Patterson pursuit off as Everton open Maitland-Niles talks

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Updated Everton are reportedly in talks with Arsenal over a move for Ainsley Maitland-Niles after they were forced to abandon their attempts to sign Nathan Patterson because of Covid-19 quarantine protocols and Rangers' valuation of the player.

The Blues have been in the market for reinforcements at right-back but have been unable to fund bids for Max Aarons or Denzel Dumfries, with the latter signing for Inter Milan.

Another reported target, Zeki Celik is said to be interesting Atletico Madrid. So, with options dwindling as the transfer deadline looms, Everton will, according to The Athletic, try to sign Maitland-Niles from the Gunners on loan for the season with an option to buy next year.

The player was believed to prefer playing as a central midfielder — a suggestion challenged by David Ornstein of The Athletic — but could accept the assignment at Goodison Park in order to get game time this season. However, there is talk that Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta is pushing for Maitland-Niles to stay in North London and that the Gunners won't now play ball on the deal.

Maitland-Niles took to social media today with a message saying: "All I wanna do is go where I'm wanted and where I'm gonna play," but John Cross of The Mirror has tweeted that, as things stand, the player will be staying at Arsenal.

Everton had tried to sign 19-year-old Patterson but bids of £5m and £8m were said to have been knocked back before the player was forced to isolate due to possible exposure to the coronavirus, thereby ending any chance of getting a deal across the line before tomorrow's deadline.

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Gavin Johnson
1 Posted 27/08/2021 at 23:01:25
I'd prefer Patterson than Maitland Niles. He didn't do much at the Baggies least season
Gavin Johnson
2 Posted 27/08/2021 at 23:29:21
Actually, after getting past my initial reaction this could be a good deal. The lad can play in multi positions and could also play in central midfield and might be a better option than Davies, Gomes or Delph.
Sam Hoare
3 Posted 27/08/2021 at 23:31:46
Underrated player. Though two issues are that he doesn’t want to play RB (where he is best) and Arsenal will want obligation to buy at quite a steep price I expect (£25m?). Other than that it could make a lot of sense.
Andrew Keatley
4 Posted 27/08/2021 at 23:38:31
Maitland-Niles is very versatile, strong and athletic - which is what we need - and has the all-round game to do well here. As an option to improve the squad I’d say he’s more than useful and needs to find a club to make his home for the next stage of his career. He’s a bit like Demarai Gray - a promising young player who has probably under-achieved over the last few years and who could really benefit from being given the chance to play regularly somewhere.

If he were to come chiefly to provide another option at right back then I still wouldn’t bet against him finishing the season in central midfield - such is our continued struggle to find capable central midfielders.

Andrew Ellams
5 Posted 27/08/2021 at 23:46:42
An underrated player but if he doesn't see right back as his position then maybe not.
Kevin Dyer
6 Posted 27/08/2021 at 23:51:36
I don't dislike the player, but after all summer spent attempting to replace Seamus as a starter, is it really going to be us getting a fella who is surplus to Arsenal and who is on record as saying he doesn't want to play fullback?
Colin Glassar
7 Posted 27/08/2021 at 23:56:57
M-N is more than a decent cover for Seamus. I have no idea why he hasn’t made the grade at Arsenal (Bellerin?) and the same goes for Willock (I think Newcastle have got themselves a cracking little player).

I would’ve preferred an established name at RB but if we can get this kid on the cheap then it will be a good move. He’s probably better as a wing back tbh.

Bill Gienapp
8 Posted 28/08/2021 at 00:48:11
My friend, who's an Arsenal fan, basically reiterated what's been said - "He's a decent option at right back, except for the fact that he doesn't want to play right back."

Of course, we're not exactly flush with attacking midfielders either.

Alan J Thompson
9 Posted 28/08/2021 at 02:04:43
It is the proverbial dog's of the piece, a full back who doesn't want to play full back.
Tony Everan
10 Posted 28/08/2021 at 04:52:31
It seems like a last-ditch Plan B or C and a bit of a come down after Dumfries.

The loan deal could make good sense though he's an athletic and decent player, the obligation to buy part doesn't. I'd much prefer to see how he performs for us and whether his commitment is there, before we are obligated to pay £20M+ for him.

That way, if it doesn't work out, we can send him back to Arsenal and strengthen properly next summer. The worst-case scenario is that we have a player that hasn't made the grade, doesn't want to play at right-back, and doesn't want to be at Everton. Yet we'd be contracted to pay £20-25M for him instead of signing an emerging talent.

Paul Birmingham
11 Posted 28/08/2021 at 07:39:12
As it stands all considered, this loan would be a good option for Everton, as time is running out in this transfer window.

I can’t see a Rangers selling Patterson to Everton, regardless of any price so, let’s see what transpires over the next couple of days.

Tony Abrahams
12 Posted 28/08/2021 at 08:05:55
Good player, looks like he could become a modern day Alan Harper, but if his best position is fullback, maybe the kid needs to be given some proper advice, or some gentle persuasion, because with that many players on the subs bench these days, a modern day Alan Harper, is sadly no longer required.
Graham Hammond
13 Posted 28/08/2021 at 10:59:04
Good player, would be a great signing for the squad. Relative pace, age right too. Bring it on.
Ian Bennett
14 Posted 28/08/2021 at 11:13:26
Gee whizz.

If people are happy with a lad that can't get in ahead of Callum Chambers at Arsenal, and a big journey man forward that has finished up in China we've no fucking hope. The transfer policy seems more like the end of Howard Kendalls third spell then any of the top 6 who are pulling away even more.

Why bother with Brands, sack him and save the money. We can easily look use the scouting database from FIFA 2010 if that's our policy.

Sign players like this and you can expect a mid table to a bottom struggle, and a fucking battering at the top 6. And don't be whinging about trophies - we aren't competitive, just surviving.

Nothing but the best, what a fucking joke this club is.

Soren Moyer
15 Posted 28/08/2021 at 13:20:28
Not good enough! I would stay away from any Arsenal reject! Remember Wallcot and Iwobi!!!?
Peter Warren
16 Posted 28/08/2021 at 20:19:21
Always thought he was a cracking player. I couldn't believe he went to West Brom. Something clearly ain't right unless Arteta wrongly just doesn't rate him.
Kristian Boyce
17 Posted 28/08/2021 at 20:44:24
Bill @8, we must be speaking to the same Gooner, as the barman at the pub today literally said what your friend said word for word.

I guess Arsenal want to keep him as a right-back, but he has zero interest in playing there, which makes it odd that we are even linked with him. If I recall, didn't he play for England as a winger and has played a bunch of games in that role?

It reminds me a bit of when Phil Neville came, claiming he was promised to be our new defensive midfielder, but spent most of the time at right-back.

Robert Tressell
18 Posted 28/08/2021 at 20:50:50
Ian #14. We don't have anything like enough money to trouble the Top 6, on quality alone at least. We will get turned over a few times this season because the players are limited.

However, we might just be able to go a long way with hard work, team spirit and good organisation. If Maitland-Niles and Rondon (or similar) are part of that, then so be it – especially if it gives us a platform to improve still further next season.

Nicholas Ryan
19 Posted 29/08/2021 at 01:41:58
Soren [15] Until about 3 weeks ago, I'd have been with you on Iwobi; now... hmm...
Lester Yip
20 Posted 29/08/2021 at 12:58:44
If Benitez can turn a Leicester reject into a good signing, maybe he can convince ad coach this guy as a better centre-midfielder plus right-back?
Michael Kenrick
21 Posted 30/08/2021 at 12:21:04
This one seems to be hotting up again. Hard to get too enthusiastic. But Rafa seems certain he can kick these unwanted stars up a notch or three. Let’s see it!
Andrew Ellams
22 Posted 30/08/2021 at 12:40:01
Spurs have made a bid for Emerson from Barcelona.

There seems to be rightbacks available and we are being linked a bloke who doesn't want to be one.
David Pearl
23 Posted 30/08/2021 at 12:56:41
Has to be Option to buy and not obligation to. Arsenal have too many players. Of course the main point has been noted and that is he prefers midfield but he won't play there for us unless we get shut of a couple first. Benitez has said Delph could be retained after his showing in training. Gomes looking fit. Gbamin who knows. Davies is Davies.

Strange one but could work out, good energy, young and wants to play. But shouldn't we be looking at a specialist right back?

I searched him on youtube and his mum came up... weird. Good on him making it

Sam Hoare
24 Posted 30/08/2021 at 13:17:16
Andrew, yes, Emerson Royal was the one I always wanted us to get. Spurs are doing decent business this summer with Paratici at the helm.

Brands has been somewhat of a disappointment, a real mixed bag of signings though not helped by the conveyor belt of managers; perhaps he has not stamped his authority enough on proceedings.

Soren Moyer
25 Posted 30/08/2021 at 14:52:12
Why would Atletico Madrid want another right-back (Zeki Celik) when they already have Kieran Trippier, Santiago Arias and Sime Vrsaljko in their ranks!?
Shane Corcoran
26 Posted 30/08/2021 at 15:01:49
Just because Arteta doesn't play him, it doesn't mean he's not good.

However, if he's moaning about playing right-back and wants to play regularly, then he should probably look elsewhere.

Barry Robson
27 Posted 30/08/2021 at 15:06:48
Just seen a report in The Athletic claiming right-back is his preferred position as he got called up for England in that position.
John Pickles
28 Posted 30/08/2021 at 15:07:02
A 'try before you buy' should be an essential part of any business with Arsenal.
Bill Hawker
29 Posted 30/08/2021 at 15:15:35
It seems we finally learned our lesson with the Manchester United rejects. Surely we've come to the same conclusion with Arsenal cast-offs. No more.
Robert Tressell
30 Posted 30/08/2021 at 15:19:26
Given this was always a priority position, seems strange to still be chasing targets at this late stage.

I'd be content with loan plus option to buy. Same with someone like Dalot at Man Utd. Both have talent and good physical attributes - they just need a good run of games.

If we can get him and Rondon over the line we'll have a much better balanced squad than last season even if Kean and Rodriguez depart. Diaz too maybe?

Brian Wilkinson
31 Posted 30/08/2021 at 15:23:11
Arsenal have refused a loan deal for Maitland-Niles, I just hope we do not offer Arsenal silly money for the player, had our kecks yanked down twice by them already, with Walcott and Iwobi.
Robert Tressell
32 Posted 30/08/2021 at 15:23:18
Danny O'Neill - Sorry to break your heart. Sabitzer has just signed for Bayern.
Anthony Jones
33 Posted 30/08/2021 at 15:24:40
Ian, as much as I think you may have gone a bit overboard there, that rant was hilarious.
Graham Mockford
34 Posted 30/08/2021 at 15:32:17
I see it’s being reported Tom Davies to Rangers is a possibility.
Danny O’Neill
35 Posted 30/08/2021 at 15:33:10
I know Robert. I wish they'd listened to me when I called it 2 years ago!

To be fair, he was playing Champions League then.

Tom Bowers
36 Posted 30/08/2021 at 15:41:33
The term full-back doesn't really apply these days.
Depending on what your next opposition has will depend on your set-up. Many teams go with three at the back mainly stoppers who can run and then the old full-backs are utilized as wing backs further up as extra wide midfielders.
Maitland is such a player.
Paul Smith
37 Posted 30/08/2021 at 15:43:14
Not sure about this. He stood out at the Baggies, and I wouldn’t be too upset if it happened. I’ve always liked Iwobi so this could have merit.

Ian @14 can you be a bit more direct mate and less ambiguous about your feelings.

Eddie Dunn
38 Posted 30/08/2021 at 15:52:28
I've always rated this lad very highly. Perhaps we will go back in for Patterson with Tom Davies going the other way, and Maitland-Niles will get his shot in midfield.
Phil Wood
39 Posted 30/08/2021 at 16:08:20
I would just wait until the dust settles.There will be a lot of things dependent on other business being concluded.

If we haven't got a pot to piss in then so be it. We are then having to dig deep for hidden gems – like the rest of the footballing World. Let's see what unfolds.

Phil Malone Jnr
40 Posted 30/08/2021 at 16:16:08
I'm in Canada and just woke up to this... Bloody hell! Sorry to everyone that's trying to be positive. We're potentially after a right-back that's not only said he'd rather not play right-back, but hasn't been very good when he has.

I'm not unrealistic and understand that we're able to afford, hence why we failed with Dumfries. But honestly, I'd prefer Jonjoe Kenny, and I think he's Championship or Scottish Premiership level.

Maitland-Niles wants to play in midfield. He's a very average Championship right-back, and I'd say he'd struggle to cope as a Championship midfielder.

£25 million option???!!

Michael Nisbet
41 Posted 30/08/2021 at 16:29:35
I see Tottenham are trying to offload Serge Aurier. I don't know much about him, but surely he'd be worth a look for the right back slot? He was well regarded not long ago.
Bill Gall
42 Posted 30/08/2021 at 16:33:48

Where in Canada are you? If you have just woke up, I am guessing you are on the West Coast.

Maitland-Miles is adaptable at full-back and midfield. Watching some of the games he played last season, he was better than Kenny and I may be wrong but someone said last season he would have been a good signing for us on loan, and couldn't understand why we did not go for him.

I have watched him a couple of times last season playing for West Brom and not just against Everton as I have a site that gives me all Premier League games that, in a country like Canada during the winter, comes in handy, and beats snow shoveling.

Brian Wilkinson
43 Posted 30/08/2021 at 16:36:56
We have a very large pot to piss in Phil, it is just that FFP rules have tied a knot in our bladder.

That is the problem with Everton, we know we are close to the FFP limits, so will not dare try anything underhanded.

Too nice of a club, whereas others will use every trick in the book to get by FFP.

With the measly fine the dirty dozen received, and the Panademic that we could have argued a case as well, Everton are trying to do the right thing by not over-stepping our FFP constraints.

Although it is the right way to go about it, the ones that are landing trophies, qualifying each season for the Euro spots, they are the very ones who are getting round FFP, every single season.

This was the one time we could have argued a case for over-spending on wages etc, using the Panademic as a loss of income, and then, if we did get a big punishment, get Moshiri to hire the best lawyer to argue the penalty, as opposed to those that picked up a £3 million fine each.

This was our one big chance to land some top players.

But we blew it by telling everyone that we were struggling with FFP, now everyone knows, and the window of opportunity has now been slammed shut.

Robert Tressell
44 Posted 30/08/2021 at 16:37:56
Michael at 41, every time I've seen Aurier he always looks like a violent maniac trying to get sent off. He's not terrible, but there's a reason Spurs are looking to upgrade.
Soren Moyer
45 Posted 30/08/2021 at 16:40:06
Just stay away from Spurs and their tight owner! I bet he wants £40M for their rejected right-back whilst bidding £25M for Emerson Royale!!!
Alan Corken
46 Posted 30/08/2021 at 16:42:59
I remember Seamus playing midfield before he was asked to cover for Tony Hibbert at right back. His career took off from there. Unless you have the skill of someone like Iniesta, midfield is for runners or hatchet men.
Mike Gaynes
47 Posted 30/08/2021 at 16:56:35
We shouldn't be signing rejects from bottom-of-the-table relegation fodder... like Arsenal.

Just kidding.

I think this is exactly the kind of signing we should be making. Maitland-Niles is young, strong, fast and hungry.

Yes, he has said in the past that he didn't want to play right-back, but Ornstein's reporting makes clear that he has changed his mind, and the Instagram post makes clear that what the player wants most is to play. He risks seeing his career rotting on the vine and needs to get on the pitch. Mikie won't give him that chance. We will.

I say get it done!

Mike Gaynes
48 Posted 30/08/2021 at 17:01:59
Danny #35, condolences, you've been carrying the Sabitzer torch for a long time, but the fact is he was never coming here. He's had plenty of chances to leave Leipzig over the years, but it seems obvious that all he ever wanted was a top-tier home in the Bundesliga, and he got it.
Darren Hind
49 Posted 30/08/2021 at 17:03:48

I'm hearing TD is on his way if he can find himself a decent move.
A very reliable source has told me Rafa is not forcing him out, but he has made it clear to the boy that he will not stand in his way either.

If Gerrard likes him ?...

Hope it aint so, but TD played as well as he could the other night and Rafa still couldnt get him off quick enough.

Glad I`m working tomorrow night..Its gona be long and its gonna be tense

Brent Stephens
50 Posted 30/08/2021 at 17:14:53
Tom Davies wants to leave? If so, then presumably he can't see himself getting much game time? I suppose he might see only a slight possibility of getting a regular start when the likes of Allan and Doucoure are fit.

Stay and fight for your place, Tom?

James Stewart
51 Posted 30/08/2021 at 17:15:33
Wish we would stop signing Arsenal cast offs. Spurs getting Emerson really rubs it in how restricted our recruitment is.
Tony Abrahams
52 Posted 30/08/2021 at 17:18:49
I thought he came off because he was feeling a little injury, Darren, and that's why he wasn't involved on Saturday?

I've heard similar though, and I've heard Tom has said he wants to stay and fight for his place, but maybe him and Longstaff might still end up swapping clubs tomorrow, who knows?

I don't mind if he stays, especially because I thought Benitez praised him after the Huddersfield game, and also because I think it's going to become easier to play midfield in Everton's first team, now we have slowly started playing with a higher defensive line!

Kevin Prytherch
54 Posted 30/08/2021 at 17:23:07
I hope that Davies doesn’t go. Him and Gbamin should be ideal back up for Allan and Doucoure, with Gomes a different option. Allan is at the age where he will start to pick up the odd injury or 2 and Tom has already shown he can do a job there. We should be looking at him to take over Allans role in a couple of years and making it his own for 6-7 years after.
Brian Williams
55 Posted 30/08/2021 at 17:27:29
Maitland-Niles looks to be staying with the Gunners after having further talks with Arteta.

Looking difficult on the right-back front now as the Patterson plan is scuppered.

David Pearl
56 Posted 30/08/2021 at 17:28:56
I'm not so sure we would miss Tom Davies. Allan and Doucouré are first choice. I can see Gomes having a better season and our new boss has praised Delph. Who knows on Gbamin, and l'd actually loan him out to get some games. In my opinion, Longstaff isn't any kind of upgrade.

Wouldn't suprise me if our only signing is Rondon.

Sam Hoare
57 Posted 30/08/2021 at 17:29:46
Patterson off; Maitland-Niles off. Surely we won't end another summer without grabbing a right back?

Zeki Celik is still available, I believe; don't be surprised to see his name in the mix tomorrow.

Ajay Gopal
58 Posted 30/08/2021 at 17:43:25
If Rafa believes that Delph can be relied upon more than Tom Davies, then he is a fool, which I don't believe he is. Delph should be the first person off from our payroll.
Kevin Molloy
59 Posted 30/08/2021 at 17:57:48
this whole applecart could still get fired into outer space if Mbappé goes and PSG stick £90M under our nose. No time to spend it, but also impossible to turn down.
Brian Williams
60 Posted 30/08/2021 at 18:00:17
Well, I'll stick my neck out and say Richarlison's going nowhere!
Chris Williams
61 Posted 30/08/2021 at 18:01:28
Rafa has already singled out Delph as one of the leaders in his squad, so I'm not sure how he feels about his involvement.

Real Madrid have walked away from Mbappé deal. Probably sign him up in January for free.

David Hallwood
62 Posted 30/08/2021 at 18:17:06
Chris (#61),

The Mbabbé deal was always a strange one given that: a) Real are skint (allegedly); b) they can get him for nothing as you say in January.

Not fussed on Maitland-Niles... I'd love us to go for Ridle Baku of Wolfsburg, but maybe out of our price range.

Michael Burke
63 Posted 30/08/2021 at 18:24:40
For those wanting Aurier, my brother-in-law is a Spurs fan and was wetting himself with excitement at the prospect of getting rid of him. "Absolute liability" were the first few printable words about him.
Brian Williams
64 Posted 30/08/2021 at 18:30:39
Real Madrid can't sign Mbappé in January. He can sign a pre-contract agreement in January but these are not actually binding, although he's a cert to go there.
Darren Hind
65 Posted 30/08/2021 at 18:45:32
You are probably hearing from the same people as me Tony.

Its difficult to share what you know when within a single post somebody will distort that as "Tom Davies wants to leave?"

There are lots of people on this site who can offer insight... But you can see why they are reluctant when their information is so readily distorted.

Brent Stephens
66 Posted 30/08/2021 at 18:53:36
"Tom Davies wants to leave? If so, then..."

Not a statement but a question. Simple difference.

Derek Knox
67 Posted 30/08/2021 at 19:00:33
Like they say in Africa, "We just want some good Gnus!" :-)
Neil Copeland
68 Posted 30/08/2021 at 19:03:57
Derek, ah but can Gnus play at right-back?
Brian Williams
69 Posted 30/08/2021 at 19:05:48
Me @64. I meant they can't sign him for nowt in January.
Christy Ring
70 Posted 30/08/2021 at 19:10:54
Are we back to the old days when Bill was in charge, buying Peter to pay Paul, bringing in players for little money, who are totally mediocre?

Rondon, former West Brom striker, is he going to improve our squad?

We're leaving it to the last day of the window to find a full-back and a striker.

I cannot believe the speculation about Davies, hope it's only a rumour...

How could Benitez let him go, and want to keep a mercenary like Delph who can't string two matches together because he's constantly injured, probably the most expensive crock we ever bought.

Jay Harris
71 Posted 30/08/2021 at 19:13:14
I really like Tom and his work rate cannot be questioned. However, we need to ask ourselves is he going to get any better having already played a significant amount of first-team games.

IMO, he would be okay as squad backup but whether that is enough for him, only he can answer.

Jay Harris
72 Posted 30/08/2021 at 19:14:50
As for Maitland-Niles I'm guessing whether he comes or stays depends on Arteta's future.
Robert Tressell
73 Posted 30/08/2021 at 19:21:10
Christy @70. In fairness we've been buying a lot of totally mediocre players for the last 5 years. The only difference this summer is that we're paying much less for them.
Luke Welch
74 Posted 30/08/2021 at 19:33:46
There always seems to be a real sense of desperation for us in the last couple of days of the window, it's as if no planning or preparation has taken place at all.

Surely Brands would have known about the FFP restrictions and surely he would've known about Coleman being on his last legs, and has been for a while now.

I honestly can't see what Brands brings to the table? The 2 new lads have started well but it's a long season, aren't they meant to be squad players anyway? The way it's going, they're irreplaceable!

Terry White
75 Posted 30/08/2021 at 19:34:05
Christy (#70),

Could it possibly be that another team might want to sign Davies and his wages but no other teams are wanting to sign Delph and his wages? It's easy to say "Why don't we move Delph?" and not so easy to actually do it.

Christy Ring
76 Posted 30/08/2021 at 19:37:17
Robert #73,

I can't disagree with your comment, but West Ham, Villa and Leeds are ahead of us now in the players they are targeting?

Frank Crewe
77 Posted 30/08/2021 at 19:42:46
Christy Ring @70,

Gray and Townsend haven't been particularly mediocre so far. Since Calvert-Lewin is our first-choice striker, should we buy Rondon, he would be more of the back-up.

We have been buying expensive marquee signings for the last 5 years and they haven't improved us at all. Just cost us a lot of money. Because of this wasteful spending, we are now strapped for cash so have to be a lot more careful.

So, if we can get a few decent experienced players for a relatively small outlay to pad out the squad that's okay with me. As far as I know, Rafa has managed Rondon before so he knows what he would be getting. Best leave it to him.

Bill Gienapp
78 Posted 30/08/2021 at 19:45:03
Jay (72) – that's a good point, it would be unfortunate for Maitland-Niles to get reassurances from Arteta, only to see him sacked two weeks after the window closes.

The Mbappé situation is fascinating. PSG turning their nose up at €175M when they're about to lose him for nothing (likewise, Real Madrid willing to offer that much when they're about to get him for nothing). Maybe PSG thinks a season with Messi will change his mind.

Dale Self
79 Posted 30/08/2021 at 19:52:42
I like it. Just guessing but Maitland-Niles may be another Gray type waiting to get a decent chance although I think Gray wanted us when he got Leicester. UTFT!!!!!

Ooh, just saw that instagram post. We want you man, jump the gunners and come on already.

Kevin Prytherch
80 Posted 30/08/2021 at 20:04:33
Christy 70, can’t work out if you’re being serious….

But Coleman, Arteta, Cahill, Baines, Jagielka, Lescott, Howard, Martyn and Distin would probably argue that they weren’t mediocre.

Graham Mockford
81 Posted 30/08/2021 at 20:12:11
I'd take Rondon, the manager knows him and obviously rates him. He was the Magpies' Player of the Year in Rafa's last season. He also is a player whose goal record has improved as time has gone on. He'd be a proper back-up for Calvert-Lewin.

Maitland-Niles looked decent to me on the few occasions I saw him play. He has the advantage of being relatively young and also able to play at full-back and as a defensive midfield player. And he appears hungry to play.

Tom Davies, it would be disappointing to see him leave as everyone wants to see their own progress, but I can only see him as back-up; if the lad wants regular football, then good luck to him.

Unfortunately, the players we need off the payroll we may struggle to find potential suitors and here I'm talking about Delph, Tosun and James.

Anthony Dove
82 Posted 30/08/2021 at 20:17:44
I remember Maitland-Niles playing here for Arsenal a few years ago and he had a terrible game. We virtually played with 12 men. He may well have improved since then but, after the Iwobi debacle, I would keep well clear.

Just after we signed Iwobi, I was at Old Trafford watching England v Australia. Sat next to me were two mature Arsenal fans and I asked them what they thought about Iwobi. They replied in unison ‘shite'. They were right. He might go up a notch but he will still be ten short of a Premier League footballer. He and Sigurdsson have been the worse pound-for-pound buys in Everton's history.

Am I keen on us signing Maitland-Niles? Obviously not... but, if he costs £5 million or so, then no great harm done.

Dave Evans
83 Posted 30/08/2021 at 20:34:44
Anthony @82,

Iwobi has made good contributions to a good start to this season. Why would you not value that above the opinions of randomly encountered Arsenal fans?

Players mature, get coached and improve. Why not support the lad and see what happens?

Graham Mockford
84 Posted 30/08/2021 at 20:42:27
Far too early to think Iwobi is not the dud he’s looked before this season started but he’s been good this season so let’s hope it’s not a flash in the pan and he turns into a decent player.
Anthony Dove
85 Posted 30/08/2021 at 20:47:25
Dave @83.

I was not influenced in any way by the opinions of the Arsenal supporters. They merely supported what I already thought. If he comes good, then so much the better for us.

Pat Kelly
86 Posted 30/08/2021 at 20:56:14
A stopgap loan it is so. Right back where we started!
Bill Gall
87 Posted 30/08/2021 at 21:04:30
Christy #70,

How many rumors have we had about players joining Everton since the transfer window opened and yet the 3 players we have signed hardly got a mention with the so-called pundits and media outlets.

We have all been brought back down to earth with the financial restraints within the FFP ruling and a lot of rumors have started because of this, in it is a priority to sell before we can buy.

There seems a big difference in the way we are dealing with transfers now, as the manager has his first 11 or 14 players in mind, and needs backup players to build a decent squad that let us down last season.

It is early days yet but we seem to have a manager who has a definite plan of the type of player he wants, and wants, if he is allowed, to bring in, players he can use to give other players a rest.

I don't think him and Brands are interested in big name players if they don't contribute to his tactics and style at this time. Things may change in the future, but I believe any last min buys will rely on who we sell or loan out.

Soren Moyer
88 Posted 30/08/2021 at 21:09:58
If anyone thinks Iwobi is worth the £32M we paid for him, then they are watching a different player. He actually did cost the same amount RS paid for Mane!!! Holy crap!
Graham Mockford
89 Posted 30/08/2021 at 21:17:32

I don't think anyone could credibly argue that. He's played well for four games, certainly not enough to change anyone's opinion, but, if he can do the same across a season, he could actually be worth what we spent.

Soren Moyer
90 Posted 30/08/2021 at 21:23:34
Graham, he did the same thing sporadically in the last 2 seasons. He is just not good enough!
Graham Mockford
91 Posted 30/08/2021 at 21:24:48
Well, of course, Soren, we are going to see because Rafa seems to fancy him.
Gerry Quinn
92 Posted 30/08/2021 at 21:31:11
Anthony (82),

He and Sigurdsson have been the worse pound for pound buys in Everton's history...

What about Delph - in which position of those 3 would you ditch him?

Joe Digney
93 Posted 30/08/2021 at 22:25:13
If we are under such financial restraints for the next couple of windows and can't spend on players how we want, then what's the point in having Brands?

I'm sure Benitez could've suggested players like Maitland-Niles on loan.

Dave Evans
94 Posted 30/08/2021 at 22:56:46
Soren 88
I for one, couldn't give a flying monkeys whether Alex is worth 32 million or a bag of Jack's beans. Nor about any fawning comparisons to the worth of red shite players.

Iwobi has played well this season. Contributed immensly. I've enjoyed it. Hope it continues.

Christy Ring
95 Posted 30/08/2021 at 23:10:05
Bill#87 We'll have a couple of big earners off our payroll next summer, Delph and Siggy, players we never had a hope of shifting, but the FFP should be scrapped, it's a total disgrace, the top clubs are totally exploiting it. Real, Barcelona, Juve are millions in death, City, PSG, all bending the rules, there should be a level playing field for everyone, as Gary Neville said.
Just have to take my hat off to Willian, tore up his contract at Arsenal, threw away over £20m in wages to go back to Corinthians, class.
Steve Shave
96 Posted 30/08/2021 at 00:00:09
Maitland-Niles spouting off on social media, refuses to play RB, already don't want this signing. I really hope we can make Patterson work out somehow. Asked my Gooner pal about Maitland-Niles, his only response was "he doesn't want to play in his best position and his mother is an interfering nightmare" make of that what you will.
Karl Masters
97 Posted 31/08/2021 at 00:49:48
“and his mother is an interfering nightmare”

Somehow reminds me of Moise Kean’s mother turning up at his signing on. That hasn’t gone well has it? And Roger Lukaku and his constant wittering about Romelu ‘needing to leave’…


Jay Hughes
98 Posted 31/08/2021 at 01:10:34
I see all the racial stereotypes are being floated again (big, strong, athletic)!
the question is can he play?
Maitland-Niles is bang average, he’ll fit in perfectly!
David Pearl
99 Posted 31/08/2021 at 01:44:36
Sigurdsson has scored 25+ goals for Everton so if you want to spout shite why not just fuck off. Iwobi, what is it 2?? Fucking 2??
Drew O’Neall
100 Posted 31/08/2021 at 01:50:47
Please no, he’s shite.
Mal van Schaick
101 Posted 31/08/2021 at 07:24:42
Pay over odds for Patterson. Don't buy Maitland-Niles.
Zack Yusof
102 Posted 31/08/2021 at 10:02:05
Pretty sure that's not Maitland-Niles in the main picture there.

As for the player, getting someone as versatile as Maitland-Niles in on loan would be a good move.

Anthony Dove
103 Posted 31/08/2021 at 10:12:57
Gerry @92. We only paid about £8 million for Delph which is why he ranks below Iwobi and Sigurdsson.
Ian Nulty
104 Posted 31/08/2021 at 10:33:10
I read that Maitland-Niles has been forced "to train on his own" following his outburst yesterday. Should Mr Brands not pursue and the club still hunt for a right-back, what about Doherty at Spurs who has not really settled in London even though his ex-manager is now the boss and we read that Spurs are concluding another deal for a defender from Barcelona?
#99 – That's a pearler of a comment!! Really constructive... not!
Andrew Ellams
105 Posted 31/08/2021 at 10:55:43
Drew @ 100, he definitely isn't.
Justin Doone
106 Posted 31/08/2021 at 14:05:23
Good loan option. PL experience, pace, energy and young enough to improve.

Next we need some better attacking options, wingers, strikers and attacking midfielders.

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