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ToffeeWeb Column Articles — 2008/09

Summer Stifle...

by Joe Jennings : 27/06/2009


by Nick Armitage : 25/06/2009

Did we do enough?

by Paul Traill : 01/06/2009

From my seat: FA Cup Final

by Ken  Buckley : 31/05/2009

The Dreaded Glass Ceiling

by Lyndon Lloyd : 31/05/2009

A Fabulous Season

by Joe Jennings : 28/05/2009

From my seat: Fulham (A)

by Ken Buckley : 24/05/2009

My Player of the Season

by Ken Buckley : 19/05/2009

Match Report - Saha's lightening strikes twice

by Paul Traill : 18/05/2009

From my seat: West Ham (H)

by Ken Buckley : 16/05/2009

From my seat: Tottenham (H)

by Ken Buckley : 09/05/2009

Ticket Touts

by Michael Kenrick : 06/05/2009

From my seat: Sunderland (a)

by Ken Buckley : 03/05/2009

Match Report - Tired blues trudge to defeat

by Paul Traill : 27/04/2009

A Bad Day at the Office

by Lyndon Lloyd : 26/04/2009

From my seat: Man City (H)

by Ken Buckley : 25/04/2009

From my seat: Chelsea (A)

by Ken Buckley : 23/04/2009

From My Wembley Seat (SF)

by Ken Buckley : 21/04/2009

Match Report - Exorcising the Demons

by Paul Traill : 21/04/2009

Z-Cars Rings Out at Wembley

by Lyndon Lloyd : 20/04/2009

Match Report - Villa Thriller

by Paul Traill : 15/04/2009

From My Seat: Aston Villa (A)

by Ken Buckley : 12/04/2009

Tony & Leon...

by Joe Jennings : 11/04/2009

24th Richest Club

by Michael Kenrick : 10/04/2009

It?s the leaving of Goodison that grieves me?.

by Joe Jennings : 08/04/2009

The Enemy's Lair...

Joe Jennings has sent us this as part of his second-book (first is to be released soon) in which he have decided to recall, in great detail, this season's FA Cup run, along with some of the real highs and lows the cup has provided Evertonians with over the years. This is the first installment of the Liverpool cup-tie (The Enemy's Lair) ; look out for the Goodison denoument in the next few days....
by Joe Jennings : 06/04/2009

Gwladys Street's Hall of Fame ? The Video

by Simon Paul : 06/04/2009

Match Report - The heat is on

by Paul Traill : 06/04/2009

From my seat: Wigan (H)

by Ken Buckley : 05/04/2009

Match Report - As expected, quite a waste of time

by Paul Traill : 31/03/2009

From my seat: Portsmouth (A)

by Ken Buckley : 22/03/2009

Blues Allow Crouch to End Their Impressive Run

by Lyndon Lloyd : 21/03/2009

Match Report - It's the winning that's important now

by Paul Traill : 15/03/2009

Match Report - Resurgent Everton on the March to Wembley

by Paul Traill : 10/03/2009

From my seat: Boro (Cup)

by Ken Buckley : 08/03/2009

From My Seat: Blackburn (A)

by Ken Buckley : 05/03/2009

It's Cruel at the Bottom

by Paul Traill : 02/03/2009

West Brom — Football's 'Upside-Down' Cake

by Kevin Sparke : 01/03/2009

Can We Bring Him Home?

by Joe Jennings : 26/02/2009

From My Seat: Newcastle (A)

by Ken Buckley : 23/02/2009

It Hurts Like Mad — But It's Not Fatal

by Kevin Sparke : 23/02/2009

Tim Cahill ? Everton Legend?

by Joe Jennings : 17/02/2009

Match Report - A crazy day at the game

by Paul Traill : 17/02/2009

Irrepressible Everton Power Past Villa

by Lyndon Lloyd : 16/02/2009

From my seat: Aston Villa (Cup)

by Ken Buckley : 15/02/2009

The Belief Remains

by Paul Traill : 08/02/2009

Jô's Star Burns Brightly on Blues Debut

by Lyndon Lloyd : 08/02/2009

From My Seat: Bolton (H)

by Ken Buckley : 07/02/2009

Just like watching Brazil

by Michael Kenrick : 07/02/2009

Living the Dream

by Joe  Jennings : 05/02/2009

Just Deserts Justly Deserved

by Paul Traill : 05/02/2009

Gosling grabs the glory with late strike

by Lyndon Lloyd : 04/02/2009

From My Seat: Liverpool (FA Cup Replay)

by Ken Buckley : 04/02/2009

From My Seat: Man Utd (A)

by Ken Buckley : 31/01/2009

Points dropped against the Gunners

by Paul Traill : 30/01/2009

From my seat: Arsenal (H)

by Ken Buckley : 29/01/2009

Resources... or Resourcefulness?

by Michael Kenrick : 27/01/2009

People Who Live in Glass Houses

by Nick Armitage : 26/01/2009

From My Seat: Liverpool (A) — Cup

by Ken Buckley : 25/01/2009


by Joe Jennings : 24/01/2009

It Begins...

by Joe Jennings : 22/01/2009

From my seat: Liverpool (A) - League

by Ken Buckley : 20/01/2009

Blues Unphased by Feisty Hull

by Lyndon Lloyd : 11/01/2009

We're gonna have to do it without the Big Fella!

by Paul Traill : 11/01/2009

From my seat: Hull (H)

by Ken Buckley : 10/01/2009

An Echo from the Much-Missed Past

by Lyndon Lloyd : 08/01/2009

Duncan By a Landslide

by Simon  Paul : 07/01/2009

Funny Old Game

by Nick Armitage : 04/01/2009

Blues Do Enough to Edge Through

by Lyndon Lloyd : 03/01/2009

From My Seat: Macclesfield Town

by Ken Buckley : 03/01/2009

A Comprehensive Spanking...

by Paul  Traill : 31/12/2008

2008 Accounts

by Michael Kenrick : 27/12/2008

From my seat: Boro (A)

by Ken Buckley : 27/12/2008

From my seat: Chelsea (h)

by Ken Buckley : 22/12/2008

A Sad Indictment

by Jim Hourigan : 22/12/2008

Makeshift Attack Comes Up Trumps

by Lyndon Lloyd : 13/12/2008

From my seat: Man City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 13/12/2008

The Ecstacy and the Agony

by Lyndon Lloyd : 09/12/2008

From my seat: Aston Villa (H)

by Ken Buckley : 07/12/2008

Hard fought win at 'The Lane'

by Paul Traill : 02/12/2008

From My Seat: Tottenham Hotspur (A)

by Ken Buckley : 01/12/2008

From My Seat: Wigan (A)

by Ken Buckley : 25/11/2008


by Nick Armitage : 24/11/2008

Tactically Inept

by Jim Hourigan : 24/11/2008

From my seat: Boro (H)

by Ken Buckley : 16/11/2008

Everton earn three points after late West Ham collapse

by Paul Traill : 09/11/2008

From my seat: West Ham (A)

by Ken Buckley : 09/11/2008

From my seat: Fulham (H)

by Ken Buckley : 01/11/2008

From my seat: Bolton (A)

by Ken Buckley : 30/10/2008

The Big 4 Bias

by Nick Armitage : 26/10/2008

From my seat: Man Utd (H)

by Ken Buckley : 25/10/2008

Haven't had that feeling for a while

by Paul Traill : 25/10/2008

The Big Four Killed My Baby

by Nick Armitage : 23/10/2008

From my seat: Arsenal (A)

by Ken Buckley : 19/10/2008

Same old same old

by Jim Hourigan : 18/10/2008

The Best Little Spaniard We Know?

by Nick Armitage : 17/10/2008

From my seat: Newcastle (H)

by Ken Buckley : 05/10/2008

Where Are the Positives?

by Jim Hourigan : 28/09/2008

From My Seat: Liverpool (H)

by Ken Buckley : 27/09/2008

From My Seat: Blackburn (Cup)

by Ken Buckley : 25/09/2008

Defence Must Improve

by Thomas Rooney : 22/09/2008

From my seat: Hull (A)

by Ken Buckley : 21/09/2008

From My Seat: Standard Liege (H)

by Ken Buckley : 19/09/2008

From my seat: Stoke (A)

by Ken Buckley : 14/09/2008

EGMs and the future

by Ken Buckley : 05/09/2008

We go with what we've got

by Ken Buckley : 02/09/2008

Hold the revolution, for now

by John Holmes : 02/09/2008

Talking Point: A Successful Summer?

by Lyndon Lloyd : 02/09/2008

Taking Stock on Three Fronts

by Jim Hourigan : 31/08/2008

From My Seat: Portsmouth (H)

by Ken Buckley : 30/08/2008

The Mood of Moyes

by Michael Kenrick : 30/08/2008

From My Seat: West Brom (A)

by Ken Buckley : 23/08/2008

From a Worried Fan

by Ken Buckley : 20/08/2008

From my seat: Blackburn (H)

by Ken Buckley : 16/08/2008

Ambition and Other Random Thoughts

by Kevin Sparke : 12/08/2008

From my seat: PSV (f)

by Ken Buckley : 09/08/2008

The Final Curtain?

by Nick Armitage : 09/08/2008

A Blessing in Disguise

by Lyndon Lloyd : 07/08/2008

Crisis, What Crisis?

by John Holmes : 01/08/2008

Look below the surface

by Jim Hourigan : 30/07/2008

Wyness Out

by Michael Kenrick : 29/07/2008

No Surprise There

by Nick Armitage : 28/07/2008

A Warning Shot

by John Holmes : 08/07/2008

Kenwright's ESCLA Q&A Session

by Michael Kenrick : 05/07/2008


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