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Huge USM naming rights deal 'ready to go'

| Sunday, 15 March 2020 33comments  |  Jump to last
Everton have lined up a £200m deal with USM Holdings for naming rights to the proposed stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock according to a report.

The Mail on Sunday claim that the Blues' new stadium will bear the name of Alisher Usmanov's company in a 10-year, £200m sponsorship agreement based on information provided to them by a club source.

USM paid £30m earlier this year for first option on naming rights to the new ground and will follow that up with a concrete agreement if this report is true.

The company already sponsors Everton's Finch Farm training complex in a deal that runs to 2022 and Megafon, one of its subsidiaries, provides sponsorship inside and on the exterior of Goodison Park.

Original Source: Mail on Sunday  
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Reader Comments (33)

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Derek Thomas
1 Posted 15/03/2020 at 06:21:16
Things are going to hell in a handbasket so... Yet another piece of feel-good news from the Club along with the Heritage Society piece... stay safe, Mr Usmanov... in fact, every one stay safe.
Eric Myles
2 Posted 15/03/2020 at 06:28:15
Feel good news Derek? £200 mill over 10 years is only £20 mill a season. I'd expect it to be worth double that, and in 5 years time double again.
Steve Shave
3 Posted 15/03/2020 at 07:04:18
Don't worry Eric, when the Finch Farm contract needs renewing in 2022, he'll double that to compensate. :)

When will the big man just come and join us? My sense is the long term plan has always been "Get the stadium built or nearly built and into the Champions League, then I'll come aboard and pump the wonga in to make Everton the best around". I like that plan.

Adam Carey
4 Posted 15/03/2020 at 08:53:55
When Spurs asked for £25M p/y over 15 years Levy was called a genius negotiator. We, (not even playing European football or finishing near the top 4), have effectively got a £23M p/y deal when you take the £30M naming option payment. I'm sorry but that can't be laughed off as not good enough.
Phil Greenough
5 Posted 15/03/2020 at 09:08:10
The club never posted the article, Derek, the Mail on Sunday did.
Dave Williams
6 Posted 15/03/2020 at 09:23:28
Adam is right. Any deal will be subject to scrutiny by the authorities to ensure that it is commercially justifiable and the best way to show this is to shadow the most recent deals ie.Spurs
If we achieved something significantly better than them then we could be in trouble. This sounds a sensible figure and period to me.
Tony Abrahams
7 Posted 15/03/2020 at 09:34:01
Life is about getting the best deal possible, and nobody can argue any different.

Why don’t USM, sponsor another club in the league for less money? Because they don’t want to, is the obvious answer, just like certain players would never play for certain clubs?

Just when things start looking up for Everton, something bad usually happens, so stay safe “blue brothers & sisters” because once we’ve got through these very worrying times, it looks like our club, is going to rise through the ashes once again!

Michael Ward
8 Posted 15/03/2020 at 09:49:04
Adam #4 pretty sure the terms of the option said it would be deducted from the price of any future deal so straight up £20m per season. Which it has to be said is £20m more than we get at the moment
Tony Everan
9 Posted 15/03/2020 at 14:21:01
The intention is to give lenders more confidence to offer a decent Interest rate, knowing we have healthy and stable revenue streams.

That maybe the intention but god only knows how lenders will react after this virus pandemic.

Eric Myles
10 Posted 15/03/2020 at 14:25:14
Michael #8, if you're right then that's only £17 mill a year over 10 years.

Were't Arsenal regretting their long term deal after only a couple of years when they realised deal values keep increasing?

Let's hope any deal has built in uplifts to take account of inflation and success.

Craig Harrison
11 Posted 15/03/2020 at 14:40:55
That is likely to be the base deal for our current position in the league. It would not surprise me that there are clauses that see the naming rights increase if / when we obtain European football.

It ward be hard for Everton to justify with FFP a larger amount at this time.

Paul Birmingham
12 Posted 15/03/2020 at 17:22:35
Let’s see if and when the club announce this officially.

Is this a leak, that could attract heat?

I’m not convinced that the club would announce such a deal at this precarious time for the World, and would surely wait for until the full due diligence and commercial and finances deals are legitimate, but that’s just my hunch.

Chicken and egg, egg and chicken?

Brian Wilkinson
13 Posted 15/03/2020 at 19:55:36
Steve@3, he cannot come and join us with ffp, once he comes on board any revenue in sponsorships will conflict within the club.

Everton are going about it the right way, as long as he is outside investment, he can keep ploughing money into the club.

In regards to the £200 Million over ten years, again it stops alarm bells ringing within the fa and gives Everton an instant cash injection.

Who knows in a few years time ffp might get scrapped, then you would see a Usmanov come onboard.

If Usmanov had said £200 Millions over 5 years, the fa would have been all over it, this way we get a war chest for a Carlo to invest.

Ed Prytherch
14 Posted 15/03/2020 at 21:36:10
It is guaranteed income that will help with getting loans for the construction of the stadium.
Mark Burslem
15 Posted 15/03/2020 at 23:52:28
Absolutely essential that we gain this funding in the right way, ensuring that FFP rules are not broken. As has been said earlier, there must surely be incentives to allow larger payments to come into play when levels of success have been achieved.

Here in Toronto, the Scotiabank Arena (similar to the MEN - or whatever it is called now in Manchester), has naming rights worth $800 million Canadian dollars (around 466 million pounds at the present rate) paid over 10 years.

There are obviously many, many more televised events (and concerts) per annum, but the exposure to the sponsor name (isn't that what they are supposed to be in the business of sponsorship for?) though stadium naming rights (to both population and TV audience), is nowhere near what would be available in the UK and beyond through our new home.

Yes, I suppose that the Sky six will (for now) be able to achieve bigger sums for naming rights, but I do believe that we can and will be able to achieve more than the figures stated so far. COYB.

Karl Masters
16 Posted 16/03/2020 at 09:34:24
Interesting if you read the comments on the article by Daily Mail readers. Nearly all Liverpool fans with ridiculous comments and clearly green with envy. If you check it out you’ll be surprised just how pathetic they come across. Some of it is unreal.

That alone tells me that this is going to be good for Everton.

Karl Masters
17 Posted 16/03/2020 at 09:36:54
And to all of you on here: some of you irritate the life out of me, but in these troubled times please All stay safe.
Craig Walker
18 Posted 16/03/2020 at 10:46:00
Can't bring myself to click through to a Daily Mail link. Might consider using the Daily Mail if toilet roll supplies run dry. As the Stanglers once sang "there's always the Sun".

Wish we could get a new sponsorship announcement from Andrex. They must be the only company who will do well out of this.

Kevin Prytherch
19 Posted 16/03/2020 at 13:23:40
The Unrivalled Stadium of Merseyside (USM)
The Ultimate Stadium of Merseyside
The Up-yours Shithouses we have a Mega-stadium (incorporates part of Megafon).

The possibilities are endless

Derek Taylor
20 Posted 16/03/2020 at 14:12:49

I'd rather see Usmanov using his money to save Merseyside jobs than frittering it away on this nonsense. Football ain't that important in the present climate.

Brian Williams
21 Posted 16/03/2020 at 14:17:52
Why would a private business man do that Derek? Not his responsibility really.
Derek Taylor
22 Posted 16/03/2020 at 14:31:57
Well,Brian, the money he and his mate have blown on Everton hasn't done much for the club where it matters -on the field, has it. The stadium project is like throwing dough into the Mersey - literally. Another 'Randy Lerner 'project if ever I've seen one !
John G Davies
23 Posted 16/03/2020 at 14:39:01
That's the spirit Derek.

We have far more chance of progressing as a club without one of them nasty billionaires giving us untold amounts.

Brian Wilkinson
24 Posted 16/03/2020 at 15:08:12
You may just get your wish Derek, because if this stadium goes ahead, it will create countless new jobs with the regeneration of the docks and surrounding areas.
Annika Herbert
25 Posted 16/03/2020 at 15:19:05
Kevin@19, very funny mate, had me chuckling quite a while!
Tony Everan
26 Posted 16/03/2020 at 17:20:18
Kev 19

If sea levels rise more than forecast ;

Usmanov’s Submerged Megastructure

Brian Wilkinson
27 Posted 16/03/2020 at 23:10:08
If we get the go ahead on the new ground and sponsorship deal while the league is still suspended, our neighbours will go into meltdown.
Nicholas Ryan
28 Posted 17/03/2020 at 13:58:33
Hi, folks,

Under FFP, if you're an 'associated person' or 'associated company' which Usmanov almost certainly is - you can only sponsor at the 'market rate' £20m per year, is below Spurs, but above West Ham, and therefore would stand up to scrutiny from the bean counters!

Chris Williams
29 Posted 17/03/2020 at 14:22:16
The club say they’ve cleared all this with the Premier League in advance.
Steven Astley
30 Posted 18/03/2020 at 21:57:42
Eric Myles #2 - you are living in dreamland, pal, if you don't think that £20M a year for 10 years is a good deal for something as intangible as the naming rights of a stadium!!!
Mike Benjamin
31 Posted 19/03/2020 at 09:14:40
Derek@20. The build will be important for the whole region, creating jobs and putting money into an area that will be on it’s knees. Even beyond Evertonians this project will be critical and if Usmanov’s money is part of it making it happen then we should all welcome that.
Eric Myles
32 Posted 19/03/2020 at 09:24:57
Steven #30, if you want to play with the big boys, you have to be a big boy.

Signing a 10 year deal now, for a stadium 3 year down the road would be finanicial suicide.

Now I expect that USM is the best deal that we can get, but I expect it can be better in 3 years than now and hope that the negotiating team is not the same as opted for the comfort of the Chang renewals. (Said as I sip on a pint of said beer!)

Robert Tressell
33 Posted 22/03/2020 at 11:17:37
If two men of vast wealth want to build us a stadium and bring much needed employment to the area then lets not quibble. More than ever its important that big commercial projects go ahead. Anyway, plea to the editors. Please keep the rumour mill thread up to date because it helps with a much needed distraction from everyday troubles (half the point of sport). No offense intended to anyone in a fix and hopefully a bit of mindless chat helps keep a sense of normality.

So from the gossip columns:

1. Donnarumma

2. Eduard

3. Orkan Kokcu (wondering how you pronounce that surname)

4. Ciro Immobile

There are only a few keepers out there who represent a material improvement on Pickford. Donnarumma is one of them. Add Berardi and Tonali and we'd have a stylish team indeed. But no to Immobile - too static.

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