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Rob Halligan 27/06/2020 346comments  |  Jump to last
As many of you will have seen, there have been many comments posted on concerning the Liverpool fans' celebrations of their long-awaited Premier League trophy win the past two nights, following their title victory. Michael Kenrick asked me to do a fan piece on all things Red Shite fans. (I don't know if he was joking or not??)

Against my better judgment, and after thinking it was not a good idea, I have decided to do a thread on my opinions of the Red Shite fans. Some of you on here think I absolutely despise everything RS, and you'd be right, although I think we all despise them. Even the mere sight of a red shirt makes my blood boil, no more so than when I'm away on holiday, knowing full well the rat inside the shirt is probably not a Scouser.

So where do we begin? 1985 is probably the best year. Even though I'd never liked RS fans before 1985, I think this is when it all changed. On 15 May, I travelled to Rotterdam, along with 25,000+ other Blues, for the Europeean Cup-Winners Cup Final. A great day was had by all, with not a single arrest to be seen.

Fast forward just two weeks, and our dreams of European dominance were shattered. "It was not our fault" came the cries from all those in red. "It was Chelsea, West Ham and Millwall fans, it was the fault of Uefa, it was the fault of the police, it was the fault of the Belgian FA, but it was definitely not our fault."

Fuck me, me and a couple of mates were in the pub the following night, when a few reds we know who had been to Heysel, actually came into the pub on their return, gloating about the number of deaths to Juventus fans. Definitely not Scouse humour at its best.

The following year, or whenever it was, they produced the Steaua Bucharest banner. Did the morons not realise the irony of the banner? Because of their actions at Heysel, we were all given a five-year European ban. Theirs, if I remember, was longer (maybe seven), but somehow they seemed to be the first club allowed back in.

They always sing to us "Where's your European Cups". Well, I think we know... buried amongst the rubble that was once the Heysel Stadium. As Neville Southall says in Howard's Way, we would have gone on to dominate Europe for many years if it weren't for the ban.

I have been all over Europe watching us and, although there have been one or two minor skirmishes, there has been nothing worth writing home about regards trouble, yet somehow it seems to follow them around, either at home or abroad.

Every time they are involved in anything, it's always (and this is what annoys me the most) "The bloody Scousers causing mayhem again". The whole country tarnishes us with the same brush as them.

The way the media, BBC, Sky, BT Sport fawn over them makes me sick. I remember back in the 70s and early 80s, the papers were always full of everything Man Utd, something the kopites hated despite Liverpool being the most dominant team back then. Now, they love it, and they think the whole world loves them, when in fact the whole world despises them.

Even the fact they hadn't won the Premier League for 30 years, the media treat them as if they'd won it every year. Why are there so many ex-Liverpool players as pundits, be it Sky, BT Sport or the BBC, they are everywhere. Do no other clubs have ex-players worthy of being a pundit?

I'll miss out a lot of what I would like to say, and come up to date. We've known pretty much since last December they would win the Premier League. Then came this terrible coronavirus. Had their luck finally run out, and would the Premier League season be declared null and void? The answer is obviously No, but we've all been told to stay away from stadiums and avoid mass gatherings.

I've watched most of the Premier League matches since its return, and there's only one stadium with a banner draped over the seating saying "Stay safe and support us at home". No prizes for guessing which stadium that is. It seems that club can't even trust it's own supporters.

So on to last night. I'm a born and bred Scouser, and have lived here all my life. I am proud to be a Scouser, and proud we have a magnificent city, yet today we are seeing images of a moron firing a rocket launcher at the Royal Liver Building, and the area all around the Pier Head knee-deep in rubbish, and also hearing of attacks on the police. All this will be shown around the world football not just in this country, and guess what, we'll all be tarnished with the same brush, because it will be The Scousers, and not the Red Shite. Steve Rotherham, the Liverpool retro mayor, has been quoted as saying he fully supports the police in issuing a Section 34 Dispersal order.

I just wish they would all fuck off back to Norway, London and the home counties, and wherever else they come from, and leave the proper Scousers to support a proper Scouse club, the number one club in the city of Liverpool....


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Michael Kenrick
1 Posted 24/06/2020 at 23:24:01
It was a bit of red rag challenge, Rob. You do seem particularly obsessed and there was no way I could do the topic justice. But, instead of deleting all this horrible talk about them, which I absolutely abhor to see on here as I too cannot stand anything about them...

If I had my way, we would never mention them, except as direct opponents. Surely to god there is more than enough talk of them everywhere else?!??! Could ToffeeWeb be just a nice little sacrosanct sanctuary away from all this sickening hypocritical adulation??

Well, the answer is clearly No. I'll be reinstating all Liverpool related posts on this thread (if possible without actually reading them myself) for you Bitters to revel in.
Joe McMahon
2 Posted 25/06/2020 at 11:07:46
We just need some good news, the whole world is now on tenterhooks waiting confirmation of Liverpool's title. It's amazing decades of bias and hype for a team that's gone so long without being Premier League Champions. The gushing media and celebrity love-in is going get a whole lot worse.
Rob Halligan
3 Posted 25/06/2020 at 11:38:47
Joe, I don't know if you heard on SSN last night, but Sky already have a 24-hour special prepared for tonight at 10 pm should Man City fail to beat Chelsea, to honour the greatest team ever on their magnificent title victory, which undoubtedly will be classed as the greatest title victory ever.

Be prepared for two months of pure salivating from Sky, the BBC and ITV once the almighty are crowned Champions.

Joe McMahon
4 Posted 25/06/2020 at 12:10:08
Rob, sadly it doesn't surprise me, its gonna be even more horrible than the past 45 years.
Bill Gall
5 Posted 25/06/2020 at 21:00:44
Man City fall behind at Chelsea, which means you now who wins the league and we fall back to 12th.
Colin Glassar
6 Posted 25/06/2020 at 21:58:23
Is there a parade on tonight in town?
Paul Birmingham
7 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:00:49
Fate contrives and a penalty to Chelsea, and now time almost to null or turn off the radio and TV etc, as the RS look to win the title.

Hopefully this will cause some seismic stir within the powers whom are within control of Everton, to back Carlo with a stratedgy to achieve success.

The RS are being lauded to create a dynasty already, how fekkn shallow are the media, and how many have ever been to a game?

BBC lap dogs and ITV and the Sky and BT football media crews, time to take the long road back for Everton to be capable of winning the league.

This I hope will happen in my time.. 33 years and one trophy, kills the arguments on history..

We need BMD and a renaissance ASAP, for the salvation of EFC.

Paul Hewitt
8 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:00:59
Have to keep away from all media for at least a week now. It's going to be unbearable.
Colin Glassar
9 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:04:22
I’ve been watching an NBC stream and the adulation is sickening. The RS deserve their title but everyone else has been shite this season.
Joe McMahon
10 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:09:23
Paul @, you are correct, one domestic cup in 33 years, and people say Leicester's Premier League title was a one-off. But they won the title have played in the Champions League and will do next season. We have a lot of ground to somehow make up.
Mike Price
11 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:16:11
Mike Gwyer,

They sold Torres for a huge profit and bought Carrol and Suarez, Carroll eventually went, they lost a relatively modest amount on him and made an absolute fortune on Suarez.

It’s their dealings that have led to them winning the most underwhelming, artificial, VAR infected season ever!
Has the general population ever cared less about a team ‘winning’ the stop/start, compromised, rules changed, title in history?!

Underwhelming anti-climax but at least they’ve caught up to Blackburn and Leicester finally.

Hugh Jenkins
12 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:19:38
The title is decided - Thank God It's Over!

Hopefully we can now concentrate on trying our best to get into Europe whilst we build for the future.

Colin Glassar
13 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:22:47
According to the media, Merseyside and the world are celebrating this title win. Really? Isn’t that a bit of an exaggeration?
Jim Bennings
14 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:26:41
A night of fireworks going off and wankers beeping horns, all I can say is watch your walls, lads.
Paul Hewitt
15 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:27:14
Well, my street is certainly celebrating, Colin.
Tony Everan
16 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:29:18
It was going to happen at some point. Like having an operation, better to get it done and over with.

Hopefully alien spaceships will come overnight and keep this irritation out of the news.

Brian Wilkinson
17 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:31:38
Cannot blame them for celebrating, I would be doing the same if it was Everton.

Oh well... let us hope it is a one-off.

What we need now is a positive stadium update saying the planning has been approved.

Joe McMahon
18 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:32:52
I live 20 miles North of Manchester and it's full of them round here, Champions League and Title in 2 seasons. Everton have sunk so low over the past 20 odds years by comparison.

Where are a new generation of Everton fans gonna come from?

Bill Gall
19 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:36:12
I was watching the game until after Michael Owen said that the whole of Merseyside was hoping Chelsea hold on, that's when I switched the game off. I do not live on Merseyside anymore but born there, lived there for 36 years.

I believe that, as well as myself and at least 30,000 other Merseysiders, we were hoping for a Man City win. It's sickening that the media believe there is only one team on the Mersey who have taken all of 30 years to win the Premier League.

Mike Hughes
20 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:38:02
I’m sitting out on my deck drinking wine and having a Bob Dylan night since about 9:30pm.

Tangled up in Blue.
Change my way of thinking.
Murder Most Foul
Slow Train Coming (!!!)

Fireworks going off everywhere.
Something must have happened.
But if there’s one year you didn’t want it to happen, it’s this year.

Proud to be Blue.

Jim Bennings
21 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:38:33
It would be a start to actually get a good team at Everton let alone winning trophies.

Let’s be brutally honest the shite we watch these days makes me realise that I gave a complete disservice to the squads Moyes had put together, genuine creative players like Pienaar, Arteta and the guile od Cahill or a Fellaini being a nuisance.

I’m glad Carlo is here but he’s got a monumental job on this squad at Everton because frankly it’s just a bit shit and pedestrian.

Michael Lynch
22 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:43:43
Nailed on the RS will get the law of the land overturned to allow them to have a parade at the weekend. "Just make sure you socially distance please".
Colin Glassar
23 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:48:03
Agreed Jim. Watching that crap last night was painful and embarrassing. I even got trolled by friends who don’t even like football.

I know we are expected to take it on the chin and move on but every fucking season since Roberto’s 2nd it has been painful to watch. How many years since that?

I’ve said our back 5 seem to be gelling and our front 2 are good lads but our MF is absolutely dire; Tom Davies, Iwobi and Theo Walcott utter garbage.

Until Carlo can restore some modicum of cohesion in that mob we are screwed!

Bill Gall
24 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:51:28
This win shows how difficult it is if you're in the Premier League; today's winners are only the 6th team to win it with one of those teams no longer in the Premier League.

The difficulty now is the FFP ruling that was brought in after the Sky Sports top 6 darlings were firmly established financially, that makes it difficult to compete even if you have Billionaire owners.

Tony Abrahams
25 Posted 25/06/2020 at 23:01:54
Die-hard fans are lighting flares outside Anfield! Some of the shite that’s going to come out over the next few weeks is going to be legendary, “it’s what defines them”.
Jim Bennings
26 Posted 25/06/2020 at 23:55:26

They never learn from past shames, they seem to revel in creating new lows but are in a deluded bubble that thinks because it’s Liverpool it can get away with blue murder and anything bar shagging the Queen on the steps of Buckingham Palace.

The title couldn’t have went to a worse more self-glorified bunch of law-breaking tossers if Lucifer had crowned the bearded porno star the trophy himself.

Marc Hints
27 Posted 26/06/2020 at 08:11:16
Just reading about Martin Edwards Liverpool sporting Director and how much of a genius he is in trnasfer dealings:

If only we had someone other than Kenwright dealing with transfers

Jordon Ibe. One goal and three assists in 41 league appearances. £15m to Bournemouth.

Joe Allen. Just one year left on his contract. £13m to Stoke.

Christian Benteke. Three goals in his final 23 appearances. £27m to Crystal Palace.

Mamadou Sakho. Demoted to reserves for not respecting club rules. £26m to Crystal Palace.

Dominic Solanke. One goal in 27 senior appearances. £19m to Bournemouth.

Danny Ings. Only 25 appearances, playing under 1000 minutes in three years due to injury. £20m to Southampton.

Danny Ward. Just three senior appearances. £12.5m to Leicester.

He also inserted a genius clause with the Coutinho sale, meaning Barcelona would have to pay an £89m premium for any of Liverpool's players. The Barca juggernaut haven't come calling for an Anfield star since.

While Liverpool are doing the business on the pitch, Edwards is doing the business off it.

Brian Murray
28 Posted 27/06/2020 at 01:08:29
Those loveable misunderstood humorous neighbours have now set fire to our Royal Liver Building, total accident of course like the bombardment of bricks on the Man City team bus. Total meffs.
Jeff Spiers
29 Posted 27/06/2020 at 06:54:33
John, too right. The frightening thing is, would some of our supporters done the same? It is a me, me society and fuck every one else. Knuckle draggers, crawl back under your stones. Sad, but it will get only get worse. Stay healthy, mate.
Michael Lynch
30 Posted 27/06/2020 at 07:34:13
Exactly John - everyone knew Anderson was right when he predicted this would happen... everyone except those self-righteous arseholes across the park. Yet again, they've put their own entitlement above the reputation and safety of the city that unfortunately shares a name with their football club.

It's no good Anderson now saying "We are where we are", he should make it clear that the club and their fans should be punished for putting the city in danger and for attacking a World Heritage Site.

Liverpool FC should come out today and condemn this behaviour, and state that there will be no parading or ceremonial unveiling of the trophy except behind closed doors.

John Keating
31 Posted 27/06/2020 at 07:34:16

I have no doubt our supporters would have done exactly the same.
My main gripe is with the authorities for even allowing the season to recommence, and, Rotherham and the halfwits at SOS who took great umbrage for anyone even suggesting their supporters would do anything other than stay indoors! Naive is not the word for it.

It was bad enough that they allowed the RS Athletico game to go ahead when everyone knew there was a big risk of it causing a Covid-19 spike.
Merseyside has already suffered disproportionally so what has happened the last two nights at the ground and Pier Head in my mind is criminal

Tony Hill
32 Posted 27/06/2020 at 07:45:32
Launching dangerous fireworks at the Royal Liver Building and behaving with their normal lack of grace, there go the Wonderful Reds.

They have never known how to carry either victory or defeat. All those trophies and not a drop of class.

Rob Halligan
33 Posted 27/06/2020 at 07:59:15
Having watched a lot of the Premier League since it restarted (I even watched the RS against Palace😱😱), I noticed there was only one club who had a banner draped over the seating, saying "Stay safe and support us at home".

No prizes for guessing who that club is. Even they knew their vile scumbag, poor excuse for supporters could not be trusted.

John Keating
34 Posted 27/06/2020 at 08:08:23
I must admit, Rob, I've done the opposite. I watched the first 10 minutes of Schalke v Dortmund and switched off. I've not watched a game since.

Another 180 odd folk died yesterday and, after the scenes we've witnessed the past two nights, for sure there'll be more on Merseyside.

I'm disgusted with the authorities and the City the way it's panned out since the Atletico Madrid game, apart from fucking Rotherham and the arseholes at SOS, did anyone expect any different?

Tony Everan
35 Posted 27/06/2020 at 08:11:13
RS fans firing flares into the Everton offices in the Royal Liver Building. A fire broke out in the lower part of the building. Disgraceful scenes.

Also mass gatherings with complete ignorance of any pandemic advice which will put the whole local community at risk. They may have won the Premier League but they won't be winning any goodwill from the rest of the UK.

Bill Watson
36 Posted 27/06/2020 at 08:39:31
I feel the Premier League has lost what little (if any) integrity it had and the sooner this farce of a football season is over the better.
Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
37 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:09:50
Hi Rob, This thread seems to have gone a bit off-topic. I was looking to see if we had another one already about your loveable kopites, where I could put all this shite.

Any chance you could submit a fan piece for us? Thanks!

Martin Nicholls
38 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:12:28
Rob#129 - I'd noticed your last post on this thread has been removed. It was perfectly reasonable and not at all provocative so I too wonder why, particularly given the content of many highly provocative posts that remain on the site. What exactly is current editorial policy over what posts are considered to be "offensive"?
Derek Taylor
39 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:16:05
15 minutes into the 9:00 am news and absolutely no mention of the firework attack on the Liver Building on Sky News. I wonder why?
Rob Halligan
40 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:23:04
Michael, if I did a fan piece on the RS, you would probably ban me for life!
Tony Abrahams
41 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:37:24
Rob, Reading your posts, I'd say you are definitely in the top 1% of people who absolutely despise Liverpool FC, so it might make for good reading, especially since the self-proclaimed best football fans in the world, have once again shown their true colours!

Have you seen the one where Liverpool fans have gone to Old Trafford, to celebrate winning the league? Un-fucking-believable that this could be in their thoughts, but not a surprise to loads of us.

Dennis Stevens
42 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:40:29
To be fair, Tony, many of them may not know the way to Anfield. Perhaps they just headed north & ended up near Manchester instead.
Derek Taylor
43 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:48:11
Sky Sports News managed a 30-second coverage of the event without mentioning the Building's connection with Everton Football Club. No doubt ordered by authorities not to ferment the situation. As if...
Dave Abrahams
44 Posted 27/06/2020 at 10:21:54
Rob, I think Michael is inviting you to submit a post about the last night's “Celebrations” and the night before, so he can start a new thread.
Jay Wood

45 Posted 27/06/2020 at 10:29:57
Dang, Rob!

I've been looking out for your stream of consciousness since you-know-what happened.

And now I discover it's been deleted before I had a chance to read and chuckle with it!

Bugger! Hope it was a doozy.

I had to laugh at the blanket coverage BBC sport gave to it yesterday. I stopped counting at 14 separate articles on the event of the century on their home page without scrolling to the end


Writing an article as Michael requested may get you banned, fellah, but it would be a brilliant read for the rest of us!

Brian Murray
46 Posted 27/06/2020 at 10:41:31
We are a lone voice in all this saturated love in for them. Man City won a treble I can’t remember all this coverage. Apparently throwing bottles at the biz and setting fire to our famous iconic building is just high jinx. They are just misunderstood and have great humour. Gota love me (not!)
Martin Nicholls
47 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:05:53
Little wonder there is little coverage by SSN of the season attack on Liver Buildings and other mayhem - their star pundit, the loathsome spitting Jamie Carragher has been pictured, beer in hand amongst the mob!

Rob - I agree that you're up there with the best at hating the loathsome rs - difficult to come up with a "top 1%" as suggested by Tony though as I reckon the vast majority of us feel the same about them and the numerous vile acts they've committed over the years!

Brian Harrison
48 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:14:58
Seems the narrative from BBC and ITV was laud them winning the title not just on the night they won it which was fair enough but they followed that up last night with extensive reports again on them winning the title. But they decided they wouldnt show the mess they left outside their own ground after their celebrations. Then last night the news channels were quite happy to show the celebrating outside the Pier Head. Again the mess that was left was a disgrace to this City.

But there are many videos on twitter this morning showing the arsehole dressed in black teeshirt firing rockets from a rocket launcher at the Liver Buildings. He also fired 1 that went astray and ended up back in the crowd, yet instead of some grabbing the arsehole they are there actually encouraging him to fire more at the Liver Buildings. These are the scum of the earth and I would hope that because there are so many pictures of the scum bag someone tells the police his name so he can be arrested and named. I mean what arsehole turns up to a suppose celebration with a rocket launcher.

I have seen a tweet from Chris Bascombe a red who used to write for the echo condemning this action and Kelly Cates saying the same.But absolutely nothing from the hordes of sport leader writers who support them. And how come the SOS were so vocal when Joe Anderson said he worried about what might happen when they won the league, yet have said nothing about Thursdays gathering or even worse what happened last night. If you supposedly set yourself up as an organisation to act for the supporters then you have to come out and strongly condemn this behaviour if you want to be considered creditable.

You really have to wonder if certain elements to their fan base believe they are untouchable. When you think of the cans and bottles thrown at the City coach and despite hundreds of Police present not 1 arrest. Then the fans who pushed the old guy into a fountain in Barcelona. These are not isolated incidents they occur to happen on a regular basis with some of their fan base.
Remember when They smashed the Man Utd coach with players on board some years back, and the fixture the following year they asked Bob Paisley to sit in the Man Utd coach to help stop it happening the following year. Then their supporters attacked an ambulance carrying Alan Smith from Man Utd to hospital.

The official line that comes out of their club is that very small minority of fans were involved, as if thats ok. Even going back to Hysel the night of the attack their then chairman John Smith said he had heard that a group of National Front supporters had infiltrated the Liverpool supporters. Obviously later proved a complete lie. So lets not make out that they havent got an element of supporters who for years have been allowed to carry on unchallenged. Finally you may remember last year when Chelsea supporters verbally abused Sterling and they were all banned, also Chelsea when playing away in Paris had some supporters who prevented a black man getting on the Metro and Chelsea identified those fans and banned them as well.

Bill Watson
49 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:22:56
Hmm! I see I've joined those who have had a post removed. I regard it as a compliment; thank you.

I'm surprised the RS seem to have so many local 'fans' although many are probably armchair TV fans. As long as any spread of Covid-19 is concerned we should encourage them to gather so long as they can limit the virus to themselves.

Kevin Molloy
50 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:23:31
One of the worst aspects is wall to wall DogLeash. 'I this, I that', you'd think he was somehow involved in the process. I'm sure Jurgen will be telling him to pipe the fuck down soon enough.
Brian Murray
51 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:31:51
Brian Harrison, it was actually ammonia sprayed or attempted to on Man Utd players as they got off the coach. But as I have said before it’s all humorous high jinks where they are concerned.

Even inadvertently spreading the virus by insisting (Klopp) the Spanish game went ahead. Now probably another spike on the way but obviously no blood on their hands.

Rob Halligan
52 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:40:27
Brian, I've just seen a picture of the bellend firing the rocket launcher. It's as clear as daylight so hopefully someone will report him. There are actually people in the picture laughing and seem to be encouraging him to do it. We all know, at least in my opinion, the reason why he fired at the Liver Building, obviously because he was probably aiming for the floors we occupy and trying to do some serious damage to it. Just imagine for a few minutes, had the rocket gone through an open window? We could have been looking at a burned down Liver Building this morning.

The sad thing is, yet again, the whole country will be seeing these images, and brandishing us all with the same brush. I have lived in Liverpool all my life, and I am proud to be called a Scouser, and proud that we have a magnificent city. I just wish all these vile scumbags would just Fuck off. Listen, I know plenty of RS fans who are really decent (hurts me saying that!) who would never dream of bringing disgrace to the city.

John Houlding has an awful lot to answer for!!

John Keating
53 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:56:37
Apologies cos I think it was me that started the tirade about our neighbours celebrations...

However, Michael, almost every thread goes off on a tangent, returns and goes on another totally different route. That’s half the fun!

You should have left it as no doubt the outrage would have been quite funny!

Rob Young
54 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:00:17
The Royal Liver Building is now Everton's, those morons acknowledged it by their actions.

Thank you Farhad! Clever move that was. Let's keep the blue lights.

The birds should be next.

Anthony Murphy
55 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:00:33
What boils my piss is that there is something akin to political correctness attached to them – a unwritten media policy to treat them favourably and exclude criticism. There has been many lazy myths attached to them for many a year – routinely circulated by pundits and press. It's almost like the media feel they owe them one for making errors of judgement in the past.
Kevin Molloy
56 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:09:05
Anthony yes. What other club would get away with 'this means more' plastered everywhere. As if, for them and them alone, football is more than just a game. And let's not start on the 'unique atmosphere of Anfleld'
Alex Carew
57 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:17:46
Brian Harrison,

Couldn’t have said it better myself.
I’ve just said exactly the same to a friend of mine.

Don’t forget the faeces in cups thrown down on Utd fans, the fighting against Sevilla, the stealing tickets off their own in Istanbul and the defending of Michael Shields.

Brent Stephens
58 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:34:07
Rob, "The Royal Liver Building is now Everton's, those morons acknowledged it by their actions. Thank you Farhad! Clever move that was. Let's keep the blue lights. The birds should be next".

What about Moshiri buying the (two?) ferries. Decking them out in blue. Renaming them "Everton" and "Dixie Dean".

When that lot then sang the praises of "Ferry 'Cross the Mersey"...!

Steve Brown
59 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:36:27
Let's be honest, Liverpool supporters have shamed the city for decades with their actions. A minority of their fans are unpleasant scumbags – always have been.

I have never seen a set of fans more aggressive and histrionic when anyone questions their club and they are obsessed with Everton to the point of pathology. Their attitude is why all other clubs hate them. In contrast, when Leicester won the league, fans from many clubs were delighted.

Now they are celebrating their only title in three decades by spreading Covid-19 and trashing their own city. It's already history now and nobody cares, you cretins, move on.

Chris Leyland
60 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:40:10
If I ran the Council, I’d say that I’d say that once again, they have brought shame and embarrassment on to our city with their behaviour, which has proved that they can’t be trusted and as such, there will be victory parade later in the year/early next year as they aren’t civilised enough to have one.

As UEFA highlighted as far back in 2007, their fans are the worst behaved in Europe with more incidents than any other club. In the words of UEFA at the time:

“What other set of fans steal tickets from their fellow supporters or out of the hands of children?”

In a shock turn of events, the shite reacted with fury to the report and claimed that it wasn’t them and everyone else was to blame.

Steve Brown
61 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:42:31
Offended by everything, ashamed of nothing, always the victims. That’s who they are.
Michael Lynch
62 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:43:37
A season forever tainted by the fans' behaviour, but that's our neighbours for you, isn't it? I keep reading them going "ah it would have been the same if it had been any club", but do you know what - it actually wouldn't. I can't think of any other fans that would have rioted in front of the building that has their badge on the top of it, pissed up and arrogant, in a city where so many have died so recently from a pandemic that has swept across the world.

They think it's okay because they're special. Well they certainly are special, just not in the way they think.

And they're still talking about having a parade. Any other club, in any other city, and there would be a collective punishment for this kind of behaviour, but the RS are untouchable it seems.

Brian Harrison
63 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:43:37

Like you, born and bred in this City, and also like you, I have many friends who support the reds, and would be as appalled as I am with the behaviour of those fans. I am very proud to be a scouser, but sadly their supporters have at times tarnished what being a scouser means.

I am a Labour supporter through and through and thankfully we now have a leader who can challenge the Tories. The reason I mention about being a Labour supporter is because, for me, one of the most important reasons Liverpool got off its knees after the Toxteth riots was Michael Heseltine. He helped rejuvenate the Albert Dock which is a great tourist attraction that brings in millions to the City's economy. I also think, without Heseltine, Liverpool 1 wouldn't exist.

I think Thatcher, who hated Heseltine, only gave him the job of being Minister for Merseyside as she thought it was a poisoned chalice which would see the end of Heseltine, but he made a great success of it and remarkably got on well with most Scousers, irrespective of how you voted.

I hope that those fans who have behaved so despicably will remember it takes years to build up a reputation of Liverpool being a place to visit and enjoy the sights and its people, and minutes to destroy that reputation. But I doubt if those who took part in the last 2 nights would either care or understand that.

Chris Leyland
64 Posted 27/06/2020 at 12:50:23
Brian, I’ve got lots of mates who are Liverpool fans and some of them are what I’d call ‘proper fans’ who don’t take the piss and who you can have a good and open conversation with about football.

But there are others who are perfectly sane and rational in everyday life who, when talk turns to anything remotely critical of their club or fans, turn into cult-like zealots.

Many of their fans are the Donald Trump of football supporters. Arrogant, entitled and unable to see their own obvious and apparent failings. They blame everyone else and think they are somehow better than everyone. It is these traits that make them the most loathed fans in the country but somehow, ones who are eulogised and mythologised by the media.

Alex Carew
65 Posted 27/06/2020 at 13:25:25
I don’t get the so-called ‘proper fans’ any more. Nearly all reds that I know that I believed to be proper fans have over recent years done nothing but mock us, continuously use the bitters tag and have no respect for our club and it’s supporters. If anything, their recent successes over the last few years have just fuelled the fire and made them worse.

The truth is that the media feeds them the hype so they believe the hype. This is pushed on them (and us all) by them parading ex-RS pundits everywhere. Having to listen to them all with their biased views week in week out. The BBC webpage had 13 links to do with Liverpool and their league win 13!!!

Over here in Australia we have a paid TV service for our Premier League games called Optus Sport and yet we are now subjected to Kloptus Sport. This is the other side of the planet and the media still feeds us this crap and their fans believe it.

I’m still hopefully of some major drug bust up or something to taint their season good and proper but saying that and knowing them they will probably squirm their way out of it.

Barry Rathbone
66 Posted 27/06/2020 at 13:37:28
I can't stand the stereotype "scally scouser" but when LFC make the news they're out in droves. Trouble is no one takes them on the police are complicit by their non-action and Everton FC are craven cowards.

"TERRORIST STYLE ASSAULT ON EVERTON HQ BY KOPITES" is the headline I'd be ramming down the Red Echo's throat if handling Everton's PR.

Dave Abrahams
67 Posted 27/06/2020 at 15:08:07
Apparently the Echo have had a go at Red shite supporters by pointing out the twitter account showing the prick aiming his rockets at the Liver Building. Joe Anderson is having a go and Rotherham, the fanatical Red and leader of Merseyside, is having a go.

Maybe the National papers will pick up on it, we in Liverpool should keep this and, heaven forbid, Everton FC join in the condemnation of these totally out of order “supporters” shamed and shameless year after year.

John Keating
68 Posted 27/06/2020 at 15:30:05
I hear Rotheram was a shite brickie. Probably why he went into politics.
Dan Nulty
69 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:02:11
Wow. I do understand the bitterness towards the RS I really do. Last night's scenes were dispicable. A real blight on the city.

I do think the European ban affected us probably more than any other club as I don't think Lineker would have left amongst others.

I would say though that it was Liverpool that deserved to be banned and, given the corruption that has finally come to light regards Uefa, there is no way if this happened now all clubs from one country would be banned. It isn't a coincidence that I think in the preceeding 10 years, English clubs won the European Cup 7 times and I think were runners up twice. We won the Cup-Winners Cup and had 2 losing finalists. Uefa Cup 3 winners in the same period. I think it was an excuse for Uefa to stop the English winning.

At some point, this feud between the clubs has to stop. I hoped after the display we put on in remembrance of the Hillsborough disaster would go some way towards that. You can't legislate for people being brain dead.

I just hope that when (!) we do win something, there aren't any silly retaliatory efforts. Hopefully we will show some class that a small section of Liverpool fans couldn't.

John Keating
70 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:03:08

Apologies for you having to write this, may I say, wonderful piece on our neighbours.

There was no designated thread when I wrote my piece this morning and why that and a couple of others were removed was strange to say the least as most threads go a bit off course. My initial gripe was to express my disgust on recent events.

I will never understand, or accept, the thought process of allowing the Atletico game proceed with supporters. They were well warned prior to the game of possible consequences.

Warnings were proved to be correct with the experts saying Covid-19 cases can be directly attributed to the game. Merseyside has suffered worse than many areas of the country.

So now we come to the present. Whilst I was and still am totally against the resumption of the season, what say does a citizen have compared to the money men?

Rotherham and the bastion of righteousness, the SOS, took great umbrage when it was suggested the fuckwits would make an arse of themselves. Anderson was immediately slagged off and more or less ordered to apologise.

Everything that was predicted has come to pass, and it will not end here. My point was, will our friends at SOS and the ex-brickie take any responsibility if just one further Covid-19 death can be attributed to their implicit support of their supporters?

Knowing the past history of this disgrace of a Club, I have no doubt they will deny all knowledge then blame someone else. Nothing changes.

Darren Hind
71 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:22:33
I can't even look at them without feeling total disgust. They're everywhere too.

Looking at them gloating as they dominate is getting harder and harder to stomach. Made all the more harder because we have nothing to throw back at them.

Phill Thompson
72 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:34:38
I must admit I ignore them whenever I can, though I'm lucky I don't live on Merseyside anymore. I don't look at their team line ups, can't help but pick up their best players but would struggle to name their midfield for the recent derby. My most satisfying moment was a derby a few years ago when one of their players was apparently out with injury, began with M and I didn't know if he was a defender or a midfielder. Turned out later to be Matip.

I've moved around a bit and they never really bothered me. Then in 2005 the mugs and ornaments on work desks appeared. So I'd often engage in idle conversation for my own amusement. Most of the time I'd been to Anfield more often than them, some had never been, but in fairness they all hotly announced they were “life-long Liverpool fans”, I'm sure “Shankly” was the first word some of them said. I was amused but not really bothered by them.

Then the internet caught up with me and it's much more difficult to ignore them, particularly Facebook were I have snoozed a few recently. Sadly it's getting harder and harder to ignore them, but I'll keep trying!

Michael Lynch
73 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:39:40
On the bright side, although we think those muppets get away with it every time, I've spoken to people in the last 24 hours who have no interest in football and they're very aware of what has gone on in the city, and are horrified by it. I live in London these days and, with the exception of the fakes and wannabes who appear in their Standard Chartered shirts whenever the Shite win something, that lot are universally loathed.

Within the football world, the story is 30 years of hurt blah blah isn't this a great thing blah blah, but outside of that horrible bubble, the story is the fuckers are tainted once again by the behaviour of their dickhead fans.

God, I love having a dedicated thread for venting my loathing of those gobshites.

Patrick McFarlane
74 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:40:52
I agree Darren #43 the only way to really get to them is for Everton to have a good team and we haven't had that for far too long.

What I have never understood particularly in recent times is how we have allowed the city centre to be almost exclusively adorned in LFC related propaganda, it's as much our city as it is theirs, but you would believe only one club resides here if you were a visitor.

Evertonians should he proud of the club they support and shouldn't allow the neighbours to define us, whether that be up front and personal or via the media.

We can only hope our day will come.

Gerry Quinn
75 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:45:12
Nice one, Rob. I too despise everything about them and their obsessively snipey fans. I see today that Redshite Lawrenson (UGH) has come out to say that Klopp should get the same status as Shankly.

Does that then mean that Klopp will be told to stay the hell away from their training ground and end up sitting in Bramley-Moore Dock with the Evertonians?


Tricia Wood
76 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:47:20
My brother was temporarily blinded as a child by a rogue firework. That rocket could have gone anywhere and caused injury. It seems clear to me that the lad was egged on by older supporters who are equally to blame and because Moshiri partly owns the Liver Building and has an office there. An irritant for kopites.

There is a pandemic, hardly a mask to be seen anywhere and, although the attendees may be asymptomatic, they could have infected older or vulnerable friends and family. This won't be apparent for another two or three weeks.

They should hang their heads in shame. It's bad publicity for our city and the unlawful gathering has been seen all over the world. Rather took the edge off winning the Coronavirus Premier League.

Paul Hewitt
77 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:50:18
If success turns your fans into morons, I don't want it.
Joe McMahon
78 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:53:49
I have come across (not by choice) 3 absolute vile nasty horrible people in my life. All 3 just coincidentally have been fans of you know who.

Darren, correct we have nothing to throw back at them. Stories about the 60s doesn't do it.

Barry Rathbone
79 Posted 27/06/2020 at 16:54:46
It's when they get together the bravado from 60s Shankly credo comes pouring out and it's hard to argue against. Success has flowed unabated from his street fighter mentality and the worst excesses of "scouse scally" rally to the cause

Not saying we don't have our fair share of ne'er do wells but we never win anything so it isn't an issue

Tony Pemberton
80 Posted 27/06/2020 at 17:11:24
I sometimes wonder if football is the new vehicle for bullies. Idiots thinking they can attach themselves to the success of a business and hide behind the word 'banter' to attempt to ridicule others.
Brian Williams
82 Posted 27/06/2020 at 17:25:35
I'm surprised anyone's surprised to be honest. But you can't reason with any of those involved. It's a Catch-22 situation. Anyone you could reason with, wouldn't have been involved. Anyone who was involved is that much of a scumbag you couldn't reason with them.

They've always attracted more of the scumbag element than we have as a club, and previous incidents only go to prove it. Unfortunately the only way to shut them up is for them to have a huge fall from footballing grace and I hope Man City buy and prepare well for next season because we're certainly not going to be the one's to outdo them on the pitch.

Sean Callaghan
83 Posted 27/06/2020 at 17:27:33
"We've got nothing to throw back at them"

Not true, I've got a couple of tonnes of hardcore and rubble in my garden. We could try that as a start

John Keating
84 Posted 27/06/2020 at 17:50:39

Much easier to use water cannon pouring out permanent blue dye. Followed up with CS gas and rubber bullets. Should clear most of them out the Pier Head...

Darren Hind
85 Posted 27/06/2020 at 17:58:15
I can't remember where we finished in 83-84. Despite the FA Cup win, I still think it was bottom half. I just know that, after years of dominance, they definitely didn't see us coming.

Listening to Evertonians pouring out of ale houses all over the City singing "Hand it over, Hand it over" as we closed in on the title was a joyous time. They simply couldn't handle it.

The thought that history will one day repeat itself is what keeps me going.

Paul Birmingham
86 Posted 27/06/2020 at 18:07:49
I’ve no issue with old Nick winning the title, results on the park speak this season

But basically a life time of bad descisions, -1977 semi Maine Road, CT, and numerous bad descisions over years has given them an unholy stream of lucky descision.

College at a North East Tech, as Ive said before on here, after they came back from Heysel, and me and a ma8, getting the third degree of CID, because some of them were bragging and shouting off, and we did what we thought was right.

This time, the pro RS media, and their pathetic lack of parallel and knowledge of history has made this more difficult important than the real time events ravaging the planet at this time.

All said and done, if and when there’s a next TW do, then more will be said.

For now we need a winning mentality across the club and into the team. Until then, we have to bide our time.

Yes my loathing is total.

Patrick McFarlane
87 Posted 27/06/2020 at 18:09:54
Darren we finished 7th out of 22, the same as 82/83 and 8th in Kendall's first season at the helm - perceptions and reality are never quite the same as per the idea that our neighbours have picked up a trophy every season since Shankly took charge.
Colin Glassar
88 Posted 27/06/2020 at 18:14:09
I’ve got shitloads to say on this topic but I’m going to have me tea first. My blood is already boiling!
Tony Abrahams
89 Posted 27/06/2020 at 18:24:35
Patrick@74, I couldn't agree more but think it's possibly because it's the day trippers that come into the city, stay in the city, and this is where they purchase the merchandise that makes it seem like it's a red city.

I couldn't help myself yesterday, the gate was open and so I walked onto the site at Bramley-Moore Dock, said a little prayer, looked to my left and saw the Liver Building, through the gap.

We are going to become the premier team in the city once again, the city will grow towards our new stadium, and Everton will become the number one team – that is what I prayed for, on the banks of the royal blue Mersey!

Tom Roberts
90 Posted 27/06/2020 at 18:26:20
Until the hundreds or perhaps even thousands of LFC fans who turned up to Hillsborough without a ticket and rushed the open gates actually come clean and admit to this crime, I shall continue to hold that club in the highest of contempt.

Unlike most on here I am actually ashamed to call myself a scouser because of those gobshites. I don't really care if they win the title for the next 20 years, may the best team win so to speak, but you will not see a more classless organisation on the planet. Ashamed today of my city of birth.

George McKane
91 Posted 27/06/2020 at 18:33:06
I have been watching Everton since 1958, currently have Season Ticket with my Daughter who is 49 and has been coming to the game since she was around 5 or 6, and my grandson of 26 who has sat next to me since he was 4 years old.

In the early 60s, I would go to Goodison to watch the first team and the reserves. I would also go to Anfield with family and friends. That stopped around 66. I haven't watched a Red Game, or goals, or highlights since Suarez and the incredible reaction by Daglish.

I have very long hair and wear ribbons around my neck – I am noticeable in a crowd – at the last Blue vs Red Wembley Semifinal, I stood for the Hillsborough Commemoration... seconds later, being separated from Red Fans by several seats with plastic over them, some of the "jolly reds" saw me and were shouting "Kill the hippie" – I make no joke about this... literally seconds after standing for "the dead".

I cannot bring myself to hate anyone over football but I refuse to discuss "them" with anyone who does not go to the game. - I ask them: "Why don't you go the game?" and "Why do you support Liverpool?" I rarely get a printable answer.

Intolerance and indulgence over many many years led to last night's situation and it has been coming. No acceptance of consequences, no discussion of other "tragedies", Daglish's T-Shirts, history being rewritten to absolve any potential criticism.

Accept things, say "Sorry", move on... seems impossible to most.

I must add that I am known in the media for my stand against "de greatest citttyy in d' weeearld" syndrome – I cannot stand it. It creates arrogance and an attitude of "We know best"... "we can do what we like".

I love everything about going to the match – to repeat, I do not hate people – certainly not because of football – but I choose not to talk to most of them or correspond with them.

Finally, I saw the video/photos... adults cheering and standing by. In the past, I have told racists to shut up at the game... asked people around me not to chant serious horrible crap – certainly not about "personal" lives. In The Dark House, we welcome away fans, and I asked many years ago for racist sexist stuff to stop, to make our match-going pub a pleasure to go to – to be Blue and enjoy it – for it to be Bluetiful to go to The Game.

The Dark House gang do this and it's a lovely day out for that.

Up The Blues – and Truly Cosmic Grooves to all fellow Blues – with a firm handshake (even today).

Colin Glassar
92 Posted 27/06/2020 at 19:07:06
When I started supporting Everton, as a 5-,year-old, we were still top dogs in the city but they were catching us up quickly.

I chose Everton despite the fact that everyone, and I mean everyone, in my family were reds. As a kid in the 70s, I'd watch Everton at Goodison and then most other Saturday's go with my brother-in-law to watch them (for free as he paid for everything) at Anfield. No hassle whatsoever even though I hated walking into that dump and cheered for the oppo.

At school, it was 50/50 and only good banter until the bastards won the European Cup in 1977. That's when it all changed. The gloating, the baiting, the sheer dickheadedness made me start really disliking them.

In the early 80s, I moved abroad and spent 20 odd years working in different countries. While I was away, my anger towards them abated until Heysel. After that their denial, arrogance and lack of awareness really pissed me off and after the Steaua Bucharest banner, my dislike turned to hatred.

Since returning to the UK in the early noughties, our continual decline into abysmal mediocrity and their fucking superiority complex backed up by the fawning media, staffed to the rafters with RS pundits, has made me 100% bitter – and proud of it!

I could write a lot more but I might get an ulcer, or worse. I hate them, their gobshite fans in particular, and I doubt if I will ever stop hating them. Fuck them all!!!

Michael Lynch
93 Posted 27/06/2020 at 19:16:27
George McKane – thanks for that, I'm with you all the way on the points you make, and I can empathise with just about every situation you raise.

I've just seen the video of the crowd attacking the police outside the Liver Building. It's actually hard to believe. What is wrong with these people? And like George says, as a city we're often guilty of peddling this myth of how we're better than everyone else – well, watch that video, and then tell me this is the greatest city in the world.

Tony Abrahams
94 Posted 27/06/2020 at 19:19:20
Intolerance and indulgence, George, explains it all in a nutshell, mate.
Paul Richards
95 Posted 27/06/2020 at 19:20:30
Tom Roberts @#90... well done for having the cajones to stand up to this barrage of Hillsborough propaganda we have heard for 30+ years that they were all so precious and innocent.

Everton FC should have nothing to do with these contemptible bastards, every last one of them. I wonder how many of us True Blues continue to be revulsed in the celebrated anniversary of that massacre, to see Everton FC with Blue Bill and his pair of kids in red and blue shirts cowering in obsequious remembrance of their 96 – at Goodison Park of all places. That's what makes me sick.

If we saw even a glimmer of annual remembrance and humility from them for the murdered Italians at Heysel, and the lasting damage that did to us... but no. The record of history has almost been wiped clean.

Good post, Rob. We should never forgive or forget what they did to us.

Paul Ferry
96 Posted 27/06/2020 at 19:49:18
Photos of Carragher at the Pier Head yesterday, leading by example no doubt.

Potentially more disturbing and with greater long-term impact is the dark story of Liverpool FC and their ugly shower spreading the virus through the city. This has hardly been noticed, smuggled into the deep depths beneath the glorious journey to empty Stamford Bridge and the Pier Head crimes and trashing.

The powers-that-be at Red Shite HQ chose, against all manner of advice from countless constituencies (including decisions taken by the Premier League), to invite 3,000 locos from virus-torn locked-down rabid Madrid to Liverpool (the city). They did so with no thought for the people of Liverpool.

Their decision has been recognized as leading to an unknown - but high - number of deaths, making the city one of the first epicentres of contagion.

'We want to perform for the city', hideous Henderson barks, dreaming of lifting the soiled trophy up high at an empty Hades (the scenes, by the way, will be fecking hilarious).

Yeah, you do don't you, lives-don't matter Henderson. You performed death and long-term sickness you knobhead. Your 'club' has caused untold suffering to its host city.

A few thousand RS in any situation is a heaving mass of sweat, pus, piss, plague, vermin, self-soiling etc. So, just imagine what the Pier Head crew will do to our city - the results, sadly, might be brutally clear in a couple of weeks. Good blue blood and breath will be infected.

There needs to be a public inquiry at some point in the not too distant future that has full powers and access to fully investigate the impacts of decisions taken by Liverpool FC and their dark hordes on COVID-19 infection in the city. Prosecutions ought to follow. Perhaps the ‘club’ should be locked down for a few years for inviting death to the city.

This is yet another grim chapter in the grim history of 'de luvable reds cross the park'.

Brian Murray
97 Posted 27/06/2020 at 19:57:54
Paul Richards, post 95.

And to cap it all, they rub our noses in it with a Steaua Bucharest banner every home game as if it's a badge of honour, their hooligans causing 39 bereaving families. I'm glad fellow blues are seeing the light and there is only this brothers in arms bullshit when it suits them.

Paul Birmingham
98 Posted 27/06/2020 at 20:01:02
A PR own goal on a massive scale for Liverpool City, the people and the surrounding area.

Also God only knows how the government will judge bearing the current economic recession.

The world will see and judge and the impact of COVID19, on investment and development is unprecedented. This outrage and uncalled for serious of events will in my view, hinder and add fuel to further speculation.

I hope this doesn’t impact investment potential for BMD, as the North Docks regeneration plan if forfilled would help sustain the growth and recovery of the City these last 20 odd years in terms of employment and regeneration.

Let’s see what happens.

Rob Halligan
100 Posted 27/06/2020 at 20:04:12
Tom # 90, but you will not see a more classless organisation on the planet.

So true mate, I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I'll mention it again, because I love putting that club down. A few years ago, 2005 to be exact, a mate of mine was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND). Four of us including me mates brother organised two charity events to raise funds to send him for stem cell treatment abroad.

We asked both Everton and Liverpool for prizes to raffle or auction. Everton give us loads of stuff for the two events... Liverpool, after two or three requests, finally give us a signed picture of Gerrard with the Champions League trophy. For the second event, they give us fuck all. Needless to say, that picture was just binned.

A few years prior to this, my wife was involved in a charity event to raise money for five young kids who tragically lost both parents. Again, Everton were brilliant, giving loads of stuff, while the RS give fuck all.

Furiously, the wife phoned the Red Shite and told them what Everton had provided, and why they were giving nothing? Their reply, "We receive thousands of these requests every week from all over the world, and can't deal with every one."

Unreal, this was five kids from your own city who you are not willing to help. Anyway, a few days later, a parcel arrived through the door from them. It was a signed away shirt that was from a strip about five years previous.

So Tom, you're right, you will not see a more classless organisation on this planet.

John Daley
101 Posted 27/06/2020 at 20:04:54
I was told yesterday that you can't blame their supporters for mass gatherings, or expect them to stay away due to concerns about social distancing, or take into account public health considerations, because this is ‘a historic moment'. Apparently, a couple of years from now, ‘all this Coronavirus stuff' will be forgotten about, but people will still remember when Liverpool won the league for the first time in 30 years.

Yeah, nearly 500,000 deaths worldwide will fade from memory faster than a Championship win secured in a busted flush of a season most football supporters could barely be bothered seeing out, never mind attributing significance to.

Then again, maybe I'm the one hopelessly out of touch with what the entire population find to be of earth-shattering importance. Maybe the fortunes of one English football club does take precedence over everything else and the entire planet has ripped off their gloomy pandemic grots and replaced them with crotchless red party keks for this special occasion. After all, a fried chicken shop in Singapore IS giving away free scran to any fucker who strolls in wearing their succubi's fanny rag of a shirt:


Then there's this tit, who last month was cursing coronavirus for cocking up pre-planned celebrations for him and his fellow army of long-suffering ‘kopites'. A plan that consisted of buying a big truck and decking it out in red sheets with their meffy motto daubed all over it, so they could then take to the streets, en masse, and revel in their inevitable title win with an “open top bus parade” (of that renowned red shite hot-spot, Phayao, in northern Thailand)... err... just with no bus, no ‘open-top' and no fucking title, when they decided to crack on with the celebrations regardless, before the Championship was even clinched:


It's as though cringe-inducing, forced, fervour has been given human form and is getting ready to crawl through the screen, Sadako style.

That fucker smugly holding the badge out on his shirt, like in his mind it makes him the Fonz? His mates hoisting flags skyward with pepperami straight arms and the evangelical expression of a Pentecostal preacher plastered on their smacked-arse mugs? Leads one to wonder whether, instead of resorting to a siege, all David Koresh really had to do to silence dissenting voices around Waco was whack on a copy of ‘You'll Never Walk Alone'.

I suppose you can't be too hard on the culty lemmings latching on from a distance, not when those directly involved with the club encourage such sect-like shenanigans with their own shit-spouting. Carragher acting like he got a medal himself, popping champagne and popping off to town to join the crowd of Covid careless; Klopp praising Gerrard for the way he contributed to their title win by... err... playing for them in the past; and Abel Xavier, quite rightly, reminding everyone not to forget to thank Gerard Houllier for this season's success, despite the fact the Ren from ‘Ren and Stimpy'-eyed Frenchman fucked off 14 years ago.

Joe McMahon
102 Posted 27/06/2020 at 20:10:01
Tom @90 just like Heysel, the Bradford fire disaster is never spoken about. Neither is Piper Alpha, Herald of Free Enterprise (over 200 died), multiple plane crashes. The only disaster that ever happened is Hillsborough.
John Keating
103 Posted 27/06/2020 at 20:11:58
Might have missed it but have the speakers of truth and fanatical spokesmen of the greatest supporters in history, yes SOS, mentioned anything about the last 2 days and possible condemnation of their brethren?

I would imagine, if not already done, their spin doctors will be blaming infiltrating Evertonians for the troubles.

Actually maybe it never happened, just like Heysel.

Patrick McFarlane
104 Posted 27/06/2020 at 20:20:24
Mr Daly #101, Thanks for that post plenty of laughs but, worryingly for the future of mankind, an awful lot of truth.

John #103, I've seen tweets accusing undercover Sun Journalists being responsible for firing the rockets, not written with irony but genuine conviction that the press are out to get them!

Derek Taylor
105 Posted 27/06/2020 at 20:25:11
Enough to say that last night's performance has put back the reputation of our City by at least 30 years. It matters not whom you supported – Derek Hatton or Michael Heseltine – they both did their bit to see us through the smoke and the fog. Last night, it came back with a vengeance, And all because of THEM.

No one else to blame this time, just the RS!

Darren Hind
106 Posted 27/06/2020 at 20:33:45

You and me were both clearly wrong when we said we had nothing to throw back at them. I've already pissed half-a-dozen of them off by forwarding JD's post.

It's been too long, John. My lads don't half miss your posts. Me too!

Rob Halligan
107 Posted 27/06/2020 at 20:38:59
The free chicken combo in Singapore is hilarious. Part of the advert says . A 30-year wait. But the champions never walked alone with the support of their fans - and we think the loyal #kopites deserve rewards!

I wonder if Loris Karius, who suffered verbal abuse and death threats from his own supporters for his mishap (hehehe) in the CL final against Real Madrid qualifies for a freebie, as he was certainly made to walk alone! Or maybe the few hundred part time staff who were furloughed, and made to feel like they were walking alone!!

Paul Tran
108 Posted 27/06/2020 at 20:43:35
John #103, SoS were included in a statement wirh LFC. Vague nonsense reminding people about Covid-19. No condemnation or apology, no mention of them lambasting the Mayor for rightly suggesting they would congregate in unsafe numbers.

Says more than I ever could.

Joe McMahon
109 Posted 27/06/2020 at 20:55:49
So correct Darren. John Daley, superb as ever!
John Keating
110 Posted 27/06/2020 at 21:00:34
Patrick 104 I see Rotheram was also alluding to the dark forces of the media lambasting the Club, he seemed shocked and couldn't work out why?

Paul 108 the shower at SOS only get upset when anyone attacks their Club and supporters, however, as, once again, the Club and supporters did absolutely nothing wrong then no need to say anything

It will be interesting to see if an equal number of people who supported executing that Dominic Cummings for breaking lockdown rules similarly support the execution of our mate Spit?

I think the question for Sky will be twofold. How can they deflect any sort of condemnation of Spit and keep him gainfully employed with the organisation-possibly blame an Evertonian for wearing a Spit face mask. Secondly if they have to finally get rid of him how many former RS players are around to take over his mantle before the new season starts.

They really are a despicable Club supported by a bunch of pyromaniac loving scum.

Bill Gall
111 Posted 27/06/2020 at 21:26:24
I suppose Liverpool the team deserve congratulations, the supporters... not. The thing that annoys me is the continuous saying of "We are back where we belong". Sorry to piss on your cornflakes, the only team that may say they are back where they belong, if they next win it, is Man Utd who have won it 13 times, or Chelsea 5 times... maybe Man City (4 times) or Arsenal (3 times). No, you are not where you belong, you are on the same level as Blackburn and Leicester.

Take note, the Premier League has changed in the 30 years it took your team to win it. To those supposed knowledgeable pundits – no, no, no; the whole of Merseyside was not happy Liverpool won the league.

Bobby Mallon
112 Posted 27/06/2020 at 22:00:17
Can someone put up The Guardian article about the scum Red Shite supporters setting the Liver Building on fire, fucking tosser.
Joe Parkinson
113 Posted 27/06/2020 at 22:09:56
The contempt I have for that vile, evil football club knows no bounds.

They are the most hated club in England, they are the most hypocritical club in England if not the World, more people have died attending matches involving them than any other football club, yet none of the deaths was caused by the loveable rouges, it was and always will be somebody else's fault.

Sky, BT, the BBC are run, managed, and funded by Shite supporters, so it's no wonder the true facts and wanton vandalism goes unmentioned.

You only have to go back to Spitgate!! Anybody found guilty of spitting at a person would have received 3 months at Liverpool Magistrates Court, yet Mr Wonderful got a slap on the wrist and now appears more regularly on Sky!! Where's their famous words, "Justice"?

The words of my late Father always echoes in my ears when he said to me as a kid, " Lad, I would rather die with our History, than live with theirs" How very true.

I hope to God we don't get a second spike of this dreadful virus in this City, but if we do, Then we all know who was the cause of it... it will be the Police's fault, as it's usually the regurgitated shite that comes out from that club.

Keep the faith lads, better dead than red.

Michael Lynch
114 Posted 27/06/2020 at 22:18:48
To be fair, even the Red Echo are going at them with both barrels. The two online edition headlines at the moment are:

"Horrific footage shows police attacked with missiles as Liverpool mayor slams 'shameful' scenes" and "Reaction to shameful scenes after Liverpool title celebrations".

'Shameful' is a good word, sums them up. Except they have no shame do they?

Steve Guy
115 Posted 27/06/2020 at 22:31:21
It's the little things I think reported in Independent but one such outlet

Journo: “Do you think Everton fans will be celebrating with you?”

RS: “They may as well cos they'll never win it.”

Wow, such magnanimity is touching.

Patrick McFarlane
116 Posted 27/06/2020 at 23:07:32
Steve #115 what a silly and loaded question from the journalist. Is there a rival fan base anywhere in the world at any level of football that would celebrate a success of their arch rivals?
Nicholas Ryan
117 Posted 27/06/2020 at 23:18:25
The Reds fans were criticised for not observing social distancing; but they do ... half of them are in Oslo and half of them are in Reykyavik!
Jay Wood

118 Posted 27/06/2020 at 23:44:58
Trash, I think is the appropriate word here...

Pier Head - The Day After

Paul Birmingham
119 Posted 28/06/2020 at 00:29:14
Summary, is weak authority, whom, knew what would happen, and desceration.

What makes this week, different than, the past, in view of the constant of life to Mankind?

Senseless, selfish. We need an Everton Renaissance, in football ASAP, Evertonians, have class

The naive and ignorant press are the crap house sponsors of the RS.

Time to replay the events leading to, and after the Athletico game.

It’s an interesting story and whilst Man City cancelled their game in lieu of best international code of practice, via UEFA, local, regional, national, and in this case European),our neighbours despite the warnings, and knowledge of taking the piss, played their game, got shown up, and further spread COVID19.

For this aspect I solely blame the government and The council, for not being brave enough to speak up and cancel that match.

Lions or pussys, but at that time, you can make your own view.

History continues to be edited, and the RS, are the Devine souls of help, prosperity and success, by the UK media.

Is their really hope?
Get BMD done, get the laser lights and rights sorted.

If Let’s hope so.

Danny ONeill
120 Posted 28/06/2020 at 01:02:05
Thanks for the write up Rob.

I spoke honestly to my son today; my long suffering son, born in 1994 who has only ever heard of successful Everton teams.

I can confine in him without being accused of being "bitter". That is something Kopites throw at us if we dare disagree with the Anfield narrative or suggest that as a club, they have in the past behaved in a manner that lacks class.

My honest point was that I came from a generation where we had rivalry, but I could still bring myself to respect their success and be pleased for them when they won; early European triumphs spring to mind when we were pleased for civic pride reasons. Half my family are reds. I remember congratulating them after their European Cup win against Roma.

But, I think this week has made me realise / confirm how much the events of the mid-80s has impacted my view of that club. I acknowledge and appreciate that all clubs have moved on from what happened to English football and we were all served the same punishment. I accept that Everton Football Club has made many poor decisions in the decades since and cannot apportion all the blame for our demise across the park.

However, unlike in the late 70s and early 80s where I had a grudging respect, I cannot be pleased for that club. Our greatest team was denied the opportunity to prove itself on the stage on which they deserved to be and one on which our cousins have succeeded since. And all because of the actions of their fans. We were punished for something we didn't do. They may be worthy champions, but unlike previous decades, I now feel resentment rather than respect.

I appreciate this may be a non-traditional fan base influence, because as I say, half my Liverpool based family are red, but as a collective, they have become a very peculiar bunch. My rivalry with them has always been fierce, but whereas it was previously based on grudging mutual respect, I now despise them as an entity.

I needed to say that as I'm off social media in case I cause a family fall out with my cousins!!!

Paul Corbishley
121 Posted 28/06/2020 at 01:03:00
I'm a merchant seaman, a Chief Engineer and I'm very proud of it. I have been all over the world, into some of the best, most ramshackle bars throughout the world. I can't explain enough how, in every single bar, it's been a fantastic experience, People talk about the red shite, someone supports them, then I educate.

Only time I have been worried was joining a ship in Sicily, out in the local bar watching Champions League games. Talking to a fella at the bar, I told him I was from Liverpool – and that was it, spitting and telling me to go. I did, don't get me wrong, I just went back the hotel... but their actions live long, the fella was a Juventus fan and really upset.

Paul Birmingham
122 Posted 28/06/2020 at 01:15:27
Spot on Bill @111, the fekkn ignorance of the media is despeciable.

Fekkn illiterate to facts and real facts. Cause and effect history will soon hopefully put the authorities in line.

In line, with law though, as we know doesn’t mean much with the LFC.

John Pierce
123 Posted 28/06/2020 at 01:17:44
There's a line people cross. Everyone knows where it is and when they cross it. When we won the league after years in the wilderness, I didn't see town halls being set alight? When Man Utd won the league after what seemed an epoch, was there such civil unrest? Even Man City, who won the league after over 30 years in the land of the forgotten, I didn't hear of the grotesque celebrations which we've seen in the past 48 hours.

It does feel the entitlement they hold and the stick they've got for being shite has been held onto and rolled into one massive grudge. Instead of joy, they seem to be angry about winning. Within seconds of them clinching it, my phone lit up like the Liver Building. Fair doos, I suppose.

I've plenty of mates who support them, each with there own position on spectrum of occult. Look I take as I find, and if they're sound then it makes the games better and the banter decent. There have been plenty of occasions where things have gotten out of hand and we just skip the footy part.

I've plenty of other mates who support other clubs and there just isn't the same indoctrinated Pavlovian response to this kind of stuff. I think the hardest part is the lengths even decent lads go to justify it. The amount of ‘whataboutism' practiced to justify stuff is just shameful.

If they owned it, then who honestly would have an issue? Every fanbase has bellends; as long as you call them out, then that's sound. They defend everything.

Paul Birmingham
124 Posted 28/06/2020 at 01:29:03
Spot on Bill @111, the fekkn ignorance of the media is despicable.

Fekkn illiterate to facts and real facts. Cause and effect history will soon hopefully put the authorities in line.

In line, with law though, as we know doesn't mean much with the LFC.

Crazy as my last message, as default showed up.

Everton, and Everton, always..

Let's focus on us not them. The vandalism and desecration, we know is normal but never except able..

We as EFC, the club must get some solid fibre, and moral backbone, to see through the next decades. Forget the RS, and focus on solely EFC. No deals, no advantage to them.

From the outside in, I believe EFC, is in a good position, to make the change, but can't afford any more false dawns, as we witnessed the last 30 years.

If... As Kipling said.

Derek Thomas
125 Posted 28/06/2020 at 02:15:23
Rob, it all needs saying. I've only just noticed this thread but I'm not surprised to see leap to over 100 posts so soon.

The short version: and this is going back to when they got promoted (oh how we laughed when they just kept missing out) - they were iffy back then and they've got a lot worse as the years rolled by.

The standard saying then was... and still is: "You can always tell a kopite - but not much." The other two about gobshites and 1 = 20 still apply.

When a story pops up like the Liver Building fire thing, my standard reply / post is - 'RS, you alway get exactly what it says on the tin.'

So, back in the early 60s, we'd win a derby and Monday morning it would be full on. But by Tuesday afternoon it would be finished for us.

They'd win one and Monday morning it would be full on, and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. By Friday, they'd be saying, "Who are you playing tomorrow?... So and So... ha ha, they'll beat you just like we did, 2-1, 2-1, 2-1." Or whatever, off into the distance as they went away laughing.

Poor losers and even poorer winners.

And to think I used to go there on the odd Saturday or Wednesday in the 60s for want of something to do... tbf, it was different back then but it rapidly changed and sadly so did some the mates you went with.

They became what today is called 'radicalised' as rabid as any (Rev) Paisley or Ayatollah.

Pre Edit; Rob; I saw the title and wrote mine without reading yours first, because you put exactly what I would write only better.

Re. the all-pervasive rs-ness; it's not new: in the late 60s, Bill Tidy put out a cartoon showing (presumably) an Evertonian putting his TV on the counter of the local repair shop - 'Have a look at this willya mate, it's not working properly, I can only get Leeds and Liverpool on it.'

Edit 2; I called it radicalisation and I notice others spot the same theme.

Mick Davies
126 Posted 28/06/2020 at 02:34:41
That twisted moron who fired that rocket at the Liver Buildings needs to be charged with attempted murder: I know of at least one security guard who fled in fear, and believe there were others who could have been seriously injured, or even worse, if that fire had taken hold, plus the danger to firefighters. Someone needs to name him soon, whether he's from Merseyside or Oslo.
Chris Williams
127 Posted 28/06/2020 at 05:14:50
The Observer is reporting that an arrest has been made on suspicion of arson in Liverpool, on the Liver Building. Apparently it is a 19-year-old from Scarisbrick in Lancashire.

Of course it is.

Brian Murray
128 Posted 28/06/2020 at 07:08:23
Instead of Pep now saying they will get a guard of honour he should be asking where was the guard of his players getting life endangered by constant bricks thrown and his team bus getting written off. Still amazed no one was blinded or worse that night.
Jeff Spiers
129 Posted 28/06/2020 at 07:40:04
Rob. First class. What next for the rs? "We dun noffink, we get de blaym for evree tink. It wuz dem bluenosers dat dun it sew weed get into trubbil," I could go on, but not to worry.
John Keating
130 Posted 28/06/2020 at 08:18:35

They're already full of excuses. So far I've had the usual: It wasn't them!

The video of them attacking the police was, actually down in London last week! And the best one, that video was from the Toxteth riots!!!! No blame, no shame.

And all these excuses not from young lads but old arses like me!!!

Thank God my whole family are Blues so I can only tell relative strangers to Fuck Off!

Mike Kehoe
131 Posted 28/06/2020 at 09:34:22
I believe there have been lots of decent RS fans cleaning up the aftermath of their playful high jinx and capering tomfoolery.

I get the feeling anything other than high praise for anything they do will be met with lazy self-serving accusations of being ‘bitter'. This is absolute bollocks and suggests a character flaw in blues whereas the truth is ours is more an angry dismay with some of their number.

Is it wrong to be critical when there are thousands congregating at a time of global crisis? Or to be disgusted at the Atletico Madrid game going ahead? On this thread, there have been many historic outrages highlighted, worsened for me by hordes of cretinous RS pundits airing their casual bias on TV (when not spitting on children from their cars).

The word is 'appalled', not 'bitter'.

Tony Abrahams
132 Posted 28/06/2020 at 10:01:58
But you've got to be clever Mike, because you're only appalled because you're bitter!

Only one way to play a Liverpudlian: stay calm, let them get angry, which isn't easy when dealing with “some” of them because, if they are not trying to insult our lack of European cups, it's probably their ignorance that insults our intelligence.

Bringing Heysel up usually brings about a victim mentality before they look at you with absolute contempt for bringing up the past that they love to forget, even if they love to go on about.

Danny ONeill
133 Posted 28/06/2020 at 10:31:25
'Bitter' is just a default setting for when you challenge their selective recollection of their history and behaviour of their collective fan base.

As Tony says, hold your nerve; when they resort to the 'bitter' tag, you know you've won the argument!!

Sean Kelly
134 Posted 28/06/2020 at 10:36:49
I think what we need is to recruit Trump as our PR man in November and tell him everyone in a red shirt is a Democrat.
Darren Hind
135 Posted 28/06/2020 at 10:38:24
Not easy though, Danny.

If someone accuses me of being bitter, they're right.

I feel nothing but loathing and bitterness towards that club.

Oliver Molloy
136 Posted 28/06/2020 at 10:47:09
As many others have already mentioned, their fans are hard to stick to say the least.
I'm very proud to be an Evertonian, but let's not be fucking stupid, if we ever win anything again (even a derby will do), the party would still be going on!

Brian Murray
137 Posted 28/06/2020 at 10:47:54
Carragher encouraging flouting of rules, to say the least. You know the old saying, give someone enough rope. Surely that's the end of Spit the Dog on Sky – he's already on a big yellow card apparently. Or more of brush under the carpet because it's them.
Tim James
138 Posted 28/06/2020 at 10:54:55
Rob, can we please acknowledge that you don't have to be a scouser to support Everton. I have a rich scouse heritage going back to well into the 1800s and we are a hard-core Everton (RS hating) family but I was born near Wigan and have not lived in Liverpool because my father had to move for work.

In a previous post, when I tired to claim, because of my heritage, I was a scouser, I was quickly put down. I got the impression it was all based on having the right accent!

Tony Abrahams
139 Posted 28/06/2020 at 11:00:37
But Joe Royle, showed us the way imo Darren. He acted like a Liverpudlian, every time they failed to beat his team, he just gave little smarmy windy-up comments, and they couldn't stand it.

Get them to show their true colours, we already know what they are for “most of them” anyway, but George Mc is right imo, because they despise it when you don't indulge them, but when you do, they think you're fucking stupid, because it's their entitlement anyway.

This is why the Chief Constable must be feeling very stupid right now, whilst the man who knows them better, a scouse Evertonian called Anderson, was called all the names under the sun, for calling them right.

Sean Kelly
140 Posted 28/06/2020 at 11:03:19
I understand all the loathing of those toe rags across the Park. Every City needs a sewage plant crawling with rats. It's not easy even here in Ireland looking at them arseholes gloating. They will gloat for some time but i'd rather take the high moral ground and be a proud Evertonian than be a sewer rat. Bitter? Yes. But my bitterness is two sided. I'm also bitter about the way this club lay down and felt sorry for themselves for losing out on Europe. I'm not getting into a Bullshit Bill bashing rant because even still we, as a club, are playing the poorer relations role.
We are a soft touch of a club. We take expensive failing cast offs from other clubs and give them a lottery win of a wage every week. We, as supporters, don't get 100& from the board or the players.
WE ACCEPT MEDIOCRITY. I read on another thread that nearly 250 million has been squandered on shit players in the last few years. IT'S OUR FAULT.
Finally here's one to ponder. If the cops had gone in and arrested those with the rocket launcher there would have been an outcry beyond anything seen before. Oh and by the way where the hell did he get it and how the hell did he get to fire it without a cop in sight?
Dave Abrahams
141 Posted 28/06/2020 at 11:08:27
Darren (135), Darren you might be bitter, like me, but never as bitter and as vile as them, I had a mate, gone now, a blue who had stopped going to the game, he used to amuse himself by winding the Red fans up, he used to use two words mostly “ Alex Ferguson” they’d jump like whales, foaming at the mouth calling him all sorts, couldn’t take it, what was funny was most of them hadn’t been to the game for thirty years or more, one of them had a red shirt, bought by his family for his birthday, and a Liverpool watch, never seen him in his red shirt, only seen the watch once, never seen it on him after I took the piss out of him but he thinks, along with thousands of others, that he is a genuine Liverpool fan, mind you he did go to the 1965 cup final, which he is fond of telling people about.
Roger Helm
142 Posted 28/06/2020 at 11:39:03
I agree with Tim 158, we could do without this trope that you can only be a true Evertonian if you are a Scouser. I have been a blue for 50 years, and a STH, and I wasn't born in Liverpool (though I attended Liverpool Uni so I could go to the games).

Re the topic - where I live in South Yorkshire, the nearest town is full of morons in RS shirts- never Man U, Chelsea or Man City etc., or the local club. I don't know why, but it may relate to the fact that the town is top (or bottom) of all the other social pathology indicators - educational attainment, drug addiction, pregnancy terminations and so on.

Fans of other teams laugh at them. Any fool can support a big club that wins trophies, if you want to be a glory hunter. I wasn't at all surprised by the scenes at the Liver building, given their past behaviour over the years, as last year when Man City visited. But they are always the victims. I am just waiting for them to dedicate the win to the Hillsborough dead, yet again forgetting to mention Heysel.

Steve Carse
143 Posted 28/06/2020 at 11:48:30
How long before SoS head up a 'Free the Scarisbrick 1' campaign?
Paul Burns
144 Posted 28/06/2020 at 11:59:10
Liverpool fans are a bunch of full-kit and scarf-wearing clowns. I'd be embarrassed if a 7-year-old kid dressed and behaved like these beauts. Their behaviour has been indulged and ignored for far too long.

Any indiscretions are always someone else's fault, if they are reported at all. I walked along the Pier Head on Friday afternoon and the police were there but chose to ignore dozens of beer-swilling loudmouths until it grew and got out of control. The police had prior warning and failed to act. Just like the attack on Man City's bus. Pathetic.

The Hillsborough card has been played time and again to gain sympathy and is past its use-by date, it seems like the media are cowed into silence or compliance by these eternal victims who are offended by everything that doesn't blow smoke up their backsides.

Brian Harrison
145 Posted 28/06/2020 at 12:07:05
Just read the Guardian, and they say a 19 year old from Scarisbrick was questioned over firing the rocket, they also say a 26 year old arrested on grievous bodily harm. The assistant Chief Constable was quoted as saying 2 officers needed medical attention after bottles and cans were thrown at them while attending a victim of assault. He went on to say about 100 people threw bottles at the Police when they tried to disperse the crowd.

The club and the council issued a joint statement that said they wholly condemned the inappropriate behaviour, and went on to say the danger of a 2nd peak in the virus still exists, and we all need to work together to make sure we don't undo everything that has been achieved already.

So the club reckon a stabbing, attacking Police officers trying to help the victim, setting fire to a building, and attacking ambulance vehicles is inappropriate behaviour, then if that is the height of their condemnation how poor a response is that. Instead their club should have said the action by OUR fans is an absolute disgrace and we will be liaising with Police to identify anybody involved, and will ban them ever attending another game.

Martin Nicholls
146 Posted 28/06/2020 at 12:13:00
Dave Abrahams#141 - as Churchill might have said, "never in the field of sporting conflict was a league title celebrated by so many people who attended so few games"!
Joe Bibb
147 Posted 28/06/2020 at 12:17:08
Liverpool fans have done more damage to the Liver Buildings than the Germans did during World War Two. Herr Klopp should be given the Iron Cross.
Brent Stephens
148 Posted 28/06/2020 at 12:22:16
Martin #146: "as Churchill might have said, 'never in the field of sporting conflict was a league title celebrated by so many people who attended so few games'!"

Actually, he did say that, in 1904/05 when that lot won the second division championship (it's in Hansard, honest). He later adapted it in the context of war.

Hugh Jenkins
149 Posted 28/06/2020 at 12:31:04
If Carlsberg made football fans, they'd probably be the worst fans in the world.

The scenes at the Pier head are in the words of "Donald T." obviously, "fake news" and SOS having seen them, have now categorised them in the same class as "holocaust denial".

Sadly, until control of the media is wrestled out of the hands of dyed in the wool RS supporters, the truth is never going to emerge.

John Keating
150 Posted 28/06/2020 at 12:33:41
Martin 146 and Joe 147
Had a double good laugh there

Steve 143
Why would those bastions of truth and honesty SOS organise any campaign?
The guy wasn’t even there. Some bitter blue framed him with a cardboard cut out.

Brian a bit pointless identifying thise fuckwits at the Pier Head and banning them from games. Chances are they’ve never actually been to a game
The only way LFC could be brought to book would be banning all flights from Norway, Spain and Far East

Alex Carew
151 Posted 28/06/2020 at 12:40:26
Well done Tom#90 for speaking out about this as this is how I have always thought but it is considered taboo to have this opinion.

What happened that day was terrible and was a real eye opener to the quality of the stadiums and how we were treated like cattle. We all lost someone that day and will always remember them. Mistakes were made and an accident happened.

But!! To never once hear anybody take any blame from that club has been a disgrace. I’m not going to deny it, we’ve all gone to games without tickets, we’ve all been pissed before the game and we’ve all arrived late. What is a disgrace is that they never ever have admitted this as a cause. Simple question, if people hadn’t gone without tickets, hadn’t arrived late and hadn’t pushed from the rear forcing gates to be opened, would this disaster have happened?

The simple answer to this is NO.

Kevin Latham
152 Posted 28/06/2020 at 12:41:19
I tweeted Lineker a couple of nights ago about him gushing over their success and the number of vile tweets I got back from the rs over the following days were unbelievable. So a message to an ex Everton player from an Evertonian was hijacked and used purely to spout bile by them. They couldn’t even string a sentence together. They are absolutely obsessed by us no matter what they say. When we were successful in the mid 80’s we didn’t give a toss about them, it was all about Everton as it should have been. Yet again they’ve brought shame on their club even if the general fawning media aren’t too keen to report it. Had that been England fans (who I have no love for either by the way) abroad it would have been top story on the TV and in the papers. Their club have blamed the old standby ‘minority of supporters’ - how many minorities have they had over the years? And saying that it was ‘inappropriate behaviour’ is like saying Fred West got a bit carried away. That saying about ‘offended by everything, ashamed of nothing’ rings true every time.
Danny ONeill
153 Posted 28/06/2020 at 12:46:55
It definitely isn't easy Darren. And hard for me as an exile in London when I get it thrown at me by some cockney red wearing his number 8 Gerrard top (that's to demonstrate his historical knowledge of his beloved Liverpool and their legendary captain). He got that top when he went to Anfield once on an organised trip to the club shop and got to take a selfie in the Kop. Whilst there, he heard that Evertonians are bitter so now he uses the phrase when he can. He doesn't know why, because football only started in 1993, so why are they going on about something that allegedly happened in 1985 and wasn't Liverpool's fault anyway?
Martin Nicholls
154 Posted 28/06/2020 at 12:53:37
Brent#148 - wow! Didn't know that.
John#150 - re Brian's comment, I've heard that the red shite are actually pursuing those responsible and have warned that anyone positively identified will have their armchairs and satellite dishes forcibly removed.
Alex#151 - I echo and agree your response to Tom#90
Jamie Crowley
155 Posted 28/06/2020 at 13:04:05
Even the mere sight of a red shirt makes my blood boil, no more so than when I'm away on holiday, knowing full well the rat inside the shirt is probably not a Scouser.

^^ This made me laugh out loud. Brilliant.

I've yet to read the near 150 comments on this thread, and I will, but before I do I simply feel moved to state the following.

Rob touches on it. And I have to say when you're in my position, certifiably a fan from distance, certifiably not a Scouser, my massive distaste for them is this:

They have no concept, as a collective, of personal responsibility.
Ever since I've watched, it's always someone else's fault, they always find a clever argument to excuse poor behavior.

It's disgusting. The world is turning into a point fingers at someone else place. God forbid you look inward. In the sporting landscape, the shite are the Kings and Queens of this 'never my fault' fad sweeping the globe.

Half the "Bitter Blue" arguments you see are Blues flabbergasted at the outlook/actions/opinions of reds, sickened by the tacit acceptance of their definably poor behavior by the those in power - the FA, media, etc.

Couple that with the mindless sheep here who have decided to become "supporters" of them. One guy actually said on NBC when they were gushing over the title finally won: "Some of us only had to wait a few months." Really? Does anyone blame me for instinctively saying, "Fuck off."?

Then there's the pity. The pity I feel that Blues in that seemingly wonderful city of yours are lumped into the same bushel basket with them. Their historically poor actions projected onto Everton due to the Scouser tag, when Everton have only been hard done by due to the actions of them, not us. If you consider it, it's a weird form of latent racism / stereotyping. It's wrong, but it happens. Lumped in with the shite, figuratively and practically literally.

Dave Ganley
156 Posted 28/06/2020 at 13:08:13
Good article Rob. Like you I live in the city too although I have to say that this win is far better to live through than last years CL win. To be fair, the Scouse reds have all been pretty reasonable with me (not withstanding the 10.30pm rat a tat knock on my door on Thursday night to come and have a beer with them) I think a lot of the aggravation and social media knobheads come from outside of the city. Thats not excusing the dickheads on friday night but I guess the current climate has saved us blues from a night from hell.

The one thing that gets me is the phrase that the RS like to use "best fans in the land" well aside from the things that Rob has stated,there's also the recent events, bricking the Citeh coach, pushing the locals into fountains in Barcelona, pissing in water fountains, starting a fire at the liver buildings and although I've not been up to GP I've heard Dixie has been defaced although as I say, unconfirmed. Also worth mentioning is the police on friday night that had bottles thrown at them when they were trying to help a lad on the ground. Saw footage of that this morning. Best fans in the land my arse. The worst thing for me is that they think it's ok to laud the Heysel memory by calling us bitter. And the even more laughable thing about that is that when they call them out about it half of them don't even know what you're on about. Fuck the RS,glory hunters most of them

Hector Blaukugel
157 Posted 28/06/2020 at 13:08:59
Their awful reputation follows all of us Scouser's around like a shitty smell, a number of years ago I lived in Germany, I was introduced to a friend of a friend whilst there, when he realised where I was from he asked 'are you a Liverpool Hooligan or a Beatles fan' partly in jest, it just goes to show how those Bellwipes have tarnished us all. I was happy to confirm I was a Beatles fan btw.
Rob Halligan
158 Posted 28/06/2020 at 13:20:27
Tim # 138 and Roger 142. I don't think anywhere in my opening thread, have I mentioned you are not a proper Evertonian if you are not a Scouser. I can only assume you mean the sentence were I said "even the rat inside the shirt is probably not a Scouser"

We are all part of the blue family, it doesn't matter which part of the country you come from. During my travels up and down the country and abroad, I've got to know plenty of blues who live nowhere near Liverpool, and never have done, no more so than a couple who travel to every game, home and away, with the West Country blues.

So yes, I do acknowledge that you don't have to be a Scouser to be a proper Evertonian.

Dave Ganley
159 Posted 28/06/2020 at 13:22:42
Hector, very true mate, I was in Sorrento a few years ago and being given a tour round some historical sites by an Italian guide. When he asked where did we come from we mentioned liverpool and his face grew dark as he mentioned Heysel. Fortunately I had an Everton t shirt on and had to explain we have no affiliation with LFC. All tarred with the same brush
Howard Sykes
160 Posted 28/06/2020 at 13:44:30
Lest anyone is not aware not only were we denied our place in the European Cup in 1985 but also in 1987. Both years we were First Division Champions and only the champions got into the European Cup not 2nd, 3rd or 4th places. The whole world seems to forget the 39 Juventus supporters killed by Red Shite supporters on the terraces of Heysel.
Mark Murphy
161 Posted 28/06/2020 at 13:54:02
Their team won the league
Their fans are generally cnuts.
Can we leave it now?
No more threads about them please.
Jamie Crowley
162 Posted 28/06/2020 at 13:57:56
Noting Rob @ 158 -

Rob has always been extremely supportive of non-Scouse Blues, myself included, on ToffeeWeb. When I say supportive, I mean ridiculously so. Ask Mike Gaynes, a regular contributor, how Rob treated him and looked out for him when he made his pilgrimage.

Darren Hind
163 Posted 28/06/2020 at 13:58:56

You have no idea how accurate you are when you speak about the "Scouse tag"

The images of these animals are going around the world. They are what form peoples opinion of what a scouser is.

Go for a job interview outside the City and you are already behind the cue ball as soon as you open your mouth.
Every time we face a Manc team you will have to listen to their songs telling you that you are a resident of "Self pity City". Thats not our doing.
Geordies and Mackems will tell you the you stole their stereo (oh the irony). Brummies and Cockneys some of whom clearly have trouble paying their dental bills, will tell you that you are a scrounger.

Pricks like Rupert Murdoc did much to tarnish the image of people from this City. For years his lies were supported by The Thatcher government. The rest of the nation looked upon us with deep suspicion. why wouldnt they ? Those fuckers across the park have always been hellbent on cultivating the negative image. They take pride in showing everyone what Scallies the are. Its testament to their mentality that they think others see it as an endearing quality. "Everyone love us"

Liverpool is one of the worlds great Citys. Sport, Music, Architecture.. You name it. We didnt get awarded Capital city of culture by accident...but we seem to be eternally taking one step forward and two steps back.
Everytime the REAL Liverpool reveals itself to the world. These c..ts come along and drag its reputation back into the gutter

Brian Murray
164 Posted 28/06/2020 at 14:02:05
I and a few blues have emailed Sky about Carragher's remarks and latest actions. There is no-one I'm sure on this site who would get a second and now maybe a third chance with their employers after already being warned over future conduct. Time to go, Jamie, and let's have some impartiality back on Sky.
Rob Halligan
165 Posted 28/06/2020 at 14:16:30
Thanks Jamie, 162. Can I just add that it also doesn't matter what part of the world you come from to be a proper Evertonian, before someone pulls me up by saying you're not a proper Evertonian if you don't come from England (or Britain, FFS!!)
Danny ONeill
166 Posted 28/06/2020 at 14:34:46
Liverpool is a great city Darren and one we are all proud of. Whenever you travel, when you say you are from Liverpool, it generates genuine interest both nationally and internationally.

Slightly off thread, but I do fear the City's strong sense of civic pride may also have contributed to it's decline in standing as the likes of Manchester took over and has effectively become the nation's second city, regardless of what Birmingham thinks. That's not to say the neglect and bad press you mention wasn't to blame (it was), but in some ways, the City became inward looking and spent a period being quite insular for some reason. The irony of that is we were widely regarded as the second city of the Empire and known for our outward looking, sea faring, expeditionary nature reflected in our intellect, art and culture. That always set us apart from our north of England cousins in my opinion.

I say insular as that is the perception non-Liverpool people sometimes have and where the "self-pity" city tag comes from. I don't know how true it is, but my mother always claimed that when looking to establish an air hub in the north of England after the war, Liverpool was the preferred choice as the Speke Aerodrome already existed. Apparently (and again, caveat this was a mother's tale), there was resistance by the local politicians, so they built up Manchester instead. Apparently, Liverpool was a port; it's heritage was in the sea, so we had no interest in this new-fangled air travel thing. If true, that's short-sightedness of the highest order.

In my experience, we've also been the same in our definition of what is a scouser. We literally argue about City of Liverpool limits; remember the Kirkby debate? Is someone seriously going to tell me Kirkby residents are not scousers just because of a council boundary? We were slow to embrace the Scouse nation concept (Liverpool, Knowsley, south Sefton and the Wirral), whereas proud towns in their own right like Bolton, Oldham & Stockport all embraced the Greater Manchester concept much earlier with the City of Manchester as it's hub. I'm bias, but Liverpool could have been what Manchester is now and more, but we lost ground. Partly we can blame Government and economics, but I think Manchester stole a march on us in re-inventing itself more quickly and thinking regionally rather than locally before we did.

Anyway, that's just my opinion. Let's get back to slating Lucifer's spawn for what they really are.

Paul Tran
167 Posted 28/06/2020 at 14:51:54
Darren #163, you do get the odd exception. I did a job in Glasgow earlier this year. Someone in the group made a friendly reference to me being English, then one bloke said, 'He's not an English bastard, he's a Scouser.' Nods and smiles all round.

Kevin Molloy
168 Posted 28/06/2020 at 14:57:57
Im inclined to think the Paisley years (phenomenal manager and hard bastard that he was) gave their fans a feeling of invincibility and this led to their terrible arrogance. That does though make Howard's achievement in raising our club from the doldrums to challenge and then overhaul them all the more remarkable.
John McFarlane Snr
169 Posted 28/06/2020 at 15:30:54
Hi George [91] I hope you're keeping well, it's been a while since we shared a drink together, and it looks as though it's going to be while longer due to this horrible virus. I think that you and I possess a shared attitude when it comes to football, I can never understand how a sport that we have a common love for, and one that brings people together, can develop into feelings of hatred. I have gone through life with the belief that it's impossible to dislike someone you have never met, but I must confess that I have doubted that outlook once or twice recently.

The way I treat those Liverpudlians who don't attend games but attempt to give me stick, is to ask them "Wouldn't you love to be able to watch them in the flesh"? or sometimes I would say, "They've put a roof on the Kop you know" my ace however is to say, "You and I have something in common" and when their eyes light up I follow that by saying " I can't remember my first game, and you can't remember your last.

Hi Dave [141] you will no doubt be aware of the fact that I decided not to watch any of the televised games on principle, it's my belief that the decision to stage these games was purely for financial reasons. It's my opinion that the interests of the players and fans had been ignored by the Premier League, Again, as a matter of principle, I will abstain from watching televised League games staged in empty stadiums, accompanied by make believe crowd involvement, and I won't take up my seat in the Park End until it's safe to do so. It won't be a pleasant experience but I will stand by beliefs.

Danny ONeill
170 Posted 28/06/2020 at 16:12:40
Hi John,

Great to hear from you as always. I've not minded watching as I like examining the technical side of things and tactics. I can't always do that with Everton as I get too emotionally involved and the fan always comes out in me! But I agree with you, it's pretty soulless. I feel "dirty" using this phrase as I fear has been used by our red cousins (link to thread!), but football without the fans really is nothing.

I suppose it's a sad reflection on the rod football has built for it's own back and the dependency it has on it's Sky TV masters. In the short term, they don't actually need match going fans as that is not were they make their money. As long as they get themselves on the screen, they satisfy the cravings of the international Premier League worshippers who pay their subscription. You know, they type who support Liverpool and turn up at the Pier Head with flares even though they've never been to Anfield!!

But, that can only be short term. The reason football has reached such an extended and global audience via Sky is because of the intensity, passion and atmosphere . created by the fans in the grounds.

Ray Roche
171 Posted 28/06/2020 at 16:42:20

Danny, the main contributing factor in Manchester eclipsing Liverpool is geographical. Once the M6 was built and connected with other motorway networks Liverpool was out on a limb. Manchester, horrible place that it is, became a transport hub and jobs and businesses gravitated there. It helped accelerate Liverpool’s decline.

Paul Columb
172 Posted 28/06/2020 at 16:44:06
On the subject of "Proper Evertonian" .

I was born in Kent, grew up in Ireland, attended Uni in London and have lived in the States since '95. My love affair with Everton started at a young age when my Dad, attempting to avoid paying VAT at the border on a new banjo he bought during a working stint in England, scratched up the case and lashed a bunch of stickers on it. Everton stickers (despite him being Man U, after the great George best). That was it. Born, not manufactured????

I was definitively the only Blue in the villages and glens of Tipperary which made me even prouder of my affinity for the club, which was about to embark upon its most successful period in the '80s. In my early teens I saved up ferry cash and my first game was at Goodison in '87; a 4-0 dismantling of West Ham as "Champions, Champions" rang out from the Street End. Lucky lad. Didn't know how lucky at the time.

Although I didn't have cash or time enough to head north during my London years, I was lucky to see us away down south as often as possible but on moving to the states, found it difficult to keep up with all things Blue in the pre-internet age. The web changed all that in a hurry and once funds allowed, I'd make the pilgrimage back from Alaska every second season taking in more of the City and region every trip. These days, I get to watch every game live on the box and make it back yearly from Oregon when possible. After my family, Everton means everything.

I'm Irish. Simple as. Grew up there with the land, music, sport, banter, harsh Catholic upbringing, troubles and shite weather. Can feel like a bit of a stranger when home these days but it's still who I am. Over here, when folks realize you're Irish you'll often hear "Oh, so am I" and they'll go on to tell you how their grandparents made the trip from County X etc etc. They've been there, visited the homestead, kissed the Blarney stone and had a pint of Guinness and genuinely love the place, their heritage, the people and had a few good days of weather. I don't doubt their love for all things Irish as it's genuine and likely as heartfelt as my feelings for the place. But let's face it, it's born of experiences of being Irish which can't truly be compared.

I love Everton I truly do. But I've always considered myself in a different category to scouse blues who from the day they are born are instantly immersed in the Merseyside ether. It's from this culture that the City clubs were formed and have evolved and I've not lived there through any of it. I've not taken shite at school from urchins, shared joy and grief with family blues over decades, hitch hiked to away games, begged and borrowed to Rotterdam and called in sick to avoid the scum on Monday. I've skipped out of town the day following the derby defeats. I've thrown ale cans at the telly. I've put my wife and kid through misery with my mood swings which have a particular but predictable pattern. But I've not lived the Scouse Evertonian life.

And so perhaps we need to put to bed the often debated term "Proper Evertonian". We need a term to acknowledge that there is a difference between those of us who suffer the Everton condition from afar and those who do so in the shadows of Goodison. Perhaps "Scouse Evertonian" would be the nod that might say it all.

Danny ONeill
173 Posted 28/06/2020 at 16:49:14
That could be another contributing factor Ray, as always in any situation there are many. Without doing the Google Maps analysis, all I would say, is that top of my head, the distance between Manchester & Liverpool City Centres to the M6 (using the Birchwood / Croft M62 interchange) is pretty much equidistant. I'd be surprised if there is more than 5 miles in it, which is irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things.
Ray Roche
174 Posted 28/06/2020 at 16:58:43
Maybe Danny, but from Manchester you can go North, South, East and West, all on motorways.
And it would be interesting to see when the motorway network was built. The M6 was,I think without Googling it, the first motorway. Going east and north east Manchester has much easier access to these areas for trade, as well as the midlands and south.
Kevin Molloy
175 Posted 28/06/2020 at 17:06:03
I think it's worth pointing out that any criticism of Liverpool for having out of town fans isn't meant I don't think to be a slight on being an out of town fan. It's rather meant to be a dig at the Liverpool fans in the city who never go the game, and so the accusation grows that their stadium is full of out of towners. I don't think it makes any real difference whether you've been cheek by jowl with reds for twenty years as to your status as an Evertonian. Once the club gets in your bones, you're buggered really whether you live in Nogsy or Nairobi
Danny ONeill
176 Posted 28/06/2020 at 17:07:51
That's a fair point Ray. I would just say though, I always thought Liverpool rested on it's laurels too much and didn't reinvent itself quick enough and let its regional rival steal the march. Also, in the UK, you just need to be connected to London in reality; rightly or wrongly, our nation is heavily centralised and dependent on London. Sometimes we have to acknowledge mistakes and our part in them back on thread to our red cousins; acceptance!!! That's me being self-critical of the city I come from, lived in and love by the way.
Danny ONeill
177 Posted 28/06/2020 at 17:17:47
I agree Kevin and I don't think you can judge fans by where they come from or whether they attend the match or not anymore. Football has moved on from that. I still visit Goodison when I can but live away now. I was a season ticket holder when I lived in Liverpool in a period when clubs relied on that match going fanbase to generate a higher percentage of their income than they do now. Football has changed, just as it always has. It matters not where you come from as long as you support the club you choose with the right principles. I feel a lot of the current Liverpool fan base are comprised of many of the modern Sky TV influenced fan who has no such principles. They just want to be attached to the latest trend and demonstrate how "passionate" they are, even though they don't really understand football too much or have any historical or family links to Liverpool FC. It's a modern and more ill-informed wave of band wagon jumpers that we've always had with clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United.
Ray Roche
178 Posted 28/06/2020 at 17:19:34
Danny, I don’t know if I’m a Scouser anymore! Born in Roby, certainly not a city boy, but was it in Liverpool in 1948?
There was no such thing as “ “Merseyside “ then. It was Liverpool (or Roby), Lancashire as your postal address!
Anthony Jones
179 Posted 28/06/2020 at 17:31:38
There are loads of Reds in Liverpool. At least, there are loads of locals wearing the shirt. With the team they've got they are getting the bulk of the new kids hunting glory as well.

As much as I enjoy laughing at them, the reality is that football clubs all have obnoxious twats following them, and they happen to be the ones that shout loudest.

I stopped going to watch Everton because of the feral behaviour of some of the lads in the stands. We are not immune from criticism.

Kevin Prytherch
180 Posted 28/06/2020 at 17:33:06
The below is copied from a Nottingham Forest Facebook page by a fan called Thomas. I'm surprised FB haven't taken it down.
So Liverpool, further thoughts

The common myth is that I don’t like Liverpool and that is totally correct...however my best friends who are fans of that club are decent folk and good friends, the manager seems a good guy and the team are talented and deserve all the accolades. they have purchased wisely in the transfer market, coached well and built a side over a number of years against a solid plan, which is what so many clubs, like my own have failed to do consistently what I dislike is the club itself, the supporters, the city and the general arrogance and disdain that has been shown to the rest of the footballing community and here’s why

Getting the entire English game banned from Europe for six years for their fans being directly responsible killing innocent people at Heysel and the fact that it hardly ever gets mentioned every year, compared to Hillsborough ✅

Denying a host of English clubs the opportunity to play in Europe competition, some of whom have never had the chance since and probably never will again ✅

Damaging the English National team as a result and causing years of self inflicted hurt to this country’s international standing in world football ✅

For their part in the worst footballing disaster this country has ever seen, Hillsborough, and for totally denying ANY responsibility for the outcomes that day, totally disregarded the behavior of a section of their travelling support some of whom were under the influence of drink and arrived late to the match, instead waging a thirty year legal war on commanding police officer on the day in an attempt to totally exempt themselves the police were wrong, no doubt, but trying to portray Scousers as angels come on ✅

Bullying? Heartbreak? Shit? Give me a break...keep waving your flags and pretend the past never happened, pretend the rest of football doesn’t remember

The karma of course is that you celebrated your first title in thirty years in an empty stadium with piped in crowd noise, and then got to watch as your own supporters, the ones you have excused for years, burn their own city, piss in and smash up shop fronts, attack the police and injure several bystanders . all in the middle of a global pandemic that has taken nearly 50k lives in this country alone to date I hope you watched and I hope you were proud of what you represented

You may be the self styled champions of everything, but to the rest of the football community, you’ll always be remembered as the stain on our game that we’ll never be able to rub clean one of the biggest and richest football clubs in the world that has spent the last thirty years massively underachieving, year after year, excuse after excuse for failure, spending millions trying to rekindle past eras. always painting yourselves as the underdog wallowing in the ‘Thatcher Years’, using it as an excuse to boo the national anthem, peddle idle anti establishment bullshit, time and time again and claim their ridiculous scouse independence from the rest of the country

Who can forget (most of Liverpool has convieniently done so) the clubs lack of any sort of response or measurable action in the Mason Holgate racism case involving Roberto Furmino, the various Luiz Suarez racist incidents or the Jon Flanagan domestic violence scandal...the arrogance of the club, believing they have been wronged by history and they somehow are above reproach is one of the many reasons the footballing community holds them in such contempt and will continue to do so somewhere in Anfield there is a huge fucking carpet with a load of shit swept under it they have to keep inviting Jan Molby in to sit on the lump to squash it down

And so, you got there finally...and when you did what happened? Your fans set fire to your own town hall and totally disgraced your city and we looked on, unsurprised at yet another incident that the media will skirt over, choosing instead to wheel out Phil Thompson, Graeme Souness, ‘Kenny’ and ‘Cara’ to wax lyrical about how their pain and suffering has been extinguished. try getting battered five nil at Oldham away in league one and you might realise what pain and suffering actually feels like.

You may want to forget the truth, but we never will

John McFarlane Snr
181 Posted 28/06/2020 at 17:37:21
Hi Danny [170] I believe from previous posts exchanged, that you have experienced football at a coaching level, if my memory is correct. I know that for some for whatever reason, televised football is the only way they watch games, and to them there may be little or no difference, but I miss the match day experience and the feeling of being a part of the occasion, old habits die hard.

I agree that many of the people who revel in the success of clubs, would require an A to Z book, to direct them to the home grounds of the clubs involved. I can honestly say that if the TV companies and football authorities fell out with each other and football was never featured again, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest, because I get my enjoyment from my participation, slight though it may be.

Danny ONeill
182 Posted 28/06/2020 at 17:39:22
My point Ray; I too was born in Lancashire back in the day!! My family comes from Garston & Speke and for a while as an adult, I lived in Woolton very close to Markets lane with Halewood (Knowsley) across the road so technically Halewood wasn't / isn't Liverpool as they had different road signs and wheely bins, but to me it's as much Liverpool as anywhere else. My point is I think the Liverpool region could have embraced the wider regional approach & reinvented itself earlier than it did. I think it has now, and the city is a very different place to the one I left to join the Army in 1988 and every time I return, I think she looks amazing. I just think of what could have been. We should be the northern jewell, but as I said earlier, I am bias!!
Len Hawkins
183 Posted 28/06/2020 at 17:43:06
Dave Ganley #156

You hit the nail square on the head "Glory hunters" go back a bit and ask anyone who knew sod all about football who they support it was always Man Utd when they got relegated they were still on the back page of every newspaper. The wheel has turned any clueless bastard now "supports" Liverpool and if the Liverpool canteen manageress farts it's on the back page of every rag.

pre 80's we all mixed together at derbies and you could have some banter then their heads were inserted up their arses and Heysel caused the great divide with the Everton team who were their equal and would have surpassed them broke up thanks to them. Now I hate their name being spoken I hate them being on telly because my local fills up with the scumbags who you never see til the next time on telly. I can't go in my own local because I hate them with a passion and have no wish to be anywhere near them. They are like a cancer that is attacking all the good in football with their superiority complex and always the victims (fortunately VAR proves they are no victims they are well looked after).

Danny ONeill
184 Posted 28/06/2020 at 17:54:55
**Mackets Lane auto type error
Tony Abrahams
185 Posted 28/06/2020 at 18:02:33
Paul@172, I enjoyed reading your post mate, I’m a scouse blue, you’re an Irish blue, but the people who really amaze me are the ones who get up in the middle of the night to watch our team play every week, because that’s definitely being a proper blue in my book.

Jeff Spiers
186 Posted 28/06/2020 at 18:22:49
I must be a sad bastard, but every morning I wake, coffee and ToffeeWeb. Yep. But I can only thank all you Blues for the banter, ups and downs, disagreements that I read. Why, because it's honest, from the heart. Thank Yers!
Charles Brewer
187 Posted 28/06/2020 at 18:27:17
'1066 and all that' was a splendid, very funny collection of misremembered history. One of its authors, RJ Yeatman, didn't have the £10 required to convert his Oxford BA to an MA, so in the book he wrote his quaification as MA(Oxon) failed. I also misremembered that he had recorded it as MA(Oxon) aegrotat.

'Aegrotat' is a term used when a degree is awarded to a student who has not taken exams because of illness and thus has not actually qualified, but has been awarded the degree because the university felt generous.

It is thus not a proper or real degree and has not actually been earned by its bearer.

Since this year's Premiership was curtailed by illness, and was given under very irregular circumstances, I think that Liverpool's 2019-20 Premiership should be forever labelled "aegrotat", thus:

Year Winners
2015-2016 Leicester City
2016-2017 Chelsea
2017-2018 Manchester City
2018-2019 Manchester City
2019-2020. Liverpool (aegrotat)

Anthony Jones
188 Posted 28/06/2020 at 18:30:02
But...Heysel was caused by LFC fans, and they just ruined the city centre after winning a tournament, and they won't accept any responsibility for their fans forcing their way into stadia with no tickets...

The club's name should be muck.

Danny ONeill
189 Posted 28/06/2020 at 18:41:09
Hi John (181),

I was agreeing with you! I was just trying to make the point that unfortunately (and I despair like you), but right now in the short term, the Premier League (and others) don't need the match day going fans. They just need to get themselves on the screen to get the TV revenue. That's the harsh reality whether we like it or not (and I don't).

I'm with you, participation in the game is vital to enjoying it. In terms of my personal priorities; 1: playing (those days are gone sadly!!). 2: coaching - doing less of that these days. 3: watching - preferably in a stadium but like many, increasingly on the screen these days.

Colin Glassar
190 Posted 28/06/2020 at 18:52:26
I love all the bile, hatred and anger on here. I must admit it’s been very cathartic reading some of these posts. It’s also very comforting to know I’m not alone in my bitterness!😂😂 COYB!!
Danny ONeill
191 Posted 28/06/2020 at 18:56:45
Paul (172); great post. I don't believe in the "proper" Evertonian label. Back to others' points earlier, you don't have to be a Scouser to be an Evertonian, you just have to buy in to what being an Evertonian means.

I've probably had the fortune to see this from different angles. I was born in Liverpool; my family are from Liverpool and it's my home city. Yet as a result of my father being in the British Army, I spent a period of my childhood growing up in Germany (great football education itself) before returning to Liverpool. It's all about timing as they say, and again, I was fortunate that this coincided with our glorious 80s hey day, for which I had a season ticket.

I then joined the Army myself, so have witnessed the subsequent decades from afar and now I reside in London, which as a purist football supporter living amongst the most aggressive "in your face" support bases I've experienced, poses its own challenges!!

So, to your point, I get it; there are different dynamics and challenges being an Evertonian in the City as opposed to being a remote Evertonian. But ultimately, and to coin Rob's earlier phrase, we are all part of the same blue family and equals.

Danny ONeill
192 Posted 28/06/2020 at 18:58:18
Oh Colin, this has been like visiting a Psychiatrist to me. I can vent here and keep myself of Facebook where I would risk causing a family feud and fallouts!!!
Christy Ring
193 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:05:30
What happened the other night was shocking, but was anyone surprised? That's why they're hated around the world. But the media play it down, instead of highlighting the history of their despicable fans. What happened at Hillsborough was a tragedy that will never be forgotten, but what galls me, it's as if the Heysel never happened, and none of it was there fault. Our club never recovered, and we'll never know what that superb team under Howard, would have achieved.
What sickens me, as Rob said, every 2nd pundit on Sky, BT, ITV and BBC, are former redshite players, they have a total monopoly. You try to watch Sky, and Thompson's completely biased, and Souness and Carragher are together on the one programme, pure crap, and now Glen Johnson is the latest pundit, is there no other team in England.
Paul Columb
194 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:08:25
Tony (185)...
Living in Cincinnati this past year has cut the time difference to 4 or 5 hours, depending on daylight savings which has been well nice with the (now relatively rare) 3pm kick off enjoyed mid morning. Back home to Oregon in August to resume earlier time but tbh, I love watching the game at 6 or 7 am. The lunchtime kickoffs are a royal pain, but was worse during my 15 years in Alaska.
At some point I'm gonna find a way to move to Liverpool for a year of home & away.
Dave Lynch
195 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:09:41
My reply to Kopite's is always.

"I'm not bitter... I fucking hate you... They are totally separate emotions".

Sean Kelly
196 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:16:39
Slightly off topic here. Just watching city v Newcastle I dream of having an Everton team with half the skill of city.
Danny ONeill
197 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:30:11
It is shocking Christy. It's like Heysels never happened. Our punditry led media has erased it from history in the same manner that our red cousins have. I thought it apt when the Juventus fans turned their back on the Kop attempt at an apology several years ago. You can't make a token apology after decades when you have ignored, denied and failed to accept responsibility for what you done.

Sean - I've said this to my brother-in-laws (both Kopites), City are still the best team in the league. Liverpool are just extremely effective at what they do. Yes, the league doesn't lie and they are worthy Champions by a mile, but depending on what you like to watch, I'd take City's style every day. It will be interesting to see how Liverpool cope with injuries and a run of poor form as to be fair, they've been blessed in those areas. And Klopp's record at Dortmund shows that when things are going well he's fist pumpingly inspirational. When they don't, he goes into meltdown. Watch this space.

Mike Corcoran
198 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:34:12
One thing always struck me in my school days back in the late 70s to mid eighties. The good footballers were all blues and the meffs were all reds.😁
Mike Corcoran
199 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:36:15
And we had much better ‘birds’
Tony Abrahams
200 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:38:17
What's Alaska like, Paul? And don't say fuckin freezin!

I'm not that bothered about footy right now (honest). Watching the game without a crowd on TV doesn't bother me that much, because I mostly concentrate on the pitch whenever I watch football, but it's obvious the lack of noise has taken away the emotion, and the game has become like the latter stages of an international tournament, whenever I watch, probably because of the slower pace?

Like you, Paul, I miss travelling away, but hopefully once we get a better team, I will also be on the road/train, every other week, because there's not many things better than being amongst the “travelling blue army” and some of the loyalist supporters in the world!

Mike Corcoran
201 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:38:34
And we had a great sense of humour
Mike Corcoran
202 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:39:05
And better trainies
Tony Abrahams
203 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:43:55
And we were always more honest!
Danny Baily
204 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:45:30
Off topic but does anyone else think there's a chance our next match might be called off?

A lot of talk about Leicester going into local lockdown. If this happens, I doubt the Leicester team will be allowed to travel.

Jeff Spiers
205 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:46:30
And better hair styles
Bill Gall
206 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:47:09
Agree with your comment Sean if we had half the skill of the City team it might make a better game as the other team may even get out their own half.
Tony Shelby
207 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:49:09
I’ve never used Crown Paints, bought a Candy appliance or drunk Carlsberg beer. Nor would I use the services of Standard Chartered bank. And don’t get me started on Nivea men’s grooming products!

Any connection with that club is the kiss of death I’m afraid.

Ray Roche
208 Posted 28/06/2020 at 19:51:36

Yeah, much better birds. Real ladies. Always tits first.

Nicholas Randall
209 Posted 28/06/2020 at 20:12:40
At the end of the article, it implies that only people from Liverpool are allowed to support Everton. This is not true as there are many Everton supporters not from Liverpool.

It also implies no Liverpool supporter is from the City. Again, this is not true as Liverpool have supporters from the city.

After I read the article, it annoyed me and is one of reasons I read ToffeeWeb less now.

Paul Columb
210 Posted 28/06/2020 at 20:26:51
Tony (200); I lived in a small (8000 folks) coastal fishing town called Sitka in the southeast 'panhandle' of the state. Wet rather than cold (~100 inches of rain/yr). Fly in or boat in. Road went 7 miles out of town in two directions, then dead ended. Perched right between the mountains and the Pacific. Jaw-dropping beautiful, tight community,

Amazing lifestyle; great diving, fishing, hunting, kayaking. Would jump in the skiff for a weekend and claim a beach to yourself. Had a physio practice up there and after 15 years decided on change and moved to Portland in Oregon.

Loads I miss about Alaska, and some I don't like the isolation and the weather. The people in the SE of the state are special. It's a different world to the lower 48.

Joe McMahon
211 Posted 28/06/2020 at 20:31:43
Nicholas @209, I'm from 20 miles North of Manchester and 50 miles from Liverpool. I come from a huge City family. But back in the mid '70s, everyone at school supported Utd and Liverpool (nowt's changed), but I wanted to be different. That's why I support Everton, mostly years of shite but I've still stuck with the blues all these years.

I haven't done loads of travelling, but no matter what area of the UK I've been, Europe and even in India and America, if I've only seen one football shirt, it's been you know who – they are everywhere. The most overweight embarrassing football fans abroad I've ever seen and again been you know who.

Even service stations in the Midlands have more LFC shirts than, WBA, Villa, Wolves, Birmingham put together.

Steve Hogan
212 Posted 28/06/2020 at 20:43:08

Without sounding like a medium, I just knew there would be trouble in the aftermath of Liverpool's title win.

But the sheer scale of it, even took me by surprise. I don't buy into some of the comments that it was only a 'small minority', this was civic unrest by literally hundreds of people.

The moron who aimed the emergency flare rocket (it wasn't a firework by the way), was very nearly responsible for burning down the city's most iconic building, only the prompt action of the fire brigade prevented this.

I'm not going to delve into the murky past of our close neighbours, but there is a clearly established pattern of serious misbehaviour on a grand scale.

So why haven't we seen similar levels of violence by the fans of Leicester, Chelsea, Man United, or Man City over the last decade, teams who all have justifiable reasons for celebrating wildly their first Premiership win.

In the case of Manchester City, it was 44 years, yet apart from high spirits, nothing like the almost feral behaviour displayed by our red brethren and their supporters.

Is it a 'scouse' thing and would Evertonian's act in a similar manner should we win the title in the future?

History suggests not, I have followed Everton all over Europe including the CWC final in Rotterdam, and yes there was boisterous, loud behaviour, but a line always seemed to be drawn before anything got out of hand.

So why then, did we witness the events of Thursday and Friday nights, and similar events abroad?

Undoubtedly alcohol played a big part, but the sight of adults encouraging their young kids to fire rockets above the heads of a large crowd I found pretty sickening.

The level of outright aggression directed towards the police was up there with anything I have witnessed over the last forty years either.

However, what I found most galling was the meek and almost cowardly reaction of the club itself and it's many high profile independent fan/media organisations.

All took umbrage and outrage at Joe Anderson for having the temerity to suggest there could be potential for civic unrest should the club be allowed to play the remainder of their home games at Anfield and subsequent title celebrations during the pandemic.

In the aftermath of the last 72 hours, no-one has deemed fit to apologise to him or even suggest that the perpetrators would suffer a 'lifetime ban' from attending all future home game.

All we have had is a 'joint statement' on behalf of the Police, City Council and the football club saying we should adhere to the government guidelines!!

So far, Spirit of Shankly, Anfield Wrap, Redmen TV, have all remained largely silent, why, too embarrassed to admit the truth, or just too stubborn to acknowledge that there is a large part of their fanbase who are hellbent on causing trouble if there is an opportunity.

Can't wait for the official parade, bet the police can't either.

Paul Christian
213 Posted 28/06/2020 at 20:45:36
Liverpool FC have issued a statement apologising for the behaviour of their supporters congregating in large numbers and ignoring social distancing guidelines in the wake of the club becoming Premier League winners on Wednesday night.

However, a spokesman claimed that this was down to the fact that, for most of them, English is not their first language.

Mike Gaynes
214 Posted 28/06/2020 at 20:54:53
Since this appears to be the most active thread, please excuse the off-topic post as I express my thanks to the fine folk of TW for their support and good wishes. I finally got my wife out of China on the very first flight authorized by the government, and brought her back home last night after 168 days. It was a very nice reunion.

Unfortunately Mom was prevented from boarding the flight in Shanghai due to a kerfuffle between China, South Korea and Delta Airlines that would take about five paragraphs to explain. Suffice it to say that we now hope to bring her back home in a few weeks.

Thanks again, y'all, for keeping me cheered up during this time.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program, the Rip-The-RS-Fest.

Dave Abrahams
215 Posted 28/06/2020 at 20:56:46
Charles (187) how do you pronounce aegrotat? I might find that handy in the next few weeks.
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
216 Posted 28/06/2020 at 21:02:40
I'm glad the elephant in the room has been aired. I have always had a problem with the whitewashing of their supporters involvement in Hillsborough.

96 of their fans got there early to get a good spec. Thousands didn't. The police should have delayed the start - they didn't. If it has started on time with those same thousands outside there would have been a riot. The police panicked. Those thousands rushed in and crushed to death 96 of their fellow supporters. And the Scum newspaper helped fuel their sympathy by saying that they robbed fellow supporters as they lay dead/dying on the pitch.

Do I have sympathy for the friends and relatives of the 96? Too right. Am I sad the 96 were killed. 100%. They did not "deserve" that. Totally Innocent victims.

But let us put every percent of the blame on everyone other than the thousands of supporters who rushed into the ground? There will be those today, aged 50+, knowing they were ones who didn't have a ticket, who had been for a bevvy or two and waited until 2:40 to get in, and who rushed into the ground when the gates were suddenly opened and were part of the mob who crushed their fellow supporters and should feel some sort of guilt for their actions. But no, it was 100% the fault of the police and the officials at the ground.

I would so love to have the money to throw away to buy a house opposite their ground and paint it with a memorial to the Heysel 39. So, every time they played, they would be reminded of 1985.

John McFarlane Snr
217 Posted 28/06/2020 at 21:06:49
Hi Nicholas [209],

It's the right of every individual to follow the fortunes of the club of his or her choice. I use the word 'follow' rather than 'support' because, to me, 'support' requires the attendance at games.

I think that the influence of TV has, over the years, given rise to the number of people who latch on to the winning teams, and considers watching them from afar, and buying a top or scarf, entitles them to call themselves supporters of those particular clubs.

I have been accused recently of talking "Bollocks" and I may be in danger of doing so again, but I believe that, in pre-TV days, a 'football mad' lad in Barnsley would have supported Barnsley, and his hero would have been Tommy Taylor, who later lost his life in the Munich disaster. I haven't been to Barnsley for some years but I feel sure that, if I went now, there would be lads wearing the tops of Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc. and I firmly believe that it's down to the influence of TV.

Brian Murray
218 Posted 28/06/2020 at 21:21:49
One good thing out of this mayhem. They have proved yet again they go a step too far so surely the council and police will stop any trophy parade they no doubt are secretly planning. It’s just an asterisk competition. End of.
Tony Hill
219 Posted 28/06/2020 at 21:26:45
Mike, @214, that's wonderful. How lovely to have something to cheer us all up.
Paul Hewitt
220 Posted 28/06/2020 at 21:36:58
So the rs won the league. They had won it months ago. So the rs fans have gone and embarrassed themselves, who's surprised?

The only thing I'm bothered about is Everton getting back to the top again. With Carlo, we may have a chance. Stop worrying what that lot over the park do.

John McFarlane Snr
221 Posted 28/06/2020 at 21:40:57
Hi Mike [214] excellent news regarding the reunion of yourself and your "Good Lady" I hope that 'Mom' joins you in the near future
Dave Abrahams
222 Posted 28/06/2020 at 21:41:51
Mike (214), as Tony says (219) lovely to hear some good news, the best present you could have had Mike, enjoy your time together, very best wishes.
John Keating
223 Posted 28/06/2020 at 21:55:52
Sorry John can't agree with you at all. Am I more of an Evertonian because I was born and brought up in Everton than a guy born in Toxteth? Of course not.

I support Everton and follow them. Our out-of-town or overseas supporters are as big as Blues as you or I. The only difference is we are lucky to be here. In fact, you could say supporting from afar is even more devotional!

Some of our out-of-town, overseas supporters were of an age and started supporting us in our heydays. They have stuck with us because it's in them. They buy the kits and stuff from the Club and raise their kids blue.

I cannot agree that you can only be a supporter if you actually go to the match. If you say that, then surely I'm more of an Evertonian than anyone not born in Everton.

Tony Abrahams
224 Posted 28/06/2020 at 22:03:00
It sounds fantastic Paul, and whenever I hear Alaska, I instinctively think of Peter Gabriel, singing excuse me, and your description, has just made me understand his lyrics that little bit more!

I hope you do that season with Everton mate, and I’d definitely describe you as a proper Evertonian, if you’re prepared to give so much up, to watch your team!

Mike G, I’m made up for you mate, that’s great news!

Shane Corcoran
225 Posted 28/06/2020 at 22:23:10
I agree with John. I follow Everton, I don’t really support them and to say I’m a fan suggests I like what I see.

I watch them from my armchair and want them to win as much as the next Blue, but I don’t consider myself in the same league as blue scouser.

I support my local sports team.

Raj Parbat
226 Posted 28/06/2020 at 22:30:13
Totally agree @Steve 212.

I sent a cheeky little email earlier to Spirit of Shankly asking where is the mayor's apology after demanding one from him when they got the arse over his initial comments about playing Liverpoo's potential title winning game against Everton at a neutral venue. The reply;

"Thank you for your comments and thoughts" that's it.

Typical rs

Jay Wood

227 Posted 28/06/2020 at 22:36:26
Wonderful News Mike Gaynes.

It's been waaaaay too long a separation.

Roger Helm
228 Posted 28/06/2020 at 23:01:25
RS players advertising grooming products on TV - what's that all about? Not that I mind, it makes me laugh every time. But why do they do it? Do they need the money? Or if the club makes them do it, is the club that desperate for more money?
Danny ONeill
229 Posted 28/06/2020 at 23:09:53
Great news, Mike. Separation from family is too long however long it maybe for.

You shouldn't be accused of "talking bollox" John; your views are always very well presented and they are your views.

But, I'm allowed to agree and disagree. Your 'follow' versus 'support' categorisation is an interesting one. As my previous, I've sat in different camps. When I lived in Liverpool and had a season ticket, I too judged people's support by match day attendance. But that was in the 1980s and a very different landscape now.

Conversely, being the son of a soldier and later a soldier myself, I spent many years without regular access to Goodison Park or Everton match day fixtures. I guess by that metric, I have followed Everton for large parts of my life rather than supported them.

Using that principle, I would argue that those who "follow" do so at considerably more cost than those who 'support'. A trip to Goodison these days pretty much costs me upwards of £200 when I add everything up. I have a lot of respect for those who both follow and support Everton Football Club.

John McFarlane Snr
230 Posted 28/06/2020 at 23:18:11
Hi John [223],

I obviously haven't put my point across as clearly as I should have, and for that I apologise. I'm struggling to find a way to express myself without insulTting anyone but, as you say, some have supported us since our hey-days, and I think that confirms my claim that TV coverage plays a large part in their choice.

I take my hat off to those who have stuck with us through the darker days and yes they are loyal Evertonians, and technically by purchasing club merchandise, they are supporting the club.

I should have made it clear that it was my belief that some people attach themselves to flavour of the month clubs, and it isn't confined to overseas fans. It happens in our own backyard. There are clubs in towns and cities that are crying out for support but TV has, over the years, tempted possible supporters away.

Like yourself, I too was born in Everton, we lived at 75 Everton Road at the time, and no it doesn't make me more of an Evertonian than anyone else. I know I've probably made a pig's ear of this but apologies once again, there was no offence intended.

Paul Birmingham
231 Posted 28/06/2020 at 23:23:00
Great news, Mike Gaynes, The Best result of All Seasons.
Danny ONeill
233 Posted 28/06/2020 at 23:28:52
Don't be harsh on yourself, John. You're a great Evertonian, just as all of us are. Presently, even if all of us wanted to, only 40,000 are getting into the ground on matchday. But the wider Everton support is global and supports our team from afar, not just inside the stadium.
John Keating
234 Posted 28/06/2020 at 23:40:02
Hi John, no offence taken!

I suspected in a way it might have been or could be misunderstood. As I said, we are lucky we are in a position to get to a match.

I really respect the lads who live afar or even locals who possibly can't afford or medically can't go the game. Especially the out-of-town lads who have stuck with us through thick and thin!

“Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed.”

Sean Kelly
235 Posted 28/06/2020 at 23:46:15
John Snr please put the shovel down. We are not all from the city of Liverpool. Some of us can only get to matchdays on too few occasions but we do both follow and support Everton.

There's nothing technical about it. I admire you guys that have the opportunity to go to all home games. I especially admire those that get to far-flung places like Brighton and Southampton.

I regularly read your posts as they are always respectful. On this occasion, though, I respectfully disagree with you on two fronts.

(1) There is no grade or class difference in those supporting or following Everton. We are all Evertonians.

(2) We haven't been a flavour of the month club for such a long time. Pity that we might have had a few quid more in the kitty for team improvement.

Sean Kelly
236 Posted 28/06/2020 at 23:48:27
We are all Evertonians. Sorry.
John McFarlane Snr
237 Posted 28/06/2020 at 23:50:02
Hi again Danny [233],

I'll sleep easy tonight, by following I meant following by newspaper reports, those who actually follow the club around the country deserve medals.

The last time I went to a derby game at Anfield was almost 20 years ago, and as I walked along Priory Road, there were coaches from Cardiff, Bristol, Carlisle, Exeter and many other places, each one carrying the Liverpool Supporters Club sign.

They were all from places that were crying out for support, and I still maintain that TV played a major part in the decline of lower League attendances. I admire the supporters who stayed loyal to those clubs.

Danny ONeill
238 Posted 28/06/2020 at 23:55:30
Always sleep easy John. I know where you're coming from and respect your views.

Great thread and great views shared. Threads like this prove what Howard said; we are the most knowledgable set of fans. We have opinions. Sometimes we will disagree with each other, but we know football and will have those opinions.

Back on thread, unlike our brainwashed cousins who conform to the narrative regardless. We are above that.

Good night blue brothers & sisters.

John McFarlane Snr
239 Posted 28/06/2020 at 00:07:48
Hi Sean [235],

I hope that I have made my position a little clearer, I meant no offence to anyone. There are supporters in the city of Liverpool, Red and Blue, who wear their scarves and sit in pubs on match days, and that's their idea of loyalty. I trust that you understood that the main theme of my post was the influence that TV had in the modern game.

Ste Traverse
240 Posted 28/06/2020 at 00:28:07
Whilst I agree with most of what's been posted about the fans of our embarrassing neighbours, I can't be doing with post #180 as it contains some of the long since disproven Sun allegations surrounding Hillsborough plus an attack on this City, even if it was initially posted by a Nottm Forest fan. Can only guess the beaut which copied and pasted it and put it on here isn't from Liverpool. I know I wouldn't have brought that on here.

Hillsborough happened because there was only a small number of turnstiles for their fans, it built up dangerously so the Police opened the exit gates to let fans in and clueless Duckenfield didn't give the order to close the tunnel to the already overcrowded central pens and direct the fans to the pretty much empty side pens, not because they turned up late and drunk.

Don't care what anyone says, that paragraph in post #180 doesn't belong on any Everton site imo.

Ed Prytherch
241 Posted 29/06/2020 at 00:50:57
Hello Rob,

I know that this is off-topic but I have some relatives named Halligan. They are descendants of James Halligan, born 1841 in Kilcommon, Claremorris, Co Mayo and died in Ormskirk in 1913.
Any connection?

mred_2u at Hotmail dot com

Kevin Prytherch
242 Posted 29/06/2020 at 00:56:30
Ste 240 - the beaut that posted it was brought up on Merseyside and lived there for the first 18 years of his life. He also worked with people who lost loved ones that day.

I considered leaving the Hillsborough part out, but thought it would be interesting to post exactly what a fan of another club thinks of Liverpool fans. In any case, the post doesn't really contain many mistruths, as some Liverpool fans where under the influence of alcohol and many did turn up late.

However, Duckinfield and others should have been charged with criminal negligence at the very least and the ground was not fit for purpose. The disproven Sun allegations centred around picking pockets etc. I would not have posted anything like that.

Ste Traverse
243 Posted 29/06/2020 at 01:11:02
Kevin #242.

You should've left that bit well out as you should well know it contains some of the allegations which have long been laid to rest.

I dislike them as much as any Blue, but peddling that on any Everton site is well out of order.

Stephen Vincent
244 Posted 29/06/2020 at 01:34:00
I was born and brought up in Liverpool my father and grandfather were both dyed-in-the-wool Blues but both respected the dark side. Indeed both would visit Mordor on a Saturday if they couldn't get to an Everton game. That changed in 1977 with the rantings of that despicable moron Hughes; after that neither watched them again unless they were playing us. That was a pivotal moment in the relationship between the two clubs, it has all been downhill since then.

As I said, I was born in Liverpool, as were my father and grandfather. My son was born down south and, when the time came, he had the choice to follow his local team or carry on the family tradition. He chose wisely!

Ironically, his first game was a 4-2 win against Sheffield United. Mine had been a 4-2 win against Sheffield Wednesday in 1960. He has never for one moment lost the faith, he is no less an Evertonian than his father, grandfather or great grandfather.

On a separate point, a family member who works at the Royal came home from work on Saturday night after a day treating celebratory stabbings and beatings!

Derek Thomas
245 Posted 29/06/2020 at 03:59:53
Danny O'Niell @ 166: you're spot on re the airport. Sometime in the 50s, in the spirit of NW regional growth, both Councils had the 'offer' of the US Burtonwood Airbase, with a giant for then, military grade runway.

LCC, in a fit of parochial jealousy...maybe not having forgiven the mancs for building the ship canal in the 1890s?...said no, we'll develop Speke thanks. Had plans commissioned for a new 'super runway' and terminal, only to baulk at the cost.

In the early 60s, they built the cut-price abortion that is still there now, which was out of date before it was finished.

'We' now have Speke... oh yes, sorry, they rebranded it, named it after a failed artist, a 3rd grade poet, 2nd grade musician, but 1st grade world wide 'Icon'

Hardly anybody bar locals know the names Speke or Ringway now - but everybody knows Manchester International Airport.

Wayne Dinkelman
246 Posted 29/06/2020 at 04:20:49
I've supported Everton since 1991 and have never set foot in Goodison.

The only time I've had the pleasure to watch the blues live was against the Brisbane Roar in 2010. On that night, I was told by 2 gentlemen wearing blue jerseys from Merseyside that I wasn't a real fan as I wasn't from Merseyside.

I've watched hundreds and hundreds of games sitting up till 5am then heading to work barely functioning, spent 10s of thousands of dollars on kits and merchandise, convinced my wife to allow me to have Everton as my sons middle name, and never wavered in my support.

Me not being born on Merseyside doesn't make me any less of an Evertonian... in fact it shows I was born to be blue, I was called to be part of our past, present and future as no-one I ever knew supported us.

I was the first of my family to have my heart turned blue but I will not be the last. Our postcode does not make us who we are, brothers and sister in blue now based worldwide all with one love the same as you.

John Keating
247 Posted 29/06/2020 at 06:20:50

Excellent post and spot on I am glad you ignored the two arseholes who said that to you.

Full respect to you, your family and all overseas Blues, great Evertonians and real supporters, every single one.

Jeff Spiers
248 Posted 29/06/2020 at 06:54:28
Wayne, cracking post, mate. And that's one boss of a surname!! You and your family stay healthy.
Derek Thomas
249 Posted 29/06/2020 at 07:56:34
Wayne @ 246; I was there and in The Caxton and those two who told you that are totally wrong. Sorry to say but the rs might have well over and above the permitted dose of fools, but they, sadly, don't have a monopoly.
Tony Abrahams
250 Posted 29/06/2020 at 08:00:15
I can’t wait for Everton to win again because it’s been way to long, but I’m lucky I’ve seen them win before, and that is why I’d even give up a cup final ticket for Evertonians, like you Wayne, because you definitely sound like a “proper toffee“ to me mate. 👍
Steve Oshaugh
251 Posted 29/06/2020 at 08:13:18
Wayne @ 246... agree totally mate. I'm a kiwi and been supporting since '84. Posted similar thoughts a while back. Being scouse doesn't make you more of a fun it just means you are lucky enough to be able to go to live games more often:) plenty of things to give Liverpool shite about but having overseas fans isn't one of them. It shows people make shithouse decisions the world over lol
Steve Shave
252 Posted 29/06/2020 at 08:23:38
246 Wayne well said bro. As an Everton fan who grew up in Suffolk and now living in Dorset I have only seen Everton play a handful of times (and only once been to Goodison!). However, I do not believe this make me less of a supporter. Everton chose me as an 8-year-old and will never leave me.
John Raftery
253 Posted 29/06/2020 at 09:03:04
It is no coincidence that the anthem which has endured more than most in football is ‘We hate Bill Shankly and we hate St John. etc'. Liverpool as a club hated and resented us in the sixties.

Shankly with his stupid quotes such as ‘If Everton were playing down the bottom of my garden, I'd draw the curtains' started it.

That was followed by Yard Dog Yeats and Tommy Smith kicking anything that moved, Phil Thompson waving two fingers at the Street End in November 1973, Emlyn Hughes singing ‘Everton are tragic' in front of thousands at St George's Hall in 1977, Terry McDermott pissing on the crowds at the same gathering, Benitez with his ‘small club' jibe and Gerrard acting as self appointed referee on numerous occasions. I could go on.

Try as I might I cannot bring myself to hate Klopp. Despite my best efforts I have yet to find a player in the current Liverpool squad I can truly detest.

That leaves their fans, the thousands who go to the match with their stupid flags and banners and the millions of obese, drunk, bandwagon hopping, TV watching, glory seekers. Yes, every club has their knobheads but some have more of them.

Liverpool's history of arrogant, trouble making abroad epitomised English football's problem over many decades. Their chant ‘We're the best behaved supporters in the land' was laughable as their behaviour lay waste to many a pub, coach or railway carriage.

Heysel is steadily but surely being airbrushed from history. The fans have perfected the art of blaming everybody but themselves for their hooliganism. If the police had intervened on Friday at the Pier Head, there would have been a riot and guess who would have been blamed? Not the fans but the police.

The incessant moaning and groaning about UEFA's choice of final venues, stadia, travel arrangements, ticketing, hotel prices and so on is tiresomely reflective of their too well developed sense of entitlement.

I long for the day when the bandwagon stops rolling but fear that day may be many years away. With their much increased financial advantage, it would require mismanagement on a grand scale for them to fall back to their standards of 10 years ago. I can't see that happening while Klopp is in charge.

Joe McMahon
254 Posted 29/06/2020 at 09:22:23
John @253, I think to be fair the Benitez comment, seeing as though EFC have never played in the champions league is hard to argue with.

I've never taken offence, look at Goodison Park, it just underlines the statement. Again what Shankly said decades ago, or take it as nothing. Emlyn Hughes in 1977 wasn't called for.

It's Dalglish who I can't stand and the media fawn all over him, but life is life and you move on.

Wayne Dinkelman
255 Posted 29/06/2020 at 09:38:57
I've already told the wife we will go to Goodison before the Old Lady is laid to rest. I just need to make it through this coronavirus pandemic and find myself a new job and start saving again. Might not happen overnight but I only need to feel Goodison rocking just once to live my dream.
Alan McGuffog
256 Posted 29/06/2020 at 10:02:22
Hi Wayne... I must admit I had to read your opening line carefully. Thought I was cavalier about the health of my missus.
Ray Jacques
257 Posted 29/06/2020 at 10:05:24
Wayne @246, what a lovely post.

Surely it is not too much trouble or expense for you to hop on a flight from Brisbane every 2 weeks to visit Goodison, especially as Sky TV don’t change the dates on a regular basis????!!!!!

You are no less of an Evertonian than me, because I can get to the match without a stop at Singapore or Dubai. (I do need to find a car park space, however.)

John Cook
258 Posted 29/06/2020 at 10:07:04
Mike Gaines, made up you and your wife are reunited. I received plenty of support from you and ToffeeWebbers when my wife was very ill over the Xmas and the whole blue family has supported you.

On the question of being a blue supporter, we Evertonians are born as you all know, doesn't matter where you are from or how many games you have attended, it's now in your DNA regardless.

Keep safe everyone. Remember, every dog will have its day.

Mark Andersson
259 Posted 29/06/2020 at 10:33:40
Once again ToffeeWeb has supplied me with insight laughter and intrigue...

I have nothing to add to the many views on the main subject nor the off-topic post. All entertaining..

I will say though the day we can all put our hatred aside we just might get what we long for, Success and more silverware than those in red...

It will never happen though...

Chris Williams
260 Posted 29/06/2020 at 10:42:32
Mike G.

Wonderful news about your reunion, after way too long a time. I’m delighted for you both and have nothing but admiration for your fortitude. I hope you complete the family reunion shortly.

Keep safe and happy.

Craig Walker
261 Posted 29/06/2020 at 11:03:12
The best Everton response I have seen since they won the league was by Neville Southall on Twitter. A class above anything related to that lot across the park as a football man and a human being.

I'll admit that they are a great team at the moment and Klopp is a superb manager (although he lost any respect I had for him when he ran on the pitch after the Pickford blunder). I've worn my EFC shirt, as I always do, since last week with even more pride. I'm not from the city, Wigan born-and-bred but have lived in the Midlands for the last 24 years. This club is a massive part of my life. My late dad was an Evertonian. Both my brothers are Everton fans. My 82-year old mum is an Evertonian. My 9-year old lad is an Everton fan who has never even seen us beat that lot.

We might have a shite midfield and have witnessed some absolute dross down the years but there's only one club with any sense of morality in the city. I'd sooner be on the same side as the likes of Big Nev, Speedo Mick, every single one of the underrated 80s team, the many past legends who represent our club so well and the many brilliant contributors to this website than spend a single day amongst their glory-hunting plastic fans.

Funny how the RS I worked with was the first to tell me of Ancelotti's tax affairs and Moise Kean's indiscretions but brushed off their fans' deplorable behaviour as "a few idiots". Never their fault is it?

Anyway, here's what Big Nev said:

"For all the people who gave me stick last night. Everton FC is not built on hate, just great people a great history of great football. Who respect others achievements and try to surpass them. With hate you lose focus on what's important. Everton"

David Greenwood
262 Posted 29/06/2020 at 11:06:45
Mike G, great news.

Great to read all these comments.

It's very clear they are really not popular among football fans in general. And with good reason.

A more arrogant, unpleasant, history rewriting, truth avoiding bunch of dough balls you'll ever meet.

It's very telling that they were all over social media posting well done pics and all that shit, but the same people haven't said a peep about their behaviour sInce.

I'm sure the BBC even had reports of the trouble at Pier Head as it as being football fans, before they changed it to Liverpool. That must have hurt them to criticise their favourite club.

As others have mentioned above, the only way to shut them up is for us to start to winning things.

Bottom line is we're better, not bitter.

Keep the faith blues, we will win trophies again, and when we do, we will celebrate properly and without damaging our club and the city.

Eddie Dunn
263 Posted 29/06/2020 at 11:07:14
Mike Gaynes, may I add my good wishes to those above – so pleased to hear that your wife is now back home with you. What a long wait! Good luck getting the Mother-in-law home... if that's what you really want! ;)
Brian Williams
264 Posted 29/06/2020 at 11:11:19
Congrats Mike G on getting yer missus back.

Did the Hooters girls you had staying for three months clean up before they left mate?

Brian Murray
265 Posted 29/06/2020 at 11:16:19
Great leadership comes from the very top and as Arsenal have found out sine David Dein left it leaves you rudderless and just content to be at a certain level. Ring any bells??

On the plus side, we have a manager and maybe Big Dunc who truly want and believe we can seriously challenge. So, in spite of the ineptitude and buffoonery around them, let's hope they can find a way to let the good time's roll. It's a long shot but our only hope.

Don Wright
266 Posted 29/06/2020 at 12:08:45
"Quote" Klopp said he "did not love" the scenes at Pier Head.

In an open letter to fans in the Liverpool Echo, the German said: "I am a human being and your passion is also my passion, but right now the most important thing is that we do not have these kind of public gatherings.

"We owe it to the most vulnerable in our community, to the health workers who have given so much and whom we have applauded, and to the police and local authorities who help us as a club not to do this.

And I believe that it was also printed in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, the London Evening Standard, and also the Beijing Daily, plus the Herts Advertiser

Dave Abrahams
267 Posted 29/06/2020 at 12:45:55
Wayne (246), Wayne you met two wrong people from Merseyside that day in Brisbane. Most of us, from Liverpool, would have made a proper fuss of you and given you a day to remember. Get them out of your head, they are not worth the bother.

Like many Bluenoses on here, I am always amazed by fans like yourself who go to great lengths to watch the Blues either live or on TV at all hours of the morning. Brilliant. I live five minutes from Goodison Park, always have done coming from different directions. It's been so easy to get there and see the game, the hard part many times has been watching the match!!

So give yourself a pat on the back for your efforts to follow The Toffees, you are definitely “One of us”, never doubt it and here's “Two Fingers” for the two who told you different.

Kevin Latham
268 Posted 29/06/2020 at 13:15:40
One of my fervent hopes after the events of last week is that we become focused enough and ruthless enough to start challenging at the top. It hurts that our last trophy was 25 years ago, hurts far more than what the other shower have done.

Like many on here, I'm lucky enough to have seen success and great football whereas our poor young fanbase have seen no success at all. I'm heartily sick of all the near misses and bottling in big games as I'll bet we all are.

And I can't stand it when the media show us such little respect, although after all these years of winning nothing – while the likes of Swansea, Birmingham, Blackburn and some others have – I suppose that's inevitable in the current times.

I have faith in Carlo to put us there as long as he's given the time. I can't abide LFC with a vengeance, but I hate our fall from grace even more. Our great fans deserve to be at the top table again, and when Carlo gets us there then we'll be on the front pages of the Echo for the right reasons.

And one last point – best wishes to Mike G and his family on his good news, it's been a long wait. Come On You Blues!

Tony Abrahams
269 Posted 29/06/2020 at 14:11:52
I was reading a little spat Oliver Holt, had with a couple of Evertonians, and all’s the journalist could really offer was to browbeat.

They hate us because we don’t let them forget, but it’s worrying, because journalists are powerful people, and like referees, once they have an agenda be careful, especially because there are now so many of them on the same side, in this dangerously phoney corridor of power.

Jeff Spiers
270 Posted 29/06/2020 at 14:30:37
Tony, very true. The pen is mightier than the sword.
Joe McMahon
271 Posted 29/06/2020 at 14:46:05
Kevin @268, if there was a somewhere to click to Like, I'd click your post.
Tom Bowers
272 Posted 29/06/2020 at 15:20:11
Kevin #268 great post. I agree entirely We shouldn't be obsessed with RS or their fans. They deserved the title but had the finance to have a deep quality squad which finally paid dividends.

Everton now have a quality manager with the right pedigree and if we don't get back to a high position next season then I don't know if we ever will in my lifetime.
We have some real quality in the squad with some decent youngsters and with a season behind him Carlo should now be in a position to move forward.

Brian Harrison
273 Posted 29/06/2020 at 15:23:17
Tony 269

I also read the spat on twitter between horrible Holt and some Evertonians, I see he trotted out in 1 reply bitters. Seem this is the only response they give rather than answer the question asked. I am afraid the press is full of them whether it be Andy Dunn or Tony Evans or Henry Winter, and a lot more beside.

Television is also full of their supporters, hence why the screens are full of their ex players. I could only imagine the write up that Everton or Man Utd or Man City fans would have got had it been supporters of these clubs that had carried out this appalling behaviour.

Look what can't be argued is they have been the best team in the Premier League this season, and followed last season's Champions League win and 2nd in the league, a great achievement.

I think what annoys most other clubs' fans is their fans claiming that them winning the league means more to them than the rest of us. Their other claim that its back in its rightful place, what first time they have won it so by that very nature it cant be back where its never been.

I always use the quote from Dr France when comparing Evertonians to Liverpool supporters. We have humility, they have arrogance; we have loyalty, they have entitlement; and we have art, they have pornography.

Kevin Latham
274 Posted 29/06/2020 at 15:26:05
Tony (269) I saw that Holt thing too. He acted just like a spoilt kid, which is unbelievable for a journo of his ‘alleged' standing and experience.

But this is the hold LFC seem to have over the press and TV. If anyone calls them out then they all mobilise to shout us down. Is it any coincidence that we have Klopp's ‘open letter' out today, right after the Pier Head disgrace?

And Tony Evans has rushed out a piece in the Independent which starts off ‘can't defend Liverpool fans' then moves right on to blaming Joe Anderson and the lockdown, and inevitably references Hillsborough (but not Heysel of course).

By next week, it will all have become our fault. Red propaganda at its worst – no humility or sense of shame, aided and abetted by the media. Tony is right, it is worrying, and it'll get worse.

And Joe (271), thanks for your mention!

Tom Bowers
275 Posted 29/06/2020 at 15:31:16
Kevin #268 great post. I agree entirely.
We shouldn't be obsessed with RS or their fans.
They deserved the title but had the finance to have a deep quality squad which finally paid dividends.

Everton now have a quality manager with the right pedigree and if we don't get back to a high position next season then I don't know if we ever will in my lifetime.

We have some real quality in the squad with some decent youngsters and with a season behind him Carlo should now be in a position to move forward.

Patrick McFarlane
276 Posted 29/06/2020 at 15:42:23
I think that there is far more to the media's rush to defend our neighbours, whenever it is needed, than meets the eye, it is after all only a football club, of course subscriptions and advertising plus other considerations are part of the reason.

I would also argue that there is an element of politics at work too, what better way to 'sell' UK goods than to have the use of a worldwide household name as your flag bearer?

City won the league last season along with two other trophies, they weren't the recipients of the media's praise and hype to the extent that Herr Klopp's team have received. Unfortunately, we as their closest geographical rivals have to also bear the brunt of the media's wrath, if as a club or a fan base, we dare to challenge the coverage or ask legitimate questions.

There has to be a reason for this unwarranted promotion and adoration of a single club, and I'd wager, it has nothing to do with football.

Jeff Spiers
277 Posted 29/06/2020 at 16:22:27
I recall the Monday back at work after the FA Cup Final against the RS, when a kopite colleague burst into the factory and volleyed a barrage of vitriol down my left ear.

"Everton are shite, bluenose cunts etc". Sad. Even in victory, they're never happy.

My response. I just smiled. That fucked up his day!!

Tony Abrahams
278 Posted 29/06/2020 at 16:45:28
I didn't know Joe Anderson had been slagged off by Evans but he called it right. I wonder if either Liverpool FC or the SOS have apologised for the stick they both gave him for voicing his concern? Highly unlikely, I know.

Stephen Brown
279 Posted 29/06/2020 at 16:46:02
This thread is therapeutic!! I’ve managed to avoid SSN, all the papers, BBC website since last week.

This thread has made me feel a whole lot better as there are people out there that feel like me!

Mike Gaynes
280 Posted 29/06/2020 at 16:49:06
Wayne #246, what a great post.

Delighted to hear you've determined to visit the Old Lady while she's still around. I was a Blue for 32 years before I got to make that pilgrimage, and it was one of the great pleasures of my life.

As Dave #267 says, you will be warmly welcomed. Just make your plans known here on TW and you'll have lots of volunteers ready to step up and make sure you are treated like a visiting dignitary. Dave is one of the primary ambassadors!

Chris Leyland
281 Posted 29/06/2020 at 16:50:25
Tony (279) - Liverpool or SOS apologise? Don’t be ridiculous. I think you will find that the rioting last week was actually Joe Anderson’s fault. After all, if he hadn’t suggested they’d gather in large groups, the thought wouldn’t ever have occured to them.
Tony Abrahams
282 Posted 29/06/2020 at 17:00:47
Everyone should fight their corner Chris, but if they can’t hold their hands up when they’re wrong, then they have got no credibility to begin with.

The stupid bastards have taken away so much of that credibility with their actions, whilst the PR machine will salvage the reputation of the worlds greatest supporters, once again!

Steve Carse
283 Posted 29/06/2020 at 18:23:47
David (262), I'm musing over what form Blue celebrations might take in the future. Even the superoptimists amongst us can only (ever?) see us winning either of the domestic knockout cups.

Given the gradual devaluing of both these competitions over the last 20 years, I just wonder whether winning one of them is still seen as warranting the traditional town-centre trophy parade (doubtless our friends across the park would, with their customary condescension and arrogance, say not).

Brian Temple
284 Posted 29/06/2020 at 18:39:21
Why are their memorabilia adverts for "them" on ToffeeWeb?

I did a screengrab in case I was seeing wrong.

Now I'll admit that the owners of this site may not be responsible so I can only assume some warped algorithm has seen the amount of mentions of "them" on mainstream media (no links to those stories have been clicked) and is now assuming everyone wants "their" memorabilia?


A long-suffering Evertonian and Tofeewebber, first time contributor.

Sam Barrett
285 Posted 29/06/2020 at 18:50:55
The thing I find strange is that both the best fans in the country and the worst fans in the country hail from the same city, same families even in some cases, how does that work? The gulf in class between both sets of fans is immeasurable.
Christy Ring
286 Posted 29/06/2020 at 19:18:04
Joe@254 I have to disagree with you over the Benitez comment, it was a cheap shot, he threw the toys out of the pram, because we drew 0-0. Look at our history, league titles etc, just because we didn't play in the Champions League, and they made sure we didn't qualify, they changed the rules to suit Liverpool, and the less said about the Fixed draw we got, and Collina. We weren't allowed play in the European Cup, because of the Heysel, so Benitez comment was an embarrassment to him and the redshite.
Patrick McFarlane
287 Posted 29/06/2020 at 19:30:51
Sam #285
It is a mystery, doubtless someone could write a whole thesis or even a book about it.

The only divide seems to be which club a person supports and that appears to result in a completely different attitude and mindset held by a significant number of fans.

Maybe football has replaced religion in our increasingly secular society and therefore the identity issues that usually accompany religious beliefs have taken hold of the fans.

Or it could be that success on a fairly regular basis makes some people arrogant and unbearable?

Paul Birmingham
288 Posted 29/06/2020 at 19:40:15
Wayne@246, All Evertonians, regardless of colour, race, creed are always welcome to Evertonian Family of The World.

Born a Blue, Live. Blue, Die a Blue!

Chris Leyland
289 Posted 29/06/2020 at 19:53:52
Patrick - arrogance and unbearable are two words that some them up perfectly. It is a reason why they are by and large loathed by supported of most other teams. All football fans are to an extent myopic but they take it to a whole new level. They refuse to accept even an ounce of criticism of anything they do on or off the pitch.

Look at the Suarez/Evra incident and the number of their fans who refused to believe that one of their players could racially abuse someone, despite him being found guilty. The club’s own revolting reaction showed that the apple is rotten to the core.

When Mason Holgate thought he’d been racially abused by Firminho, their immediate reaction was to claim Holgate only did it to avoid being sent off and they went looking at his historic tweets. Anyone who watched the game and the way Mason reacted can see that he thought he’d heard something but the shite’s fans suddenly became lip-reading experts.

Klopp when the ball boy asked him if he’d enjoyed the World Cup final last year is an other example of how the sham operates. The self-styled ‘man of the people and all-round nice guy’ mask slipped until he realised that there was a camera on him and side this big, toothy bright-white smile was suddenly back on display.

They way they react in victory: without an ounce of civility or decency sums them up to me: a more disgusting and vile club you are unlikely to ever encounter.

Darren Hind
290 Posted 29/06/2020 at 20:31:01
The main stand at Mordor went fucking ballistic after young Mason sent Firminho over the wall. I thought he would panic, but he actually took a step to them and scanned the whole stand without blinking.
I knew he could play, but that incident made me realise this was no shrinking violet.

More to come in that particular story. The next tie he stares them down will be in victory rather than defiance.


Soon Your Mum will be back too and you can breath easy - Actually the rest of TW can breath easy to. You only have to see the posts to realise, you were never facing this alone.

Mike Gaynes
291 Posted 29/06/2020 at 20:52:12
Darren, that's a very nice thing to say. Many thanks.

And thanks also to all who shared their good wishes.

Tony Abrahams
292 Posted 29/06/2020 at 21:11:02
We have bashed the kopites, anyone who didn’t know us would say we were bitter fuckers us Evertonians, but after 290 posts, anyone who can link what Evans says in the independent today, onto this page, will rest our case, because it’s a sickening piece attacking Joe Anderson, after the mafioso, had all turned on him.

We all know the press told lies and spun the fuck out of hilsborough, but this is a horrible article and only acceptable if you’re a snide.

Disgusting Evans, this is an article that belongs in the trash that was left at the Pier Head last Friday night, when will this indulgence ever end?

Neil Copeland
293 Posted 29/06/2020 at 21:20:51
Mike 214, great news about your better half and sounds like you will seeing your mum soon. I am sure it will be well worth the wait.

Jay Wood

294 Posted 29/06/2020 at 21:26:19
Would that he read this piece from the Independent Tony?

Liverpool Fans Not Solely At Blame

Evans jumps through several hoops in a very convoluted attempt to diminish and distance Liverpool supporters from blame.

I believe I write of the same journo who I praised a few months ago for his very honest first hand account of the menacing thuggery he was part of at Heysel that fateful day.

More recent articles like this one suggests to me he is very much part of the fawning press perpetuating any number of myths about our loveable 'bours.

A shocking read this.

Tony Abrahams
295 Posted 29/06/2020 at 21:31:21
That’s the one Jay, lines like this week, where was Joe Anderson when Liverpool needed leadership, how about he had already been shot down by Liverpool FC, The spirit of Shankly, countless Liverpudlians, and all for saying “THE TRUTH”
Brent Stephens
296 Posted 29/06/2020 at 21:35:31
Yes, the rs fans thumbed through the Echo and the Guardian every day last week to see if Anderson had any advice about going to the Pier Head in celebration. Couldn’t see any, so they decided to go anyway.
Neil Copeland
297 Posted 29/06/2020 at 21:41:06
Looking for something to do during lockdown, my daughter suggested we have a quiz with each of us setting 10 questions each about anything that person wants. There were 4 of us; my daughter and her red boyfriend, my red brother and me.

As one if my questions I asked in what year were LFC formed and provided a multiple choice of answers; 1878, 1892, 1901, 1830. The only one who got it right was my daughter (a blue)! No surprise really I suppose as neither of the 2 blokes in question actually go to the game and would need a sat nav to find mordor.

Both were crowing on Thursday night though. - despite the fact I have welcomed them into my home during lockdown and where they have been since March (lots of reasons I would rather not go into on here).

I am proud, in fact honoured, to be an Evertonian and always have been. The way EFC gave its support over Hillsborough is astonishing given what the RS have given us in return. But that support shows our class in my opinion.

I very much doubt if our supporters would behave the way that shower of twats have over the past few days. History shows that during our glory days of the 80s we behaved admirably. For evidence of this watch the CWC final and listen to Brian Cloughs comments about how well behaved our support was.

I detest that club and it’s gobshite supporters, if we are the bitter ones why are they so obsessed with us?

Chris Leyland
298 Posted 29/06/2020 at 21:41:10
Tony just read the Evans article and it is truly disgusting.

He is basically saying Anderson is equally to blame along with their rioting fans. Whilst he goes further than most of their cult and accepts that the fans must shoulder some of the blame, he can't quite bring himself to apportion it all to them and tries to deflect by dishing it out to various other third parties.

At one point he says their fans will always be under the spotlight more because of their history and I thought for a second he was going to reference and acknowledge Heysel but obviously no, he didn't.

Also no mention of the fact that their entire squad had a party at Formby Hall on Thursday night and splashed it all over social media which may have encouraged their fans to think that it was okay to do likewise.

Joe McMahon
299 Posted 29/06/2020 at 21:41:54
It's sickening, isn't it. If Charles Manson had YNWA tattooed on his face, he'd have walked free. The national media are shameless, its propaganda.
John Keating
300 Posted 29/06/2020 at 21:50:06
Evans and the Independent, for publishing the piece, are cowards. Evans a disgrace as well as a coward. It wasn't just Anderson who warned what was going to happen – every right-minded person (so that means nobody of a red persuasion) said exactly the same.

Our ex-brickie and his mates at SOS have set their stalls out. The brickie is supposed to represent ALL the people of Liverpool. I think this episode shows that's not the case; hopefully it will be remembered next time he's looking to extend his free meal ticket.

As regards the bastions of truth and honesty, well they've always been a joke.

Tony Abrahams
301 Posted 29/06/2020 at 22:02:58
When he said, “Our supporters will always be under the spotlight more”, I thought the same as you Chris, but it’s SELF CENTRED FC, we are talking about, you bitter, bitter, bitter, horrible Evertonians!
Christy Ring
302 Posted 29/06/2020 at 22:03:00
Jay, just read the piece, absolutely disgusting, The most shocking part, is how Evans and the Independent, haven't been brought to task for their deplorable article.
Neil Copeland
303 Posted 29/06/2020 at 22:08:35
So, Joe Anderson accurately predicts what will happen months in advance and he is criticised? Wow, do they have no shame?
Rob Halligan
304 Posted 29/06/2020 at 22:09:28
If Carragher was part of the gathering on Friday night, (I've seen no evidence of this by the way), then will he still be part of the sky commentary team? Everton should tell Sky he won't be welcome on Wednesday if he is part of the commentary team, for fear he may have contracted the virus.
Tony Abrahams
305 Posted 29/06/2020 at 22:17:40
He was there Rob, perhaps even asked to go by sky tv, before it all went horribly wrong?

I've just been going through the history of football, and I see a lot of posts on ToffeeWeb, by people ready to throw in the towel, or never believing that “our day” will come again.

Well, only three teams have won the League in both the 1800s and the 1900s, so it's a race between Everton, Aston Villa and Sunderland to be the first team to win the league in 3 different centuries. This is an absolutely unique thing we should be putting all our efforts into, and something Moshiri and Usmanov need to be told immediately!

Jay Wood

306 Posted 29/06/2020 at 22:38:07
'And if yer know yer 'istory...'

I like that one Tony.

That would be a good one to land and brag about.

Dave Abrahams
307 Posted 29/06/2020 at 22:53:17
Brent (296), Brent get it right, he actually said “ Liverpool are fuckin’ shite”, Hancock is a bit dim but his heart is in the right place.
Jay Wood

308 Posted 29/06/2020 at 22:56:55
Get to use 'aegrotat' with your Monday night aleing partners tonight Dave..?
Brent Stephens
309 Posted 29/06/2020 at 22:57:31
Dave, you're right! I was being too kind!

I think you're right about Hancock – awfully nice but dim. Boris will hang him out to dry over Covid-19 when he's no longer a useful shield for him.

Steve Guy
310 Posted 29/06/2020 at 22:58:43
Tony Evans Twitter Account describes him as

Writer. Radical. Scouse Separatist. Football drinker. Beer hooligan.

Says it all apart from his fanatical support for the RS. The media is biased and poisoned throughout and he’s a prime example. The Victims always find someone to blame and they’ve done it again.

Brent Stephens
311 Posted 29/06/2020 at 22:59:07
Jay, had a mate at uni awarded an aegrotat degree. Sad case. He committed suicide just before finals.
Patrick McFarlane
312 Posted 29/06/2020 at 23:25:20
A teenage Everton fan was reportedly told he should die after being wrongly accused of setting fire to the Liver Building.He said: "It all kicked off on Sunday when someone posted my picture and said they had identified me as the person in the video.

"I wasn't even aware of it, my friend's girlfriend sent me a screenshot and said that people thought I had done it."

Jamie said that over the next few hours his picture was repeatedly posted alongside vile threats including people posting he should die for what he has done and that he needed to "reevaluate his life".

He said: "Thankfully, no one knew my name so none of the comments were made directly to me but to see things like that posted alongside my picture, it was awful. "To be wrongly accused of something so serious, as a 17-year-old, was horrific.

"Everyone who knew me and saw the picture knew I wouldn't do something like that so they helped share posts that said it wasn't me. "I was told I should die and was called all sort of disgusting things but I felt physically sick that people who think I would do something like that.

"I have been an Everton fan all my life so I wouldn't even have been there, I was in bed, but regardless, I would not even think of committing a crime like that."

EFC fan wrongly Accused

Of course we don't know which club the person who originally posted the mistaken idenity supports or indeed whch side of the football divide issued the threats, regardless, it may well have been a genuine mistake by whoever posted the picture.

Nevertheless Dr. David France would seem to have the measure of the rivalry in recent times when he said “Everton versus Liverpool is humility vs arrogance, loyalty vs entitlement and art vs pornography”

Patrick McFarlane
314 Posted 29/06/2020 at 23:47:08
A post on Grand Old Team by Kever10 (I think) sums up pretty well what Bitterness really is. In case the link isn't accurate enough the original post is number 571

in the everton-head-office.thread.


John Keating
315 Posted 29/06/2020 at 23:47:20
We're lucky that RS supporter only fired a rocket at the Liver Building
If Klopp had been there it would have been a fucking V2
Mark Andersson
316 Posted 30/06/2020 at 00:54:33
Is there no other news.. over 300 posts on this thread as I predicted to my wife...

Anyway to all you better blues, bitter blues, true blues and everything blue our time will come the good guys always triumph just keep the faith..

Mike Corcoran
317 Posted 30/06/2020 at 02:10:20

Snorting beak off a bobbies helmet. Say no more

Tony Abrahams
318 Posted 30/06/2020 at 07:55:38
If I can slag them, I can also have a go at defending them, and I’m not sure the people who went to the Pier head, later on in the evening were proper fans Mike, but more a reflection on modern society Unfortunately? Even though the damage had already been done.

Ian Jones
319 Posted 30/06/2020 at 07:56:15
I have often thought that we should propose a new trophy to play for...The Original Members Cup, perhaps as a pre-season exercise, consisting of the original 12 clubs of the Football League to include the following...

Accrington Stanley (previously Accrington), Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Burnley, Derby County, Everton, Notts County, Preston North End, Stoke City (previously Stoke), West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers).

4 groups of 3, play each team home and away, using the preferred formation of the time, 2-3-5...(although this formation perhaps not good as a pre-season exercise)
Group leaders contest the semis and so on etc

No chance of Liverpool winning that one...having said that we probably wouldn't either.

Jeff Spiers
320 Posted 30/06/2020 at 08:25:14
Tony @332,

It is a reflection on modern society, sadly. Doesn't excuse the bellwhiffs. Pricks.

Tony Abrahams
321 Posted 30/06/2020 at 08:35:42
I know, Jeff, that's why I said the damage had already been done. But it's only going to get worse when you read articles like the one by Evans, when there is always an excuse ready to half justify and absolve.
Mal van Schaick
322 Posted 30/06/2020 at 08:42:31
A bit of a Taboo subject, because you're not allowed to express an opinion or tell the truth in today's barmy world.

To cause the trouble and problems around the world that they're fans have caused including getting us banned out of Europe because of their behaviour is galling.

It's always someone else's fault and never theirs. I've had conversations? with some redshite fans about this and they know how they behave and then play the ‘woe is us’ card.

I agree with some others, the best answer is to build a team to dominate the Premier League and Europe for years to come. It may not happen in my lifetime, but at least I have seen some glory years and great football with Everton.

Martin Nicholls
323 Posted 30/06/2020 at 09:57:33
Rob (#307) – I can endorse what Tony (#309) says. I've seen pictures of Carragher at Pier Head looking cool, beer can in hand. Is consumption of alcohol not prohibited there?!

Tony (#322) - Carragher has in more ways than one shown himself to be a "proper fan"!

Dave Abrahams
324 Posted 30/06/2020 at 10:51:00
Jay (312), the pubs haven't opened yet, only seen them at funerals. If I used that word, Jay, they'd sue me even before they knew what it meant! I'll be seeing them soon, we'll be okay until the ale sinks in and the wit goes out. I've been arguing with one of them for 70 years, I think he's won one of them, maybe two!!!
Jay Wood

325 Posted 30/06/2020 at 11:13:59

Completely forgot the detail that back in the UK pubs are still closed Dave.

Are Liverpool pubs likely to reopen on 4th July as publicised, or is that at the discretion of local councils or the landlords themselves?

Are you still self-isolating yourself or able to leave the house a bit more now?

I'm sure you'll look after yourself and whatever comes your way when the Monday night sessions return!

Good health!

Dave Abrahams
326 Posted 30/06/2020 at 11:48:35
Jay (325), yes the pubs are opening on Saturday, I won't be going yet, my wife is still on lockdown until the 1 August so it wouldn't be right for me to go and have a few bevvies and then come back in.

There have been a few pubs around town that have been serving drinks at the door, quite legit I believe, as long as you don't go in. I've been having a few drinks in the house just to keep my hand in, nothing serious.

When it starts on Saturday, I can see plenty of problems. As I said earlier, when the ales in (too many), the wit is definitely out with lots of people, they become narks. Mind you, plenty get happy with drink, but still foolish.

When my wife gets the okay from the health people, I'll be having a go.

Chris Williams
327 Posted 30/06/2020 at 13:08:56

As Dave says, the pubs are due to open on Saturday, and I think the beer gardens from Monday.

It’s down to the individual pubs as to whether they open, or maybe the company when they run tenancies.

This has been trailed for several weeks and you’ve had the usual publications telling people it’s almost their national duty to go for a pint. The same ones banging on about Getting Our Summer Back, and then wondering why we saw some of the scenes at the resorts and beaches last week. There may be more such articles before Saturday, but hopefully some sense has been learned.

Then of course we got the scenes in Liverpool at the back end of last week.

Saturday opening is potentially a dangerous, volatile situation. The days of big groups going out mob handed for a session are now very much over, with social distancing, and the rules that have massively reduced pub capacity,but that reality may not have registered widely perhaps.

My son, Andy and John his business partner have taken the decision not to open their little micropubs on Saturday, and will probably leave it until the middle of the following week. They can now get a maximum of 20 people in each and have the legal requirement to be able to manage it for the safety of their team and the customers.

Maybe they’re wrong, but I guess time will tell. But they’re playing it cautiously, and I don’t blame them.

They’re still selling Takeaways, including pints at the door.

Jay Wood

328 Posted 30/06/2020 at 13:52:53
Until Dave wrote it Chris, I didn't realise pub re-opening day falls on a Saturday.

Hmmm. Asking for trouble methinks.

Dunno if you can view this video posted on FB, but it nicely sums up what landlords and bar staff are likely to face on re-opening.

Don't Be This Guy On 4th July

Andy and partner are probably wise to wait to re-open mid-week rather than on a weekend after a 3 month lock-out.

Chris Williams
329 Posted 30/06/2020 at 14:08:01

Very funny that mate. I’ll forward that on and I suspect it may well appear as part of their communications.

I’ve sort of been waiting for Saturday to be called Independence Day, by some tabloid numpty, but maybe they’ll apply a little restraint, although they may miss out on some nice Sunday finger wagging and tutting.

How are things going with you and your wife?

Jay Wood

330 Posted 30/06/2020 at 14:30:35
Its good, isn't it Chris?

And sadly you know it's going to be so true of some people.

As for me and the missus, this virus just keeps coming back for a nibble. I have 3-4 absolutely 100% days. Full of energy, clear thinking, in top gear. Then out of nowhere - BAM! Totally floored again for a few days.

In my case it is a sore throat (how does a frigging sore throat come and go with such frequency?!) and not a headache as such, just...a presence, a pressure, which makes you sensitive to sound. When people speak it's as if 20 voices are echoing around your head simultaneously. And the fatigue is total.

Seeing and hearing what is going on here in Brazil on a daily basis doesn't help. Just one fuck up after another.

Just last night watching the news and how a paltry £100 monthly handout intended for the most needy was being exploited by the likes of a rich young thing whose social page is full of photos of her visiting exotic locations around the globe, planning for a Caribean wedding, and an entrepreneur who owns multiple homes, top of the range cars and a yacht.

And whilst I'm watching that the missus tells me of an 'initiative' the hospital boss has taken. Currently hospital staff are not allowed leave. Perfectly understandable under the circumstances. However, knowing the stress my wife and others are under, they should do better in timetabling time off to give them some breathing room.

But they were hit with a further whammy yesterday when the hospital head told all staff 'We are hopeful that with the pressure easing that you can take holiday leave from August.' 'Hooray!'

But then she followed up with. 'However, due to financial restraints all holiday leave this year will be unpaid.'

WHATTTTTT???!!! Way to go, Brazil.

My wife hasn't had it as bad as some health care workers where they continue to work through this grissly crisis without receiving their salaries for the past two months, but I was livid on hearing this last night.

Absolutely shameful.

Chris Williams
331 Posted 30/06/2020 at 14:44:31

It sounds like a nightmare in a Kafka story. Everyone in any sort of official position seems to be inherently corrupt or inept or both. As for the rich young thing and the yacht owning entrepreneur, well, much wants more as my mother used to say. And fuck them as her son would say.

Is there nothing that can offer any sort of hope or relief?

Again I hope you can remain resilient in this awful situation, and find a way through it. I’m not so sure I could.

John McFarlane Snr
332 Posted 30/06/2020 at 15:02:51
Hi Jay [330] we don't really exchange posts, but I'd like to add my good wishes to you and your 'Good Lady', like any member of the NHS or its equivalent, society owes them a great deal, hoping that things improve for you both in the near future.
Jay Wood

333 Posted 30/06/2020 at 15:15:46
Yes Chris. There IS some hope.

And as I've previously reported, it's coming from the people themselves, not the politicians.

The most uplifting news item last night was this one. I appreciate it's in Portuguese, but it really isn't difficult to follow.

Paraisópolis Favela a Shining Example of Community Spirit

Paraisópolis is the 2nd largest Favela in Brazil's largest city, Sao Paulo. It has 100,000 residents and is a no-go area in its labyrinth of tight alleyways for police and ambulances alike.

It has taken the Federal Government MONTHS to FINALLY come up with a 'strategy' for Brazil's favelas which only came into effect two short weeks ago.

Just as well the Paraisópolis community took matters into their own hands months ago, paying for medics and an ambulance to be on standby 24 hours.

They made and distributed face masks to all. They prepare and deliver 1000s of free meals every day. They converted closed schools into isolation wards. They educate the community on basic hygiene. Volunteers daily check on the state of things in every household. If necessary, the ambulance is activated to transport a severe case to hospital.

The result? Paraisópolis mortality rate is 21.7 per 100,000 population, compared to Sao Paulo's 56.

Whilst the politicians fiddle and point the finger of blame at each other, future civil leaders are being forged into the hottest trouble spots in the country.

That's my hope any way.

Chris Williams
334 Posted 30/06/2020 at 15:28:26

That gives hope for sure and inspiration too. Things can’t remain the same there after all this is finally done, and strong leadership will be needed. It feels like a watershed.

Compare and contrast the way those people have responded and behaved with the behaviour we saw in Liverpool last week.

Civic responsibility against entitled Gobshitery

Mike Gaynes
335 Posted 30/06/2020 at 15:43:07
Jay #330, so sorry to hear that your battle is ongoing. It must be monumentally frustrating to have this bastard keep coming back at you. Best wishes for a full recovery soon.

And the same good thoughts to your heroic spouse, whom I find inspirational.

And thanks for sharing the story of Paraisópolis. A Brazilian favela now has a lower death rate than the United States of America (now 39 per 100,000 population).

Jay Wood

336 Posted 30/06/2020 at 15:54:37
Wow Mike! That is an interesting comparison that a disadvantaged Brazilian favela with poor sanitation, low income families living in cramped conditions on top of each other, without easy access to the most basic of health care, betters the US of A and its mortality rate.

Action v empty rhetoric, eh?

Cheers for the good wishes.

It must be bliss for you having the wife back with you after - what? - a 6 month separation? Is Mom-in-law back stateside with you by now?

Stay vigilant! This plague isn't over yet by a LOOONNNGGG way.

Jeff Spiers
337 Posted 30/06/2020 at 18:48:11
Jay, there will always be fucking, lowlife, vermin scum exploiting the poor. And they're laughing at us!!
Jeff Spiers
338 Posted 30/06/2020 at 18:55:29
Oh, you and your family stay healthy, Jay.
Mike Gaynes
339 Posted 30/06/2020 at 18:56:06
Jay, yes, I am deliriously happy to be a married man again.

Unfortunately, at the last minute Mom was denied boarding in Shanghai for reasons that would require a Wood-length post to explain. We will try again next month.

And in all seriousness, vigilance is not an issue in my house, despite the almost total absence of the virus in my region. My wife, like most Wuhanese, was traumatized by what the city went through. She is gonna make me be REALLY careful.

Gerry Quinn
341 Posted 30/06/2020 at 21:10:15
Great news about your loved one, Mike - I am sure it won't be too long before "Mom" is joining you. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home...don't be like those dickheads down south...
Mike Gaynes
342 Posted 30/06/2020 at 21:45:33
Thanks, Gerry, but we've got our share of numbskulls up here too.

One Oregon church, three crowded services, 260 cases.

Darren Hind
343 Posted 30/06/2020 at 22:26:50
We don't give a damn about any trumpet playing band.
It ain't what we call rock and roll.
Gregory Kelly
344 Posted 02/07/2020 at 07:41:22
I am a Belfast Blue where the RS hate Man Utd (and now Man City) much more than us. They can be quite patronising towards the Blues and can't understand why theirs is the last team we want to win anything. I thought I would forward this column and comments to them so they might better understand. But such is the level of bile and blind hatred in these posts, I would be ashamed to.

Of course 1985 is a huge and justifiable grievance but as this site points out year after 35 years Everton have been poorly led and our woes are almost all self-inflicted. As for fan behaviour, our history of racist incidents and some elements of our current support undermine the moral high ground claimed in many of the posts above.

I posted on ToffeeWeb after the recent Chelsea game drawing attention to the dreadful behaviour of a group of our fans close to the Chelsea fans in Stamford Bridge. It did not alas merit a single comment from the ToffeeWebers so keen see the RS as the source of all evil.

Brian Wilkinson
345 Posted 02/07/2020 at 16:26:45
Well done on a good honest write up Rob.

I would like to add a key point, when everything is going well, they are jovial all loveable banter; however when things do not go to plan, they change into a caged animal, venting anger on anyone who dare throw some banter back.

I do not tarnish them all the same, there are some decent Reds I know and some genuine match attending fans; however, social media trolls and armchair fans jump on the bandwagon and social media fans are suddenly die hard Reds.

Those are the ones who wind me up, the ones never attending a game in their life, but suddenly decked out with flags and banners and fully expecting a congratulations on your title win.

30 years they waited for the title, Rob, then a couple of games before the title win, some genuine season ticket holders are not allowed to be there in the stadium, they are the ones I feel sorry for, yet those idiots at the Pier Head will no doubt be hangers on celebrating, with not a care in the world for anyone else.

I feel the same as you, Rob, but I cannot say it applies to every single Reds supporter.

Jeff Hough
346 Posted 02/07/2020 at 22:24:23
Why are there no fireworks going off tonight?
Gerald Killen
347 Posted 04/07/2020 at 08:19:20
After watching them carrying on down at the Pier Head, breaking all Public Health rules and Guidelines, not giving a shit about anyone was bad enough, but to deliberately set fire to the head office of Everton Football Club calls for a massive Police investigation.

These thugs, and there are plenty more of them, should be brought to account for their mindless thuggery. On a similar vein, I would like to see flares banned in the UK, they are dangerous and used by thugs to intimidate people with force.

George Stuart
348 Posted 05/07/2020 at 13:30:10
Oh dear. One could go on about this forever. They really are awful, aren't they.

Just a few random thoughts at the end of a bottle of extraordinary Taylor's Shiraz.

Firstly, after 30 years in Australia, I really can't remember why I hated Michael Heseltine? Though migrating had a lot to do with Margret Thatcher. Really. I thought she really had fucked the country. Rat leaving ship... guilty.

Secondly, ooo, really dangerous ground here, I used to really hate the last-second swill at 2:55 pm. Bombing down the ground in last-minute taxis or on occasion, pushing hard on throngs of supporters, trying desperately to get in in time. Sometimes thinking "This is daft.... Someone could get hurt. I wish we didn't do this. It would be our fault. Our responsibility."

Steve Brown
349 Posted 05/07/2020 at 16:29:48
Why are Liverpool getting a second guard of honour? It happened at City and is in the past, so move on already.

And how does Dalglish get to attend all the games?

Rob Halligan
350 Posted 05/07/2020 at 16:42:18
Steve, The RS have won the league, yet Salah is still diving trying to win penalties. It was pathetic. The one where he throws his arms in the air like he's about to do a backward somersault.
Steve Brown
351 Posted 05/07/2020 at 17:22:17
Rob, spot on. Assume he'll get a ban for diving as Niasse did... not.

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