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Fan Articles

Contributions from Everton fans and outside writers. Submit your own article for consideration

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Lukaku – The wound we can’t close

Dylan Joseph : 06/11/2019

What if we had told Lukaku he had to stay and honour his contract?

The Good Son

Martin O'Connor : 06/11/2019

The fallout from the game against Tottenham and the Son - Gomes incident has been staggering in how the club lost the narrative and allowed Spurs to set the agenda.

A Wander Down Howard's Way

Jamie Yates : 05/11/2019

The film is a wonderful tribute to a man who did wonderful things for Everton Football Club, for us as Evertonians. Beautifully pitched, it captures the men who Howard Kendall assembled, their feelings and reminisces, perfectly.

Seriously Concerned

Jim Wilson : 06/11/2019

Even if Marco Silva gets us out of this mess, he clearly will never steer Everton to greatness. We have needed a big manager with a big personality for years

Transfer Jeopardy

Darren Hind : 30/10/2019

Over the last three seasons, Everton Football Club have made desperate attempts to climb back up the football ladder. We must have spent about £600M on players in the last three seasons. Unfortunately, we still don't have one player that would get a regular game for a top club…


Paul Columb : 22/10/2019

I’m hoping that Silva demonstrates sufficient flexibility and intelligence to select his strategy, formation and players on merit and build on the glimmer of hope that was our best performance to date under his stewardship

Stale Bread

Martin O'Connor : 09/10/2019

The Blues are looking like a team that has become like a lump of stale bread. I think Silva can turn this around with the options outlined below... but he has to start now by making these changes and baking some fresh bread.

Einstein said...

Mike Kehoe : 08/10/2019

The famed physicist's quote regarding his definition of madness has been posted so many times by frustrated fans, it can perhaps, accurately summarise a regrettable period of the club’s recent history.

The Great Pretenders

Kieran Kinsella : 07/10/2019

Evertonians have been hearing a powerful message about our team’s greatness for several years now. Perversely, the boasts of "greatness" usually follow a dismal defeat.

NSNO, Kaizen & Quo Vadis

Kevin O'Regan : 07/10/2019

In an ever-changing world with high demands we have no room for complacency and mediocrity. Get busy living or get busy dying. What is it to be Everton? A choice to remain miserable and in the shadows of darkness (you know who) or do we make a decision to move in a winning direction?

The Rot Starts at the Top

Steve Hogan : 06/10/2019

The 'soft centre' we have runs right through the club like a bad apple. Kenwright's benevolent nature means we fail to recruit even the best coaching staff. Why do we have to employ ex-blues onto the coaching staff?

Short-Term or Long-Term?

Russell Smith : 24/09/2019

This is not the time to "start again" we need to keep faith with the longer-term objectives and planning that both Silva and Brands have introduced

Long-Term Hope Versus Short-Term Panic

Michael Denson : 24/09/2019

As fans we have the right to be ambitious for our club but is this starting to run the risk of being counter-productive? Is the very argument that we should not be putting a ceiling on our ambitions actually unwittingly restricting us?

Home and Away

Dylan Joseph : 19/09/2019

At home, we are seasoned professionals, knowing our job and more often than not executing it. Since 2004, we are expected to win just 5 times on the road out of 19 opportunities. So what’s the difference?

Where do we go from here?

Darren Hind : 16/09/2019

With the exception of Howard Kendall, and possibly big Joe Royle, we have brought in a steady stream of duds. But boy — have we rewarded them! Walker, Smith, Moyes, Martinez, Koeman and Allardyce.

Graham Souness…

Adam McCulloch : 05/09/2019

Graham Souness must have been conceived, raised and whelped into existence in the most spiteful of circumstances. A series of outrageously outrageous events that etched a litany of grievances onto his forehead, each line another stroke of outrage. Permanently angry at everything the sun touches.

Patience is required. We must hold our nerve.

Dylan Joseph : 29/08/2019

Momentous changes are happening at our club with the stadium, the first team transformation and the evolution of our style and our philosophy. We must support the team and allow Marcel and Marco to create a brighter future.

Horses for Courses – and a defence of Calvert-Lewin

Kevin Prytherch : 21/08/2019

What is our best team at the moment? Or rather, based on the back end of last season, what would be our first-choice starting XI at the moment?

Watford Win – What Does It Mean?

Matthew Parry : 21/08/2019

Everton have a very solid base very early in the season which we’ve not had for years, some of our summer recruits appear to be the real deal and this season could be one to remember. But we must take each game step by step and not get carried away

Season Aims

Martin O'Connor : 16/08/2019

As we embark on a new season what should blues expect from the 2019-20 campaign. With the positivity around the designs for Bramley-Moore Dock, will the season on the pitch match this positivity?

Worst Everton squad of the Premier League era

Elliott Bretland : 12/08/2019

I took to social media to ask thousands of Blues to pick the players who have stunk the place out at Goodison Park since 1992, the names who just never cut it and the footballers who simply failed to live up to their potential or price tag.

From My Spec - in the distant past

Paul  Tran : 12/08/2019

I miss Ken Buckley’s ‘From My Seat’ reports. As a rare matchgoer these days, I can only do these retrospective reports. I have plenty more and I hope others chip in, too.

The Case for More Firepower

Paul Derby : 12/08/2019

The signing of Moise Kean is a step in the right direction as Everton seek more potency up front, but Marcel Brands must redouble his efforts to recruit goalscoring talent if Everton are to challenge the Top 6 long term

What Should We Expect?

Sam Hoare : 12/08/2019

Do high expectations drive you to be your very best? Or do they just grind you into the ground when you continually fail to achieve them?

Here We Go Again

Mike Oates : 11/08/2019

Just when we seem to be close to that elusive Top 6 place, along comes the transfer window. Whilst we buy some quality, we inevitably seem to lose our key players and we just have to start all over again, rather than building on. It’s been like this for years.

Marks on a Window...

Martin O'Connor : 09/08/2019

How do we assess the Blues' business in the transfer market? Below is an assessment of how the Toffees' fared. All marks are out of 10.

The Young Ones

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts : 05/08/2019

Do we remember the days of Walter Smith and Gascoigne, Ginola, Blomqvist? How times have changed!

The trip to Bremen that never was

Rob Halligan : 03/08/2019

So here I am writing a story about my trip to Bremen, sitting in my lounge at home, having done a 12-hour excursion to Amsterdam airport and back.

Fan event at Finch Farm

Rob Halligan : 31/07/2019

A fan event was held at Finch Farm today for all those fans who attended every game, home and away, last season.

Paying For Past Mistakes

Adam McCulloch : 29/07/2019

In total, we are paying out around £700k a week on players that are mostly nowhere near the matchday squad. Marcel Brands has an almighty job on his hands. He may have to take a similar strategy to last year.

Touchside at Bramley-Moore Dock

Mike Owen : 11/07/2019

Since it emerged that we were looking at building a stadium there, I have generally taken a wait-and-see approach, even been a bit of a sceptic. Having been on a site visit on Wednesday, I have warmed to the idea

Farewell Old Friend

Jamie Yates : 10/07/2019

Here we were to bid a fond goodbye to our friend, the Reverend Harry Ross.

The Big Interview: Gordon Lee

Brian Wilkinson : 09/07/2019

In the definitive history of Everton Football Club, 'The School of Science', Gordon Lee is fondly remembered at Goodison Park.

VAR Did It All Go Wrong?

Jay Wood : 09/07/2019

There is a growing tide of discontent with the implementation of VAR amongst them and just how intrusive it is to the natural flow of the game. Let's consider its evolution thus far

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