Anthony Gordon signs professional contract

Wednesday, 6 March, 2019 54comments  |  Jump to last
One of Everton's young academy stars, Anthony Gordon, has signed a substantial 4-year contract as Everton look to their own to build for the future.

The 18-year-old has been impressive in both the U18s and David Unsworth's U23s setup - helping the latter climb to the top of the Premier League 2 table with some great assists and a few goals from midfield. His new contract runs through 2023.

Back in November, Gordon reportedly attracted interest from the Bundesliga, who have had some success in recent years stealing young English talent, but they were firmly rebuffed by Everton.

Marco Silva said at the time: “He's a talent. He's a player we want to keep, of course. It is our goal to keep our best players, not only the players playing in the first-team.

“If we want to grow and achieve something important we need to keep our best players. We are here to look to the young players and to work with them and improve.”  

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Steve Ferns
1 Posted 06/03/2019 at 13:03:07
Great to see that Anthony Gordon just signed a professional contract, as announced today. I expect this will be the usual run of one per day, to give each their day in the sun.

Anthony Gordon was linked to Bayern Munich. He's the one with the silky skills, playing wide in the 3 in a 4231, whilst not quite being a winger. His driving run for the second goal in the last game sums him up.

For me, of all the u18s and u23s, it's Gordon and Feeney most likely to make it. Gordon just turned 18 about a week ago.

Mike Gaynes
2 Posted 06/03/2019 at 16:03:56
Bravo. Great news. Keep stepping it up, young man.
Martin Berry
3 Posted 06/03/2019 at 16:13:52
I know little about him other than the talk. However, with other clubs previously circling around him, he must be a real prospect.

Let's hope there are a few more coming through.

Tony Everan
4 Posted 06/03/2019 at 16:18:06
Congratulations to Anthony Gordon, I will follow his progress and hope to see him progress to the first team in a few years time. Good luck!
John G Davies
5 Posted 06/03/2019 at 16:36:20
Work hard, Anthony. Listen and learn.

No better place to become a homegrown hero.

Steve Ferns
6 Posted 06/03/2019 at 16:37:37
Everton FC official video of the 2-0 win over Liverpool. Watch Gordon's assist for the second.
Mike Gaynes
7 Posted 06/03/2019 at 16:57:06
Steve, what about Astley? From what I've seen in the EFC game videos, he's got it too.
Fran Mitchell
8 Posted 06/03/2019 at 17:14:03
Hopefully see him come into the squad during the 9-game run-in. Certainly worth giving a shot ahead of the woeful Walcott or Tosun.

I'd have him on the bench, with a front three out of Lookman, Richarlison, Bernard and Calvert-Lewin playing the remaining games.

Ajax have certainly showed the world what can be done with investment, good coaching, and trust in youngsters.

Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
9 Posted 06/03/2019 at 17:25:51
ps: There's some great additional discussion of Everton's Academy / homegrown players over on the Kyle John thread, for those who may have missed it...
Paul Cherrington
10 Posted 06/03/2019 at 17:38:47
Well done to the young guy – I hope he makes it and we get to cheer him on for years to come. Great vid from the last U-23 derby game – he did really well for the 2nd goal. Looks like we played well overall too – should have got more from what I saw.
Tony Abrahams
11 Posted 06/03/2019 at 18:42:05
I’d love Everton, to replicate Ajax, Fran, but you know how it is in England, when the vultures come circling with loads of money, and the press go on about a lack of ambition, to help prise the kids away!

I’d still love to go down this road though because there does seem to be a lot of very good young talent at Everton right now?

Good luck to Anthony Gordon, a young scouse kid with loads of ability, I hope he has a great career.

Paul Birmingham
12 Posted 06/03/2019 at 19:08:15
Great news, and the lad has an old head on young shoulders.

Our next Tricky Trevor, no, but the lad has loads of potential, as do a few others in this team, to make it at a level in the English, overseas game. Well earned by Anthony.

Fabulous to do a thorough job at our old ground.

Now for the Barcodes.

Geoff Trenner
13 Posted 06/03/2019 at 19:12:33
Steve #6. Who is the No 7? Reminds me of a young Ross Barkley!
Hugh Jenkins
14 Posted 06/03/2019 at 19:40:28
Geoff (#13),

It's young Josh Bowler – signed by us from QPR a few seasons back (when Koeman and Walsh were in charge). It seems like one of the few things they got right.

Derek Knox
15 Posted 06/03/2019 at 19:44:33
Good news, we have a lot of talented youngsters at the Club, just how many will stay with us, will be interesting. I would like go see a few integrated into next season's squad too.
Steavey Buckley
16 Posted 06/03/2019 at 20:06:16
It does appear that Everton have a lot of talented young players. The bad news, Everton have a huge squad of mediocre players, some of them on massive contracts. All of these players will collide once pre-season begins. Everton may have to hold a lottery for the limited lockers available.
Martin Mason
17 Posted 06/03/2019 at 20:24:36
The standard of the U23 football is incredible. We do all of the right things and at one time we would have been producing championship winning sides but getting these lads to first team is so difficult. One of the benefits with Brexit is we may see many more opportunities for them to make the grade.
Brent Stephens
18 Posted 06/03/2019 at 20:27:47
Has Bowler scored 3 in a single game yet?!
Clive Rogers
19 Posted 06/03/2019 at 20:43:01
I try not to get too excited about reported outstanding youngsters. I have done so with a few in the past, only to find they disappear almost without trace. Some who were “the next big thing” include, John Paul Kissock, George Green, Baxter, Ledson, and Walsh. I also feel very sorry for the ones who don’t make it. I respect the ones who come through the ranks more the bought in players, especially local lads.
Steve Ferns
20 Posted 06/03/2019 at 21:21:06
Clive JP Kissock is 4'nothing. That's why he failed. He just stopped growing. As a kid he would dribble round everyone for fun. Never has an Everton kid had such praise, not in my lifetime, not even Rooney. He was born at the wrong time in the wrong country and the wrong height, otherwise he wouyld definitely have made it.

George Green and Jose Baxter are walking adverts for the pitfalls for youngsters who have too much, too soon. All the best English players make it because at the crucial age they knuckle down and work even harder to make the jump. Those two appear to have believed their own hype and sat back to await what's coming, only to not achieve it, because they stopped working for it.

Ledson is making steady progress back up the leagues and is carving out a decent career in the Championship. There's still time for little Walshy.

I just hope the u23 lads can understand that they have to really sacrifice everything to make it. No beer, no cigs, early nights, hard miles in training, and have a singular focus on making it.

I listened to a Man Utd coach once who said that Cristiano Ronaldo and Rooney were the same level. Yet one never stopped working, hired a sleeping coach and lived like a robot, whilst the other got a Big Mac on the way home from training and had sneaky fag breaks, and went on benders. It's no wonder why Ronaldo is still one of the best in the world whilst the younger Rooney is over in the American retirement home at the age of 33.

Paul Birmingham
21 Posted 06/03/2019 at 21:41:51
Steve good point about the merits of focus and dedication the comparison of Ronaldo and Rooney.

The will to succeed and improve is crucial, it makes you wonder how good Wayne Rooney could have been.

Let’s hope these lads have good mentors and do get in the EFC first team squad.

Save a fortune in transfer fees. One day perhaps.

Bob Parrington
22 Posted 06/03/2019 at 21:44:24
Great to see the youngster(s) being brought through like this.
Mike Gaynes
23 Posted 06/03/2019 at 21:49:39
Steve, Kissock's height can't be the only reason he flopped. The guy was 5'6", which is plenty big enough if you're good enough, and you don't have to be Messi or Kante (Bernard is two inches shorter and 20 pounds lighter, and he seems to be doing OK).

And mere size can't account for the spectacular downward arc of Kissock's career. He's now 29 and knocking around 6th-level farm clubs like Whitehawk and Welling after having been repeatedly dumped by mighty clubs like Southport.

Had to be something else wrong with him or his game. Very wrong.

Update: I did a quick search and ran across this podcast with JP from a few months ago:

Steve Ferns
24 Posted 06/03/2019 at 21:55:48
Mike, there’s an Echo Podcast where they interview JP and he gives his own take on it all.

From the stands, the went from running rings round everyone to a loan at Livingston in (SPL) and then tumbling down the leagues. When he came back from Livi, he was short and squat, clearly beefed up, but had lost the acceleration he once had.

I didn’t realise he was 5’6” he really did seem a lot shorter.

Mike Gaynes
25 Posted 06/03/2019 at 21:57:18
Looks like we spotted that at the same moment, Steve!
Steve Ferns
26 Posted 06/03/2019 at 21:59:27
Nah, I subscribe to it. I listened a while back. It’s a good listen and an interesting insight into Everton’s academy in the Moyes era.
Dave Abrahams
27 Posted 06/03/2019 at 22:01:12
Talking about young players, Man Utd brought two 18-year-old players on as subs in the quarter-final of the Champions League and they helped them to a 3-1 win which took them into the next round.
Steve Ferns
28 Posted 06/03/2019 at 22:03:18
Yeah Dave. The lad with the Afro, Chong, is their next big thing. But I didn’t think much of him when we played him.
Mal van Schaick
29 Posted 06/03/2019 at 22:14:05
Congratulations. Once a blue always a someone once said.
Phill Thompson
30 Posted 06/03/2019 at 22:19:25
17-year-old Mason Greenwood also came on for Man Utd, not sure I heard him mentioned though. He is some player, got bags of skill and pace, scored loads of goals for their U18s and U19s Champions League team.

Their U23s are pretty poor so he's played more U18 & U19, made a big impact last season for them as a Schoolboy and definitely one to look out for. Angel Gomes is the other name I know, don't think he got on though.

Steve Ferns
31 Posted 06/03/2019 at 22:22:13

Man Utd don't really bother with U23s. Their players are either in the side at 18 or it's too late.

Phill Thompson
32 Posted 06/03/2019 at 22:39:07
They had a decent U21/U23 setup for years, Steve, then let it go. Think they won the league the two seasons before we did, it was U21 then, then the guy who managed them went off to Wigan or somewhere.

They got relegated to the Second Division of PL2 where they are now. It's a poor standard for a club of their status, but goes to show what can happen, from League Champs to relegation if you don't keep the standards up of players coming through.

Keith Harrison
33 Posted 06/03/2019 at 22:52:06
Bowler impressed me the most the other night. Oozed class. Could need workrate and application to go with it, but worth a shout for our bench before Walcott for me.
Jamie Crowley
34 Posted 06/03/2019 at 22:52:53
He looks like he's 12 years old FFS.

Who looks older, Lookman or Gordon?

Keep your head screwed on straight, kid, and have at it.

Mike Gaynes
35 Posted 07/03/2019 at 05:58:39
Keith, my man, You'd be a shout for our bench before Walcott, for me!
Keith Harrison
36 Posted 07/03/2019 at 08:17:00
Just had a call from Marco, Mike. Newcastle not far from here, so they're saving on travelling expenses!
Bill Griffiths
37 Posted 07/03/2019 at 08:41:55
I think Steve (at #20) has it right in that the vast majority of cases having all the skill & potential is not enough without the right attitude.

As things stand at the moment, I think it would be unfair to throw in too many youngsters until we can stabilise the team and develop a little bit more consistency.

Man Utd, despite their faltering start, have world-class players and are now playing well, full of confidence. It is far easier and beneficial to introduce yourself under these circumstances than into a team that has been struggling like ourselves.

I'm sure that, as time passes with Brands here, more and more of our youngsters will get opportunities. It's early days yet.

James Hughes
38 Posted 07/03/2019 at 08:51:39
Keith, I am sure you won't let us down, just remember to warm those hamstrings up properly, mate!
Clive Rogers
40 Posted 07/03/2019 at 09:51:58
Steve, #20, thanks for that. Agree with what you say but it doesn’t mask my disappointment when these kids fail.
Derek Knox
41 Posted 07/03/2019 at 10:01:20
Steve Ferns @20, your last paragraph there made me chuckle, comparing the lifestyles of Ronaldo and Rooney. Rooney was like "Alf Tupper, tough of the track" who used to appear as a comic strip in the Victor.

He would graft all day, with Ike, the Blacksmith/Welder then grab a bag of fish and chips on the way to a race meeting, where he would regularly 'run them toffs from the Harriers'. Good old Alf, who in real life would probably be in his late eighties now.

I watched a bit of the Porto v Roma game last night, and the incident with Pepe (not renowned for fair play himself) and was absolutely disgusted at the antics of Edin Dzeko who, after a sham rutting pose with Pepe, went down like he had been hit by a sniper.

I always liked Dzeko who has been linked with us quite a lot recently, but I have no respect for him at all after that, I can't abide cheats.

Alan McKie
42 Posted 07/03/2019 at 10:30:58
Ha ha, Derek Knox, I like your comparison with Rooney and Alf Tupper. I wish we could uncover a few more players like Rooney, or Alf Tupper. Fish suppers all round.
Eddie Dunn
43 Posted 07/03/2019 at 10:42:21
Bobby @40,

The trouble is with his "previous" and the two misplaced passes that set them up for counter attacks is what will stay in the memory.

Derek Knox
44 Posted 07/03/2019 at 15:08:28
Alan @44, some great characters in the comics then, Roy Race of Melchester Rovers, and Limp Along Leslie of Darbury Rangers. The latter having a pronounced limp, having sustained it in a car accident where he lost both parents. He used to practise with an old Tyre hanging from a tree, and would keep persevering until he could thread the ball through the tyre every time without a miss.

I wonder if they have any old tyres at Finch Farm, being able to pass to each other consistently, would be a great start!

Bobby Mallon
45 Posted 07/03/2019 at 15:28:02
Eddie, I suppose you're right; I must admit, I lived the victor and the warlord.
Mike Doyle
46 Posted 07/03/2019 at 16:16:05
Derek #46.

I don't know if you remember but, back in the '70s when ITV's football coverage was still regional, there was a ½-hour football programme on Granada on Friday evening (about 6:30 – presented by Gerald Sinstadt) previewing the weekend footie in the Northwest region.

But they used to include the occasional unusual feature that involved going to the training grounds of various clubs in the region and giving the players a challenge – one of which was 5 tyres hanging from the crossbar at different heights and the player had to shoot through each one from the penalty spot.

As I recall, most players struggled – but one who didn't was Man City's Colin Bell who got most/all of his shots through the tyres. Not sure if Colin himself was inspired by Limp Along – but he was a hell of a player!

Derek Knox
47 Posted 07/03/2019 at 16:34:50
Mike @ 48, yes I vaguely remember that, Gerald Sinstadt there's a name from the past, I recollect. Colin Bell an excellent footballer toò for Man City.
Dave Williams
48 Posted 07/03/2019 at 16:44:06
I assume that's not the Mike Doyle who fetched and carried for Bell in that great Man City team!!!!
Kevin Prytherch
49 Posted 07/03/2019 at 18:48:34
Bill 38 (and others)

I’m stood next to a poster at the moment with a quote from Alex Ferguson on...

“Hard work will always overcome natural talent when natural talent doesn’t work hard enough”.

Sums it up really regarding some players.

Mike Doyle
50 Posted 07/03/2019 at 19:20:28
Dave #50. No not that Mike Doyle. He passed away a few years ago while I'm still here. (I think?)
Alan McKie
51 Posted 07/03/2019 at 19:42:51
When we went to the game in the '60s & '70s, we got excited when we saw the BBC or Granada TV vans outside the Park End. We knew we would be on MotD or the Big Match on Sunday.

Not like today, where you can see every goal scored in every division. We also got plenty of autographs outside the Park End, one by Alan Ball and one by Alex Young were my favourites.

Steve Ferns
52 Posted 07/03/2019 at 21:36:01
Kevin, that’s the mantra for life, not just football.
John Keating
53 Posted 08/03/2019 at 07:21:43
Now is the time when our promising youngsters should be given a seat on the bench each week.

I'm sure being involved with the match day squad would give them all a confidence boost

Andy Meighan
54 Posted 08/03/2019 at 10:10:07
Mike @48,

That programme was called Kick Off. It used to be the highlight of my week. And then, years later, good old Gerald got caught up to no good in a cinema...

Paul Burns
55 Posted 08/03/2019 at 12:12:47
I'd swap some of our players for a new set of tyres or, better still, some old Victors or other comics.

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