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Ancoletti the 'new favourite' to succeed Silva at Everton

| Tuesday, 10 December 2019 261comments  |  Jump to last
Updated Carlo Ancelotti has moved to the top of Everton's shortlist of potential managers and will open contract talk with him this week according to Sky Sports.

The former Chelsea boss was sacked by Napoli this evening where Gennaro Gattuso was said to be preparing to take over regardless of how the Serie A side fared in the Champions League this week.

There has been instability at Napoli this season where chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis has been involved in something of a standoff with his players whose wages he refused to pay and the result has been a drop-off in form.

The Naples club haven't won in the League for five games now and Ancelotti has now moved on. The 60-year-old was quoted as saying that he "will not resign” from his role at Naoli but said: “I'll see the President tomorrow and we'll see.” However, events have moved on in the interim.

Everton would face stiff competition from Arsenal, however. The Gunners are also said to be seriously interested in Ancelotti who has has Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, PSG and AC Milan on his CV.

The news follows Vitor Pereira's decision to withdraw his name from consideration for the Goodison Park hot-seat.

Original Source: The Telegraph  

Reader Comments (261)

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Jim Bennings
1 Posted 10/12/2019 at 19:58:24
I’m hearing a new favourite every five minutes and these tabloids never seem to have a basis of their reasoning.

Who next?

That well known Italian newcomer

Leafey B.Roccoli

Bill Gienapp
2 Posted 10/12/2019 at 20:04:16
I see no why reason why Ancelotti would be interested in the job in the first place and I think he'd be a really poor fit anyway. Instead of chasing this fool's gold, we should be focusing on Gallardo or Jardim.
Bobby Mallon
3 Posted 10/12/2019 at 20:05:06
Well perirer has dropped out of the running
Steve Ferns
4 Posted 10/12/2019 at 20:12:18
Moyes is the only contender according to the betting. I’d rather give pereira £25m a year!
Andrew Laird
5 Posted 10/12/2019 at 20:13:52
Shouldn’t the media have started with letter “A” first and then moved through the alphabet? Don’t trust anything until it’s done, the shadowy world of agents at play I think.
Anthony Murphy
6 Posted 10/12/2019 at 20:14:30
Can’t see it personally

Like Jim alludes to, the Tabloids are just guessing

Andrew Laird
7 Posted 10/12/2019 at 20:15:40
How many “ nailed on favourites” have there been now? The media haven’t got a scooby. Good times I feel
Steve Ferns
8 Posted 10/12/2019 at 20:18:41
With regards Ancelotti, there’s a story in the athletic that Moshiri is desperate for a “Hollywood” manager. You don’t get many in the game with a bigger reputation than the triple champions league winner.

If he’s available, it’d take a silly offer to get him to come up north when Arsenal would probably offer him a lot as well.

Nicholas Ryan
9 Posted 10/12/2019 at 20:21:33
They say, that Ancelotti was sacked by Abramovich, in the tunnel, after an Everton game. Therefore, he should be a great fit for Everton: he's got first-hand experience of being humiliated at Goodison Park, and then summarily dismissed!!
Craig Walker
10 Posted 10/12/2019 at 20:31:54
Andrew @5 is that what we did when we got Big Sam?
Steve Ferns
11 Posted 10/12/2019 at 20:35:29
There’s no way Brands is on board as DoF to implement a fast paced, high tempo, pressing game. Combined with a modus operandi of bringing through young players. Then next thing go out and get a guy who’s management style is the opposite of that. It makes no sense at all.
Andrew Laird
12 Posted 10/12/2019 at 20:36:27
No Craig, the owner panicked and protected his asset by throwing good money after bad. That was the appointment where we should of gone big, and we wouldn’t of bought Walcott and Tosun!
Andrew Laird
13 Posted 10/12/2019 at 20:41:17
Hey Steve, Looks like Jonathan Tasker has been reading our conversation the other night on British managers with his article!
Vijay Nair
14 Posted 10/12/2019 at 20:53:23
Agree Bill (2), I'm hoping for Gallardo myself. Tactically versatile, and knows how to motivate his players when the chips are down.

Here's a good write up on him:


Steve Ferns
15 Posted 10/12/2019 at 20:54:59
Got a link Andrew?

Edit, you meant the article on here, I thought some Journo had ripped us off!

Andrew Laird
16 Posted 10/12/2019 at 21:01:09
yes on here Steve, it’s eerily similar even down to mentioning Lee Johnson.
Steve Ferns
17 Posted 10/12/2019 at 21:10:21
We should have a credit then Andrew!
Neil Wood
18 Posted 10/12/2019 at 21:18:47
Vijay I’m sold! Gallardo it is for me.
Andrew Ellams
19 Posted 10/12/2019 at 21:21:17
As things stand right now Ajax are heading out of the Champions League. Does that make ten Hàag a more likely candidate?

Note to Moshiri: if the Ancelotti rumour is true make it happen.

John Pickles
20 Posted 10/12/2019 at 21:25:51
I think the headline gives it away. It's not highly respected Carlo Ancelotti but little known Carl Ancoletti. He's managed small clubs in Italy taking one to the latter stages of the 'Fiat Panda Cup' before getting it relegated. Apparently Moshiri is a big fan.
Shaun Laycock
21 Posted 10/12/2019 at 21:48:37
Gallardo intrigues me.
Dennis Ng
22 Posted 10/12/2019 at 21:51:01
Same here with Gallardo. Would be an interesting fit assuming we can somehow get him.
Steve Ferns
23 Posted 10/12/2019 at 21:54:55
I hope the Zlatan rumours are utter bollocks. Supposedly coming in at Ancelotti's behest! 38 years old! WTF!
Mike Gaynes
24 Posted 10/12/2019 at 21:55:45
John, I thought Ancoletti was one of the hit men in The Godfather.
Mike Doyle
25 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:04:55
Struggling to believe the Zlatan rumours. Mike Gaynes would be a younger and (possibly) cheaper option.
Mike Doyle
26 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:08:20
Can any of the ITK posters comment on rumours that Brands has lined up Bernie Wright to take over the U23s if Unsie moves on?
Andrew Dempsey
27 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:12:45
Ancelotti slow
That is all you need to know,
Just say bloody no.


Dave McDowell
28 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:18:23
CL coverage now, studio pundits Desailly & Gullit (who both know Ancelotti) describe his management style as “quiet” and “he’s a gentleman”.

All very nice but hasn’t Saturday highlighted we need a “rocket up your ass” passionate manager.

We’ve just released a quiet thoughtful manager.

The touch line is a reflection of the team.

Bob Parrington
29 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:18:35
Duncan Ferguson at least for the next few games!!
Mike Gaynes
30 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:26:09
Thanks, Mike #25. I've got you down for 20% as my agent.
Mike Doyle
31 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:32:37
Your welcome Mike. If I can’t get you in the squad I’ll try for a back room position.
John Pickles
32 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:36:40
Mike #24. If so, he'd do. Maybe we'd get more out of Schneiderlin if he woke up with a horse's head (van Nistelrooy?) in his bed.
Peter Roberts
33 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:39:35
Steve Ferns.

He might be 38 but Zlatan with Ancelotti would make everyone sit up and take notice. The former would improve our striking options even on a 6 month basis and the latter would potentially attract star names to improve the squad. Cant see much downside personally

Soren Moyer
34 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:45:10
Gentleman? NEXT!!!!!
Steve Ferns
35 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:45:44
Peter did you see LA Galaxy?
Mike Gaynes
36 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:47:26
Steve #23, you didn't see him play this season in MLS. I did. He's still a monster finisher. Has lost a step in pace, but pace was never his best thing anyway.

I'd have him.

Steve Ferns
37 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:48:04
Dave McDowell
38 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:49:29
BEIN saying “we’ll placed sources at Goodison are saying Ancelotti on his way to Everton”
Andy Crooks
39 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:50:59
Ancelloti, Moyes or Howe? Seems a one horse race to me.
Peter Roberts
40 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:51:51
Ancelotti sacked by Napoli hours after thy qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League

From one madhouse to another.

Anthony Murphy
41 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:53:07
If he heads to Goodison, can anyone see Brands staying?
Steve Ferns
42 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:53:44
Ancelotti will use Everton to negotiate with Arsenal. That one is obvious.
Andy Crooks
43 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:55:05
It will, of course, be Moyes.
Paul Birmingham
44 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:56:24
Time for a TW poll on the next manager. I’d have thought that the DoF would be playing a key part in this recruitment, as part of the football stratedgy of the club.

Interesting days and weeks ahead. Focusing on winning at United.

Graeme Beresford
45 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:56:45
This is who I want!!!!! He has just been sacked! No messing around go and get him now.

A winner, knows how to organise and defence and has real leadership qualities. He’s not an up and coming manager with potential, he’s already there.
Go and get him!

Mike Gaynes
46 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:57:48
Peter #40, nothing madhouse about that sacking. Napoli is winless in their last nine in the league and they looked like crap for large stretches of the game today. They won big only because Genk started a 17-year-old goalkeeper who came unglued. It was kinda sad to watch.
Steve Ferns
47 Posted 10/12/2019 at 22:59:28
Yeah Graham, just what we need. Will Gylfi organise the extra training sessions on Wavertree Park to get the fitness up?


He's not already there, he's already past it.

Ray Smith
48 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:02:48
Anthony 41

Can you elaborate please.

Mike Gaynes
49 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:03:13
With ya on that one, Steve.

Still disagree on Ibra.

Ray Roche
50 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:03:16
Yep, Ancelotti has just been sacked by Napoli.
Andy Crooks
51 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:03:54
Steve, I just don't see him at Arsenal. Nor do I see him as part of the Brands vision. I fear it will be Moyes and if it is, it would demonstrate that power at our club is in the wrong hands.

I think we should be bold. I would take Ancelotti, absolutely,but... it strikes me as a Pellegrini type move. He's done the best of his work and he isn't going wind up on a high at Everton.

Let's go for excitement.

Steve Ferns
52 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:06:47
Andy, Ancelotti loves London. And I want someone who can coach, can press, and can drive us up the table to the promised land. Ancelotti is best at managing big egos, he's never been a coach, and he's never managed to drive any club up the table. No excitement with Ancelotti. Just yawn, boring flat football.
Colin Glassar
53 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:08:17
I’ve heard this French guy, Dom Perignon, is in contention now. He’s a bubbly character by all accounts.🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
Peter Laing
54 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:09:09
No chance of Moyes, thankfully. My belief is that if he was in the running the deal would have been done by now. Hopefully it's a two horse race between Gallardo and Ancelotti, personally I would go for the latter mainly because of his success in Europe. Failing those two options - Duncan till the end of the season.
Andrew Dempsey
55 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:10:31
I think Anthony is saying that this (if it happens) is another vainglorious Moshiri appointment, with Brands not even being consulted.

A young, up and coming modern coach who likes to press hard and attack with pace, this is the profile of manager that Brands has said he favours, and this is not what Ancelotti is.

Brent Stephens
56 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:10:50
He’s a bit of a brut though Colin.
Jay Harris
57 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:11:58
it seems you and cant agree on anything.

Ancelotti ticks all the boxes for me.

We need a strong experienced pair of hands IMO and what better than someone who has won the CL with 3 different teams, has won the Premier league and knows it well and knows how to set defences up

Surely he is a better prospect than someone who has only won in Portugal and Greece and failed miserably in Germany with no experience of the Premier league.

Ancelotti was my dream ticket. I just hope the board don't fuck it up now.

Brent Stephens
58 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:12:10
I hear his assistant Demi Sec is one to watch.
Mike Gaynes
59 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:15:04
He's a corker, Colin.
Jay Harris
60 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:15:59
Well he has certainly got plenty of bottle Mike
Andrew Dempsey
61 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:16:39
Ancelotti will fail badly at Everton, and it'll be obvious straight away.

After a couple of games everyone will feel (whether they admit or not is another matter).

it, ‘oh shit, we've appointed exactly the wrong personality as manager yet again, will we ever learn?'

Graeme Beresford
62 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:17:10
Steve 47, hmmm interesting post. Maybe if our players put in extra training sessions themselves we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in now.

Carlo to me is a been around the block manager but not a Moyes or a Big Sam. This guy had managed clubs which many would deem much bigger than us.

Considering you thought it necessary to include a link, I will too;

You will also notice in his last 438 games managed he has suffered defeat 72 times, around 16% of losses in many years. This will simply do for me.

Win the games you should win, picking up a draw and loss every now and again is simply inevitable unless you give someone enough time and money to do what they want with the team, I.e Klopp.

Carlo for me is exactly what we need. Who do you want?

Steve Ferns
63 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:18:48
Indeed we do Jay. He's going to go to Arsenal though, so don't get your hopes up.
Anthony Murphy
64 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:19:01
Ray Smith, yes no problem.

I don’t think Brands would choose Ancellotti but I do think Moshiri would. I don’t think it’s likely, but if it did happen, I do think questions would be asked about Brands’ role. As the article by Lyndon on here outlines, it’s time for Brands to take ownership of this sort of decision. Personally I think Brands would prefer someone who fits his remit, but hey we are all guessing now right?

Jay Harris
65 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:19:16
I think that link says more about Arjen Robben getting too old and not getting a game than it does about Ancelotti.
Brent Stephens
66 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:19:20
Colin he’ll give them a bit of Veuve and get them to Cliquot as a team.
Colin Glassar
67 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:21:19
He’ll inject some fizz into our game.
Brent Stephens
68 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:21:43
Graeme. Impressive stats. Until Steve posts! Then I’ll probably shift.
Steve Ferns
69 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:22:23
Leonardo Jardim, a manager who will roll his sleeves up and work hard. Who has a proven track record of developing young players and bringing them through. Someone who plays dynamic exciting, high tempo, high press football. Someone who will get your bum off your seat and make you proud to be a blue. Jardim will work with Brands and they will bring in a load of random youngsters who will suddenly be fashioned into a top 4 team in no time.

Ancelotti just waves a chequebook around. He has no track record with developing players, he has never dragged a team from a lowly league position, and he will not roll his sleeves up and work hard. He's another Koeman.

Steve Ferns
70 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:24:00
Brent, have your Ancelotti dream. Just don't be too upset when he ends up at Arsenal. Meantime, West Ham better not pinch our Plan B whilst we try to get Ancelotti.
Brent Stephens
71 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:24:53
Plan B being?
Steve Ferns
72 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:28:12
Whoever, Brent. Could be Marcelino. He said he didn't think he was getting the Arsenal job, which meant he could have quickly agreed terms with us and be in for Sunday. If we dither and try to gazump Arsenal, West Ham could nip in and get him before us. Meaning our Plan B becomes Moyes.
Brent Stephens
73 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:30:05
As I feared Steve!
Steve Ferns
74 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:32:20
Brent I want anyone but Moyes. I'd even agree to Koeman Mark II's Billion Pound a week wages.
Ray Roche
75 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:35:44
He's just had the sec.
Jay Harris
76 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:36:10
I would sooner we got our plan A.
Jay Harris
77 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:40:35
Steve, every candidate has plusses and minuses. Jardim has been sacked by the mighty Monaco twice and has no premiership experience.

I think we all have our own personal favourite for the job and our fears about the wrong appointment.

Last time I was disappointed we did not get Emery. That may have been a disaster.

Brian Porter
78 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:42:36
At least he'd probably give Moise Kean more game time.
Steve Ferns
79 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:43:56
Jay, do you know something I don’t? Jardim hasn’t been sacked and after winning the last match 3-0 they jumped up the table.

Don’t forget Ancelotti’s role in that night in Istanbul. His teams have a habit of capitulation.

Jay Harris
80 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:46:43
I thought I read at the weekend he had been sacked again.

Istanbul was typical RS got highly dubious decisions that turned the game on its head.

Having said that look at his successes. He is as big a champion as Mourhino IMO.

Graeme Beresford
81 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:52:31
Steve, just shows how different people’s opinions are over this because in my opinion Jardim is a terrible idea.

Give me someone who’s managed Chelsea, Bayern, Napoli and Real Madrid over someone’s who’s managed Olympiacos and Monaco.

You say he’s worked youngsters and made them better players isn’t this because Monaco have a history of buying young and up coming players and being in one of the worst leagues in Europe they can afford to actually play them????

We are so way way apart in our ideas here but then again some people are saying they still want Moyes :/

Don Alexander
82 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:57:26
The last thing Finch Farm needs is instruction on capitulation. They're masters at it.
Ray Smith
83 Posted 10/12/2019 at 23:59:57
Anthony 64

Many thanks, and I agree with you re Brands

Graeme Beresford
84 Posted 10/12/2019 at 00:00:13
Jay 80,

Will never forget Gerrards swan dive. Fancy having the pen saved and scoring the rebound.

If I remember correctly I’m sure Ac had a chance to score another to make it 4-0.

Shevchenko aswell with what was to me even to this day the worst penalty I have ever seen.

Keith Harrison
85 Posted 10/12/2019 at 00:02:29
We should go all out for Arteta, and Dunc as coach/assistant.

Guts and guile, and they both know the club and the Prem.
We are sadly no longer one of the challenging top clubs, let's get some stability, improve, and go for a Hollywood manager if needed when we have Hollywood potential.

I'd like to see a better ran club, definitive news on the new ground, and Marcel Brands be a bit more forthcoming with his football vision.

Jerome Shields
86 Posted 11/12/2019 at 00:06:43
Ancoletti is the Italian equivalent of Big Sam, with slightly more of a attacking option. I can't understand Italian, but a Naples fanweb site appears to be in wild celebration.
Ron Marr
87 Posted 10/12/2019 at 00:09:14
Take a hike Moyes. Your cardigans are missing you. Kenwright might also miss you but the majority of the fanbase do not.

David Moyes has claimed Everton's manager, Roberto Martínez, is holding back the careers of Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines by not allowing them to be sold to Manchester United.

Everton described their former manager's offer for the pair as "derisory and insulting"

Moyes was unaware of the former Everton goalkeeper Neville Southall's claim that the Scot was "despicable" regarding the bid.


Graeme Beresford
88 Posted 11/12/2019 at 00:12:57
Keith 85, another one who to me isn’t seeing the bigger picture. What good is it that we let and inexperienced manager come in and literally have a go? Arteta is unproven, and is currently working under the best boss in the world, at least Lampard worked for a year managing Derby.

I just find it mad that after us letting Martinez, Koeman and Silva, whom all basically came from worse clubs than us, have a go we are still talking about up and coming managers.

Give me a manager with experience now as the up and coming hasn’t worked. Ferguson got a great result at the weekend and his tactics were actually great but let’s have it right Chelsea had plenty of opportunities to make it 2-2 and we rode our luck until our third went in. Which is fine, it’s something we haven’t had a lot of this season, luck that is. But come on now, Arteta, Ferguson, Cahill. I would rather give the job to Joey Barton over any of them. At least he’s been managing in a lower league and working on his craft and not just coaching.

Give me Carlo any day of the week. His record speaks for itself. He can defend and knows how to win. Look at how Napoli played at Anfield the other week. They really were incredible. I text my Dad straight after and said that’s exactly what we need.

Jason Wilkinson
89 Posted 10/12/2019 at 00:19:11
It's not been a week yet and we have had more "odds on favourites" than a weakened card at Ludlow!!!

The problem we have is complex. We have a divided boardroom (hearsay) A DoF. A bunch of players who need shifting and another bunch who need a right good kick in the gonads.
Who in their right mind would look at us and think "that's the job for me"

It will take a fair bit of looking. A lot of cash and a total rethink on policy to get us going again.

Moshiri has two choices. 1, stick with Brands. Get the best candidate to work with his philosophy. Or 2, get a stellar name and Brands either sings to his tune or follows Silva out the door.

For me. There has to be a system first (DoF has a short, medium and long term plan) and then appoint a head coach to execute the plan.

I fear we don't have anything like this and we are muddling along, chopping and changing everytime a bad run of results happen.

Moshiri must be sick of paying managers off by now surely? Does Brands have a plan? Or is he just a humble servant of Farhad who will do what it takes to stay employed?

I think he has a certain autonomy to dabble in the transfer market but no influence on the style or management of the team.

The style and philosophy have to be dictated by the DoF for me. The head coach should make this work through training. Otherwise what's the point in Brands being here?

In game management is down to the coach. Style and a path forward are the remit of the DoF.

Andy Crooks
90 Posted 11/12/2019 at 00:24:35
Good, Ron. Steve F, I think I can say with confidence that should Ancelotti be appointed, he will never know the name of an Under-23 player. He is not for us, other than as an alternative to Moyes. FFS, why not, Sven.

We need passion and guile. There is none available other than Gallardo.

The entire future of our club depends on who picks the next coach. Not the coach, but who picks him.

It must be Brands. It really must be.

Kristian Boyce
91 Posted 11/12/2019 at 00:26:37
Steve, you say about West Ham pinching our Plan B, unbelievably there's a lot of there fans who want Moyes back.
Andy Crooks
92 Posted 11/12/2019 at 00:28:15
Jason, "a, weakened card at Ludlow", that is brilliant. Take a bow. That is what makes this site great.
Derek Thomas
93 Posted 11/12/2019 at 00:44:52
Let Ferguson run with it until after the Derby - Let all the so called big names use us as levers for wage rises and stalking horses for Arsenal and West Ham etc. - reassess then.

Then give him week by week to the end of the season

Bill Gienapp
94 Posted 11/12/2019 at 01:28:06
Getting Ancelotti would be a major statement, but I'm with Steve - people look at his resume and drool over all the trophies, and that's fine... but you have to ask, why would he be a good fit for *this* team and *this* club?

It may have not worked out with Silva, but I still think that's the profile we should be looking for - someone relatively young and hungry, who'll put in the work on the training pitch, who'll pull this squad together, inspire them and get them playing to their potential (bonus points for a bit of a nasty streak, as I tend to agree that Silva was probably a little too polite for the job).

Ancelotti is basically someone who big clubs with fully formed squads bring in and instruct to make sure the train stays on the tracks (and he hasn't even been particularly good at that of late, as evidenced by his recent stints with Bayern Munich and now Napoli). He's a quiet old Italian gentleman who'll fill out a lineup card and probably not a whole lot else.

Derek Knox
95 Posted 11/12/2019 at 01:37:21
I can't see what the rush is, as Derek T and a few others have hinted leave Duncan be for the next few hard games where our players need to be fired up.

We are not expected to get much from the next couple of games but if we come out like Saturday who knows. Even if we did get someone in it would not be fair on him, as he would have to familiarise himself with the players. the set-up at Finch Farm etc, and after all said and done, we have to get the next appointment right.

Ancelotti, does not inspire me anyway, and would be by reputation rather than through his achievements, I believe any Manager who has been sacked several times the question has to be asked. Why?

He is generally acknowledged to be not only a Chequebook Manager, but tends to persist with the 'old heads' and rarely gives the youngsters a look in.

We have just recently had the Chequebook well and truly abused by several Managers with no visible sign of improvement in style of play or results, and a reluctance to involve some of the many promising young talents.

David Israel
96 Posted 11/12/2019 at 02:20:58
But Colin, Dom is keeping Mumm about the whole business!
Derek Knox
97 Posted 11/12/2019 at 02:38:32
David @ 96, think Magnum or Nebuchadnezzar would be a much bigger character and choice.
Jay Harris
98 Posted 11/12/2019 at 03:55:24
I would think with 17 titles to his name with 8 clubs Ancellotti would be able to spot a good player rather than waste money on championship standard players like we have done for the last few years.
John Keating
99 Posted 11/12/2019 at 06:15:29
I'm just happy a foreign manager we've heard of has been linked to the Club

Steve 69
Steve - apart from the name - I'm almost positive that first paragraph is word for word what you wrote about Silva before he was signed up

Paul Birmingham
100 Posted 11/12/2019 at 06:31:55
Ancelotti is one I have preferred all along but Ginger Gollum’s name won’t go away.

An appropriate reminder to the board of how he belittled EFC in his conduct of trying to get Baines and succeeding in getting Fellaini, is timely. We don’t want sticking plasters whom are busted flushes from the past.

This is a worst fear and I would rather Duncan carry on until the end of the season.

Interesting to see where the DoF plays in the new manager negotiations, and how it can, will, or won’t impact his plans for the club.

To Old Trafford and victory this Sunday.

Graeme Beresford
101 Posted 11/12/2019 at 07:12:41
Bill, 94.

Yeah cos finishing 2nd last season is poor. Being in the champions league is terrible. And being 7th this season in the league after 15 games and losing 4 of them is just down right terrible.

Why ever would we want that.

Andrew Ellams
102 Posted 11/12/2019 at 07:25:52
Why has Gattuso never been linked? He speaks English, his passion could make him a legend at Everton and he's now the favourite to succeed Ancelotti at Napoli. And of course he doesn't have a clue right now. Just think what he could so for Tom Davies.
Graeme Beresford
103 Posted 11/12/2019 at 08:09:10
Andrew, cos that IS someone who has failed everywhere he has been.
Bill Gienapp
104 Posted 11/12/2019 at 08:09:59
Graeme - you've yet to present any sort of argument about why you think Ancelotti would be the right fit, all you've done is gush about his resume - as if winning titles at Real Madrid offers any clear indication of how he'd develop our young talent or take this squad to the next level.

It's a moot point though, because if these Moyes rumors are to be believed, I'll go to Italy, stuff Ancelotti in the trunk of my car, drive him to Liverpool myself and shove a pen in his hand.

Derek Knox
105 Posted 11/12/2019 at 08:25:41
Jay @ 98, appreciate they he has many titles and Silverware on his CV but my gut feeling is he is not the right guy for us, based on the Cheque book History, and his Training methods and his reluctance to encourage youths and talented youngsters.

Mind you that is my take on things, but should he be given the post I would get behind him if that was the majority choice.

Personally, I think k the way forward and a statement of ambition and intent would be with Marcelo Gallardo.

Graeme Beresford
106 Posted 11/12/2019 at 08:39:33
Bill, because we have done this whole developing players thing for years and look where it has got us.

Who do you want to be developed?

The reality is most of our biggest talented youngsters have left because they weren’t good enough. Lookman, left - Can’t even get a game for RB. Dowell has all but dried up and will leave. Davies has pretty much been developed and is now a 1st team player.

Let the coaches develop the young players. When they are ready integrate them into the first team squad. I want a manager who can come and manage a team of players. Sure bringing talent through is a great idea but again isn’t this what we have tried with Martinez etc. Martinez in fact was probably the manager whom invested time into development yet we still sacked him when the results from first team weren’t good enough.

Isn’t that all we have to go off when we want to appoint a new manager? Their history, their cv? I think Carlo will tighten up our back line, I think his tactics will be spot on and I think he could work well with our group of players. I also think he has managed some big big teams and won trophy’s rather than our previous 3 Managers who had won one trophy between them.

I also think he looks like a manager who could really fall in love with the place. He’s been sacked from Napoli, maybe he would love a crack at a club who’s a tiny bit smaller than the other teams he’s managed but maybe more freedom for him to work how he wants and also no major major stars, Ronaldo, Robben, etc.

I think he’s a good fit. I think he’s a class manager who tactically will win us points. The last thing I want is a Periera who is an unproven manager who doesn’t seem capable of managing Everton, would of been another on the list of failures.

Martin Berry
107 Posted 11/12/2019 at 08:58:52
Sadly there is a vacancy at Arsenal and its London so thats probably where he will go.
If so then he picked the wrong club as when Everton has touched you
Gary Carter
108 Posted 11/12/2019 at 09:16:59
Unbelievable views on here, just can’t understand why people wouldn’t want Ancelotti ! Even funnier is the people talking about how bland his training sessions are like they’ve worked under him ! Got to live TW 😂
Daniel A Johnson
109 Posted 11/12/2019 at 09:23:29
We need to file this under not happening in a million years.

Ancelotti is old but still pure gold if anyone thinks he's going to lower his standards dramatically and rapidly up sticks to Merseyside and come to us then you need sectioning. We are not even a blip on his radar. Arsenal could be a possibility for him but for us get real.

Ancelotti is a champions league pedigree manager he will be aiming at a higher level club than us.

Craig Walker
110 Posted 11/12/2019 at 10:22:16
Why would we want someone who has managed massive clubs, won the Champions League 3 times, got Premier League experience and won trophies here and has his lowest win percentage at 41% when David Moyes is keen and currently out of work?
Derek Knox
111 Posted 11/12/2019 at 10:28:56
Craig @ 110, if Moyes was also homeless, EitC could step in help, and that would clinch it for the Poor Ginger One! :-)
Brent Stephens
112 Posted 11/12/2019 at 10:34:15
Those with the "best" records (and opinions vary there) all have deficiencies; and in any case won't join a club like us. Miss Worlds that wouldn't give us a second look. Some of the young ones with great looks, but are all those bits real? Some of them starting to show their age, with bits in places they shouldn't be. Some of them making eyes at us to make somebody else jealous. So I can't get enthused.

Those that might entertain joining us have some serious stuff in the minus column. Our ex who ditched us, who's been hanging around on that corner every night for the last year or so, now winking at us again. There's that other one who's been going out with that other guy for quite a while, but that guy looks as if he'd just be happy with slippers for xmas. I want more than that (slippers and boxer shorts). So I can't get enthused.

Wake me up when it's all over. And please don't let just anybody get into bed with me in the meantime.

Craig Walker
113 Posted 11/12/2019 at 10:57:10
Brent. We could just give it to the 6 foot plus model who's been a close friend through our previous four unsuccessful relationships. This one used to turn heads and upset the neighbours, still gets our pulses racing and is brilliant at picking up the kids.
Bobby Mallon
114 Posted 11/12/2019 at 11:54:40
Bill @94 finishing 2nd behind the champions league winners and getting in the knock out stages is no mean feat. He finished 2nd last season sitting 7th this season. Won the league with Bayern, who by the way are sitting 7th as well he is a top manager who loves to play 4/4/2 just what we need
Martin Reppion
115 Posted 11/12/2019 at 11:57:56
Just read (or re-read) every comment above.
Do we want another short term fix? Obviously not. So an older man may have the pedigree but won't be around in the long term.
As a fan I want to see some blood and guts like we did against Chelsea and some reason to remain convinced that we have a squad that is not far off competing in the top third rather than bottom third of the table.
We can't expect to go from where we are to winning the league in one jump. The club has to set a platform and win back some of the disillusioned support.
For that, I would appoint Duncan for the rest of the season. A mid table finish and some rousing performances would be the least I'd expect. And what is more, it would be seen as success. We would then know a lot more about the man as a manager, and potentially save some money that could be used on players. Or be in a position to appoint in the close season form a bigger list of available talent.
The one thing we got on Saturday that we didn't get previously was players leaving everything on the pitch. Attitude like that against Norwich, for instance, and we would not have been in the mess we are.
Don't get me wrong. As a blues fan from the days of Harry Catterick I want to see Everton competing at the very top. But we need to walk before we can run. Most of all, we need to stop the hire and fire culture which we've had since David Moyes left. We have to get this right. So taking some time to avoid being here again in another 2 years has to be the way forward.
Trevor Peers
116 Posted 11/12/2019 at 12:03:25
Sounds like we are at least talking to Ancoletti, although if Arsenal are also interested it probably won't happen. He would be a decent appointment and it would be banish the spectre of Davy boy forever. Let's hope Moshiri offers him enough cash.
Bobby Mallon
117 Posted 11/12/2019 at 12:05:34
Bill gienapp, GET REAL PLEASE. No manager is going to nurture our young talent because the chance of going down can’t be left in the hands of kids, the board WONT ALLOW IT. I would love to see lots of the under 23s in the team but it won’t happen. Even big dunk left Tom Davies on the bench for the Chelsea game, he went with Schneiderlin and Sigurdsson. Ancellotti plays 442 and I believe the team will raise their game for such an accomplished manager.
Thomas Lennon
118 Posted 11/12/2019 at 12:21:20
Moyes seemed to do OK here when we had minimal money to spend and a club that was winning nothing, full of players who mostly had won nothing. Together they fought their way to top 5 more than once. Respect

He failed when he went to United apparently because the players (who had won everything) looked at him and asked 'what does he have that will improve us'? No respect.

New managers at Everton are likely to get the same treatment as Moyes did. Respect from a group of players who have not won anything is won by either showing them how they are going to win something (that tends to last until they lose faith in the managers' methods, games lost start to stack up) or coming in with a winning record at the highest level (do what he tells us to do and we will win something too).

We have had three rounds of option 1, perhaps it is now time for option 2?

Alec Laurie
119 Posted 11/12/2019 at 12:51:25
I can understand the reluctance to Ancelotti to an extent - Robben reckons he’s a dinosaur, etc...

But, think about it, he’s won 3 champions leagues. What will we get with Ancelotti?

We won’t go down - first job done.
He’ll command respect of the dressing room, board etc (he’s more like Big Dunc than Silva).
He’ll organise the team and is a MUCH better version of the ‘stabiliser’ we need than Moyes.

Ok, so he’s not the long, long, term answer, but unfortunately we’re not that attractive and we’ve taken 5 steps back in the last few season.

2-3 seasons with Ancelotti could be just what we need to get back on the map

Furthermore, he’s known to good players. Surely if Ancelotti’s there it’s a ‘project’ worth considering.

I don’t think we’re in the position to balk at Ancelotti

PS... David Ornstein on Twitter (who seemingly knows everything that goes on behind the scenes at Arsenal) reckons he’s not on Arsenal’s list

Steve Ferns
120 Posted 11/12/2019 at 12:55:06
Alec, if it's a choice between Ancelotti and Moyes, then who'd want Moyes.
If Gallardo is a possibility, then I'd want Gallardo. I hope Brands is being very quiet because he's on a plane to Argentina.
Alec Laurie
121 Posted 11/12/2019 at 13:26:22
Right there with you on Gallardo, Steve
David Israel
122 Posted 11/12/2019 at 14:10:44
Steve #120, the club's travel department made a mess of things and he ended up in the Falklands.
John Pierce
123 Posted 11/12/2019 at 14:23:40
I couldn’t be more underwhelmed by Carlo. As a player Everton would have loved him, as a manager he’s powder puff, often too used to having players in the top bracket.

I think we are being used as a stalking horse for his real ambition, Arsenal. Far more suited to his managerial style. However Arsenal are in such a mess we might just accidentally end up with Ancoletti. Yikes!

He could easily take us down. I can’t see how we fit at all? Am I missing something? Would we genuinely consider him on his name alone?

We have the ‘Clangers’ running our football club. 😫

Les Moorcroft
124 Posted 11/12/2019 at 15:12:59
Echo saying he has agreed deal with the arsenal. Come on in the ginger win winginger.
Jamie Evans
125 Posted 11/12/2019 at 15:42:24
Here we go again, the same people on here saying (unbelievably) not to bother with
Ancelotti are the same people who said the young/hungry/forward thinking Silva was the answer.

I am currently not interested in developing young players, or a particular style of ‘attractive’ football.

Right now, I just want to win. I want to win matches and I want to win a trophy.

Now if only there was a proven winner available.

Steve Ferns
126 Posted 11/12/2019 at 15:58:38
Jamie, this is not a democratic process. The board will appoint who they want to appoint. The fans might influence them with regards to Moyes by near unanimous objection to his re-appointment. However, raising concerns on ToffeeWeb has no bearing.

Why do I have concerns over Ancelotti? Because there has been criticism of the man and his methods for some time now. He's been sacked by 4 of his last 5 clubs. His players have criticised him. His methods do not fit in with those the club said they would employ 18 months ago after the resounding and expensive failure of trying to do what Ancelotti would want to do, but with an inferior version, in Koeman.

Cock things up with Silva and you can sell the players on. Cock things up like under Walsh / Koeman and we're stuck with poor players on enhanced contracts.

Kevin Prytherch
127 Posted 11/12/2019 at 16:00:42
When Man City we’re trying to break into the elite, they replaces Hughes with Mancini. It was a statement of intent.

Replacing Silva with Ancelotti will be a similar statement of intent.

For every “Ancelotti is a dinosaur” interview, there will be an “Ancelotti can manage anywhere” (Lampard) interview.

Kevin Prytherch
128 Posted 11/12/2019 at 16:04:34
Steve - while he’s been getting sacked from 4 of his last 5 jobs, he’s been winning domestic leagues (3 times), domestic cups (3 times), the champions league, Super Cup and World Club Cup.
John P McFarlane
129 Posted 11/12/2019 at 16:16:16
There's been a big error in the reporting of this story, Bill was referring to his Uncle Cyril's wife Auntie Lottie to become the next manager - eavesdropping Journalists often mishear things :)

It does look as if Ancolottie has agreed to go to the Emirates - oh well there's always the Moyesiah to step up to the plate.

Steve Ferns
130 Posted 11/12/2019 at 16:29:18
Kevin, 2 leagues, 1 with Bayern, where he was heavily criticised and sacked shortly afterwards, and 1 with PSG.

Couldn't argue with your statement of intent. Definitely that. I just think Ancelotti is a master of working with superstar players, he is not the guy to drag a team from 2 points above relegation to top 4. He's never done this type of job before. It does not suit his skillset. We need someone who can coach a team of young players to become better and better and better. Then we need an Ancelotti when we are where Spurs are now, and he could be the one who wins things.

Steve Ferns
131 Posted 11/12/2019 at 16:41:54
Well it looks like there is zero chance for Gallardo. He just said that he told the players he will see them on 2nd January (when they report back for training). I thought he had a Cup Final to play or something.

Gallardo, at a press conference: "I never had doubts about my continuity, on January 2 I will be here and we will start the preseason, which may be in Uruguay, Buenos Aires or the south of our country. I am not interested in generating any kind of uncertainty. "

"My desire is to continue and introduce myself on January 2, I told the players today tomorrow. Beyond my contract that expires in December 2021, there are no clauses and we have a very cordial and emotional relationship with Rodolfo and Enzo ".


So in terms of desirable candidates, we're down to Ancelotti and Marcelino.

Christopher Timmins
132 Posted 11/12/2019 at 16:45:36
Steve, I still hope that Brands finds a coach who will implement more successfully the style of play that Silva tried to bring to Goodison, the style of play that Brands wants to see. Hopefully, Duncan can buy him enough time to achieve this.

I would be amazed if Carlo chose Merseyside over London!

Jack Convery
133 Posted 11/12/2019 at 17:07:20
10 Little Applicants standing in a line
One fancied a Chinese and then there were nine
9 Little Applicants having to wait
One preferred the Argentine and then there were eight

8 Little Applicants . to be continued.

Steavey Buckley
134 Posted 11/12/2019 at 17:12:25
Ancelotti, in the twilight of his managerial career has become a journeyman, will be looking for another pay off, as his career winds down. Stick with Ferguson until things go badly wrong.
John P McFarlane
135 Posted 11/12/2019 at 17:19:56
Steavey 134 Apparently Duncan Ferguson has no desire to take the reins full-time, I'm not so sure he would want to be in the hot-seat longer than necessary, probably until the New Year at the most.

Whilst there isn't an immediate requirement to put a full-time boss in position, there is a need to do it sooner rather than later, squad assessment, recruitment discussions prior to the opening of the window to name but a couple, not to mention we still require as many points as possible from each and every match.

Mike Gaynes
136 Posted 11/12/2019 at 17:22:58
Steve #131, yeah, and the guy who won three straight Europa League titles and the quad in France.

I'm not ready to write him off based on a miserable 16 months at a severely dysfunctional club.

Bill Gall
137 Posted 11/12/2019 at 17:28:15
We couldn't even get a player to move from a London club as his wife didn't want to move so who do you think a manager will go to if offered the position, Everton or Arsenal ? his choice is go to a club with a new ground and financially sound, consistent qualifiers for European competitions and based in London.
Or he can go to a struggling club, financially sound with promises of a new ground, at a club, that this will be the 4th manager in about the last 6 years that shows a lack of stability at board level.
Tony Twist
138 Posted 11/12/2019 at 17:40:16
I think we are paying the price for chairman's or majority share holder involvement. That is why Moyes' name is always in the mix. Blue Bill probably is trying to sell the idea that it's a reset of the club to reliable top eight finishers. The longer it goes on the more obvious it becomes that Brands has fallen short again with finding a suitable replacement. It reeks of nobody in the club having a clue. Just so typically Everton.
Derek Taylor
139 Posted 11/12/2019 at 18:25:48
If the next appointment is a flop, Everton will send a taxi to get Davey back to Goodison. Ancelotti has never managed anything but a 'galactico' squad and wouldn't have a clue in a relegation battle. If he comes here it will be a very short visit, indeed !
Graeme Beresford
140 Posted 11/12/2019 at 18:28:48
@ Bill 137

We’ve got to sell the vision and the city to him. Sure you can goto Arsenal but you won’t get any money to spend and you are going to be dealing with an awful defence.


You can come to Everton. This is where we want to go, sure it’s not worked out but we have entrusted younger managers and it’s not worked out, that’s where you come in Carlo. We want you to come here, take this club forward. We have one of the best training facilities in Europe and soon to be the best stadium in Europe. Imagine being the guy to walk us out on our first game in our new stadium. Also, this is what Liverpool is about as a city we have fantastic shopping, restaurants, theatres, and always so much going on. We will help your family relocate any way we can. We want you Carlo. Forget London, Everton is great family club, and Liverpool city in the new London.

Brian Murray
141 Posted 11/12/2019 at 18:38:46
It's becoming obvious that with this continued Bungling Bill doing his best to drag or keep us at this level that Brands will walk away first opportunity he gets. Putting business sense to one side, Moshiri comes across as very naive and easily persuaded. No wonder Bill is still so prominent!
Mike Gaynes
142 Posted 11/12/2019 at 18:42:57
Graeme, just get him to the Winslow on game day. He'll sign the contract in a delirious daze.
Kevin Prytherch
143 Posted 11/12/2019 at 18:50:29
Steve 130 - I do agree in a way. That’s why I think someone like dyche might be good on a 2-3 year deal, before we become ruthless and look for someone to take us to the next level. Much the way Martínez did on the back of Moyes (but better than Martinez!!)
Derek Taylor
144 Posted 11/12/2019 at 18:59:26
Not withstanding what I've just written above, if Arsenal enter the hunt for Ancelloti, I suspect Usmanov will finance his old mate Moshiri to outbid their old club.

I love a conspiracy plot and this has all the makings, including secretive Russians and Americans vying to show who is richest.

Graeme Beresford
145 Posted 11/12/2019 at 19:52:15
Kev, you sound like Talksport. Dyche and Howe to me are at their level. They don’t play good football and often find themselves sitting mid tier or bottom half. Not for me either or them.
Bill Gall
146 Posted 11/12/2019 at 19:52:58
Nice try Graeme, makes me want to move back again,, I don't think you will make a lot of difference in saying Arsenal have an awful defense as Evertons defense is far from being called a strong defense, and Ancelloti has lived in London before so it will not be a new experience.
Kevin O'Regan
147 Posted 11/12/2019 at 20:17:01
I agree with Bill (94). Ancelotti should retire and not be touched by any PL team.. His time is gone and why would he now be successful in the EPL if he can't do it in his homeland with a quality team or in Bayern with a top squad. Then again I'm starting to wonder if we'd be happy with anyone?
Jay Harris
148 Posted 11/12/2019 at 20:31:44
The choice appears to be between Moyes, Ancellotti and Emery.

I believe the board have gone after a number of high profile managers and been turned down for whatever reason.

Personally I think we should be grateful Ancelotti is even in talks with us.

To me he is almost up there with Mourhino as a serial winner. 17 titles more than twice as many as the FSW. Napoli is a basket case but they are still the only team to beat Liverpool this season.

At Bayern the old guard did not want to be not playing so engineered him out of there. Just read what Frank Lampard thinks of him

Jay Harris
149 Posted 11/12/2019 at 20:36:58
Carlo Ancelotti born 10 June 1959) is an Italian former professional footballer and current manager, last in charge of Napoli.

Ancelotti is one of only three managers to have won the UEFA Champions League three times (twice with Milan and once with Real Madrid), and one of only two to have managed teams in four finals. He has won the FIFA Club World Cup twice, managing Milan and Real Madrid.[4][5] Ancelotti is also one of seven people to have won the European Cup or Champions League as both a player and a manager. He is regarded as one of the best and most successful managers of all time.

Nicknamed Carletto,[9] Ancelotti played as a midfielder and began his career with Italian club Parma, helping the club to Serie B promotion in 1979. He moved to Roma the following season, where he won a Serie A title and four Coppa Italia titles, and also played for the late 1980s Milan team, with which he won two league titles and two European Cups, among other titles. At international level he played for the Italian national team on 26 occasions, scoring once, and appeared in two FIFA World Cups, finishing in third-place in the 1990 edition of the tournament, as well as UEFA Euro 1988, where he helped his nation to reach the semi-finals.

As a manager, he has worked for Reggiana, Parma, Juventus, Milan, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Napoli, and has won domestic titles in Italy, England, France, Spain, and Germany.

Jay Harris
150 Posted 11/12/2019 at 20:39:40
Sean Mark Dyche born 28 June 1971) is an English professional football manager and former player who is the manager of Premier League club Burnley.

During his playing career, Dyche played as a centre back, making his professional debut in 1990 and representing Chesterfield – whom he captained and scored for in an FA Cup semi-final – Bristol City, Luton Town, Millwall, Watford and Northampton Town. He was promoted with three of his six clubs. After retiring as a player in 2007 he coached at Watford, including a stint as manager between June 2011 and July 2012.

And people are saying Ancelotti is washed up.

I ask myself is there any sanity in the world.

Since being appointed manager at Burnley in October 2012, Dyche has guided the club to two promotions to the Premier League in three seasons, the latter following relegation back to the Championship at the end of 2014–15.

Steve Ferns
151 Posted 11/12/2019 at 20:46:18
Jay, the last Englishman to win the league is out of work. He's won the top flight. Get him in. Howard Wilkinson, if you're wondering and only 4 years older than Roy Hodgson.

How about a manager who is younger than Wenger, has won 9 league titles, 2 Champions League titles and was a runner up in another? Ottmar Hitfeld if you are wondering.

Just like players can lose it. So can managers. How can you be sure that Carlo Ancelotti's best days are not behind him? So whatif Lampard loved him 9 years ago, when he was 51. He's 60 now, and he's not got the same energy. His ideas are well known and well studied.

The Everton job needs a lot of energy. What exactly are we expecting Ancelotti to do. He doesn't just walk onto the training pitch with an Everton badge on his chest and suddenly everyone is better. He has to effect the change, and FFP won't just let him buy a whole new side.

Jay Harris
152 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:00:36
People like Ancellotti know how to delegate and organize.

Silva was apparently very hardworking and much younger didnt seem to do us much good did it?

I just think Ancelotti, despite his age is the best chance weve got of having a decent manager who has the strength and experience to handle Kenwright, DBB and the players. Silva although much younger patently did not.

I know the popular choice would be Marcelino or Gallardo or even Simeone but were not getting them and if its between Moyes, Emery and Ancellotti I know which one I would choose.

I know you like Jardim but he hasnt even been in the conversation.

Jay Harris
153 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:04:01

I wasnt promoting Dyche, BTW. I was just comparing what he had not achieved apart from relegation and promotion to Ancellotti because some posters were pushing for Dyche.

Raymond Fox
154 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:05:42
You can put a line through Ancelotti's name right now, he won't be coming to the cold, wet and windy north-west in our situation, no chance. Unless they give him an absolute fortune that is.

Problem is our choice of managers is looking less and less attractive. Davy boy would be appointed in a flash but for our fans reaction and it might still happen. Happy days!

We have the right man in charge at the moment, and I wouldn't be in a hurry to change it.

Steve Ferns
155 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:08:00
Ultimately no, Jay. But Ancelotti, to do that, will need to bring in an extensive and competent staff. If he could bring in able coaches, and act in an oversight capacity, similar to how an aging Alex Ferguson operated, then fair enough. But what's the point in Brands if Ancelotti is doing all this? And who will be his staff?

Jardim is being talked about quietly. He is still in a job. He's not very popular, as Monaco are improving but still only 11th. Monaco might not stand in his way if we come in for him. Spoke to loads of Monaco fans on twitter and they are all glad to see the back of him, and say it will be best for both Jardim and for Monaco. Effectively, he should never have gone back. They also attribute a lot of his success to the Director of Football who Man Utd are trying to steal away.

I'm not sold on Marcelino. I see both positives and negatives. But I don't see why he's not coming. His chances of Arsenal are slim now. He's flown into London and reportedly met with us and with Arsenal. So why not him?

Bill Gall
156 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:09:56
there is a lot of talk about who we should get as a manager, supporters going on previous records; others going on age factor, so many different names coming up but after all the talk about who we should or shouldn't hire there is 1 fact that stands out. There our no guarantees of success in the premier.

Whoever we hire will have the same problem as the last managers, in they will want to stamp their own style on the squad, and that will mean an overhaul of the present squad and trying to get rid of the deadwood that now one else wants.

There are not many mangers who will want to take over a struggling club unless they are already at a struggling club and see Everton as a step up.

It is a sad state of affairs that see Everton with its proud history having a struggle to find a suitable manager.

Jay Harris
157 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:10:13
What about Marcelino doesnt convince you?
Kevin Prytherch
158 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:10:42
Graeme - the trouble is, not many top managers have experience dealing with teams like ours.

If we had a good stable platform in place - like the one Moyes left us with - then we could go for a world class manager to build on it.

I’m thinking 5 years down the line as a realistic timeframe for challenging for things. I’d love to get there quicker and find a manager who could.

Steve Ferns
159 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:13:56
I don't watch enough Spanish football. My knowledge is mainly based around Portugal and at a push Serie A. Being unconvinced is mainly down to my ignorance. I've read a few things, like bits and pieces of what I've read, but I don't know enough to think he's the man.

Sure, I've seen less of Gallardo, but everyone is making him sound like he's the next Guardiola. I fancy a bit of that, what have we got to lose? Players would want to play for him, both here and ones we could attract. It would also raise our profile.

Sam Hoare
160 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:15:16
I agree with Steve F, churlish as it sounds to write off one of the great managers of our time I don't think he'd be a good fit!

He specialises in motivating teams of superstars and getting them pulling together. Not in building a team from the bottom up which is where we are now.

He has not managed a mid-table team since Parma 20 years ago and I'd be worried that he'd be a very expensive mistake. Certainly there are worse managers out there but lets not be blinded by the stardust that accompanies such an illustrious manager. The question is can he help progress this young, unbalanced team? I'm not sure. Though I'd take him over Moyes!

Steve Ferns
161 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:16:23
Kevin, a top manager should have us in the top 4 within 5 years, and you want Moyes to put us back to 7th-ish and build from there? Get a dynamic young manager and do what Pochettino did with Spurs, and that didn't take him 5 years and he did much better than 7th-ish.
Steve Ferns
162 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:17:23
Sam, I'd have you and Jay over Moyes. Heck, I'd have Tony Marsh over Moyes!
Tony Twist
163 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:21:23
This smells of another case of using Everton to seal a deal elsewhere. He'll want the Arsenal job and that would make me happy. Very experienced, very costly and just doesn't suit us.
Steve Ferns
164 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:42:14
Great Article in the Athletic on Ancelotti by Oliver Kay (formerly of The Times where he was chief football writer) Link

Some highlights:
"Over the course of a long and illustrious career, though, a certain impression of Ancelotti has taken hold. His great triumphs, with Milan, Real and to a lesser extent Chelsea, have come when he has taken over a highly experienced group of players and, through what he describes as “quiet leadership”, put them on the path to further success. His is a calm, almost serene approach and, while that has proved perfect for the challenges he has taken on at several of his previous clubs, it is arguably not what Arsenal or Everton need right now."


"Ancelotti is, quite clearly, one of the great coaches of the modern era. For all the success Chelsea have had under Roman Abramovich’s ownership, there can hardly have been a more enjoyable season at Stamford Bridge than the 2009-10 campaign, when he led them to the Premier League title (and a new record of 103 goals) and the FA Cup. The two Champions League titles he won with Milan in 2003 and 2007 underlined his tactical acumen. Real’s success in 2014, when they scored 41 goals in 13 Champions League matches, is best remembered for the speed and incisiveness of their transition play."

and in conclusion:

"The Champions League has always seemed like Ancelotti’s natural habitat, but it is not just a question of whether he would lower himself to a club who are outside of the elite. It is a question of whether a coach of his “profile”, to use the word coming out of Arsenal, would be the right fit for clubs whose overwhelming need right now is for fresh ideas, a fresh vision and fresh energy before they can even think about starting to compete for major trophies again."

I think that sums it up.

Ed Prytherch
165 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:42:42
Is 60 too old? Ranieri was 64 when he went to Leicester. Older, Italian manager with prem experience at a club like ours. If the choice is between Ancelotti and Moyes then I would go for Carlo, but in the near term I would keep my powder dry and let Duncan show what he can do.
Steve Ferns
166 Posted 11/12/2019 at 21:47:38
No Ed. Mauricio Sarri is also 60. But he is young in management. Just over 7 years in the top divisions. Therefore, he is hungry, he has fresh ideas, and a drive to succeed. Ancelotti has been doing the job for almost 25 years non-stop. He's not like Alex Ferguson, greasing a well oiled machine. He's having to come to a club in crisis and to take it apart, and put it back together again. For me, you need to be hungry, with drive, determination and fresh ideas. That tends to be a younger man.

Also Ed, some managers have all their success before 45. Think Howard Kendall, Clough barely won anything after 45 either. Football management is a 18 hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 days a year job. It is all consuming and it burns you out. Just look at Moyes at 56, he's not the man he was. Ancelotti is a machine for going as long as he did, at so many top clubs, but the fire is diminished for me.

Guardiola won't be around at the top for much longer, and right now, he's looking like a beaten man, out of ideas, and ready to walk away.

Jay Harris
167 Posted 11/12/2019 at 22:07:28

There is as always a lot of sense in what you say and you put up a very reasoned argument but, as an old dog that has continued to be successful even at the grand old age of 68 would argue that these days 60 is nothing for a football coach.

In fact, I would argue further that that experience, easpecially given the amount of success he has had, places him in the "what we need category" rather than what we don't need... which is young, enegetic but incapable of handling the poor administration of the club.

Personally I thought Koeman was the right fit until he spat his dummy out over Bill's interference. That is why I think it is impossible for someone who is on the way up to be ready for the poison chalice that is Everton.

We will never be on the right track until Kenwright and his influence is gone or managed correctly.

Steve Ferns
168 Posted 11/12/2019 at 22:14:32
Jay, but that task is for Brands. Brands is the buffer between the manager and the board. That means Bill Kenwright should have no contact with the manager other than through Brands.

I thought Brands was a strong character. He's not quite strong enough if he cannot control a 74-year-old luvvie.

Brands needs to break the cliques in Everton, particularly at Finch Farm. He is meant to be in control of everything there. It might just take some time for him to get all of his guys in place.

Graeme Beresford
169 Posted 11/12/2019 at 22:37:20
I'm honestly baffled at some of the comments on this thread. Why can't we land Ancelotti? Because people have small minds about who Everton are. We are a massive team, maybe not as big as your Bayerns, Liverpools, etc but worldwide we are a big well-known team. We have some really good players, history and by all means we should be going places. I'm bored of the small-minded mentality that has plagued our club for years.

I don't understand how anybody doesn't want Ancelotti. Here we are, yet again complaining about how we got it wrong with Silva, same as Koeman and Martinez and people are saying we shouldn't be giving our all to try and get this world class manager who is a proven winner, it honestly baffles me. Here's a guy who has managed some of the biggest clubs in the world, his team finished 2nd last season in a tough league, he has just led his team to the champions league last 16, yet this isn't good enough. Why is his past it? Why? If the guy still had that fire in his belly to manage then he's certainly not past it. He is clearly a millionaire and could go and retire on a beach somewhere but he hasn't, that tells me enough.

Dyche, Moyes, Gallardo, Marcelino, Emery, Jardim, Ferguson, Arteta, honest to god. People would pick these guys over Carlo Ancelotti, you are mad. Steve, I respect your posts but you've said you want Jardim and then later on said Monaco fans want him out, they are 11th in the league and let's have it right, it's a poor poor league. I really don't understand how anyone could want anybody else other than Carlo. It's madness in my opinion. He's a winner. Martinez, Koeman and Silva sold themselves as winners and guess what, they weren't. Carlo is a winner! He's been there seen it and done it. He will know how to move our team forward and it may not be pretty to watch but give me a team winning over a team have 60% possession, 5 shots on target but getting beat 1-0 every game any day of the week.

People where crying for Mourinho a while back. We were crying for him because he's a winner. Not because he plays beautiful football, because he knows how to win. Nobody will ever remember Mourinho for playing beautiful free-flowing football. They will remember him for what he won. That's what Everton need. I'm 34, I've only ever seen Everton win the FA Cup and Charity Shield and I think 4 derbies. It's just not good enough anymore. Give me a winner, give me Carlo.

Kevin Prytherch
170 Posted 11/12/2019 at 22:41:40
Steve 161 - Pochettino took over an already relatively steady Spurs team. The foundations were already there. He didn’t take over a team in the mess we are in now.

At the moment we seem to have a choice between an Ancelotti type who has won things, but has predominantly managed at the top level - something we’re not at.

Or gamble on an up and coming manager who could turn out like Silva.

I’m just questioning whether it would be worth doing it in stages. Get a good steady team then build from there.

Steve Ferns
171 Posted 11/12/2019 at 23:44:20
Graeme, you have Jardim so, so wrong.

Let me remind you of 2017. Monaco beat PSG to win the league by 8 points. They only went top for the first time at the half-way stage of 20 games. They won their last straight 11 league games, unbeaten in their last 20 league games, winning 18 of them. Ligue 1 is one of the Big 5 leagues of Europe, so you are wrong to call it a poor league.

Monaco had to qualify for the Champions League Groups. They got the toughest draw you could possibly imagine. Fenerbache. They lost 2-1 in Turkey but won 3-1 in Monte Carlo to advance 4-3 on aggregate. Keeping it tight at the back for the last 25 minutes knowing an equaliser would be an away goal and so would knock them out.

Winning this game, they then were still not in the groups and instead they got another tough game, and one we can relate to. A Champions League qualifying playoff with … Villareal! They won home and away.

They then had a low seeding and so got a tough group. CSKA, Monaco, Bayern Leverkusen and Tottenham Hotspur. Tough group that. They beat Spurs 2-1 in London. Drew with the Germans at home, got a creditable draw in Moscow, and then beat the Russians back in Monte Carlo. Spurs were beaten in the principality, and Monaco fielded a weakened side, got hammered in Germany and still won the group.

In the last 16 they drew Manchester City in a memorable tie. And yes this was Pep Guardiola's Man City. City go 1-0 up, Monaco respond twice before halftime, 1-2. Aguero levels for 2-2. Falco restored the Monégasque's advantage, 2-3. Aguero, Stones and Sane hit 3 quick goals 5-3 game over.

City still have to go to Monte Carlo, and just need to not geat beat by more than one. Easy task as they are a team from a poor, poor league. Mbappe and Fabino score 2 early goals 5-5 on agg with the Monégasque's ahead on away goals. Sane puts City 6-5 up with 19 minutes left before Bakayoko scores with little more than 10 minutes left and Monaco go through on away goals.

Next round they beat Borussia Dortmund home and away. Before drawing Juve in the semi-final and getting beat home and away themselves.

So a team from a poor, poor league, beat 3 English sides, 2 german sides, and a Spanish side. This Jardim must be some manager eh? I mean he is from a poor league.

And his team:
Gk Subasic
Rb Djibril Sidibe (Everton)
Lb Bruno Mendy (Man City)
Cb Jemerson
Cb Kamil Glik
RW Bernardo Silva (Man City)
LW Thomas Lemar (Atletico Madrid)
MC Fabinho (Liverpool)
MC Bakayoko (Chelsea)
FC Radamel Falcao (Galatasary)
FC Kylian Mbappe (PSG)
Notable Subs:
Nabil Dirar (Fenerbache)
Guido Carillo (Southampton)
Almouy Traore (Eintracht)
Joao Moutinho (Wolves)

I've listed the clubs they now play for in brackets. Yes, you see the problem. They were all sold from under Jardim's feet within 2 seasons. What did he do the following year, well he still got them to second. Incomings included the likes of Tielemens (now at Leicester).

The next season, to compound Jardim's misery of having only his centre backs and his keeper left from his title winning side, he was sacked for struggling and in they brought Theirry Henry. He did even worse, and Jardim was back to rescue them in January. Ok they only finished 17th, but they stayed up. An improvement of 2 places and they were soon 16th only dropping to 17th on the last day when already safe.

This season has carried on in the same spluttering way. The Monégasques seem to want a scapegoat. Henry signed Fabregas, they have Bakayoko back from Chelsea on loan, Adrien Silva (the Leicester flop who was famously signed seconds too late to play) is on loan, and up top they have our Henry Onyekuru who has been poor. There's also Slimani, and Yedder. Yet the Monégasques think they have a decent side and should be top 6, not in the bottom 3. The last 10 games things have improved and they've won 7 of them and now sit 11th, but are only 3 points off 4th.

Jardim is a great coach. He did a great job at Sporting too. Directly in before Marco Silva where he had Sporting in 2nd, and the title was closer than it finished as Silva's Estoril beat Sporting once the title was decided to widen the gap.

Eric Dier made his debut for Sporting under Jardim. William Carvalho became a first team regular and Jardim even made Freddy Montero look decent.

I do have one major reservation over Jardim as an Everton manager and that is to learn a lesson from Silva, he is quiet. He lacks the charisma you guys seem to all like and that real force of personality. When left to get on with it, he can take a load of talented young kids, that none many other teams want, and build a side to get to the Champions League Semi-Finals and beat the best team in the land to the title. Surely, that's enough for Everton. And whilst he is damaged goods, surely we can persuade him to come here and build a side that will not get ripped apart?

Steve Brown
172 Posted 12/12/2019 at 00:32:22
Have read plenty on times on TW that we would have no chance of hiring a manager who has won trophies across the top four European leagues and has vast Champions League experience - you're deluded, get real, no way he'd ever come here.

Now we have an opportunity to hire one of the greatest coach of the modern era, we are dissecting why we shouldn't hire him. Instead we should aim for Jardim and Steve F is posting long, elaborate posts to explain who he is - echoes of Silva? Sorry Steve.

I am not sure we'll land Ancelotti but we do need to decide what we want and the extent of our ambition. If you want Everton to be a Champions League club, then hire someone with Carlo's profile.

Mike Gaynes
173 Posted 12/12/2019 at 01:00:17
ESPNFC reporting that Arsenal have zero interest in Ancelotti. None. They are interviewing candidates, but he ain't one of them. And they're in no hurry to hire because they think Freddie can hold the fort for a while.

The reporter is Julien Laurens, who is pretty reliable. And two weeks ago, before Ancelotti was sacked, Laurens told Jim White on TalkSport that Ancelotti would be perfect for Arsenal and they should try to lure him away from Napoli. So his reporting is now debunking his own recommendation. That's some pretty powerful credibility.

So if Moshiri & Brands do want him, Ancelotti is there for the taking.

Steve Ferns
174 Posted 12/12/2019 at 01:10:44
Silva never took a French team to the Champions League Semi-Finals, defeating 3 English teams, 2 German teams, and a Spanish team. And he did so more recently than Ancelotti. He also won a League title in a big 5 league, beating Emery's PSG by some distance, and again this was more recently that Ancelotti won a league.
Bill Gienapp
175 Posted 12/12/2019 at 01:30:30
Jardim may or may not be the answer, but Steve's not just pulling some name from the ether. He was the hottest manager in football a few years ago, and might still be if he'd cashed in before his Monaco team was completely stripped for parts.
Gavin Johnson
176 Posted 12/12/2019 at 01:42:32
Hope you're right about Arsenal having no interest in Ancelotti, Mike. It will be quite a coup and statement of intent if Moshiri finally lands the elite manager he's always wanted.

If it happens, I really hope Ferguson becomes his assistant, so he can look at taking over when Ancelotti leaves, or retires.

Steve Ferns
177 Posted 12/12/2019 at 01:47:52
Bill it's just the personality, the presence, that worries me. I'd not have worried before Silva failed. Jardim is also very quiet. I don't know if it's because he's Portuguese talking French, but I don't recall him being too vocal when Sporting manager. So that would be a worry. On ability to coach, to develop the kids, tactics, substitutions, man-management, ie all the proper stuff, he is first class.
Mike Gaynes
178 Posted 12/12/2019 at 01:59:30
Steve, can't figure out why you're writing so much about Jardim. He's employed. Is there any indication at all that Monaco would let him walk?
Bill Gienapp
179 Posted 12/12/2019 at 01:59:43
I agree Steve, the one thing that potentially excited me about Pereira was his snarling attitude. I think we could use a dose of that.
Robin Cannon
180 Posted 12/12/2019 at 03:04:04
We want a big name manager with a proven record of success!
No, not that one.

Everton, that.

John Pierce
181 Posted 12/12/2019 at 04:29:36
For me the players we have need inspiring. That’s the key to our next appointment. Does Carlo fit that description? He’s superb at getting marginal gains from top drawer teams. His record is excellent.
However can he take talented but flawed players that we have and inspire them to greater heights? 🤔

Alternatively is getting Ancelotti more important to Moshiri than moving the team forward? This candidate stinks of Farhad to be fair. Glory-boy.

If Ancelotti brought Paul Clement with him I’d be much happier. Clement has had mixed success as a manager but is an excellent coach, they balance each other out I guess.

Where does an appointment like this leave Brands? Ancelotti would want players for the short term, totally discordant with buying cheaper players with sell on value.

A total shit-show being held together by a rookie manager who garners unity from a fractured and peeved fanbase.

Man up Everton.

Bobby Mallon
182 Posted 12/12/2019 at 07:57:30
Steve Ferns wow if he was/ is that good why were you not advocating getting him before silva. Look what you are not getting is most of these managers have never seen a league like ours. It’s mental it’s such a hard league and every team CAN and DO beat each other. The only ones to succeed are those that go to clubs that can buy the very best players. Oh and Ranieri
Brian Williams
183 Posted 12/12/2019 at 08:20:00
Graeme, you have Jardim so, so wrong.
Steve, you said that to a lot of people a lot of times about Silva.
Not everyone who disagrees with you is wrong mate.
Brian Harrison
184 Posted 12/12/2019 at 08:27:40
The Liverpool Echo are saying that Duncan Ferguson has no interest in becoming the next permanent manager at this time. They also say the board arent considering appointing Ferguson to be our next manager. My question is why wouldnt Duncan want the job, you don't get too many opportunities to manage in the Premier league. Its not like he hasnt done any coaching he has been in and around the first team for 4/5 years now.

But if he doesnt want the job on a permanent basis then Everton will have to look elsewhere. Both Pereira and Gallardo have ruled themselves out, so the choices are becoming less and less. Also if Duncan doesnt want the job then they need to move quickly.

Steve Ferns
185 Posted 12/12/2019 at 08:42:21
Mike Gaynes, he’s been under fire all season. He’s getting mentioned in some press rumours. He must be under consideration by Brands.

Bobby, in 2017, when we appointed Silva, Jardim was being talked about for Man Utd. He was not a possibility. We’ve had to wait for his star to fall before we can convince him to come here. Even recently, Chelsea fans wanted him there.

This is a guy who’s regularly managing in the champions league. He’s not normally on our radar.

Brian, Graeme didn’t have all the facts. If he does and still disagrees then fair enough.

Daniel A Johnson
186 Posted 12/12/2019 at 10:15:34
Can we please knock all this Jardim talk on the head...….there's not been a single mention of him even being in the running for the job.

We may as well be talking about Neil Warnock.

Last time I checked this is the Ancelotti thread.

Stan Schofield
187 Posted 12/12/2019 at 10:31:04
When Liverpool sacked Rodgers and hired Klopp, they were behind us in the league, averaging 1.5 points per game. When Klopp took over, it took him a while to raise the average above 1.5, there were some terrible performances, including against botton clubs, and a stage was reached where many Reds were calling for him to be sacked. Overall, prior to Klopp, Liverpool were finishing on average about 10 points above us (about 68 compared to our 58 points on average over about 15 years).

In other words, it's only recently that things have come together for them, and a significant part of that is spending big money to shore up a shaky defence via Allison and van Dijk.

I'm pointing this out because so many on ToffeeWeb go on about Liverpool as if they'd won loads of trophies like Utd, City and Chelsea. In the PL era, including the recent past, they haven't, and they are not part of that trophy-winning elite.

But none of that stopped them getting Klopp as their coach. They got him because they wanted to be at the top again, to join the elites of Utd, City and Chelsea. They're not there yet, but they are making clear progress under Klopp. Only time will tell.

The point is, if Everton truly want to be at the top, we need to supplement the good squad of players we currently have with one or two major additions (necessitating a big spend), like all really ambitious clubs do, and hire a manager with a record of winning.

On that basis, going for Ancelotti makes clear sense. In fact, it's common sense, which of course is not very common.

Steve Ferns
188 Posted 12/12/2019 at 10:31:55
Yes there is. Daily Mirror and others have reported it. Link That's only 4 days ago. There have been other mentions too. And there is no thread to discuss Jardim.
Daniel A Johnson
189 Posted 12/12/2019 at 10:32:43
Fair enough Steve I stand corrected, I've not heard his name mentioned at all except on here.
Steve Ferns
190 Posted 12/12/2019 at 10:33:56
Stan, Jurgen Klopp's record at the time was very similar to Leo Jardim's. Couple of titles, good run in the Champions League, lost a couple of players and dropped to bottom of the league and reputation smirched.
Daniel A Johnson
191 Posted 12/12/2019 at 10:35:05
Question Steve Ferns: Ancelotti "Yes" or "No" ?
Tony Abrahams
192 Posted 12/12/2019 at 10:48:01
Stan@187, Klopp got to two cup finals in his first not even, a full season, and qualified for the champions lge by the end of his second. He lost a champions lge final, at the end of his third year, and won it by the end of his fourth.

I doubt many Liverpool fans couldn’t see the progress from the first minute, except for a gung-ho style, that was sometimes punished, but you could see him giving Liverpudlian’s back their belief from the off imo, because he was a man whose style was made for their crowd.

Adrian Evans
193 Posted 12/12/2019 at 10:48:05
Ancelloti is 60 years old.More money that you can shake a hairy stick at.
Exellent player,great coach, good person ive heard.
A very classy man.

House in London'the city lights.Does he fancy another job where he is just a Hired Gun,distant board no real relationship.
Is he a romantic???a football guy who see's a chance to do something for a club,fanaticle fans.
Hes got one man owner who put his monet in,who is building a stadium.

Does he fancy the ride,the dream???Does the project exite him.

Well hes got breaking the city dominance of the Red Shite in Europe to put right.Win a Premier League to put right.
Across the Park all the motivation he would need folks.

So yep he can go to Arsenal but does a stint in the North West, Liverpool appealing enough.65 retire a proven coach.
We gotta hope that this could persude him to come and sprinkle his magic.
Classy bloke,no we wouldnt get him running up the touchline,but he wouldnt stop Duncan doing it.
Big Dunc would learn so much.

Iam thinking he might fancy becoming an icon with his own Statue alongside a couple of our greats.

Am I dreaming, is he not just about money.

Then this sleeping giant with Moshiri might be what he fancies.

Lets hope to god it is hey.

The project, Premier League winners, Champions League winner, FA Cup in the next seven years.Hes then done.


Kevin O'Regan
194 Posted 12/12/2019 at 10:49:54
Ancelottis last 2 jobs ended in failure - it is 5 years since he won something of significance (La Liga with Real) - his time with Bayern was a failure.. yes he did win the Bundesliga but Bayern have won it 7 years running - it's more or less a given. His presence on the sidelines was uninspiring and I'm surprised that Napoli took a chance on him. He is yesterday's man - football has moved on and Ancelotti has lost his touch. Do we need someone of his 'energy and charisma' trying to inspire our bunch of half hearted part-timers (sorry generalisation I know but there's more than enough in the squad)... No, we need someone to kick them up the rear end and to go out there with pride, fight and spirit... and that is definitely not Carlo Ancelotti.
Stan Schofield
195 Posted 12/12/2019 at 10:59:16
Tony@192: Correct, but the fact is, even though all that is true, many reds called for his head. I told a few of them they needed to give him more time.

We need a top guy with a winning track record. There's no guarantee it will be problem-free, just like that lot, but there are no guarantees on anything. Everton need to decide whether they truly want to be at the top or just remain also-rans. When people say "There's no way so-and-so would come to Everton", it just reeks of folks being so used to mediocrity they can't see it being any different.

Steve Ferns
196 Posted 12/12/2019 at 11:01:10
Daniel, him or Moyes defo Carlo. Him or Jardim, I'm taking Jardim.
Steve Ferns
197 Posted 12/12/2019 at 11:19:39
Everton are in the "Rebound Club" right now. We just dumped our Portuguese girl. Good looking girl, we were desperate to date for ages, but we found she lacked personality and after 18 months kicked her into touch.

So we need a new girl and here we are in the Rebound Club. We've surveyed the seen. The first girl we noticed is our ex, red haired Scottish girl we dated for 11 years. She wasn't much of a looker back then, but she was a solid girl and looked after us well. She left us for a flash fella from Manchester. Time has not been good to her, she's been dumped by the Manc, mistreated by a Spaniard, had a brief dalliance with a Mackem and a Cockney, but now she wants us back, only her red hair is grey now. Since we split, we've also come into some money, got a bit more to offer and think we can do better.

Another Portuguese girl flirted with us for a bit, bit it turns out she had a boyfriend, some rich Chinese guy, and she was just making him jealous, and now she's left the club.

Our mate, Marcel has been trying to set us up. He reckons this Dutch girl might be interested, but she's got a fella right now, and we can see loads of guys are chasing her, but Marcel reckons if we play our cards right, then we might be able to get her in a few weeks.

There was also a gorgeous young Argentinian who was flirting with us, after Marcel introduced us, but it seems like she's going to commit to a relationship she said was coming to an end.

Some Italian Milf has just entered the club. She's not quite what Marcel said we should be going for, but she kind of looks like Monica Bellucci, so it doesn't matter she's getting on, we just can't take our eyes off her.

Marcel has pointed out that we might need a younger girl for the long term. In addition to the Dutch girl, he's also got a Spaniard he can introduce us too. She seems very interested but we heard that she was a bit of a nightmare in her last relationship and that's putting us off. There's another Spaniard, who used to be in a relationship with our brother, but she's with some rich Chinese guy and we don't think we'll be able to persuade her to ditch them and come to us, and having been with our brother in the past, things could get awkward in the future.

There's another young Portuguese girl, but she seems a bit too similar to our ex, even if she's a lot more attractive. Marcel wants us to have a chat, but our Uncle Bill keeps interfering and keeps bringing our ex, the Scottish girl over. If only Uncle Bill would go home, he keeps putting everyone off, and at this rate we won't be able to find a new girl any time soon.

(Apologies to the ladies!)

Robert Tressell
198 Posted 12/12/2019 at 11:20:23
Id guess it goes like this:

- Ancelloti : moshiri is willing to spend big in Jan and Summer

- Jardim / Genesio : moshiri looking to buy potential and sell at high prices (fits well with what brands is here for - bit like Athletico / Dortmund / Monaco)

- Moyes : the spending spree is over.

Id be pleased with a Jardim / Genesio type of appointment.

Lots of silly rumours at the moment and all v hard to resist getting sucked in. Strongly suspect we'll know by Christmas day but maybe not a lot before. In the meantime hope Dunc manages to keep the ship afloat. As good a job as he did at the weekend we have a few difficult games ahead and we're a fickle bunch.

Steve Ferns
199 Posted 12/12/2019 at 11:25:40
Robert, why do you think Genesio? I'd don't know too much about him other than that he did well at Lyon and brought through the kids. I recall he was Lyon manager when they beat us home and away. I also note he is now in China.

Do you have any idea what he'd be like here and why are you confident he would be a success?

Keith Ronson
200 Posted 12/12/2019 at 11:30:34
My fear with Ancelotti is that, if we were higher up the league – mid-table even – then he might come in and do the trick. However, we are in a relegation scrap is he the man to dig us out of the brown stuff?
Raymond Fox
201 Posted 12/12/2019 at 11:32:47
Ancelloti wont come to us unless they offer him a fortune.

He's proved he's a good manager, but even the so called top managers fail when lumbered with players who are not up to it.
If by chance we got Ancelloti I've no doubt he would have wanted assurances off the club that we would buy one or two elite players.

Not that I would complain about that!

Robert Tressell
202 Posted 12/12/2019 at 11:33:17
Genesio fits the bill for the reasons you mention, would work with brands (genesio coaches and brands buys), understands the french market (which is still v good value) and is available from 1 jan. No idea whether it would be a good appointment! But a logical one.
Barry Rathbone
203 Posted 12/12/2019 at 11:52:09
Be flabbergasted if Ancelotti ends up here
Steve Ferns
204 Posted 12/12/2019 at 11:57:09
Ok cheers Robert. There's a few videos on his tactics and he looks to fit the Brands profile. His Lyon team were decent when they played us.
Frank McGregor
205 Posted 12/12/2019 at 14:58:54
Ancelloti is not the man for Everton. When are we ever going to learn, going after these highly-priced happy wanderers from the continent just don't work.

Give Ferguson a chance to prove he has the capability to produce for Everton and the fans. In the meantime, go to Plan B and search for a home grown manager similar to Howard Kendall if Ferguson does not work out or does not feel the job is for him.

Steve Brown
206 Posted 12/12/2019 at 15:43:24
Three Champions Leagues, League champion in England, Italy, Germany and France. Ancelotti might be a happy wanderer but he has achieved enormous success. Tell me one English manager who comes remotely close to him in terms of achievements.
Mike Gaynes
207 Posted 12/12/2019 at 15:59:44
Steve #185, under fire, perhaps, but unless you've read something I haven't, there hasn't been even a whisper that Monaco have considered sacking him. They did so once before and swiftly realized it was a mistake. And rectified it.

As best I can determine, the idea that he might be available came out of one unsourced, speculative article from Cape Town, and all the others (like the Mirror) just picked up that story.

I enjoyed your post #197, but you overlooked that Basque girl in the corner. The one who had such a brilliant marriage back home and had a celebrated affair in Paris before hooking up with a deeply disturbed guy in London and going through an ugly divorce.

Mike Gaynes
208 Posted 12/12/2019 at 16:14:41
Robert #202, what makes you think Genesio will be available? He had a great season in China -- his Beijing Guoan club won its last four in a row, including a dramatic last-minute win over Fellaini's team on the final day, to finish second. Guoan has a 67,000-seat stadium and unlimited funds, and Genesio is popular in the capital because his team is almost entirely Chinese, only one imported star in Renato Augusto.

He's gotta be making a fortune. Why would he leave?

(PS... I know this stuff because my father-in-law follows the Super League and is a fan of his hometown Wuhan Zall.)

Robert Tressell
209 Posted 12/12/2019 at 16:17:59
I think Genesio's contract is up 1 Jan. See transfermarkt. Nothing more than that. Hes done well, earned a packet I expect and now Everton represents a proper job in a proper league. He nearly joined Newcastle, we're a better opportunity.
Steve Ferns
210 Posted 12/12/2019 at 16:23:06
Mike, don't forget what Monaco are. A club with no real fanbase, who get 7,500 average gate. Play in a different country to where they are based and are hated by the rest of that country for their tax laws meaning they have an uneven playing field. Of course, Leo Jardim might adore living in Monte Carlo, I'm sure we all would if we were getting a serious wedge. But I don't think he will earn half what we are paying him, even without tax. We offer a chance for him to show how good he really is. I think he would be interested. With the fans unhappy with him, Monaco might also be willing to let him go without a fight and pocket the compo for a manager they were considering sacking only a few weeks ago.

I thought I mentioned your Basque. But I was doing two things at once and missed the end to the post as well!

Steve Ferns
211 Posted 12/12/2019 at 16:31:19
Mike, ask your father in law if he rates this centre-back for Champions Guangzhou called Jiang Guangtai. I've heard good things about him. He only played 4 games in the league but played in 8 in the Asian Champions League. Let me know.
Robert Tressell
212 Posted 12/12/2019 at 16:33:39
Id love to live in Monte Carlo
Mike Gaynes
213 Posted 12/12/2019 at 16:38:05
Steve #210, perhaps so, but the base article I mentioned says otherwise: "Monaco are likely to do all they can to keep hold of their man and will knock back any approaches that are made by the English side. Monaco remains in midtable after pulling away from the relegation places and are just four points off the Champions League places as they approach the turn of the year. The powers that be will not want any distractions and will be hoping that Everton look elsewhere in the hunt for a new manager."

Robert #209, we'd have to be prepared to write a huge contract for him. CSL manager salaries are insane. I don't know what Genesio is making, but Rafa is on £12m/year and Cannavaro £10.6m, so that'll give you an idea.

Mike Gaynes
214 Posted 12/12/2019 at 16:43:11
Steve #211, you're a funny guy!

I hear that Guangtai fella speaks Chinese with a very unusual accent.

Derek Knox
215 Posted 12/12/2019 at 16:55:09
Steve F, Re; Monaco, do they have a Wetherspoons there, and a decent chippy, (?) - probably not!

Bet they have a McDonalds though!

Tony Abrahams
216 Posted 12/12/2019 at 17:11:25
Boss Boozer, on the edge of the amazing harbour Derek, last time I was there, it was live music, football on the big-screen, and only €3 for a bevy, and because we couldn’t find an empty taxi anywhere we got a free train ride back to Nice, instead!
Mike Gaynes
217 Posted 12/12/2019 at 17:59:43
Derek #215, they do indeed and I have eaten there. It probably has the most spectacular waterfront view of any McDonald's in the world.

I did think the caviar and shaved truffles sprinkled over the fries was a bit much.

Mike Gaynes
218 Posted 12/12/2019 at 18:10:59
Steve #210, ESPNFC reports that Emery and Everton did talk and Emery was interested, but both the club and the manager are now looking in other directions. So that's one less candidate.
Derek Knox
219 Posted 12/12/2019 at 18:18:45
Tony @ 216, thanks mate you did surprise me there, I imagined it would have been pretty expensive, goes to show proof of the pudding, and never judge a book by it's cover, are true adages.

Thanks Mike G, sounds very impressive for a McDonalds, you'd go in and order just to get the Caviar and shaved truffles, and throw the usual fare away. :-)

Bill Gienapp
220 Posted 12/12/2019 at 19:08:10
Great post, Steve (197). Apologies for my being dense, but who's the Dutch girl? Is that ten Hag, now that Ajax are out of the Champion's League?
Billy Roberts
221 Posted 12/12/2019 at 19:27:28
Steve @197
I loved that post, I would like to see more of that!!
I'm going for Monica Bellucci and by that I don't mean Carlo Ancelotti I mean Monica Bellucci!!
I'd walk over broken glass for her, without my boots on!
Tony Abrahams a belated welcome to the 50 club,
Mine was in November and I'm really surprised the French put on free trains from Monte Carlo?
Is that just for scousers?
Tony Abrahams
222 Posted 12/12/2019 at 21:18:46
Loads of scousers in the world Billy, and thanks for my belated welcome to the “really over the hill mob“!

Brings back great memories that pub in Monaco (Billy!) Derek. We were paying about €8 for a pint watching England on the telly, and when the game finished we went for a little walk, and found this cracker and thought we were also getting our beer for nothing, because of the difference in price.

You can imagine the tips, the people behind the bar got? again, because there’s loads of scousers in the world!

Billy Roberts
223 Posted 12/12/2019 at 21:33:21
Well, Tony @222, if there is any justice in this cruel world of football, we will fly up the table with ??? in charge! Fuck me, my head is swimming with the potential candidates and the so-called pull-outs... and then there is Duncan Ferguson, we will qualify for the Europa League and then draw Monaco??

And then Tony you had better remember the name of that "cheap" bar in Monte Carlo!! You will be like the pied piper of Toffeweb.

Tony Abrahams
224 Posted 12/12/2019 at 21:52:01
As long as the ticket-inspector doesn’t get on the train Billy! A lovely little thought though, because it’s a very nice part of the world, that little region, and watching Everton in Europe is something we need to start doing again very soon, now we are getting old!

Banish the thought of relegation, and let’s get get a good man in charge. Duncan, He’s got the passion required, who knows if he’s got the talent? Kendall, only did well once he got Colin Harvey on board, so I wonder if Duncan has got any old mates, who know the game like Harvey?

Clive Rogers
225 Posted 12/12/2019 at 22:36:15
Frank, 205, Dunc has already said he doesn’t want the job full time.
Jay Wood

226 Posted 12/12/2019 at 22:39:29
Nice simple piece from the Echo on how Ancelotti likes to play and how it specifically applies to individual players in the current Everton squad.


Robert Tressell
227 Posted 12/12/2019 at 22:52:55
I sort of see what the Echo is getting at - but the fact is Ancelloti likes to work with a much better playing staff. We have the 7th biggest wage bill and about the 8th best squad in the division. This is way below what Ancelloti is used to.

Our top players like Digne and Richarlison would be subs at the most successful of his sides. It wont be Ancelloti. We need someone who can develop players - not manage big egos

Derek Knox
228 Posted 12/12/2019 at 23:44:11
Robert, I appreciate what you are saying and those who live a good distance from Liverpool, are under the misconception that the Liverpool Echo, being close to both Clubs and Tranmere (by the way), is an accurate barometer of all things regarding Football News.

I have little faith in anything the Echo regurgitates, and through experience have found them to get so many stories completely wrong. Plus they certainly seem to have a bias toward the side at Mordor. Hence the nickname The Red Echo.

Regarding the current situation at Our Club, which is really the only one that interests me the most, apart from confirmation that Duncan will continue as Interim for the Man United fixture. There has been no Official Statement from the Club, about any intentions or whatever.

Again we are pretty much in the dark, or 'mushroomised' as Lyndon referred to accurately, in a recent article. There are so many points that require some sort of information especially regarding recent events which are, outside the normal day to day news.

Want is Marcel Brands doing during this Manager Search? How much is he taking the lead in the potential selection? Who does he favour? Did Duncan really say, as widely reported, that he doesn't want the Job permanently?

I could go on, but without repeating what has already been asked, and not only by myself, I think the very least we long-suffering fans, who let's face it have kept our part of the unwritten Contract between Club/Support/Loyalty do deserve some Feedback! (hopefully of a positive nature)

Ed Prytherch
229 Posted 12/12/2019 at 23:55:54
Duncan was being diplomatic when he said he did not want the job. He was being the ultimate team player by taking pressure off his bosses. Smart man.
Don Alexander
230 Posted 13/12/2019 at 00:09:13
Ed, Ferguson being "diplomatic" will be a first!
John Pierce
231 Posted 13/12/2019 at 00:47:54
I’m at the point where I don’t think Ancelotti isn’t the right fit but, of the candidates available the best of a bad bunch.
Ed Prytherch
232 Posted 13/12/2019 at 01:10:08
Don, it may have been a first because he is rarely interviewed and under Silva the only way to be diplomatic was to keep his mouth shut.
Bill Gienapp
233 Posted 13/12/2019 at 01:11:43
Has Ferguson actually said he doesn't want the job... or is that a media assumption because he declined to openly lobby for it when given the chance after the Chelsea match?
Ed Prytherch
234 Posted 13/12/2019 at 01:12:43
This looking like a win-win situation, Duncan or Carlo or perhaps both of them.
Ed Prytherch
235 Posted 13/12/2019 at 01:20:23
Bill, He was pressed to say that he wanted the job and would not say yes. It happened during the on-field interview at the end of the game and again here:

Here is another one:

Drew O'Neall
236 Posted 13/12/2019 at 01:25:50
Don’t want him and he won’t come. Next.
Bill Gienapp
237 Posted 13/12/2019 at 01:34:36
Ed, that was my impression of the matter. I wasn't sure if he'd made additional comments I wasn't aware of.
Mike Gaynes
238 Posted 13/12/2019 at 01:41:10
Bill and Ed, were he offered the job, can you possibly imagine Duncan turning it down?

Me neither.

Ed Prytherch
239 Posted 13/12/2019 at 01:50:58
Mike, Hell no!

It's great to watch his post match interviews and compare them with what we had become used to. It's night and day.

BTW, I live in Columbia, South Carolina, and I was born 12 miles from Goodison Park, 72 years ago.

Mike Gaynes
240 Posted 13/12/2019 at 01:55:50
Ed, I think I knew you were in the US, but didn't know where. You've certainly picked an extravagantly lovely spot for your retirement.
Bill Gienapp
241 Posted 13/12/2019 at 02:00:56
Agreed, Mike. A single tear rolling down Kenwright's cheek would be enough to send Ferguson to war for the club.
Derek Knox
242 Posted 13/12/2019 at 02:03:27
Ed @235 &236, yes that would in my opinion be a good combo, Ancellotti and Duncan as his Assistant, but who's to say that Ancellotti wouldn't want to bring his own team with him and leave Dunc in the cold?

My personal choice (not that I have any say in it) would have been Marcelo Gallardo, but it is being reported that he has no intention of leaving Argentina/South America in the immediate future, but may change to another Club. He has allegedly dismissed links with us too.

Don't have any inkling as to who Ancellotti normally works with, but it would be good to know from someone who does on that. The only other thing I'm sure we would all like to know, who's choice is Ancellotti?

If this is not Marcel Brands, surely he has had his role seriously undermined yet again. Is Moshiri having another go at Football Manager after proving that he is useless and costly? (to himself and the Club)

Dave Bowen
243 Posted 13/12/2019 at 02:32:43
Drew @ #237. I agree he won’t come, but why on earth wouldn’t you want one of the most successful managers around?
Stan Schofield
244 Posted 13/12/2019 at 15:35:55
So far as I am aware, Duncan Ferguson has never said that he doesn't want the job as Everton manager. In his interviews, he has been non-committal, and very diplomatic.
Jay Wood

245 Posted 13/12/2019 at 15:36:55
Forget Carlo.

He ain't coming. Just said so himself on this very credible website.


Jamie Evans
246 Posted 13/12/2019 at 19:51:51
Jay Wood 245 take a bow amigo. 😂👌
Ray Smith
247 Posted 13/12/2019 at 23:12:55
Jay 245

Do you honestly believe Ancelloti would come out with comments that contain f this, f that? I don’t think so.

If this is a wind up, I took the bait!!!!

Brian Williams
248 Posted 13/12/2019 at 23:39:58
IF it's a wind up?
Jay Wood

249 Posted 13/12/2019 at 23:48:07
Oh Ray! Ray...Ray...Ray.
Ray Smith
250 Posted 13/12/2019 at 23:50:44
Jay 249

1-0 too you 🥋🥋🥋

Derek Thomas
251 Posted 14/12/2019 at 00:26:34
Jay, very good.

Anyway, moving on; There's no rush, Ferguson can keep us ticking over nicely until after New Year. He can then go out on a high at anfield, or low, but most probably this being The Ev, in some sort of unlucky one in million combination of bad bounce / beachball / black cat / VAR shite.

Then when the new guy is in dire straits come next November, we can all look back on Ferguson's abortive reign and sigh.

But The Sultans of Swing up in the board room, will do well to heed the lesson handed out to the Labour Party...if you consistantly have an unpopular leader and consistently fail to listen to the people, they will, eventually, desert you (ooh-er missus, a bit of politics, sorry MK, but it has some relevance)

Derek Knox
252 Posted 14/12/2019 at 07:25:39
Ray @ 247, trying to get a TW Fishing Trip organised, I'm sure you will be interested! 😂😋

Jay, well done mate, in Ray's defence it was well constructed and almost credible, I particularly liked the highlights in the margin, alluding to other news.

Jay Wood

253 Posted 14/12/2019 at 10:29:26
Derek @ 252.

It's a cleverly crafted page, isn't it?

I hope Ray isn't blushing too much! One thing we Blues do well is the ability to laugh at ourselves. Heaven knows, we've had plenty of material down the years to do so!

I'm reminded of a Rag Mag (aside: do such things still exist these days?) I picked up, in all places, in Johannesburg, South Africa, in the very early 1980s.

I fancy that this one will appeal to you Derek. Amidst all the gags and cartoons, there was a cartoon of the three witches of 'the Scottish Play' gathered around a cauldron. And one of them says to the other:

'Really Hecate! Is that the best you can do? Put a curse on Everton?'

A student Rag Mag. In South Africa. In the early 1980s, FFS! Relentless!

Ray Smith
254 Posted 14/12/2019 at 12:15:40
Jay 253

I’m blaming an over indulgence of Famous Grouse for my inability to detect fact from fiction, and as you say, you’ve got to laugh 😂😂😂

Brian Williams
255 Posted 14/12/2019 at 12:31:07
Ray. Have you sent me that £50 you owe me yet mate?
Jay Wood

256 Posted 14/12/2019 at 13:02:46
I forgot to ask if any of you followed any of the other spoof stories listed.

This 'Moyes Reappointed at Everton' story is quite droll.


As is 'Duncan Ferguson Apologizes for Breaking Ball Boy's Ribs'.


I'd never heard of this site before stumbling on it with the Ancelotti tale.

Now bookmarked! It's got some crackers!

James Hughes
257 Posted 14/12/2019 at 13:19:36
Jayi liked the Delle Ali's brother story it was quality. they were all similar to the daily mash. which was very good in the run up to the election.
not sure if it's on your radar, so here you go-


Derek Thomas
258 Posted 14/12/2019 at 13:34:02
Jay, first one was the best.

Brian @255; I think its with the Arteta money

Ray Smith
259 Posted 14/12/2019 at 13:49:11
Brian 255

My memory isn’t that bad.

You will have to try harder!!!

Chris Williams
260 Posted 14/12/2019 at 14:19:51

Thanks for the link. I sent the Moyes story to my son this morning. He nearly shit himself when he saw the headline, but not once he’d read it.

There’s one on there about Souness calling for more sexy lesbians to play in women’s football.

But I think that one might be genuine!

Paul Birmingham
261 Posted 14/12/2019 at 23:16:25
Good debate, the longer this situation rolls, the more you think, does the DOF, have any influence?

I'd like to think the board are working together, and taking lessons learnt from the past failings, in management.

Like at work, in Telecomms, what really, makes a P1, fault, in context of the Management situation at EFC?

Taking a punt, 10 days in. It's likely the board are planning, but I sense this time, any announcement for the next boss, will be very carefully negotiated.

Who it will be, let's hope he will deliver us to the better days.

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