Lyon away leg: Safety advice for fans

Tuesday, 31 October, 2017 33comments  |  Jump to most recent

Everton supporters travelling to Lyon for Thursday’s Europa League Group Stage tie have been advised not to travel to the Groupama Stadium if they don’t have tickets for the game.

The Club, alongside Merseyside Police, have held meetings with the relevant authorities in Lyon and fans are advised that Place Bellecour in the city centre is the recommended place for Blues to spend the day with lots of bars and restaurants in the locality. 

The Groupama Stadium is over 12 miles outside the city centre so the Club, alongside the local authorities, have arranged for shuttle busses to pick-up and drop-off to from the city centre and the stadium. To access the free shuttle, please check the ‘How to get to the Groupama Stadium’ information in the Away Fan Guide here.

Everton’s Head of Security, Dave Lewis, said: “As a Club we are working very closely with colleagues in Lyon and in partnership with Merseyside Police. We will have staff and stewards in Lyon to help make the experience as enjoyable and as safe as it can be for all travelling Evertonians.”

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Merseyside Police has confirmed the force will be providing officers for the Europa League match on Thursday 2 November, as with all European away fixtures. This will include a Match Commander and dedicated football officers who will work alongside French counterparts in the policing of the game. 

Chief Superintendent Chris Markey said: “We are working closely with French authorities and Olympique Lyonnais to ensure this match can be enjoyed by all in a safe environment. While we understand and appreciate that many Everton fans will want to travel to Lyon, there will be no opportunity to purchase tickets in the home section of the stadium and the visitors section is sold out.”

“For those travelling with tickets the Place Bellecour in the city centre is an ideal place for away fans. There will also be shuttle pick up and drop offs for away fans to and from the Groupama Stadium. I would advise fans not to venture too far away from this area and suggest that they take a common sense approach to the wearing and displaying of club colours if they do find themselves in other areas of Lyon city centre.

“Travelling supporters are encouraged to monitor both the Club and Merseyside Police’s Twitter feeds for information to assist their visit. And as ever, we would encourage fans to arrive at the stadium in plenty of time to enjoy the atmosphere as there will be a thorough ticket checks and searching to ensure the safety of all.”

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Dermot O'Brien
1 Posted 31/10/2017 at 23:40:58
Are many ToffeeWebbers travelling to the game? If so, how are you looking at it - a do-or-die battle to stay in the competition or a dead rubber to test some of the young lads?
David Pearl
2 Posted 01/11/2017 at 05:07:36
I’m not going the game Dermot but I’m sure Unsy will be desparate for a win. What a mess we find ourselves in. People are saying jags and Bainesy are past it but they’ve been asked to play too many games and are looking tired. He’s trying to find a system that works so we should see something close to his strongest 11... though I’d like to see Robles in goal. If his priorities are with the league maybe we will see Sandro and Klaassen. He’s had some training sessions under his belt now... fingers crossed hey.
Will Mabon
3 Posted 01/11/2017 at 06:49:31
The win would be nice, and keep alive very slim hopes. However it's an opportunity for appropriate experimentation and resting of players, albeit against a different type of opposition. A pity we've done so badly but it's become pretty much a secondary issue now.
David Booth
4 Posted 01/11/2017 at 09:21:23
It’s a travesty that there will be maybe as many as a few thousand Evertonians there without a ticket in a 60,000-seater stadium that will be less than 2/3 full (if that). I hope common sense prevails in the day and those in control decide to help them by opening up another section.
Mark Riley
5 Posted 01/11/2017 at 10:35:33
A lot from our coach are going and if I had the money I would have. Just seems a shame that a chance of silverware has been dismissed as a distraction by Koeman. I reckon rhino will give it a go. If he thinks he's still in with a shout he'd be foolish to dismiss it.
Tony Marsh
6 Posted 01/11/2017 at 10:48:46
Yes Mark let's go over to France all guns blazing get beat anyway and be knackered on Sunday when we face Watford in a survival battle..Makes real good sense that does..The Europa League is a curse Mate nothing else.
Jim Whiffen
7 Posted 01/11/2017 at 11:16:51
Me and the lads are 'en route' in the VW headed for Folkestone, we've got 2 tickets between 5 of us, having a blast and looking forward to the adventure; win lose or draw...

Up The Fucking Toffees!

Jack Okell
8 Posted 01/11/2017 at 12:50:15
Tony Marsh

Was it not you that was offended by posters who were critising your opinion of Gueye last week?

You're rapidly turning into ToffeeWeb's very own troll!

Tony Marsh
9 Posted 01/11/2017 at 12:52:22
Jack I am never offended by debate about football.Its only a game mate.We all have disagreements on certain subjects but offended not me. You must mean that other Tony Marsh.
Nigel Munford
10 Posted 01/11/2017 at 12:58:43
3 wins and the other teams in the group playing to form and we will go though. Difficult part of that is the three wins I guess. But staying positive, god knows how though.
David Barks
11 Posted 01/11/2017 at 13:09:48
I continue to not understand the difference between playing in the Champions League on a Wednesday and premier league Saturday as opposed to Europa Thursday and Premier League Sunday. The impact is minimal and mixed, and impacts Champions League clubs as well. Link

Just play the game. These players need as much time on the pitch as possible. And at this point a win is needed just for the moral boost.

Steve Ferns
12 Posted 01/11/2017 at 13:11:53
Actually Nigel, it is not in our hands. If we win 3 games we have 10 points and a 312 record. Lyon currently have 5 points and are 120. If they lose to us but win the other two games, then they go through on 11 points and 321 record. Atalanta are top with 7 points and are 210. If they lose to us and Lyon but beat the Cypriots then they get 312 and 10 points as well as us. That then means we need to avenge our 3-0 hammering or we are out on the head to head.

so basically, we need Atalanta to beat Lyon, and for us to win our remaining three games. Or for the Cypriots to take points off Atalanta or Lyon and then for us to win our three remaining games. So it is not in our hands.

Edit: which is why you said if they play to form - sorry for the misread.

Rudi Coote
13 Posted 01/11/2017 at 13:29:55
The Premier League is all I personally care about. We have no chance of winning this thing. By all means go to win; Christ, we need a confidence boost but get on with survival in the Premier League.

Defeatist? No a realist.

David Booth
14 Posted 01/11/2017 at 13:31:07
It so angers me that some people are saying the players will be 'tired' for the Watford game.

They're professional footballers, flying first class, staying in the best hotels, being cosseted from start to finish and fitting in 90 minutes of what they are paid a king's ransom to do.

If that makes one or more of them tired, then drop them. Clearly, they're not up to it.

Resultant 'tiredness' is nonsense. They're doing their job and the aim is to win every game - especially right now, when we need to explore any avenue to gain confidence and momentum.

Win tomorrow and we can still go on to qualify from this group.

Treating it with apathy, to allegedly be better placed for a game against Watford on Sunday, is a complete fallacy

Man Utd took it seriously last year and won it.

They also took the League Cup seriously and won that too (which was the reason we're in Europe to begin with - not through any magical powers that Koeman had).

Time we started doing likewise.

If we don't, what are we striving for? To finish in the Europa League places again this season, only to then abdicate as soon as possible because it makes our overpaid, underachieving players 'tired'?

Give me strength...

We are Everton and should play to win every game.

Those fans who are advocating a lack of Europa League commitment are giving ridiculous credence to the cliched reasoning that inadequate managers use as a fall back when they need a ready-made excuse.

How many times can anyone ever remember when 'resting' players has resulted in a wonderful upturn in our fortunes for the following game?

Er, that will be never.

So stop talking like losers. Dispel this ridiculous myth, and let's get back into the habit of winning things!

Rob Halligan
15 Posted 01/11/2017 at 14:47:57
David # 14. Well said mate. The flight to Lyon is a measly 1 hour 45 minutes. Not exactly the other side of the world is it!

I'm on the club official day trip which leaves at 7.30 from JLA in the morning. I was very surprised at the time we are scheduled to arrive back to Liverpool, which is 23.15! I've arrived home later from a midweek home match. Ok, I know there's an hour's time difference, but you know what I mean!!

So David is right, no way should any player "be tired" for the game against Watford on Sunday. Watford will probably spend about four hours on their team coach travelling up to Liverpool on Saturday. Do you think their players will be exhausted after "such a long coach journey"?

Let's go out tomorrow night and put on a decent show and hopefully get a win.

Dave Ganley
16 Posted 01/11/2017 at 15:11:10
David Barks and David Booth spot on. I can never understand this ridiculous view of the competition being a hindrance. Winning becomes a habit and we need all the wins we can get. We haven't won a trophy for 22 years going on 23, we should take all competitions seriously. Tiredness excuses is just that, excuses. What would they be rather doing, playing games or training? It's a no brainer to me. Let's go for the win, for crying out loud we could do with one.
Brian Wilkinson
17 Posted 01/11/2017 at 16:47:48
Have to agree with posters that we should not be tired for Sunday’s game.

We are now playing where you can make up to three subs.

Years ago, you only had the one sub, played on ploughed fields but was nearly always the same starting eleven the next match, none of this squad rotating in them Days.

Add to that players now have better training facilities, a better balanced diet for most players, players are a lot more fitter and in better condition than they were years ago.

There should be no excuse for a professional footballer not to be able play 180 mins a week.

50 grand and upwards for just 3 hours graft, that’s if they are not subbed in any of the two games.

Most on here am sure came home from schoolwhen they were younger,

then were out playing football most evenings, sometimes only 8 a side on a full size pitch, yet players who have trained cannot hack 2 games in a week need to man up.

Tom Bowers
18 Posted 01/11/2017 at 16:57:05
This is another''important'' game. If Everton play anywhere near as poorly defensively as recently then they will get a hiding again.
Whilst it would be nice to think they could take the game to Lyon we all know Everton do not have the midfield tackling skills needed against such teams or a few lesser teams for that matter.
I feel sure Unsy will take the play safe attitude and plan on the one counterattack that will produce a goal.
Would like to see Vlasic and Lookman start but it's not going to happen.
Neil Copeland
19 Posted 01/11/2017 at 17:40:17
Interesting to see Feeney included in the squad.

I would like to see us go for it, we need a good performance and hopefully a result to lift confidence. A win in Lyon would do wonders to wipe out any fatigue issues. IMO we simply cannot afford another sloppy display, the only way out of the hole is through hard work starting with the game tomorrow.

DU has been saying we are going there to win it - great to hear, sincerely hope for all of us that we at least perform well.

John Pierce
20 Posted 01/11/2017 at 18:33:52
David, 11. Spot on the game is one we can win, it gives a team confidence and momentum should we win.
Just throwing the game away does nothing for the team, the clubs exposure and stature.

Everton need the Europa league, it increases our budgets, gives more playing time to fringe and promising players.

To think its a problem ignores the fact the club have not positioned themselves properly to expect, nay demand European football regularly.

Spurs used this competition supremely well to condition and improve younger players, erm Harry Kane.

They are now set up to deal with the rigours of CL and playing twice a week. Its not the competition thats the problem but the club that fails to prepare for it.

Steve Ferns
21 Posted 01/11/2017 at 18:36:01
John, have you seen that we have left a number of our bigger players, such as Baines and Rooney at home? Something tells me we are in for a tonking. Then again, the way the big names have played maybe the fringe players will show why they should be in the team, and the kids that it is time to step up.
Clive Rogers
22 Posted 01/11/2017 at 18:53:01
We really are going to get a tonking. It’s not possible for Unsy to pick a strong team as we just don’t have the players. The squad is just so unbalanced with ageing players in some key positions and none at all in other key positions. Got to feel sorry for Unsworth.
Steve Ferns
23 Posted 01/11/2017 at 18:55:43
You'd forgive him if we beat Watford on Sunday though.
Neil Copeland
24 Posted 01/11/2017 at 19:00:09
Clive - maybe, don’t hive up hope yet!

Steve - yes!

Neil Copeland
25 Posted 01/11/2017 at 19:08:22
Should be “don’t give up hope”
Clive Rogers
26 Posted 01/11/2017 at 19:12:18
I can’t pick a team from our squad that I think would be capable of winning a few games.
Nigel Munford
27 Posted 01/11/2017 at 19:51:48
I’m struggling to pick a team from our squad that would beat my sons under 10’s and they got hammered 6-0 on Sunday!
Nigel Munford
28 Posted 01/11/2017 at 19:55:59
Steve, I’d been reading an article on how we could still qualify, but it’s up to the other teams not us, but to stand any chance 3 wins is the requirement, any less and we are definitely out.
Mark Riley
29 Posted 01/11/2017 at 20:25:16
Tony (post 6) the alternative is to go over, get beat, make a mug of himself and the team and lose 3 out of 3 of his games in charge? Yes, that makes more sense than my post.
Mark Riley
30 Posted 01/11/2017 at 20:29:47
Sad to see we were pretty much even with Spurs a few years back. They're beating Real Madrid in the CL and we're worrying about Watford at home.
Clive Rogers
31 Posted 01/11/2017 at 20:49:20
We have been in decline for twenty years, but it is getting serious now. What a good job our chairman has done.
John Pierce
32 Posted 01/11/2017 at 21:25:01
Steve, yup seen he’s left the older players at home, for Sunday presumably.

Not want I want to see, because any traction gained in the game tomorrow is lost by removing the players who were responsible for it.

The players left out don’t get any additional benefit from it, its about picking a settled side regardless of age if we are to improve.

Ultimately a shame, but that is a symptom of a club who find themselves deep in the mire.

Neil Copeland
33 Posted 01/11/2017 at 22:06:26
John, I am pleased it is not just me that finds the squad choice a little strange. Clearly DU considers the Watford game as more important but like you I would rather see a more settled line up for both games. I do get it that the older players need a rest but we have the international break coming up.

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