Where are they now? George Green is in Norway

Monday, 18 September, 2017 0comments  |  Jump to last
George Green was called "the new Gazza". Now he is with Viking in Norway to save his career.

Arlid Andersen sent us this link to a nice story on George Green in Norway today. He plays for Viking in Stavanger on the West coast, traditionally one of the best clubs in Norway with a lot of trophies, but they now struggle and look set for relegation from the Norwegian Premier League for the first time in over 20 years.

At Viking, Green is reunited with their manager Ian Burchill, once his youth coach at Bradford. Green speaks openly about how he "lost" it at young age, didn't train, thought he was better than the rest of the team at Everton, and gives general good advice to others touted as "the next...(insert preferred player)".

He is also open about how he has suffered from depression following his failure to meet expectations. Good to see that he has matured and still tries to get a career, although less glamourous, in football.

» Read the full article at Dagbldet [in Norwegian]

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