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Doucouré talks continue with clubs 'far apart' on fee

| Tuesday, 25 August 2020 81comments  |  Jump to last
Everton reportedly remain in talks with Watford over Abdoulaye Doucouré but Sky Sports suggest that the Toffees are not prepared to match the Hornets' inflated valuation of the player.

Watford are said to be holding out for £35m for Doucouré, a paltry £1.5m less than the offer from Everton they were said to have knocked back for him last year.

According to reports, Everton are looking to pay £25m for the 27-year-old Frenchman and are hoping that Watford's relegation to the Championship has improved their bargaining position, particularly while they continue to pursue Napoli's Allan.

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Reader Comments (81)

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Derek Knox
1 Posted 25/08/2020 at 20:48:43
I can imagine Watford to be a very difficult club to deal with, given the debacle over Silva and compensation etc. Compensation for what exactly?

The man, and his choice in the first place has got to raise serious question marks, not only over his ability to even be considered for a job like Everton, but who pursued him relentlessly and why?

Anyway, water under the proverbial bridge, they seem like a club who not only should realise that they have been relegated, but should also welcome decent offers for their saleable assets. I believe they paid about £15M (may be wrong) for him so they are almost doubling their money for a player who like all, is not getting any younger.

I just hope and pray that something positive is about to happen both with outgoings and incomings in the next few days!

Peter Thistle
2 Posted 25/08/2020 at 20:50:25
Typical stingy Everton, they'd lose a player over a couple of million.

If you want the player, pay the money; we can afford it.

Stephen Beattie
3 Posted 25/08/2020 at 20:51:47
Messi coming. You read it here first.
Bill Gienapp
4 Posted 25/08/2020 at 20:53:42
I'd tell Watford if they think they can get £35-million from another club, knock themselves out. If there are no takers, then they know how to reach us.
Patrick McFarlane
5 Posted 25/08/2020 at 20:55:34
It looks as if it is going to be a strange transfer window all round. I just read a couple of pieces on the web:

Apparently Koeman has told Messi that there will no longer be any special privileges for him at Barca and the Argentinian wants to leave.

PSG are readying the axe for Tuchel and might make a move for Carlo because of his ability to win the Champions League.

It will be most interesting to see what develops all over Europe but will Everton be winners or losers in the crazy merry-go-round?

Len Hawkins
6 Posted 25/08/2020 at 21:02:21
Just seen a rumour that Suarez is going to Spurs. If ever there was a prize for the most vile person in the world he'd win it hands down.
Trevor Powell
7 Posted 25/08/2020 at 21:13:16
Suarez 1 Trump 1 going into endless extra time!
Sam Hoare
8 Posted 25/08/2020 at 21:17:59
For a few years now, we have gathered the reputation as a club who overpays. Grossly in some cases.

I hope we might try and shed this reputation. Watford and Napoli are tough teams to deal with but Allan especially is not in Gattuso's plans and will drop sharply in value over the next year or two.

There are lots of other options out there and we must be flexible if needs be. I suspect FFP and Covid-19 may mean we don't have money to throw around like 3 years ago.

Christy Ring
9 Posted 25/08/2020 at 21:18:36
If we have offered £25M – I'd be sceptical that we did, knowing how we do business but, if it's true, it's a generous offer, and should be a final offer – and say goodbye.
Don Wright
10 Posted 25/08/2020 at 21:19:42
Gonzalo Higuain is also looking for a new club?
Joe McMahon
11 Posted 25/08/2020 at 21:34:11
Now that Messi has handed in a transfer request, will Bill be ordering some fax machine paper from Amazon?
Chris Mason
12 Posted 25/08/2020 at 21:37:44
I'd be surprised if we make more than two signings by the end of the window. Especially if we're trying to deal with Watford. I would expect the two midfielders rumoured would be first choice midfielders if we land them. A new left-back and maybe a winger if we are lucky. Or failing that bionic legs for Bolasie.
Colin Glassar
13 Posted 25/08/2020 at 21:54:34
Derek 1, I had forgotten about the Silva - Watford compensation deal. We must be the biggest mugs in football. And I had such high hopes for Moshiri when he came in but what a disaster he's been. Bring back Boys Pen Bill, oh wait...
Sam Hoare
14 Posted 25/08/2020 at 21:57:52
Reading some of the Watford fan sites and Twitter, it seems that most of them are more concerned about Capoue leaving than Doucouré. Some are claiming that a fee of £24M (rising to £28M) has been agreed.
Tony Everan
15 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:05:05
£25M is fair for Allan, £25M is fair for Doucouré. Pay the excess and sign Allan. Carlo wants him and we need a quality central midfielder. We can't mess about with this one but, once he is signed, then we will be in a more secure position. Shame that they couldn't have agreed to send Bernard in the other direction as a part payment. Could have been a deal that benefited both clubs.

Then leave the £25M on the table for Doucouré whilst we look elsewhere for equal or better alternatives. We won't need to be held to ransom for that deal. Look for younger, hungry midfielders on the up to compliment and learn from Allan and Ancelotti, investments with resale value.

Playing hardball with the main signing could backfire, we should grudgingly compromise and get that one in the bag as an insurance.

Joe McMahon
16 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:08:08
Len, if I'm being honest, I prefer Suarez over Carragher, Dalglish and John Terry.
Robert Tressell
17 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:08:24
The window is a curious thing. I've started to expect Allan as the weeks go on but who knows. Maybe Doucouré but I really cannot get too excited. Honestly wouldn't surprise me if we ended up with some random loan like James Rodriguez, Ryan Fraser on a free and Chris Smalling.

However we cut it, I'm confident that – come the start of the season – our first 11 will look better than last season's, with the enticing prospect of a 7th or 8th place finish.

Will Mabon
18 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:13:25
Latest Allan rumour is that we're talking about £31.5 million.
Joe McMahon
19 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:16:39
Will, we seem to be going down the Moshiri route again of being shafted by paying extreme high fees. It's making us a joke, and it's embarrassing.
Sam Hoare
20 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:19:23
Robert @16. That's my worry, is that we pay £60M or to sign Allan and Doucouré who might help us get to 8th/9th but then possibly need to be replaced in 3 or 4 years time having garnered no profit for the club from which to strengthen other positions.

I think buying one more experienced option in midfield is needed but we also have a need to protect the financial future of the club. If we were close to winning a trophy or breaking top 4, it would make more sense, but we are not.

Will Mabon
21 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:21:20
Joe, I agree. I remember thinking weeks back that, if Allan came, we'd end up getting our hats nailed on at over 30. Same old same old.

The Sigurdsson deal did us no favours at all.

Clive Rogers
22 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:25:28
I think this is going to be a disappointing window.
James Ford
23 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:28:03
Joe 18, I wouldn’t say it’s the high fees as such. It’s more the absolute dross he is buying that makes us a laughing stock. We are paying 30mil not for 5mil type players but for 500k type players we are targeting millionaire mercenaries on their way down with nothing to prove... and they prove it very well week in week out, year after year oh well, it’s his money but I’m surprised he hasn’t twigged yet...
Christy Ring
24 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:40:33
Colin @12 I think you're being a bit harsh saying Moshiri is a disaster. He's after wasting big money on managers and players, but let's be honest, regarding managers, he didn't make the decisions on his own, nothing surer he got advice from Bill. As for paying big money for Sigurdsson, Schneiderlin, Klaassen, Bolasie, Ramirez,Iwobi, the list is endless, he provided the funds, backed there judgement, especially Koeman, and Brands, so how is he directly at fault?
Christy Ring
25 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:44:00
I see on Sky Sports, Messi on £2m a week. Barca paying half, other half bonuses, endorsements etc.
Clive Rogers
26 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:55:18
We shouldn’t be paying more for Allan at nearly 30 than Arsenal paid for Gabriel, 22.
Robert Tressell
27 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:55:42
Sam I completely agree it's not what I would do. But then I would like us to start really competing in 2 to 3 seasons. Our club has different aims - hence we'll almost certainly get the unsustainable short term fix (and probably have to sell Richarlison as a consequence). A safer (sort of) strategy will ensure we're 6th to 10th when the stadium is built.
Conor Skelly
28 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:57:14
James Rodriguez practically a done deal.
Paul Hewitt
29 Posted 25/08/2020 at 22:58:32
Messi on 2 million a week. I can't wait till football goes bust. Club's deserve everything that's coming.
Peter Roberts
30 Posted 25/08/2020 at 23:02:16

Sky are breaking this now. That's come out of left field a bit, given weve been linked with him but nothing concrete.

Would certainly improve our wing options.

Si Pulford
31 Posted 25/08/2020 at 23:03:11
I’m not having all this ‘it’s only a couple of million-just pay it ’

Is that not the problem that got us in the mess we’re in with Gylfi, Iwobi etc? We’ve had our pants pulled down and everyone complains, we try to cut our cloth and everyone complains?!!

For what it’s worth I think Allan is worth a big fee regardless of his age and sell on value because he plugs the biggest hole in our squad. We could sign Ronaldo but with no fight we’d still get pasted every week.

Andrew Ellams
32 Posted 25/08/2020 at 23:05:36
SSN says the bid for James is under consideration. It doesn't say how seriously
Sean Callaghan
33 Posted 25/08/2020 at 23:13:42
James? I suppose that's just his destiny calling, but knowing Everton this deal will be born of frustration and the best laid plans often fall apart. Sorry for the puns, I think I need a sit down.
Robert Tressell
34 Posted 25/08/2020 at 23:14:19
Funny - I was only mentioning James Rodriguez as a random example of what might happen. I actually thought all the rumours had fallen away weeks ago. Just been back on newsnow (after a gap of about an hour) and find the rumours are back. Hopefully we'll get Rabiot and Koulibaly too then. Almost a cert.
Jack Convery
35 Posted 25/08/2020 at 23:25:20

Nothing ever changes.

Si Pulford
36 Posted 25/08/2020 at 23:26:19
Rodriguez doesn’t excite me. I think we have goof forward options but you can never have too many. If it’s Rodriguez AND a couple of midfielders with legs then yes please and bring on Messi.
Will Mabon
37 Posted 25/08/2020 at 23:29:35
We've had Rodriguez rumours of one sort or another for several seasons now, they never came to anything. I did hear a loan move rumour yesterday.

Koulibaly - remember us "Linked" (now there's a nice vague word for transfer speculations) with him back in Koeman's time? The figure mooted then was 40 million. More recently, figures of 70 - 80 were mentioned in connection with other clubs. It really is a crazy scene.

Messi, 2 mil per week! Jeez, takes me months to earn that kind of money... or was it, my whole life, I forget now.

Will Mabon
38 Posted 25/08/2020 at 23:36:07
Jack... nice link.
Peter Roberts
39 Posted 25/08/2020 at 23:39:19
Sky Sports News reporting the deal could be close, looks to be a permanent one because the player only has 13 months left on his contract at Real Madrid.

Don Alexander
40 Posted 25/08/2020 at 23:43:38
The James Rodriguez we're interested in is the chorizo slicer from that deli on Bold Street. He slices exceptionally thin to maximize profit, a bit like our still revered (by a diminishing number thankfully) chairman.
Laurie Hartley
41 Posted 25/08/2020 at 23:51:09
Si # 30 - I am inclined to agree with you regarding the report fee of £30m+ for Allan.

Quality and mentality in big heaps are what we need in midfield. If we get three good years out of him with a corresponding improvement in the team performances, then he will be well worth it.

Same goes for Doucouré.

A midfield of Gomes, Allan and Doucouré would do me fine.

Jay Harris
42 Posted 25/08/2020 at 23:56:11
It doesn't matter what age these players are. If Allan was only 22 he would be £80M. We need genuine quality to compete at the top.

Who cares if they've got no sell-on value, we will have made more out of league placings and maybe even winning a cup.

Every man and his dog knows we need midfield replacements and, if we get some known quality in there, it will transform us. Allan definitely fits that category; not so sure we can't do better than Doucouré... and Rodriguez, if he can stay fit, will be a real boost.

Ian Horan
43 Posted 26/08/2020 at 00:19:34
The time for sell-on values has passed for Moshiri, he is in too deep: £500 million. Falling out the Premier League is unthinkable for his investment that's why Fat Sam got the 18-month contract at £6 million a year that was Moshiri's insurance policy to keep Everton up.

We are now in a shit-or-bust situation: Moshiri's return or sell-on value of Everton FC needs guaranteed Premier League and the delivery of Bramley-Moore Dock. Only then will he get his money back. BMD and top 8 will probably get him £1.5 billion. The Premier League money will cover the 29-year-old signings.

The Moneyball approach will be the output from Brands's work restructuring the academy... oh, and shifting the rest of the deadwood!!!

Derek Thomas
44 Posted 26/08/2020 at 01:14:53
Patrick; 5. You should know by now Everton are only ever losers on any roundabout.

Everton: a Club that can go into a negotiation revolving door ahead of someone and come out behind.

Not only is it going to be a long time until Spurs, it'll be a long time until Deadline Day... with many twists and turns along the way.

Seems t'was ever thus for The County Road Casuals.

Eric Myles
45 Posted 26/08/2020 at 01:31:04
Robert #33, NewsNow probably monitor this site and picked up your post and ran it!!
Lester Yip
46 Posted 26/08/2020 at 01:33:48
The one with patience will get a upper hand in the negotiation. Before the big boys finished their buying, we have to wait. Sad but true. Let Barca make the first move, then things will flow. We might end up getting some "cast-offs" and "mercenaries" from them.
Mike Gaynes
47 Posted 26/08/2020 at 02:43:56
Si #35, if Rodriguez doesn't excite you, get your pulse checked.

That level of talent in our midfield could change everything, instantly. James has pace, touch and a level of passing ability that we have not seen in a blue shirt in a generation. And he can score from anywhere with that cannon left foot.

Yes, his career has gone seriously off the rails at 29, but this is a no-risk proposition. Even if his longtime friend Carlo can't straighten him out, he'll still be our best midfielder by a mile, and his creativity could turn Richarlison into a 20-goal scorer.

But if Carlo can help him regain anything close to his level of a few years ago, he will light Goodison on fire. Nobody else we've been discussing this summer even comes close to his talent.

I like this compilation of his Real Madrid highlights, especially because of who he's posing with in the first clip:

Jay Harris
48 Posted 26/08/2020 at 03:24:02
Excellent, Mike G. Just what we need, at his best, someone who knows where the goal is and how to put them in.

My only concern is his recent injury record.

Mike Gaynes
49 Posted 26/08/2020 at 03:45:31
Yep, Jay, he's had knee and calf problems that no doubt had a major effect on his hopes of impacting either Real or Bayern. And he's started only one game since January.

No question he's a gamble. But the possible upside is so huge that I think he's worth it. And he won't be expensive, so the downside is limited.

Besides, even if he has a bum knee and a bad attitude (which I doubt, or Carlo wouldn't take him), he'll still be better than Gomes, Iwobi and Sigurdsson put together.

Alan J Thompson
50 Posted 26/08/2020 at 04:20:52
Mike (#46); He sounds good and if we sign him we then only need someone who'll move so he has someone to whom he could pass. Our current midfield has more than one problem and has seen some of the best "Hide & Seek" Champions, albeit mostly hide, and stationary in more ways than one.
David Pearl
51 Posted 26/08/2020 at 05:37:31
Doucoure, Allan and James will do for me, if it happens... and before the weekend, then l might start to care again. Then we have to keep Mina and Gomes fit and buy Pickford some really big gloves and another brain.
Sam Bowen
52 Posted 26/08/2020 at 05:55:55
Sorry, Mike, but you're completely wrong in one thing you say about James. He has never had anything close to any pace, in fact probably slower than Sigurdsson. He's a lovely footballer no doubt and we would certainly enjoy watching him but fast, absolutely not.
Bill Gienapp
53 Posted 26/08/2020 at 06:07:35
I'll be *very* curious to see how these James Rodriguez rumors play out. I mean, this is exactly the sort of impact we've been hoping Ancelotti might have, getting a deal like this over the line.

Rodriguez, Allan and Doucoure in midfield would do quite nicely for me... we'll see if it happens.

Andrew Ellams
54 Posted 26/08/2020 at 07:34:38
So, if all of the Allan, Doucouré and Rodriguez business comes off, where would Gomes fit in?
Ajay Gopal
55 Posted 26/08/2020 at 07:49:53
As Bill (53) mentions, a midfield 3 of Allan, Doucouré and Rodriguez theoretically has the right blend of experience, steel, legs, craft - although at an average age of 28-29 years, we can reasonably expect them to continue together for another 2 years, before replacements have to be brought in.

Andrew (54), these 3 would be backed up by Gbamin, Gomes and Davies (and we are able to move on Delph, Besic, Sigurdsson). This is assuming Carlo deploys a 4-3-3 formation. The front 3 would be Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin and Gordon/Kean/Bolasie/Iwobi.

Probably Walcott and Tosun will be moved on and also 1 of Bolasie/Kean. In which case, Carlo might bring in one more right-sided winger/forward - maybe Chucky Lozano on loan from Napoli with an option to buy at a pre-agreed price.

With these incomings and outgoings, and assuming we do not have significant injury problems, I would go into the season with quiet confidence that we will compete for the top-6 positions. Goalkeeping and defence can be strengthened in subsequent windows.

Mike Gaynes
56 Posted 26/08/2020 at 07:57:06
Andrew #54, my best guess would be Benfica, or maybe Sporting Lisbon.
Martin Berry
57 Posted 26/08/2020 at 08:25:29
We have been here many times and reported haggling over fees. We should learn and remember, if the player wants out, then the exporting club will bend; no clubs wants a player who does not want to play for them anymore.

If the reports are true, he will sign.

Iain Love
58 Posted 26/08/2020 at 08:39:21
If we go into next season with what we have we will be in a dogfight at the bottom. We must get a quality defensive mid above all else, that appears to be Allen. Nothing else matters unless we get him or his like.

I would like to add other players but only after we secure that position. It would be wonderful if we could buy for the future but we have to improve now.

Jason Li
59 Posted 26/08/2020 at 09:17:45
Once we've got competitive players in this window, we can get back to scouting young talent again as we'll be able to attract better potential young talent.

Start our vicious circle of being an attractive club to the best young players.

Let our first team players and Carlo improve the young players at a quicker rate, and this will help Moshiri build player asset values to pay back much of the debt/investment he's made to us in good faith so far.

But more importantly, we can get back to really enjoy watching the team again with a world class manager at the helm of our great club!

Danny Baily
60 Posted 26/08/2020 at 11:51:22
Great tackler, knows how to intercept a ball and has a good passing range. If he were just a little quicker he'd be a top, top player.

All this with bags of Premier League experience to boot. If we can get him for anything close to £25M, then it's a no-brainer.

Nicholas Ryan
61 Posted 26/08/2020 at 13:55:48
It's all getting a bit messi.... er, I mean...
Soren Moyer
62 Posted 26/08/2020 at 13:59:10
Anyone has spotted Messi in the vicinity of GP yet????
Alex Parr
63 Posted 26/08/2020 at 17:26:36
Tell you what, I'd still be interested in taking Vidal from Barcelona, I know hes getting on but he is another of the mould we need - aggressive, nasty, winner. A year long loan to help us shift some of the shite and enable us to spend decent money on a young centre mid next summer once we know where we are with FFP / Covid etc.
Justin Doone
64 Posted 26/08/2020 at 17:42:31
Leave the Doucouré transfer now. I don't like the Watford board and I don't want another Zouma situation. Next in line please..

In general, we should be looking at loan to buy transfers. Less risk and we have cash to stump up for an initial £x millions loan fee.

The Watford board can come back begging us as they struggle in the Championship.

James Stewart
65 Posted 27/08/2020 at 00:25:56
Not worth anywhere near that kind of money.
Will Mabon
66 Posted 27/08/2020 at 00:40:22
A "Paltry £1.5m"

Football in the 20th century.

James Lauwervine
67 Posted 28/08/2020 at 10:10:01
£35M, my arse. Fuck off, Watford.

If Everton pays that, I will be appalled.

Joe McMahon
68 Posted 28/08/2020 at 10:24:30
Now is the time to tell Watford, get fucked! They are relegated and it stinks – just like when we paid relegated Sunderland £30 million for a well below-standard 'keeper.
Rob Halligan
69 Posted 28/08/2020 at 13:16:59
According to the Red Echo, Watford are prepared to sell Doucouré to us providing they can take a player from us on loan. The report doesn't say which player they want though, but will it be very difficult to persuade any of our first-team squad to drop down a division? I guess not if it means they are guaranteed regular first-team football.
Tony McNulty
70 Posted 28/08/2020 at 13:29:14
People keep mentioning "Messi" ... I suspect we'll only end up with "sloppy seconds".

(The above is a "school dinners" reference – I am not sure if the expression is still in common currency.)

Brian Murray
71 Posted 28/08/2020 at 13:45:41
Tony. We have all ended up with sloppy seconds and not necessarily in the school canteen. Mostly the Grafton and she etc!!
Brian Harrison
72 Posted 28/08/2020 at 14:00:23
Rob 69

I read that too, mind we have plenty of players for them to choose from, Seeing they are likely to lose Sarr as well maybe Bolasie would be of interest to them. Also Besic if they are looking for a midfield player.

Brian Williams
73 Posted 28/08/2020 at 14:13:01
Tony #70.

The expression "sloppy seconds" tends to have a different meaning these days. :-)

Andrew Ellams
74 Posted 28/08/2020 at 14:13:34
I'm sure we could accommodate Watford with at least 2 loan players. Would young Branthwaite benefit from a year in the Championship rather than being 4th choice at least for us? Besic and Davies could work too.
Brian Williams
75 Posted 28/08/2020 at 14:21:24
Baningime seems the obvious choice for a loan. "Almost" a like for like. Especially when his planned loan has just broken down. Throw in Besic for good measure. I wouldn't let Branthwaite go, he's too good and will figure for us this season for sure.
Tony McNulty
76 Posted 28/08/2020 at 14:24:51
Brian (72). That's not the only expression from school dinners that can lead to trouble.

Have you ever looked up "roly poly" (an innocent sort of jam Swiss Roll thing in my day) in a modern urban dictionary?

Brian Williams
77 Posted 28/08/2020 at 15:04:06
Tony, there's so many "meanings" but I think I just found the one you're referring to. :-))
Craig Walker
78 Posted 28/08/2020 at 16:01:47
I'd take Ben Foster off their hands as well. I think he's a better, more reliable goalkeeper than Pickford.
Dan Nulty
79 Posted 28/08/2020 at 16:05:31
I think we need to say to the player we have bid a sensible amount for a 27-year-old in the current climate. Over to you to force the move. Time to stop having our pants pulled down.
Jay Harris
80 Posted 28/08/2020 at 16:14:11

That's a good shout with Baningame, I was thinking of Besic but we may be able to sell him and Beni would certainly benefit from another loan although I don't think his contract has long to run either.

Sam Hoare
81 Posted 28/08/2020 at 16:17:15
I doubt Watford would want Banigime, who could barely get a game for Wigan. I heard they requested Branthwaite but the request was denied as Carlo sees him as a decent 4th centre-back. Perhaps Gibson could be offered instead if they want a young left-footed cntre-back?

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