Unsworth says it's too soon for talk of relegation battles

Sunday, 26 November, 2017 0comments  |  Jump to last
David Unsworth has admitted that Everton are struggling to carry their drilling in training across to the pitch where it matters but stopped short of agreeing that the Blues are in a fight for their Premier League survival.

While the urgency around the club's search for a permanent successor to Ronald Koeman increased with today's 4-1 defeat at Southampton, Everton will prepare for a massive "double-header" at Goodison Park in the next week as West Ham and then Huddersfield come to town.

Unsworth is, no doubt, proceeding on the assumption that he will be in charge of both matches but he is under no illusions about the size of the task in turning the team's fortunes around amid cripplingly low morale.

"This group of players is underperforming, whether it is Ronald in charge or me in charge it isn't working," he said.

"There is obviously something not right going into games. On the training field everything looks right, we are getting everything we want out of them. But when we go into a game situation, because our confidence is low, we are conceding far too easily.

"If it needs players who are injured to come back or January to come and go and get new players, something has to change. Not just on the manager but on personnel as well.

"I wouldn't go [as] far [as to say we're in a relegation battle] so early," he continued. "I think we are in a tough moment, I think we have a massive week ahead of us. If you ask me that question next week I can give you a more honest view.

"If the players didn't know they were in a tough situation they must do now. It is a massive week for the club.  

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