Allardyce blames wasteful finishing for Watford loss

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Sam Allardyce bemoaned poor finishing for his team's latest away defeat after Troy Deeney scored the only goal in a drab encounter with Watford today.

The Blues were looking for what would have been only their second win away from Goodison Park this season but after a lively opening, they lapsed back into their familiar pattern of poor build-up play and few chances.

In truth, Allardyce's men created almost no chances for either Oumar Niasse or substitutes Cenk Tosun and Dominic Calvert-Lewin to convert and it was defender Michael Keane who passed up what was, arguably, the best opportunity when he headed Idrissa Gueye's cross wide.

“Squander your opportunities and you can pay the price in the Premier League, it's as simple as that,” Allardyce said.

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"I think the opportunities we squandered with our lack of finishing in the opposition's final third ends up meaning we lose a game. At the very least we should have come away with a 0-0.

"The difference today was that purely and simply we didn't have a finisher on the pitch good enough to put the ball in the back of the net and Watford did with Troy Deeney's great finish.

"It was a goal we could have avoided. It was more our mix-up than Watford's creative play which is even more disappointing for me."

"At the end of the day when you don't get a clean sheet it's because the boys on the front line don't put the ball in the back of the net and it puts a lot of pressure on you as a team.

"Eleven attack and eleven defend, that's what you've got to do as a team but today it was a terrible goal to give away at that stage.

"We thought we were going to nick the equaliser right at the end but we couldn't even put that in the back of the net."


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Christy Ring
1 Posted 25/02/2018 at 00:13:28
The mix up was, Rooney lost possession, should have been off, because he hasn't the legs for midfield. Oh yea, you brought him off then. Clueless.
Joe O'Brien
2 Posted 25/02/2018 at 00:18:46
I blame you, Sam. I don't even read what you spout anymore... I just want you out at the end of this boring-as-fuck season.

The one good that came from this insipid performance is that it confirms your departure in May.

You are a stain on our history. Roll on May.

Phil Sammon
3 Posted 25/02/2018 at 00:18:59
Was he watching the right game? We created our first opportunity in the 93rd minute. How can you blame the loss on poor finishing?

Truth be told, we have some good players but we are a very poor team.

Allardyce has to go... and now!

Shaun McGough
4 Posted 25/02/2018 at 00:31:53
Can't someone hand him a bung to leave? He is prone to lining his millionaire pockets...
Steavey Buckley
5 Posted 25/02/2018 at 00:32:14
There would have been wasteful finishing if there had been more chances. If Everton are to persist with a lone striker, expect fewer chances, not chances wasted.
Lawrence Green
6 Posted 25/02/2018 at 00:32:49
Huddersfield, Newcastle and Stoke who are all in the relegation battle, all went for the victory away from home today; all three took something from their games. Meanwhile, the most expensively assembled squad outside of the top six, went to Watford hoping to sneak a point with little or no attacking intent – whose fault is that, Sam?

No doubt the remaining five away trips will produce a similar lack of ambition, which in essence means we have to take six or so points from the remaining five home fixtures, which includes the loveable neighbours and the all-conquering Manchester City – we might just manage to get the points needed, but it won't be good for the blood pressure nor will it be pretty to watch.

If we do escape the clutches of relegation, and it's really more the case of when we do, I can't stand the thought of Big Sam or similar being on the touchline next season; get it wrong again Mr Moshiri and we may as well suffix our name with Villa.

Jerome Shields
7 Posted 25/02/2018 at 00:37:18
"At the end of the day, when you don't get a clean sheet, it's because the boys on the front line don't put the ball in the back of the net and it puts a lot of pressure on you as a team. " – Allardyce.

Yes, you are exactly right, Sam. So why did you play deep defensive tactics, which isolated your forwards (one shot on target) and allow Watford to play higher up the pitch, pressing our midfield players in their own half, resulting in loss of possession (Rooney) and the marking of Walcott out of the game? Your tactics allowed Everton's weak defence to be pressured into mistakes, which they are more than capable off.

The finishing wasn't wasteful, it was non-existent as a result of your tactics. Not for the first time.

Conclusion: Allardyce blaming the players again when it is his fault. To think he is getting £6 million a year to come out with this crap.

Chad Schofield
8 Posted 25/02/2018 at 00:45:28
In fairness we looked less ridiculously defensive... yet we created almost nothing, so I think Sam might need to sit in his Analysis Room himself.
Soren Moyer
9 Posted 25/02/2018 at 00:45:35
This Fat corrupt man is senile! Which chances is he referring to? There was NONE!


Dick Fearon
10 Posted 25/02/2018 at 00:59:30
I am out of words that describe the level to which my beloved Everton have sunk. I am desperately sorry for those young supporters who live in hope despite all the garbage, lies and little else they have been fed over recent decades.

From Kenwright and his board of tax-dodging mates to dismal Walter Smith, followed by Moyes with his "knife to a gunfight" attitude, then Martinez with his pipedreams of Barca on the Mersey, followed by those golfing Koeman brothers, and finally to snivelling self-serving Sam, with his entourage of pals along for the lucratively ride.

For the umpteenth time, I ask what in hell's name do they do at Finch Farm??? On all available evidence, it cannot have anything to do with modern-day football.

Gordon Crawford
11 Posted 25/02/2018 at 01:02:43
I guess I was watching the wrong game then.
Colin Glassar
12 Posted 25/02/2018 at 01:44:10
Oh well, at least Sam got a free holiday in his favourite resort in Dubai. He can't complain as he's been a freeloader since Day 1. Well done, Moshiri and Kenwright, on another fucking diabolical mess you've gotten us into.
Ed Prytherch
13 Posted 25/02/2018 at 01:57:42
The sad thing is that I was not surprised by this sorry performance. It is a pleasant surprise when we play decent football.
David Barks
14 Posted 25/02/2018 at 02:23:56
Yeah, wasteful finishing. All those chances we created and wasted. What? Did you all not see those chances that our front line made and failed to convert? Nobody sees the game like our Sam does. Brilliant manager. If only we had a proper striker up top he would have converted all those chances that our flowing football created for him.

That massive total of 7 shots, 2 on target. And don’t you dare point out that 2 of those shots were in the final minute and one was a header from our keeper. Our Sam will inform you that your opinion is utter rubbish. This team has been player proper, quality football. Don’t dare say otherwise.

John M Boon
15 Posted 25/02/2018 at 04:46:34
Despite what some supporters might think after a very disappointing display, I would still like to see Tosun given a real chance to show what he can do. He needs to start a game. During the brief time he was on, he showed that he has the skill to play in the Premier League.

Why can't we ever play two men up front? We have wingers but most of the time our midfielders were losing the ball, resulting in very few chances for the lone striker, whoever he may be.

We really don't need to be such a boring, negative team. Sam should return to Dudley and help the local team, whoever they are. You are out of your depth in the Premier League and always have been. Go NOW!!!

Brian Porter
16 Posted 25/02/2018 at 06:05:19
As delusional as Martinez, as tactically inept as Koeman, doesn't Moshiri know how to pick 'em?

Chances? What chances? What bloody game was Sam watching? We seem to find it as difficult to beat the bottom three as we do the top 6. Explain that one, Mr Manager.

After long and detailed analysis, it appears to me that, while other managers set their teams up to try and win matches, Allardyce sets his teams up to try and avoid losing them, thus inviting the opposition to pick us off at their leisure. We sit back and try to defend the status quo while other teams who know how we play gradually wear us down and, when we fall behind late in the game, our tank is empty and we have nothing left to give.

Allardyce is a disaster and should be got rid of as soon as possible. We have no future with him in charge.

Dave McDowell
17 Posted 25/02/2018 at 06:13:03
The frightening thing is, in their box, our best attacking player was Pickford.
Mike Gaynes
18 Posted 25/02/2018 at 06:47:37
Absolutely right, Dave. Pickford must be benched immediately after failing to convert that scoring opportunity.

What a fake this guy is.

Jim Bennings
19 Posted 25/02/2018 at 06:51:45
Allardyce was brought in to stabilise the defence and bring confidence to the back four (in his own words).

Since Christmas time, he has quite simply failed dismally to do this task, chopping and changing the defensive quartet on a weekly basis, ensuring that any kind of potential stability will never be met anyway.

It is now 9 games without a clean sheet and just four in total since he took the job on in early winter, so much for securing the defence?

As an attacking team, he has made no impact whatsoever in his time here. Since Allardyce arrived, we have scored just FOUR away goals and have not scored in both halves of a football match home or away since a 3-1 win over Swansea in December.

I understand that the woes are not all his fault, of course they're not. But a manager is brought in to make a big enough impact that shows changes are visible to fans and the board, to impress with new ideas and put a case forward that he has what it takes to move the team forward.

But, so far, Allardyce has produced very little evidence he possesses the capabilities he can do that with Everton and therefore shouldn't expect to be kept on beyond May.

Anyway, it's over to Laurel and Hardy (Moshiri and Blue Bill) to get us out of another fine mess that THEY got us into.

Keith Gleave
20 Posted 25/02/2018 at 07:26:45
After all the talk of a good time spent in warm-weather training, this was another inept and disjointed performance.

Continually, Watford found open space wide in the last third and a better team would have punished us. When we went across half-way, we rarely managed to pass the ball to one of our own players. We were packing the midfield and ended up too close together, getting in each other's way. Niasse shouldn't have been wide, he should be in the box.

Blaming finishing is one thing but the main issue is the set-up of the team. If Allardyce didn't want to give anything away, it was obvious after a short time Rooney was having a poor game and width and pace was required. Place lower and faster crosses into the box, Niasse needs to be in the box to finish but is better as a sub. Our fastest player, Walcott hardly played wide or tried to beat anyone on the outside.

We have good players but the setup and game management is wrong. The goal was coming and big Sam couldn't see it, indeed when it came, he still didn't make the change until it was too late. I did think discipline would change but training or nothing else seems to have.

Kenny Smith
21 Posted 25/02/2018 at 08:45:53
Let's just give this joker his big fat pay off now. I thought Martinez spoke shite but at least we had a go under him.

To blame the centre-half for nodding down a ball to a player he thought was in a better position sums Allardyce up. We created fuck all because you are clueless and lost the game because we created fuck all.

Dave Abrahams
22 Posted 25/02/2018 at 09:04:56
Sam, you are inept, incompetent and your excuses are pathetic.

The midfield is the problem because we have no real playmaker there... well, we have one but he's put out on the wing. Rooney is getting a game in that position because there is nobody else. Unfortunately, Wayne is an handicap there, he's more dangerous to Everton than the opposition.

He should be kept upfront for the last 30 minutes of each game, he has scored ten goals mostly when he was playing upfront versus Stoke City, Man City, Newcastle Utd and Arsenal; four penalties including the rebound against West Ham Utd; I'm not sure what position he was playing in that game.

When Seamus comes back, I'd put Jonjoe Kenny in midfield for his energy and football ability plus the fact he has a football brain and he cares about this club – it is his club. A big risk to play him there but I'd take it, better than playing with what we have tried in the last few weeks which is proving to be futile.

I've got that knot back in my stomach watching and listening to the rubbish being turned out by this team and our chancer of a manager.

Darryl Ritchie
23 Posted 25/02/2018 at 09:11:57
"We're on a bridge to nowhere and we're getting there fast." — Sam Roberts.

Everton will never become a first-rate club with a manager whose main talent is preventing relegation. We aren't and shouldn't be anywhere near the drop zone, but Sam seems to be doing his best to get us there. While it may be a bit of a horror show for us fans, it is where he has the most experience and is most comfortable.

Hell, if we finish mid-table, our distinguished hierarchy will probably heave a sigh of relief, and reward Allardyce with a multi-year contract for a job well done.

This season, that started with so much eager anticipation, has turned into a major clusterfuck. Everton is broken, and I don't think anyone currently involved with the club has the know-how to fix it.

Karl Meighan
24 Posted 25/02/2018 at 09:24:35
How the hell do you spend £200M (is it?) on players, to become a much poorer side than we already had? You could not make it up: shit managers, shit players the stench is unbearable.

The quality is closer to bottom four and shows the garbage the so-called Premier League is packed full of. From 6th down, there is not a quality side amongst them.

It's possible to build a team to become best of the rest for less than we pay our manager a year, the quality is that poor outside the top 5.

Matthew Roache
25 Posted 25/02/2018 at 10:01:52
We didn't have any opportunities. 😂
Karl Meighan
26 Posted 25/02/2018 at 10:01:59
I cannot defend the manager or players on setup, performance or intent. Around ten games left to play, we still don't have a way of playing, we're not a passing team, don't press, and don't hit teams on the break.

I really couldn't see how we were trying to break Watford down. We don't have a player who can go past a player with a piece of skill in every game; don't have a player who can spray a pass that we can rely on; don't have a player who can put crosses in the right areas; and still don't have a player who can free the striker and give him chances.

I just don't see what some of our fans do that we have some good players? Maybe that's harsh... the goalkeeper and a fullback who has been injured (Coleman) – I consider them good players. The rest, I rate from 'average', 'bang-average', 'not good enough for this Club'... and 'shite'.

Mike Kehoe
27 Posted 25/02/2018 at 10:21:59
The vast majority of the Everton fanbase blame a manager who lacks ambition, guile and credibility for another dreadful result following another negative approach to a game he identified as a possible point.

The plan seems to be to accept and minimise the damage against big teams and hope to be less shit at home to statistically inferior opposition. So expect more of the same cautious negative tactics in the hope that we beat Swansea and Brighton and can enjoy a season of success.

Man City and Liverpool will destroy us if he elects to go with one up front; Rooney is not a midfield maestro, and wasteful finishing refers to one chance of note that I can recall from a centre-half. Who will be to blame when Liverpool twat us? Who will be identified as crap? Who will be blamed to protect Sam's credibility and brand?

Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I cannot simply accept Moshiri is as silly as he looks. I hope he is seething at what his choice of manager is producing and the money he is paying out. Moshiri must play nice with Allardyce and Lee until the season ends, then get rid: he can't sack them until then as it sends a bad message to other managers he will be approaching.

This season has been unrelentingly awful without reprieve. Next season, Liverpool are going to be very strong and there are many amongst us who recall with all too clear clarity the grotesque smugness and sickening gloating that is such a feature of their collective psyches. Of course the difference back then was we were a credible threat and capable of giving as good as we got.

Fast forward 12 months to Liverpool topping the league and us targeting one point from Watford again to be nearly there for 40 points or scrambling for the Best of the Rest status and enduring the next instalment of Allardyce's attempts to bring 1970s pub football into Europe.

I hope Moshiri has a plan and a clue.

David Flanagan
28 Posted 25/02/2018 at 10:22:41
Our last 3 managers all have very high opinions of themselves and never take any of the blame for anything that goes on.

That said, what sort of team are we. Too slow to counter, don't play good football, don't get crosses in, weak all over the pitch, and we lack character. We've spent £200m plus to achieve this and Allardyce is the latest idiot in charge.

We need a complete clear-out in the summer so don't be expecting anything for years again. Did we even have a plan last summer???

Mark Andrews
29 Posted 25/02/2018 at 10:27:55
Is it over yet? This season, can we call it a day and move on and get the inevitable clear-out underway now?

We're only about a dozen players, a manager, a few coaches, a director of football and assorted other managerial charlatans away from an improvement to outright mediocrity.

It's a sad day when you remember the days of dour, defensive Davey through a misty, nostalgic haze.

Darren Marsh
30 Posted 25/02/2018 at 10:37:37
Missed chances? Shots on goal is an absolute must. Ffs... going to Watford and hoping for a point – how the mighty have fallen.

Well done, Moshiri and Kenwright, for giving this bent bung-taker of a knobhead the reigns to this once-great club. An absolute shambles of a club now run by dickheads from top to bottom.

If anyone is ever feeling down, just watch Everton in a game of football. It's worth it for the comedy value. Nil satis, my arse.

Rob Dolby
31 Posted 25/02/2018 at 10:40:50
From the manager's perspective, he was happy with a disjointed performance in which the best chance was Keane's header.

From a fan's perspective, I hated watching every minute, every poor pass, no attacking threat, no forward movement, no drive, no passion. I would be happier knowing that at least we went to the mighty Watford for the win but we went with 11 sitting behind the ball and hoped for a lucky break.

It's not good enough and Sam should shoulder the responsibility. He is embarrassing himself with his deflection onto the players.

Moshiri needs to take action and make sure the new manager has a good pre-season with the players.

Jim Bennings
32 Posted 25/02/2018 at 11:25:56
The worst defensive season under Martinez was a total of 47 conceded.

This season we are looking at over 60.

At least under Martinez there was a bit of entertainment value going forward and we at least “had a go” against the bigger teams.

These days we treat trips to Watford, West Brom and Brighton like we are visiting the Nou Camp or Bernabeu.

John Graham
33 Posted 25/02/2018 at 11:37:14
Everything about the team is too slow. We lumber around the pitch like fairy elephants. Every time we pass the ball it's a slow pass which gives the opposition time to intercept and when we have the ball it's like watching the queen mary trying to turn.

Rooney, even though he looks good on the ball, thinks he has all the time in the world but then either loses the ball or plays a poor pass.

This is the Premier League. Wwe have to quicken everything up and if we are going to attack we need to play the ball in front of players for them to run on to. We need energy. We need speed.

Looking at the team yesterday, it was only Sigurdson and Davies who had the ideas but the other players let them down big style. In the first half Davies tied a few runs through but no one had the brains to pick him out and Sigurdsson played some great balls but no one had the positional sense to get in the box to get on the end of them.

We need to improve fast and the first thing to do is leave Rooney out and put Calvert-Lewin in.
Matthew Williams
34 Posted 25/02/2018 at 11:44:53
Major changes needed for the Burnley game, for me I'd go 4-4-2...

Robles (Gotta play some games)
Kenny Keane Funes Mori Baines
Coleman (Captain) Davies Baningime Garbutt
Walcott Tosun

Pick holes with that team Blues... can't be any worse than at present and I'm not getting paid £6 mill a year!

Barry McNally
35 Posted 25/02/2018 at 11:54:00
Arguably the worst goalie in the league and we hardly tested him.
Dean Peamum
36 Posted 25/02/2018 at 12:10:22
Groundhog (away) Day
John Davies
37 Posted 25/02/2018 at 12:11:33
Allardyce is quite simply the most deluded, arrogant, conman to have ever managed our football club. He has created this persona around himself and has actually convinced himself that he is a brilliant tactician who carries no blame for the truly appalling performances we turn out week after week.

The man is totally detestable. Proven publicly to be dishonest who draws his wage packet fraudulently on a weekly basis. He is without question the worst manager I have seen over 60 years of supporting my football club. The day he exits the door cannot come soon enough.
Mike Allen
38 Posted 25/02/2018 at 12:15:24
So that's the plan? 11 defend launch the ball as far up field as you can, hang on as we are all defending who are we giving the ball too? Oh, I see as we are all here we may as well keep defending. Well, it's a plan.
Tim Michael
39 Posted 25/02/2018 at 12:35:55
I gave up my season ticket at the end of the Martinez era because it was soul-destroying but, under the Allardyce tenure, it's reached new lows.

I was talking to a Watford fan and he couldn't believe that a club like Everton had come to Vicarage Road to seek a goalless draw. He was totally shocked. Such is the decline of the club.

The club will not go forward under this tenure. Absolutely no chance. This man is just picking fixtures to total up on points to safety. That's what he does. Limited ambition other than amassing enough points to be safe. Happy to lose certain games.

We will get to safety in some form or other; then, from the bottom up, there needs to a drastic reform of the operating structure. Besides the removal of Allardyce, there is no point in a Director of Football in Walsh. Despite Bill's love of the club, he should finish. He doesn't look well either.

Bring in a new Chief Operating Officer to totally oversee the finances of the club, handing down playing and recruitment responsibilities to a new manager. Dispense with the layers of assistants. They are not needed.

Co-opt the U23s manager into the first team set-up to ensure the two squads are linked. Any reserve team should be there for the benefit of the first team. That's basic football philosophy.

The new stadium is a completely separate matter and best handled by Moshiri. That's his new baby but keep him away from the playing side. He's a businessman – not a football man.

This radical change has been coming for a while now but now is the right time. The credibility of the club has never been lower.

Hywel Owen
40 Posted 25/02/2018 at 12:35:57
I had promised myself that I would not again bother writing about the bunch of dishonest shysters that masquerade as the Everton management and players.

I have watched the Club since 1958 and I have never ever seen any previous bunch of players with such a lack of everything that is required to make up a half decent football team.

Somehow or other we have the knack of acquiring players with a good reputation and reduce them to inept and absolute garbage. This must be the coaching and the tactics used by the so-called management.

Even the teams who narrowly escaped relegation put a decent effort and commitment into the game. If this lot worked in industry, they would be prosecuted for accepting money under false pretences.

I am in total and utter despair

Danny O'Neill
42 Posted 25/02/2018 at 12:54:31
Everton Football Club travel to Watford with a game plan that sought to secure a 0-0 draw. Planned substitutions appeared to be seeking to close that out until the plan was scuppered because Watford's out-of-form striker scored his first goal in open play for an eternity.

Sums it up. No Plan B or response, just dire football & no intent to win unless we get lucky. Then literally make something up about imaginary chances. A bit like the "proper" football we've been served up since his arrival.

How anyone ever expected anything different when we appointed Allardyce is beyond me. He's made a career out of it so I for one didn't expect anything else; hence my dismay since day one.

March sorts things out. Burnley (A), Brighton (H), Stoke (A). He'll throw the away games and target Brighton. 37 points will be enough so he can be cut loose with his pay cheque.


Tim Michael
43 Posted 25/02/2018 at 12:56:35
In addition to my thoughts on club structure, it must now be evident to club owners that the role of the journeyman/survival managers is now over.

Hughes sacked at Stoke; Pulis and Bruce now in the Championship; and Pardew rooted firmly to the bottom of the Premier League; Hodgson stuttering along together with Moyes, two steps forward then two steps back. Their time has been and gone. All of them.

Allardyce also proving that his time is also over in that kind of role. They've all made a fantastic living out of the game without achieving any tangible success. Clubs like Everton – or not like Everton even – should now look forward. The game has moved on and these guys are now history.

Jack Convery
44 Posted 25/02/2018 at 12:58:12
To the Boards of West Brom and Southampton – please make Fat Sam an offer he can't refuse!! We have had enough. Please expect him to take no blame for fitness levels, training, performances, results, choice of players and his so-called tactical genius.

If you can catch him on camera saying or doing something he shouldn't, he may well take the blame then. Most probably he will say something along the lines of "It looks like me but it is not me – the cameras obviously weren't working properly and the people behind them must be at fault". What a fraud!

Kenwright & Moshiri – whatever you're on must be numbing you to our pain. You and the rest of the board are a disgrace for overseeing such a wretched season – I use the term overseeing loosely. It appears to me no-one is actually in overall charge as parts of the club appear to be working in a reality of their own.

Oh to be a club owned by the fans who actually care. I would not trust any of you to sit the right way on a toilet.

A truly pissed-off Blue.

William Gall
45 Posted 25/02/2018 at 13:07:25
Sam, Everton have players just as good as Watford, the difference is they have a manager who plays them as a team; you should study how it is done.
Christy Ring
46 Posted 25/02/2018 at 13:24:40
Sam talking utter shite, 'wasteful finishing'. How many chances did we have?

He picked a team to defend, not attack against a struggling side. Why is Williams, who was 3 yards away from Deeney when he scored, still picked ahead of Holgate?

Rooney hasn't the legs for midfield, gives the ball away time after time, it's not working. He should be given 60 mins up front beside a target man, his only position, and not allowed past the halfway line. One man up top doesn't work.

Why isn't Klaassen given game time with the U23s, I'd prefer him or Baningime on the bench, ahead of Schneiderlin. Sam is too negative, and won't change from his bottom-of-the-table ways that he's used to.

Andrew James
47 Posted 25/02/2018 at 13:45:08
11 defend, 11 attack? I agree that we have 11 defending but that is the problem; we come so deep that the ball gets coughed up and we have an isolated forward so, while we have plenty of players in and around our area, there's hardly anyone further up our half of the field and it comes back.

We mostly crowded them out on every attack but this was not a defensive drill in training. This is a match where we have to commit to attacking for a group of travelling fans who have spent a lot of money coming down from the North West and written off their entire day and night to stand in the freezing cold.

Fire him now. Experiment for the remainder of the season. With our attacking players in the squad, if we go and attack, we will win more than we lose in the run in and not meekly surrender so many winnable points like this clown is doing.

Paul Welsby
48 Posted 25/02/2018 at 13:58:16
Brilliant management once again; blame the players as none of this is your fault. Fuck me, you are deluded beyond belief and I just can't take any more of your instant answer after every terrible performance of throwing the players under the bus.

You have no shame. You are a vile man who has landed a job that was way too big for you. From what I hear and read, it is down to your mate Walsh, another waste of time and money badgering Moshiri until he caved in.

I can't wait until the day comes when you get fucked right off but I fear, knowing our board and the history of incompetence of the highest level, you and your kind will be here next season.

When our owner spouted that utter shite in his interview when we first hired this useless piece of work, trust me I want to use other expletives to describe this man masquerading as a football manager. What was it he said, he has been following Sam all his career and how he had managed some great footballers, also what an amazing job he had done at Bolton some 20 or so years ago blah, blah, blah.

I hope I'm wrong but, if our owner comes out with such shite, it's not just having this vile man as manager, it is also having a complete novice of running a football club in charge of hiring and firing we need to worry about.

I don't believe he is Kenwright's puppet – otherwise Martinez would still be here or dour Davey would be back. So, unless he learns very fast, this will carry on. It's so depressing at the thought of it all for me, I just don't see an end it and I lost hope some time ago.

I love Everton Football Club so much, it hurts having to bear witness to this shambles. My love for the club, like for so many of us, will never die... in fact, it always grows. As for these people responsible for what has become of our club, I have nothing but contempt.

Can you all please just fuck off and let us fans enjoy our Everton once more.

Nicholas Ryan
49 Posted 25/02/2018 at 14:25:55
Bournemouth: Young English manager, universally admired, doing pretty well.

Brighton; Mature English manager, universally admired, doing pretty well.

Did we interview either of them? Not so far as I know. Instead, we got the old, boring, cliche-ridden, crisis-cruncher, Sam.

Steve Brown
50 Posted 25/02/2018 at 14:38:13
Why would we want to interview the Brighton or Bournemouth manager Nicholas? What have they won?

Our last managers have been recruited from Palace, Soton, Wigan and Preston and the result has been one final and no trophies in 15 years.

Steve Brown
51 Posted 25/02/2018 at 14:41:03
We need to aim higher if we are to progress – a manager from Spain, Italy, Germany or England who has won a trophy in the last five years and managed a team in the Champions League. We can now afford to pay for the best and money talks.

So I don't want Hughton, Howe, Silva, Fonseca or anyone else. Hire a winner.

Jamie Crowley
52 Posted 25/02/2018 at 14:54:17
Problem is Steve, a "winner" won't come to us.

I want Roberto Clone.

We're not going anywhere in the foreseeable future until the stadium deal is done and we start raking in more money with a higher profile that the new stadium will give us. Any ascendency won't happen at Goodison.

While that's going on, I want an attack-minded young(ish) coach. I want to be entertained and look forward to watching us, not dreading the obligation of doing so.

I don't care if we drop 15 points a season blowing leads. Attack with abandon and play some stuff that's worthy of watching. Cue the pundits saying, "If only they could sort out the other side of the game and their defending, they'd be a contender for a top-four finish."

Fine. I don't care. Better to analyze that than have to sit on the weekend watching Sam stick bamboo shoots underneath my fingernails – which is basically what happens every weekend presently.

Jay Wood

53 Posted 25/02/2018 at 15:08:09
Like a good number on here, I enjoyed the hard-nosed professionalism and levels of expectancy Sam Allardyce spoke of in his early press conferences and after-match interviews following his appointment.

Since the results have stuttered, the tone of his utterances to the media has changed. It is increasingly about him. It is more about self-promotion, or should that be, self-preservation?

Like Martinez before him, he talks about events in an imagined parallel universe, an interpretation of the game, events, tactics, that simply did not happen.

With Martinez, that was driven by his innate positivity. With Allardyce, it is increasingly sounding like a man who is only too well aware he is under close scrutiny and with each underwhelming results and performance, he is edging ever closer to the exit, and so 'inflates' his contribution to the club since he arrived.

I fully expect him to make it to the end of the season. But Moshiri must surely be looking very, very closely at the viability of continuing with Sam Allardyce for another 12 months.

Joe McMahon
54 Posted 25/02/2018 at 15:13:07
Steve (51), as Jamie says, what winner will come to a club that has never played in the Champions League, not even won a domestic cup for approaching 25 years and whose home stadium is at least 40 years behind the times? Add to this a club which shares the City with high scoring (5 times) Liverpool.

Our chance was Kings Dock and we know what happened there. Even if (that's 'if') this new stadium happens, it's going to be years too late. The Kenwright years have bled us dry. I now know how Man City fans ended up feeling about Peter Swales, and like Kenwright, their demise was all under him.

Tony Orme
55 Posted 25/02/2018 at 15:21:28
A low point and we blues have suffered many! I assume Mr Walsh has been responsible for our recruitment over the last 12 months or so. He should be charged with Gross Misconduct and sacked.

Mr Moshiri must think he has paid out nearly £200 million with few successes. Sack the useless arrogant Walsh and get a real director of football in.
Will Mabon
56 Posted 25/02/2018 at 16:46:56
Should've stuck with Unsworth. This is what panic does for a team.
John Charles
57 Posted 25/02/2018 at 18:13:57
Same old same old from Fat Sam. Has been exactly the same from day one. Self-promotion hiding behind hard-nosed honesty. Except the honesty never reached his own performance. Took all credit and no responsibility.

He is a fraud and has been all his career. His appointment says more about the malaise at our club than a thousand negative comments.

Jay Harris
58 Posted 25/02/2018 at 18:16:18
The club needs a total overhaul in management, culture, planning and direction.

Out with Kenwright etc and try to tempt Monchi and Emre or David Dein and Wenger to bring about a blue revolution.

Geoff Evans
59 Posted 25/02/2018 at 18:19:26
Setting up for a point at world beaters Watford... with those kind of tactics, you usually get what you deserve.

John Kavanagh
60 Posted 25/02/2018 at 18:19:33
Not since the days of Malcolm Allison at Man City has football seen so much money wasted on poor players at grossly inflated prices. They became a national laughing stock as we have now become.If Moshiri had set fire to his £200 million in the car park, he could have at least warmed his hands.

As it is we're paying hundreds of thousands a week for some players to stay at home watching the telly and for others to move round the pitch looking like they are auditioning for parts in the Walking Dead. The mere sight of Schneiderlin warming up was enough to encourage Watford to move forward and gratefully collect the 3 points on offer.

All the money has now gone and we have a 'manager' who sees the size of a signing on fee as enough to warrant a place in the team. All we can hope for now is a new man who can get the crap off the payroll asap and use our promising youngsters to best effect. Kenny, Holgate, Davies, Calvert-Lewin et al are having the link up/passing game they were used to in the U23s deliberately coached out of them in favour of Allardyce 'hoof and hope'. At least Lookman has escaped, but will we see him come back?

Watford would have crapped themselves facing his pace and willingness to (God forbid) actually take a shot on goal. A return to their natural game will produce an improvement and hopefully, we can dodge relegation next season. The steady decline and similarities to Villa, Leeds and Forest are frightening to contemplate.

Phil Walling
61 Posted 25/02/2018 at 18:27:58
Jay, why do you keep going on about David Dean and Wenger? They are decidedly 'old hat'.

And if you see Moshiri as the saviour of our club, you are deluded. He, much more than Kenwright, is the cause of the rot!

Kevin Tully
62 Posted 25/02/2018 at 18:38:38
As City lift another trophy, nobody should ever forget "The worlds' greatest Evertonian" refused to even meet Mansour's representatives. Guided by the lovely Sir Philip Green.

How he's gotten away with it for 20 years amazes me every time I drive past the Echo Arena. Anyone want to buy the old Runcorn Bridge?

Jim Bennings
63 Posted 25/02/2018 at 18:44:33

He gets away with it because to some deluded idiots he'll always be Billy the Blue that saved us from the clutches of that nasty man, Peter Johnson.

In reality, the time Kenwright has been here, we have done zero to the stadium, whilst many other clubs have moved, built stands – some have actually built stands, knocked them down and moved stadium in that same timescale Bill Kenwright has been here.

We have never won a trophy (just one measly Final) in the Kenwright era.

Never reached the group stages of the Champions League.

Never won at Anfield in the Bill Kenwright era.

What a list to be truly proud of eh?

The club that successfully stands still and then takes steps only backwards.

Paul Welsby
64 Posted 25/02/2018 at 18:50:02
Be careful, lads – you will get the luvvies started on here telling you to be grateful.
Kunal Desai
65 Posted 25/02/2018 at 18:57:49
How do we know that Kenwright refused to meet Sheikh Mansour and what was the reason for not meeting him?
Kevin Tully
66 Posted 25/02/2018 at 18:59:42
Yes lads, look at what happened to Portsmouth and Blackburn being the main thrust of their argument – right through the heart of a once great club, the club my grandad taught me all about. Funny though, can't remember those two other clubs being mentioned then.
Kevin Tully
67 Posted 25/02/2018 at 19:08:30
Half the story here, Kunal:

Everton missed out on Mansour's riches – Kenwright

The rest, you don't want to know.

Phil Walling
68 Posted 25/02/2018 at 19:32:50
No Kenwright fan, me, but he surely deserves some credit for keeping us in the Premier League when much richer owners have seen their clubs take the big drop.

His choice of Moyes had much to do with it, of course, and there were many on here singing the showman's praises after the first Martinez season!

Of course, since he cashed in his chips to Moshiri, it's all gone 'tits up' and it will now take more than that final sale of shares to halt the slide into the abyss into which our so-called benefactor has taken us!

Dave Williams
70 Posted 25/02/2018 at 19:35:33
First of all, none of us should be surprised by all this. Sam was hired to avoid relegation. The contract offered was until the end of the season but he insisted on an extra year, thus guaranteeing a bumper pay-off if he is booted out early. Most likely there will be a hefty bonus for avoiding relegation too.

So what incentive is there for him to build a team? If he keeps it tight and nicks one in two more games, we should be safe so there is no way he will set us up to attack away from home.

He will not trust the youngsters because he won't be around to benefit from their development. He just needs to avoid the drop and he will then be around to “rescue” another team that is in trouble next season. The players will know this and are unlikely to play their hearts out for him when he blames them for everything that goes wrong.

I don't subscribe to the clamour for a high-profile foreign coach – they are as likely as Klaassen and Ramirez to struggle in their first season. We need a hungry young manager who knows the Premier League and one who can manage without the disaster called Walsh hanging over him.

We need to base the squad/ team around youth. The young lads are pretty much the only ones to show desire, heart and fight and the absence of any of that yesterday was the most worrying and disgraceful aspect for me.

Who to replace Sam? I would look very closely at Arteta to see if he is ready, supported by his big mate and avid Evertonian Tim Cahill. Some fresh young ideas, young manager working with young players – shades of 1983-84 with Howard Kendall. It might not work but better than a foreigner who will buy mediocre foreign players who won't adapt.

Kevin Tully
71 Posted 25/02/2018 at 19:50:39
Phil W – never had you down as another "Stockholm syndrome" candidate. Clearly Bill's web can catch many a spider?...
Jay Harris
72 Posted 25/02/2018 at 19:51:40

Maybe it's because they built a successful dynasty at Arsenal and, if that's old hat, give me some anytime in preference to what we've been doing for the past 20 years.

Tony Abrahams
73 Posted 25/02/2018 at 19:55:38
Cashed in his chips, Phil? Even if It was never about the money for Bill!

I stayed away from everything to do with Everton this weekend, and then I just started reading Kevin's link. Never thought I'd be bored of football, and especially my team, but it's lifeless, it's soulless, and it just doesn't represent the club I love at the moment, which is a major concern in itself.

The only tonic is watching Man City, because they have been in a much darker place than we are, even during my adult life, so the secret is always to believe, which is very difficult when you read what our chairman said in the opening paragraphs to that link.

A trophy asset? A fucking trophy asset? I know it's all contradiction, but thank fuck some Evertonian has done alright out of a trophy asset.

Bill Watson
74 Posted 25/02/2018 at 19:58:30
The team that started the game was pretty much the one that most posters wanted but looked ponderous, disjointed and totally lacking in spirit. The only thing they were good at was passing to the opposition and that's what led to the goal.

Allardyce was happy at 0-0 and was just about to bring Schneiderlin on when they scored. A criminal lack of ambition against a very poor Watford side. Apart from the first few minutes we failed to put them under any sustained pressure, and, for much of the game, their goalkeeper was virtually unemployed.

Much of this is down to the way Allardyce sets the side up but the team is packed with experienced international players who have now failed to perform for three managers.

The club needs a radical clear out, in the summer, starting with the guy who signed much of the dross we currently see lumbering around the pitch.

Finally, I need to have a long, hard, look at myself. I drove over from France to watch the rubbish served up, yesterday. Total knob!

Phil Walling
75 Posted 25/02/2018 at 20:07:50
I'll buy into Dave Williams' suggestion although not with much hope of any great success.

More likely, Sam and his crew will 'get the tintack' come May and Walsh will be out with them. Then Moyes will walk out on the Hammers and return here as 'the man to turn it round'. But he won't!

Kevin, it's easy to give some credit to Kenwright when you are only comparing him to the likes of the Venkys and the mobs that took over Pompey and Coventry!

Sam Hoare
76 Posted 25/02/2018 at 20:10:52
I read somewhere that, during the last 14 League games under Allardyce, we have created the least chances in the Premier League from open play.

If true, then I'd say it's pretty clear that our issues (or some of them) are in chance creation rather than conversion. It's also pretty clear that those saying we are playing poor football are not talking ‘rubbish'.

David Barks
77 Posted 25/02/2018 at 20:22:08

That would be from the Echo. At least they’re not giving him a pass.

Everton have had the fewest shots of any side in the Premier League during Allardyce’s time in charge, while also creating the fewest chances from open play. The Toffees have actually faced the second most shots during that time - all damning statistics.

Paul Tran
78 Posted 25/02/2018 at 20:46:44
We need to take a breath right now.

Phil Walling's point about selecting the right manager is right on the money. That's the decision every owner has to get right.

The thing to remember is that it took Man City, Liverpool and Spurs a few goes to get it right and that Chelsea change manager every season. And that Leeds went bust because they bet the house on a 'bright young manager' that couldn't cut it.

We're all upset because this regime has done something the last one wouldn't do. This regime has tried, it has picked a manager, given him money and it's gone wrong. Like many on here, it panicked and went for the saviour we didn't need. It will try again, like Man City, Spurs and Liverpool until we get the right one.

So don't give me this apocalyptic nonsense of going to an abyss, don't give me this sentimental nonsense of 'let's get a Blue in' (Arteta & Cahill? – give me strength!). Let's dust down our disappointment at not being the first new money club to pick the right manager first time and go with the ride.

When you actually try and succeed, you sometimes fail. I'd rather do this than plough the safe, stale 'security' of Moyes's latter years.

Moshiri deserves plenty of flak for this season. The big issue is whether he learns from the last season's mistakes.

Ashley Roberts
79 Posted 25/02/2018 at 21:18:06
With the players that are fit, other than Williams, I believe this would have been the team most would have picked. To be honest, other than 2 or 3 players in yesterday's team, none of them deserves to pull on the blue shirt of Everton.

Having been a supporter for over 50 years, I cannot believe that we have fallen so far from grace. A point against a very poor Watford team would have been hard to take but a loss is just too much for most of us take.

What makes the team even more galling for me is the fact that a lot of them earn more in a week than a lot of the supporters bring home in a year! No heart, no passion and no skill.

Other than Walcott and Pickford, the rest of the signings, in reality, have not been good enough and are really a waste of money. Given how poor these signings have been, it probably would have been better to try all of the youngsters that won the U23 Premier League 2 under Unsworth. They couldn't have done any worse and we must not forget that the great Man Utd team of to 90s that Ferguson put together was based on a team of youngsters that gelled together.

Maybe I am dreaming but yesterday's display leaves no other option because I have never seen such a poor Everton team in my lifetime and I lived through the Walker era.

Nathan Snell
80 Posted 25/02/2018 at 21:23:27
Paul Tran - Good piece of perspective.
Dave Williams
81 Posted 25/02/2018 at 21:47:57

I didn't say appoint Arteta but to look closely to see if he is ready. He has been learning from Pep and seems a very bright young man to me. Often it is the first couple of jobs which will see success for a manager. After that their careers tend to stagnate or slide, perhaps because the hunger and drive have been eroded by either success or a fat wallet.

The main concern for me since Roberto's first season has been the disappearance of fight and effort, pride of playing for the club and I don't see a foreign guy who knows little about us instilling that into the squad.

For me, the best way forward is to find the bright young manager who will drive us forward using the sheer force of his own ambition and IF we can find one who knows and feels for the club then even better. If however Arteta is not or never will be ready then find one who is.

Oh, and I wouldn't be throwing shedloads of money at the next guy – Spurs have managed to build a great squad without spending a fortune and after pretty much wasting £80m from the Bale money. We need careful thought to plan our next team not more of the spending for the sake of it that we have seen which has given us a large squad most of whom don't seem to care about the guys posting above who travelled from France or the 400-mile round trip from Merseyside. Build around the youngsters but give them good, physically robust pros around them.

Sentimental claptrap? It may well be, Paul, but it sounds a lot better to me than some foreign guy who knows nothing about the club or the Premier League. We'll see in a few months time!

Andrew James
82 Posted 25/02/2018 at 22:01:25
It's the way he sets us up. We had 8 players in our box against a Watford attack whereby they had three in ours. It looked like a training ground drill and we easily repelled the ball but of course it came back within seconds.

Big Sam was probably delighted with this defensive "master class" for 75 minutes and then they scored and there was no Plan B.

It was clear to me that following the first half we should stop conceding territory and stretch them further up the pitch if we wanted to get a goal and stop them having the ball in our half all the time. His substitutions were embarrassingly desperate to attempt to make up for the failure of Plan A. Unsurprisingly Watford just played keep ball and dug in for 3 minutes on their left wing in our half.

I didn't want him in charge, my opinion hasn't changed. He's done little to improve our lot. Please Everton, fire him.

John Pierce
83 Posted 25/02/2018 at 22:10:32
Rhetoric is no longer viable. Actions are what I need, Everton, words are empty and increasingly facile.

The restructuring in the football club must begin regardless, I'm close to writing off next season already.

Eddie Dunn
84 Posted 25/02/2018 at 22:29:11
Paul Tran – very interesting. Perhaps we have become used to associating "success" with a manager who had had three, four or more years to assemble a squad in his image.

Maybe we should be thinking more like the European clubs and get new coaches in every two or three years with fresh ideas. After all, we all get stale and the players seem to have short attention spans these days.

Longevity is no longer a sure sign of ambition but more often a sign of fear, in case things might get worse with change. Most players may well sign four-year deals, but few of them see them out.

And Dave Williams, if you want a young manager with ambition, look no further than Eddie Howe. He has actually managed in this league. His team plays with plenty of spirit, punches above it's weight and generally plays on the front foot. Surely a better punt than Arteta.

Andrew James
85 Posted 25/02/2018 at 22:30:56
Arteta is a decent shout but my worry is that some of our players would look at his lack of an international playing career along with a lack of trophies and not be impressed.

Plus he used to play with Jagielka, Baines, Coleman and Walcott.

It would be left field... but I can actually see Kenwright shaking hands with Mikel whilst tearful at a news conference...

Paul Tran
86 Posted 25/02/2018 at 22:40:44
The point I'm making, Dave, is that a few years ago, people on here were laughing at Spurs with their high turnover of managers while we had the stability of Kenwright and Moyes. The reality was that we were standing still while Levy was trying things, making mistakes and learning from them.

I'm all for a bright young manager taking us forward by his sheer will and drive. I couldn't give a Donald whether he's a Blue or not. To me, it's more important that he's competent, he can communicate his ideas, and is desperate to be successful. With a couple of additions, such a manager could do something with this squad. I agree there's no need to throw more big money around.

Look at the managers in the positions we aspire to. Little or no Premier League experience, foreign managers with no sentimental ties to their clubs. They're just bloody good. That's what we need and what matters most.

We will see in the summer and I predict a foreign coach that will have us hoping!

Kevin Tully
87 Posted 25/02/2018 at 22:41:00
Would anyone be advocating the appointment of Arteta if he wasn't an ex-player? Just get Rooney, Ferguson & Unsworth in, running the whole club, with Bill phoning each of them 10-12 times before they've had a chance to neck their porridge.

Fuck me. Legends night on a permanent loop here we come again. What's wrong with you all?

Kevin Prytherch
88 Posted 25/02/2018 at 22:43:42
What's the difference between Unsworth and Arteta?

Unsworth is unproven and needs to go out and prove himself to be ready (despite winning half the Premier League games he's managed and the U23s league with a fraction of Man City's resources).

Arteta is unproven, never managed but would be considered?

Seems a strange ‘grass is greener' contradiction to me.

Let's face it, if assistants working under good managers were actually cut out for roles, Brian Kidd, Mike Phelan and Paul Clements would be world beaters as managers.

Carl Allan
89 Posted 25/02/2018 at 22:50:32
Rooney has disappointed me today by attending a Man Utd match. He should be hurting today after that performance yesterday, not going to watch the Mancs play.

That is everything that is wrong with our club these days, players who seem to be more concerned with goings-on elsewhere, such as Lukaku and Barkley last season; now Rooney has his mind on his previous club. Why couldn't he just watch them on TV?
Tony Everan
90 Posted 25/02/2018 at 22:50:44
The first poll on Allardyce 80% of 6,000 voters said No.

The second poll was the poll of shame, when I think it was 50/50 when desperation had set in.

The third and final poll needs wheeling out, I think it would be 99% in favour of removing him now or very soon.

Don Alexander
91 Posted 25/02/2018 at 23:08:37
Spot on Kevin Tully (#87). The club's been stuffed to the rafters with ex-players who "Get us" (sigh) for decades, all subservient to the one who states, in effect, that he "Gets us" more than anyone.

It's delusional to suppose that folk like Unsworth, Arteta and the rest have, on the back of having never come close to actually winning anything with us, some uniquely special insight that would serve to outweigh the real, proven, hard-nosed sort of manager who's got a track record of winning trophies, the type of manager we and every other club who aspire to qualifying for the Champions League need.

I mean, there's no club in the current top five who've had a manager or staff "from within" for many years, but what's evidence got to do with it, according to some of our dreamers?

Ian Smitham
92 Posted 25/02/2018 at 23:21:17
Don, while I appreciate the point you make and also support the point Kevin makes, your credibility is shot.

Unsworth – “never come close to actually winning anything with us.”

Karen Mason
93 Posted 25/02/2018 at 23:24:42
Okay, so just taking the positive from yesterday's piss-poor performance and another game lost. It takes Big Scam another step closer to the sack – if not before, certainly at the end of the season.

I don't even know why I'm disappointed at the way we play. It was all I expected when he was named as Manager, as did most of you, I know. So let's be positive that the more negative we set up and play, the closer it takes us to SSD – Sack Sam Day.

Andy Finigan
94 Posted 25/02/2018 at 23:26:13
There's only a few candidates and Rafa is one who may be tempted.
Jay Wood

95 Posted 25/02/2018 at 23:27:23
I place myself firmly in the Paul Tran camp.

THE key appointment needed for Everton FC at this time, with the money pouring into the club from the mega-TV deals and the ambitions of Moshiri (if sincere) is the right manager.

Who that is, I have absolutely no idea, because – as with player purchases – you have no guarantees, none at all, how it will pan out, as our recent appointments have shown.

Kenwright's model of retaining the likes of David Moyes for 11 years just to tread water, at best, won't cut it any more.

Moshiri appears to be following a more ruthless 'big time' model in that, in the first 18 months of his tenure, he had a turnover of 4 different managers, with a 5th likely to be added in the summer.

As Paul points out, Man City with their new-found wealth went through Sven Goran Eriksson, Mark Hughes, Roberto Mancini, Manuel Pelligrini until final landing their prime target, Pep Guardiola.

Spurs have seen Martin Jol, that Ramos fellah, Harry Redknapp, Andre Villas-Boas, Tim Sherwood and now Pochettinio. Both examples are a mix of try, fail, refresh, upgrade.

Moshiri is, as Paul points out, less forgiving of his managers than was the case on Kenwright's watch. That it hasn't worked out yet is not for the want of trying.

Undoubtedly, Moshiri has been very naive in some aspects since he joined Everton. Given his corporate accountancy and business background, I am sure he will act to protect his investment.

This season has long gone from Everton. It's a write-off. The next few months will inform us how serious Moshiri is about Everton or not.

Because as well as landing our own 'Pochettinio' to inspire the players and the fans, we need a root and branch pruning of pretty much every aspect of the 'behind the scene' operations at the club.

John Raftery
96 Posted 25/02/2018 at 23:27:45
The team selected yesterday was arguably the best available. Before the game it was the team most fans agreed should be selected not least because Schneiderlin was omitted.

The game demonstrated Rooney is not quick enough or fit enough to play in central midfield, Sigurdsson is a one-paced passenger for the majority of the time, Niasse lacks the quality to be a first choice striker and Davies is currently lost in the midfield mediocrity which surrounds him.

The manager can ring the changes next week but will be criticised for doing so if, as seems likely, we maintain our appalling away form of the past 17 months and fail to win. Apart from Seamus, who will be straight back in as soon as he is fit, there is nobody in the squad who has made a compelling case for inclusion in the team.

Attaching all the blame to the manager is the easy option. He is far from blameless for some of the performances we have seen since Christmas but our problems are longer term and more deep-rooted than many seem prepared to acknowledge. We have a very poor squad. Managers are not magicians and even Pep Guardiola would fail to deliver with this group of players. As for clearing them out in the summer, I say good luck with that one.

Don Alexander
97 Posted 26/02/2018 at 00:34:01
Ian (#92), thanks for your support but the FA Cup win against Man Utd in 1995 is hardly a basis to extol the "winner" mentality of Unsy is it?

Not to decry the achievement but even at the time it was very much a one-off on any bookie's account against a team bereft through injury of Cantona, Kanchelskis and Andy Cole, the erstwhile direct opponents of Unsy in our defence, who the previous season had done the double and who had also won a major trophy for the previous six seasons, unlike us, ever. That's why I now have zero faith as potential managers in untried ex-players who "Get us".

Just my opinion though.

Genuinely, all the best.

Tony Everan
98 Posted 26/02/2018 at 08:34:40
John (#96),

True, It's been evident in many games this season. Rooney is not a midfielder. He, as you say, is not fit enough or quick enough.

He was in his prime 7-10 years ago in a different position.And should be used from the bench, in attack. It is sad and embarrassing to see him struggle in midfield and I don't think the situation will improve as he ages.

Paul Tran
99 Posted 26/02/2018 at 08:40:46
Kevin 88, I didn't like the 'one of us, gets the club' sentimentality around Unsworth. What I did like was that he had success with the young players that were emerging and becoming regulars in the team. At a time when there were no obvious candidates and, in my view, we weren't going to get relegated, I thought we should give him some authority and give him the job till the end of the season.

The only English manager I like is Dyche. As for those overseas, I don't know enough to have a view, but Silva and Fonseca look obvious candidates.

Let's stop this fairy story of a manager joining and staying for years. There is little longevity in management these days. Moyes was here three years too long, you could lengthen that for Wenger. Like most players, managers want success and when they get a sniff, they'll move elsewhere for more of it. Mercenaries? More like normal these days.

When we get a manager that entertains us and wins things, we won't be asking if he gets the club. We'll be getting him.

Max Murphy
100 Posted 26/02/2018 at 17:45:27
Everton FC do not deserve to be in the Premier League. The rubbish that has been dished out to paying supporters this season beggars belief.

Blame our current and last 3 managers all you want but first acknowledge we are a dreadful team. If Everton were relegated, I really don't think we would survive in the Championship either.
Dick Fearon
101 Posted 26/02/2018 at 23:03:50
Bullshit Sam is stuck in the past, reading from the outdated Revie doctrine that braught some success to Leeds United.

Revie was reported as saying, 'if the other team don't score we can't lose'. Other teams adopted that style and crowd numbers plummeted with boring nil-nil draws becoming the norm.

During that period, I won the jackpot on Littlewoods pools but there were so many draws the pay out was £5/13s/-.

Trying to reverse that trend, the FA made a win worth 3 points. Previously it was worth 2 points. Where Revie differed from Sam was the Don had two first-class strikers and used them both.

Barry Jones
102 Posted 27/02/2018 at 00:52:16
John (#96). Its a good analysis that you have put together and I agree with most of it, but the entire squad are not dogs. We have many talented players. For me, it is two issues.

Firstly, just about every player in the squad lacks confidence, and secondly, the balance in the type of players that we have in the squad is wrong.

There has been a definite lack of pace for sure. Even though many of the players in the squad may be good technically, we lack that dynamism and creativity that wins games.

We need to ship a few of the "duplicates" out and bring in something different, with the qualities that we presently lack.

Barry Jones
103 Posted 27/02/2018 at 01:18:13
In terms of confidence, I think that Sam thought that he would turn it around fairly quickly. He hasn't.

Now, he is blaming the players for not executing the game plan. He has a point, but the squad still needs to find confidence from somewhere or someone. Step up, Sam!

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