Allardyce must tone down 'Big Sam' act to win over hostile Everton fans

Saturday 2 December 2017  57 Comments  [Jump to last]

Jamie Carragher describes the challenge facing Sam Allardyce to win over hostile Everton fans who are not impressed with his appointment as manager.

"The fans are divided between those who do not believe he should have been considered and those who will tolerate it in the expectation there is no way the club will get sucked into a relegation battle in the new year. Even they will be hoping the club reviews its options at the end of the season, regardless of how long the contract signed."

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Anto Byrne
1 Posted 02/12/2017 at 09:43:49
Give Sam a go, FFS. If he does the job, I reckon fans will eventually see what he then has to offer. If Everton play football and are winning, we will all be smiling.
Gary Gibson
2 Posted 02/12/2017 at 11:34:37
Carragher doesn't speak for me as an Everton season ticket holder.

I think the former England manager is an excellent appointment and I would be quite happy for him to receive a contract extension in the event of him getting us into the top 10 this season.

Dave Williams
3 Posted 02/12/2017 at 11:36:38
Gary – well said; spot on!
Mike Connolly
4 Posted 02/12/2017 at 11:44:13
Have you notice how many kopites have reacted on our behalf telling us we should not have got Big Sam? They were quite happy for us to keep Koeman or Unsworth.

Obviously in the back of their minds Sam is more of a threat to them. With the derby only a week away, he definitely won't be taking a knife to a gunfight

Brent Stephens
5 Posted 02/12/2017 at 11:50:05
I think Carragher's observations on our feelings about Sam are not a million miles wide of the mark. Pretty accurate.
John Keating
6 Posted 02/12/2017 at 12:01:11
Like Allardyce or not, the fact is he is here, he is our manager, and we should show him the respect that position holds.

It amazes me that the number of anti-Allardyce posters have used the excuse that he shouldn't be at our Club because of his past and that we are, apparently, a Club that has high morals and principles. It's a pity these same posters don't show the same morals and principles and give him a chance.

Any decision made regarding Allardyce in the future should be based purely on what he does from now until that decision on football terms.

It may shame some that we have employed Allardyce but it shames me that some Evertonians are behaving as they are.

Brian Harrison
7 Posted 02/12/2017 at 12:13:14
I agree with Carragher every time I hear Allardyce its always about me, me, me. Yesterday only been in the job 24 hours and he is saying he is better than Marco Silva. Just get on with your job and worry about how to get the team performing instead of talking about another manager.

Some posters saying we should give him a chance, and although I passionately didn't want him here, I will give him every chance to prove that he can play entertaining and winning football. He also says the best bit of advice he was given was make sure your first signing sets the standard, as if he doesn't, the fans and the board will lose faith in him very quickly. Well, role on January and we will see who his first signing is and that will tell us what style he is going to play.

Laurie Hartley
8 Posted 02/12/2017 at 12:28:02
Well I don't fall into either of Carraghers stereotypes. I want Sam Allardyce to succeed, earn a contract extension, and build a platform for future managers.

They are getting worried now – poses a threat to them.

Don't buy into the "divide and conquer". Pick a side – like another ex-Red, Sammy Lee. His action in pulling out of their "Legends" night tells me how highly that man rates Big Sam and what he thinks he is capable of.

Rob Dolby
9 Posted 02/12/2017 at 12:39:30
I have no idea how he is making a living out of the media. He is an embarrassment who makes Gary Neville look like Einstein.

Stan Schofield
10 Posted 02/12/2017 at 12:45:00
Yet another bag of shite from the media. All Sam Allardyce has to do is get us playing better. It's as simple as that.
John Pierce
11 Posted 02/12/2017 at 13:00:20
Allardyce will suck up every last piece of credit going. Very much that planet sized ego which to date has won what?

Many posters tolerating his appointment believe the moral dilemma is one to push to the side as ‘football' is no paragon of virtue either.

But why on earth should a supporter tolerate any appointment? How long does he have before that tolerance, bordering on passive aggression boils over?

An appointment in the circumstances we find ourselves in, should galvanise the support, hearten and align us. It has done nothing of the sort.

It's created many who feel we deserve what we get, we have to take our medicine, oh well no-one else wanted to come? Basically, the failure of the hierarchy to plan and poach a manager leaves us with a man who has spent most of his career in the bottom half of the league.

His peak with Bolton was years ago, what makes anyone think his tenure will be any different with us?

Short-termism rarely gives way to long term gain, because there is always a heavy price to pay up front.

I make no apologies for being forthright about Allardyce, his record and manner suggest he will ignore the youth players, disregard the FA Cup and play a style which I dislike. All valid concerns.

Cooperation & collaboration are modern values he won't entertain, because the players have more power nowadays. A clear dictator of his dogma, convert or leave.

He made all the right noises in his presser but ultimately his ego will dictate things will be done his way; the last manager was exactly the same.. That worked out well.

Mike Hughes
12 Posted 02/12/2017 at 13:00:58
I haven't read the article.
But I get the gist.

While I might debate, argue and temporarily fall out with fellow Blues from time to time, I closed my mind to the RS years ago.

When we laugh at the RS occasionally, we get the retort of why are we so interested in them?

Well, by the same token

I hope Sam Allardyce rams it down their whining, arrogant throats. That will certainly unite the Blue half.

One Blue is worth a thousand RS.

Dave Abrahams
13 Posted 02/12/2017 at 13:13:47
I'll make my mind up on Sam Allardyce next May. I might want to see him go and I might argue we are daft to let him go: results will make a lot of people's minds up.

I'm not bothered too much about his personality, that will not get Everton points or lose them any either.

I would ask him to cut down on the chewing gum though, the dug out is right in front of the family enclosure where a lot of young kids sit, not a pretty site when Sam is chewing half a pound of chewy, might frighten the kids away.

Martyn Thickitt
14 Posted 02/12/2017 at 13:14:08
Just to digress slightly, having an ex red in our ranks is quite pleasing really, because every time we score he will be cheering for us, and in the derby if / when we score he has to celebrate as if he scored it himself, that will be interesting to see on the rs faces.
Raymond Fox
16 Posted 02/12/2017 at 13:30:13
How the hell does he know what I'm thinking, cheeky bugger? Well I'm one that wants him here, along with a lot more including many on this thread.

Any doubters should have a look on YouTube and see what Alex Ferguson thinks about Allardyce.

Don Alexander
17 Posted 02/12/2017 at 14:16:57
A transcript of what Allardyce should have said, with Hind-sight;

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Press, I can't find words to tell you how grateful I am to be anointed manager of this great football club by the two blokes actually in charge, or one of them at least, but their eventual joint commitment meant a great deal for, I mean to, me.

"That said, I'd just like to make it absolutely clear that although I've been a twat I am now resolved not to be one. Honest.

"Moving on, the football we will pay will encompass all the latest in sports science and technical wizardry. For instance I intend to get the players "FIT", a new experience for most of them I'm sure, but one they will adapt to once they've stopped throwing up on the training pitch.

"I then intend to limit the number of times opponents do silly dances whilst our goalkeeper again walks into our nets to retrieve the ball. This won't be easy of course but it is important, and may cause occasional pain to be necessary, sometimes even during games or from opponents too.

"I've nothing against silly dancing though, providing it's done at the other end of the pitch. Indeed I hope to see some of our lads develop those same skills so well they'll be on "Strictly" next year, or in January if I can arrange it.

"Thank you."

Guy Hastings
18 Posted 02/12/2017 at 17:21:50
I gather plans of Bramley-Moore Dock have had to be be resubmitted for planning permission to accommodate Allardyce's ego.
Andrew Crockett
19 Posted 02/12/2017 at 19:00:54
I actually think that Sam is massively underrated. He's tended to manage at reasonably unfashionable clubs and tended to overachieve. Imagine what he could potentially with a club who have always traditionally been one of England's top seven big teams.

If you think back to his time at Bolton, he signed some massive players – Okocha and Djorkaeff, he got Hierro and Campo from Real Madrid!

First we need to stop the rot, and two clean sheets is the perfect platform for that. Still need a target man in January, someone with the experience that Calvert-Lewin lacks as he continues his development.

Jeff Spiers
20 Posted 02/12/2017 at 22:23:12
All the snowflake Blues who will not go the game anymore please donate your season ticket to the community.

I don't give a shit about Allardyce's past. Has he been arrested? Have any of our players been?

Stay away with your high horse morals. Give the man a chance ffs. It's not as if top coaches were queueing up to manage EFC.

Jon Withey
21 Posted 03/12/2017 at 08:42:27
I'm happy to have his ego on board if it makes us competitive - so far, so good.

Isn't it sad that we have a former England manager and yet won't describe him as a 'top coach'.

Clearly he is a step up from Koeman who many in the game had decided was a top coach.

Eddie Dunn
22 Posted 03/12/2017 at 09:11:02
I am simply sick of hearing what Kopites think of anything.
Len Hawkins
23 Posted 03/12/2017 at 09:32:49
Eddie, me too! They only think what someone tells them to think.

Ernie Baywood
24 Posted 03/12/2017 at 09:36:48
I couldn't care less about Sam's dodgy past. I do care about the ambition of the club and don't see this as an ambitious appointment. Let's face facts on that one. You don't take a fat cheque to Sam Allardyce because you're trying to make the Champions League.

Now maybe he'll be a revelation. It seems unlikely but we probably didn't expect Preston's manager to get us in Europe, or the man touted for the Barca job to be a compete incompetent. Stranger things have happened.

He'll absolutely get my support, though I'll reserve the right to comment on performances even if a big portion of the posters on here don't think fans should discuss such things.

Out of interest, what sort of performance up to May would we expect from Sam if he was to be considered a success? He's been here a few days and we're in 10th place... the target must still be 7th?

Mark Murphy
25 Posted 03/12/2017 at 09:51:45
How many of these upright moral guardians who don't think we should be managed by a man who hasn't been convicted of any crime booed Wayne Rooney's hat trick on Wednesday?

How many wish we hadn't taken Duncan Ferguson out of Barlinnie? Or Tony Kaye back in the day?

There are very few saints in football and “real life” but I do wish the "holier than thou" brigade would give it a rest!

Mark Murphy
26 Posted 03/12/2017 at 09:56:57
And on Sam's style of football, his mantra includes the first pass out of defence must always be forward.

That's not a bad start and if he stops Leighton Baines turning back to his own goal so many times to play backwards, I'll be happy with that!

Give the guy a chance – I Think he could prove a lot of us (because I wasn't convinced either) pleasantly wrong!

Paul Mackie
27 Posted 03/12/2017 at 10:01:20
He's also the managerial genius who, in his one game as England manager, declared that Wayne Rooney could decide where he wanted to play. Seems like exactly the firm hand this team clearly needs...
Mark Murphy
28 Posted 03/12/2017 at 10:16:29
You mean when he said this?

““Using his experience with a team and playing as a team member, it's not for me to say where he's going to play. It's up to me to ask whether he's doing well in that position and contributing. If so, great.”???

Personally I never understood the fuss over that?

Kevin Prytherch
29 Posted 03/12/2017 at 10:59:43
Mark – you've missed out how the club was praised by all comers when we gave Jose Baxter a second chance.

We have “Everton in the Community” giving second chances to thousands and quite rightly receiving accolades for it.

Is it the case where we pick and choose forgiveness??

Paul Thompson
30 Posted 03/12/2017 at 11:26:52
I really don't give a flying fuck what Jamie Carragher thinks. Moreover, everything that Allardyce has said so far has been positive and proportionate.

We'll have to see how the results and performances go, but Allardyce knows the game and is normally worth listening to – unlike Jamie and his puffed up Sky pundits.

Eddie Dunn
31 Posted 03/12/2017 at 11:53:30
There is a guy from Britain in his mid sixties, who lives in Japan making chefs knives. He has been making them for 35 years or so, and they sell for around £25,000 each. I think he can make about 12 per year... he is known as "the student".

His boss is known as the "master" and he is in his eighties and his knives sell for upwards of £50,000 each, though he can't make so many now he is older.

There is a lot to be said for experience and Allardyce has been around a long time, managing more clubs in the Premier League than anyone else.

His win rates are not impressive but now he is at a decent club with good resources, perhaps we shall see him use his knowledge and experience to show that he can achieve better things.

It might be fashionable to tout foreign managers, who have only been in work for 7 years, or men who have no in depth knowledge of the Premier League, but they have a lot to learn. Let's keep an eye on Silva's Watford, and see where they end up.

Even people like Guardiola have had money to spend wherever they have coached. Would Pep have saved Sunderland or Palace from the drop?

This is Big Sam's chance to win something and I think he is taking this job very seriously and he isn't thinking of his next step on the managerial ladder.

Peter Howard
32 Posted 03/12/2017 at 12:10:38
I was against appointing him but now he's here I'll get behind him unless he starts to fail.

As Groucho Marx said: "Those are my principles and, if you don't like them, I do have others."

Pete Bridson
33 Posted 03/12/2017 at 12:16:41
Eddie (#31) & Peter (#32) – spot on.
Colin Glassar
34 Posted 03/12/2017 at 12:52:29
I saw the RedShite journo, Andy Dunn, squirm today on Sunday Supplement when Sam was mentioned. He tried to compare us to Newcastle, and was quickly shot down by Big Sam's bezzie Jeff Shreeve.

Then he mumbled something about Dyche would've seen Everton as a step up from the Burnley job (he was going all colours by now). Then he had to agree with Carra about Sam dropping the Big Sam clown act and grabbing this opportunity with both hands etc..

All-in-all, a very uncomfortable few minutes for a well-paid journo, who wasn't given a chance to talk about his beloved reds, who is supposed to show some level of neutrality.

Mike Kehoe
35 Posted 03/12/2017 at 13:04:12
I'm a bit disappointed with the appointment of Allardyce as I wonder how things may have developed with Unsworth. Yes, we were absolutely awful in some games but did start to look committed and playing like a team.

Two wins and the table looks a lot different: the panic merchants and those threatening to stay away are probably the type who build an ark at the first sign of drizzle.

We will be okay as injuries return to key positions and a couple of signings in January. I've no problems getting behind Allardyce – I just feel we have been hasty.

Eddie Dunn
36 Posted 03/12/2017 at 13:19:57
Mike, you might be correct but I'm glad we made the decision and got him on board, because the ship was drifting and we could have been on the rocks and beyond saving.
Nicholas Ryan
37 Posted 03/12/2017 at 14:09:32
Some people are complaining about Big Sam and the level of his ego. So presumably, those people would refuse, to have the Club managed by Jose Mourinho or Antonio Conte! And, would not allow Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Xherdan Shaqiri to play for us!

The Premier League is no place for 'flaky' personalities [as Ronald Koeman proved]. A bit of rock-solid self-confidence, is not going to do our new manager any harm. Also, from what I've seen, I don't think Pickford or Rooney are overburdened with self-doubt!

John Keating
38 Posted 03/12/2017 at 14:54:53
Nicholas 37. Mourinho at our Club? No chance have you seen the defensive based shit he plays? We've got the School of Science to consider not the crap he promotes!

What's that? He's won silverware everywhere he's been?

As for that Guardiola guy, at our Club? No chance have you seen the way he dresses? His tie is never fitted properly on his collar. What a mess, we've got standards and principles.

What's that? He's won silverware and got his team playing fast open football wherever he's been, a winner?

As for that shit Pochettino, at our Club? No chance. Another piss-poor dresser, no standards. Crap player, 10 years or so at some crap team Espanyol, only scored about a goal a season. We need winners.

What's that? Got Spurs, a comparable-sized team to us, playing good footy and years ahead of us?

Nicholas, it doesn't matter who we get in as manager, there'll always be some who will spend more time looking at the negatives and won't give them a chance.

Most of us, given a chance, wouldn't have gone near Allardyce. The thing is, he is here – we should show a bit of respect to him as our manager and give him time to either succeed or fail before shouting the odds.

Andy Meighan
39 Posted 03/12/2017 at 20:40:47
Haven't read the other posts. But considering he's meant to hate us Carragher has got an awful lot to say about us, hasn't he?> Every time I pick a paper up or put Sky Sports on, he seems to have an opinion on all things Everton.

He'll be dying for them twats to hammer us next week. I hope we park the bus and frustrate the life out of them. Because I can't wait to hear them slagging Sam off. Horrible race of people with their phoney banners and idiotic songs.

Paul Mackie
40 Posted 04/12/2017 at 07:49:11
"Most of us, given a chance, wouldn't have gone near Allardyce. The thing is, he is here – we should show a bit of respect to him as our manager and give him time to either succeed or fail before shouting the odds."

Respect has to be earned, John. Allardyce's only 'great' achievements (so far) were getting Bolton to 7th and his undefeated record with England (heh).

Shane Corcoran
41 Posted 04/12/2017 at 17:15:48
I didn't read the article as I couldn't be arsed registering, but hasn't Carragher said that most fans didn't want him? Isn't that absolutely correct?

He's a journalist from Merseyside so of course he's going to have plenty of opinions on Everton. He's a red (now) and he's always taking the piss out of Everton but often admits he likes to see them doing well, once it doesn't hinder Liverpool's progress.

I think he's an excellent pundit. I'd love to hear who those that disagree hold in higher regard.

Andy Crooks
42 Posted 04/12/2017 at 17:28:26
Eddie (#31), perhaps it was one of these knives that Moyes referred to back then.
Tony Abrahams
43 Posted 04/12/2017 at 18:19:06
He’s okay Shane, but the whole pundit game, seems a bit of a sham sometimes mate. I heard a fella going on this morning about what they were saying on motd about his beloved Liverpool, and it was like it was gospel because someone from a higher place! Had said it.

Back to Liverpool now though, and how can we really take most of their fans serious? They call us “bitter blues” because we hate them, but it’s alright for them to hate Man Utd, Chelsea, and Man City, and if we could sneak a win on Sunday, they would be fucking seething, especially since they know we have now got a manager who doesn’t give a fuck for Liverpool FC!

Tony Abrahams
44 Posted 04/12/2017 at 21:05:51
See what I mean though, he's telling Allardyce, to tone it down, and he's telling everyone that Everton's Christmas will be ruined because we have got to go to Anfield twice?

Maybe it's alright if it's said in jest, but he who laugh's last, laugh's longest, and he was only messin anyway... honest!

Brian Porter
45 Posted 05/12/2017 at 07:09:45
Pundits (hate that word), exist in their own little universe where everything they say is gospel and anyone who disagrees with their views is a cretin. To succeed as a pundit you need to be controversial and bigoted in your views for the simple reason that that is the way to be noticed and have your views, right or wrong, wired by a large audience. Perfect example in recent weeks being Joey Barton (he who thinks he knows everything about everything).

The more comment they can stir up with their outpourings of verbal or written diarrhoea, the more credibility their views appear to gain, purely based on the numbers of readers or listeners their employers claim on their behalf.

I treat all of them with an equal dose of healthy disdain and ridicule, thinking what a shame it is, that many of these people, once talented players themselves, are now reduced to a Z-list of jobs hanging on loosely to the fringes of the football world, finding the role of pundit to be the nearest they can now find employment to the real business of actually playing, coaching, or managing a real football club.

Poor, sad individuals who sit like beggars on street corners, hoping to pick up crumbs, with a false sense of self-importance, from the game that once provided them with a long ago lucrative living.

My heart bleeds for them. Poor wee pundits, hangers-on, every one of them. To use an old phrase, often heard in my youth, 'Empty vessels make the most noise'.

Lee Brownlie
46 Posted 05/12/2017 at 07:49:28
Brian Harrison (@7).. 'I agree with Carragher.. every time I hear Allardyce its always about me, me, me.. '

Clearly you're starting as you mean to go on, hating our new man in charge! Well, fuck Carragher, he's a red so its expected! As for the 'All about me, me, me...' accusations re Sam Allardyce, so you've just totally ignored the actual words of 'Us.. and We..' the man came in with, then, yeah?

Like I say, starting as you mean to go on, clearly! And also negatively, even to the point of being prepared to go along with snide Red Shite remarks about our new manager!! Nice one. Except not.

An' so yeah, go join yer mate, Carragher!!!

Steve Pugh
47 Posted 05/12/2017 at 07:56:56
Out of curiosity how many of the people preaching on morals have ever streamed an Everton game illegally?
Jason Wilkinson
48 Posted 05/12/2017 at 08:01:44
Shut it, Carragher. I think the RS should stop chucking stones around their new stand and have a look at Jurgen. January is not a good month for him. One win in 9 against Plymouth Argyle!!!

Lee Brownlie
49 Posted 05/12/2017 at 08:13:48
Steve Pugh (@47).. wtf? You a copper, a priest, or just a righteous soul, who goes by the Good Lord Jesus' biblically spread line 'Remove the plank from your own eye before pointing out the splinter in anothers'??? Fuck it, whatever.. I just hate this in-turned moralising, like 'You can't say that because you yourself might have...'.

Well, I hate to tell you this.. and I'm not talking about anyone in particular in any respect.. but if someone points out that some chap is a 'dodgy dude', because he's, guess what?.. a dodgy dude.. then even if the speaker himself were also a some-time 'dodgy' character, it really don't make what he pointed out any the less true just because of that little fact!!!

Lee Brownlie
50 Posted 05/12/2017 at 10:51:45
Jamie Carragher has spoken... about Everton.

Only one thing - as per usual such crap - to say, then: stfu!!! (Well, I think its pretty clear, anyway!!!)...

Jamie Evans
51 Posted 05/12/2017 at 13:42:57
Oh thank God.
Thank God we have your opinion, Jamie.
May I call you Jamie?
Or do you prefer Mr Carragher?
Or Carra?
Oh I don't care, I'll call you whatever you like because you're amazing and I value your opinion so much.
You are quite simply the best pundit in the whole wide world and I love you.
I love how controversial you are.
And I love you're high - pitched voice. Most of all I love all of the own goals you scored when you were playing.
I loved each and every one.
And I loved how you were still playing for England U21s when you were 35 years of age.
I knew you were better than Terry and Ferdinand at the time, I just knew it.
I was right and every single England manager who picked them in front of you was wrong.
Love you Carra, love you always and please, please, don't ever change.

You fucking retard.

John G Davies
52 Posted 05/12/2017 at 13:57:01
Carragher is a wind up. Relax, it's not important what he thinks of our club. After all, him and his father did the unthinkable, professed to be die hard Blues then changed their allegiance when he signed for them. Not the greatest of character shown by the pair of them and no great miss to our club.
David Graves
53 Posted 05/12/2017 at 14:12:15
Jamie Carragher is a babbling chimpanzee.
Ignore him.
Winston Williamson
54 Posted 05/12/2017 at 14:18:35
I've not really seen a lot of posters on here saying they did not want Sam Allardyce due to his perceived dodgy dealings. A few, but not a lot.

I have seen a lot of posters using Allardyce's perceived dodgy dealings as a stick to beat those of the opinion that he is not a good enough manager to manage EFC ("get off your high horse" etc).

Personally, I've had a while now to reflect. Initially, I could not bring myself to watch a Sam Allardyce team. It hurt (I won't deny) when we appointed him. Not because of his perceived dodgy dealings, but because it felt like a negative appointment, against the EFC-grain.

My love of EFC has overcome my initial feelings (funny how that happens), so I'll back the team in whatever form it takes. Yet, I (as we all do) will always have the right not to follow a manager (any manager) unconditionally, regardless our current or future plight(s).

Jay Harris
55 Posted 05/12/2017 at 15:06:58
As a watershed in EFC's history I think it will be seen as the right appointment at the right time.

We were heading into an abyss despite Unsy's valiant efforts and Tuchel, Ancelotti and Simeone were either disinterested or unavailable.

Silva and Dyche are in the moment but who knows what they could offer longer term and Silva was not available anyway.

Despite my initial concerns I have been impressed by the way Sam Allardyce has immediately identified issues, brought in a strong team and communicated better than Martinez, Moyes and Koeman combined.

He has also expressed how proud he is to manage a club of Everton's stature and history and talks about 'us' and 'we'.

Personally, I feel a veil has been lifted and, although I dread going to the other place, I feel less dread than I did two weeks ago.

I just wish for the club's sake Evertonians would unite and get behind the manager and the players instead of carping at every opportunity.

I say fuck Carra and fuck the FA – let's show them who Everton is.

Paul Birmingham
56 Posted 05/12/2017 at 22:07:20
Who really cares about the lad who has to justify his journo el ranko, El T UNO slot as a sad to say very average footballer who has to justify his job..

There's more important issues in life than some rag arse, whom media wise changes his mind every day. Even RS fans I know who go the game don't rate him..

We are Everton, and Everton counts and the RS and the rest. Let's stand firm and get behind the club and build a new era.

Fuck the RS, Carra, and Sky, MotD, BT Sport – all mainly pseudo players, crap in their day, some got lucky as members of winning teams, Shearer aside... Good goal scorer old fashioned centre-forward, who gave more digs than he got.

Hopefully time to make some new ditties for our forthcoming success this next month with two wins at our old ground.

Hope eternal and genuine belief... Each to their own, and rightly so, in their views on our manager, but we must support the club. Two weeks ago, we were on our knees; never again.

Ian Hollingworth
57 Posted 06/12/2017 at 20:57:35
I get a good feeling that at last we may just march into Anfield led by Big Sam with a swagger and basically a "fuck you" attitude that we have not seen for many a year – or many a manager for that matter.

Love him or not, Big Sam is thrilled to have the Everton job and he will be giving it everything.

Lee Brownlie
58 Posted 10/12/2017 at 02:59:41
Whats the 'Big Sam act' anyway, exactly? I see a big, strong, inwardly and outwardly, forthright and 'together' guy who's here to do a good job! He's also got bags more character than the last smirking (sometimes at 'Everton, really?' ourselves! – fuck Koeman!) lump of dough!!

The new guy clearly has big respect for our club and wants us back playing as we should be... you've only got to actually listen to what he's said publicly so far to know that he fully intends to get us challenging for at least Europe, and that he's actually got some humour and lots of character to go with his drive!!!

For me, when he got the England job, I admittedly initially thought 'WTF?' but he was quickly doing well enough to shut me up and put my doubts on hold. (And fuck why he lost that job, by the way, you 'moralistic' pretenders, if it wasn't either footballing or actual humanitarian reasons!!) That, along with his clear desire to be a big, guiding, part of our great club means I'll also be giving him a fair shot at doing what he believes he and his 'team' can do for, and with, us!

It's called 'humility' on our behalf, as we've certainly been in no position for a while now to dismiss any option out of hand! Those who think we can, even should (especially the RS haters of our great Blue club like Jamie Carragher!!) should shut up, wake up, and let's see what happens, shall we???

('Big Sam Act', ffs, gosh thanks Carragher for your amazing insights!.. now shut up and fuck right off out of it!!!)

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