Allardyce: Players deserve credit for what they have achieved

Sunday, 6 May, 2018 0comments  |  Jump to last

Sam Allardyce says it's sad that, in his opinion, Everton's players have not received the acknowledgement they deserve for pulling away from the relegation zone this season and likely finishing eighth in the Premier League.

The manager admitted that his side were terrible in yesterday's 1-1 draw with Southampton, in which the Blues needed a deflected Tom Davies strike to rescue a point with virtually the last kick of the game, and he also criticised those players whom he asked to step in following injuries to Wayne Rooney and Theo Walcott for falling short of what was expected.

But despite ignoring the fact the boos that rang out around Goodison Park at the end both halves were equally — perhaps predominantly — aimed at him, Allardyce also praised the players for their efforts over the last six months.

“You get boos where you go and don't play well,” Allardyce argued. “You get boos here and anywhere you don't play well.

“We didn't play well so we got booed. I thought we were terrible. We couldn't pass to each other. I don't know why we had that problem but you've got to forgive these boys and that's what you don't do.

“The fans should forgive them a little bit because of what they've done, how hard they've worked to get this club out of trouble and what they've achieved.

“There seems to be no credit for their achievement. I'm not talking about me but them — the effort they've put in; the drive; the willingness to take Everton to the top eight and stay in the top half of the league for the time I've been here; to accumulate more points than some of our rivals who are supposed to be better than we are; not to be involved in a relegation battle.

“But it appears that's no credit to the players at this club, which is rather a shame for the effort they've put in. They've done a magnificent job in terms of what they've done and how far they've come.

“We've got farther than anyone else that was in a delicate position when I took over but that doesn't seem to be accountable for in any stretch of the imagination in recent weeks.

“You take 14 points out of seven games, fifteen from eight, but there seems to be no recognition for it. I think that's rather sad in all aspects of some of the fans, some of the media. It's fuelled by some of the radio, papers, all of it. It's rather sad.”


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