Newcastle game moved

Thursday, 22 March, 2018 30comments  |  Jump to most recent
Everton's match against Newcastle United has been switched to a Monday night kick-off and will be screened live by Sky Sports.

The game was originally scheduled for 3pm on the preceding Saturday but will now kick off at 8pm on 23rd April.  

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Jim Bennings
1 Posted 22/03/2018 at 17:15:25
Normally, I'm all for Saturday football but I do quite like the night games at Goodison Park; so –if it is to be moved – better the Monday night rather than silly o'clock on Sunday.
Simon Maughan
2 Posted 22/03/2018 at 17:40:13
So disappointed by this. I had bought 3 tickets for this game this morning via Stubhub and now I can't go. Of course Stubhub won't refund me and the club doesn't allow me to resell the tickets.

Added to the non-refundable train tickets booked last week, I'm down £200 thanks to this change for TV.
Will Mabon
3 Posted 22/03/2018 at 17:51:28
Simon – that's a bummer. I rarely go away now, have never used StubHub. That's really not cricket, as they say.
Gary Mortimer
4 Posted 22/03/2018 at 17:59:17
It's been moved because Arsenal "might" be in the Europa League semi-finals!

I'm not sure I can go too, got a training course that week.

It's even worse for the Geordies – what time will they get back home? As per usual, TV running roughshod over the fans.

Tony Flanagan
5 Posted 22/03/2018 at 19:02:50
Kind of cynical when they tell us after the general sale has opened. Can you get a refund please? My mate is coming over from Ireland and taking two separate flights (Heathrow and Brum) and we were driving up to watch it.

Just wrong, this Sky abuse of fans... and I won't be booking any more after this if there's no refund.

Brent Stephens
6 Posted 22/03/2018 at 19:03:03
TV shouts and the clubs jump. Again. Beyond a joke. Feel sorry for Simon @2. He won't be the only one, I guess.

"As a result of the fixture change occurring outside of the usual TV selection cycle...". What does that mean? That Sky called for the change outside of the period when they can normally say which games are televised when? If so, did Sky request (but weren't able to demand) this change? If so, why did Everton agree?

Why? Did they get an extra payment? Was that all used to cover the £5s that will go to those who bought a ticket? Will the club get any net gain from this? Note also that the £5 is in the form of a gift voucher so the club will benefit from that money going back into the club.

I'd like to hear some answers to this. Or am I just being paranoid?

Brent Stephens
7 Posted 22/03/2018 at 19:08:49
And on reflection, the club would have done better to not give £5 to all who've bought a ticket but instead to reimburse those like Simon and Tony who can no longer attend and who can provide evidence of booked travel etc? Administratively inconvenient to the club. Ah, those fans cause us so much bloody trouble.
Colin Malone
8 Posted 22/03/2018 at 20:02:48
We can put 3 o'clock kick-offs with weddings and funerals. Fucking shite.
Steven Sturm
10 Posted 22/03/2018 at 21:49:23
This was a rare opportunity for me to see a game at Goodison. I'll be in Europe on business and made my return flight for Monday the 23rd so I could go to this game. Now I'm looking at flight change charges and an extra two days on the trip if I decide to stay for a Monday night game.

Thanks Everton.

Jim Gore
11 Posted 22/03/2018 at 23:08:01
I don't get up to Goodison Park so much these days, but had tickets, hotel, train all booked. I'm lucky I guess as I'm retired, but will still need to stay up another night and change train tickets, all at my expense. Fuck you, Sky.
Michael Williams
12 Posted 23/03/2018 at 06:16:03
Treated with utter contempt by Sky and fully endorsed by Everton with a £5 gift voucher offer.

I caught wind of this the day before yesterday so a good 24 hours before it was announced but tickets were still on sale up until at least midday yesterday for a Saturday 3pm kick-off – that is simply wrong but sadly we will never be able to do anything about it.

Leigh Sadler
13 Posted 23/03/2018 at 08:56:43
This has really messed me up. I was travelling up from Essex with 2 of my children, waited for the TV games to be announced, then booked train and 3 tickets through StubHub at a cost north of £250 only for this to happen.

My kids and I were really looking forward to the day out and it has been ruined. I can't get money back from the train company and StubHub have just shrugged their shoulders and said that it is not their fault so no options available.

This is £250 I could ill-afford but was desperate to see a match at Goodison as I don't get a chance to come up normally as I coach a kids football team at weekends. Dreadful way to be treated, I am left in limbo, I have no chance of attending the match on the Monday night. There will be hundreds of others in the same boat no doubt.

No other industry would treat their customers with such utter contempt. I appreciate it is not directly Everton's fault but they get paid handsomely for the game being switched and all they are offering is a £5 voucher (which I won't get anyway as I ordered through StubHub).

Eric Yarker
14 Posted 23/03/2018 at 12:50:00
Similar to me a lot of Isle of Man based blues will have made their travel arrangements for this game weeks ago. For two home games on the spin (RS and Barcodes) I will have to pay additional premium to change my flight times.

I agree with Michael, fans are treated with utter contempt by Sky and also by the Everton.

To rub salt into the wound, I have today received from the Club a postcard asking me to provide them with 'a funny story'... Hil-bloody-arious.

Pete Clarke
15 Posted 23/03/2018 at 13:09:28
Write to Mr Elstone and explain your situation, all of you. Then write to Sky and keep a detail of any responses for reference.

They truly do not give a shit about supporters and never mind Evertonians getting together to voice our concerns, how about a multi club fan group make a stand against this crap?

Dermot Byrne
16 Posted 23/03/2018 at 13:22:33
Pete... I agree about you letters and also agree about not giving a shit about fans. The problem is they have a monopoly that is hugely popular across the planet.

So I would love fans to unite across the world but sadly the same fans love their stars, the gossip, the glamour and the rest of what I call shit that comes with modern football.

Horse has bolted.

Matthew Williams
17 Posted 23/03/2018 at 14:16:03
Definitely a home win... we've got a decent record verses the Geordies at Goodison.

It could improve our shocking goal difference too.

Brent Stephens
18 Posted 23/03/2018 at 14:41:27
Sad person that I am, I've emailed the club with the questions I posted above. I await a bland reply and banishment to the Boys Pen.
Mathijs Verhagen
19 Posted 23/03/2018 at 15:25:18
I've been a Dutch Toffee ever since I was a little boy (84-85). Since my working days, I save a little every month to visit Goodison Park once every season. This was going to be my 10th anniversary in a row.

Luckily I was able to cancel the hotel, but the flight ticket is money gone... Hope Everton FC will refund my Lower Bullens tickets.

Thank you, Sky Sports... See you again next season fellow Evertonians.

Steve Carse
20 Posted 23/03/2018 at 15:33:36
Good luck with that, Mathijs. Everton don't make refunds on tickets, irrespective of the reason, including where you buy a ticket for a set time on a set day and then that fixture is moved. They used to refund until a few seasons ago. The Peoples Club, my arse.
Michael Penley
21 Posted 23/03/2018 at 15:56:39
Yeah, Steve, but you get a £5 voucher. What more could you want?
Brian Harrison
22 Posted 23/03/2018 at 16:30:05
When you sell your soul to the devil, then he decides everything. Fans are no more than window dressing now, and background noise. We moan and moan but never do anything about it, unlike Dortmund fans who boycotted a game because they didn't like Sky changing their day.

I can see only more changes in the coming years, soon there will be a Premier League game being shown every night of the week. Sky will change their schedules to suit them, not the fans. We have already had one game changed to suit Indian television.

John Fieldstead
23 Posted 24/03/2018 at 07:43:50
I feel sorry for all the fans this will effect but, like other comments on here, this will fall on deaf ears.

The last trains out of Lime Street for Newcastle will leave while the game is still being played which could mean the away supporters deciding not to travel in the first place.

And call them what you want, the barcodes are one of a few teams who sell their allocation therefore creating a better atmosphere in the ground, but Sky wouldn't be arsed if the grounds were full or if there were empty seats all over the place.

Rob Halligan
24 Posted 25/03/2018 at 13:38:15
John (#23). You're right about the Newcastle fans who could now be struggling with this game.

Down the years, I've known Newcastle fans who usually make a weekend of staying in Liverpool if the game against us or the RS is a Saturday game. Given this game is literally a last-minute change, plenty of Newcastle fans may have already booked hotels and trains.

They will probably be able to cancel the hotel free of charge, but usually trains are non-refundable. Let's hope NUFC lay on free coaches for their fans which EFC have done for us already this season, particularly to the recent games at Arsenal, and the coach to Watford was only £10 and subsidised by SportPesa.

Like you say, Sky aren't arsed about fans. I also think EFC should provide a full refund on tickets purchased by our fans who are no longer able to get to this match.

Dermot Byrne
25 Posted 25/03/2018 at 13:55:18
I write this from a hospital bed (genuinely) but will not be silenced!

Rob (#24): I think those leeches at Sky/BT should be forced to set up a fund for games moved at "last minute". Bit like the train-late fund you can apply to if a train is late. Seems easy to work on the train I get most days and fans can then apply to mitigate loss.

Even from their perspective, fans are a part the media product they sell across the world. The soundtrack/backdrop if you like. The extras.

Alternatively, the hugely overpaid players who also dip into the fan's pocket could pay a 0.00000000001% levy and sort it!

Anyway, thankfully my bed on the ward is next to a window so I'm going to check out those pigs flying past!

Don Alexander
26 Posted 25/03/2018 at 14:00:07
Hope the patient's feeling better when you leave the bed Dermot! All the best.
Rob Halligan
27 Posted 25/03/2018 at 16:07:39
Excellent idea Dermot. The money Sky make from Joe Bloggs, it wouldn't harm them to have a fund set aside to reimburse fans who can't make a game due to the change in fixtures.
Rob Halligan
28 Posted 25/03/2018 at 16:17:46
You're also right about players helping fans out, Dermot. I went on the official club trip to Atalanta for our Europa League game, at a cost of £399 per head. I heard from a club steward on the return flight there were about 150 paying supporters on the flight, which works out at just under £60k to charter a flight to Parma. Probably less than your average player's earnings per week.

After the shit performance they put in for that game, a little payback from each player would have been appreciated.

Dermot Byrne
29 Posted 25/03/2018 at 20:06:56
Seems to be, Don (#26)! 😀
Michael Tester
30 Posted 26/03/2018 at 23:49:32
I bought my tickets 3 months ago, and booked my flight from the US, and can't make the game now either. I did email the club and they responded to me today and offered refund on my ticket. Gutted I can't make the game, but at least they are making right on this, something is better than nothing. Anyone else affected by this I highly recommended emailing Fan Services as well.
Brent Stephens
31 Posted 29/03/2018 at 17:35:57
Just had an email about my lovely £5 voucher - it can only be redeemed online. So a £5 mug costs an additional £4.95 postage or if click-and-collect! Very generous! So they'll not be losing much on this, will they?

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