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Reinier Jesus shines against Avai

| Tuesday, 10 September 2019 14comments  |  Jump to last
Reported Everton target Reinier Jesus bagged his first senior goal and assist in the Brazilian league this past weekend, reigniting talk of his proposed move to Goodison Park.

Having been linked with the teenager over the summer and said at one stage to be on the verge of signing him from Flamengo for €40m, Everton put the deal on ice in order to see how he fares in the Brazilian club's first team.

Regarded as potential seleção superstar in the making, with comparisons being made to Brazil great Kaka, Reinier is only now being tested at senior level. Out of contract next year, he isn't able to make a move abroad until he turns 18, making January the earliest opportunity for the Blues to sign him.

Everton could be using the interim period to fully assess him but, with Arsenal " target="_blank">said to be interested along with Real Madrid, there is obviously a risk of competition entering the running.

Original Source: Globo Esporte via Sport Witness  

Reader Comments (14)

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Clive Rogers
1 Posted 10/09/2019 at 09:31:55
If he is being compared to Kaka, we should definitely be interested. In Marcel Brands we trust.
Sam Hoare
2 Posted 10/09/2019 at 09:58:00
The more performances he puts in like that the less chance we have of getting him.

Brands does not like to overpay and will be walking the tightrope between sealing a deal for a young player at something probably over the going rate and stalling; which may lower the price or may allow him time to shine and catch the bigger fish.

Jay Wood

3 Posted 10/09/2019 at 11:39:50
I posted the following on the original Reiner rumour thread yesterday in reply to Sam Hoare's enthusiasm to get this deal done asap on the back of his appearance against Avai.

I think it's legitimate to copy paste it here to give some context to Reiner's first ever start in senior football.

Sorry to (continue) putting a damper on some people's enthusiasm for young Reiner, but there are a number of reasons he made the starting XI for league leaders Flamengo yesterday.

Firstly, unlike the European leagues, Serie A in Brazil was not suspended for the international fixtures, even though Brazil themselves played on Friday and will play again on Wednesday.

Brazilian teams are also awash with many other South American players who were absent on international duty. Therefore, no Serie A team fielded their strongest XI this weekend.

Secondly, Flamengo were playing rock-bottom Avai. Think Derby County when, if memory serves me right, they returned the worst ever record in a PL season. 18 games into the season, it was only on Monday night last week - game 17 - that Avai recorded their first win of the season. And that was against Richarlison's old team Fluminese who themselves are surprisingly deep in the doh-da in the relegation zone. Avai only won that game with an injury time penalty.

Avai has 10 points from a possible 54 - 18 games - having scored just NINE goals all season.

Not the most challenging of opponents then to judge young Reiner on, playing for the most potent attack in the league against the most impotent.

Flamengo have a string of very tough fixtures coming up, not least their next game home to Santos: league leaders playing second in which a win for Santos will see them leapfrog Flamengo to regain top spot.

Let's see if Reinar gets selected for games such as those and seeing how he plays before advocating Everton signs him 'blind' to get a jump on the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona as you advocate.


Here's a link to the highlights. He makes the pass for Gabigol's opener. Note the open spaces in the Avai defence. He scored the third - an excellent interchange with Gabigol, good pace and finish. Reiner was subbed out and didn't complete the 90 minutes.

Note also, even though this was an away game for Flamengo, the stadium is packed on all four sides in the red and black of the 'Mengão'. They are mega-big in Brazil.

Brands will no doubt be doing his due diligence on Reiner Jesus and if we sign him it will be for good cause and I will support the move.

But I continue to urge caution due to the age he is, the less than 90 minutes senior football he has played and the eye-watering sums claimed.


Paul Bernard
4 Posted 10/09/2019 at 13:26:02
Ask if we can have Gabriel Barbosa too. Harshly done by at Benfica and Inter. Would love him with Richarlison and Bernard.
Jay Wood

5 Posted 10/09/2019 at 14:35:13
That is an interesting one you raise, Paul.

Gabriel Barbosa is one of many salutary lessons about buying young Brazilian players for high fees.

With Santos (Pele and Neymar's former club) he earnt his nickname Gabigol at youth level for his phenomenal goal scoring feats. He made his senior debut for them a few months after his 17th birthday and over the next three seasons showed he could play at that level - 24 goals in 80-odd appearances.

On the back of the that, still aged just 20, in 2016 Inter Milan signed him for €30 million. In spite of coming on as a substitute and scoring the only goal of the game on his debut, he was never given a run in the side. Just nine appearances in total and that single debut goal to show for it.

In his second season in Europe, he was loaned to Benfica. Again, not given a chance. One single league game before being sent back early from an intended season-long loan in January 2018. Almost immediately, Inter loaned him back to Santos for a year.

Now Santos were really, REALLY struggling when he joined. Losing game after game heavily. He almost single-handedly turned their season around, scoring 18 goals in a struggling side. They finished comfortably mid-table. This season, Santos initially topped the table and are currently second, WITHOUT Gabigol.

Back to Inter he went. And in January this year he was sent out on loan yet again, this time to Flamengo. He is hot-hot-hot. Comfortably the league's leading scorer, he has played 14 of Flamengo's 18 league games and scored 15 goals. In the Libertadores - South America's CL equivalent - he has 5 goals in 9 games.

Now there are unflattering stories of his social life that may be the reason he clearly hasn't made in impression in European football (yet...). He was dating Neymar's sister and got embroiled in that circus.

But I have to say, both at Santos last season and Flamengo this, onfield he is playing out of his skin. You don't play as well and score as many goals as he is without being fit and dedicated.

Now as I have oft repeated, by comparison the Brazilian league whilst competitive and entertaining is not of the standard of the best European leagues.

That said, the way Gabigol plays football would make him, I'm sure, a huge favourite at Goodison. I believe he could be a good fit for how Silva ultimately wants the team to play.

He's not small, but he is under 6 feet - less than 1.80m. He is not light speed fast, but nor is he a slouch. He isn't a striker who louches in the 'D' of the opposition penalty area all game, only coming alive when the ball goes into the penalty area. He is constantly on the move offering himself to his team mates across the front line and inviting them to play the ball to him or in the spaces behind defences he is evidently alert to.

Again, and again...and again, he will run back half the length of the pitch and more, fighting to regain the ball. Very much in the same way Richarlison already does for Everton.

He is technically sound as you would expect and can be extremely clinical with his finishing. He can also miss 'em! He is the kind of player who one minute your jaw hits the floor and you ask yourself "how the hell did he miss that?!" and in the next, you are rubbing your eyes in disbelief and asking "how the hell did he score that?!"

He just turned 23 this past August. My belief is that Silva doesn't want to play with a static traditional #9, but rather go with a more fluid, speedy and technically gifted front three who could interchange positions and whose movement would make defences dizzy.

In that formation, I could see Gabigol being a very good fit to complement the players already at the club.

Derek Knox
6 Posted 10/09/2019 at 14:50:29
Let's face it we would all like the best players we can get at Everton, and during Marcel Brands' short time with the Club we seem to be heading in that direction.

As someone mentioned on another thread he has almost cleared the Deadwood in it's entirety, a task which hitherto was regarded in proportion to the 'The Twelve Labours of Hercules'. Okay, some have only be loaned, but still an admirable feat in just over twelve months.

Reinier Jesus is an interesting case, but as Jay Wood has mentioned above, some caution should be heeded also, just because he appears to be (or even projected to be by agents and those who stand to gain massively financially) to be the new Kaka or Brazilian Superstar.

It doesn't necessarily follow that he will attain those heights, or realise that potential, but at the same time I hope Everton have some sort of option on him just in case he does fulfil his expectancy.

The fact that we have a couple of Brazilian lads ourselves, may be the link needed to get him over and run the rule over him at Finch Farm. I'm sure between Brands and Silva they could determine whether this lad is the real deal, or another in a long line of Pretenders to be the Golden Boy.

Even if it didn't work out, at least we would have tried, and assuming that no major finances had been expended, there would be no great loss either.

Sam Hoare
7 Posted 10/09/2019 at 14:52:43
Jay, I’m not suggesting that we should definitely sign Reinier, only that over the course of this season he will surely get more time in the first team and likely cement a move to one of the big fish (if he’s half as good as many claim). If we did want to get him then we’d better make that move before he establishes himself (which he clearly has not done yet). He could well be a flop, too early to tell; though of course signing the ‘next Kaka’ would be exciting at least until he stepped onto the pitch!

As for Gabigol I’ve always like the look of him. He reminds me a bit of a Brazilian Andy Johnson, always moving and seems to get in the right spots quite often. I think any front 3 from Iwobi, Kean, Richarlison and Gabigol would be suitably mobile and nightmarish to play against!

Jay Wood

8 Posted 10/09/2019 at 15:25:50
Sam, I wouldn't worry about being 'gazumped' by the likes of Real Madrid in a deal for Ranier Jesus. Let's be honest, if RM show any sort of interest that is where he will choose to go over Everton.

You can rest assured a player like Ranier Jesus will be on all major European clubs radar and listed in their database of potential targets, such is the thoroughness of global scouting these days.

For this reason I don't think there is any need for Everton to 'hurry up' and get the deal done before other clubs get wind of him and his situation. If we as supporters know his current contract is running down, any professional club will know even more and then some about his situation which we don't.

Sam Hoare
9 Posted 10/09/2019 at 15:32:12
Jay, that's my point exactly though. The only way we get him is if we go for him before other clubs show genuine interest. Before he 'makes it'. Obviously all the other clubs are aware of him and his situation but they are presumably waiting to see how he does at senior level. If we wait too then chances are we won't be in the mix.

Either we take a big risk on a young player whose hardly play at senior level. Or we wait till he plays more and if he's any good those clubs will likely get him.

I'm not saying that's what we should do necessarily but given our stature our only shot at such players is to get them early.

James Flynn
10 Posted 10/09/2019 at 15:59:29
What about Brazilian Everton? He's still plying his trade in Brazil after no takers.

He's 24 in a few months, so the clock is ticking on him cashing bigger wage checks.

Don't know what pay scales are in Brazilian football, but I'd imagine Niasse-level income for 2-3 years would be a substantial increase on what he's making now.

He did look exciting in the Copa America highlights.

Jay Wood

11 Posted 10/09/2019 at 16:16:34
And I continue to say Sam we are not (yet) in that league to lay out the reported sums (€40 million) on a hunch for a teenager with so little senior football to his name.

The likes of Real Madrid and City can and do (see Vinicius Jnr and Gabriel Jesus as examples, but even both of them had played considerably more senior football than Ranier Jesus has before moving to Europe).

Nice to land such talent for bragging rights alone, but I would have thought the model and budget Brands and Everton work to is intended to unearth much lesser known talent NOT pursued by all the major clubs, available at considerably less cost.

I'll give you an example of that. Very much unnoticed this summer, Arsenal signed a lad from Brazil's Serie D. Can't even recall his name. Trust me, that doesn't even qualify as National League level.

Looking to poach upcoming talent from the likes of Flamengo will always put you in direct competition with seriously big European clubs and ensure you pay a premium for the pleasure.

Only the club itself and the due diligence it undertakes can truly know if the finances make football and financial sense and are not detrimental to Everton.

Sam Hoare
12 Posted 10/09/2019 at 16:50:38
Yes, Jay. I hugely doubt if the outlay would be anything close to £40m, certainly for the initial fee. Brands will not overpay on someone if he can possibly help it. I trust him to handle what resources we have fairly well for the most part.
Dave Abrahams
13 Posted 10/09/2019 at 17:47:05
Jay (various) keep them reports coming in about Reinier, you are the one who is watching him, got to say the teams might be weaker because of the International games, but that looked good movement off the lad for his goal. I’d take your advice about waiting to see him against stronger opposition before making proper judgement on him. Jay you’re Everton’s unpaid scout over in Brazil, not even getting expenses.
Justin Doone
14 Posted 12/09/2019 at 08:16:51
Would Kaka have been 'all that' in the Premier League? Okay, he probably would have been but after injury he lost what he had.

Very expensive risks in young talented players that simply may not want it enough or can't fit the style of the Premier League.

Both players €30M & €40M could be brilliant and we end up selling them to Barca for €100M each or they simply earn millions over 5 seasons and we can't get rid of trouble like Inter have found.

Agree a loan and fee with Inter for Barbosa. Wait further proof on the other.

Surely there are €20M players in leagues that would suit our style and are more proven?

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