Arsenal 2 - 1 Everton

Everton end their 2023-24 Premier League season against Arsenal, who still have a chance to take the title off Manchester City if West Ham can get a result against them.

Premier League CEO Richard Masters is in attendance and set to attract considerable attention from the cadre of highly vocal travelling Bues who have so faithfully followed the team that has gone through so much this season – still in a position to affect what happens on the final day of the season.

Some players have already made their final appearances for the Blues with Harrison and Danjuma ending their loan spells, Gomes and Lonergan are not involved either with their contracts coming to an end.

Sean Dyche names a strong line-up from his remaining players, unchanged from the one that started last weekend against Sheffield Utd but names Billy Crellin as a second goalkeeper on the bench alongside Virginia.

Arsenal kicked off and tried to play up with Havertz lashing a shot well wide. Young stopped the next attack but Calvert-Lewin could not get the ball to stick and the Arsenal siege resumed, Tomiyasu denied by Gueye. Arsenal won a corner and Tomiyasu missed a sitter at the far post. 

Everton finally got forward after a tough 5 minutes and played the ball around well enough, winning a corner themselves but could not get a good head on McNeil's looping ball. Branthwaite dealt well with a ball over the top as Arsenal lost some of their early drive. 

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Everton tried to play keep-ball but Gana gave it away and Arsenal came forward, Onana making a great tackle but Branthwaite making an error that let Rice strike weakly at goal, Pickford down to save. 

Everton were tested again at the far post, conceding a corner that eventually came back in again to that far post, Havertz crowded out by three Blues defenders. 

Martinelli broke through and nutmegged Branthwaite before firing a low shot that forced a tremendous one-handed save by Pickford. Calvert-Lewin was fouled high up the pitch but put his free-kick into the Arsenal wall. 

Everton played some more nice football around the Arsenal box with the Everton fans in the corner giving Olés to every pass until Gana went down, after a disgusting tackle from behind by Havertz that went straight through him but was not punished. 

Doucoure had to give up another corner to Arsenal, but an Arsenal fou was called as Calvert-Lewin headed it clear.  Another Arsenal attack was easily stalled by Onana heading a cross back to Pickford. 

Everton and their fans were enjoying the lack of any decent press from Arsenal as they racked up completed passes until Onana gave it away. The Arsenal break needed to be halted, and was. But Onana twisted his ankle as he slipped with the ball and he needed treatment as the players took a drinks break. 

Arsenal resumed their probing play but Everton forced a turnover and Calvert-Lewin found himself with just one defender to beat, he hit the post and then was falling backwards as he fired weakly into the side netting! 

At the other end, somewhat desperate defending was required with key blocks from Gana and Branthwaite. Arsenal built again,, but slowly, with Everton maintaining good defensive shape to stall the Tunners, a brilliant challenge by Tarkowski, flooring Martinelli as he cleared the ball.

McNeil went on a fine run after having his shirt tugged, and Thomas Partey was booked for bringing him down. Gana smacked it off Rice's head and well beyond a static Raya to give Everton a very well-deserved lead after some excellent play all over the pitch.

Rice poked Tarkowski in the eye on an aerial challenge.  But the Gunners got their act together coming forward this time with a cutback that Tomiyasu buried. 

A few delays meant 7 minutes were added before the break. some spirited play saw Gana fouled about 40 yards out Raya went down as it was launched to the far post and Oliver blew for a foul. Arsenal attacked again, Partey firing over, before the break. 

Onana restarted the game and Pickford hoofed it up to Raya. Martinelli crossed in for Havertz to head wide. Tarkowski was booked for a tackle on Havertz, who then tried but failed to beat Branthwaite. 

Gabriel and Doucoure got in a tangle and the Everton player was booked. Everton had another spell of decent passing until Gabriel went down again, to be replaced by Zinchenko.

Branthwaite anticipated and cleared an excellent cross into the danger area. Calvert-Lewin cantered forward and cut inside, shooting well to the top corner but Raya was across to snatch it out of the air.  

At the other end, a bobbling ball went behind off Pickford's arm. Arsenal were gifted a second corner that Rice curled over the angle. A good cross in by Trossard came off Havertz's shoulder and hit the post.

Rice was yellow-carded when he dived in on Tarkowski.  Ødegaard got in and looked certain to score but Pickford stopped it and Branthwaite cleared it, the corner defended clear with McNeil fouled from behind by Timber. In the next Arsenal attack, Smith-Rowe fired over as Chermiti replaced Calvert-Lewin.

Everton played a nice ball down the wing but Chermiti could not keep hold of it. Chermiti then had a chance to break but was quickly closed down by two Arsenal defenders. 

Ødegaard was caught by McNeil but the free-kick was repelled. Smith-Rowe shot into the ground and it bounced up off the bar. Pickford booked for dallying on the goal-kick. 

Everton saw a chance for a break, 4 on 2, but Doucoure messed it up completely. Branthwaite did not get a shout from Pickford and headed behind, Jesus's goalbound shot headed behind again by Branthwaite as the frustrated Gunners searched for a winning goal. 

Another clever cross from Martinelli was met by Havertz but headed well over. Everton tried to play clever, passing it around but a dreadful pass was picked off and Havertz was finally able to get a scrappy winning goal.

But VAR spotted a handball when Jesus intercepted Young's terrible pass with his elbow by his side and incredibly the goal was given! Surely a stonewall handball offence on a goalscoring move? 

And so the game ended on something of a sour note for the Blues with a very dubious goal not ruled out after Oliver overruled VAR. 

Arsenal:  Raya; White (69' Timber), Saliba, Gabriel (59' Zinchenko), Tomiyasu; Partey [Y:39'] (69' Smith-Rowe), Ødegaard, Rice; Trossard (78' Jesus), Havertz [Y:63'], Martinelli.

Subs not Used: Ramsdale, Kiwior, Jorginho, Vieira, Nketiah.

Everton:  Pickford [Y:84'], Coleman, Tarkowski [Y:50'], Branthwaite, Young, Gana, Onana, Doucoure (90+1' Beto), Garner, McNeil, Calvert-Lewin (74' Chermiti).

Subs not Used: Virginia, Crellin, Keane, Godfrey, Warrington, Hunt, Dobbin.

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Mike Hayes
1 Posted 19/05/2024 at 15:03:40
Just play like it’s a cup final - no flip flops just yet COYB 💙
Neil Lawson
2 Posted 19/05/2024 at 15:04:05
As predictable as rain in August!
Jim Bennings
3 Posted 19/05/2024 at 15:08:58
Best thing to hope for is it's not another Chelsea shellacking.

I never like the phrase "nothing to play for" but losing 5- or 6-nil would be a shite way to finish the season.

Compete, make it hard for them, don't just lie down. At the end of the day there is another place to finish ahead of Brentford with a positive result.

Steve Cotton
4 Posted 19/05/2024 at 15:10:01
Usual 11 for us and shock horror the RS are one of the highlighted games...
Mike Gaynes
5 Posted 19/05/2024 at 15:11:20
Saka is out.
Dale Self
7 Posted 19/05/2024 at 15:16:31
Wow, I knew the PL was corrupt but I didn’t expect the GRU inquisition
Bobby Mallon
8 Posted 19/05/2024 at 15:17:17
Colin I think it has been
Brian Wilkinson
9 Posted 19/05/2024 at 15:18:10
Depending how the match is going, would not mind seeing Mackenzie Hunt the last 20 minutes on the left side, and some game time for Warrington in midfield.

With releasing Gomes and the possibility of losing Onana, surely a bit of game time for Warrington is worth a look at with our limited budget for the summer.

It took weeks and weeks when Keane was having shockers, before Dyche finally gave a chance to Branthwaite, at least give Warrington more than the last two minutes from the bench.

John Wignall
13 Posted 19/05/2024 at 15:22:29
Glad to see the last of this season.

Well done to everyone, fans, players and manager, everything that's been thrown at us. Let's finish well today, Blues.

Jack Convery
14 Posted 19/05/2024 at 15:28:44

M. Keane
João Virgínia
B. Godfrey
Youssef Chermiti
B. Crellin
L. Warrington
M. Hunt
L. Dobbin

Mike Gaynes
15 Posted 19/05/2024 at 15:33:58
Brian #9, "weeks and weeks"?


Branthwaite took over the starting job from Keane the third game of the season against Wolves.

John Hall
16 Posted 19/05/2024 at 15:34:12
Any chance of us not getting walloped today? Anyone tempted to watch the Man.City game? Split screen sounds like a good idea :)
Mike Gaynes
17 Posted 19/05/2024 at 15:38:44
John #16, I've got two TVs on in the bedroom. The small screen on NBC for the City game and the big screen on USA Network for us.

The Forum is open. First round of Guinness is on me.

Robert Williams
18 Posted 19/05/2024 at 15:53:43
MG 15. For a minute I was trying to remember who Keane was!!
David Vaughan
19 Posted 19/05/2024 at 16:41:57
Get in! Our luck's turning!!!!
David Vaughan
20 Posted 19/05/2024 at 16:44:56
Normal service resumed...
Michael Kenrick
21 Posted 19/05/2024 at 16:56:43
Everton have played well and really should be in the lead if only Calvert-Lewin could shoot properly!

But we've had to rely on some desperation blocks in defence to keep them out.

Alan J Thompson
22 Posted 19/05/2024 at 16:58:24
Despite missing the first 15 minutes thanks to Optus usual poor service it's an interesting game of football but a bit difficult to get excited about. Nice to see us trying to keep the ball mostly on the deck and we could have had two. When Gana's free kick went in my first thought was where has he been all season but the replay showed a big deflection. Still, so far so good and keep it on the deck.
Jerome Shields
23 Posted 19/05/2024 at 16:59:47
Played well the first half. Got a deserved goal.But let Arsenal in.
George Cumiskey
24 Posted 19/05/2024 at 17:00:02
Arsenal are targeting Young they've worked out the weak spot I'm afraid.
Michael Lynch
25 Posted 19/05/2024 at 17:05:33
Good half by the team in blue. Not sure who they are though because all I’ve heard from TNT is arsenal. Half time chat hasn’t even mentioned our name yet!
Neil Lawson
26 Posted 19/05/2024 at 17:07:22
After all we have been through this year, it is so refreshing to watch a game where we are still in it and who knows what may happen ? Just wish DCL not so isolated and still waiting for Doucoure to do something of note. Grateful to Ally McCoist too that he is able to give us some credit where few others will.
Si Cooper
27 Posted 19/05/2024 at 17:12:05
Another creditable performance so far against a high-flying very talented top of the table team.
No doubt some will still see it as ‘hoofball’, but I’d call it realistically playing to your strengths.
Be fantastic to even get a share of the points. Another 45 minutes of pure effort and a sprinkling of brilliance would be a lovely ending for this tortured season.
Colin Malone
28 Posted 19/05/2024 at 17:38:51
Doucourie is fucking shite. 73mins. No subs. Same old. Same old.
Jerome Shields
29 Posted 19/05/2024 at 17:44:29

Ashley Young started as a Winger at Watford, became a forward in Series A and retired to being a full back. He is 38 and is not a weak link that will cost Everton a game.He has signed a new contract.He has played on the wing for Everton and won League Titles in two countries.Cups in England Has European medals and 39 International Caps, being brought back into the squad. Has been a runner up in a host of European and English Competitions.

Simon Dalzell
30 Posted 19/05/2024 at 17:54:39
Ashley Effing Young.. Again. Liability.. The New Holgate.
David Vaughan
31 Posted 19/05/2024 at 17:57:33
Premier League, corrupt as fuck! Was always a fan of Michael Oliver. Sinister - right to the end of this most disturbing of seasons. Well done, Blues. UTFTs!
Michael Lynch
32 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:02:45
Deserved a point. Robbed by Oliver.

Meaningless but leaves a sour taste.

Neil Lawson
33 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:04:05
A performance of rea lheart, commitment and organisation and even some skill in places. Thoroughly deserving of a point until that outrageous and ridiculous decision of that horrible cheat in the black. What an utter arrogant knobhead.

I have absolutely no doubt that he thought, as he looked at the monitor, "You know what, I will make myself even more self important by not following the recommendation. Just how wonderful am I?" Total and utter cheating knobhead.

Phil Friedman
34 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:05:13
Well done today, boys (except you, Ashley Young).

Here's a pre-season prediction: if we start next season with Ashley Young (if, say, Mykolenko is drafted to fight the Russkies) and Seamus as our starting fullbacks, we will be relegated straightaway.

John Wignall
35 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:05:50
Unbelievable by Oliver the cheat.

All about him.

Alan J Thompson
36 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:06:12
Arsenal looked a lot more organized going forward which meant they had more options while we looked a lot more haphazard which was shown by their second goal but how is that not handball when he has deliberately used his arm to change the flight of the ball?

The good news, Brentford lost.

Pete Clarke
38 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:07:37
Disgraceful decision and if I was Dyche I would open up on these fuckers who made that decision.

Having said that I wish we could actually pass a ball to each other because if we could we would have won that game.
Neil Lawson
40 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:08:19
Show me one person in the world who didn't think that was a deliberate handball. Oh yes. That person is Oliver.

So pleased Gueye is staying. He was outstanding. I praised Ally McCoist at half time but I am utterly baffled why he thinks Doucoure was excellent. He works hard, runs a lot and does nothing.

Christine Foster
41 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:11:21
That was as good a performance as any this season, bad mistake from Young but clear use of the arm, just because it wasn't in an unnatural position does not mean it wasn't intentional, it was played for.

Oliver you're a disgrace. That was given to Arsenal by the referee, if that was an Everton player it would never have been given. The final insult.

Doesn't matter, but does leave a poor taste, even McCoist said it shouldn't of stood as it was clearly intentional.

Well done blues, you deserved a point, we wuz robbed! Right, 5am, finally going to bed, enjoy your night out blues!

Brent Stephens
42 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:12:39
Next season yet to start and doom-mongering rears its ridiculous head at #34.
Mihir Ambardekar
44 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:18:17
Happy Arsenal lost the title race.

Arsenal didn't deserve to win today. Disgraceful refereeing. We definitely deserved a draw and thought we played decent.

More than the actual VAR, it is these partial referees who need to be sacked.

Jamie Crowley
45 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:20:00
Handball not called and yet I'm like, meh.

We're safe and now onto the real business. We need solid new ownership.

We played well down in London against a team that has owned our souls lately. Well done, Dyche and the team.

Brian Wilkinson
46 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:21:06
Cannot fault the effort, robbed by a glorified ref who refused to change his mind, even after being advised to have a look by VAR – and seeing it again, how can he still not give handball for that???
Frank Crewe
47 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:24:01
Ref probably figured it just wasn't worth the earache he would have received if he had disallowed that goal.

Last game of the season and it wasn't going to change anything so why invite more moaning about VAR?

Steve Brown
48 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:25:43
If anyone doubted that the standard of refereeing in the Premier League has collapsed, I give you Michael Oliver.

For once, VAR did its job but that cunt had to be the centre of attention.

Back to the team, I thought it was a top quality, controlled performance ruined by Young's brain fart.

Jack Convery
49 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:29:44
Proud we didn't lie down with our beach wear on. All down to Dyche, the attitude shown today.
Kieran Kinsella
50 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:29:51
Good effort to end a shit season (for the EPL) a team with 115 violations unpunished wind it, newly promoted teams all relegated. Greatest league my ass.
Dean Rolstone
51 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:30:28
Think that final decision by Oliver is one of the worst decisions all season it was a clear deliberate handball.

At first thought, I may have been viewing through royal blur tinted eyes, so sought some neutral views who have all said the same.

So whilst I'm slightly irritated tonight, if this game was important to us I'd be livid. But it proves Michael Oliver is a wanker, and the Premier League is corrupt as fuck.

On to next season now, let's hope for good news before August but let's enjoy the summer... UTFT!!

Les Callan
52 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:32:00
If that handball happens to our defender in the box, it’s a stonewall pen. Corrupt.
Jack Convery
53 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:34:33
On final score Glenn Murray and Dion Dublin were saying it would be disallowed as Oliver went over to the monitor. They were actually speechless when he gave it. They looked at each other bewildered and looking really sheepish about what Oliver did.

If he's not reprimanded, that too will be a disgrace.

Billy Shears
54 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:35:22
Not our usual thumping,but so disappointing to lose today after a good showing.

Roll on next season, hopefully we can get off to a decent start.


Si Cooper
55 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:37:56
Frank (47), it won't stop moaning about VAR if the ref still comes to the wrong decision.

Martin Keown thought it was the right decision but gave no reasoning for that conclusion.

If Tarks gets anything on the ball before it strikes the arm then fair enough, but he didn't so Gabriel Jesus obviously gained unfair advantage by using an unlawful part of his body to deflect the ball.

Doesn't matter that the arm is by his side, you cannot use it to play the ball in football.

Jack Convery
56 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:41:01
Looks like we will have to put our hands in our hole filled pockets to get Brownhill. Burnley have triggered a one year extension.
Neil Lawson
57 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:41:21
With Brentford losing ultimately the loss of a point hasn't cost us. However, I am absolutely incensed about the decision. There is just no room for any decision other than handball. I haven't been watching since but I truly hope that Dyche and anyone else with a few bob calls Oliver a knob and a cheat and challenges him to explain.

Also, challenges the corrupt PL to charge the speaker with whatever trumped up felony arises from speaking the truth and then to defend the charge with a requirement that Oliver gives evidence.

This is my fantasy legal football world but I am truly astounded and dumbfounded and horribly angry about it all. We all know if that had been a blue arm that one look at the monitor would be enough. Cheating arrogant knobhead.

Barry Rathbone
58 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:42:10
Well done blue boys none of the usual big game capitulation of eras past and unlucky to lose - great stuff. More of that spirit next season please.

Well done, Man City an unmatched 4 in a row will really upset the cult across Stanley Park; their seething about oil money will see them on tablets. Isn't that awful?


Si Cooper
59 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:47:49
Barry, fuck Citeh!

You can't let their obvious sporting advantage due to the money they have spent go unchallenged when other clubs have been penalised for their overspending.

Sean Kearns
60 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:52:02
Soooo after all the negativity and pessimism on here week after week, lots of deluded fans bashing Dyche and thinking we should have been playing like Burnley all tiki-taka, the man got us to 12th place (fuck the deductions).

I told you all many moons ago we would be okay and he is indeed the fella to man this ship through very stormy seas… If I saw him, I would bow and thank him truly for what he has done for my beloved Everton.

Never forget how bad it was under Frank and Rafa and how we would have gone down 100%… Our performances didn't reflect the scorelines for large parts of this season and we also had bad luck.

I really hope Dyche stays on and keep the lads grafting, let him sign a few lads he knows will be reliable and see what happens….

On another note. Any word on our new kit? Why are we always last for reveal them!!! And I hear it's Castore… What The Fuck!! Another shitty business decision.

Ian Bennett
61 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:56:56
Sorry but Ashley Young has to go. There's no way Hunt would be making the same volume of mistakes as him.

A great career for him, but the man's a liability. He's miles off it for a top-level pro.

Derek Knox
62 Posted 19/05/2024 at 18:57:44
From my seat and experience of today's match, there were no shocks, although the score-line flattered Arsenal. Definitely hand (arm) ball which led to their winner. So proud of our boys today and our travelling support.

Let's just get rid of overpaid free-loaders, and one-trick ponies, and rebuild, we have a good nucleus to build on. I love you Everton – I do!

Anthony Dove
63 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:01:23
We played really well today, at least until Calvert-Lewin was replaced by Chermiti. He and Beto are a complete waste of money.

Terrible pass by Young who otherwise played well and a shocking decision by Oliver.

Jim Bennings
64 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:06:18
We need better standard of attacking players.

It's been a season of turmoil and frustration but credit must go to Dyche for getting the very best out of a limited bunch.

The lack of goals has been a problem for a few seasons now and must soon be properly addressed with whatever limited resources are available.

I'd hope to see Onana moved on for a considerable fee and maybe one or two others that are replaceable but command lesser fees.

Anthony Dove
65 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:09:29
Forgot to mention Doucoure who was superb.
Robert Tressell
66 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:10:15
Disgraceful handball decision. Cruel to have lost a game that the TV cameras must have been hoping would be a goal-fest for the Arsenal.

We were solid but unspectacular but could even have pinched the win. That bodes well. Some brilliant saves by Pickford – and is it just me or is Cavert-Lewin playing with a lot more confidence and freedom since his goal in the derby?

Anyway, fitting that we should end this particular season being cheated out of points.

John Keating
67 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:10:22
The handball leading to their goal was a disgrace, not given.
However. the corruption when Oliver was asked to check and dismissed proves to me that VAR is a waste of time.

These bastards will give what they want when they want and to whom they want.

Brent Stephens
68 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:11:04
The fourth(?) most solid defence in the Premier League. With problems in filling the two full-back positions so often. That's a brilliant achievement.

And with Dyche inheriting a pretty much non-existent attacking basket to choose from. And to keep the team motivated after the Premier League points grab. Remarkable.

Colin Glassar
69 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:15:31
Where has that team been all season?

I thought we were excellent today. Tactically spot on and we were robbed of a well-deserved point.

Well done to all the lads.

Soren Moyer
70 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:16:05
Another Fatal Error by Young. Another clear biased decision by Oliver!

We still can't pass, for fuck's sake!

Kunal Desai
71 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:19:44
I thought we'd get tonked like previous visits to the Emirates but we actually put in a very good performance.

That game should have been a draw but yet again Masters and his puppets wanted the last hurrah.

Well fuck you, Masters, you cretin, we've had the last laugh. Stick the points deductions up your shitty corrupt ass!!

Roger Helm
72 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:21:12
Well done, Dyche and the team, for an excellent season under the circumstances.

As for the winning goal, it was a terrible decision but let's not forget the three excellent decisions that saved Young's ass against Forest. I read somewhere that we were net beneficiaries from VAR this season.

Barry Rathbone
73 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:21:16
Si 59

Imagine the Klopp carnival if Man City hadn't been the bulwark fending off his red rampaging heathen.

City fans paid their dues wallowing in the old Third Division. I see their transformation as inspiration not condemnation.

Hope they win it next year as well.

Jerome Shields
74 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:27:54
Everton played well.

Clear handball and Oliver waved away the VAR check. Some things never change.

Jim Bennings
75 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:32:22
Let's get things fixed up for the final season at Goodison.

Let's move on whoever we can for good money that won't be terribly missed.

I wouldn't think we'll see Michael Keane at Everton again; likewise, I wouldn't be shocked to see Patterson leave either, another one who's never seemed to make it.

Beto probably isn't going to be a long-term solution, Chermiti at best a cameo here and there, Dobbin likewise.

We won't have lots of money but we need to find at least one player who can come in and bag 9 or 10 goals for us and add another midfielder that can bring more pace and more creativity and a more consistent eye for goal than we've seen from this season's wide players.

It won't be easy but really it shouldn't be impossible either.

Ray Jacques
76 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:39:53
So the VAR guy watches it on a screen, sees the handball and tells Oliver. How he doesn't then give the handball is a joke.

There lies the problem with VAR, two refs looking at the same incident but different conclusions.

If the ref misses it in normal play, we can argue it, think he's crap and move on, realising he has made a mistake.

However, with VAR, he looks at a screen, still makes the wrong decision. The only conclusions now are he's a shithouse and a cheat. Can't forgive that.

Jerome Shields
77 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:41:43
Dyche will be trying to keep together a squad that has achieved a lot under difficult circumstances. Of course change will be forced upon him, like Gomes wanting a contract he is not worth, and anything of value will be sold.

Weaker members of the squad may be moved on, if there is a market for them. Players will be brought in on loan or cheaply.

Colin Glassar
78 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:42:39
Jim, I'd love to keep Pickford, Branthwaite and Calvert-Lewin as they are the spine of the team. Along with Tarkowski, Gana, McNeil, Garner and Mykolenko, this is a great little foundation to build on.

I'm just worried now what's going to happen in the summer.

Derek Knox
79 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:47:48
Can anyone now say, Dyche isn't the man for the job?

Not a glamour manager, not over the top either, but a good one nevertheless!

Tom Bowers
80 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:49:34
VAR is a waste of time and money as Everton fall foul of it in the last minute of this awful season.

Is there any point to it if they don't call it and send it back to the piss-poor official.

If it had happened at the other end or with Liverpool or Man Utd the goal would have been disallowed..

Si Cooper
81 Posted 19/05/2024 at 19:57:11
Barry (73),

I really don't care about Citeh or the shite or whether their fans have had a hard time previously or not.

I do care about proper justice. If overspending is ‘cheating' then overspending when you are already very well off is just greater cheating.

Measuring everything against what it means to the neighbours is what gives them the legitimate right to call some of us ‘bitter'. If you don't mind the label, fine – but it doesn't apply to me.

Si Cooper
82 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:02:04
I think Oliver's behaviour today actually supports having VAR. We now clearly know he's made that decision on his own even with the benefit of a review.

Now all that needs to happen is for him to explain it.

Most VAR controversies would be easily resolved by having the conversation between ref and VAR personnel broadcast.

Rob Jones
83 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:02:13
Interesting to see the BBC didn't even publish ANYTHING from the Everton camp...
Chris Leyland
84 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:03:47
Tom B,

VAR did call it and sent it back to the official to look at on the screen. He chose to ignore the clear handball for the second time (he'd didn't give it originally).

VAR did its job, it's was Michael Oliver who got it wrong or cheated.

Barry Rathbone
85 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:04:30
Si 81

Make no mistake I’m bitter possibly because I experienced their “take over” first hand.

I don’t know your age but when someone says they’re not bothered by the shite I tend to think they’re relatively new to Everton

Si Cooper
86 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:10:12
Rob (83), the often atrocious bias displayed on the BBC is why I get puzzled when some people only ever single out Sky as the bad guys.
If I could find any broadcaster I could rely on not to favour the ‘best’ teams then I’d watch them exclusively. Until that happens I generally prefer the Sky coverage which is more extensive (and comes with many other sports I like to watch).
Alan McGuffog
87 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:11:17
Took the feckin lace out of it but, surprise surprise nothing could be allowed to spoil their celebration of being second best. Football is finished
John Atkins
88 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:18:06
Well they really have sunk to a new low of blatant corruption it really is one of the most disgraceful decisions I’ve ever seen

Definitely all down to trying to make the last day as dramatic as possible. Michael Oliver you are a disgrace to your profession and should never referee a top match again, unforgivable and thank goodness it meant nothing

It sums up a season of total corruption


Paul Ferry
89 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:20:11
Barry Rathbone 73: "City fans paid their dues wallowing in the old Third Division. I see their transformation as inspiration not condemnation. Hope they win it next year as well".

How fucking long ago was that? I imagine somewhere in the region of 75% of the City fans at the ground today were not there in 2000. Probably more than three-quarters. A good slice of them are "glory-hunters" but they are sooooooo "inspiring".

Ah bless, poor City fans "wallowing" in lower leagues; they have soooooooo deserved and earned these titles. Funny that, I remember City fans being a bunch of utter gobshites in the '80s and '90s before they got relegated.

Jesus wept, City's "transformation" is an "inspiration". Nothing to do with a fucking tsunami of money (setting the stage/precedent for dodgy Middle-East investment and ownership) and 115 corruption charges/allegations along with no doubt plenty of prior before they got caught with their sleazy hands in the cookie jar.

Truly "inspiring"!

How odd to see this poster wishing that another team - not us - wins next year's league.

Si Cooper
90 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:25:55
Barry, being not bothered about them is different from not being bothered by them.
Allow yourself to get worked up about it and wallow in your hate if you want but I won’t be joining you.
Been a supporter since 1978. From a ‘divided’ family so didn’t have a mentor leading the way for me. Totally down to myself (and my meagre odd job / pocket money) to get myself to a fair few games in the eighties.
Football isn’t my ‘life’ so never actually had a season ticket. I admire those who truly devote themselves to getting to the games.
You can denigrate my ‘loyalty’ if you want. I’m really just not bothered about teams other than Everton.
Christopher Timmins
91 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:26:21
The number of times that a referee goes to the screen and doesn’t change his decision, 1 in a 100, 1 in 200?

Thank God for Manchester City and if they broke the rules on 115 occasions, which team suffered most because of it over the past 9 years?

We just have to keep the spine of the team and build from there! We also have to increase our expectation levels, we can compete at home and away and have proven same for the vast majority of the 38 games!

Paul Birmingham
92 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:34:11
Great performance by Everton, and one mistake.
But if Oliver isn't pulled up on his latest cack house descison, by allowing the Arsenal goal to stand after a blatant handball, there must be an official complaint made by Everton.

Conspiracy... Did some one drop him a message, via his headset? That descision put a stink descision to cap off a wretched season, off the field, but has seen Evertons squad rise and fight off an incredible points deduction challenge.

Viva Everton, Forza Santo Domingo!

The battle to find a proper new owner of Everton must be fought and won, by the end of June.

A new dawn beckons for Everton.

Paul Ferry
93 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:36:35
Paul Birmingham 92: "The battle to find a proper new owner of Everton must be fought and won, by the end of June".

Spot on Paul. That "battle" is more important than the footy.

Viva Everton, Forza Santo Domingo!

Mark Frere
94 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:37:37
Barry @73

Your logic is nonsensical. Why should Citeh be allowed to rack up premier League title after title by breaking every rule in the book while us and other clubs get docked points? 115 charges - there's no smoke without fire! Your hatred for those creatures across the park is obviously clouding your judgement. Either that or you think we should all be happy to sit back and take it up the arse as long the other lot are prevented from winning the title by the cheating Citeh. Shall I pass you the vaseline

Paul Swan
95 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:43:43
The normal football supporter is powerless to prevent the manipulation of the game of football by big business. The relegation battle was done and dusted and the last day would be a damp squib for Sky but hey why not have a points deduction and mix everything up again. Similarly today the title race was finished as a spectacle with us at 1:1 so let’s let an obvious handball go to give Arsenal the lead and try to keep the interest for the viewing public going. VAR and spurious disciplinary panels are tools which have been used by people like Sky to influence the outcome of sport and it stinks to high heaven of corruption. The premier league, referees and Sky really need to be strongly investigated
Kieran Kinsella
96 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:48:30
Barry/Paul Ferry

I lived a block from Maine Road in the late 90s when City unraveled. Yeah there was one pleasant enough newspaper shop owner and a security guard I knew who were much like our long suffering fans. But the match day fans were mostly fat belligerent thugs. I remember one game there was a scrap outside between them and Leeds fans over who hated Utd more.

Michael Connelly
97 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:50:27
Love the way everyone thinks they know the rules better than Oliver.

If the ball went in the net directly after it hit his arm like that, the ruling states the goal should be disallowed regardless. However, the phases of play after that means it goes back to whether the arm was in an unnatural position, and it wasn't.

Christopher Timmins
99 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:53:36
Mark # 94

City are entitled to due process and are innocent until proven guilty. If proven guilty then there sanction needs to be proportionate to that handed out to Forest and us.

Paul Ferry
100 Posted 19/05/2024 at 20:57:23
In one of those terraced houses Kieran that wound around the ground? You're spot on, Maine Road did not welcome us with open warm arms, unless the Kippax lad was carrying flares. And you needed all the luck in the world if you took a wrong turn up one of those dodgy alleys.
Christy Ring
102 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:07:08
We totally deserved a draw today but for the total arrogance of Oliver, who won't be questioned because he's supposedly the top ref in England, but another absolutely shocking decision again us again?

Barry Rathbone
103 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:11:16
Christopher 99

Spot on but people get themselves into hang ‘em high territory before the case is heard, weird as fuck.

Ray Roche
104 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:11:17
Michael, @97, his arm may have been in a ‘natural position’ but he moved his body in such a way as to propel the ball via his arm In the direction that he wanted it to go. Hand ball all day long. One of only a couple of occasions when VAR has been ignored and the referee has ignored the advice and no surprise that it’s Oliver against Everton.
Paul Ferry
105 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:12:08
I'm feeling sheepish Christy. That Havertz goal won me the Toffeweb Premier Fantasy League cup final against Rob Halligan (I also won the Toffeweb Premier Fantasy League by over 40 points for the double).
Paul Birmingham
106 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:12:29
Paul, @93, - 100%!

Theres no time to lose, the qwest is on.


Mark Frere
107 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:14:05

City are indeed entitled to 'due process' but many of the charges date back to 2010 onwards. I find it ridiculous that none of the charges have made it to a tribunal and have been allowed to stack up to a staggering 115 charges 15 years later!

It's as if they've been rewarded for been evasive and lawyering up for so long - and now it's gonna drag so much longer because of the amount of charges.

It's clear to me and many others that we've been targeted by the PL because they wanted to flex their muscles as they're terrified of the government independent regulator. We was a easy target because we admitted breaking the rules for the one offence. The double standards and the severity of punishment to our chargers stinks to high heaven.

Paul Ferry
108 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:16:52
Barry Rathbone 103: I saw that post coming well before it was posted. And your pleasing piety is somewhat undermined by the words alledged and charged.

How about now dealing with everything else that has been said about your utter drivel at 73 you grasper of straws? But you won't will you.

And do take the time to read what Mark Frere has to say..

Soren Moyer
109 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:18:50
It's not the VAR that is the problem. It is the biased PL and it's Refereeing cronies. I follow the Spanish La Liga closely and never seen so many controversial decisions as we see in this corrupt league TBH!
Robert Tressell
110 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:32:37
Soren, I agree with you on the corruption (for want of a better word). I watch La Liga though and it seems pretty obvious it is rigged. The refereeing bias in favour of Barca and Real is very blatant. It's the same here with the media darlings.

We and other also rans exist to be beaten for the global viewers' pleasure. It doesn't work as a fair competition. That's not the point. In return we get a share of huge global TV revenues but we're not supposed to win.

Paul Ferry
111 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:37:47
Had the same thought myself Robert T and the opposite of what Soren had to say: the Barca/Real bias in rigged La Liga VAR is for consistency worse than anything I see in the Premier League.

Girona were a breath of fresh air.

Barry Rathbone
112 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:39:16
Si 90

Deffo not denigrating your loyalty it’s just an observation that in my experience the majority of those old enough to have suffered their unparalleled rise hate them with a passion.

In many ways I envy your capacity to ignore them

Danny O’Neill
114 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:52:03
The boys done well today as did the supporters in that stadium.
Si Cooper
115 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:54:17
“Thank God for Manchester City and if they broke the rules on 115 occasions, which team suffered most because of it over the past 9 years?”

The neighbours may have missed out on a few baubles but are they actually suffering?

As much as we have?

It’s not just this season’s sanctions is it? We’ve been on a short leash for a few years now which has really messed up our ability to really compete.

Do people not think our personal goon squad were perhaps influenced with the likes of Citeh getting away with twisting the rules (Moshiri see, Moshiri do?) when they went gung ho on a fruitless spending spree which now threatens the very future of our club?

Even if Citeh have been the very model of financial restraint since the profit and sustainability regulations were introduced, they still are still the clearest beneficiaries of a huge financial input from owners that others are now simply not allowed to do. That ‘ladder’ has been removed.

And if they are still ‘cheating’ despite that advantage then they really should be the ones attended to as a priority.

Paul Ferry
116 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:58:21
Great job Danny and everyone else.

Danny, did Masters get blasted from our lot?

Tommy Carter
117 Posted 19/05/2024 at 21:59:54
Although city have spent big they also have a backbone built around very astute signings such as Akanji, Rodri, a homegrown talent and a striker they got on a release clause.

Man Utd and Everton have proven that spending big doesn’t always guarantee success and that it can even make the team and the club much worse than before such spending took place.

Although city have clearly breached FFP rules, they have also increased their revenue exponentially and achieved great success.

Rob Jones
118 Posted 19/05/2024 at 22:05:34
Michael Connolly, funny how 95% of people disagree with you and Mr Oliver. I guess we're all idiots, right?

It was a handball, and the fact is, VAR felt it should have been disallowed. They had far better visuals than Michael Oliver or us.

Si Cooper
119 Posted 19/05/2024 at 22:06:59
“those old enough to have suffered their unparalleled rise”.
Barry, since the mid-eighties I’ve seen United, Chelsea and City become successful and worshipped by countless glory hunting sycophants.
I accept the rivalry with the neighbours makes their triumphs grate but I honestly don’t see them as any more ‘undeserving’ than any of those.
Their supporters whining is unedifying and their supporters wilful blindness to some of their abysmal behaviour (on and off the pitch) is shameful, but I suspect they are not actually unique in that regard.
Si Cooper
120 Posted 19/05/2024 at 22:15:31
“Although city have clearly breached FFP rules, they have also increased their revenue exponentially and achieved great success.”
Isn’t exactly how they’ve increased their ‘revenue’ one of the areas of contention, and isn’t their success ultimately due to financial investment that has effectively been outlawed, with them as the last and greatest beneficiary?
Tony Abrahams
121 Posted 19/05/2024 at 22:21:39
When you keep winning trophies without getting punished for gaining a definite sporting advantage, (whilst relegation threatened clubs, get punished) there is obviously something amiss, within the corridors of power, at the very top of the English premier league.
Paul Ferry
122 Posted 19/05/2024 at 22:57:32
Spot on Si (120) and Tony (121). But City and their fans are apparently an "inspiration" for their rise, never mind that a huge number of them there today were waiting to be born in 2000 to get in on the glory and kiss the dodgy sheik's buttocks like witches kissing the Devil's buttocks in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

"Inspiration" is not the word that springs to mind when I think about "outlawed" wheeling and dealing and all those nasty Moss Side gobshites waiting to welcome us to Maine Road.

Derek Thomas
123 Posted 19/05/2024 at 23:11:58
Dyche and the the boys did good, not a flip-flop in sight.

Michael Oliver? really mate? hang your head.

City fans have a bad rep? Nothing new, around 67-68 when my Gran found out where I was going in the afternoon she said 'watch out there son they're a gang of gobshites'

Unlike the Referee who was that poor he managed the near Impossible trick of making VAR look semi efficient, Sean Dyche can hold his head up high - a serious candidate for Manager of the Season.

Was it pretty? No - but it was pretty effective.

He'll have to repeat it again for a 3rd time and that won't be easy.

John Pendleton
124 Posted 19/05/2024 at 23:16:30
MOTD verdict Oliver correct to allow the goal.
Now fawning over Klopp.

Reaches for another drink…

Jerome Shields
125 Posted 19/05/2024 at 23:18:03
Actually Ashley Young 's ball across the defence was game costing. As a schoolboy I was told to never pass the ball across the defence.

I have had to eat my words from a earlier post.

Paul Ferry
126 Posted 19/05/2024 at 23:24:03
It's all the rage now Jerome. Wonder how many goals this season were down to fannying around at the back?
John Raftery
127 Posted 19/05/2024 at 23:39:19
Derek (79) For now most of Dyche’s critics are silent. Many of them said he would take us down. Anyone suggesting at the start of the season we would finish 12th with forty eight points would have been accused of over optimism. Yet that is what his team has achieved before the heinous points deductions.

Given where we are with the finances he is the ideal man for the job.

Si Cooper
128 Posted 19/05/2024 at 23:57:55
The introduction of the judgement of natural or unnatural position of the arm can surely only be relevant for ball to hand situations, not when you lead with your arm when intercepting the ball. If Gabriel Jesus doesn’t play the ball with his arm he misses it entirely.

Got to be adjudged to be handball by anyone with any common sense.

How can anyone other than the player determine if it was deliberate or not? Maybe Maradona didn’t deliberately utilise the ‘hand of God’, maybe he was just trying to scratch the top of his head whilst jumping for the ball?

Some pundits say it was handball today, others think not. I know who I think is right and I don’t actually think it’s that debatable.

Of course the pass was shocking (and you could see something like that happening when we began to play ‘keep ball’ just to waste some time) but that doesn’t change the fact it was handball. Goals have been overruled for free kicks well back in the build up so the few passes after the handball don’t matter either.

George Stuart
129 Posted 20/05/2024 at 00:19:07
Masters's attendance at this game definitely has an element of fuck you to Everton.
Manchester was the obvious place to be.
Being a lazy bugger is an explanation if he lives in London but there's still a fuck you nuance here.
Paul Ferry
130 Posted 20/05/2024 at 00:21:49
Just like leaving us out of the video George. One club in twenty and it was us. Danny et al did anyone see Masters give Oliver a thumbs up after he stuck to his guns against all evidence and sense?
Kieran Kinsella
131 Posted 20/05/2024 at 00:57:21
Paul Ferry

Yes I was at the University of Manchester initially living one block further over in Rusholme. Joke being it was called that cause when people went there they’d rush home. Honestly the area was the worst most crime ridden depressing place I’d ever see before I moved to America where after I’ve found somewhere similar or worse in every town or city I’ve lived over the last 24 years.

Si Cooper
132 Posted 20/05/2024 at 01:30:02
Kieran, I thought Rusholme was well known for student accommodation and well regarded for curry houses.
Surely Mosside had to be worse?
Steven Sturm
133 Posted 20/05/2024 at 02:53:21
Rob Dolby
134 Posted 20/05/2024 at 02:56:36
We gave it a good go today, on another day in a different shirt rice gets a red card.

Funny Gabriel actually injured himself by diving onto his shoulder, absolutely pathetic behaviour.

Gana my Motm with some great defensive work and decent passing.

Arsenal will be challenging again next season as will City and Chelsea.

The handball was clear as day. Terrible mistake by someone who should know better but a handball all the same.

Var intervenes and the ref 99 times out of 100 agrees with the var observation. Not this time.

Imagine if that handball was to gift the league to Arsenal? Oliver didn't know the score at the Etihad, was he trying to be the billy big bollocks?

The current refs simply aren't good enough for the billionaire premier league. It's about time we brought in refs from all over Europe without the baggage to make honest decisions.

Surely we can't go through another season like this again?

Mike Gaynes
135 Posted 20/05/2024 at 03:12:57
Amazing to me that 100% of the blame seems to be directed at Oliver.


What is the greater sin? A 39-year-old ref of 1200 games' experience in the PL refusing to call a handball that the VAR official clearly felt should have been called?

Or a 39-year-old player of 500 games' experience in the PL making a pass in the final minutes of a tied game that the average Conference player would be sacked for?

Oliver could have bailed Young out from his error. He declined to do so and therefore erred himself.

But to me the deciding point is that the ball should never have been within 40 yards of Jesus' hand or any other part of his body. Young could have backpassed or hammered the ball into the stands. He chose to present it to Jesus.

It was Young's blunder that cost us this game, not Oliver's.

Kieran Kinsella
136 Posted 20/05/2024 at 03:34:24

Rusholme was divided from Moss Side by about 12 feet

Andy Mead
137 Posted 20/05/2024 at 03:50:44
Mike 135
Spot on.
I coach kids every week and the golden rule has always been, if in doubt put it out. Last minute, put it up the line or into touch. Anywhere except near your goal.
Don Alexander
138 Posted 20/05/2024 at 03:59:51
We got beat, end of, again.

Summer's coming and whilst I'll try to enjoy cricket and rugby I have the horrible feeling that Moshiri having unwittingly had his ass cheeks spread right over a barrel on the advice of his trusted (by him alone) chairman he's going to get a right shafting from every potential new owner.

And they'll shaft us Toffees too - guaranteed.

Masters is the least of our problems, seriously, bent dickhead as he is.

And whilst Lineker and his self-serving "experts" again eulogise the magnificence of Citteh with near on no comment on the 115 charges those Saudi-backed charlatans face for doing what our bonehead owner did but twice, I have little expectation of football in England ever becoming interesting again to savvy football fans.

It's knowingly corrupt to the core - like so much else in the present UK, but nobody wants to even try to restore credibility.

Jerome Shields
139 Posted 20/05/2024 at 05:37:21
Paul #126,

But Young's ball across the defence was so obviously a no-no. It had “mistake” written all over it as soon as he kicked it.

Sam Hoare
141 Posted 20/05/2024 at 06:21:41
A very fitting performance and result perhaps to end this season.

On the pitch, we were organised and reslilient for the most but were ultimately undone by a mistake from a player who should really only be cover and a mistake from an official which was out of our hands.

What would have been 48 points and 12th (above the lauded Bournemouth and Iraola) represents a big improvement on last season and impressive work from Dyche with a squad that I'd rate as around 15th best in the league. Credit to him and the players.

Let's see how many of these players are here next season with eyes especially on Branthwaite, Onana, Pickford and Calvert-Lewin.

Paul Ferry
142 Posted 20/05/2024 at 06:47:54
I've just watched the game again with a nice dry white.

Calvert-Lewin was superb today. Jordan was not far behind. But I can't wait for Onana to get out of our club.

I genuinely struggle with Young. I hear people on here say what about his experience and winning mentality, but he did that today, with all his experience.

Give Mackenzie Hunt some minutes, for fuck's sake.

James Hughes
143 Posted 20/05/2024 at 06:59:01

I agree that Young's brain melt gave away the goal but it was handball and should have been disallowed. Just like the equaliser where Tarkowski had been poked in the eye and was delayed getting back on to the pitch. Even then he almost made the block.

Hoping for better things next season and I may be in a minority but the spending rules are pointless and should not be in place. And I am not saying that because we got done.

Jimmy Salt
144 Posted 20/05/2024 at 07:45:36
Shearer on MOT saying it wasn't handball — what an absolute (insert your own expletives here)
Alan McGuffog
145 Posted 20/05/2024 at 08:01:04
Regarding their second goal. A fine interception by the Arsenal man but surely it was a knock on?

Oh… it wasn't rugby league then?

Tony Abrahams
146 Posted 20/05/2024 at 08:21:19
I never watched any of the game yesterday, but watched the highlights, Mike G. I thought Jesus used his arm to control the ball, so surely everything else is an irrelevance?

I genuinely wasn't even interested in yesterday's game but I am interested in a referee who I believe has had it in for us for years.

I said in the pre-match thread that, with Oliver and Atwell officiating, I expected incidents and accidents. Although I was obviously guessing, I do believe it was an educated guess.

Let's move on to the most important thing now. Let's get sold and let's start becoming the real Everton again. It was good that I could forget about our last game instead of worrying about relegation but this meant it was a meaningless fixture for me and this has got to be the thing that changes most.

I don't want to be like Man City, winning four in a row, but I do want us to start completing before eventually winning trophies once again.

Tony Abrahams
147 Posted 20/05/2024 at 08:26:18
Very good point about Oliver having to explain his decision and set a “precedent for himself” Si.

But the club's aren't actually voting on bringing in this process, even though this is why VAR is constantly falling down.

Rob Jones
148 Posted 20/05/2024 at 09:12:42
That was one of Onana's better performances for us, Paul.
Rob Halligan
149 Posted 20/05/2024 at 09:39:32
Nobody within the club can say it, so I will say it for them………….

“Michael Oliver, you’re a cheat”.

Whether it was a poor ball by Young or not, Gabriel Jesus gained an advantage by using his arm and leaning into the ball. His arm may not have been in an un-natural position, but the movement of his arm/shoulder definitely meant he knew what he was doing to control the ball. As soon as it went to VAR, I said to those around me that Oliver would award the goal, deliberate handball or not.

So I’ll say it again……………..

“Michael Oliver, you’re a cheat”.

Steve Brown
150 Posted 20/05/2024 at 09:56:46
Correct Rob.

Young's brain fart was completely unprofessional. But it was Jesus's handball which converted a mistake into a chance.

Even then, VAR identified the foul and pointed it out to Oliver. He looked at it and decided to make himself the story by over-ruling a blatant handball. I called him a cunt in an earlier post.

The standard of refereeing in the Premier League is abysmal, VAR should be scrapped apart from offside — the natural excitement and rhythm of the game has been killed.

Rob Halligan
151 Posted 20/05/2024 at 10:04:25

I find it quite staggering that some can defend Oliver for not disallowing the goal, simply because of a poor pass by Young. So what some are saying is, “Well it should be allowed to stand because it was a piss poor pass”.

Well that's okay then! Next time there's a piss poor pass by anyone, for any team, then an opponent is well within his rights to use his arm/hand to control the ball, because after all, it was a piss poor pass.


Christopher Timmins
152 Posted 20/05/2024 at 10:23:20
Piss poor passes are regular occurrence in any game. Oliver got it wrong, not once but twice and he takes total responsibility for the incorrect decision.

At the end of an incredible difficult season, we prevailed, no thanks to our owner. He will either sell to 777 or sell to another third party. Failing that we may end up in administration, hopefully resulting in a sale to someone who is competent.

If we obtain competent new owners, we will progress rapidly, however, more short-term pain lies ahead.

Steve Brown
153 Posted 20/05/2024 at 10:24:45
It's a loser mentality, Rob.

It has been drummed into us over 30 years.

Ian Wilkins
154 Posted 20/05/2024 at 10:40:38
Nottm Forest and Everton have been punished with haste for their PSR indiscretions.

Man City, 115 charges, some very straightforward, over 10 plus year period, still wait, and you can expect the legals to be drawn out, and for it to end in a mess.

It is time for all fans to call out the Premier League and to call out Man City, and to simply say ‘Not Our Champions'. A National voice disowning both parties.

Rob Halligan
155 Posted 20/05/2024 at 10:43:57
Without the 8 points deducted, we would have finished twelfth, so can we rightly expect the prize money that goes with that position?

Obviously Bournemouth would expect the same amount as well.

Martin Farrington
156 Posted 20/05/2024 at 11:08:13
It was handball. His arm was not in an 'unnatural' position. He just used it to control the ball in his favour. It was as clear a free-kick as you could want.

I do believe in conspiracies. This decision does not shock me, but reinforces my belief about the hatred towards our club from all of the authorities involved in the scandal that is the Premier League.

Regarding VAR. Is it a surprise that justified claims from clubs and supported allegations that this season was the worst performance by all the refereeing and VAR officials ever when you have the calamitous and incompetent Howard 'World Cup' Webb in charge!!!

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
157 Posted 20/05/2024 at 12:32:09
Looking at the photo at the top, I can see the armband on Seamus has the Premier League Logo and then C but is the next letter "o" and is he wearing a Premier League Corrupt arm band?

Anyway, on a more mundane point. 26 points would have seen us safe because of goal difference. We achieved that on 2nd April, away at Newcastle. Little did we know that 7 weeks ago we were safe from relegation. All that worry for nothing.

End of season form - last 6 games
Luton 1 point, Burnley 5 points, Sheff Utd 0

Man City 18, Arsenal 18, Chelsea & Palace 16, Everton 14 but only 13 thanks to a dodgy ref.

Raymond Fox
158 Posted 20/05/2024 at 12:48:21
The refs always favour the top 6 teams, it's the inconsistency of decisions that's the problem. At least VAR told the ref to look at it, it will be true chaos without VAR.

The squad and especially the manager deserve a lot of credit for the way we have finished the season.

In this last game, to keep Arsenal to that score is a top performance; they were desperate to win this match.

Peter Roberts
159 Posted 20/05/2024 at 13:11:36
The points deduction has cost us £12M. This could have gone a long way to pay the wages of new players.

The scene after the final whistle at The Etihad with all those fans invading the pitch reminded me of the £300k Everton were find for the fans doing the same at Goodison last season after avoiding relegation. Will Citeh be fined? I doubt it, Masters would never be even-handed, after all, he did call us a small club.

Laurie Hartley
160 Posted 20/05/2024 at 13:18:22
Why didn’t Oliver give the penalty? He needs to be confronted with that question.

Steve Brown
161 Posted 20/05/2024 at 14:06:15
Here is what City are charged with:

• 54x Failure to provide accurate financial information 2009-10 to 2017-18.

• 14x Failure to provide accurate details for player and manager payments from 2009-10 to 2017-18.

• 5x Failure to comply with Uefa's rules including Financial Fair Play (FFP) 2013-14 to 2017-18.

• 7x Breaching Premier League's PSR rules 2015-16 to 2017-18.

• 35x Failure to co-operate with Premier League investigations December 2018 - Feb 2023.

If we generously set the cut off date at 2017-18, that includes 3 league titles, 1 FA Cup and 3 League Cups. Yet their achievements have not been questioned by their fans and the Premier League allowed it to happen.

We simply need to stand up for ourselves the way Man City have done and the way Liverpool do.

So I would like us to complain about Oliver formally.

Tony Abrahams
162 Posted 20/05/2024 at 14:26:12
Seven breaches of PSR, no points deducted, four titles on the spin.

Like I said yesterday, surely this means that from the minute they punished Everton and then Forest, the rule makers have brought their own league into disrepute?

Rob Halligan
163 Posted 20/05/2024 at 14:41:13
No surprise to hear Dermot Gallagher say it wasn't a handball on Ref Watch. Also interesting to hear that there was a similar handball incident involving Bournemouth recently, when they scored but the goal was disallowed due to handball.

The question put to Gallagher was what was the difference? His reply… the referee! Simply put, different referees interpret different handball offences, or to put it another way, it depends who scores the goal, and who against?

John Keating
164 Posted 20/05/2024 at 15:18:31
I posted yesterday that we should scrap VAR altogether as it’s a complete waste of time and enjoyment
As you said Gallagher truthfully said the decision went against us because of the ref, simple.
Regardless of VAR these arseholes will give what they want, when they want to who they want
Corrupt top to bottom
David Currie
165 Posted 20/05/2024 at 16:20:32
Oliver is a cheat and hates Everton Football Club, the goal should not have stood. We were robbed!!
Mike Gaynes
166 Posted 20/05/2024 at 16:22:24
Rob #151, I'm not defending Oliver one bit. He absolutely should have disallowed the goal.

But to describe Young's pass as merely "piss poor" is unbelievable. It was moronic, catastrophic, inexcusable in a teenager let alone the most experienced player in the Premier League.

We had earned a point with heart and effort and near-flawless execution, and Ashley Young literally gave it away by choking under the mildest of pressure.

And to use your words, Rob, I find it quite staggering that nobody here will say that. All anybody wants to talk about is how Oliver should have given back our point. After Young idiotically tossed it away.

Barry Rathbone
167 Posted 20/05/2024 at 17:26:52
Their (city) argument is that there are things they have done that would be wrong under the present rules,” adds the former chief executive. “But under the rules at the time and the way they submitted the information, they believe, was all above board.

“They may get sanctioned because they didn’t account for something properly, but they are confident that when it comes to the big things, which they feel would be wrong in today’s market but fine under a different set of rules as they were back then, they won’t get sanctioned"

From the Athletic.

Plus City have already given the authorities a bloody nose by defeating a 2 yr Euro ban. Don't light the torches and grab the pitchforks just yet - have a cup of chamomi!e tea to soothe the anxiety.

Be inspired by the notion one day we could rise from the dead and dominate the shite as city have if the right owner appears.

Of course if sweeping all before us isn't your thing then keep enjoying mediocrity it takes all sorts

Cue frothing stalker in 3 ...2 ...1

Peter Mills
168 Posted 20/05/2024 at 18:14:07
Mike#166 - I’ll say it. It was a stupid pass, one of several basic errors made by Ashley Young this season.

He has put in improved performances over the past few weeks but, overall, he has been poor since he joined us and is very fortunate to have been offered a contract for next season. I’m afraid it's indicative of what lies ahead for us.

Mike Hayes
169 Posted 20/05/2024 at 18:53:05
Terrible end to a terrible season but as far as I’m concerned it was 1-1 fuck Oliver and his rejection of VAR just adds to the call that it did its job.

Not happy that Young has been given a contract given his overall performance - money for old rope springs to mind! Still it’s a case if seeing what happens with the saga of the sale of the club, the quicker the brain dead Moshiri is gone the better, we need to be rising out of the ashes instead of part way and falling back in.
Personally I’ll not laud him for starting BMD - I’ll just say it was some bloke who once owned Everton had it built - he’s blotted his copy book the same as his mate Boys Pen Billy Bullshit and One man and his dog Sharpe.

Fingers crossed we keep Branthwaite one of the seasons rare shining lights. The whole team were hit and miss but Dyche, despite the points deduction somehow got them galvanised to finish the season on a high after a 13 game worse run than Walker days.

We need to be more lethal in the final third and stop fanny around passing it all over the place which means either DCL gets back to his Ancelloti days and gets better crosses in or a better striker.

Looking forward to next season and what controversy that brings, but it’ll be a poignant one given it’s our last at Goodison Park. Fingers cross we can leave some great memories of our last season and maybe a trophy 🥳💙

Oliver Molloy
170 Posted 20/05/2024 at 19:34:19
Yep, I'm hoping Shearer gets some karma regards his "wasn't a handball" - how he and wright backed Oliver is crazy - it really is.

What goes around comes around - can't wait Shearer !

Christy Ring
171 Posted 20/05/2024 at 20:12:34
City have 7 breaches of PSR, as well as another 108 charges? I see where they're linked with Branthwaite today in the papers. Isn't it hypocritical that they can still spend whatever they like, thanks Masters, it stinks!
Si Cooper
172 Posted 21/05/2024 at 02:37:00
“Be inspired by the notion one day we could rise from the dead and dominate the shite as Man City have if the right owner appears.”

But no-one can ever again do it the way that Man City were able to (ie, the simple way) because the rules have been changed and the ‘ladder pulled up'. That's why the Saudis are having to build slowly with Newcastle.

We can't even look at Newcastle as a template either because it's a one-team city.

Under the current system, which Man City have not yet had to abide by, even mega-rich owners have got years of incremental growth before they are likely to see any sort of success in the form of trophies.

I still don't understand why Man City having an easy path to success is supposed to inspire those of us on a much more difficult one. It is like climbing a mountain in full gear and being ‘inspired' by those who use a cable car.

Barry Rathbone
173 Posted 21/05/2024 at 08:33:47
Si 172

Not sure I follow.

You concede money might get you there, albeit at a slower rate these days, whereas without it we and others remain in pauper doldrums.

I don’t get not having that chance to challenge again as an aspirational dream ie being inspired to tred that path.

Si Cooper
174 Posted 21/05/2024 at 17:07:11
Barry it’s simple. Citeh did it the easy way so they are not inspirational merely to be envied.

We knew it was possible before Citeh because we saw Chelsea do it, and even Blackburn Rovers before that.

I have hope for the future but I’m not ‘inspired’ by Citeh. Can’t you grasp that?

If not then it’s a case of ‘there’s none so blind as those that will not see’.

Bobby Mallon
175 Posted 22/05/2024 at 16:40:31
Look, we need to remember Leicester did it on a shoestring and it can be done just need people who can score goals are quick aka Vardy.

I'm not saying Vardy now but you get my drift.

Jay Harris
176 Posted 22/05/2024 at 17:50:57
Can I just add to the PSR argument over Man City that they had a massive pitch invasion at the end of the game.

We were heavily fined and censored for that. I don't see anything from the media, the FA or the Premier League to say they are investigating that.

Why not???

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