ToffeeWeb LoanWatch – Matchweek 13

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This intermittent thread tracks recent and current activity for some of our loan players:

● Jarrad Branthwaites at PSV Eindhoven

● Ellis Simms at Sunderland


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Reader Comments (39)

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Paul Jones
1 Posted 27/10/2022 at 19:19:48
Braithwaite is doing really well against Arsenal tonight. I think this experience with PSV has improved him immensely. Good reading of the game and an older head on his shoulders when it comes to things like trips and falls.

Saw Brands in the stands too. I wonder if he was instrumental in taking him to the Netherlands?

David Pugh
2 Posted 27/10/2022 at 19:22:59

Branthwaite has got Saka in his back pocket, and just now he made a brilliant clearance after the PSV goalie couldn’t hold onto a shot, getting clattered in the process by, I think Jesus and Saka.

Phill Thompson
3 Posted 27/10/2022 at 20:12:38
That was an impressive performance from Jarrad Branthwaite, calm, composed used his strength to hold off Saka and didn't ship when he had to get in before 2 Arsenal attackers to stop a certain goal.

He's started a few games for PSV, getting valuable minutes, always seem to be good reports when he starts but he's not a regular starter. Hopefully that performance will get him a few more starts.

Maybe Brands will take some more of our youngsters over, it's great experience if they can get it.

Dave Abrahams
4 Posted 27/10/2022 at 20:15:36

Yes a very good tackle, stopped Arsenal from getting back into the game, was he taken off as a precaution not long after that or was he injured?

David Pugh
5 Posted 27/10/2022 at 20:45:53
Dave, I missed him going off, so I don’t know. He took one hell of a clattering making that clearance so hopefully just a precautionary substitution.
Dave Abrahams
6 Posted 27/10/2022 at 20:58:56
David (5), yes it was real tangle of legs with both Arsenal players landing heavy on his legs, I know he got back on his feet but never saw him go off,so hopefully it is just a precautionary sub.
Michael Kenrick
7 Posted 27/10/2022 at 20:58:57
Tony Mowbray appears to be a little coy over the condition of Ellis Simms going into this weekend's Championship game for Sunderland at Luton Town.

Simms has been out of action with a thigh injury since the middle of September and in that time he has missed 7 games in the Championship.

The Everton loanee has now come through almost a week of full training unscathed, raising hopes that he will be able to play some part at Kenilworth Road.

Sunderland's form has plateaued mid-table and, while they claim to be missing the young centre-forward's goals, in truth, he has not scored since bagging 3 in his first 2 games back in August

James Flynn
8 Posted 27/10/2022 at 21:09:12
Simms's thigh isn't injured.

He has been out all that time due to a big toe injury. A ligament in there was either stretched or torn.

Rob Halligan
9 Posted 27/10/2022 at 21:09:44
I also watched the PSV v Arsenal game.

Branthwaite had a great game, and I will contact Keith Harrison who knows Branthwaite's dad, or uncle, very well, and get an update on as to whether he is injured or not.

Michael Kenrick
10 Posted 27/10/2022 at 21:21:02
Ah, thanks for the correction, Jimmy.
Danny O’Neill
11 Posted 27/10/2022 at 21:32:36
Great to see that Branthwaite is developing nicely. It's a great environment and experience for him.

This could work out ideal for him. Keane is clearly not fancied, Mina unfortunately doesn't stay fit and is on his way out.

Him and Godfrey as back-up and successors to Tarkowski and Coady. With Holgate also there. Doesn't sound too bad.

Robert Tressell
12 Posted 27/10/2022 at 21:41:02
On a related note, PSV playing some very stylish football and could have beaten Arsenal 6-0 with a bit of luck with offsides.

Brilliant experience for Branthwaite – part of a dynamic young team assembled at very low cost.

David Pugh
13 Posted 27/10/2022 at 21:45:04
What is the loan agreement with PSV for Branthwaite, is it a 1-year loan and that's it, or are there any options to buy him?

Be a shame if we were to lose him as he's looked very dominant and composed in the games he's played for us, and seeing him tonight seems like he's really settled at PSV. No doubt they would like to keep him if possible.

James Flynn
14 Posted 27/10/2022 at 21:54:18
And PSV's teen mid-fielder Xavi looks good.
Keith Harrison
16 Posted 27/10/2022 at 22:18:05
Jarrad’s dad confirms he isn't injured, and was voted MotM by the Dutch.
He's enjoying himself, and was watched by his whole family tonight over there.

Loves the support on here too, and I personally think he'll be a real force after schooling from Tarkowski and Coady. Those two, Jarrad and Ben Godfrey will be the backbone of an awesome defence with serious cover.

Although a red initially, Jarrad is firmly a Blue, and loves the Everton support.

Bill Gienapp
17 Posted 27/10/2022 at 22:30:23
I'd be very surprised if Branthwaite isn't a key player for us in the coming years. Of course, there are no sure things... but he absolutely looks the business.
Nick Page
18 Posted 27/10/2022 at 22:36:43
Took the kids to watch Barca this weekend. Got some VIP tickets. Unbelievable.

But I also saw something very interesting, and only because I didn't have any skin in the game did I actually notice. Big clubs have an undeniable advantage over smaller clubs due largely to media hype. Bilbao were absolutely shite for 20 mins and fell apart, not that Barca were that good. At all. It was actually embarrassing.

Reminded me of being a kid in the early '80s and getting dragged to Anfield, and when they scored, everyone just thought that's the first one. And clapped. At Goodison a goal was celebrated. But this is the thing If as a non-sky 6 team (like "won nothing ever" Spurs) you don't have the belief you will get nowhere because the media teams will walk all over you.

And we, at Everton, now more than ever, need to recognise this and get behind the team at home and make the opposition shit themselves, like what I saw at the weekend. It was unreal.

I was looking forward to seeing Bilbao but they literally gave up. And this is what happens at Anfield, Spurs, Arsenal… week-in & week-out.

Fuck them, we're Everton.

David Bromwell
19 Posted 27/10/2022 at 22:37:51
Remember also Jarrod is left-footed, and would bring real balance to our already good back line. Also young Gibson another left footer is playing regularly for Bristol Rovers.

Both players have always looked like they could go on and have a big impact, but Gibson has been hampered in the past by injuries. Fingers crossed that they both stay fit and keep improving.

Brendan McLaughlin
20 Posted 27/10/2022 at 22:45:19
James #8

Big toe keeping with a club of our stature...surely there's a much more enigmatic, Latin perhaps, description?

Kieran Kinsella
21 Posted 27/10/2022 at 23:04:46

He reads ToffeeWeb? I hope he continues to play well and gives us a nice selection dilemma next summer. Presumably Mina and Keane will be moved on

Mike Gaynes
22 Posted 27/10/2022 at 23:53:59
Keith, many thanks for the report, sir! Sorry I didn't get to see that game... sounds like I missed a lot of good stuff from Branthwaite. Will look for a replay somewhere.

David P., it's a season-long loan, but there was absolutely nothing in any of those news reports about an option to buy.

David B., besides his left foot Jarrad will bring something else our incumbent CBs do not have -- pace, and thus the ability to play a high line when desired.

Jack Convery
23 Posted 28/10/2022 at 03:34:49
He's the business and signing him was a really good piece of business by the Blues – for once!

Keep developing, Jarrad – there's a centre-back position at EFC for you to fill for 10 years if you really want it.

Ajay Gopal
24 Posted 28/10/2022 at 04:26:18
I have always been a fan of Jarrad ever since Carlo gave him his debut towards the end of his (Carlo's) first season. Jarrad then suffered a spate of injuries but we could see what he is capable of in the Chelsea game where he put in a very creditable performance including the winning goal.

The PSV loan will stand him in good stead. My only worry is, given his size, could he be prone to breaking down often, a la Mina?

Having a robust resilient and consistent centre-back pairing has been key to our defensive solidity this season.

One of the main reasons we flirted with relegation last year, IMO was the constant chopping and changing of our centre-backs due to injuries to Mina, Godfrey, Branthwaite. It was only when Lampard was forced to play Keane and Holgate for an extended sequence of games did we see some semblance of solidity.

I agree that Everton need to sell Keane and Mina (if possible) and use the proceeds to buy a backup striker to Calvert-Lewin.

Peter Mills
25 Posted 28/10/2022 at 09:44:45
I was chatting with a Sunderland fan on Monday, he said that they were missing the strong presence and hold-up play of Ellis Simms.
Francis van Lierop
26 Posted 28/10/2022 at 10:11:07
I'm glad most of you were able to see the PSV-Arsenal match yesterday, so no need to comment on his good game. It was his first match in four.

I've no idea how good Ruud van Nistelrooy is, or will become, as a coach, but he dropped Jarrad for a few games. PSV are blowing hot and cold, luckily they were good yesterday, but last weekend they were terrible at FC Groningen, losing 4-2.

I think quite by chance, I got to see some PSV fans reactions to this second bad loss on my mobile. All the defenders got slammed, bar one: Jarrad. Granted he didn't feature in that particular game, but it was an indirect compliment.

Francis van Lierop
27 Posted 31/10/2022 at 14:06:56
No more than a five minute cameo this week, as PSV beat NEC Nijmegen 3-0 quite easily.

It seems RvN see's Jarrad as a sort of pinch-hitter, only to be used in difficult matches. which really says it about the other defenders.

A view Wim Kieft, the ex-international, also shared in a weekly column in De Telegraaf newspaper. He litterally wrote the names of the other defenders and calling them rubbish.

Of course he omitted only one name: Jarrad's.

Michael Kenrick
28 Posted 31/10/2022 at 17:35:25

Thanks for these invaluable updates.

Perhaps you have seen the (fake?) news story today that has Everton considering cutting short his spell with PSV by recalling him in January for lack of playing time?

But looking at his stats, I guess you have to admit there is a case: out of 21 domestic and European games, only 3 played in full; 6 played in part; 8 sat on the bench; and 4 not even in the squad.

It's that fella Brands, init?

Tony Everan
29 Posted 31/10/2022 at 19:17:36
Thanks, Francis, for the updates from Holland.

Michael, perhaps there has been some questions asked about his game time. Only 3 full games out of 21 must be much less than they were hoping for when he went on loan, or maybe even promised.

It's a great experience for him but he needs a regular run of games to develop and it sounds like he is playing well enough to be starting. It's just possible that they are trying to get some guarantees from PSV and if there's none forthcoming, looking at alternatives in January.

Ian Bennett
30 Posted 01/11/2022 at 09:01:21
Dele Alli struggling on loan, so assume he'll be back, along with Gomes.
Francis van Lierop
31 Posted 02/11/2022 at 12:33:24

If anything it's probably the qualities of Ruud van Nistelrooy's coaching rather than Jarrad's playing qualities.

I got that, in the beginning, as a young lad in a foreign country, he needed to acclimatise.

There could be another thing as I've alluded to, he's giving the PSV defenders they own the nod, in order to improve them. In probably the first post on this subject, I noted that PSV were leaking too many goals.

To answer your question, I was (luckily) not aware of the rumour's concerning cutting short the loan, but I'll add another. I read that Mohammed Kudus (Ajax) would be ours for £15M in the January window. And then he scored twice (once off-side) at Ibrox yesterday...

People were forever blaming Marcel Brands for everything on here, even for signing the useless Iwobi.

Francis van Lierop
32 Posted 02/11/2022 at 18:25:02
A thing I forgot to mention, Anwar El Ghazi scored the first PSV goal last weekend. Yes, he's ended up in Eindhoven.
Not that he's played much.

Another thing, PSV play Ajax in the next match. I somehow think Jarrad will get a sniff.

Keith Harrison
33 Posted 02/11/2022 at 18:44:51
Kieran (21).

Apologies for a late reply, been abroad. Hi Mike (Gaynes), hope you are well mate.

As far as I am aware, Jarrad is actually right-footed, but comfortable with both.

A very handy attribute, but personally I can't understand why all footballers seem unable to do this. Always seek to improve your weaknesses.

His dad says he will be back here next season. We must surely have shipped Mina, Keane and possibly Holgate on by then.

James Flynn
34 Posted 04/11/2022 at 03:04:57
His illness isn't a rumor. On 2 November, PSV's club site stated he was one of three to not make the 24-man squad for the trip to Bodo yesterday: "Three ill players, Sangaré, Mauro and Branthwaite are not available due to illness" Didn't say what the illness was.

I think Francis has it right at (31) regarding Jarrad's showing well but not getting heavy minutes. Ruud had him in for 81 minutes in a must-win game against Arsenal, a 2-0 cleansheet.

Limited time or not, Jarrad must be working hard and impressing to get time in important games. The centre-backs in front of him are PSV players who've been there 2-3 years. Ruud's naturally giving them priority for playing time.

I think he should stay there. PSV is challenging for league and European silverware, especially in the league. They have their own traditions and honors, great support and play in a beautiful park.

I'd say he's in a good place for a 20-year-old. New country, a demand-for-winning atmosphere at a well-run professional club. Be nice he'd get more playing time. He just has to keep working, to be ready when his number is called.

James Flynn
35 Posted 05/11/2022 at 16:53:10
Francis, what's your opinion on Xavi? He looks good for a 19-year old.
Francis van Lierop
36 Posted 07/11/2022 at 13:00:14

He's a real prospect, and is looking likely to get picked for the coming World Cup.

Yesterday was Ajax - PSV. I was thinking midweek that Jarrad was rested for the top match, like the other best PSV players Cody Gakpo and Xavi Simons, in the last Europa League match at Bodo Glimt in northern Norway.

How wrong I was, James (31) stated that he was ill.

No starting position yesterday. Ruud van Nistelrooy is appearing to be on the right track, PSV were more aggressive and won 1-2.

I was able to watch the match, but without Jarrad, and still having the hangover of a very dismal Everton against Leicester in my memory, I'd seen enough after 20 minutes or so.

I did watch the highlights later. I saw later that Jarrad made another cameo, coming on for Gakpo in the 88th minute.

Danny O’Neill
37 Posted 07/11/2022 at 13:45:47
Providing we didn't completely burn our bridges with PSV's recently appointed DoF, perhaps we could have a mutually beneficial two way relationship on the horizon with player loans, swaps and deals??
Francis van Lierop
38 Posted 08/11/2022 at 11:51:12
That sounds like a good idea Danny.

As an aside, I watched the highlights of Atalanta v. Napoli.
To my surprise I saw a familiar face on the home sides's left wing: Ademola Lookman.
The Dutch commentator, a known fan of Italian football, was very praising of our former player.
AL scored a good penalty, and is club top-scorer.
Despite this Napoli won 1-2.

It's been said before but we should be following these two teams way of progress.
Napoli were dead average last season, and hey presto they're the most exciting team in Europe this one.
Without spending a fortune, like we have unfortunately wasted.

Danny O’Neill
39 Posted 08/11/2022 at 12:38:11
And you can draw parallels with Everton and Napoli, Francis.

Tough cities and both ports. When I lived in Italy, I used to travel there once a month. This is going back to the early 2000s but I used to call it Liverpool in the sun!

And the football team is a sleeping giant that occasionally rises but never sustains its success. Juventus and the Milano clubs dominate. Even the Rome clubs have occasional glimpses of success interspersed with years of barrenness.

Kind of has a familiar ring to it.

Francis van Lierop
40 Posted 13/11/2022 at 14:38:49
PSV had a tough last match before the World Cup, at home against my local team AZ Alkmaar.

Jarrad did not start again.
PSV didn't really either, from the highlights I saw, with AZ taking the lead in the 18th minute.

Jarrad was brought on at half-time, but to be honest I saw very little of him, as PSV improved their play, so almost no defensive play, but could not score.
Final result 0-1.
Leaving the first 4 teams within a point, and Feyenoord having a game in hand

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