon, Barkley, Bolasie

Groundhog Day!!

Need to shake it up: Davies, Holgate, Funes Mori will all show passion and desire. I'd go as far as saying McCarthy would too!

The bare minimum I expect from any Everton side is passion, fight and desire. That's simply not happening at the minute. We are too nice.

Joe Clitherow
84 Posted 02/12/2016 at 17:19:07
Phil Wailing (#72),

You're about as funny as herpes.

Joe Clitherow
85 Posted 02/12/2016 at 17:40:33
Sorry, Paul (#68), I don't buy your retort. By stating 75% or whatever else, you were clearly trying to state that the current team has Koeman's stamp on it, in my opinion, which I don't believe it does. You could equally and just as spuriously have stated three players and said it was 100% Koeman's team and it still would not have been a team, which is, obviously, 11 players.

Geoff (#70), I didn't say I was putting faith in anything. There are only two windows a year, and most people seem to think that Koeman has a three-year project in mind so, irrespective of what has happened previously (I don't actually agree with your assertion either by the way that we have never done well in January), why would anyone waste 50% of the available time?

There is a common belief that there is less value in January but I don't necessarily subscribe to this either. Deals get done or they don't. It is a shorter window, granted, but negotiations are typically done outside of the actual window itself.

It isn't a question of faith, more an issue of what HAS to be done and I do think we will see signings and departures in January, especially if we don't appear to have a great deal to play for this season, which was always going to be a transition year after the awful mess left by the last administration.

I also think Moshiri is resigned to paying over-the-top prices for better players given that a) we are not a great draw right now, and b) clubs know we are sitting on funds. Historically, unfashionable clubs at certain times in their history have had to adopt this policy. I'm thinking immediately of Blackburn, Chelsea and Man City, all of which had to pay way over the odds for better players initially.

David Booth
86 Posted 02/12/2016 at 19:15:50
Get ready everyone, if Koeman makes any changes, my money's on him playing Gana, Barry AND McCarthy in midfield.

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