Big Tim Cahill interview in FourFourTwo

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Hide the corner flags!
A great interview with Tim Cahill — “When I said I was leaving Everton, Phil Jagielka turned around and half-slapped me”

The Milwall, Everton and Socceroos icon answers diverse questions about his incredible journey:

How important was David Moyes to your career? As a Millwall player, did you want his West Ham team to fail?

Pete Holland, Essex

Let's not talk about West Ham... but I always want him to do well. He was a massive influence on my career. He's like a father figure to me in the football world — someone I always call on for all of the big decisions. He believed in me from day one, and I felt indebted to work for him. What he did for Everton goes beyond being a great coach: they miss his authenticity and how much he really loved the club. I always say that you've got to be careful what you wish for when you want money and change, as you lose a little bit of the authenticity. And I love him just as much for the way he took care of his players off the park.

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