Everton must change to earn some love

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Daniel Storey writes of the 1-1 draw at Swansea: "This was not a disastrous result nor a disastrous performance; Everton are not interesting enough for that. The only aspect of this season that truly stands above any other is the apathy that has engulfed it.

"The sun may have made its first appearance for three months, shining some warmth on the pitches of the Premier League, but Everton are playing with the urgency of a team already sitting around the pool of Sam Allardyce's Spanish villa.

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Justin Doone
2 Posted 15/04/2018 at 05:59:13
It should simply read "Everton must change their manager to to earn some respect from their own fans."

Now that our nonexistent relegation fight is over, they'd better make this happen asap. I've not renewed my season ticket and I'm sure there's many more waiting for a changing of the guard.

Brian Porter
3 Posted 15/04/2018 at 07:20:00
Good post Lyndon. When Football365, the BBC, the Daily Express, the Mail, even the bloody Star are aware of Allardyce's unsuitability for the post of manager of Everton Football Club, not to mention the almost unanimous membership of ToffeeWeb and Royal Blue Mersey (whose own poll is 97% in favour of sacking Allardyce), just what is it going to take for the ultra-naive, non-football savvy, permanently grinning Moshiri to catch on?

Even he surely can't be so stupid as to even contemplate keeping this idiot in place for another season. The press are almost unanimous in pointing out that, in fact, we were never really involved in a relegation scrap. It was a panic appointment made much too early when there was two thirds of the season still to play.

Allardyce was never needed, yet we pay him as much as Koeman to drag us out of the non-existent mire. This is just an excerpt from the article Lyndon refers to in the original post.

"Allardyce has clearly not been blameless in this mess, whatever he might concede. Having been given the biggest club job of his life in the autumn of his career, he was challenged to prove that he had unused gears and unseen tricks. Instead the old dog has chewed up his ball, put his paws over his eyes and ears and refused to countenance any new lessons. If Allardyce truly cannot understand the disillusionment of the travelling support, he is guilty of wilful ignorance."

I think an article headed 'Wilful ignorance' would certainly bring a massive response in terms of the general anti-Allardyce feeling among the fans, who don't sing "Fuck off, Allardyce!" without good reason.

Please, Mr Moshiri, take some decisive action. Get rid now, and give a new manager time to build a team for next season, one we can once again be proud to support, instead of having to feel this continuous embarrassment when admitting we are Everton supporters and being laughed at. When Liverpool fans are openly admitting they pity us for having Allardyce as our manager, I simply don't see how much further it is possible for us to fall.

After 59 years as a supporter of 'my team', I am ashamed to have this tub of lard as our manager and, if he is still here next season, I definitely won't be. I will watch from afar, with neither hope nor expectation. Allardyce has killed those two emotions already.

There is little to look forward to with him in charge and I have better things to do than suffer more embarrassment on the field of play and having to listen to his twisted self-aggrandisement in every post-match press conference.

In case I haven't made my position clear... ALLARDYCE OUT!

Amit Vithlani
4 Posted 15/04/2018 at 07:40:49
We have a very loyal, highly courageous and genuinely fair-minded away following. When they turn against you, that is surely the barometer of the depth of feeling against Allardyce and the state of the club.
Jim Bennings
5 Posted 15/04/2018 at 08:34:43
Sadly, as I stated yesterday, all Everton have become under Kenwright is a nice little club that wants pats on the back for good community work. Kenwright is happy with this and, as long as Liverpool do well for the city, he's not arsed as long as he's got his stability.

Moshiri has come in and hasn't got the foggiest about football, let's be honest about it – some of the crackpot statements he made last year when we were struggling so bad simply insulted Everton fans' intelligence levels.

He's okay throwing wads of cash after overpriced players and panicking into a ridiculously stupid contract to a lower League manager in Allardyce but I doubt Moshiri is in tune with football enough to make the decisions that will ever get Everton on a new level, mentality-wise.

Allardyce is a big problem but let's not make the mistake and believe he is the only problem because the troubles at Everton go much deeper than just him.

Neil Carter
6 Posted 15/04/2018 at 19:05:53
Agreed we need a clearout of management and quite a few players. The board need to back a full rebuild.

Last few weeks have confirmed its time for Rooney to retire. Frankly it's looked awful this season from the start. Bringing back a player long past his best is pure nostalgia – a weakness at the club led by Kenwright's dewy-eyed view of the past which has held us back for years. There's too much emphasis on past achievements and long-time family loyalty that stops the club thinking in the present and planning for the future. Just look at the last few years season ticket campaigns.

As a season ticket holder and 48 years a supporter coming from a local family of blues, nothing warms the heart more than reflecting on past glories shared with family past and present. Got to stop thinking like a museum and live in the now. Some say moving ground will move us on – might be a fresh start and a wake up to how far we've fallen from the Mersey millionaires.

Rooney was brought back for 2 reasons – nostalgia and to placate the fans for the loss of Lukaku.

It's time to accept our situation – how far we are from the top 6 having beaten none of them this season and to start again planning a rebuild with the Moshiri millions. This season has been difficult watching. Nothing to lose starting again now. Tim Cahill is right – we've lost our identity in the present.

Jim Potter
7 Posted 23/04/2018 at 09:53:04
Brian, "Allardyce was never needed". Really? Honestly?

I do not like the man. He is not an Everton manager. I hate his brand of football. It appalls me that he is here and that he has the possibility of being in charge next season. His very presence nauseates me.

However.... We were sinking like a stone. We were devoid of confidence, direction and leadership. We were going to be relegated. Allardyce kept us up. Shouldn't we now acknowledge this as a fact?

Thank you for that Sam. Enjoy your huge salary and pay off. Now please leave.

Sadly, Allardyce (to me at least) was needed. I despise those words, but looking back at how I felt, how I saw relegation looming so large, I know that I am grateful for where we are now. Safe. The unthinkable doesn't have to be endured.

And, as we have felt safe for some time now, we are tending to forget how real that danger was. It was 'in your face' imminent. I felt sick with worry. He was the last name on my list until it got so bad and you wondered how to stop the multiplying rot. I kind of felt secretly relieved when he arrived whilst publicly being appalled (which was also true).

It's all a matter of perspective. Then, I welcomed his know how to save us. Now, I want him out asap. But I will send him on his way with a 'thank you' because like it or not, Allardyce saved us from the abyss.

Screwed up? Yes. But that's Everton for you.

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