Niasse: I'm settling in very well now

Thursday, 12 October, 2017 0comments  |  Jump to last

Oumar Niasse says that he feels blessed despite his challenges so far at Everton, a positive outlook that has helped him finally settle at the club.

The Senegalese striker went from outcast to goal hero last month with a brace against Bournemouth that pushed the Blues on towards a welcome victory and he is looking ahead to more important contributions.

“I always take things in a positive way in my life because some things can be negative,” he says on, “but if you look more forward you're going to see that you have a lot more positive things in your life.

“Every time anything bad happens, I say that good things will happen soon. That helps me to always believe in myself and believe in what I'm doing.”

His introduction to life in the Premier League was like a baptism by fire, his transition from Russia to the Continent's toughest league proving to be a hard one during the final weeks of Roberto Martinez's Goodison tenure.

Niasse says that it was still easier than his first forays beyond Africa in the Turkish and Russian leagues and he credits the welcoming atmosphere at Everton for that.

“I remember when I arrived, Aaron [Lennon] was always every day asking ‘If there's anything you need, call me,'. At Everton when you arrive you can feel, before you've even been on this kind of project, that there are always people to help you settle and asking you about everything you need.

“It's not difficult when you arrive at Everton, it was much more difficult when I left to go to Russia and Turkey.

“In the future anything could happen to you and you always think this club can help you. I think the most important thing is to be ready and I have been every time. The first three or four months here were difficult but after that I've kept my mind, I've tried to settle and I think I'm settling very, very well now.”


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