U23s hammer six past Spurs

Sunday, 23 September, 2018 35comments  |  Jump to last

The Under-23s dominated from start to finish at Goodison Park to go top of the Premier League 2 table.

Team captain Tyias Browning, an own goal from Spurs skipper George Marsh, and a Fraser Hornby strike put the Toffees 3-0 up at half-time.

Antony Evans — celebrating his 20th birthday — marked the occasion in style as he struck just after half-time, before substitutes Bassala Sambou and Josh Bowler got in on the act as the young Blues ran riot at the Grand Old Lady.

Everton U23s: Hilton, Charsley, Galloway [Y], Adeniran, Browning, Foulds, Dowell, Markelo, Hornby (58' Sambou), Evans (58' Bowler), Broadhead (71' Mampala).
Subs not Used: Hewelt, Feeney.


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Alan J Thompson
1 Posted 24/09/2018 at 06:55:12
Dowell, playing for U-23s, appears he has lost his chance to Bernard and Richarlison as the left-side player. Can anyone confirm if Galloway played central defence or full back?
Mike Allison
2 Posted 24/09/2018 at 07:16:42
Judging from the line-up, he was left-back with Browning and Foulds at centre-back.
John Dean
3 Posted 24/09/2018 at 07:55:18
Yes, he played left-back and I thought he played well although Spurs didn't put any sustained pressure on our defence and the game allowed Galloway to show his speed on the break. It wasn't obvious to me why he couldn't get a game at his loan clubs.
Dave Abrahams
4 Posted 24/09/2018 at 09:39:41
Yes, Galloway played left-back and looked a more positive player than he has done for some time. He made the goal for Evans with a good run and finished with a pass to make it simple for Evans to tap in.

It was hard to see how well they played without knowing the strength of the Spurs team. Lots of good performances from Browning, Foulds, Broadhead, with Harry Charsley standing out at right-back. It looks like Everton are trying to convert Harry to a right-back and the kid looked enthused tackling and driving forward at every opportunity; he looked good to me, again without knowing the strength of Spurs.

David Unsworth singled out certain players for praise, with Dowell being one of them. Unless Unsworth was trying to gee him up, I entirely disagreed with him – Dowell got an assist from a wind-induced corner but, for me, he looked like he didn't want to be there. Most of the individual pieces he tried, he loused up. Comparing his performance with Charsley, playing in a new position, I'd say he wants to take a good look at himself, and that's being polite.

Nevertheless, another good result for the U23 team.

Sam Hoare
5 Posted 24/09/2018 at 10:08:38
I didn't watch this but a good result. Seems to me that the U23s is a good team, well managed, but without any standout individuals who are banging on the first team door.

The obvious spots needed in first team are a clinical striker and a dominant midfielder. To that end, it's good to see Hornby score and presumably Adeniran and Markelo played well but not sure many of these will get first team minutes any time soon; though if Hornby went on a scoring streak and Tosun & Calvert-Lewin continued to struggle, perhaps he'd get a shot.

John Dean
6 Posted 24/09/2018 at 11:57:31
I like Dowell but entirely agree with your view of his performance, Dave, although he always has played with a languid style.

It was emphasised even more when Bowler came on and was desperate to get on the ball and ran at his markers with skill and balance, scored with a powerful daisy-cutter into the bottom corner and also had two other decent goal attempts.

Dave Abrahams
7 Posted 24/09/2018 at 12:39:49
John (6), I thought, like you, that Bowler wanted to make a mark, positive in everything he did, he had a great effort which came back off the inside of the post before he scored what I thought was the best goal of the game, made by himself.

Bowler is the kid they signed from QPR's academy and he looked good to me,. Adeniran was another lad they signed from London.

And I can't think which one, big and strong but maybe tried too hard to impress, he was another to keep your eye on.

Robert Leigh
8 Posted 24/09/2018 at 19:18:52
Dave – we signed Adeniran from Fulham. His brother is still there.
David Smith
9 Posted 24/09/2018 at 19:29:14
What has happened to Baningime? Did I miss a chapter in his progress?

I was impressed when Unsworth brought him into the first team. Where is he now? Not even U23s?

Phil Smith
10 Posted 24/09/2018 at 20:15:55
He's been injured for a while, Dave.
David Smith
11 Posted 24/09/2018 at 20:43:45
Ah? Thanks Phil. Not listed as such on the OS.
Had me wondering. Hope to see him back. Liked him.
Steve Ferns
12 Posted 24/09/2018 at 20:50:10
David, Baningime popped up in pre-season wearing a Zoro style face mask. Then for the first pre-season game he had one of those protective boots on. It seemed like it was a short-term injury, but there's been no news of him since.

I did think Beni was a bright light in some dark times under Unsworth. But, I don't see the clamour for him to be honest. He's the same age as Davies, but seems to be quite some way behind him in terms of development.

I think he could well come good, don't get me wrong, but I don't see why so many want him in the first team. For me, he's a good little battler, no doubt, but I think he needs to develop his game some more.

Jay Wood

13 Posted 24/09/2018 at 21:03:52
Link to the goals...
Andy McNabb
14 Posted 25/09/2018 at 00:36:07
Desperate, maybe but this is the only flicker of optimism I have for our Club as this appears to be one level where we can actually compete.

I felt great sympathy for Unsworth last year when he was thrown into that abyss and told to win with a team that had forgotten how to. But maybe, just maybe, he could be at least part of the answer in the future?

I have nothing against Silva but I believe he will go the way of Martinez, Koeman etc by virtue of the fact that the modern game has passed us by. I believe we have to do something radically different if we want to be competitive again. The big money buys of Richarlison etc are merely papering over the cracks and we will simply end up with players the top clubs don't really want. Moshiri will surely see this in the near future? I am amazed he has continued to bankroll purchases in the way he has up to now.

Anyway, watching the U23s seems to be the only way right now to experience the high of 3 points all in one go.

Andy McNabb
15 Posted 25/09/2018 at 00:40:22
Thanks for the link, Jay. Enjoyed that.

Dave Abrahams
16 Posted 25/09/2018 at 12:07:40
Robert (8),thanks for that, didn't think it was Fulham, I was thinking of Charlton, thanks again.
Peter Gorman
17 Posted 25/09/2018 at 14:57:00
I don't understand - I thought after the loss to Derby all these players were utterly useless and we should scrap the academy?

Glad you were able to attend Dave, though I'm disappointed with your assessment of Dowell. I'm pretty pleased for Charsley though as I've had a soft spot for him for a while, as does Unsworth. He is a player without the obvious talent of his peers but just continues to develop steadily where others stall and fall by the wayside. Very intriguing to think of him as a fullback but he is an obviously intelligent youngster who should be able to adapt (like the much maligned Davies).

Laurie Hartley
18 Posted 25/09/2018 at 15:05:35
Dave Abrahams # 4 - I see you rated Browning as having a good game. When he had a few games in the first team a couple of seasons ago I thought he looked a great prospect. Do you think he will make the grade?
Kieran Kinsella
19 Posted 25/09/2018 at 15:47:01
Not one clown in this circus who can don his red nose and fill a tent. We have some many of these under 23 "legends" Lundstram, Kissock, Hammer, Walsh, Jevons, Baxter, Barlow, etc that the desperate and lonely build up as heroes in their own minds.
Raymond Fox
20 Posted 25/09/2018 at 16:52:36
Our kids seem to do well in their respected leagues, it's a pity that only a few ever get the chance to pull a first team shirt on. I suppose if your outstandingly good you will/could get selected but the problem is it's so vital for Premier League managers to get immediate results that few want to chance playing a youngster.

I thought Galloway was a nailed-on certainty to become a regular Premier League player, and to a lesser degree Browning, but it seems there's going to have to be a lot of first-team players injured before they get a game in the side again.

It must be difficult for young players to decide should they stay or seek pasture new.

Peter Gorman
21 Posted 25/09/2018 at 17:28:35
Kieran @19 - what an odd comment - are you referring to to the several posters on TW who take pleasure in attending U23 and U18 matches as 'desperate and lonely'?

Have you considered another hobby as football doesn't really seem to be doing it for you?

Ian Bennett
22 Posted 25/09/2018 at 17:40:31
With my Everton hat on, I'd say youth system is vital for a club like ours.

If 4 can make it into the league system – Premier, Championship, League One, League Two – I think that's a fair result. Some years will yield better, some less. Can you afford not to land that hidden gem?

As a parent it's a numbers game, and the sad truth is that 99.9% of kids going through won't make it as Premier League footballers. The clubs are cash rich and are happy to spit most out as rejects.

Young kids chasing the dreams and money, would seem better off playing in the lower leagues and building up. The England World Cup team had a huge number of players that didn't go through the academy structure, at the very time that clubs have spent a huge sum on these things.

Dave Abrahams
23 Posted 25/09/2018 at 17:55:54
Laurie (18), It's a big difference between the U23s and the Premier League, Browning played as a centre-half in this game which is his natural position, I think his contract is up at the end of the season, so this is his last season to make an impression at Everton, Tyias wanted to get a loan deal this summer, I presume he's got an agent so I don't know why he didn't get a club willing to take him on.

Anyway, if Everton don't give him a new contract he will be a free agent, he did well at Sunderland last season, I think he will get a nice signing on fee at a new club with decent wages, so he has a good ten years, at least to make a very good living at football, my opinion is he will
that living in the championship or maybe lower.

Steve Ferns
24 Posted 25/09/2018 at 18:09:30
Raymond, there was a thing in the echo that listed the great Everton youth teams of the last. They were showing just how few of the trophy winning sides actually produced a number of first team players. They argued that the 2017 PL2 champions have produced more than ever.

That said I don’t know if you can really call Calvert-Lewin, Holgate, Davies and Kenny first team players. Not yet anyway.

When you look around the rest of the premier league, there’s no replications of the Man Utd class of 92, and no I don’t mean quality, I mean the quantity who came through at the same time.

I think people expect too much. Our FA youth cup winning side of 1998 was exceptional. The Echo did a recent article on it Link

As you can see we produced six premier league regulars, five for us, one went else where:
- Richard Dunne - signed from our link up with Home Farm in Ireland
- Francis Jeffers
- Leon Osman
- Danny Cadamateri
- Tony Hibbert
- Jamie Milligan - left and came back to the premier league with Blackpool.

Dunne, Jeffers, and Osman were all capped.

Another way to look at things though is young Jonjo. He’s worth what? £10m at least. I’d say that saving of £10m has paid for the academy for the last two years. Barkley left for £15m that’s paid for at least three years. The academy pays for itself.

I think it’s a quirk of the area, the culture of the city, one of the last bastions of street football that leads to the city producing more quality footballers that any other city, and this has gone on for decades now. Even with shit facilities we produced that 1998 generation.

Since then, Jeffers, Osman, Ball, Barkley, Rooney, and jack Rodwell have all graduated from academy to the England national team.

Terry White
25 Posted 25/09/2018 at 18:28:02
Alan (#1) I think you will find that Dowell is primarily a right sided player, not left.
Tony Abrahams
26 Posted 25/09/2018 at 18:33:00
No doubt in my mind that selling players from the academy, definitely stopped Everton going into administration during “THE SAVIOURS” tenure.

Loads of clowns Kieran, let’s just hope we don’t have to sell the next batch.

David Pearl
27 Posted 25/09/2018 at 19:24:45
A little bit disappointing to see Browing and Galloway playing U23s, I can't see what they will get from it other than match fitness and hoping the 5/6 players ahead of them are unable to play. I thought these kids and Garbutt were our future. What happenned...
Bill Griffiths
28 Posted 25/09/2018 at 19:46:15
Had anyone been able to log into the live stream for tonight's EFL trophy game?
Brent Stephens
29 Posted 25/09/2018 at 19:48:29
I cant get in, Bill
Lawrence Green
30 Posted 25/09/2018 at 20:37:33
Brent #29
You must be one of the lucky ones - I've tried and failed a number of times - as have a few others I know - and only see a message saying 'oops page not found'. Everton FC really need to investigate why this service which is supposed to attract new members and supporters is so poorly run.

I wonder if Michael or Lyndon could contact the club on the fans behalf to point out the number of occasions this broadcast system fails and the club would be better served not providing such a facility if it fails so often.

Lawrence Green
31 Posted 25/09/2018 at 20:55:41
Thanks John #31
Have accessed the stream but no actual view of game, must be my steam driven PC :)

Andy Meighan
32 Posted 25/09/2018 at 21:13:09
Dave Abrahams,

What did Hornby look like? I've heard good things about this lad... What was your view? I know you're an avid watcher of the younger sides.

Brent Stephens
33 Posted 25/09/2018 at 21:20:40
Lawrence I couldn’t get in!
Dave Abrahams
34 Posted 27/09/2018 at 17:37:16
Andy (32), sorry Andy only just noticed your post, he wasn't bad on Sunday, scored a decent goal, he has good control, can shoot with both feet, not bad in the air, he was taken off after about an hour, didn't play that good against Bradford.

He will come on the more he plays as a striker, he has only played in this position the last twelve months, got a good chance of being a good striker for the Blues.

Terry White
35 Posted 27/09/2018 at 18:18:10
Don't you have to sign up and pay to see the live stream of the youngsters' games?

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